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The video explains a method to detox from THC in 7 days through burning body fat and inducing enzymes. It recommends using home remedies like activated charcoal and enzyme inducers like Saint John's Wort or Panax Ginseng, but advises consulting with a doctor if taking medications. For passing a drug test, the video provides a 2-day plan involving carbohydrates, grapefruit juice, and activated charcoal.
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The 7-day THC detox method involves burning body fat, inducing specific enzymes, and breaking enterohepatic circulation to remove THC metabolites from the body.
Burning fat releases THC metabolites from fat cells into the blood.
Inducing CYP3A4 and CYP2C9 enzymes improves their activity, speeding up THC metabolism.
Halting enterohepatic circulation requires absorbents like activated charcoal or wheat bran.
The method is suitable for those needing to pass a drug test or looking for a way to quit marijuana.
The video provides a 7-day THC detox plan using home remedies and supplements.
The plan includes healthy food, exercise, activated charcoal, and enzyme inducers like Saint John’s Wort, Panax Ginseng, or Ginkgo Biloba.
It emphasizes the importance of consulting a doctor or pharmacist for possible interactions with medications.
Suggestions for losing body fat, intermittent fasting, and specific dosages of supplements are provided.
To pass a drug test, follow a 2-day THC detox plan by consuming carbohydrates, activated charcoal, grapefruit juice, and green tea, and stop exercising during the last two days.
The goal is to stop the burning of fat and slow THC metabolism to prevent the excretion of THC metabolites in the urine.
Carbohydrates increase insulin levels, which stops burning body fat for energy.
Activated charcoal helps to absorb the remaining THC in the digestive system.
Grapefruit juice and green tea contain enzyme inhibitors that slow THC metabolism.
To detox from weed, add carbohydrates to diet, drink grapefruit juice, take activated charcoal, and follow a plan for the day of the drug test.
Add carbohydrates to diet to prevent fat burning.
Drink grapefruit juice to inhibit THC metabolism enzymes.
Take activated charcoal before meals to prevent THC reabsorption.
On the day of the drug test, follow a plan involving water, vitamin B2, creatine ethyl ester supplement, and electrolyte solution.
00:01In this video, we will explain how to rid your system of THC in 7 days.
00:07The described method is specific for if you need to quit smoking marijuana, have a tolerance
00:12break, or pass a drug test. This method is based on scientific studies
00:17of how the human body processes THC. So, how does one detox from THC in 7 days?
00:26Your goal during this week is to completely remove THC metabolites from your body.
00:31In order to do this, you must do the following: Burn as much body fat as possible.
00:37Burning fat will release the THC metabolites from fat cells into the blood.
00:42In order to release the metabolites, you will need to reduce calorie intake, eat healthy
00:47foods, and exercise. Induce the CYP3A4 and CYP2C9 enzymes
00:56These enzymes are responsible for metabolizing THC in the liver.
01:01When these enzymes are induced their activity is improved.
01:06Their induction will speed up the metabolism and removal of THC.
01:11Break the enterohepatic circulation. This circulation is the reabsorption of THC
01:17metabolites from the intestines back into the blood.
01:21In order to halt this circulation, you will need to take absorbents like activated charcoal
01:26or wheat bran. If you have a big job offer on the table,
01:30and need to pass a drug test, or if you need an easy and convenient way to quit marijuana
01:36or need a tolerance break. The 7 day THC detox kit from Green Fleets
01:42will permanently rid your system of all traces of marijuana in only 1 week.
01:48To get this kit follow the link in the description To detox from THC with home remedies you'll
01:54need Healthy food of your choice.
01:57Exercise plan, i.e. walking for 40-60 minutes each day.
02:02Activated charcoal. Enzyme inducers such as Saint John’s Wort
02:07or Panax Ginseng or Ginkgo Biloba. Important note: We do not provide medical
02:14advice. The provided information is intended for informational
02:19purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical consultation, diagnosis,
02:26or treatment. Enzyme inducers may interact with other drugs
02:30and herbal supplements. If you take medications, consult with your
02:35doctor or pharmacist to check for possible interactions.
02:39The method on how to detox THC in 7 days. Lose body fat through diet and exercise.
02:47A link on recommendations for burning fat faster can be found in the description.
02:52Consider intermittent fasting. This will help you to lose body fat much quicker.
02:59Take 300 mg of Saint John’s Wort extract 3 times daily with each meal.
03:06If you prefer, you could take one of the following two herbs as a substitute for the Saint John’s
03:11Wort extract: either 500 mg of Panax Ginseng twice daily or 240 mg of Ginkgo Biloba daily.
03:22Take 5g of activated charcoal 30 minutes before each meal.
03:28If you want to detox THC for a tolerance break or need to quit smoking marijuana, follow
03:34these instructions for all seven days. If instead you wish to detox from THC in order
03:41to pass a drug test, you will need to change the procedure during the last two days.
03:47Since you need to pass the test, you must ensure that no THC metabolites still exist
03:53in the urine. If you continue to do the 7-day detox plan,
03:58THC metabolites will be excreted in the urine in order to be expelled from the body.
04:04If their concentration in the urine is above the detectable level, you will fail the test.
04:11In order to prevent their concentration being above the passable level, the last two days
04:17your goal is to stop the burning of fat and slow THC metabolism.
04:23Once this is accomplished, the metabolites will not be excreted into the urine, and you
04:28will be able to pass the drug test. 2-day THC detox instructions
04:34You'll need: Carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, bananas,
04:40potatoes, oats, or any food with a high sugar content.
04:45When you eat carbohydrates, your insulin level rises, and your body stops burning the body
04:50fat for energy. Activated charcoal.
04:55CYP2C9 and CYP3A4 inhibitors: grapefruit juice and green tea.
05:03Enzyme inhibitors will block the activity of the enzymes and slow the metabolism of
05:09THC. Method for the 2-day THC detox:
05:13Stop exercising during the last two days. This will stop the burning of fat and the
05:19release of THC into the blood. Add a reasonable amount of carbohydrates into
05:24your diet. This will also prevent your body from burning
05:28fat. Drink a couple of glasses of grapefruit juice
05:31per day. This will inhibit the activity of enzymes
05:35responsible for THC metabolism. Take 5g of activated charcoal thirty minutes
05:42before a meal. Do this three times per day. This will prevent the reabsorption of THC
05:49back into the blood from the intestines. What to do on the day of the drug test:
05:55At this point, you will need to continue adhering to the two-day detox plan.
06:00Additionally, you must flush the remaining THC metabolites from the bladder.
06:06You'll need: Water.
06:08Vitamin B2. This will restore the natural urine color.
06:13Creatine ethyl ester supplement. This supplement will restore the creatinine levels of the
06:18urine. Electrolyte solution. This solution will restore
06:22the specific gravity of the urine. Four hours before the test, take 5 grams of
06:28activated charcoal. Beginning three hours before the drug test,
06:33consume 0.5 - 1L per hour of water with an electrolyte solution and grapefruit juice.
06:40Three hours before the test, take 10 g of creatine ethyl ester and 300 mg of vitamin
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I detox from THC in 7 days?

You can detox from THC in 7 days by burning body fat and inducing enzymes. The video explains a method to detox from THC in 7 days through natural remedies and diet adjustments.

2. What home remedies are recommended for THC detox?

The video recommends using home remedies like activated charcoal, Saint John's Wort, or Panax Ginseng for THC detox. These natural remedies help in detoxifying the body from THC within 7 days.

3. How can I pass a drug test using natural methods?

The video provides a 2-day plan involving carbohydrates, grapefruit juice, and activated charcoal for passing a drug test. These natural methods can effectively detox the body from THC in a short period.

4. What precautions should I take while detoxing from THC?

While detoxing from THC, it is advised to consult with a doctor if you are taking medications. The video emphasizes the importance of consulting a healthcare professional for personalized advice during the detox process.

5. How can burning body fat help in THC detox?

Burning body fat can aid in THC detox as THC is stored in fat cells. The video explains how burning body fat through specific methods can accelerate the detox process and help eliminate THC from the body within 7 days.

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