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This video discusses the characteristics and signs of Pleiadian Starseeds, including their mission to assist humanity in spiritual transformation and healing. It also explores their traits such as being loving, honest, powerful healers, givers, empathic, and highly sensitive.
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Palladian Starseeds are souls whose origin is from the Palladian star system, and they have come to Earth to help transition humanity from 3D to 5D.
Palladian Starseeds are highly evolved beings from the Palladian star system.
They are assisting Earth and humanity in the process of spiritual transformation.
Palladian Starseeds are often referred to as Nordic aliens due to their Scandinavian appearance.
Their mission is to help transition humanity from 3D to 5D and assist with the process of spiritual transformation.
Pleiadian starseeds are empathic and highly sensitive individuals who tend to try to fix others and absorb their emotions easily.
Pleiadian starseeds believe in and love themselves, which leads to things going their way.
They often attract partners with emotional issues and see it as their mission to solve them.
Pleiadian starseeds are introverts who charge their batteries by being alone.
They have a strong heart chakra, which makes them empathic and easily absorb others' emotions.
They are highly sensitive and can pick up on things that others can't, experiencing emotions more intensely.
Pleiadian Starseeds often have a Nordic or angel-like appearance, but it is not necessary for all of them to have the same type of body on Earth.
Most Pleiadian Starseeds have an angel-like energy and may be called angels or have a positive child-like energy.
Their mission is to help humanity remember their power, divinity, and gifts, often through healing or creative endeavors.
Pleiadian Starseeds radiate unconditional love but may struggle with energy vampires, giving away their power, and self-worth issues.
00:00if you clicked on this then chances are
00:02you are a starseed so your soul is not
00:04from this planet
00:06and today i will share with you seven
00:08clear signs that you are a pleiadian
00:11starseed including what your mission is
00:14on this earth
00:15the appearance of palladian starseeds so
00:18that you can feel fully confident that
00:20you are a plate in starseed or not let's
00:23get into it first of all what is
00:25actually a palladium starseed a platinum
00:27starseed is a soul whose origin is from
00:30the palladian star system right next to
00:32the orion's belt
00:34just like with other starship races
00:36pleiadian sources are old highly evolved
00:38souls who have come to earth to help
00:41transition humanity from 3d to 5d also
00:44called the new earth palladians are
00:46multi-dimensional beings existing in
00:49several dimensions including 3d to 90.
00:52according to the author eva marcus
00:54the pleiades is a soul healing station
00:57with visitors from other star nations
00:59for the purpose of studying relaxation
01:01and healing the palladians have been
01:03assisting earth and humanity since the
01:05birth of earth and currently they are
01:07helping more than ever now that we are
01:09transitioning to the golden age the
01:11pleiadians are also called the nordic
01:13aliens due to their scandinavian
01:15appearance and they tend to have long
01:17light blonde hair with the tall white
01:19and slim body according to barbara
01:22martinak the author of bringers of the
01:24new dawn teachings from the palladians
01:26their mission is to assist humanity with
01:29the process of spiritual transformation
01:31we will now make a deep dive into the
01:34seven signs that you are a pleiadian
01:38and pay attention to how you feel as you
01:41hear these signs
01:43and not all of them have to resonate
01:45as long as the majority does and if you
01:48feel like this just doesn't resonate at
01:50all or you're not sure then check out my
01:53starseed soul origin webinar link in the
01:56description sign number one is that you
01:59love to love
02:01you make decisions from your heart
02:02rather than your brain
02:04this is because played in starseed's
02:06primary chakra is the heart chakra
02:08contrary to for example andromedan stars
02:11like me whose primary chakra is solar
02:13plexus this makes played in sources
02:16likely to be excellent parents and
02:18caretakers pleiadians crave love and are
02:23if you have played in starseed you
02:24probably love romantic movies like the
02:26notebook and your worst nightmare would
02:29be losing your loved ones the pleiadian
02:31high council of 7 says
02:33that desire to be of service is coming
02:35from a genuine place of love
02:37the love vibration is more active today
02:39than it has ever been
02:41and it is far more powerful in and
02:43influential than any other vibration
02:46that you may see be acted out so pay
02:48attention pay attention to what is of
02:51service to you to witness sign number
02:54two is that you are honest you really
02:56value honesty and will never lie
03:00lying is simply not something you have
03:02ever felt comfortable with sign number
03:04three is that you are a powerful healer
03:07plate and starseed are masters at
03:09healing others wounded souls and it
03:11happens almost unconsciously you might
03:13not even be aware of it sign number four
03:16is that you are a giver your kind and
03:19generous soul that would never take
03:20advantage of another person
03:22you love and thrive on helping other
03:25people if a palladian starseed was on a
03:27flight that was crashing they would put
03:29on the mask on their kid before
03:30themselves you put other people before
03:33you to such an extent that you often
03:35forget to take care of yourself the
03:37throat chakra therefore tend to be the
03:39weakest chakra of plating starseeds if
03:42you have a weak throat chakra it means
03:44you might find it difficult expressing
03:45your needs and wants to other people
03:47bleeding sources are therefore prone to
03:49burnout they need to focus more on
03:51self-love and realize that they need to
03:53help themselves before they can truly
03:55help others the author barbara marsnack
03:57channeled from the pleiadians that when
04:00you believe in and love yourself
04:02everything starts to go your way
04:04the most difficult thing for most of you
04:06is making that commitment to believe you
04:08deserve love
04:10no one has to love you you are not here
04:13to go around gathering love from other
04:15people to convince yourself you are
04:17worth it sign number five is that you
04:19try to fix other people
04:22you easily worry about people around you
04:24and want to help them
04:26unfortunately this often results in you
04:29attracting partners with emotional
04:32narcissists and energy vampires which
04:35you see as your mission to solve you
04:37might also worry if you notice your
04:39friends change and you're not sure if
04:41it's for the better this never ends up
04:43well my childhood friend is actually
04:45played in starseed and she has been
04:47trying to fix her depressed boyfriend
04:49for decades now a lesson played in
04:51sources are here to learn is to let go
04:53of the need to save everyone take care
04:56of yourself and your ascension first
04:59sign number six is that you are empathic
05:01your strong heart chakra means that you
05:03absorb others emotions easily
05:06most pleiadians are therefore introverts
05:08and charge their battery by being alone
05:11this can be confusing as you might
05:13confuse others feelings for your own or
05:16your own feelings can become amplified
05:18by other people's emotion this can
05:20easily lead to overwhelm anxiety attacks
05:23and depression sign number seven is that
05:26you are highly sensitive and you can
05:28pick up on things other people can't
05:30you feel all the senses more strongly
05:32than others when you're happy you feel
05:34over the moon happy and when you're sad
05:37you're laying on the floor crying
05:38palladians have sensitive minds but also
05:40sensitive bodies you might have had a
05:42disease when you were young and had to
05:44take medicine
05:45unfortunately palladium sarced sensitive
05:48bodies don't handle western medicine
05:50very well
05:51and their heavy side effects so you
05:53might never have quite recovered or you
05:56still get flare-ups so how do played in
05:58star seed look like
06:01although plugins tend to have a nordic
06:03or angel-like look with blonde hair and
06:05white skin it doesn't mean all of them
06:07decide to incarnate in the same type of
06:09body on earth although many do
06:12so if you have darker skin don't worry
06:13you can still be a plate in starseed
06:16however i've noticed that most platinum
06:17sources have an angel-like energy
06:20so if you've ever been called an angel
06:22or that you have a positive child-like
06:24energy about you
06:26that's a sign that you could be a
06:27palladian so what is the mission then of
06:29platinum starseeds
06:31platon souls incarnated here to help
06:34humanity in these times of awakening
06:37specifically help them remember who they
06:39are their power their divinity and their
06:42palladians are soul healers and most
06:44paid in stores that have some kind of
06:46healing mission
06:47this could be in the form of coaching
06:49energy healing or holistic medicine
06:51the healing mission could also be in
06:53form of art
06:54just like syrian starseeds many plague
06:56and sources are highly creative and end
06:58up as artists or jewelry makers i love
07:01plating starseeds they really radiate
07:03unconditional love which makes them
07:05highly likeable and powerful healers
07:07however being on earth is not a walk in
07:09the park for palladium starseeds as they
07:12tend to attract energy vampires and
07:14struggle with giving their power away
07:16and self-worth issues now if you feel
07:18like these signs resonated a bit but not
07:21quite or you're not sure
07:23then definitely check out my starseed
07:27soul origin webinar where i deep dive
07:30into several star seed races and just
07:32comment signs that you're a starseed in
07:34the first place you can find the link in
07:36the description let me know in the
07:38comments if you think you are played in
07:39starseed or where you think your soul
07:41origin is from have a beautiful day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the characteristics of Pleiadian Starseeds?

Pleiadian Starseeds are known for their traits such as being loving, honest, powerful healers, givers, empathic, and highly sensitive. They are also deeply connected to nature and have a strong spiritual presence.

2. What is the mission of Pleiadian Starseeds?

The mission of Pleiadian Starseeds is to assist humanity in spiritual transformation and healing. They are here to bring light, love, and higher consciousness to the Earth and help in the evolution of human consciousness.

3. How do Pleiadian Starseeds contribute to the spiritual awakening of humanity?

Pleiadian Starseeds contribute to the spiritual awakening of humanity by embodying compassion, kindness, and wisdom. They also serve as guides and teachers, helping others on their spiritual paths and promoting unity and harmony.

4. What are the signs of being a Pleiadian Starseed?

Signs of being a Pleiadian Starseed may include a deep sense of empathy, a strong connection to the stars, a love for nature, intuitive abilities, and a longing for peace and harmony. They may also experience a feeling of being different from others and a strong desire to help humanity.

5. How can Pleiadian Starseeds enhance their spiritual gifts?

Pleiadian Starseeds can enhance their spiritual gifts by practicing meditation, connecting with their spirit guides, and aligning with their higher purpose. They can also focus on self-care, energy healing, and learning to channel their innate healing abilities for the benefit of themselves and others.

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