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This video discusses seven signs of witchcraft attacks, including manipulation, control, intimidation, and confusion, and teaches how to identify and combat them through prayer and repentance. It emphasizes the importance of having a personal relationship with God and being vigilant against spiritual warfare.
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Witchcraft attacks can manifest through manipulation, control, and spreading fear, but having a personal relationship with God and being attentive to His signs can help fight back.
Witchcraft attacks involve manipulation, control, and spreading fear through lies and slander.
Having a personal relationship with God and the Holy Spirit can break the chains of witchcraft.
Ignoring God's signs and warnings can make one susceptible to witchcraft attacks.
Witchcraft can be a form of judgment for disobedience and willful sin.
Constant nightmares could be a sign of witchcraft attacking you.
Willful sin can open doors for demonic attacks.
Nightmares can be caused by succubus and incubus, demons of lust and sex.
Watching porn or engaging in sexual activities can also open doors to witchcraft attacks.
Resisting the devil and submitting to God through prayer and obedience is important in spiritual warfare.
Signs of witchcraft attacking you include experiencing sharp pains in the body, random headaches, and feeling spiritually disconnected from God.
Expect spiritual warfare when you seek righteousness and want to follow the path of salvation.
Intimidation and confusion are tactics used by witchcraft to attack you.
Intimidation aims to cloud your mind and get you to operate based on their tactics.
Witchcraft is thrown at you by those who are slaves to Satan's kingdom, trying to pull you away from God.
00:00what's up family peace and blessings
00:01peace and blessings Mark the messenger
00:03we are back with another video this
00:04one's gonna be about seven signs how to
00:06identify that witchcraft is attacking
00:08you a lot of people are unaware uh what
00:11witchcraft really is now some people
00:12will say it's just black magic uh hex
00:16you know hexing or casting a spell and
00:18yes that is a form of Witchcraft but
00:19witchcraft also comes in many other
00:21forms too and a lot of people are in
00:23these churches and they're getting hit
00:25with witchcraft by the pastor or the
00:27quote-unquote pastor the quote-unquote
00:29prophet and I'm gonna explain you know
00:31y'all know when I make my videos on the
00:32whiteboards it's never in order but I
00:34made sure to put one to three in order
00:36because I this has to be talked about
00:37and this is it's getting attacked a lot
00:39of people getting attacked and they have
00:40no idea because they're unable to
00:42identify it and this is why it's very
00:44very important to have the Holy Spirit
00:46to have a personal relationship with God
00:48the father and the son Jesus Christ all
00:50right let's go let's go don't forget to
00:51like the video and subscribe to the
00:53channel the number one sign of
00:54Witchcraft is attacking you and how to
00:55identify it is manipulation okay
00:58manipulation is another form of
00:59witchcraft when someone is manipulating
01:02you right and when when it comes to
01:04manipulating you then the next thing
01:06they do is trying to control you to
01:09control you when someone is trying to
01:11control and manipulate you that is a
01:12form of Witchcraft to try to control the
01:14way you think control the way you move
01:16and this has happened like I said guys
01:17this is happening in these churches okay
01:19whenever you start to you know have a
01:21mind for yourself it just starts to
01:23question things you're gonna start to
01:25notice that person you know whether it's
01:27a pastor or whether it could be any
01:28anywhere else in the world not just in
01:29the church but whenever you find someone
01:31trying to manipulate you and trying to
01:33control you that is a form of Witchcraft
01:35okay well someone should have control
01:37the way you move how you think okay how
01:39you operate that is witchcraft identify
01:42it quick okay with someone is not
01:44because when whenever you're able to
01:45think differently whenever you're able
01:47to have a mind for yourself and you know
01:49not allow someone to control you you're
01:51gonna notice that those demons working
01:53in that person to you know remember
01:55witchcraft is a work of the flesh all
01:56right so what someone is trying to do
01:58that okay this is very something you
02:00have to identify First I remember quick
02:02little testimony when I first went
02:04started going to church when I first
02:05started picking up my cross and
02:06following Christ okay I noticed that
02:08these all these church people you know
02:10they wanted me to think exactly how they
02:12thought and when I didn't want to do
02:13that then they started to manipulate
02:15then they started to control me and then
02:17number three the next thing they started
02:18to do is they they will attack you with
02:20fear okay the Bible says that God does
02:22not give us a spirit of fear but when
02:23someone is operating under Witchcraft
02:25and try to cast that spell on you that
02:27witchcraft spawn you they'll throw a
02:29fear oh if you don't go to this church
02:30or if you don't believe in the way I I
02:32believe in if you don't follow the way I
02:34follow you're gonna go to hell you're
02:36gonna go all these type of lies and
02:38slander that's a hundred percent
02:39Witchcraft and a lot of people are
02:41unaware of this and they're unable to
02:43identify because they're so they're so
02:45getting attacked so hard and they don't
02:47know how to fight back okay and this is
02:49why it's very important guys every one
02:50of you guys to have the full armor of
02:52God on and to fight back okay when
02:54someone is you know manipulating you
02:56when someone's trying to control you or
02:57someone should I attack you with fear
02:59you have to fight back if you don't
03:01fight back that witchcraft is going to
03:02overtake you and lead you down to a dark
03:04path okay that's why like I said once
03:06again you gotta have the Holy Spirit you
03:08gotta have a personal relationship with
03:09God and the son of Jesus Christ because
03:11he will break the chains he will free
03:12from those people okay God will always
03:14protect his own people but the thing is
03:16when God has given you signs when God is
03:19giving you warnings dreams which I'm
03:20gonna talk about in a bit he's giving
03:21you visions and you're not taking heat
03:23to it and you're not listening to him
03:25you're being disobedient he will allow
03:27them to do this he will allow them to
03:28mess with you okay it could be another
03:29form of judgment because best believe
03:31God has created these demons he is to
03:33control them to to use them to judge a
03:35nation to judge people against your sins
03:36your Disobedience your willful sin okay
03:39so yes guys always keep that in mind
03:40manipulation someone try to control you
03:43a lot of people are in relationships
03:44okay it's not just only these churches
03:46in relationships and someone's trying to
03:47overly control you that is a form of
03:49Witchcraft all right uh manipulate now
03:51use wisdom okay use wisdom to what I'm
03:54saying if you have a husband and you're
03:56and you're you know you're his wife and
03:58he doesn't want you to go to the club he
04:00doesn't want you to dress up like a 304
04:02and he's telling you you know I I want
04:04you know wife I love you I don't want
04:05you to dress like that I don't want you
04:06to go out
04:07by yourself you know so use wizard
04:10there's nothing wrong with that so like
04:11I said guys use wisdom to what I'm
04:12saying all right but when someone's
04:14manipulating controlling you and they're
04:16attacking you with fear remember God
04:17does not give us a fear they will try to
04:19make you feel like if you don't follow
04:20their path follow their lead okay you
04:23know and then you're gonna start this
04:24notice that you can kind of get fearful
04:25that's witchcraft you have to identify
04:27it quick immediately because if you
04:29don't they're gonna take you down to a
04:30long path all right number four
04:33okay number four oh this is D bro guys
04:36this is a spiritual warfare you have to
04:38know this you have to okay number four
04:41is constant nightmares okay constant
04:44nightmares spiritual attacks you wake up
04:46you notice you wake up sweaty or you
04:48wake up in like a strong sense of fear
04:50okay I wrote it down right here I don't
04:52know if you guys can see it's pretty
04:53small but when you have constant
04:54nightmares now there's many things that
04:56happen also when it comes to nightmares
04:57one could be let's say remember I I
05:00always tell you guys in my videos
05:01willful sin opens up doors for demonic
05:03attacks for Spiritual attacks so you
05:05know that could be another another door
05:07you open up when you get constant
05:08nightmares when you wake up I remember
05:09this I would wake up in intense and like
05:11sweatiness I'm like what the heck I'll
05:13wake up it with um wet dreams okay where
05:16there was a for those who don't know
05:18what a succubus and the incubus is the
05:19demon of lust the demon of sex and how
05:22they attack you in your dreams that is
05:24another form of Witchcraft and see some
05:26of these things they could open these
05:27doors and through like I said you're out
05:28here watching corn or maybe it's not
05:31even you you could be on steamer
05:32retention fap and you know you're doing
05:34it for three four months and you're
05:35feeling good you're feeling great and
05:37all of a sudden this attack comes and
05:38that attack it gives you that strong
05:40Temptation it gives you that strong urge
05:42you want to go back to your old ways
05:43this is like I said guys spiritual
05:45warfare put on the armor on and fight
05:48back don't give in don't don't give in
05:50to The Temptations you got to resist
05:52resist the devil and heal flee from the
05:54devil likes to bother people who are not
05:56resisting the people who are demon over
05:58giving it over to Darkness giving over
06:00to the kingdom of darkness giving over
06:01to his his Saiyan's will in her life but
06:03when you resist the devil okay he
06:05eventually has to flee from you now of
06:07course you gotta submit to God and
06:09versus the devil so submit to God and
06:10your obedience okay come to him humbly
06:13on your knees and get ready for war get
06:15ready to fight so always understand this
06:17when you get constant nightmares you
06:18have to you have to pray it off the
06:20minute you wake up I don't care how
06:21sweaty or you are I don't care how much
06:23fear you are you have to pray against
06:25that okay pray against it and rebuke it
06:27in the name of Jesus all right number
06:30oh a lot of people are gonna get mad at
06:31this one a lot of people are going to
06:33get by this one but it's true the truth
06:35makes people mad all right when you
06:37repent okay when you repent from tarot
06:39cards the occult New Age practices
06:43you're gonna notice that these demons
06:46okay these witches and warlocks in the
06:48spiritual realm are you to get attacked
06:49by witchcraft because when you open the
06:51door like I said earlier when you open
06:52the door through willful sin through
06:54witchcraft which is a work of the Flesh
06:55and those who do that will not inherit
06:57God's kingdom talks about this in
06:59Galatians chapter 5 verse 19 to 21 okay
07:01when you repent from the Witchcraft okay
07:03and for those who want to scoff and
07:05troll oh Mark there's nothing wrong with
07:06Terry cars nothing wrong with astrology
07:08how about this I give you a challenge
07:10I'll challenge you you throw it away in
07:12the trash for 60 days and watch what
07:14happens in your life watch how the devil
07:16gets mad he gets angry the kingdom of
07:17darkness is not want you to leave
07:19doesn't want you to go to God's Kingdom
07:20so they're going to attack you so give
07:22it up for 60 days okay give it up for 60
07:24days and watch watch these demons attack
07:28you okay so whenever you repent from the
07:30Witchcraft the sorcery the Divination
07:32okay when you repent from it all right
07:34the cold the new age practices I have
07:36many videos on this um you know I could
07:39be a long list but you all know y'all
07:41know y'all are again some of you are
07:42getting convicted watching this okay
07:44when you repent from it when you throw
07:45it away in the trash when you burn it
07:47okay when you turn it where you delete
07:48the apps off your phone you all know
07:50y'all know what to do delete it off your
07:51laptop okay delete the videos all that
07:53it's unsubscribed for those channels
07:55Watch What Happens pay attention
07:58pay attention stay in prayer and ask God
08:00to show me remember come home you got to
08:02be humble come humbly and ask God show
08:04me what I have to throw away show me
08:06lead me to the way of righteousness lead
08:08me to the way to the narrow path that
08:10leads to Salvation show me God I come
08:12humbly when you repent from the
08:14Witchcraft watch how these demons attack
08:16you watch out Satan's kingdom the
08:18kingdom of darkness comes at you full
08:20force be ready to fight don't be in fear
08:22too because that's how I was staying
08:22attacks oh yeah Satan loves to attack
08:24you with fear especially when you're not
08:26in rooted in the word okay especially
08:28when you haven't studied and show
08:29yourself approved when you're unlearned
08:31okay which I'm gonna talk about this
08:32number seven was just gonna be confusion
08:33the devil loves to attack
08:36to fear but like I said Christ overcame
08:39the devil so when you have when you're
08:40following Christ okay you're going to
08:42overcome the devil too okay he led the
08:43way for us that's our Shepherd all right
08:45number six
08:47is show
08:49yep yep I've been through this bro I've
08:52been through this all right number six
08:54is sharp pains in your body and random
08:57headaches you never had those sharp
08:58pains out of nowhere out of nowhere it's
09:01not like you have any health issues or
09:02like that but you just experience those
09:04sharp pains that is witchcraft that is a
09:06demonic attack and it must be rebuked in
09:09the name of Jesus and once again like I
09:11said guys you have to start praying this
09:12off you have to start asking God why is
09:15this happening to me maybe there's a
09:16door you're opening or maybe it could be
09:18God's judgment through your for your
09:20sins your Disobedience sometimes God
09:22could allow it through your Disobedience
09:23just like how God removed the holy
09:25spirit away from Saul and the evil
09:27spirit from God troubled him so
09:29sometimes you're Disobedience God allows
09:31you to get attacked remember God is in
09:32control of the angels and of the Demons
09:34okay God formed the light and the dark
09:36okay Isaiah chapter 45 verse 7. all
09:39right so when you get those sharp pains
09:41in your body and those random headaches
09:43especially from you guys are turning
09:44away from your willful scent you're
09:46turning away from your your wickedness
09:48your ungodly ways you're coming to
09:50righteousness you couldn't expect the
09:52demons to attack you with the sharp
09:53pains of your body the random headaches
09:54you can expect that expect spiritual
09:57warfare whenever you want to go to God
09:59whenever you want to do the right thing
10:00whenever you want to follow the way to
10:02Salvation through that narrow path okay
10:04because you're tired of being in that
10:05wide gate that broad path was a
10:07destruction you're tired of being
10:08spiritually dead spiritually empty
10:10you're tired of that okay you're tired
10:12you're tired of being disconnected from
10:14God and you want to find you want to
10:16find the answers you want to find the
10:17truth you want to feel elevated you want
10:19to you want your spirit to you want to
10:20level up let's put it like that you want
10:21to level up in righteousness okay you
10:23could expect these demonic attacks all
10:26right number seven
10:27okay oh this is real bro this is so real
10:30man make sure you guys like the video
10:32subscribe to the channel if you're
10:33getting edified our number seven is
10:35intimidation oh yep okay so intimidation
10:37and confusion okay having a cloudy mind
10:40another way the devil tries to attack us
10:42especially with the Witchcraft is the
10:45spirit of confusion and we all know God
10:47is not the author of confusion okay so
10:50whenever you're whenever you're feeling
10:51confused or whenever someone try to
10:53intimidate you that is a form of
10:55Witchcraft okay and how intimidation
10:58Works they want to Cloud your mind and
11:00to get you to operate off whatever
11:01tactic they're trying to throw on you so
11:03the intimidation tactics witchcraft the
11:06confusion witchcraft these are demonic
11:08attacks into your life so you have to
11:10identify it okay identify the Witchcraft
11:12that's being thrown on you whatever
11:13demon whenever someone who's a slave to
11:15Satan's kingdom because they won't be
11:17used anyone who's a slave to Saiyan's
11:18Kingdom will be used against your life
11:20you being a chosen one you being a child
11:22of God they will be used to try to get
11:23you to go back to Saiyan's King to get
11:25you go back to Darkness they don't want
11:26you to level up and become the best
11:27version of yourself and to see God's
11:29kingdom daily and his righteousness so
11:31all things could be added added into
11:33sorry they don't want you to do that no
11:35no no no okay so they're gonna try to
11:37throw all these tactics so like I said
11:39guys witchcraft isn't just black magic
11:41uh casting the hex uh casting the spell
11:44you know it's not just that witchcraft
11:46comes in many forms and you have to be
11:48able to identify it quick because if you
11:50don't they're gonna take you down to a
11:52wrong path man this happens in the
11:54friendships this happens into
11:55relationships this happens in churches
11:57congregations it happens in family
11:59members that you have to deal with this
12:01okay so please take you to the message I
12:03hope you guys got edit five into this
12:04video These are the seven signs that
12:05witchcraft is attacking you and how to
12:07identify if you guys made this this far
12:09and you guys enjoyed the video like like
12:10the video subscribe to the channel and
12:12share this video because someone needs
12:13to hear this message I love so much I'm
12:15out peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the seven signs of witchcraft attacks discussed in the video?

The seven signs of witchcraft attacks discussed in the video include manipulation, control, intimidation, and confusion. It teaches how to identify and combat them through prayer and repentance.

2. How can one identify witchcraft attacks and combat them?

The video emphasizes the importance of having a personal relationship with God and being vigilant against spiritual warfare to identify and combat witchcraft attacks through prayer and repentance.

3. What is the significance of having a personal relationship with God in combating witchcraft attacks?

Having a personal relationship with God is emphasized in the video as essential in combating witchcraft attacks. It allows individuals to seek guidance and strength through prayer and repentance.

4. How does the video address the importance of being vigilant against spiritual warfare?

The video stresses the importance of being vigilant against spiritual warfare to recognize and combat witchcraft attacks. It provides insights on staying alert and seeking protection through faith and prayer.

5. What role does prayer and repentance play in combatting witchcraft attacks?

Prayer and repentance are highlighted as powerful tools in combating witchcraft attacks in the video. They are essential for seeking spiritual strength and overcoming the influence of manipulation, control, intimidation, and confusion.

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