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The video is an entertaining guide for men on how to understand and navigate relationships with women, using the hot crazy matrix. It categorizes women based on their attractiveness and level of craziness, advising men to avoid those below a certain threshold and aiming for a long-term relationship with women who are both attractive and reasonably sane. It also briefly mentions a simplified version for women to assess men based on looks and wealth.
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This section introduces the concept of the "Hot Crazy Matrix" and explains how it can be used to analyze women.
The "Hot Crazy Matrix" is a tool to help men understand and deal with women.
It consists of a crazy axis and a hot axis, with crazy measured from 4 to 10 and hot measured from 0 to 10.
The hot crazy line is the boundary where men should avoid dating or marrying women below a 5 on the hotness scale.
This section explains the different zones in the Hot Crazy Matrix and emphasizes the importance of collecting data over time.
There is a "fun zone" between a 5 and an 8 on the attractiveness scale where you can meet girls and have fun.
Above the crazy line is the "danger zone" where you find redheads, strippers, and anyone named Tiffany.
It is important to understand that this matrix is not a static environment and women can move around the chart over time.
Collecting data over time is crucial to develop reliable information and understand the patterns.
This section explains the different zones of women in the "Hot Crazy Matrix".
The "Date Zone" consists of good-looking women who are reasonably not crazy.
The "Wife Zone" is for women who are above an eight in attractiveness and between a seven and a five in craziness.
The "Unicorn Zone" is for women who are below a five in craziness and above an eight in attractiveness.
The video section explains the male version of the "Hot Crazy Matrix" and introduces the "Cute versus Rich Matrix" for women.
The "Hot Crazy Matrix" warns men about the dangers of dating women who are above an eight in hotness and below a four in craziness.
The "Cute versus Rich Matrix" for women shows that once a man has sufficient money, his level of attractiveness becomes less relevant.
Women have a "fun zone" where they can date men who are both hot and rich.
00:08everybody James check it out response
00:10and I got the terrorists mouth teeth
00:11with me this is a introduce yourself I'm
00:15Dana McClendon I am the Consul Airy to
00:17the Camden mafia and the terrorist
00:19mouthpiece but what are we gonna talk
00:22about that what are you gonna talk about
00:23today today's lesson is it's a little
00:26off the beaten path to tactical response
00:27but it's still something that you can
00:29use every day this is the hot crazy
00:31matrix it's what you need to know about
00:33how to deal with women and and how to
00:37analyze the situation that you may be in
00:39or want to be in okay let's take a look
00:42at that right now okay so this is the
00:44universal hot/crazy matrix it's
00:46everything a young man needs to know
00:47about women I've developed this on my
00:50own over 46 years of living on the earth
00:52so this is how it works you have your
00:59crazy axis and your hot axis hot is as
01:07usual measured from 0 to 10 we're all
01:09familiar with that crazy is measured
01:13from 4 to 10 because of course there's
01:15no such thing as a woman who's not at
01:16least a 4 crazy so you got 4 to 10 this
01:22is your hot crazy line right here very
01:25important that you keep in mind where
01:26the hot crazy line is as a rule this is
01:33your no-go zone we do not hang around
01:36and date and marry women who are not at
01:40least in our mind of 5 so this is your
01:44no-go zone you don't go here we just
01:46rule this out life is better this way
01:49that's the way it is all right above a 5
01:54and to about an 8 and below the crazy
01:59line this is your fun zone you can hang
02:04out here and and and meet these girls
02:07and spend time with them that's your fun
02:09zone but keep in mind when you're in the
02:11fun zone you want
02:13to move out of the fun zone to a more
02:16permanent location okay so that's the
02:19fun zone above a five hot below an eight
02:23hot and below the crazy line this means
02:26these are most of the time not crazy
02:29okay above the danger zone above the
02:32above the crazy line we have the danger
02:36zone this is your redheads your
02:40anyone named Tiffany this is
02:43hairdressers this is where this is where
02:46your car gets key you get a bunny in the
02:48pot your tires get slashed and you wind
02:51up in jail now now we have some of the
02:55chart fell down we got a couple more
02:57pieces to put in but at this point
02:59understand something this is not a
03:02static environment this is a situation
03:04where you have got to use this matrix
03:08over time to develop some reliable data
03:11it's like a dope chart okay you ought
03:14because at any moment in time any woman
03:17that you have previously located on this
03:19chart can vanish from that location and
03:22appear anywhere else on the chart so
03:25what you have to do is over time collect
03:28some data and once you have a cluster of
03:30data points you can begin to consider
03:33that reliable now moving on you have
03:38this zone here this is below the crazy
03:41line above an eight hot but still you
03:46know about a seven crazy this is your
03:49date zone you can stay in the date zone
03:53indefinitely these are women that you
03:55introduce to your friends and your
03:56family they're they're good-looking and
03:59they're reasonably not crazy most of the
04:02time okay so this is you can stay here
04:05indefinitely now above an eight hot and
04:13between about a seven and a five crazy
04:16this is your wife zone okay when you
04:21meet this girl you should consider a
04:23long-term relationship this zone
04:27is not scaled to size this this is a
04:30this is a representation and not an
04:32actual if this is not a pie chart
04:34showing you how many of these people are
04:36out there this is simply a
04:37representation of what you're after you
04:40want to be 5 to 7 crazy above 1/8 high
04:44that's your wife zone okay now below a 5
04:49crazy and above and ain't hot this is
04:53your unicorn zone these things don't
04:55exist if you find a unicorn please
05:01capture it safely keep it alive we'd
05:04like to study it and maybe look at how
05:05to replicate that ok so I was explaining
05:09this to a guy one time and he said wait
05:11a minute I have met this girl and she's
05:14like smoking hot she's like at least a
05:16nine and she's chill she's totally cool
05:20she's like not even a three crazy
05:23I said you're telling me you've met a
05:25girl she's a nine hot and she's like a 2
05:28or a 3 crazy
05:29he said yeah man I like her a lot I said
05:32you should be careful that's a dude
05:34you're talking to a [ __ ] so you got
05:38your you got to be careful cuz down here
05:41below a four crazy and above an eight
05:43hot you're probably talking to it dude
05:46that is the universal hot crazy matrix
05:49all right that was pretty good now let
05:52me ask you like for the for the women
05:55watching is there a male version of that
05:57I mean oh yeah would it also be oh yeah
05:59it's a little simpler if a dude is super
06:01hot okay yeah that's a little simpler
06:03but we can do it real quick it doesn't
06:04take very long at all for women this is
06:07your this is your matrix you got your
06:08cute axis and you got your money axis
06:12okay and if you have there's only three
06:16sections women have a very large no-go
06:19zone this is for dudes who are neither
06:22hot nor have a lot of money you'll
06:25notice over here this is the husband
06:27section once you cross a line and have
06:30sufficient amounts of money it is no
06:32longer relevant how hot you are and then
06:35women have a fun zone here where a dude
06:37but hi that that is the that is the cute
06:42versus rich matrix for women's hoops
06:45there you go
06:47remember your responsibility to be ready
06:50to date hot [ __ ] and never ends
06:55here endeth the lesson
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the hot crazy matrix on understanding and navigating relationships with women?

The hot crazy matrix is an entertaining guide for men on how to understand and navigate relationships with women. It categorizes women based on their attractiveness and level of craziness, advising men to avoid those below a certain threshold and aiming for a long-term relationship with women who are both attractive and reasonably sane.

2. How does the hot crazy matrix categorize women?

The hot crazy matrix categorizes women based on their attractiveness and level of craziness, creating a humorous and simplified framework for men to assess and understand women in relationships.

3. What advice does the hot crazy matrix provide for men regarding relationships with women?

The hot crazy matrix advises men to avoid women below a certain threshold of attractiveness and craziness and aim for a long-term relationship with women who are both attractive and reasonably sane. It presents a humorous approach to guiding men in their interactions and relationships with women.

4. Is there a simplified version of the hot crazy matrix for women to assess men?

Yes, the hot crazy matrix briefly mentions a simplified version for women to assess men based on looks and wealth. It adds a lighthearted and comic element to the understanding of relationships from both perspectives.

5. What is the main focus of the hot crazy matrix video for men?

The main focus of the hot crazy matrix video for men is to provide an entertaining and humorous guide on how to understand and navigate relationships with women, using a categorization framework based on attractiveness and level of craziness. It aims to offer a lighthearted perspective on relationship dynamics.

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