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The video tells the story of Agastya Muni, a renowned sage in Hinduism, who played a crucial role in shaping early Vedic traditions and spiritual knowledge. Agastya's life was filled with incidents such as curses, marriage, austerities, and his contribution to various fields including language, medicine, and spirituality.
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Agastya Rishi achieved the position of saptarishi due to his spiritual state and played a crucial role in shaping Vedic traditions.
Agastya Rishi had immense power over nature, from conquering mountains to draining the seas.
King Nimi, ruler of Vedeha, performed a yagya without waiting for his Guru Vashishtha, which led to a curse from Vashishtha.
Vashishtha approached his father Brahma for help and was advised to enter the bodies of Mitra and Varuna for rebirth.
Agastya Muni, born from the semen of Mitra and Varuna, grew up to be a famous ascetic and agreed to get married for the sake of his ancestors.
Agastya and his brother Vashishtha were born from the semen of Mitra and Varuna.
Agastya was adopted by the king of Ikshawaku.
Agastya devoted his life to penance and austerities.
Agastya agreed to get married and have children for the sake of his ancestors.
Agastya Muni drinks up the ocean to reveal and defeat the kalakayas, but the Devas are faced with a new problem.
Agastya's son, Tridyasu, is born and his ancestors ascend to the Heavenly Skies.
The kalakayas, followers of Vritra, plot the destruction of the universe.
They decide to kill the rishis, who are the most powerful people in the universe.
The Devas seek Lord Vishnu's advice and he suggests destroying the ocean.
Agastya agrees to drink up the ocean and reveals the kalakayas.
The Devas slaughter the kalakayas, but now they face the problem of the ocean being empty.
Sage Agastya helps the Devas by reducing the size of the Vindhya mountains and goes to Southern India to restore the balance of the Earth.
Devas approach Sage Agastya to solve the problem of the Vindhya mountains blocking the sun's rays on Earth.
Agastya travels to the Vindhya mountains and they bow down to him, allowing him to pass to the south side.
Agastya sets up an ashram in Southern India and the Vindhya mountains remain in the same posture.
Lord Shiva instructs Agastya to go south and restore the balance of the Earth, and blesses him with the ability to see his wedding with Parvati.
Agastya Muni is a prominent sage mentioned in various Hindu texts, known for his hospitality, contributions to literature, medicine, and spiritual practices.
Agastya migrated down south and played a good host to Ram, Lakshman, and Sita during their exile.
He composed hymns in the Rigveda and contributed to the development of the Tamil language.
Agastya made significant contributions to Ayurveda, sharing knowledge about medicinal plants and healing techniques.
He is associated with yogic practices, mystical powers, and the creation of powerful mantras.
00:08agasty Rishi was a very renowned sage in
00:12from conquering mountains to draining
00:15the Seas Augusta Rishi had immense power
00:18over nature
00:20it was due to his highly elevated
00:22spiritual state that he had achieved the
00:25position of saptarishi one of the seven
00:28sages who played a crucial role in the
00:31shaping of the early Vedic traditions
00:33and spiritual knowledge
00:36the birth of augustirashi actually
00:39begins with an incident between King
00:41nimi and bashishtha
00:43King nimi the ruler of vedeha and a
00:47prosperous King was loved by his
00:49subjects he had appointed vashishtha as
00:52his Guru and Royal priest
00:54one day nimi decided to perform a 5 000
00:58year long year gear to increase his Fame
01:01he invited all the famous brahmins in
01:05but his Guru vashishtha was already
01:08committed to a 500 year yagya for Lord
01:12King nemi did not want to wait thus
01:15instead of waiting he decided to start
01:18the yagya with Gotham Rishi instead
01:21after 500 years when bashista completed
01:25indrasia gear and returned to nimi he
01:28saw the yagya being performed by someone
01:31vashishtha was enraged by the king's
01:34Behavior he confronted nimi and cursed
01:37him that his mortal body would be
01:39destroyed nimi's anger knew no bounds he
01:44cursed the sage in return saying that he
01:46abandoned his disciple to perform the
01:49yagya for someone who was more powerful
01:51thus displaying partiality he cursed
01:56back Sage vashishtha with the same end
01:58of losing his mortal body
02:01A desperate vashishta approached his
02:04father Brahma for help
02:06Brahma responded go enter the bodies of
02:09Mitra and varuna stay there and soon you
02:13will be reborn
02:15vashishta bowed down and went to varuna
02:18his body soon left him and his soul
02:21enter the bodies of Mitra and varuna
02:24once the Heavenly apsura urvashi went to
02:28varuna Lok with her friends
02:30when Mitra and varuna saw urvashi they
02:33immediately fell for her
02:35their semen fell into a jar from which
02:38agastya and his brother vashishtha were
02:42they were adopted by the king of
02:46agastya grew up to be a famous ascetic
02:49devoting his life to penance and
02:53he learned the scriptures and the Art of
02:55using the bower in the arrow
02:58once on his way to swargaluk he found a
03:01group of people hanging upside down from
03:04a tree
03:05Rishi August there was surprised and
03:08asked the reason for their pitiable
03:11the people replied that they were in
03:14fact the ancestors of Rishi agastya and
03:17he was the reason behind their misery
03:20they mentioned that because Rishi
03:22agastya was unmarried and childless
03:25there was nobody after him who could
03:27offer them oblations and hence they were
03:30in such a state
03:32agastair had never thought of marriage
03:34and children before but he agreed to get
03:37married and have children for the sake
03:40of his ancestors
03:42meanwhile the king of vidharba wanted to
03:45have a child
03:46Rishi Augustine knew that his Destiny of
03:49being a married man lied here and
03:52blessed the king to have a child
03:55the King was soon blessed with the
03:56daughter and he named her lopamudra
04:00lopamudra grew into a beautiful and
04:03intellectual princess
04:05as she reached a marriageable age the
04:08king of vidharba began looking for a
04:10suitable groom for his daughter
04:12at that time Sage augustia approached
04:15the king and asked for his daughter's
04:17hand in marriage
04:19the King was in a dilemma he did not
04:22want his beautiful daughter to marry an
04:24ascetic who lived in the forest
04:27lopamudra told her father that she
04:30wanted to marry agastya and hence the
04:33king accepted and agastya was wedded to
04:38was a chaste wife and duly took care of
04:41all the needs of her husband
04:43however Rishi Augusta got engrossed in
04:46his austerities and forgot all about
04:51dejected lopamudra composed A Hymn
04:54demanding his love and attention
04:57this made Rishi agastair realize that he
05:00had forgotten his duty towards her and
05:03his ancestors and changed his ways
05:06so he decided to have a child with
05:10lopamudra however demanded enough wealth
05:14to raise a child but agastya was a poor
05:18he went to the wealthy King shrutavarna
05:21the king respectfully welcomed Augusta
05:24to his kingdom
05:25agastya then requested some money from
05:28the King
05:29the King was ready to give away any sum
05:31of money that the sage asked for however
05:35when agastya saw that shruta varna's
05:38income was equal to his expenditure he
05:41realized that if he took any amount of
05:43money the people in his kingdom would
05:47he then went to other kings like badriya
05:50Shava and trusted us you but Their
05:53Kingdoms were running short of funds as
05:56agastya and the three kings all decided
05:59to approach a rich Asura named ilwala
06:03ilwala had once approached a brahmana
06:06and asked for a powerful son but the
06:09brahmana hadn't fulfilled his request
06:11since then ilwala and his brother vatapi
06:15hated brahmins every time abrahman
06:18visited their Kingdom vatapi would
06:21transform into a goat ilwella would then
06:24serve the goat to the brahmins saying
06:27that there were offerings from the yagya
06:29the brahmins would eat the goat in their
06:33batapi would then rip open the Brahmin
06:36stomach and emerge in this way the two
06:39evil brother had killed dozens of
06:42when agastya and the Kings reached
06:45ilwella's Kingdom ilwala welcomed them
06:48he served them as scrumptious meal
06:50consisting of the Hidden goat and other
06:54however agastya knew of ilwella's
06:59he ate the entirety of the goat ilweller
07:02noticed that August there only burped
07:05and vatapi did not come out
07:07realizing Augustus power ilwala fell at
07:11the feet of agastya and promised to give
07:14him whatever he wanted
07:16agastya demanded Golds horses chariots
07:20and cows for himself and the Kings
07:23reluctantly ilwella gave these riches to
07:26agastya and the Kings
07:28now with enough to raise a family
07:31agastair's wife agreed to have a child
07:34soon a son named tridyasu was born to
07:38them and thus Rishi Augustus ancestors
07:41were relieved from their state and
07:43ascended to the Heavenly Skies
07:46when the child was born agastya left his
07:49wife and returned to his life as a sage
07:53after Indra killed the Asura vritra he
07:56wanted to renounce his kingship because
07:58of the guilt of killing a brahmana
08:01but the Devas convinced him to stay
08:04meanwhile britras followers known as the
08:07kalakayas all entered the ocean and hid
08:12in the ocean they plotted the
08:14destruction of the universe
08:16they realized that the rishis were the
08:19most powerful people in the universe
08:21their immense austerities and Penance
08:24gave them a lot of power
08:26they decided that if they wanted to
08:29succeed they had to kill the rishis
08:32thus every night they would emerge from
08:35the ocean and steadily kill the rishis
08:39every morning the Earth would be
08:41littered with the dead bodies bones and
08:44remains of the rishis
08:46Indra and the Devas became distressed
08:49and approached Lord Vishnu for advice
08:52Lord Vishnu said the only way to kill
08:55them is to destroy the ocean go to
08:59agastya he is the only one capable of
09:01drinking up the ocean
09:04thus the Devas approached agastya and
09:07conveyed their request
09:09agastya agreed and together they all
09:13went to the banks of the ocean
09:15agastya began drinking up the ocean and
09:18the Devas watched it in awe
09:21when the ocean was completely bereft of
09:24water the kalakayas were revealed
09:28the day was rushed at the kalakayas and
09:30began slaughtering them
09:32the kalakayas could not defend
09:34themselves and they perished
09:37the day was turned to agastya and told
09:40him to release the water in his body and
09:43fill up the ocean once again
09:45but agastya had digested the water
09:50the Devas were astonished they had
09:53solved the problem of the kalakayas but
09:56now they were faced with another problem
09:59they went to Lord Brahma who asked them
10:02to be patient
10:04he said after many years the great king
10:07bhagirath will fill up the oceans and
10:10bring down the river ganga to liberate
10:13his ancestors
10:14to know the full story of how King
10:16bhagirath brought ganga on Earth watched
10:20the video linked in the comments below
10:23Legend has it that one Sage narud went
10:26to the vindhya mountains
10:29during the meeting with vindhya sage
10:31Nares praised the mightiness of Mount
10:34meru he said that meru has become very
10:38proud and considers himself to be the
10:40highest mountain
10:42to teach mount meru a lesson the vindhya
10:46started to grow its peak
10:48soon the height of the mountain began to
10:51block the sun's Rays on Earth
10:54Devas became worried as sunlight did not
10:57reach all parts of the Earth
10:59they approached Sage agastair for a
11:02solution and he promised to help them
11:05he traveled from his ashram in the
11:07Himalayas and reached the vindhyas
11:10vindhyas and the other mountain peaks
11:13immediately bowed down reducing their
11:16size offering their respects to the sage
11:19they also allowed him to pass to the
11:22south side
11:24agastya told the vindhya mountains that
11:27he was going to the Southern India and
11:29that vindhya should remain in the same
11:31posture until he returns to go back to
11:36agastya then set up an ashram in
11:38Southern India and stayed there
11:41when there has never raised its peak and
11:43remained in the same posture
11:46according to the skandapuran the whole
11:49world visited the Himalayas when Shiva
11:51was about to wait Parvati this caused an
11:55imbalance that led the Earth to tip on
11:58one side
12:00Lord Shiva said Osage agastya kindly
12:03goes south and restore the balance of
12:06the Earth
12:07when the sage heard the words of Lord
12:09Shiva he was disappointed like others
12:12present there he also wanted to take
12:15part in the celestial event
12:17Shiva understanding his devotees
12:20disappointment blessed him that him and
12:23Parvati would appear in front of the
12:25sage whenever he wished to see them
12:28he also gave him Divya drishti to see
12:31the wedding on the Himalayas
12:33irrespective of wherever he stayed thus
12:37agastya migrated down south
12:40Muni agastya also finds his mention in
12:43several puranas like the ramayan and
12:46Mahabharata RAM lakshman and Sita met
12:50Sage agastya during their 14-year exile
12:54as mentioned in the scriptures agastya
12:57played a very good host to them and
12:59lopamudra also gifted her Divine
13:01ornaments to Sita
13:03Ram along with his brother also built in
13:06ashram on the banks of river godavari as
13:10instructed by the sage
13:13while there are many other stories of
13:15sage agastya in the Holy texts these
13:18were some of the prominent stories
13:21agastya is also known for his immense
13:24contribution in the welfare of humankind
13:27augustia is credited with composing
13:30hymns in the rigved one of the oldest
13:33and most important texts in Hinduism
13:36his hymns reflect his deep spiritual
13:39insight and knowledge
13:41agastya is believed to have played a
13:44crucial role in shaping and developing
13:46the Tamil language
13:48he is considered one of the siddhars
13:50ancient sages who contributed to the
13:54evolution of Tamil literature and
13:57agastya is recognized for his
14:00contributions to ayurveda the
14:02traditional Indian system of medicine
14:05he is said to have shared knowledge
14:07about medicinal plants healing
14:10techniques and the holistic approach to
14:12Health and Wellness
14:15agastya is associated with various yogic
14:18practices and the discovery of certain
14:20mystical Powers known as siddhis
14:24he is also attributed with the creation
14:27of several powerful mantras that hold
14:30significance in spiritual practices
14:33augustia's teaching and discourses have
14:36been passed down through ages
14:39his insights into the nature of reality
14:41the self and the Divine continue to
14:45inspire spiritual Seekers
14:47agastya's life and teachings have left
14:50an indelible mark on the Indian culture
14:54his stories convey through epics
14:56scriptures and folklore emphasize the
15:00values of knowledge humility and the
15:03pursuit of Truth
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Agastya Muni in Hinduism?

Agastya Muni is a renowned sage in Hinduism and played a crucial role in shaping early Vedic traditions and spiritual knowledge. His life was filled with incidents such as curses, marriage, austerities, and his contribution to various fields including language, medicine, and spirituality.

2. What are the significant incidents in Agastya Muni's life?

The significant incidents in Agastya Muni's life include curses, marriage, austerities, and his contribution to various fields including language, medicine, and spirituality. His life is rich with stories that have contributed to the spiritual and cultural fabric of Hinduism.

3. How did Agastya Muni contribute to early Vedic traditions?

Agastya Muni played a crucial role in shaping early Vedic traditions and spiritual knowledge. He made significant contributions to fields like language, medicine, and spirituality, enriching the early Vedic traditions and knowledge base.

4. What fields did Agastya Muni contribute to?

Agastya Muni made contributions to various fields including language, medicine, and spirituality. His wisdom and knowledge have left a lasting impact on these fields in Hindu tradition.

5. What is the story of Agastya Muni in Hinduism?

The story of Agastya Muni in Hinduism is filled with fascinating incidents such as curses, marriage, austerities, and his significant contributions to fields like language, medicine, and spirituality. His life story is an important part of Hindu spiritual and cultural heritage.

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