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The video discusses 9 signs of a weak man according to women, including selfishness, lack of responsibility, avoidance of conflict, and inability to make decisions. It emphasizes the importance of having a strong and supportive partner, and advises women to reconsider their relationships with weak men.
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Signs of a weak man according to a woman:
Doesn't like to solve problems, especially for his partner.
Only thinks about himself and doesn't consider his partner.
Avoids conflict situations.
Doesn't protect his partner when she messes up.
A woman should relax and rest while a man should jump around her and solve problems, but it's important to consider if it's worth being with a partner who is not interested in you.
A woman's attitude towards a man can significantly improve his life.
The woman should not nag the man and should create many wonderful moments for him.
The man is expected to jump around the woman and solve her problems.
It's important to consider if it's worth being with a partner who is not interested in you.
A man refusing help and prioritizing his own needs may indicate selfishness in a relationship.
If a man consistently refuses to help, it may be a sign of selfishness.
Selfishness can prevent a person from being controlled and manipulated.
Selfishness can affect various aspects of a relationship, including finances and intimacy.
If a man does not satisfy a woman's needs in the relationship, she should question why she is in that relationship.
Signs of a weak man according to women:
He only cares about his own interests.
He remains indifferent to your opinions and desires.
He avoids conflict situations and doesn't defend his opinion.
He doesn't rush to justify or defend you in conflicts with others.
He allows his woman to create problems and pit him against others.
A man who doesn't shower you with bouquets every day may not necessarily indicate love, but rather just enjoying your company.
Expressing emotions excessively, like in a Spanish soap opera, doesn't necessarily make a man good at expressing emotions.
A man who doesn't keep his promises and shifts blame onto others may show weakness of character or immaturity.
A weak man is afraid of drastic changes in life and will delay making decisions about the future together.
Weak men are hesitant to start a relationship and fear giving up their usual way of life.
They may play for time and delay feeding their partner breakfast.
Uncertainty about continuing the relationship indicates a lack of interest and love in that direction.
00:00I am a man and I don’t like to solve problems,
00:03especially the problems of my beloved
00:08I think only about myself and don’t think about my
00:12beloved I avoid conflict situations
00:15if my beloved messes up I don’t
00:19throw my antlers at 2 deer to protect her In
00:24short, I’m a very, very bad
00:28man real and not ideal, and
00:32today’s episode is a funny psychology
00:35about men like these.
00:389 signs by which you, dear lady, will
00:42definitely recognize a weak man,
00:45especially the ninth point. This is a nightmare and horror,
00:50I was completely taken aback by all of this. Having read it. Okay, let’s
00:54How to recognize a weak man, there are 9
00:58signs indicating this says
01:01our Relationship Guru, everything is on
01:05you, one thing is to be able to earn a
01:07living on your own, solve
01:08problems that arise and show
01:10self-sufficiency, it can be good for a
01:13woman if she is alone, she has no other
01:16choice, but when paired with a partner, the accents
01:19usually shift, a strong man nearby can
01:21easily cope with how with her
01:24personal problems,
01:27subtle subtle manipulation helps a woman solve them
01:29and is dangerous. First of all,
01:31because it borders on the truth,
01:34relationships should not create problems;
01:37relationships should solve problems; and in a
01:40relationship, it is advisable to help each other, of
01:42course, without making this an end in itself of the
01:45relationship when many women, having found
01:49daddies similar to themselves, put
01:52literally everything on them, the man pays for the
01:54cravings, all their loans pay for
01:57her mother’s trip to the resort, takes her
02:00dog to the veterinarian, repairs her car
02:03completely with her own hands because of her own
02:05funds, and the girl doesn’t
02:09do a damn thing with her money, it’s hers money that
02:13she calmly spends on herself and
02:15saves in a piggy bank without solving
02:19any of her Man’s problems, what
02:23problems should a woman solve at a
02:25minimum to make her man better? Well, to
02:28hell with you, you don’t know how to clean, you
02:31’re afraid for your nails, but a man
02:34will be ready to pay for the services of a cleaning
02:37company for a good attitude when he
02:40comes after work, when a
02:41loving woman meets him and makes sure
02:44that when he comes home, a man forgets about all the
02:48negative situations that
02:50he had during the day, he is greeted by a delicious dinner. Even if he
02:53orders a delivery service, he
02:57is greeted with a clean home. Even if with the
03:00help of a cleaning service company But
03:02nevertheless, the life of this man becomes
03:05better due to the attitude of such
03:08a woman towards him who does not nag him and
03:11really delivers many
03:12wonderful moments And what is said
03:14here a woman can just relax
03:17and rest and do nothing And a man
03:19should, of course, jump around her,
03:21decide problems to disperse her
03:25exes with a pitchfork Well, and other vanilla [ __ ]
03:27that girls love to demonstrate so much on
03:31their social networks,
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03:36subscription is about two bucks a month
03:39cheaper than a cup of coffee What to do if I don’t
03:42get up, I’m dolls and I want my
03:46wife to be [ __ ] This can be treated How to argue with
03:49a woman correctly in order to remain the main one in a
03:52relationship and you can suggest the next topic,
03:54I became an author on
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03:59content that is not available anywhere and these help your
04:02favorite channel which has already brought you
04:04a lot of pleasant minutes
04:07It solves Anyone’s problems But
04:10not yours, and by the way, he shouldn’t.
04:14Yes, you have already been conquered and you can’t
04:17get away from him. But the opinion of those around your
04:19man still matters what they think of
04:22others, so he happily runs to
04:24help friends, acquaintances and strangers,
04:26but not you, if you find yourself in a similar
04:28situation. Think about it: Is it worth it? being
04:30close to such a partner in the world is full of
04:32worthy applicants who will lend
04:34you a helping hand. Is it worth wasting time
04:37on someone who is not interested in you? Well, yes,
04:40starting a relationship with someone who is not
04:43interested in them is quite in the spirit of such
04:46ladies, as if before all this,
04:48especially before marriage, you didn’t know what kind of marriage he was, you
04:51don’t need to tell me, you don’t need to
04:53glue your lips together, that he suddenly took and
04:55changed dramatically if your man took and
04:57changed dramatically, most likely he has bipolar
05:00personality disorder and he
05:01went from a manic phase to a depressive phase
05:03Show him to a psychiatrist in all other
05:07if some aspects in your relationship
05:10do not suit you, why continue them?
05:13Find yourself a
05:15highly primitive male who will use a
05:18huge club to disperse everyone around
05:21you and beat people for any crooked glance
05:25in your direction, only he will treat this way
05:27not only to the people around him,
05:29but also to you and he will
05:33also beat you with a big stick, so dear ladies, let’s
05:36turn on our heads and understand that a man is,
05:41first of all, a person. I, of course, do not
05:44mean cases when a person needs
05:46trivial help, but in the case when a
05:49man refuses such banal ordinary help
05:51in your direction, think about it.
05:54Is there such behavior on your
05:58but you just have to ask him for something
06:00and still there are a lot of
06:02other things to do with excuses and more important
06:05problems. Here you should also deal with the fact
06:09that modern people and
06:12men and women do not like to think with their heads and
06:14evaluate under what circumstances, there is
06:16such a
06:19person’s reluctance to help you or the person is just a
06:22lazy [ __ ] Then why did you
06:25start dating such a person And you don’t need to
06:27tell me that he has changed, he is
06:29not bipolar And of course that same
06:32standard second option If you yourself
06:35don’t give a damn about him You don’t do
06:37anything on your side You don’t help him in any matters
06:39Why the hell should he help you
06:41everyone is happy Super you live in a
06:44wonderful family no one cares about each other
06:47He only thinks about himself a manifestation of
06:50selfishness in fact a manifestation of selfishness
06:53even though it is usually considered some
06:55negative property of the psyche, the manifestation of selfishness, self-love
06:58is the very
07:01feeling that prevents you from becoming a
07:04controlled person who is susceptible
07:07to manipulation, the feeling of selfishness will allow
07:10you to stop drinking alcohol and
07:13all kinds of harmful substances, the feeling of
07:15selfishness will allow you to take care of your
07:18body by going to the gym, the feeling of
07:20selfishness will not will allow you to keep
07:24people close to you who do not respect you,
07:25therefore selfishness. This is a very good
07:30manifestation of selfishness in a relationship, writes
07:33Guru. It can affect everything,
07:36finances, intimate life, but if a
07:38man does not satisfy you, dear
07:41lady, in your intimate life, then again,
07:45why the hell are you in such a relationship? you sit
07:48and as if you didn’t know that the person
07:50was like this Initially, and the absence of
07:54any desire to satisfy you
07:57completely may indicate,
08:00first of all, that such a person
08:04does not care for you, then again, why do
08:08you continue to be in such a relationship? A
08:12selfish man A weak man a
08:15selfish man is a strong man
08:18because he loves himself and he does not
08:21allow himself to be manipulated, he
08:24cares only about his own interests.
08:27Of course, that’s the trick. And your opinion
08:31and desire
08:37remain indifferent to him. Your inadequate opinion and your inadequate desires, of course, remain
08:40indifferent to him; that’s the trick. But if your
08:45adequate desires remain indifferent to him
08:49why the hell are you sitting in such a
08:51relationship with him,
08:55sooner or later you will understand that he is
08:57just using you because it is so
09:00convenient for him as if you just
09:03found out about it that you are sitting then
09:05he avoids conflict situations It
09:07would seem that something is bad is that
09:10a man doesn’t like to quarrel, but think
09:12about the fact that such a position may mean that a
09:14person is incapable of defending his opinion; it’s
09:17easier for him to remain silent than to defend his
09:20point of view because he doesn’t have to
09:23prove anything or conflict is,
09:26first of all, evidence of a strong
09:28person who just doesn’t give a damn. What the
09:31homeless people run next to him and shout in his
09:33back, he doesn’t care, he won’t pay attention
09:36to the summer rain, what can he do with it
09:49? don’t
09:51expect that your Partner will rush to
09:53justify and defend you, again here it’s
09:55worth remembering about Madams like these who
09:58provoke conflicts with other
10:00men while in some kind of society
10:03or just on the street at a disco, sometimes
10:06even while drunk and expect that their man will, of
10:09course, arrange it right in place of the deer there are
10:11fights and the deer, in general, is able to
10:14arrange the deer, but in no case is a
10:18smart man who is primarily with
10:21such a woman will not even start
10:23dating, recognizing her instantly
10:26if your woman herself creates problems
10:29out of the blue and pits you against
10:32others men drag you into her
10:35conflict situations that arose through her
10:38fault, then run away from such a woman Well, according to
10:42tradition, if this is the second option If you are a
10:45nice lady, such conflicts are not to blame
10:48And your man is just pissing to stand up for your
10:52loved one, then why are you
10:56still in such a relationship you sit,
10:59he hides his feelings and emotions, it’s difficult
11:03to live with a person who hides his
11:05true feelings, how can you understand whether
11:07your man loves you or not? Well, how would it be
11:11very difficult to understand or what feelings a
11:15man should show if he doesn’t
11:18shower you with bouquets every day, this
11:21may indicate both about love
11:23and about its absence, after all, a man who
11:26wants to seduce a woman at the initial
11:29stage of a relationship, without feeling almost anything for her,
11:31can certainly
11:35shower her with bouquets of flowers,
11:37this indicates love, of course not,
11:40maybe he’s just having a good
11:43time in your company, sort of and this
11:46is the meaning of a relationship - to have a good
11:49time in the company and then
11:51have a good time together Then start
11:54living together and also have a good
11:57time, that's not how it works Oh well, yes, yes,
12:01emotions should flow over the edge a man
12:03when he is Pedro in a shitty Spanish
12:07soap opera must throw
12:09plates at everything be dishes Where were
12:12you tonight I love you I will take you
12:16away from all the men Well and at this time
12:19you dodge the plates that are flying
12:22into your stupid head a man expresses
12:24emotions badly a man does not express emotions
12:27badly so that you don’t do everything
12:30you will be bad anyway, therefore Do what you think is
12:35Well, how to live correctly for a real
12:38man We are used to understanding my
12:42Telegram channel, there is interesting correspondence,
12:44memes, videos and communication, a link to it
12:49will be in the description It would be nice for you to look there,
12:54he is not used to being responsible if a
12:56man then he does not keep his
12:58promises and is not responsible for his actions,
13:01but only makes excuses and shifts
13:04the blame onto other people, then he either has not yet
13:07matured or is showing weakness of
13:09character, and the fact that life consists of a
13:12series of circumstances that, in
13:15principle, no one is able to influence
13:16is of course another thing If a man
13:20promised you something, he did it. Try
13:22to analyze why this could have happened in the first place,
13:24maybe he had a
13:27bummer at work, he couldn’t
13:29conclude some kind of contract and he
13:32simply couldn’t fulfill this
13:34promise for reasons like these again.
13:38if your man is pathological and a
13:40liar, he constantly breaks his promises, he
13:43talks and does nothing, then why are you
13:46sitting in such a relationship?
13:48He is a very sensitive weak man,
13:51constantly in need of female attention, he is
13:54in search of him, he is looking for the approval of the
13:57female gender and is very amorous and it
14:00doesn’t matter to him what kind of women are next
14:02to him The main thing is that they surround him with
14:04care and attention Needless to say,
14:07such a partner can hardly be called
14:10reliable my man dates
14:13other women no no he’s not an [ __ ]
14:16he’s not a cheater he’s just very amorous well,
14:20in general it’s a little joke
14:23it works in the second direction too, my
14:25beloved constantly meets with new
14:28men, but no, she’s not a [ __ ], she’s just
14:33very amorous. Well, what to do with this situation?
14:37I think you already know, we’re sending
14:39these amorous people to hell;
14:42he’s in no hurry to start a relationship; a
14:45weak man is frightened by the prospect of
14:48drastic Changes in life, it is
14:51very difficult for him to give up his usual way of life,
14:53so he will probably play for time
14:55and put off feeding you breakfast Making a
14:58decision regarding your
15:00future together So think about whether
15:03you even need a dubious
15:05relationship with such a person, the most
15:07terrible point is explained as much as possible.
15:09Just if you want to eat even if
15:13you are lazy, you go open
15:15the refrigerator and prepare food for yourself if you
15:18are on the street and want to go to the toilet Yes, maybe
15:21you don’t have small change, maybe you have an
15:24urgent meeting But you are still looking for an
15:27opportunity to somehow solve the problem,
15:29ask someone to change a large one a
15:31bill or call you warn your
15:34partner that you will be late but don’t stand there don’t
15:37hesitate don’t think near the refrigerator
15:40what I would like I’m somehow too lazy to
15:43cook and that’s why it’s a
15:45cool idea to just die of hunger
15:47or I want to go to the toilet but I don’t have
15:50change and I can to be late to meet my
15:54partner so I’ll just [ __ ] myself
15:56in approximately a similar situation,
15:58unhappy lovers arrive when they
16:01think that their Partner is standing right there and
16:04hesitates, thinks he doesn’t know whether to continue the
16:06relationship, this is such an important step if a
16:09person wanted to, he would develop this relationship
16:12and If there is
16:16uncertainty then and love in your
16:19direction No In this case there is an exception
16:22No it’s no [ __ ] 99 percent
16:26But one hundred percent If a person for some
16:30reason doesn’t want to develop a relationship with you
16:32then he doesn’t want to develop a
16:36relationship with you yes yes And why are you with someone
16:38like that you continue to communicate with a person
16:40and for some reason you haven’t gone and
16:44eaten with the video yet We’re done with the review
16:48of this crap We’re done Bon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs of a weak man according to women?

According to women, signs of a weak man include selfishness, lack of responsibility, avoidance of conflict, and inability to make decisions.

2. Why is it important to have a strong and supportive partner?

Having a strong and supportive partner is important for emotional and mental well-being. It provides stability, encouragement, and a sense of security in the relationship.

3. How can women identify signs of selfishness in men?

Women can identify signs of selfishness in men by observing their behavior, such as prioritizing their own needs over others, lack of empathy, and unwillingness to compromise.

4. What can women do if they are in a relationship with a weak man?

If women are in a relationship with a weak man, they can communicate openly about their concerns, encourage personal growth, and seek professional guidance if necessary.

5. How can women build a healthy relationship with a strong partner?

Women can build a healthy relationship with a strong partner by fostering open communication, mutual respect, and support for each other's personal and professional goals.

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