💫 Summary
This video discusses the best support heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C, including Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Dazzle. The hosts explain why these heroes are strong and how their abilities can impact the game. They also mention the rise of Doom as a support hero despite being nerfed in the patch.
✨ Highlights📊 Transcript
The video discusses the best support heroes in patch 7.34c.
Three supports, Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Treant Protector, are frequently banned in games.
Furion's agility has been weakened, but he is still considered a strong support.
Furion is annoying to play against because he can be everywhere on the map from the second minute.
Furion's stats gain is the highest in the game, making him a formidable hero.
The speaker discusses the strength of the hero "Seed" in the game, emphasizing its strong laning abilities and expressing some reservations about the hero's popularity.
The hero "Seed" is praised for its strong laning abilities and trading potential.
The speaker expresses some reluctance towards playing or facing the hero due to personal preference.
Another support hero "Venga" is mentioned, with some discussion about its changes in the current patch.
The speaker discusses the hero's recent improvements and popularity in the current patch.
The hero's win rate has increased significantly.
The hero is considered a good laner and has a strong impact in the game.
Professional players are also picking this hero with a nearly 100% win rate.
The hero is now considered a universal and strong support hero in the current patch.
The section discusses the improvements made to the hero Muerta in patch 7.34C, including increased damage to his third skill and the ability to cast Hex from a shorter distance.
Muerta's third skill damage was increased in the patch.
Hex can now be cast from a shorter distance.
The hero is considered more suitable for the fourth position rather than the fifth due to the need for practice and safe play.
Rubick and Shadow Shaman are strong support heroes in Patch 7.34c
Rubick is versatile, has good poke, and can control the map
Shadow Shaman is great for solo pushing and catching enemies
Both heroes have strong gameplay and are good for controlling the pace of the game.
The video discusses the strongest supports in patch 7.34C and how they can be effective in aggressive plays and ganking.
Supports with strong abilities and flash are considered powerful.
The relevance of the third ultimate ability of heroes has increased.
It is advantageous to catch opponents with a pack of creeps during ganks.
Doom is mentioned as a strong support hero with a high win rate in the fourth position.
The section discusses the impact of patch changes on certain support heroes, including Murta, and the viability of items like Solar Crest for supports.
Murta's third skill is mentioned as effective after the patch changes.
The discussion touches on the viability of Solar Crest for supports.
The strength of certain unchanged support heroes like Dark Willow and Disruptor is highlighted.
00:10Hello everyone, you are on the Dota 2 supports channel,
00:12and today we, together with the pro player
00:15Vanish, will tell you about the best
00:18supports of this patch patch 734c Vanish
00:22Hello Hello Pasha, hello everyone,
00:25our list begins with us, we can probably highlight
00:28even three right away, that’s when I said that
00:30now there are three supports who in
00:33every game have a high rating in the ban
00:35are Furion this is a trend this is Venga all these
00:39three supports they received nerfs and
00:42Let's briefly talk about each
00:45of these heroes in order Tribute Burion weakened
00:49agility Well now Cool they
00:52restore health with tangus but
00:54as the win-raid shows Judging From experience,
00:58these changes
01:02didn’t kill the heroes of this one at all, they even probably really
01:04weakened them, but the weakening, as I
01:07understand it, is insignificant. Yes, but in this
01:10patch that you can see, the heroes
01:12instead of imba became just a strong
01:14support. This didn’t weaken him, he’s still just
01:17as strong. there is a hero they didn’t kill But
01:20why then if the hero was weakened Why is
01:23everyone literally panning him anyway in every rink
01:25why then yes because he’s
01:27annoying to play against her he doesn’t want to the
01:29hero enters the macro game from the second
01:32minute he can be absolutely everywhere
01:33he’s a liner everything is like that but a good one
01:36with sports can outwit uh
01:38trade normally on the line
01:40participate uh activepe just a very
01:43active hero that’s why
01:45he bothers people Well, like how it flows Yes, he
01:48pissed off like a Tinker Who pisses everyone off is
01:50just another hero a hero Even if it’s not imba, but
01:54he anyway, it’s still very strong, by the way, the
01:56gains haven’t changed, this is
01:59the biggest increase in stats in the game
02:01in general for heroes. Where is such a hero annoying,
02:06as I understand you, I
02:08definitely don’t want to play against him, so Well, maybe
02:10it’s male Solidarity that
02:12they ban him every time, well the enemy team and the
02:15Allied team someone picks He is afraid But for
02:18spam Yes, well, although it is not
02:20suitable for spam due to the fact that the hero is in the bathhouse
02:21correctly all the time and from memory Well, in the
02:25lower rating about him, it seems Nobody
02:27really knows, it will be suitable for many,
02:30disappointed many the promised holiday for 10 years of
02:32Dota that they arranged points But who
02:34definitely won’t disappoint is this epit After all,
02:37they have a free Battle Pass and not for 300
02:40rubles at every fifteenth level there is a
02:42guaranteed Arcana And at the sixtieth level
02:44guaranteed DK Hook or shoulders on the
02:47esefa in addition to the BP, the epics have a top 10 per
02:50day and top 10 for the entire event, once there
02:53you will receive expensive items and
02:55of course Treasure Hunt is a
02:57temporary mode that is free for
02:59all users and you can play it
03:02even on a mobile phone; the essence of the modes is
03:04to help the treasure hunters reach the
03:06treasures for victory you get prizes and
03:09HP coins can be replenished Once an hour or by
03:11entering my promotional code, the steps taken
03:13are saved and you can use them to farm Mega
03:16chests with free skins, the link
03:18will of course be under the video, there you will also
03:20find a promotional code for 15 percent of your
03:22balance and an additional try in the new
03:25mini -the game is the next Support from the list of
03:28these Trinity who are always in the bath
03:30this trend protector their first skill
03:33was cut the second they cut increased
03:36the cooldown of the ultimate but the hero, like
03:40freon, does not come out of Bano Why is this
03:43Hero also annoying or unlike
03:47furion as he was He will be like this imboy
03:49remained these changes they are just
03:51minor at all Well the Vines raised the
03:54mana consumption not very significant
03:57changes Well you arcana consumption buys
04:00you mana always in abundance where it
04:03bites a little bit but not critical
04:05The only thing that can be a little
04:06critical is where he has the seed on him At
04:10the first level where he is a seed all the time,
04:15often the lines are won thanks to the
04:17seed because this one sang a mad one for
04:20trades, a very wonderful skill And from
04:23this He is a strong liner, your seed rolled back and
04:24you go there two
04:26opponents don’t give a damn, you bite into the
04:29top three and break the face of this three
04:31while there is this is a seed Well, okay, you're doing this.
04:34It's not every 18 seconds, every 24
04:36seconds, the troika still suffers from the enemy. Do
04:39I understand correctly,
04:41no, I'm not with you now. Clarify that
04:44this is a trend that's still immature for us.
04:47Or has it just become a strong sport like
04:50I would say heroes I think if he
04:53picks every game and on it any players
04:56who are unworthy of their rating will be
04:58characters Well, I’ll put it mildly, it’s just that
05:03he will be all and sundry, so I have
05:06some kind of feeling of anti-hype, I
05:07won’t burn this hero, I I lose from time to time so
05:10that you know the hero, but I have
05:14an aversion to such heroes. What I
05:18think about such people is that I understand
05:20that it’s about me, I saw a win rate like this Well, it’s
05:24time to
05:27learn to play on the trend Well, I think yes, and
05:31we now have a third Support from the eternal
05:35ban The support that gets in from the banana in this patch
05:37is Venga, but Venga also
05:40got such a decent nerve. But that’s what’s wrong
05:46with the wing, the annoying cathedral. No, it’s
05:49not Furion, which is annoying, why does
05:52n’t the Venga come out of bans because it’s a
05:54station wagon whose second sang remained
05:56absolutely the same and they raised the monocos, but
05:5915 is not critical at all, you
06:01should feel
06:05a broker or another fiskorka coming to you, and
06:10another ripe terror, all your faces No, she is a
06:13very strong liner, a very interesting
06:16character with aganim, what can you
06:17feed and still give Impact fools
06:20her Stan shard is not bad these
06:24nerfs are generally insignificant for her, it’s
06:25just a strong liner from this the game is already
06:28being built, the fact that she has control and
06:30patsaev cultivation buttons, she
06:33can start a fight with a swap And this Wave,
06:36which according to everyone is given armor, cuts in a
06:38fight with damage from my
06:41observations again how and in the case of the mouth, I
06:44also managed to ride the wing
06:49unworthy of my rating, I think Let me
06:52encourage the imba, so that’s what I wanted to say, it seems that the
06:55terror vape
06:57has significantly increased the mana cost But it seemed to me
07:01that, by and large, you medal most often
07:04want to buy a 40 medal there and in
07:07in general, there is enough mana, I can’t say
07:09that after this nerf
07:12you just don’t have enough mana on the line, did you play on Wenge
07:14or, just like on trance, do you
07:16despise Wenge? Well, you don’t despise it, I haven’t
07:20played much, but it feels like you’re just
07:22bringing consumables there from neutral Counter kin ring,
07:25you think it’s not a particularly big problem
07:27No, I mean you don’t have such that,
07:30as you say, consumables are not very
07:32many, you will need to
07:34bring consumables, I say that it cannot be said that
07:37after this the Venga began to experience
07:40some wild problems with her mother, if not
07:44there were no special problems, so in my opinion there are
07:46no special problems, but a little bit of everything
07:48you will bring something there, but not in large quantities Yes,
07:51in general,
07:52minor changes, everything is clear
07:56further. And then we have further We have
08:00here a very interesting hero of zinc and
08:03interesting CMC next when we
08:07recorded the previous videos in the building,
08:10heroes are dead Let's make a separate
08:13category, what should we call it something? it was
08:17n't suggested yet, like days here Yes, the
08:20bottom doesn't say, and we'll send zinc there I
08:23love this hero, hero is dead, killed,
08:28and I see this patch is out, I'm going to
08:31Dana on Stream too and I look at the markups
08:33to play I say what is it that the assessment I’m not
08:37blinded everything is correct I see Now we’re
08:40talking about the building and Danya says I don’t
08:42know how it works but it seems like
08:46basic armor one base is intelligence
08:49increased by two it’s absolutely [ __ ] But you
08:53How much did you say in one game? Yes, you are
08:56a loser. I won almost everything. Yes,
08:58please tell me what the price is. How did it
09:01happen that the hero, after this wild
09:04buff from the bottom, started playing, well, the pack came out, I
09:08saw this change, it seemed to me
09:10anyway not up to me, I thought that the hero is the
09:14same garbage, but he decided to give it up and
09:16paid homage to me; surprisingly, everything
09:19went well. You said that
09:22you’re not the only one doing well on it, besides
09:24me. Yes, there are some professionals who
09:26are picking now, and they also have a win rate of
09:28almost 100 in not a single game the heroes didn’t lose,
09:30it’s relevant, of course it’s the same season
09:33as before, you could buy a
09:35BKB chart there to salt the card, but the hero
09:38is still a good liner And I
09:41practically didn’t lose a line on it in the game, I
09:44wear an impact there as far as I remember if I’m
09:48careful not to play on lines guys
09:51can try from a lower rating the most
09:53important thing is not physically I beg you to just
09:55not see the most important thing the most difficult In
09:59general, we can’t really name the reasons,
10:02but it seems to be normal If you like to play
10:07on girls with emoticons
10:09Play Bane the hero received a slight
10:12gain gain Even if it’s small, but the
10:14heroes and before that he was strong, he’s a
10:17universal universal, which is important with
10:19control through the BKB and that’s how we
10:23talked building Dana says that I don’t know
10:26Which hero to take in order to play against Play to
10:29comfortably stand on the line one on one
10:32stronger than any other character I don’t
10:35know From personal experience I can to say
10:38that universal heroes
10:40have a good increase in attributes, they have a pure damage button
10:42and it’s impossible to go into Trade with them; in
10:46most cases, they will pinpoint their line to
10:48any hero. He has a strong
10:51ultimate Yes, if they don’t
10:54cover him with the gray ones themselves or against the
10:55Rubiks of these heroes It’s not comfortable
10:58to see against yourself usually, again,
11:00there is a good one, he has nothing to add,
11:02just a strong character you can play. Well,
11:06you say: Yes,
11:07now the hero is really good, yes, he is
11:11consistently good. Now we have Bounty
11:15Kanter, that’s what’s interesting, he’s an
11:18interesting hero, it’s interesting to talk about him.
11:20the point is that the shuriken was upgraded
11:25with rekentos and if you think about it, it seems that the
11:29damage is small, 100, 150 doesn’t seem to be
11:32that much. The trick is that the skill is very
11:35cheap and the CD of the skill is also minimal,
11:38only five seconds, so just because of
11:40this skill alone you can be a hero
11:42not bad in the lane Probably so because
11:45after all, he is a melee melishnik
11:47who really has a lot of armor, but based on the numbers and
11:50skills he looks cool, plus they also added
11:53Shadow Walk and added 15 talent to the hero, he
11:58feels good, but I would
12:01focus on the line because he is a
12:03scouter hero
12:05these characters they linger,
12:09they run around the Map and stagger, they play, they
12:12go out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that is, such a train put a
12:16character who likes to stagger the Map,
12:18like Furion, like Bounty Hunter, it
12:19will infuriate opponents, yes, yes, which
12:22difference creates lines on it, you can
12:25defend it, but it depends on how bad it is against you
12:29those scouters will come, the players who
12:31played on it had a good one, and now it’s
12:34still being crushed by this, it seems to me that the heroes are
12:36relevant, here’s the 15th talent for reducing 30
12:40percent of damage, this is essentially the old
12:43decline, you or the
12:45allied target that the focus is on,
12:48you throw and cut the damage incoming, or here
12:50I am I often see triples of Bounty hunters
12:53who buy a Tarasque, the talent is pumping, they
12:56go and absorb any damage from planets Earth,
12:58the damage is reduced not only
13:00physically, in general, all damage is reduced by
13:0330 percent, that’s a lot, in several
13:06videos he directly praised this, he says
13:09that if you play on Lol PTS for this
13:13to attack bx one of the best
13:15supports for this due to the fact that you
13:18can fall asleep and can eventually
13:21change into
13:23another core I don’t know bx is not in my pool
13:27but I want to add a hero I understand that it’s also
13:30interesting to play him too you
13:33build a game on it yourself, you yourself
13:35come up with actions for it, it’s based on your
13:37actions that everyone plays before, not
13:40only that’s why it doesn’t matter 4 or 5 to pick
13:43him. That’s why I know that bh many people
13:45like the hero, he has enough
13:49admirers if you like the hero
13:52Now is the time in order for this
13:55hero to pass the memory the hero got good,
13:58but now dazzle who got
14:01a small Well, unfortunately, I’m not sure if it’s
14:05not a player at all,
14:09you can say at least something at all, you’re
14:10in your cart because he wrote that you
14:12can take a closer look at him
14:15touch touch did you manage to
14:17touch touch or not no I need to
14:19get my hands on him. This Hero is not a priority
14:22because I like it, but I
14:25was looking at him a patch ago when the
14:28hero was made universal, but to me
14:30he’s just an Underground character,
14:33few people play him,
14:34but it has the place because he is an
14:38all-rounder, he can easily be hit, he
14:40has a very cool safe
14:42concept for his character, he can
14:45save his friends and teammates for a long time,
14:48that is, here is his ultimate, which
14:51he constantly presses refreshed
14:53his buttons, he can heal a lot in the mix
14:55two graven, but
14:59his health consumption is like a dog, the spam of this button has been reduced,
15:02plus the intelligence increase has been increased,
15:04that is, because of this, he will be a bit of a herd
15:06and probably thanks to this they have
15:09started to roll out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Perhaps there is some kind of
15:12hidden imbue hidden in him, jakira
15:14jakira, they have been upped as a hero and before that, he
15:18was already on our lists of the best supports
15:20because this new aganim that
15:23we made heroes is very strong good
15:26stats strong on the line always when you
15:30have an ultimate that can turn the
15:32fight cmate that deals pure damage
15:34now I’m talking about these slowdowns everything
15:37edges plus ice space Probably I don’t know the
15:40skill can compete Perhaps even
15:44with the ultimate Because if you teach
15:45him to lay well this skill can Fayt
15:48just turn it around not sour Well in my
15:51opinion I’m sharing my thoughts now
15:53Danya let’s listen to what he thinks because
15:55I and that is Savior is also delighted, let’s say, with the
15:58ability, here they gave him another
16:01passive and made the
16:05first skill cheaper and the hero is straight Support is very,
16:09very strong, it’s absolutely clear
16:12now that’s the Support that’s worth taking a closer
16:14look at and that’s worth picking,
16:16what do you think about the ice space, I don’t
16:20about I’ll save, I think I like this hero
16:22very much, I’ve been very fond of this hero all my life
16:24that my daughter has existed I really
16:26like the character wildly Well, I just
16:28like visually with the buttons I like it’s a strong
16:31liner that has two wonderful
16:34nukes and the last three patches
16:37resurrected him and made him adequate ultimates
16:40with aganim And after that back in the match, he was
16:43also a little upped and upped And so
16:46his third SPU's damage was increased
16:49periodically. Due to this,
16:52another skill hit on him appeared at
16:54the maximum demons, that is, here Before, let's say you pumped
16:55up the icepad or the first
16:58ripe third left one now
17:00you can try to play There, let's say in
17:02one and this is an adequate buildup and
17:06against some annoying Rubiks
17:08who usually cover themselves Leon
17:11was cut off Leon was cut off now all at the
17:16beginning from a shorter distance hex
17:19is cast Yes, this is not a nerve the hero is just as
17:22annoying a good setupper, we ask
17:24Why mana drain made it possible for an
17:26ally Manu to fill that very cool
17:28Now what’s interesting is that we
17:32’ll talk a little longer, apparently Well, we’ll try
17:35briefly, but we’ll talk longer Muerta
17:37Muerta is the hero on which I
17:40went on a mission to learn to play. I thought I’d
17:43even devote a whole Stream to try
17:45this friend. I saw my
17:49support art for the first time ever in the
17:52current realities. Vanisha is on the stream and just
17:57734c in the past patches Denmark played on it
18:00and I liked how it turned out so much,
18:02I ask him Listen, how is it
18:06and says the first one to fall out The hero is not
18:10so simple but I Looking at how
18:14Vanish plays straight I wanted to learn how to
18:17play it and then merto gets
18:20Up this Tell me your thoughts You’re playing You’re
18:24not playing my knight now what do
18:27you think about muerta Well, I’m trying
18:30everyone Little by little I was in the
18:32mood when I mastered it for myself
18:35there I started to beat my win rate on
18:38is close to 50 percent because I’m
18:42trying to find the perfect beat on her, but
18:44for now it just seems to me that this hero
18:47is intended more for the fourth position
18:49than for the fifth. Because if you
18:52make some safe clothes on
18:55her with A’s, well, support, let’s say
18:571 2 slept maxish you buy there Arcana I don’t
19:00know about the goods and so on there is a support one
19:03then the hero falls out of the game after the thirtieth minute
19:06because he But needs to
19:09change shoes into a core and therefore we need a
19:12universal beater which is now in the
19:14Fourth position people practice through
19:15fast drums which complement this
19:18AIDS this while the niche is being mastered I
19:20see some professionals are already
19:22picking this up But this is his Support
19:24has appeared and is starting to get involved in the meta Yes,
19:26we’ll talk about this later
19:29Doom also suddenly burst into the meta for us
19:33now not everyone has tried it yet But they
19:35’re starting to pay attention to the players on
19:37this hero and tell me, you say I
19:39got close to 50 percent I watched
19:42when that Stream you had something like 6 games in a
19:44row there wasn’t something like that Victory
19:47Yes, just then when I started picking
19:50she got close to 50 the
19:55difference in general is muerta Now if
20:00Vanisha tries it out, we’ll try to
20:02ask him for a guide to Martha, you yourself
20:05when they try to get it to perfection then I’ll write it
20:09down, yes, yes, he’ll hone in on how he cuts off everything unnecessary
20:13Write down anything interesting at all or not Or what the hell are
20:16you doing? Phoenix’s crusty supports were cut off
20:18but cut off Yes,
20:22insignificant garbage Yes hero before this apoli
20:26hero imba bent under apnuli cool
20:30because pugna I really like
20:32pugna I really get high from the hero for those who
20:36like to
20:38suck suck and not just suck and
20:41then lose suck and win
20:44I recommend the hero high Rubik we have
20:48Rubik cut Rubik all his life together for
20:52him just for trades at the First
20:56level of the Fight bolt cut off the damage, but the hero
20:59will be together all his life
21:08in any position,
21:10but on Rubik as well as on Puja, what is important is that
21:15it is very interesting to play Gameplay is
21:17directly interesting Shadow Shaman was upgraded to
21:20this wonderful hero and since then
21:24the range of application of the fix has become even stronger
21:27probably increased for heroes like these,
21:30which support control range
21:33use is always a thrill Yes, it’s true This
21:36Hero has a place to be his
21:39several patches are already falling he has a
21:42good poke But of course the pokes are small
21:45but he has the first sung which is a few
21:48Pochapali he has very nice damage and
21:52mana consumption not so much he has
21:54control, now more and more the number of people
21:56walks around the hero, which is also important, the
22:00hero has the ability to open
22:07this is the hero of Leon who they [ __ ]
22:10buy and start to nightmare the map But
22:13you know, probably this is a plus, at
22:15least for the low rating I I can’t
22:18learn in any way I swear I
22:20really want to learn how to play Rasta
22:24solo to win the skating rinks that
22:26blink there and weave and I lost so many games
22:29against these shamans who
22:32like Makar can solo drag and
22:35play if you’re watching me if you’re a
22:38nerd since you’re if you can do this
22:41Write to me, I beg you, because I
22:43lost so many games trying to do this
22:46solo, split, push and push something, I
22:50can’t do it, and I myself
22:52lost against these shamans who
22:54won solo on support; heroes for
22:58Pablo gameplay are perfect when
23:00everyone in the show leaves, he these solo targets
23:03catches the teams, they kill the pace of the game
23:05creates it, in general, you can almost
23:07say they didn’t touch it, they cut it just a
23:10little bit, the hero again, as Vanesh said,
23:13while we were discussing the heroes, I hate him
23:17against him because standing on the line
23:19Well, it’s so disgusting for the second skill
23:21slows down a huge distance from
23:24being poked by the nasty hero,
23:27we recommend this unity which infuriates me,
23:31no one irritates me as much as this
23:33Hero I’m stronger always I don’t like me
23:36passive aggression is already on the line
23:42don’t take these Rooster bars in the last
23:45patch they cut and the hero was very
23:50strong so strong and remained in this
23:52patch, he was upgraded by a strong hero, what else can I
23:56say? Rustle imposes control over the entire
23:59map through the BKB. Is it a very
24:03strong hero? Should I add something at all
24:06or not
24:09? Well, not a liner, if he has a small win rate, it’s
24:11most likely because of that
24:13that most of the meta heroes
24:17won’t let him live on the lane But these heroes are not about the
24:19lane But about macro games he makes a rustle
24:22very early warlock gain lockout just
24:26watched the better video because I’m
24:29slowly adding the hero to my gender
24:32the hero somehow became much more interesting
24:35after that how they swapped him with this
24:38tenth with this Kiselyov him with the porridge
24:41that he brews, it’s a thrill warlock and the fact is
24:44that before you always
24:46played passively on warlake, constantly healing
24:49your Core, you couldn’t really do anything there
24:51now you can play with an aggressive core at
24:54the expense of the porridge, at the expense of the
24:56gangs, you can do something
24:59golems It’s clear control with a request
25:03which is the strongest, probably the gangs, after
25:07all, yes, fighting is just a very
25:09strong ability Yes, all his flashes are
25:12normal Here is the first third ult of all the
25:15heroes became relevant because he has the
25:17gangs have been invaded and he can
25:20stand the aggressive line beyond his strength as before before the
25:22ORD on the bark, it’s
25:24very painful and unpleasant to do the enemy
25:28if under a pack of creeps two characters in the
25:31gang catch these 50 there, yes, yes,
25:37it’s very good You know how I say, I’m mastering
25:41warlak, I’m playing, I’m trying it from me there was a
25:44game I got caught where the opponents
25:48had one hero only there with a camp Oh
25:51my God what a mess there it seems to me the
25:53opponents were just crying because in
25:57teamfight the skill is a mess Agree, it’s very
25:59annoying if they especially can’t get
26:01to you beat him up agree here
26:07please, agree I agree with me,
26:11we now have such a hero
26:16as Doom, the funny thing is that the heroes
26:19were cut in this patch, but the funny thing is the
26:23next one, what's on the pro tracker now? This is
26:26the highest win rate in the fourth
26:28position, I tortured Danya. I say Listen,
26:31Explain why there seem to be a lot of games there the
26:34hero was cut Well, Carry was cut
26:37a little bit, they sent him and he
26:39suddenly burst in on the contrary Damn, I’m retelling everything for myself
26:41Because we need to
26:43start communicating with you right away, turn on the recording, I
26:47explain what it says, like they’re
26:49starting to touch Marta now, try it, I think that’s how it
26:52turned out, they tried out for the role
26:54support after
26:58he was cut a little, well, in general,
27:01the win rate on the house now is what 59
27:05percent in the Fourth position, a couple of
27:08pros are just his flexible
27:12competitive scene, they made a lot of impacts
27:15for him, the house was reworked by the heroes, they don’t
27:17allow it, or at all, from any
27:21source, of course he can their items
27:23to press they are the abilities of some kind of BC
27:27as if to press but it doesn’t make sense
27:28now the mixture is just these
27:31gyrocopter heroes who Satanic buy there
27:33and fatten off some other ones there, if you
27:36don’t list them and it’s easy to reset the hero
27:38earlier now it’s easier than before even if he
27:42will press this on some kind of device, count
27:44more, the plus of this hero is that he is still
27:47growing over time,
27:48so he can defend the line well,
27:51find a creep of some kind of armor, just
27:54throw his armor on the top three, go There,
27:56create a fuss on the map, and the one with two
27:59ultimates with 25 talent but this is a
28:02killing machine, it’s just an
28:04additional correspondent So guys, here you are in
28:06the comments, again, what’s important is to understand
28:08what you’re interested in, you write, you
28:11want to think, you don’t want me to understand
28:13this hero or not, because I can
28:15honestly say that while I’m in the Duma
28:18support played back when manaburn
28:22didn't cut this blue satyr creep
28:24when everyone was playing on Duma, now
28:26everyone is starting to play on this hero again. Do you want to
28:28see him, I'll figure it
28:32out, I'll master the video for you, I'll make a video for you, I don't
28:35know, you rarely play on fours from
28:37you We think we can’t wait not interested
28:40I’m sending it on Thursday
28:43then I’ll master it without vanish but I
28:47’ll figure it out for sure I
28:48mean, again, you’re interested, well,
28:50in general Write in the comments a
28:52guide to Which hero do you want to see
28:54so that I can understand Well, try to like
28:58the comments that are interesting to you again, so that
29:01I understand how many
29:03people support this person,
29:05someone will write there. Come on, let’s come up with an idea, let’s put
29:07something else on the device.
29:09Let’s understand what you are interested in and that’s all
29:13we have, the heroes whose patches affected
29:15the heroes are over This is the Bottom
29:18stripe We have supports that were
29:21not touched in the patch but the heroes are still strong
29:24and we talked about all these heroes
29:28except Murta. I can
29:31say myself that I also tried to play on my
29:33rtp using the third skill and I
29:36liked it. I can even make such a cool
29:38video about it and I’m talking to Vaneysh
29:41Danya also said that the hero is
29:44cool, how did it happen that before
29:48in Mars we lost sight of, the heroes in general
29:52may have a small win rate because it has a
29:54specific Gameplay in terms of the
29:58fact that I reworked one of these and
30:01it works more like a sucker hero It’s
30:04just that she can’t be good food
30:07like before, but no, doesn’t it feel
30:10like you can still sometimes get
30:13together there if the game is dragging on,
30:16you can do it Yes, and there’s a rewind there,
30:18buy some kind of BKB instead of salad,
30:22kill the heroes again it depends on the
30:25hero’s line, if you don’t pick it up, then everything
30:27will be fine Damn, you started talking about salar and I
30:29realized that while you and I were talking in
30:31my head the script looked like So the
30:33very first question I wanted to
30:36ask you was the changes to Solar Solar the cross
30:39that was cut in the patch the item was killed
30:44or not killed didn’t kill
30:47didn’t kill I’m joking it’s
30:54not enough You’re just wasting your lint
30:58on your mountain Pay attention I just
31:00said about it I’m going Damn I forgot at the very
31:03beginning that the solor was cut off well the item
31:06for supports is still the same with
31:11us further and further that there is probably no point in
31:14talking about these heroes Yes, that we
31:18still have the same heroes who have remained
31:20unchanged are strong line liners a
31:22good hero darkvil a
31:25wonderful hero demon is
31:28always relevant Just if there are
31:30nerds of this hero my respect is
31:33just a strong character
31:36observers Chen there are few of them but they exist they
31:39already know everything
31:41I like this hero very much and I
31:45like to play it with the device
31:48you can cover any hero if there is a
31:50limited amount of damage to any
31:52fat hero you can kill Well, with us
31:55or you, I’m not saying more than
31:59anyone else Now the public is being terrorized by the
32:01Brewmaster, this is a broken hero So you
32:04can do nothing against the trousers on
32:06support You can’t do anything Rage suffer Suffer It’s
32:08clear And you don’t
32:12suffer friends that’s it We’re done With this
32:14Thank you very much for
32:18helping to do this for
32:21sharing your experience with you As always,
32:23I remind you, friends, the link is in the description on
32:27Vanisha’s Twitch, go see how he
32:29plays about our dear Support, who
32:32helps us. Thank you very much,
32:35write to him on streams, then
32:39thank you for the videos you make for us. I’m
32:42learning from your videos Vanish, so that he
32:46comes more often, nuts and nuts In general, I
32:55Yes, I want to,
32:57in general, thank you for watching
33:00Vanisha Thank you very much for helping to
33:03make this video Thank you No problem Bye bye
33:06Guys let's bye
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1. Which heroes are considered the best support heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C?

The best support heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C include Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Dazzle. These heroes are considered strong due to their abilities and impact on the game.

2. Why are Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Dazzle considered strong support heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C?

Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Dazzle are considered strong support heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C because of their impactful abilities and overall game impact. The hosts discuss how these heroes can turn fights and secure objectives for the team.

3. What are the key abilities that make Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Dazzle strong support heroes?

Furion, Vengeful Spirit, and Dazzle have key abilities that make them strong support heroes. The hosts highlight the specific abilities of each hero and explain how they contribute to the team's success.

4. How has Doom become a notable support hero in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C despite being nerfed?

Despite being nerfed in the patch, Doom has risen as a notable support hero in Dota 2 Patch 7.34C. The hosts discuss the reasons behind this rise and how players are adapting to utilize Doom effectively as a support.

5. What impact do Furion, Vengeful Spirit, Dazzle, and Doom have on the current Dota 2 meta as support heroes?

Furion, Vengeful Spirit, Dazzle, and Doom have a significant impact on the current Dota 2 meta as support heroes. The hosts elaborate on how these heroes are shaping the meta and the strategies being developed around their strengths as support picks.

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