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This video compares the reMarkable 2 to the Onyx BOOX Note Air and provides six reasons to buy the reMarkable 2, including its superior form factor, ease of use, distraction-free nature, and factory-installed screen protector. The video emphasizes personal preference and use case as the key factors in choosing between the two devices.
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The first reason to buy the reMarkable 2 is its superior form factor and speed.
The reMarkable 2 operates at a faster speed than the Onyx Boox Note Air.
The Onyx Boox Note Air requires holding down the power button to turn on.
The reMarkable 2 has a slimmer and lighter design than the Onyx Boox Note Air.
The reMarkable 2 is praised for its quality hardware and artistic design, making it visually appealing in meeting rooms.
The reMarkable 2 is considered a quality device with a sleek design.
The marker pen with eraser, the feel, and the magnet of the reMarkable 2 are superior to the Onyx BOOX Note Air.
The reMarkable 2 is easier to use and more suitable for those who want to start writing and taking notes without the need for extensive manual reading or app configuration.
If you already have an iPad or another tablet and only need a note taker, the reMarkable 2 might be the right choice for you.
The reMarkable 2 is a good option for those who already have an iPad or another tablet and only need a note taker.
The reMarkable 2 is considered a piece of art, so if you're concerned about the price, it may not be the right choice for you.
The Onyx BOOX Note Air is a budget-friendly option for those who don't want to invest in an iPad or other devices.
The video emphasizes personal choice and distraction-free note-taking with the reMarkable 2.
The video focuses on personal choice and not steering viewers to a specific device.
Distraction-free note-taking is highlighted as an important feature of the reMarkable 2.
The presence of a screen protector and ease of use are mentioned as advantages of the reMarkable 2.
The reMarkable 2 is recommended for those seeking a distraction-free device with a factory-installed screen protector.
Suitable for those who prefer a distraction-free device without an internet browser.
The factory-installed screen protector is a notable feature.
Some minor issues like a jagged line and battery percentage are mentioned, but overall it's considered an amazing device.
00:00Hey hey, guys, JB here, excited
00:02you're with me and having some fun.
00:04As always this community morning
00:05channel, videos every day,
00:07to have some fun and put some great
00:09energy out there. And today we are
00:11going to get into the next part of
00:12this challenge.
00:13As you know, yesterday I gave you
00:15six things on why you should buy
00:17the Onyx Boox Note Air
00:19or kind of the Lumi, kind of the
00:21same device, right?
00:22Today, I'm going to give you six
00:24reasons to buy the reMarkable 2.
00:25So it's the opposite argument.
00:27All right. So as we get into this
00:29today, I think it's really important
00:30to understand that this is really
00:32personal preference and the things
00:35that you want. Not one of these
00:36devices is not so much better than
00:38the other one. It's all about
00:40use case and I think that's really
00:42critical because, boy, in the
00:43comments yesterday, I mean, it was
00:45great. We had over four thousand
00:46views. But, man, there was like a
00:48war with some of those comments and
00:50there's like the Onyx team and the
00:51reMarkable team. And the truth is,
00:52these are just devices and each
00:54one isn't better than one or the
00:56other and I know you're spending
00:57your hard-earned money on it and you
00:59want your device to be better than
01:00the other but there each have
01:02different qualities.
01:03Like I said yesterday, I gave you
01:04six reasons to buy the Onyx
01:06Boox Note Air. Great device,
01:08does different things, but today
01:10it's about the reMarkable 2.
01:12So let's get into it.
01:13So the first thing I'm going to tell
01:14you about the reMarkable 2
01:16is that the form
01:18factor or speed at
01:20which it operates is so
01:23superior than the Onyx Boox Note
01:24Air. When I go to start the
01:25Onyx Boox Note Air, look, I'm a very
01:28impatient person and I have to
01:29hold this power button down
01:32and then it takes, I mean,
01:33literally, it takes,
01:35I don't know, one thousand one, one
01:37thousand two, one thousand three,
01:38one thousand four, one thousand
01:40five, one thousand six, one thousand
01:42seven, one thousand eight.
01:43It's still loading, right, where
01:45the reMarkable is up and ready to
01:46go. So if you are in a meeting
01:48situation, there it goes, boom, and
01:50it's still loading, right?
01:51It's still loading.
01:53So it's still loading, still
01:54loading. So that took some time,
01:56okay. So if you're in a meeting
01:58situation, you want something to
01:59happen fast, you just press this
02:00button, boom, the reMarkable is
02:02on and ready to go.
02:03So I think one of the things
02:05that we can discuss right away is
02:07speed, right?
02:08The speed of the device, the
02:10reMarkable 2 is faster turning on.
02:12It just operates a little bit
02:14better. The second thing that I want
02:16to talk about is the stylus and
02:18the form factor.
02:19The stylus of this thing is
02:20terrible. Some people like it.
02:22It sticks. I don't even have it.
02:23It's in the other room.
02:24I use this Staedtler.
02:26I actually upgraded the stylus and
02:28the case, I can't stand.
02:29When it comes to this device,
02:32I mean, come on.
02:33You got to admit, even if you're an
02:34Onyx person, this thing is a
02:36sexy beast.
02:37I mean, they have done a great job
02:39with the hardware.
02:40I know their shipping schedule's
02:41been rough.
02:42This just feels quality.
02:44I mean, it is just a quality,
02:46quality device, the
02:48aluminum on the outside or whatever
02:50this is, I believe it's aluminum.
02:52The face of it, the way
02:54it works, it's a piece of art.
02:56I mean, I honestly feel like it's a
02:57piece of art. When you walk into a
02:59meeting room, people are both going
03:01to look at both these things, what
03:02are you using?
03:03Those are cool devices.
03:04And yeah, this has some cool color
03:06to it. It's got a nice blue color
03:08to it. They did a good job, but
03:10man, it doesn't compete to this
03:12form factor.
03:13Now, that's a personal opinion
03:15and maybe you like this better in
03:17the little cheap case and the cheap
03:18pen that comes with it but to me,
03:20the marker pen with the eraser,
03:22the feel of it, the heft of
03:24it, the way the magnet sticks,
03:26the reMarkable is far superior
03:28in that way, okay, so
03:30that's step two.
03:33Second, the next thing is the ease
03:34of use, right.
03:36So one of the things with Boox is
03:38if you're somebody that is into
03:39reading manuals and trying
03:41to figure out how to get Google Play
03:43to work and really
03:45which apps work and which don't,
03:46which apps work, and, you know, we
03:48are workflow.
03:51That's a good device for you.
03:52If you're somebody who just wants to
03:53pick up a device and start writing
03:54on it and start taking notes,
03:57then the reMarkable is better.
03:58Again, neither one is better
04:00than the other. It just is what it
04:01is. The reMarkable is faster,
04:03easier to use.
04:05It just works, right, and
04:07that's the thing where the Onyx out
04:08of the box, they put a note in it
04:10how you got to get on a Google Play.
04:12You've got to register the device.
04:14It's got to be approved by Google.
04:16It's just step after step after
04:18step. There's a learning curve with
04:19all their devices.
04:20Again, not bad but if you're
04:22somebody that doesn't have the
04:23attention span and just wants to get
04:25in and start using device, you turn
04:27this thing on, you put some folders
04:29together, the reMarkable 2, you're
04:30ready to go.
04:32The fourth thing, you already have
04:33an iPad or a Samsung
04:36tablet or some other multiple
04:38function device.
04:39So yesterday when I gave you the six
04:41reasons, one of the key things about
04:43this was apps, okay.
04:44So you've heard me say it before on
04:46the show. If you've never heard me,
04:48make sure you watch some of the
04:49videos and would love to have you
04:50like this video if you like to
04:51comment and of course, subscribe,
04:53but if you've ever heard me
04:54talk about this is that I
04:56already have an iPad, so
04:58I don't need all this functionality.
05:01It's not to say you don't, right?
05:02I'm just saying I don't and if
05:04somebody has an iPad or a Samsung
05:06tablet or Google Pixel Book that
05:08they use for a lot of things and
05:09they just need a note taker, then
05:12this is their device.
05:13They're going to pick it up and they
05:14are going to use it just for notes
05:16and they're going to grab their iPad.
05:17Personally, that's my
05:19pretty much standard workflow
05:22but I'm using this
05:24Papyr device more than anything
05:26right now because of collaboration
05:27for another video.
05:28This is between these two devices,
05:30right. So if you are,
05:34if you are somebody that
05:36just needs a note taker and you
05:37already have an iPad and you love
05:39that or you already have a Samsung
05:40tablet and you love that,
05:42well then, you just maybe want the
05:44note taker and people say, oh, it
05:46costs so much money for a note
05:47taker. It's a piece of art,
05:48right, and again, if you're
05:50complaining about the price and
05:52again, this is nothing towards
05:53anybody but then it probably isn't
05:55for you, right?
05:56And that's the same thing like
05:58a Ferrari versus a Chevy.
06:00If you're complaining about the
06:01price of the Ferrari, then maybe
06:02that Ferrari isn't for you and
06:04you've got to figure out what is for
06:06you and I think that's why the Onyx
06:08can be a great product for people
06:09that are budget conscious and don't
06:11want to buy the iPad and all those
06:12other devices.
06:13It works great and there's nothing
06:15wrong with that.
06:16Then nobody should take any of this
06:17stuff personally. These are just
06:18devices and where you are in your
06:20life and what you're working on and
06:22the things you're doing, right.
06:23But as far as another reason,
06:25number four is if you already have
06:27an iPad or you already have a
06:29Samsung tablet or you already have
06:30another tablet, there's no reason to
06:32get the Onyx, just get the
06:33reMarkable and it will be your note
06:35taker. The fifth thing, this
06:37is, oh my gosh, controversy here,
06:40So one of the big thing in the
06:42comments is there's people that are
06:43saying, I just want a device this
06:45I'm a writer. I just want to grab
06:47it. I don't want all this browser
06:48and stuff on there and other people
06:50are saying, well, just don't utilize
06:51it but there is something to that
06:53argument. When you look, you got all
06:55this other functionality down the
06:56left side, you can take it away but
06:58there's a lot of stuff happening
07:00here. When you pick up the
07:01reMarkable, it is distraction-free.
07:03It's meant to be used just to kind
07:05of mind map,
07:07think things through, and that's
07:09really the key thing and I think
07:11that's where there's a big argument.
07:12People say, well, you're going to
07:14downgrade the Onyx because
07:16it's got all this functionality and
07:17the reMarkable has it.
07:18So by having more functionality,
07:20you're saying it's a bad device?
07:21No, I'm not saying
07:23that. Some people like ease
07:25of use.
07:26Some people like simplicity.
07:28Some people like to drive a pickup
07:29truck. Some people like to drive a
07:31sedan. Everybody has personal
07:33choices. This channel is a
07:34community. I'm here for everybody.
07:36I love the Onyx.
07:37I love the reMarkable.
07:38I love all these devices.
07:39It's technology.
07:40It's awesome.
07:41I'm not here to steer
07:43you to say which one is best.
07:45I'm here to steer you to what works
07:47best for you and I'm hoping this
07:49video is helping you do that.
07:50And so distraction-free is important
07:52because, one, I love this comment.
07:54One of my, yesterday, one of the
07:55subscribers said if I had this
07:57device, my kids would want to play
07:58games on it and that's what we're
08:00talking about. If you have a device
08:01and you're sitting here and the kids
08:02are coming up, can I play games on
08:04that? That's a distraction
08:05device. Where this device, they
08:07would never even think about that
08:08because there's no way to play games
08:09on it. There's nothing there.
08:11It's just a note taker.
08:13And finally, this is the one that
08:15drives me crazy.
08:16This has a screen protector on it.
08:18I put it on it.
08:19They say you don't have to put one
08:20on supposedly from the factory, but
08:22why do they ship it with it?
08:23It's a pain to put it on Onyx.
08:25Please, get your screen
08:27protector on at the factory.
08:28I didn't even know this has a screen
08:30protector from the factory.
08:32And it does.
08:33You won't even notice because they
08:34put it on for you.
08:36So personally,
08:37here's the big thing.
08:39Six things.
08:39Number one, ease of use.
08:41If you're just going to be taking
08:42notes, the reMarkable 2 is
08:44an amazing device.
08:46Number three, the stylus and the
08:47case and the form factor for me,
08:49again, this is like fashion, but to
08:51me it's far superior.
08:52The quality of this device feels so
08:55It's just nice to carry around,
08:57where this Boox is okay.
08:59It just doesn't, you know, qualify.
09:01It's not as nice, right?
09:03I consider this like a Mercedes
09:05and maybe this like a Lexus, right.
09:07So it's there, but it's not
09:09there and there's a little bit of a
09:12quality difference there.
09:13The third thing, speed on and off.
09:15To me, that's a big deal.
09:16I'm very busy.
09:17I want something that's on and I can
09:19use it and then shut it off and
09:21stand by and then click the button,
09:22go. The Onyx, once it shuts off,
09:24it's takes forever to turn on and
09:26that's really annoying.
09:28You already have an iPad.
09:29If you already have an iPad, already
09:31have a Samsung tablet, you don't
09:32need all this functionality in
09:34the Onyx, which is great, or
09:36the Lumi. It's great if you need
09:38a PDF reader, those are great
09:40But if you're just looking for a
09:42note taker, not really looking for a
09:43reader, it's okay, then this
09:45is your device and you have multiple
09:47other devices, then the reMarkable 2
09:49comes in and I get it.
09:50I get the argument that I don't
09:52want to buy multiple devices.
09:53Okay, great.
09:54Then don't rip on the reMarkable
09:56people. Just go buy an Onyx, right?
09:57That's, it's pretty simple, if you
09:59are somebody that doesn't have
10:00multiple devices and looking for one
10:02device, then I think the Onyx is
10:04for you but if you need an Internet
10:06browser and all those things, you
10:07need to get more than the
10:09reMarkable, excuse me.
10:11The fifth thing is distraction-free.
10:14You know, if you don't want all that
10:15stuff on there, you know,
10:17the reMarkable 2 is your device.
10:19That's the one you want to go to.
10:20And finally, the factory-installed
10:22screen protector is a big one for
10:24me. Let's make a couple of final
10:26notes. So supposedly there's a
10:27little jagged line on the
10:28reMarkable. I haven't seen it much.
10:30It doesn't affect me at all.
10:32I'm not an artist.
10:33But if you're an artist, maybe
10:35that's something they need to fix in
10:36the software.
10:38The battery's supposed goes to
10:39ninety-eight percent.
10:40I can't get it to a hundred, that
10:41can be a software fix.
10:43So there are some of the negatives
10:44of it. But overall, it's an
10:46amazing device.
10:47I would get the marker pen because
10:49the eraser function is
10:51critical. You can also use the other
10:52stylus is these stylus is go back
10:54and forth. The Staedtler,
10:56both these devices, both of these
10:58pens work on both devices.
11:00But overall, I'm not here to say
11:02which one is better than one or the
11:03other. The key is it's a use case.
11:06If you want the six things that I'm
11:08talking about, then get the
11:09reMarkable 2 or keep your reMarkable
11:112 on order.
11:12If you want all this functionality
11:14and we talked about it yesterday,
11:15watch the video I put up yesterday,
11:17then get the Onyx Boox,
11:19okay? Boox Note Air, Boox Note, Boox
11:22you're going to be happy, but if
11:24you've got the iPad and you've got
11:25your Samsung tablets, hey, the
11:27reMarkable 2 is an amazing
11:29device. As always, thanks for
11:31watching. Remember, we do Thursdays
11:33at 1:00 p.m.
11:34live. If you want to ask me
11:35questions about these devices, that
11:37would be fantastic to have you show
11:38up. And of course, if you don't mind
11:40hitting that like button, if you
11:41like the video, that would be
11:43fantastic. And then we could use the
11:44subscribe because we are growing
11:46this community and I would love to
11:47have you be a part of it.
11:48Look, we don't always have to agree.
11:50That's what a community does but I'm
11:51going to keep bringing you great
11:52information and great ideas right
11:54here on the channel.
11:55Okay, so until tomorrow's video,
11:57actually, it's a live at 1:00 p.m.
11:59Eastern Standard Time.
12:00We'll see you tomorrow but I hope
12:01this helps you understand the
12:03differences between these
12:05products and you now
12:07know six reasons to buy the Onyx
12:09over the reMarkable 2 and today you
12:10know six reasons to buy the
12:12reMarkable 2 over the Onyx.
12:14Go have a great day.
12:15Thanks for watching and we'll see
12:17you in the next video.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key features of the reMarkable 2 compared to the Onyx BOOX Note Air?

The reMarkable 2 boasts a superior form factor, ease of use, distraction-free nature, and factory-installed screen protector, setting it apart from the Onyx BOOX Note Air.

2. How does the reMarkable 2 stand out in terms of form factor and ease of use?

The reMarkable 2 features a sleek and slim design with a paper-like feel, making it easier to hold and use compared to the Onyx BOOX Note Air. Its intuitive interface and minimalistic design further enhance the user experience.

3. What advantages does the reMarkable 2 offer in terms of distraction-free nature?

The reMarkable 2 provides a distraction-free writing and reading experience, allowing users to focus on their work without interruptions, a feature that significantly differs from the Onyx BOOX Note Air.

4. How does the factory-installed screen protector of the reMarkable 2 benefit users?

The reMarkable 2 comes with a factory-installed screen protector, offering added durability and protection for the device, a feature absent in the Onyx BOOX Note Air.

5. What factors should users consider when choosing between the reMarkable 2 and the Onyx BOOX Note Air?

Personal preference and use case play a crucial role in the decision-making process between the reMarkable 2 and the Onyx BOOX Note Air, as highlighted in the comparison video.

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