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In this video, Bobby Rio shares seven psychological tricks to make a girl obsessed with you. These tricks include earning validation, actively listening, two steps forward one step back, cool vulnerability, being a good audience, creating partners in crime, and revealing intimate things. These techniques aim to create a strong connection and intense attraction with the woman.
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The video discusses seven psychological tricks to make a girl obsessed with you.
Physical appearance is only a small part of attraction.
Making a woman obsessed with you is about how she feels when she's around you and when she's away from you.
Earned validation is the first trick mentioned, where validation is given gradually and not too commonly.
Earned validation is important when trying to make a girl obsessed with you.
Compliment her genuinely without any hidden agenda.
Actively listen to her and ask deeper questions to show genuine interest.
Being a good listener and showing interest in what she has to say can be validating for her.
To keep a girl obsessed with you, use the "two steps forward, one step back" technique and practice cool vulnerability.
Use the "two steps forward, one step back" approach in holding eye contact and progressing the relationship.
Increase and then pull back on texting and hanging out to create anticipation.
Create romantic tension and build up by alternating between forward and backward movements.
Practice cool vulnerability by revealing things about yourself in an amusing and attractive way.
Being vulnerable in a cool way and being a good audience are two psychological tricks to make a girl obsessed with you.
Cool vulnerability involves making slightly embarrassing admissions that she can identify with.
Being a good audience means being attentive, laughing at her jokes, and finding her funny.
Both techniques are powerful in building a connection and making her obsessed with you.
Creating inside jokes and shared experiences, revealing intimate things, and getting her to step out of her comfort zone are psychological tricks that can make a girl obsessed with you.
Using inside jokes and shared experiences creates a partners in crime dynamic.
Encouraging her to do something slightly outside her comfort zone with you strengthens your bond.
Revealing intimate things creates a sense of connection and bond.
Combining these elements makes it difficult for another guy to give her the same experience.
Conflicting ideas and incorporating earned validation can increase a person's investment in someone, but it's important to have her invested in you before playing hard to get.
The concept of dissonance and incorporating earned validation can increase a person's investment in someone.
Playing hard to get only works when she is already invested in you.
Moving a girl from dating to a relationship can be challenging if she is not already invested in you.
00:00so when it comes to how attracted to you a  woman is a small part of it is your physical  
00:05appearance whether or not you're her type  but as a lot of guys find out that only  
00:09gets you so far and it's not what causes a  woman to fall in love with you to chase you  
00:15to get obsessed with you that has to do with  how she feels when she's around you and just  
00:21as importantly how she feels when she's  away from you thinking about you in this  
00:26video I'm going to give you seven psychological  tricks that get a girl obsessed with you [Music]
00:35hi I'm Bobby Rio and in this video I want to  cover ways things that you can do when you're  
00:42with a woman that take her interest take that  attraction she has towards you and turns it into  
00:48something more it turn turns it into that point  where she's imagining a future with you feeling  
00:53a really strong connection with you and going  home and being almost obsessed with you because  
00:59in this day and age you almost have to have that  if she's not at home thinking about you it's very  
01:06hard to keep her attention long enough to make  her your girlfriend you've got to act fast in  
01:12terms of creating the right type of connection  with her or else another guy is going to hit her  
01:17up she's gonna forget about you and it's never  gonna progress the way you want it to so in this  
01:22video I want to give you seven tricks and we're  gonna go through them and I'm Gonna Give You  
01:27examples and I'm going to show you how when you're  with a woman these are simple things you can do  
01:31but it adds to the level of intensity she feels  about you and the attraction she has towards you  
01:39so the first thing is called earned validation
01:47so validation is how somebody makes us feel about  ourselves and what happens is a lot of guys try  
01:57to validate a woman and they do it too quickly  and they do it too commonly and what they're  
02:03essentially giving a woman is unearned validation  unearned validation is when a guy tells a woman  
02:09how attractive she is or how nice her eyes are  and to a woman who's heard that a million times  
02:15it doesn't actually make her feel anything she's  almost numb to that I can remember experiencing  
02:22this myself years ago I went to a third world  country I'm not gonna say the country because  
02:26I don't want to call anybody out but at that  particular time in that particular country just  
02:31being a American young blue-eyed guy had girls  coming up to me telling me how good-looking it  
02:39was and it was great for a couple days but by  the third day it was almost like enough okay it  
02:44didn't give me any Pride anymore it felt shallow  oh and it didn't validate me it just felt it felt  
02:51almost fake after a point and that's how most  compliments and most attention feels to a woman  
02:56it doesn't feel real because she's not actively  doing anything to earn it and for it to be earned  
03:04it means so much more to a woman so what do I  mean by earned validation it means when she's  
03:10putting in effort and you're approving of that  effort when when she's trying to impress you and  
03:18you're slowly becoming impressed that's way more  validating for a woman because she feels like  
03:24she's winning you over and how do you demonstrate  that there's a few ways to do it one is I call it  
03:31the spontaneous compliment and that's where it  doesn't seem planned it doesn't seem like you  
03:36have an agenda behind it or you're trying to you  know you're trying to win her over and impress her  
03:41with your compliments instead it's almost like  you two are hanging out and she's telling you  
03:45about her backpacking trip and you're like wow you  are so freaking cool you're adventurous and you're  
03:49just talking what's on your mind without a filter  and it seems genuine to her and that feels earned  
03:56because it's like you weren't just saying hey  you're really pretty because you want something  
03:59out of her or you want to get her to like you  you're saying it it feels it's true and for her  
04:05that's validating that gives her Pride because it  feels real other examples of earned validation is  
04:12actively listening this is where most guys when  they're talking to a woman and she starts telling  
04:18them a story or telling them how she did something  they're already like waiting to ask her questions  
04:23or tell her their parallel story that was similar  to hers or they're willing to tell her how cool  
04:28she is or how whatever but what you want to do is  you want to actually listen and you want to dig  
04:33a little bit deeper you want to sit back do that  head knot like head like you're listening and then  
04:38when she finishes you don't want to immediately  go Oh that that's really amazing you want to go  
04:43oh okay and ask her a deeper question oh so how  did that make you feel or what was that like  
04:47and when you say something like that she goes  back into her head and she comes out and she  
04:52says something else and you're listening and when  somebody's really listening really interested in  
04:57hearing what we have to say it's validating if  you've ever had somebody who's listens to you  
05:02and wants to know more you know how validating  that is and how good it feels to be around that  
05:06person most guys don't actually do that most guys  when they're with a woman they're just waiting  
05:10for their chance to talk so that they can try to  impress her but the reality is when she's trying  
05:15to impress you and you're slowly getting impressed  that's way more pleasurable for her another quick  
05:21way to to demonstrate earned validation to a woman  is instead of directly telling her hey you're such  
05:28an amazing girl or you're so adventurous you do  it in a third person meaning you can as you're  
05:34talking and be like I was telling my friend  that story you told me the other day because  
05:37now you're validating her to a third person which  is even more intense again if you've ever been in  
05:42a situation where somebody talks about how  funny you are to somebody else you know that  
05:47is pleasurable we get validated by that  so doing it to a third person is going to  
05:52be more intense for her than if you simply did  it directly to her so that's earned validation  
06:00the next thing that you want to master  in terms of obsession triggers and  
06:05psychological ways to get a woman obsessed  is something called two steps forward  
06:13one step back two steps forward one step back  and this is really a way to build up tension  
06:24and anticipation because for a woman tension  and anticipation really are a prerequisite for  
06:30her to get obsessed for her to feel the desire  to chase a man because women really that's what  
06:35it's all about the build up in their mind is  it going to happen is it not going to happen  
06:39the little mental game she's playing with herself  is way more exciting for her that's what builds  
06:46up tension both in terms of her relationship with  you but also sexual attention an example of sexual  
06:51attention is if you're talking to her and you're  touching her hand as you talk and you're holding  
06:57her hand for a second and it feels good for her  and then you pull it away and you and you don't  
07:01touch her for a little bit because now in her mind  she's waiting for that touch again whereas if you  
07:06just grabbed her hand and you sat there the entire  conversation holding her hand eventually the  
07:10tension dissipates so you always want to be two  steps forward one step back this goes for things  
07:16like holding eye contact with her where you're  talking you're having this flirty conversation  
07:20Asian with her and then you have that slow moment  where you're looking at her and you hold that eye  
07:25contact and then you step back and you go back to  the normal conversation always two steps forward  
07:29two steps back you can also do this in how you  progress the relationship forward where if things  
07:36are generally a relationship moves at a certain  speed you hang out there the texting slowly  
07:42increases what you want to do is you increase  and then you pull back a little bit because now  
07:47she's waiting if you increase it then she gets  used to it and now she's you're texting her two  
07:51three times a day and now that just becomes common  you want to get to that point and then pull back  
07:56a little bit make her want it again that's what  women actually like it's the build up it's the  
08:02what's going on here we talk about it in a lot  of my other videos it's that mental game that  
08:07romantic tension that she needs to feel and a way  to think about it a simple trick in your mind to  
08:13remember this is two steps forward one step back  whether it's building sexual tension like I said  
08:20through the watching or whether it's progressing  a relationship through just say two weekends in  
08:26a row you've hung out with her right that's two  steps forward the next weekend make plans with  
08:31your friends and don't hang out with her take a  step back that keeps her interested and engaged  
08:38the next thing that we're going to discuss  in terms of triggers is something I call cool  
08:45vulnerability this is something you may have  heard me speak about before but what it really  
08:51is it's a way to be open with a woman to reveal  things about yourself to humanize yourself but  
08:59also do it in a amusing attractive way and I  always say the best example of this the best  
09:06thing that you can do if you want to learn how  to be cool cool vulnerable is watch interviews  
09:13with celebrities because a celebrity obviously  has a publicist that he's paying millions of  
09:18dollars a year or 100 whatever it is to come up  with this sort of stuff for them because their  
09:22entire job when they're being interviewed is to  make an audience obsessed with them to make an  
09:26audience fall in love with you when Matthew  McConaughey is being interviewed or George  
09:30Clooney is being interviewed or Justin Bieber is  being interviewed on whatever whatever talk show  
09:36it is they want the audience to fall in love with  them because that means that's their job that's  
09:41why they're on that show to get the people to go  I really like him I want to go see his movie so  
09:45what they do is they've learned that if Matthew  McConaughey gets on stage and he starts trying  
09:49to impress you and talking about how he's got  this giant mansion and this yacht and this sexy  
09:55model girlfriend We're Not Really Gonna like  him so instead he gets on and he tells these  
10:00humorous anecdotes about his life that make  him seem like a real person that's what you  
10:05need to get in with women because there's got  to be some level of openness but you gotta do  
10:09it in a way that's amusing so an example that I'm  thinking of is I I remember talking to a girl and  
10:17we were talking about movies and she told me she  cried at the end of Titanic and I was like oh no  
10:22yeah I said the only movie I ever cried at and  it was the most worst experience because I'm is  
10:27back in college and I'm there with eight of my  guy friends watching Armageddon and then there's  
10:31like the ending scene where Bruce Willis pushes  Ben Affleck out and he sacrifices himself and I'm  
10:37there with all my friends and I started bawling  and I'm trying to hide it and all my friends are  
10:41like looking over and so that's an example  of cool vulnerability vulnerability is not  
10:47it's not something real vulnerability where  you're telling a woman that your dad didn't  
10:54love you enough when you were a kid that's not  stuff to do early on cool vulnerability is this  
11:00slightly embarrassing admissions that you make  that she can identify with that shows her that  
11:05you're opening up around her a little bit again  if you want to learn this you can watch late night  
11:11talk shows or just any sort of interview with a  celebrity because they are doing they're pounding  
11:16you with this you will not watch an interview  with a celebrity where they're not using this  
11:20idea of cool vulnerability which shows you that  it's powerful because celebrities aren't going on  
11:24this these talk shows and just winging it they've  got scripted stuff that people are being paid a  
11:30lot of money to give them because they know that's  what works to get an audience obsessed with them  
11:35so the next thing that we want to do and we  just mentioned the word audience is be a good  
11:42audience this is a sort of simple one and I  alluded to this when I was talking about the  
11:47idea of earned validation and that's this idea  that most guys when they're talking to a woman  
11:54they're so in their own head thinking about what  they want to say next and how they can impress her  
12:00but really we enjoy being around somebody who's a  good audience think about humor for instance and  
12:09most people think oh I want to hang out with the  funny person but the reality is most people most  
12:15guys right if you're if you're a standard guy  you want to hang out with the people who think  
12:21you're funny you want to hang out with somebody  that when you're on a roll They're laughing and  
12:25they're laughing at your humor and they're finding  everything you're saying funny and they're waiting  
12:29for you to say the next thing because it's going  to be funny and that actually feels good that's  
12:34like the person we get addicted to being round  it's not the person who's making us laugh the  
12:38whole time sure we like that person but but  we also want to be the star we don't want to  
12:43be the supporting character we want to be the  star a little bit so you want to give her a  
12:47chance to be the star so if she's telling you  a story don't sit there stoically waiting for  
12:53your turn to tell her a better story be a good  audience have that smile like growing as she's  
12:58telling the story where you're talking through  a smile to her and you're on that same page  
13:03where you're both vibing and you're feeling  the energy if she switches and she's telling  
13:07you now a serious story you relax a little bit  you listen you're a good audience we like being  
13:14around somebody who's a good audience and not  enough guys do that because they are too much  
13:19in their own head worrying about the story they're  gonna tell the joke they're gonna make that they  
13:24don't actually listen and be receptive to what  she's saying what she's trying to communicate  
13:30so the next technique is called partners in crime
13:38foreign and if you've ever watched the show the  office and especially in in the beginning Seasons  
13:45when Jim and Pam if you know the characters when  they weren't together this is like a prime example  
13:50of partners in crime it's when you and her have  these inside jokes and you do things that make  
13:56each other laugh that other people aren't aware  of thinking of an example I remember a time where  
14:01there was this girl that I was hanging out with  and she hated when somebody would say literally  
14:06so anytime somebody was like literally that was it  just made her cringe so I would do a couple things  
14:12sometimes if somebody was talking and they used  the word literally I would give her a look like  
14:16and she'd see and have to not laugh or sometimes  if I was talking to somebody who had just said it  
14:22I would start overly using the word literally to  make her laugh and it was our inside joke other  
14:29inside jokes are or ways to create this partners  in crime sort of element is coming up with a  
14:36mission or getting her to do something that's  slightly outside her comfort zone with you so  
14:43an example would be let's just say you're driving  home from hanging out with her you guys are in the  
14:48car and you drive past this really big mansion  and there's an open house there and that there's  
14:53you can go in and you say hey let's go inside and  pretend we're this Rich French couple and whatever  
14:59and you go in and you guys put on this like act  to the realtor pretending that you're gonna buy  
15:04the house and asking these questions and this  is just a fun thing you do with her that when  
15:09she leaves you she has that memory that that thing  that only you and her experience together and that  
15:14these are things she needs to get past just that  attraction because attraction like I said physical  
15:20attraction she's gonna meet a guy who's better  looking than you it's just inevitable she's going  
15:26to meet a guy who's funnier than you but all these  different elements if you combine them it's really  
15:31hard for another guy to come along and give her  all of this one guy can give her some of it but  
15:36it's very hard to give her all of it so the more  of the stuff you're doing the more likely she is  
15:41to get obsessed with you to chase you to fall in  love with you the next one is just a simple one  
15:47and it's revealing intimate things this is  something that you want to do with her and that's  
15:52really where anytime somebody reveals something  to somebody else they feel a bond with them so  
15:59it could be something like an example might be  you're talking to her and you go hey do you ever  
16:05when you're feeling down you go on Facebook and  you look for like your old classmates who are  
16:10doing worse than you or you look to see who your  ex is dating and then you judge them and you're  
16:15like oh okay I'm better looking than that guy or  I'm more successful or she might you say to her or  
16:19you go I'm hotter than that girl that's something  that it's like things that you don't admit to the  
16:24average person but everybody feels it or has  done it and you get her to say these things to  
16:29you and admit these things to you it increases the  connection she feels towards you and it makes it  
16:35harder for her to to walk away from you because  she thinks about her she's admitted things to  
16:40you so that interest level intensifies the final  thing that we're going to talk about is something  
16:47called dissonance and this is really powerful  and this is the only one on this list that can  
16:55be applied wrong in the sense that it could  be a manipulative tactic and we don't want to  
17:02do that in fact my technique the Scrambler is  largely based on this idea of dissonance but  
17:08what we show you how to do is how to do it in an  ethical manner because dissonance essentially is  
17:13when there's two conflicting ideas going through  our mind and if you've ever been obsessed with a  
17:19woman I can almost bet having done coaching  calls with guys now for 15 years that the  
17:26obsession stems from dissonance dissonance means  that a woman is giving you some signals that she  
17:33likes you but then other signals that she doesn't  like you that's dissonance she's talking about a  
17:39future and making comments about how she's going  to bring you to her sister's wedding in six months  
17:45but then she keeps canceling plans with you two  conflicting ideas drive us crazy because the  
17:50human brain needs completion we need to know the  answer Mysteries and incompleteness they drive us  
17:57crazy so anytime there's two conflicting ideas  going on it's going to increase our investment  
18:05in the other person like I said what we do and  if you haven't watched it I have a video below  
18:10called the Scrambler and we talk about this idea  of dissonance but we also talk about incorporating  
18:16earned validation into it incorporating things  like two steps forward one step back into it  
18:24because when you do all of these things with a  woman in a specific order because if you came  
18:31out and you just did dissonance and you just had  her wondering what's going on because there's two  
18:38conflicting things going through her mind there's  no real investment yet in you for her to actually  
18:45care and a lot of guys make this mistake is they  hear something like oh you got to play hard to get  
18:49oh that Bobby is just telling me to play hard to  get but I always say a tree falls in the forest  
18:55and nobody's around to hear it did it make a sound  it's very similar when most guys play hard to get  
19:00because if she's not paying attention to you if  she's not invested in you and you start playing  
19:05hard to get she doesn't even notice hard to get  works when you have her invested in you when  
19:11you have her thinking about you you've done these  other things and then you take this step back then  
19:18you introduce this dissonance in her mind that's  when you ignite that strong desire that's when  
19:25you have that girl who's blowing up your phone and  chasing you and she's the one initiating plans and  
19:31she's the one like I said talking about a future  with you except unlike the girl who talks about  
19:36a future with you but then never wants to meet  up she's always available to hang out a lot of  
19:41guys think it's hard to move a girl from dating  to a relationship because if you're not doing the  
19:48things that we talk about here it is hard because  she does have a lot of options but the fact is  
19:53women get into relationships every single day and  if you go on I mentioned Facebook earlier and one  
20:00of the things that is really interesting to do  and it validates a lot of my arguments to guys  
20:04because a lot of guys will say women only want the  rich guys or women only want the really attractive  
20:09guys and I say I don't know if that's true because  when I go on Facebook and I look at the hottest  
20:14girls that I went to college with or the girls  that I was bartending and hanging out with after  
20:19college or girls that 10 years ago whatever and  you see the guys that they've married it's not  
20:26it's never a super good looking guy sometimes but  very rarely is it some guy they're like oh like  
20:32that guy of course he got her no it's generally  an average looking guy and although you never can  
20:39tell somebody is money level from you can judge  like all right like she's not living in a super  
20:45expensive area she's living in so she didn't marry  a super rich guy so what was it about that guy how  
20:50did she leave the dating pool for that guy it's  these things here he's doing all these things  
20:55and that's why she's willing to go I'm going  to get off Tinder and I'm gonna I'm get into a  
21:00relationship with this guy so again if you haven't  watched my Scrambler video I'll put a link to that  
21:06below because I talk about the step-by-step way  to do this so that you don't do it wrong and you  
21:11don't play hard to get for a woman who's not even  paying attention to you if you like this video  
21:15Hit subscribe leave me a comment and let me know  what you want me to cover in my next video [Music]
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I make a girl obsessed with me?

In this video, Bobby Rio shares seven psychological tricks to make a girl obsessed with you. These tricks include earning validation, actively listening, two steps forward one step back, cool vulnerability, being a good audience, creating partners in crime, and revealing intimate things. These techniques aim to create a strong connection and intense attraction with the woman.

2. What are the seven psychological tricks to make a girl obsessed with you?

Bobby Rio shares seven psychological tricks to make a girl obsessed with you in the video. These tricks include earning validation, actively listening, two steps forward one step back, cool vulnerability, being a good audience, creating partners in crime, and revealing intimate things. These techniques aim to create a strong connection and intense attraction with the woman.

3. How do I create a strong connection and intense attraction with a woman?

The video provides techniques to create a strong connection and intense attraction with a woman. These techniques include earning validation, actively listening, two steps forward one step back, cool vulnerability, being a good audience, creating partners in crime, and revealing intimate things, as shared by Bobby Rio.

4. What are the key factors in making a girl obsessed with you?

Bobby Rio highlights key factors in making a girl obsessed with you, such as earning validation, actively listening, two steps forward one step back, cool vulnerability, being a good audience, creating partners in crime, and revealing intimate things, in the video.

5. What psychological strategies can help in making a girl obsessed with you?

The video presents psychological strategies to make a girl obsessed with you, including earning validation, actively listening, two steps forward one step back, cool vulnerability, being a good audience, creating partners in crime, and revealing intimate things, as discussed by Bobby Rio.

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