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The video discusses six effective ways to re-attract an ex, emphasizing the importance of increasing their interest level, using the law of attraction, letting the fading effect bias work, implementing the no contact rule, strategically using jealousy, and addressing the reason for the breakup.
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The main reason for a breakup is the interest level, and to re-attract an ex, you need to raise their interest level above 50 percent.
The main reason for a breakup is the interest level going below 50 percent.
Re-attracting an ex involves raising their interest level back above 50 percent.
The "no contact army" is mentioned as a strategy to re-attract an ex.
The speaker criticizes common advice like remaining friends with an ex or shaving your legs as ineffective.
Talking someone into being attracted to you is impossible, so don't waste your time trying.
People decide to get back with you based on a feeling, not because you were able to talk them into it.
Don't try to use logical arguments to convince them to come back, it won't work.
Instead, consider using the law of attraction techniques like visualization, scripting, affirmations, and law of assumption to get them back.
The Fading Effect Bias (FAB) explains why people tend to forget negative memories associated with their ex over time.
Negative memories fade more than positive ones.
It takes time for FAB to work.
Disappearing through no contact is an effective way to implement FAB.
Using jealousy can be an effective way to re-attract your ex, as it makes them see your perceived value and may make them want you back.
Post a picture or video of two drinks, tagging the location, to make it seem like you're out with someone.
Make sure one of the drinks is a "girly" drink if you're in a male-female relationship, so it doesn't look like you're out with another guy.
Ensure that any photos with someone of the opposite or same sex are ambiguous, so it's not clear if they're a friend or romantic interest.
Jealousy can work, but it depends on the person and may push them further away. People want what they can't have, so seeing you with someone else may increase your perceived value.
Using the jealousy card has worked for some clients, leading to their ex reaching out after a period of no contact.
If unsure about using this tactic, consider seeking coaching for guidance.
The problem with a beautiful and wealthy girl who keeps getting broken up is that she lacks game and may be too needy.
She had a boyfriend who never took her anywhere or bought her presents.
She started seeing a new guy and claimed to love him, but he broke up with her two weeks later.
The reason for the breakup needs to be worked on, even if it is not apparent or not truthfully disclosed.
Sometimes people do not even know the reason they are breaking up, but just feel no attraction and want to get away.
00:07hi this is lucia with the art of love
00:09i'm a dating and relationship expert
00:10specializing in helping you get your ex
00:13back or to get over your ex today i want
00:16to talk about six insanely effective
00:18ways to re-attract your ex
00:21the main reason that anyone ever breaks
00:24up with anyone
00:26is because of their interest level first
00:29and foremost if their interest level
00:30goes below 50
00:33they're out of there
00:34and it's not because of your situation
00:37or something that you did or you didn't
00:39do it's always because of the interest
00:41level because
00:42if they had a higher interest level if
00:44it was in the 90s
00:47it wouldn't matter what you did it
00:49wouldn't matter what you said it
00:51wouldn't matter what the situation was
00:52they would not have broken up with you
00:55so in order to reattract them you need
00:57to make their interest level
00:59go back up above 50 percent and we are
01:01going to talk about that today
01:03but before i start i want to welcome
01:05back the no contact army have you been
01:08keeping our slogan in mind we don't
01:11react we do no contact and to help us do
01:14that we have the silencio app
01:16and the link for that is below every
01:18single video if you have an iphone
01:21and if you too would like to join our no
01:23contact army all you have to do is hit
01:25the subscribe button and the bell
01:26notification and you're in
01:28and to read our manual go to where you can read
01:33two free chapters before purchasing the
01:37so in preparing for this video i
01:39actually did something i don't normally
01:41do and that is i watched other videos on
01:45how to reattract an ex yes
01:48and i also read some articles
01:51boy oh boy
01:53um yeah lots of bad advice out there
01:56unfortunately things like
01:58well remain friends with your ex or
02:01shave your legs oh yeah that'll do it
02:05i realized the most important thing to
02:07keep in mind when you're trying to
02:09reattract an ex
02:10was something that nobody mentioned in
02:13their videos i found one article that
02:16mentioned it
02:17what is it you may ask well stay tuned
02:20and you will find out so and
02:24looking at the word reattract there is
02:26obviously the word attract
02:28and attraction is generally viewed as
02:30something physical we think of physical
02:34it's not viewed as something you need to
02:37talk someone into
02:39i know in the beginning obviously people
02:40think okay i need to use a line to get
02:42this person's attention
02:44in the beginning also you didn't have to
02:47talk them into being attracted to you in
02:50the first place right
02:51you can't talk someone into being
02:53attracted and therefore you can't talk
02:55them into
02:57being re-attracted
03:00because if it was just a matter of
03:01talking them into it then
03:03that would be actually a lot easier
03:04because all you'd have to do is put
03:06together a logical argument
03:09sway them with your argument kind of
03:10like the closing arguments in a car case
03:12and then they'd say you know what that
03:14makes a lot of sense yes that's very
03:16logical that's that's right okay i will
03:18get back with you that's not how it
03:20people decide to get back with you
03:23based on a feeling not because you were
03:25able to talk them into it so the first
03:27thing to keep in mind to remember is
03:30do not try to talk them into it and i
03:32know guys have a tendency to do this
03:34more than girls because they're coming
03:35from their logical side they're like
03:37well i'm gonna give her all my logical
03:38arguments as to why she should come back
03:40and she may listen to them and still go
03:42uh yeah those all sound good but yeah
03:44i'm still not interested so do not try
03:47to talk them into it you're gonna look
03:49foolish and you're gonna feel foolish
03:50after that you're rejected again
03:54number two
03:56so again we look at the word attract
03:58attraction and what comes to mind
04:02law of attraction
04:04why not use law of attraction
04:07to get them back
04:08so which technique you may ask well
04:10there's visualization there's scripting
04:14there's affirmations law of assumption
04:17which one is going to work well frankly
04:19all of them and none of them it really
04:22depends on you
04:24it depends on your belief which one do
04:26you believe in the most because some
04:28people might try one and it works for
04:30them but it may not work for someone
04:32and etc etc it's like saying okay well
04:35there's all these hammers here which one
04:37is the one that's going to work for me
04:39whichever one works best for you they're
04:41all going to get the job done but which
04:43one feels the best in your hand which
04:46will you be able to work with
04:51if you want to use the law of assumption
04:53then you can download as i mentioned my
04:55app silencio
04:57we have a section there where you can
05:01your affirmations
05:02and that will help you get your ex back
05:04i have a lot of my clients doing that
05:06and if you need help with that
05:08then i'm always available for coaching
05:10and the link is below every single video
05:13next we move on to fab
05:17who's fab no fab is not a gay
05:19hairdresser ha ha
05:23as i mentioned in my video seven reasons
05:25why the no contact rule works on
05:29fab stands for fading effect bias
05:34and the definition
05:40across time the negative effect
05:42associated with negative personal event
05:44memories tends to fade more than the
05:46positive effect associated with positive
05:49personal effect memories so in other
05:51words why do people always have to make
05:52everything so complicated they have to
05:54try to sound intelligent it's like just
05:56tell us what it is
05:57basically it means that as time goes by
06:00they forget the negative things
06:02associated with you
06:03and your relationship
06:05and they only remember the good things
06:07so aren't we lucky
06:10because right now they are associating
06:12bad feelings with you and they're only
06:14thinking thinking of the negative things
06:16that happened when they were with you
06:18not the positive things
06:19so we gotta let fab
06:21it do its thing and that takes time
06:25don't expect to get your ex back right
06:27away to be able to reattract them right
06:28away we have to get them over from the
06:30negative side from the dark side to
06:32neutral and then over to the more
06:35positive side
06:37and while i was preparing this i
06:39realized way back in the day
06:41there was actually a detergent called
06:44and its slogan was
06:47oh fab we're glad there's lemon fresh
06:50and borax in you
06:53how many of you remember that let me
06:54know below um so i've come up with a new
06:56slug it doesn't quite fit but hey i
06:59didn't have time to sit here and make it
07:00fit exactly and nobody got time for that
07:02and my new slogan is oh fab we're glad
07:06we'll get them back all thanks to you
07:08close enough right
07:10so fab is our friend
07:13number four
07:16as if you were in the witness protection
07:18program yes i'm talking about no contact
07:22most of my videos are about no contact
07:24so i really don't need to go into it if
07:26this is the first time hearing about
07:27that then you can listen to my no
07:30contact playlist and no contact success
07:34i'm just going to add one thing and that
07:36is that you know when you disappear it's
07:37a shock to their system because they
07:39didn't expect that
07:41and people make decision based on their
07:44feelings and then they justify it with
07:45logic so you need to get them feeling
07:48something in order for them to start
07:49thinking about wanting you back
07:51and that's one of the many reasons why
07:54no contact is
07:59number five use jealousy
08:03now you have to be careful with this one
08:05you have to know when to use it and how
08:08to use it
08:09i've talked about my two drink trick
08:11where you post a picture or video
08:14of two drinks and then you tag the
08:15location make sure one of the drinks is
08:18if you're in a male female relationship
08:20is it kind of a girly drink
08:22if you're a guy
08:24so it doesn't look like you're out with
08:25another guy it's probably a girl you
08:27know has an umbrella or something
08:29and so you post this and you tag your
08:31location so it looks like you're out
08:32with someone
08:35and you know if you are going to post a
08:37picture with a member
08:38of the opposite sex or the same sex
08:40depending on the relationship you have
08:42to make sure that it's ambiguous in the
08:43sense that they can't tell if it's a
08:45friend or someone that you're seeing
08:47romantically so don't post a photo where
08:49you're kissing someone
08:50or you're sitting on someone's lap or
08:52they're sitting on your lap that's too
08:54much you may push them away
08:58you know you know your ex better than
08:59anyone else because
09:02jealousy often works but it also depends
09:04on the person sometimes it may not it
09:07may just push them further away
09:10and the effectiveness of jealousy is
09:12that people want what they can't have
09:13and now they see you with someone else
09:16they know they probably cannot just get
09:18you back just like that
09:20all of a sudden your perceived value has
09:23gone up
09:24because if someone else wants you
09:26then maybe you're not so bad
09:29and one of my clients actually recent
09:32her recently heard
09:34from their ex after a long period of no
09:38and it was a direct result of him using
09:41the jealousy card and now they are well
09:44on their way to getting back together so
09:46if you're not sure whether you should
09:48use this tactic or not i would suggest
09:50you do some coaching with me
09:52i will put up the link in the right hand
09:53corner of the video and of course it's
09:55also underneath every single video and
09:58now finally reason number six
10:01the one that everyone missed is
10:05what is the reason for the breakup this
10:07is actually the most important factor in
10:09re-attracting your ex because
10:12you know if you do what other people
10:13tell you do it's like oh level up your
10:14looks glow up look good sure that's fine
10:17that's great but if your looks were not
10:19the issue if that's not the reason they
10:21broke up with you then what's that gonna
10:24you know or it's like yeah make more
10:26money become more successful okay great
10:28but if that's not the reason they broke
10:30up with you then again
10:33you have to address the issue if it was
10:36anger then what's making more money and
10:38looking better going to do to reattract
10:40them if you're still that angry guy or
10:42girl then even if you get back together
10:44you start showing anger inappropriate
10:46anger and they'll be like okay i'm out
10:48of here again and i'm not coming back
10:49this time
10:50um you know there's a girl that i follow
10:52on social media
10:54and she's beautiful she's inarguably a
10:58and uh you know also she has money not
11:00that guys usually care about money
11:03she keeps getting broken up with i mean
11:05she had one boyfriend that she said that
11:08he never took her anywhere never bought
11:09her presents i was like what
11:11and then she started seeing a new guy
11:14and one week someone asked her if she
11:16was seeing anyone she said yeah i am i
11:19love him
11:20two weeks later he broke up with me
11:26so she's already leveled up in her look
11:28she's already making money obviously the
11:30problem from what i can see from the
11:32outside is that she doesn't have game
11:34she doesn't know what she's doing you
11:35know if she was being broken up with
11:38constantly and there's no apparent
11:40reason and she doesn't seem to be
11:41annoying her personality seems to be
11:43really cool then it's she doesn't know
11:45what she's doing i think she's probably
11:46too needy but obviously i would need to
11:48speak with her so you need to work on
11:50the reason
11:52that the breakup even occurred in the
11:54first place if you even know it and
11:56sometimes they don't tell you or they
11:58give you a bunch of excuses meaning that
12:02the excuses they gave you is probably
12:03none of those excuses i mean they may
12:05all be true
12:06you know to an extent but they didn't
12:09really tell you the truth if you listen
12:10to my video about how to get your ex
12:12back a step-by-step instructions and we
12:13talked about that girl in poland who
12:15broke up with that guy chris and she
12:17gave him like a bunch of reasons why she
12:21broke up with him and actually it was
12:22because he was a beta she never told
12:24them that but also she probably didn't
12:25even know sometimes they don't even know
12:27the reason they're breaking up with you
12:28they just know that they're no longer
12:30attracted to you and they're just going
12:31to want to get away from you so
12:33again if you contact me for coaching i
12:36can help you to figure out why they
12:38broke up with you
12:41so just to go over everything
12:44number one do not try to talk them into
12:46it it's not gonna work number two use
12:48the law of attraction number three our
12:50friend fab the gay hairdresser
12:53number four disappear like you're in
12:55witness protection
12:56number five use jealousy and number six
13:00address the reason for the breakup so if
13:02you do get back together you won't be
13:04broken up with again so which one of
13:06those are you going to use besides maybe
13:09all of them i don't know i'd like to
13:10hear from you and in the meantime if you
13:13would like my help to get your ex back
13:16you can contact me at the art of love
13:18dot net and we'll send you the rates the
13:20direct link is below
13:22if you found this video helpful please
13:24like subscribe and share if you're
13:26listening to this as a podcast please
13:28rate and review and finally remember
13:30that love inspires empowers uplifts and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I re-attract my ex?

You can re-attract your ex by increasing their interest level, using the law of attraction, letting the fading effect bias work, implementing the no contact rule, strategically using jealousy, and addressing the reason for the breakup.

2. What are the effective ways to increase my ex's interest level?

You can increase your ex's interest level by focusing on self-improvement, pursuing your passions, engaging in new and exciting activities, and maintaining a positive and attractive attitude.

3. How does the law of attraction help in re-attracting an ex?

The law of attraction can help in re-attracting an ex by visualizing a positive and harmonious relationship, focusing on positive thoughts and feelings, and using manifestation techniques to create a positive energy around you.

4. Why is implementing the no contact rule important when trying to re-attract an ex?

Implementing the no contact rule is important when trying to re-attract an ex because it creates space for both parties to gain perspective, heal from the breakup, and miss each other, leading to a potential reconnection with a stronger foundation.

5. What are effective ways to address the reason for the breakup when trying to re-attract an ex?

Effective ways to address the reason for the breakup include open and honest communication, taking responsibility for your part in the breakup, showing genuine effort to make positive changes, and expressing a sincere desire to work on the relationship.

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