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This video presents a high yield dividend portfolio that ensures investors receive dividend payments every single week of the year. It covers a range of high yielding investments, including dividend ETFs, closed-end funds, business development companies, real estate investment trusts, and covered call funds. The portfolio offers options for each week of the month, providing diversification and consistent income for dividend investors.
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This section discusses the preference for receiving dividends as often as possible, and introduces two dividend ETFs that pay distributions every week.
Dividend investors prefer to receive dividends frequently.
Many high-yield investments pay dividends monthly.
The ideal scenario for dividend investors is to receive dividends every week.
Two dividend ETFs, Sofi weekly dividend ETF (wkly) and Sofi weekly income ETF (TGIF), pay dividends weekly.
The video discusses high-yield dividend paying investments that pay dividends on the first week of the month.
Pimco closed-end funds, such as PTY, PCM, and PDI, offer yields over 10% and pay monthly dividends.
Closed-end funds are similar to ETFs but actively managed and often use leverage.
JP Morgan offers monthly covered call funds, such as JP Morgan Equity premium income ETF (JEP) that pays during the first week of the month.
There are business development companies that pay dividends during the first week of the month, such as Penn and Park Floating Rate Capital (PFLT) and SLR Investment Corporation (SLRC).
Penn and Park Floating Rate Capital (PFLT) currently yields over 11% and has never cut its dividend.
SLR Investment Corporation (SLRC) is another monthly dividend-paying stock that pays during the first week of each month.
Iron Mountain (IRM) and Vici Properties (VICI) also pay dividends during the first week of the month, with Vici Properties offering a yield of over 5%.
In the second week of the month, Altria (MO), WP Carry (WPC), and Realty Income pay dividends. Altria currently offers a yield of well over 8%.
AGNC and WP Carry (WPC) usually pay dividends in the second week.
In this section, the speaker discusses dividend stocks that pay during the third week of each month and mentions some options with high yields.
Blue Owl Capital (OBDC) is a business development company that pays quarterly.
Aries Commercial Real Estate and Equity REIT both pay during the third week.
STAG Industrial (S-T-A-G) is a monthly paying stock with good long-term growth potential.
Yield Max ETFs are mentioned as high-yielding options, but their dividends are not consistent.
Credit Suisse offers three exchange-traded notes (gldi, slvo, and usoi) that pay monthly dividends, with usoi having a high dividend yield of over 27 percent.
This section discusses various options for additional diversification in a high yield dividend portfolio.
PFFA is a monthly paying ETF that holds preferred stocks with a yield of over 10%.
BlackRock offers closed-end funds, such as BST and BME, which have good track records in paying dividends.
Global X DuPage distributions and hybrid strategy covered call funds like QILG also pay at the end of each month.
Business development companies like Aries Capital, Capital Southwest, 6th Street Special Lending, and Oak Tree Specialty Lending pay during the last week.
Mortgage REITs like Arbor Realty and Rhythm Capital also make distributions in the last week.
Additional covered call funds include SVOL and NEOS S&P 500 High Income ETF, which offer higher yields but come with some risks.
00:00for dividend investors it's always
00:01preferable to receive distributions as
00:03often as possible although most dividend
00:05stocks pay quarterly many high yielding
00:07Investments do pay dividends every month
00:08but in my opinion the most ideal
00:10scenario is to get paid every single
00:12week of the year I find this to be a big
00:14help in being a dividend investor when I
00:15see a dividend get deposited into my
00:17brokerage account literally every few
00:18days about two years ago I made a video
00:21in which I constructed a dividend
00:22portfolio that ensures investors get
00:24paid every single week of the year more
00:25recently over on our patreon I've gotten
00:27requests from people to do a remake of
00:29this video at least one of the companies
00:31mentioned in the previous video no
00:32longer exists due to a merger and I
00:34didn't really give too many choices for
00:35each week so for this video I went on a
00:37hunt for a lot of dividend paying
00:38Holdings and created a portfolio that
00:40ensures dividend investors can receive
00:42dividends every single week of the year
00:43I personally own many of these Holdings
00:45myself but some of them I don't since
00:47I'm going to cover a lot of stuff be
00:48sure to perform your own research before
00:50making any investment decision for
00:51yourself there's also just so many
00:53dividend stocks that I could have
00:54mentioned so for this video I decided to
00:56stick with the higher yielding
00:57Investments like I normally do most of
00:59these Holdings you yield over eight
01:00percent but I also included a couple
01:02that yield less the ones that do yield
01:04less than eight percent are some of my
01:05personal favorites that offer long-term
01:07consistent growth so with that being
01:09said let's go ahead and get started just
01:10like in the last version of this video
01:12to start things off I'll mention that
01:13there actually are two dividend ETFs
01:15that pay distributions every single week
01:17the first one is the Sofi weekly
01:19dividend ETF ticker symbol wkly and the
01:22second is the Sofi weekly income ETF
01:24ticker symbol TGIF I've covered both of
01:27these funds in previous videos but they
01:28both hold a combination of preferred
01:30stocks and bonds and they do pay
01:31dividends weekly neither of them offer
01:33yields that are too high with TGIF being
01:35the highest at around 4.8 percent but if
01:37you're looking for the easiest way to
01:39earn dividends every single week then
01:40this might be a good option worthy of
01:42consideration now when it comes to most
01:43other individual stocks and funds not
01:45every single holding is going to pay
01:47during the exact same week every single
01:48time for example you can see that with
01:50some monthly dividend paying stocks some
01:52months they do pay at the very end of a
01:53week and then other months they'll pay
01:55at the very start of another week so
01:56with some of these Holdings there might
01:57be a couple months each year where they
01:59don't pay during the exam exact same
02:00week but I did my best to search through
02:02a lot of higher yielding dividend paying
02:03Holdings that I invest in as well as a
02:05lot of other options out there that do
02:06exist so with that being said let's look
02:08at the calendar that we're going to be
02:09referencing usually the first and the
02:11last weeks of the month are going to
02:13have the most options available a lot of
02:14monthly dividend paying Investments pay
02:16on either the first day of the month or
02:17the last day of the month so I'll go
02:19over choices that exist for the first
02:21day of the month for starters all of the
02:23Pimco closed end funds paid during the
02:24first week of the month there's a lot of
02:26different funds to choose from which
02:27hold a different variety of different
02:28types of Investments for example PTY
02:31holds a lot of high yielding credit
02:32bonds PCM holds a lot of mortgage
02:34related Securities and PDI holds a good
02:36mixture of mortgage-backed Securities
02:37high-yield corporate bonds and
02:39Commercial mortgage-backed Securities I
02:40currently hold PDI PCM and PTY as of the
02:43making of this video all of the ones I
02:45just mentioned currently have yields of
02:47over 10 and they all pay monthly
02:48dividends when interest rates recover
02:50then the fixed income securities inside
02:51these funds should also recover by the
02:54way a closed end fund is very similar to
02:55an ETF in that they hold a mixture of
02:57different Investments but they're
02:58different in that they're actively
02:59managed and they often use leverage most
03:01cefs that exist do come with pretty high
03:03yields ranging from seven to eight
03:04percent on the low end all the way up to
03:0615 or more on the high end from what
03:08I've come across but Pimco currently has
03:1021 closed end funds to choose from and I
03:12believe all of them do pay during the
03:13first week of the month for fans of
03:15Investments that use covered calls
03:16there's a couple to choose from that do
03:17pay during the first week of the month
03:19JP Morgan currently has two monthly
03:21covered call funds to choose from the
03:23first is the JP Morgan Equity premium
03:25income ETF which is ticker symbol jepi
03:28the ztf implements are written out of
03:29the money S P 500 Index call option
03:31strategy that seeks to generate
03:33distributable monthly income it also
03:35holds Equity link notes which makes it a
03:36little unusual but it offers some
03:38additional stability although in the
03:39last couple months it's been yielding
03:40less due to Less Market volatility their
03:4212-month rolling dividend yield is 11.04
03:45percent the second option is the
03:47JPMorgan NASDAQ Equity premium income
03:49ETF which is sticker symbol jepq this
03:52one generates income through a
03:53combination of selling options and
03:54investing in U.S large cap growth stocks
03:56it's a newer fund that's been doing
03:58pretty well and it currently offers a 30
03:59day SEC yield of 10.46 percent
04:03let's look at some business development
04:04companies that pay during the first week
04:05of the month one monthly dividend paying
04:07BDC is Penn and park floating rate
04:09Capital which is ticker symbol pflt this
04:11BDC pays during the first week of the
04:13month and has never cut its dividend
04:14since being launched this one currently
04:16yields over 11 percent another option is
04:18SLR Investment corporation ticker slrc
04:21this is another monthly dividend-paying
04:23stock that does pay during the first
04:24week of each month with reach there are
04:26a couple that do exist that pay during
04:28the first week and they are offering a
04:29much higher yield than average for an
04:31equity read but all these do pay
04:33quarterly and not monthly which you'll
04:34need to keep in mind Iron Mountain
04:36ticker symbol irm is a wreath that I
04:38used to own years ago that's pretty
04:39overvalued right now in my opinion but
04:41they've been a really good performer up
04:42to this point another option is Vichy
04:44property sticker symbol Vici and they
04:46typically do pay during the first week
04:48of the month and they currently offer a
04:49yield of over five percent with
04:51consistent dividend growth there's more
04:53options that exist but these are a
04:54handful of choices that exist for
04:55collecting dividends during the first
04:57week of the month in the second week of
04:58the month there aren't as many options
05:00that exist but I was able to find a
05:01couple some of these I do own and some
05:03of them I currently don't but the second
05:05week probably has the least amount of
05:06options available compared to every
05:07other week out there when holding that
05:09usually pays in the second week is
05:11Altria ticker symbol Mo right now their
05:13stock offers a yield that's well over
05:14eight percent another outlier that
05:16exists is WP carry ticker symbol WPC
05:19this read also usually pays during the
05:21second or the third week of each quarter
05:23one of my personal favorites realty
05:25income also pays during the second week
05:26of each month for Seekers of
05:28exceptionally high yields there are a
05:30couple of options that exist one high
05:32yielding stock that I know is super
05:33popular but I'm not a big fan of it is
05:34agnc they always pay in the second week
05:37of each month but this stock has seen a
05:39number of dividend Cuts in the past
05:40there's also three covered call funds
05:42that exist by eye shares that also pay
05:43during the second week of each month
05:45These funds are tltw or the ishares 20
05:48plus year treasury bond buy right
05:49strategy ETF hygw which is the ishares
05:53High Yield Corporate Bond buy ride ETF
05:54and the ishares investment grade
05:56corporate bond buy ride ETF ticker
05:58symbol lqdw I cover tltw in depth a
06:01couple months ago but in that video yo I
06:03laid out my thoughts which is that none
06:05of these ETFs are ideal Holdings in our
06:07high interest rate environment right now
06:08but all of them currently offer yields
06:10of 15 or more let's now look to the
06:12third week of each month where there are
06:14more options that exist again there
06:15aren't as many dividend stocks that pay
06:17during the third week but there are a
06:18few more choices compared to the second
06:20week Blue Owl Capital ticker symbol obdc
06:23is a business development company that
06:24typically pays in the third week of each
06:26distribution that they pay which is
06:27quarterly another option is Aries
06:29commercial real estate which is an emery
06:31that also pays during the same time in
06:33equity read that also pays during this
06:34week is stag industrial ticker symbol
06:36s-t-a-g which is a monthly paying stock
06:38it's probably the lowest paying
06:40investment in this video but it does
06:41offer some really good long-term growth
06:43to investors again for those seeking
06:45riskier but very high yielding Holdings
06:47there are two options that I've come
06:48across it's during the third week that
06:50the yield Max ETFs usually pay their
06:52dividends these are funds that use
06:53synthetic covered call options on
06:55popular stocks some of their ETFs
06:57include oark which uses options on Kathy
06:59Woods rktf tsly which uses options on
07:02test aply which writes options on Apple
07:05and nvdy for Nvidia stock I've covered
07:08two of these funds in depth in previous
07:09videos if you want more information but
07:11these ETFs can offer some really insane
07:13yields that exceed 40 at times but they
07:16also have some pretty serious price
07:17swings and their dividends aren't very
07:18consistent again I'd recommend doing
07:20more in-depth research if you're
07:21seriously considering any of these ETFs
07:23another riskier covered call option that
07:25exists are several exchange traded notes
07:27by Credit Suisse they have three
07:29different options that exist which
07:30include gldi slvo and usoi usoi is the
07:34most popular because it offers a very
07:36high dividend yield of over 27 percent
07:38as of the making of this video all three
07:40of these funds also pay monthly
07:41dividends but just like the yield Max
07:43ETFs their dividends can swing from
07:45month to month exchange traded notes by
07:47Nature are very risky because they have
07:48de-listing risk that basically means
07:50that Credit Suisse can choose to remove
07:52the Securities from being traded
07:53altogether without any warning again I
07:55consider these very risky Holdings I
07:57don't own any of the yield Max ETFs or
07:59the Credit Suisse etns although I did
08:01own usoi for a period before are selling
08:03it when Credit Suisse was experiencing
08:04hardships moving on to the last week of
08:07the month and I was able to find a lot
08:08more options to pick from if you're
08:10looking for some additional
08:10diversification pffa is a monthly paying
08:13ETF that holds preferred stocks it
08:15currently yields over 10 percent and can
08:17add a lot more stability since preferred
08:18stocks typically don't move much in
08:20share price as of right now its share
08:22price has suffered in our high interest
08:23rate environment though but thanks
08:24should improve once we start getting cut
08:26another set of options that exist are
08:28closed end funds offered by BlackRock
08:30from everything I've seen they do pay
08:31dividends toward the very end of the
08:32month and they have several to choose
08:34from some funds that have offered really
08:36good track records include BST which is
08:38their Science and Technology trust fund
08:39and ticker symbol BME which is their
08:41Health Sciences trust this is also the
08:43same week that many of the covered call
08:45funds issued by global X DuPage
08:46distributions qyld ryld and xyld usually
08:50pay at the very end of each month as
08:51well as some of their hybrid strategy
08:53covered call funds like qilg there's
08:55also so many business development
08:56companies that pay at the very end of
08:58the month I can't possibly name them all
08:59but Aries capital capital Southwest 6th
09:02Street special lending an oak tree
09:03specialty lending all pay during the
09:05very last week again there's just so
09:07many options that exist for bdc's that
09:09it's not hard to find one a couple of
09:10good mortgage reads including Arbor
09:12Realty and Rhythm Capital also pay in
09:14the last week that they make
09:15distributions there's also some
09:16additional covered call funds that pay
09:18toward the very end of each month one is
09:20svol or the simplified volatility
09:22premium ETF and I just covered this ETF
09:24a few weeks ago but this monthly paying
09:26ETF currently yields over 17 but it is
09:28riskier in my opinion another option is
09:30the NEOS S P 500 High income ETF ticker
09:33symbol spyi this 12 yielding covered
09:36call fund also offers tax advantage
09:38dividends and also has more upside
09:40potential than your typical covered call
09:41fund as you can guess I also made a
09:43video on this ETF if you want to learn
09:44more about it but with that being said
09:46that's going to conclude our look at
09:47some various High yielding Holdings that
09:49allow you to collect dividends every
09:50single week of the year as mentioned in
09:52the beginning be sure to perform your
09:53own research if you are interested in
09:55any of these Holdings it would have just
09:57taken way too much time to do a serious
09:58in-depth analysis of each holding please
10:00also consider giving this video a thumbs
10:02up because this hook a lot of research
10:03into more than a hundred different
10:04dividend-paying Investments
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the key focus of the high yield dividend portfolio presented in the video?

The high yield dividend portfolio presented in the video focuses on ensuring investors receive dividend payments every single week of the year. It covers a range of high yielding investments, including dividend ETFs, closed-end funds, business development companies, real estate investment trusts, and covered call funds. This diversified portfolio offers options for each week of the month, providing consistent income for dividend investors.

2. How does the high yield dividend portfolio offer consistent income for investors?

The high yield dividend portfolio offers consistent income for investors by providing dividend payments every single week of the year. It includes a wide range of high yielding investments such as dividend ETFs, closed-end funds, business development companies, real estate investment trusts, and covered call funds, ensuring diversification and reliable income for dividend investors.

3. What are the main components of the high yield dividend portfolio mentioned in the video?

The main components of the high yield dividend portfolio mentioned in the video include dividend ETFs, closed-end funds, business development companies, real estate investment trusts, and covered call funds. These components offer options for each week of the month, ensuring diversification and consistent income for dividend investors.

4. How does the high yield dividend portfolio ensure diversification for investors?

The high yield dividend portfolio ensures diversification for investors by including a range of high yielding investments such as dividend ETFs, closed-end funds, business development companies, real estate investment trusts, and covered call funds. The portfolio offers options for each week of the month, providing a diversified approach to consistent income for dividend investors.

5. What are the benefits of investing in the high yield dividend portfolio presented in the video?

The benefits of investing in the high yield dividend portfolio presented in the video include receiving dividend payments every single week of the year, diversification through a range of high yielding investments, and consistent income for dividend investors. The portfolio covers options for each week of the month, offering a reliable source of income.

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