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The video explores seven signs of self-loathing, including tearing oneself down, feeling insecure around others, neglecting self-care, not letting oneself be happy, isolating oneself from others, putting on a facade, and being afraid to dream big, all of which can prevent one from loving themselves and living a fulfilling life.
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Signs that you hate yourself:
Frequent complaints about yourself and your life.
Feeling insecure around others and constantly comparing yourself.
Neglecting self-care, including sleep, eating right, exercise, and doing things that make you happy.
Seeing a haggard reflection in the mirror and focusing on the negative aspects in every situation.
Signs of self-hatred include being wary of compliments, isolating oneself from others, and putting on a facade for others.
Wary of compliments or praise because it seems mocking.
Refusing to believe what others say about oneself.
Taking criticism to heart and reinforcing negative self-view.
Uncomfortable with accepting help from others.
Difficulty feeling good about oneself, sucking joy out of life.
Isolating oneself from others due to feeling undeserving of love.
Putting on a facade and not letting others see the real self.
Signs of self-hatred and its impact on one's life.
Trying hard to fit in and be liked by everyone.
Feeling ashamed of one's true self and pretending to be someone else.
Being afraid to dream big and smothering one's hopes and aspirations.
Looking down on oneself, refusing to leave the comfort zone, and fearing failure and rejection.
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00:06- [Narrator] Hey there, Psych2Go family, welcome back.
00:08We at Psych2Go look forward
00:09to your continued love and support.
00:11With that said, let's begin.
00:14A lot of us feel like we don't deserve
00:16to have our dreams come true
00:17or have good things happen to us,
00:19and sometimes, no matter how far we've made it
00:21or how much we've already accomplished,
00:23we still don't feel content.
00:24Why is that?
00:26The answer isn't an easy one.
00:28Most likely, it's when we grapple
00:30with feelings of self-loathing.
00:33Self-loathing is defined as hatred for oneself
00:35that often manifests as anger, self-sabotage,
00:38a negative view of oneself, and low self-esteem.
00:42It's important for a person to be aware of their feelings
00:45and attitudes towards themselves
00:47so they can start to change for the better.
00:49Here are seven signs you may be suffering from self-loathing
00:53and just don't know it.
00:54One, you tear yourself down.
00:57Self-hate makes you your own worst critic.
01:00Keeping an eye on your shortcomings is a good thing,
01:03but not allowing yourself room to breathe stems
01:05from an immense dislike for your current self.
01:08You think extremely harsh things about yourself
01:10and indulge in self-pity a lot.
01:13So much that tearing yourself down
01:15has become a daily habit for you.
01:17Everyone makes mistakes, but you're so hard on yourself
01:20that you can't forgive yourself when you mess up.
01:22You're quick to blame yourself
01:24whenever something goes wrong,
01:25even if it's not your fault.
01:27You never commend yourself for a job well done,
01:29but rather, criticize yourself
01:31for even the tiniest of mistakes.
01:33You're plagued by feelings of guilt, worthlessness,
01:36and inadequacy that manifest themselves
01:38as frequent complaints about yourself and your life.
01:42Two, you feel insecure around others.
01:45If you find that other people make you feel insecure
01:47about yourself a lot,
01:48it might be time to ask yourself why?
01:50Most likely, it's because
01:51you're constantly comparing yourself to them
01:53and feeling like you'll never be able to measure up
01:55no matter what you do.
01:57Subjecting yourself to this kind of harsh judgment
01:59is a definite sign that you hate yourself.
02:02When you look at someone else,
02:03you always focus on all the things
02:04that they have that you don't,
02:06and it makes you ungrateful
02:07for all the good things you do have.
02:09You can't help it feel bad about yourself
02:11whenever you're around someone who's happy,
02:12confident, smart, attractive, or successful.
02:16Three, you neglect your self-care.
02:19Do you want your loved ones to be happy and taken care of?
02:22Chances are, you probably answered yes right away.
02:24Because when you love someone,
02:26you want what's best for them.
02:28So if you really loved yourself,
02:29you'd want that for you too.
02:31This is why neglecting your self-care
02:32is a form of self-hatred.
02:34You don't sleep well.
02:35You're not eating right.
02:36You don't exercise.
02:37You don't try to look nice for yourself,
02:39and you don't do things that make you happy.
02:41It's not that you don't have the time
02:43or can't be bothered enough.
02:44It's more about refusing yourself the pampering
02:46because of a deep seated grudge with yourself.
02:50Since your insides are at war with you,
02:52it only seems right to let yourself
02:53show it outwardly as well.
02:55So when you look in the mirror,
02:56all you see is a haggard reflection,
02:58unworthy of love, and that's how you like it.
03:01Four, you don't let yourself be happy.
03:04You're a pessimist who's quick at finding
03:05the negative aspect in every situation.
03:08You're wary of compliments or praise
03:10because it seems mocking.
03:12You don't see yourself in a positive light
03:13and refuse to believe what others say.
03:15However, you do take their criticism to heart
03:17because it reinforces your view of yourself.
03:20You're not comfortable letting other people help
03:22as you believe your troubles are yours alone
03:24and you deserve them.
03:26You find it hard to feel good about yourself,
03:28and this is what sucks all the joy out of your life.
03:31You resent the way you are
03:32and deprive yourself from anything,
03:34even remotely akin to delight.
03:37These are just a few of the ways
03:38that you deny yourself happiness,
03:40perhaps even unknowingly
03:42as you fester in your own self-hatred.
03:45Five, you isolate yourself from others.
03:48You struggle to maintain relationships with others
03:50because you feel like you don't deserve their love.
03:53Often, you feel their attention
03:54and love is a burden for you.
03:56You don't consider yourself good enough
03:57to remain in the circle.
03:59Since you have a low concept of your own self,
04:01you feel like they're judging you as well.
04:04It may look like they're doing you a favor by including you,
04:07so you stay back
04:08because you think they're better off without you.
04:10You feel guilty for hanging out with them
04:12because you believe your presence is an intrusion upon them,
04:15and you're holding them back.
04:17Your inability to love yourself makes you unwilling
04:19to accept love from others as well.
04:22As a result, you isolate yourself to refrain
04:25from inconveniencing others with your presence.
04:28Six, you put on a facade for others.
04:31You're one way when you're by yourself,
04:32and then another when you're around other people.
04:35You wear a mask and don't let other people see the real you
04:38because you hate who you are.
04:40You try so hard to fit in and be liked by everyone
04:42and you constantly wish that you were someone else.
04:45You feel ashamed of your true self
04:47and you think that no one will ever be able to accept you
04:50so you'd rather pretend to be someone you're not.
04:53And seven, you're afraid to dream big.
04:56Having ambition and dreaming something big for yourself
04:59scares you.
05:00You smother your own hopes and aspirations
05:02because you think you'll never be able to achieve them.
05:04So what's the point?
05:06You look down on yourself and all that you can do
05:09and refuse to leave your comfort zone.
05:11The possibility of failure and rejection terrifies you.
05:14You easily feel discouraged and worthless
05:16the moment you encounter a setback.
05:19You deny yourself opportunities to grow
05:20and have no experiences
05:22because you don't believe in yourself.
05:24Your insecurities make it hard for you
05:26to see your capabilities
05:27and you can allow yourself to succeed.
05:30We all have a lot of self-destructive behaviors
05:33that are toxic for our mental health
05:35and emotional wellbeing.
05:36So many of us struggle with feelings of insecurity,
05:39emptiness, and worthlessness
05:40that it can sometimes lead us to hating ourselves.
05:44Becoming more aware of your self-hatred
05:46makes it easier for you to overcome it,
05:48and with time, patience, support and dedication,
05:52you can learn to love yourself
05:53and live a happier, healthier life.
05:55Did these points remind you of someone?
05:57Maybe yourself?
05:59Can you now see where such behavior stems from and why?
06:02Did these points make it easier for you
06:04to name your emotions and behaviors?
06:06Please let us know in the comments below.
06:08Also, share this video with anyone
06:09you think might benefit from it,
06:11and we'll see you in the next one.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs of self-loathing explored in the video?

The video explores seven signs of self-loathing, including tearing oneself down, feeling insecure around others, neglecting self-care, not letting oneself be happy, isolating oneself from others, putting on a facade, and being afraid to dream big. These signs can prevent one from loving themselves and living a fulfilling life.

2. How can self-loathing affect one's life?

Self-loathing can have a significant impact on one's life, leading to low self-esteem, reduced confidence, and a lack of self-care. It can also result in feelings of isolation, unhappiness, and an inability to pursue one's dreams, ultimately preventing individuals from living a fulfilling and happy life.

3. What are the consequences of neglecting self-care due to self-loathing?

Neglecting self-care due to self-loathing can lead to physical and mental health issues, increased stress, and a decline in overall well-being. It can also contribute to a negative self-image, making it difficult for individuals to appreciate and love themselves.

4. How can one overcome self-loathing?

Overcoming self-loathing involves acknowledging and understanding the signs, seeking support from loved ones or professionals, developing self-compassion, practicing self-care, and working on building a positive self-image. It requires a process of self-reflection and self-acceptance.

5. What steps can one take to start loving themselves and living a fulfilling life?

To start loving oneself and living a fulfilling life, individuals can begin by practicing self-care, surrounding themselves with supportive and positive influences, setting realistic goals, engaging in activities that bring them joy, seeking professional help if needed, and embracing their true selves without the fear of judgment.

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