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In a shocking interview, Halis Serbest, the man who murdered Bergen, admits that he would kill her again if given the chance, and shows no remorse for his actions. He also expresses his opposition to femicide but refuses to apologize to Bergen's family or take responsibility for his actions.
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The woman in the interview admits to still having thoughts of killing someone, despite being against femicide.
She filed for divorce but couldn't go through with it.
The woman claims to have entered a room and found a married lady lying there.
She expresses regret and wishes that certain events hadn't occurred.
The interviewer asks if she plans to apologize to those who loved Bergen, but she refuses.
The interviewee expresses his opposition to femicide and refuses to apologize to Bergen's family.
He states that he is against femicide and considers himself an honest person.
He refuses to apologize to Bergen's family, questioning why he should apologize.
He mentions that he values his daughter but would not interfere in her marital problems.
He claims that the topic of femicide is never discussed in his family.
He denies that the honor killing discourse has cleared him in the eyes of the public.
Halis Serbest expresses his lack of regret for committing murder and his willingness to do it again if necessary.
Halis Serbest admits to not regretting the murder he committed.
He states that he would kill again if he had to.
Halis Serbest describes himself as an emotional person who would cry at emotional and sad scenes in movies.
He mentions his past violent actions, such as stabbings, acid attacks, and escapes.
The interviewee discusses his involvement in a murder and his feelings towards the victim's grave.
The interviewee claims that he was provoked into the murder.
He mentions that he had the permission of the victim's family to carry a gun.
The interviewee denies having any intention to harm the victim's grave.
00:00It turned me on so much. It's the first time I'm talking about it here.
00:03I say this with shame too, for God's sake, it's okay now
00:06Rule of law I know it, I respect it
00:09I filed for divorce in the state of law
00:14I couldn't divorce
00:16Even today
00:17I still kill
00:18As far as I understand, there is a life in your life where you rule over your truths.
00:25So now everyone has a different opinion. Some are very wide, some are narrow.
00:30But this is a state of law
00:32I understood the rule of law, I understood that the rule of law.
00:36But, but Reyhan lady okay
00:41Have you fallen in love with others as much as Bergen?
00:45I am a person who is against femicide.
00:48Do you feel entitled to say this to yourself?
00:50Sure I do, but why?
00:52Well, now she has a mouth quarrel here.
00:56The woman has filed for divorce, I'm against him
00:59But cheating?
00:59Cheating no
01:01Well at first we were so good
01:05There was so much happiness
01:06They would be jealous, I swear
01:09For God's sake, I entered the room.
01:12Your married lady
01:14lies here
01:15What do you do?
01:18What do you do?
01:20You get divorced Yoook
01:22You divorce
01:23Well now when you see her
01:25Already self
01:26You lose your consciousness!
01:29You lose your consciousness!
01:29You are upset!
01:31I mean, while she was being buried with 4-5 people.
01:38i felt sorry for her
01:42Gives a deep breath
01:45I wish something like this didn't happen
01:49Who wants
01:51Nobody wants
01:52So, do you plan to apologize to those who love Bergen?
01:58Now why should I apologize to Bergen?
02:05Did you take away a person they loved?
02:09Didn't you get stabbed?
02:14Huh, so you still insist
02:17You mean you made it
02:19But I didn't
02:20So in this drawn profile, his name was involved in love rumors at that time.
02:26because you are in prison
02:28I think you made him do this threat with someone again
02:31dear no
02:32We call it femicide. We are going through a sensitive period right now and when this interview is published, there will be thousands of parents who lost their daughters on the screen. At the very least, I ask you for an apology at the end of this interview from all women.
02:53Of all the women why am I
02:54An apology must have meaning.
02:56Sorry for what
02:58What? For what?
03:00Many women are killed for this reason.
03:02I say I am against it, I am a person.
03:04Who is against femicide?
03:09Quarreled, cut off
03:13Wants a divorce. You kill a woman.
03:16I'm totally against them. I'm
03:18Totally I against them
03:19Don't you apologize to Bergen's family?
03:22Why would I wish?
03:26You took kill
03:28Their children.
03:32They know their mothers.
03:36They passed their mother?s, but there are those who value her besides this woman's mother, right?
03:44I just said that their families are really honest people.
03:50Honest people.
03:51Clean people.
03:53You have a daughter and I know you value her very much. What would your advice be to her husband if he had a similar problem?
04:00Your son-in-law.
04:02I won't interfere with him.
04:04But I exclude my daughter
04:05You have grandchildren. Have you ever talked to them about this?
04:09No no!
04:10No one can open this matter to me.
04:14Absolutely, but this subject is never discussed. No one can ask, I mean, no one can.
04:18But do you really think that this honor killing discourse has cleared you in the eyes of the public?
04:26Have you fallen in love with others as much as Bergen?
04:30I mean, would you definitely be with someone you don't like now?
04:39Loved them all.
04:42I'm told you Bergen.
04:44Did your marriages after Bergen not be permanent?
04:53There is so much happiness that they would be jealous. I'm saying by God. I built a beautiful house. The issue there was always elite people in the neighbourhood, so they knew us too, he would go, neighbors would come to neighbors. Especially my sister would never leave. There is no deprivation of anything, but nothing.
05:22When you return to your inner world, do you wish it hadn't happened?
05:26I wish it hadn't been
05:28Wish we hadn't had his mother.We would still be happy.
05:30We would still be happy.
05:34I wish her mother hadn't been
05:36Her mother. Her mother.
05:40Hadn't come to her mind
05:43She was a woman who had an allure after her mother got divorced at work in Ankara.
05:49He started working in pavilions and stuff there.
05:52I mean, there is a habit from there.
05:54For God's sake, he is your child.
05:57If you are mom
05:59You will support.
06:01Girl, you'll say be fine.
06:03You will make up your mind.
06:04Have you ever regretted, Mr. Halis?
06:06From what?
06:07For committing this murder.
06:11What if today?
06:11I will kill again.
06:11I'm not a monster-spirited person.
06:13I'm also a very emotional person.
06:17By God, I 'm
06:18I emotional person.
06:20Emotional would cry if I saw.
06:23Child in the movie.
06:25I would cry if I saw something emotional and sad.
06:25Ama hayat hikayenize baksarsak Halis Bey. Bıçaklamalar,kezzaplar,kaçmlar,cinayetler...
06:33If he deserves it, then I'm very cruel.
06:35If he deserves.
06:36It, a human being. But Mr. Halis, the important thing is to have common sense under all circumstances.
06:45What would you do if your spouse sent me a photo?
06:49Have you ever wanted a child from Bergen?
06:52I mean, of course, we were happy back then, until her mother came.
06:57There was nothing.
06:58I would have wanted to have a child.
07:01I would have liked to.
07:04Her womb was removed.
07:06She was sick.
07:07I said that we are Hayat Hospital in Adana, my sister is a health worker. We went together.
07:16The doctor was a familiar doctor.
07:18i need to take
07:20Or it will cause bad thing
07:23We even said that there is no cure for this in Europe, we said let's research it. We researched it. He was a doctor I knew well. We are not satisfied with it.
07:37If you had children from Bergen, would they have suffered the same end?
07:40If the same thing happens, I'll do the same.
07:43Everyone is talking.
07:45Everyone is talking there, they say they burned their car.
07:49Let 's talk about that car.
07:52Who bought it?
07:53Namely, maybe that kid was young, so the owner of the casino bought in Ankara..
08:02While working there, Murat gave a car.
08:09He called me in Adana and said they seized the car.
08:15He said they took it to the trustee.
08:19we went
08:20with her
08:22I said if you have personal items in it, take them all.
08:28Someone named lawyer Ali. I don't remember his last name. We went to him.
08:33The car is already registered on the man.
08:37So no car burning.
08:39I called a day later. I said I'm sending you a car. It is available there. I told the person I sent it to go there, I told him to get used to it. I sent him a mustache car. An old American car.
09:04I'm eating her money.Meh.
09:07How much money will the pavilion employee have?
09:12Bergen, yes her life may have started in the pavilion.
09:14Bergen's 1986 album, The Woman of Pain, received a Gold Plaque.
09:19It enters the best-selling records list and is also starring in the movie.
09:23He has albums on it. It comes to a good point, actually. Financially, too.
09:29Now what shall I do with him?
09:33You say that this woman is always in the pavilion because she has a success chart.
09:38I met her in the pavilion.
09:41Afterwards, she had a very successful period, but
09:44After the Kezzap, she became Bergen.
09:47Where were the filmmakers before?
09:50Do you attribute this to yourself too?
09:52No, why am I attached to myself?
09:55In other words, what happens when there is kezap, the media was also the news.
10:00His voice was also good.
10:04Yaşar Kekeva released his record label album.
10:05It happened
10:08After that.
10:13It has nothing to do with me.
10:15I was in prison then.
10:17Do you find the punishments for femicides sufficient?
10:22Let it be more.
10:24The person who killed the woman he deserves.
10:27So there is no execution, but
10:3210 times aggravated imprisonment
10:35 Who will determine this entitlement?
10:37Is it entitlement?
10:39You got back from the concert, starting with a planned intention.
10:44No plans.
10:46Planned No planned
10:47No, he provoked it.
10:49Why did you have your gun with you?
10:50His family gave me all rights.
10:54Whose family?
10:56Good thing they said you killed it?
10:57No. They said he was right.
10:59Don't do it.
11:02You say that society has deteriorated, and Halis Serbest has a life chart and you explained it. We cannot say that the life you have chosen is also very smooth.
11:12I was young at that time.
11:14Was There are men who are thinking of killing their wives because their wife cheated on them and maybe one of them will be watching this interview right now. What would you like to say to her?
11:24Maybe a sentence of yours will affect his life positively or negatively. Let's take that sentence.
11:32But now, Ms. Reyhan, I can't say anything. He knows it himself.
11:38So some people are forgiving
11:39Some people are unforgiving
11:40Is it that hard to say don't kill?
11:42It is claimed that you have a discourse.
11:48You said you wouldn't leave him alone even in his grave.
11:51Why is that grave in a cage?
11:53His mother's mind is nothing but
11:57Now a cage in his grave.
12:00Grave after all
12:02If I were to do something
12:04I'd take that cage off too
12:06I would take your grave
12:08There is no such thing
12:10There is absolutely no such thought.
12:12I just went and prayed
12:14I cleaned the grave
12:17I had the cage painted
12:21So how does it feel to go to the grave of a person you killed?
12:26Well, I don't know, it's
12:30Such a feeling. I said if it wasn't like that.
12:33We were very good at first.
12:36We were very happy.
12:38They were jealous. I swear.
12:41After you set that fire, his photos were slightly reflected in the media. Did you see those photos?
12:48No. I don't know them.
12:50I don't remember
12:51Want to see it?
12:56That 's
13:00Right, I have that photo too
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What shocking revelation does Halis Serbest make in the interview regarding Bergen?

Halis Serbest reveals in the interview that he admits to murdering Bergen and that he would kill her again if given the chance. He shows no remorse for his actions.

2. What is Halis Serbest's stance on femicide in the interview?

Halis Serbest expresses his opposition to femicide in the interview but refuses to apologize to Bergen's family or take responsibility for his actions.

3. What does Halis Serbest refuse to do in the interview despite his admission?

Despite admitting to murdering Bergen, Halis Serbest refuses to apologize to her family or take responsibility for his actions.

4. How does Halis Serbest's interview shed light on his lack of remorse?

In the interview, Halis Serbest's lack of remorse is evident as he openly admits that he would kill Bergen again if given the chance, without showing any regret for his actions.

5. What is the shocking admission made by Halis Serbest in the interview regarding the murder of Bergen?

In a shocking admission, Halis Serbest admits in the interview to murdering Bergen and expresses that he would kill her again if given the chance, displaying a disturbing lack of remorse.

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