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The video discusses various theories and speculation about Monkey D. Dragon's powers and connections, as well as the potential rewards for both Luffy and Dragon. It also mentions the power of imagination and freedom in relation to Luffy's abilities.
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The video discusses the theory behind Monkey D. Dragon's ability to create fire.
Monkey D. Dragon's ability to create fire is believed to be linked to his lineage factor.
It is theorized that Lunar blood was used in his blood, giving him hardness and durability.
The blood of other races may also be involved in generating these powers.
Monkey D. Dragon's fire is affected by his emotions, becoming stronger when he is angrier.
The discussion is about the concept of eating a Devil Fruit in the One Piece series.
The object eats a column and there is no Paramecia fusion with the object.
If someone picks up a fruit and someone else eats half of it, it is unclear what would happen.
The discussion revolves around the idea that the first person who takes a bite of the fruit gains its powers.
The conversation also mentions the first episode of One Piece where Luffy eats the entire fruit.
The discussion revolves around the technical level and endings in anime and manga, with a mention of One Piece's ability to romanticize some endings.
The designer of Doctor Stone also did the art for it.
The conversation references JK Rowling and her desire to be part of a work bigger than Harry Potter.
The difficulty of finding a satisfying ending for long-running anime and manga series is discussed.
One Piece is praised for its ability to romanticize some endings.
The discussion is about Monkey D. Dragon potentially having the power of the wind element.
Monkey D. Dragon's potential connection to the wind element is discussed.
The possibility of him having a mythical wind fruit is mentioned.
Monkey D. Dragon's visit to save Luffy is discussed, with speculation about his connection to Gol D. Roger.
The discussion revolves around the potential rewards for Monkey D. Dragon and his mysterious nature.
Monkey D. Dragon is not a pirate and may have a significant reward.
The reward for Monkey D. Dragon could be around 10 billion.
Whitebeard, who died two years ago, had no reward.
Monkey D. Dragon has been attacking the world government for 25 years.
Monkey D. Dragon is considered more mysterious than Xanx.
Monkey D. Dragon's appearances are casual, and he doesn't leave any secrets in the newspaper.
Xanx, on the other hand, is always seen in mysterious places.
Monkey D. Dragon had a significant impact on Whitebeard's life.
Monkey D. Dragon possesses physical strength.
The speaker discusses the concept of chakra and its use in creating battles between characters in anime, particularly comparing Luffy from One Piece to Goku from Dragon Ball.
Chakra is described as vital energy used to create battles between characters.
The speaker mentions that some One Piece fans claim Luffy is stronger than Goku.
The speaker suggests that Luffy's power is based on imagination and freedom, paying homage to early animation styles.
00:00old man, the meme of making fun of Sandy is
00:01wonderful because the fans make him want to
00:03make fun of the old man, but of course I love Sandy,
00:06man, of course, man, you're crazy, man, the
00:08guy just hit the leg and cooks, I
00:10like all the members of the tribulation
00:10here, oh, me I like everything the way they like it
00:15reasons I like least
00:29Without him,
00:32crazy, let's use it, it would be the greatest arc
00:36in the history of zombies, the most
00:39exciting scene in the history of the world of
00:41Anime, depending on Sonic, it didn't
00:43depend on him, depending on the fact that it
00:45was probably the ex who died later,
00:49right? fire is this at the foot of the blood
00:51how does he manage to make this fire Ah good,
00:56initially we called it friction but
00:59then this lineage factor began to awaken
01:01in him, the hexaskeleton
01:04and the theory I have is that
01:06Lunar blood was used in the blood, that's why
01:09he has this hardness,
01:11durability like King and his flame
01:14could be an inherent power of the
01:16Lunarians because if you take
01:17his brothers, each one has a power as if it
01:20were a time, there is lightning, it could be
01:23right, you have the other one of poison which is a
01:26power of
01:27her transformation and there is another one
01:30that also has fire, there is fire, it doesn't have what pulls it,
01:34but perhaps the day it was used or
01:38to generate these powers or perhaps
01:41blood from other races and then the blood has
01:44is a technology so much so that the
01:46blood's eyebrow has the spiral of fruit and the
01:48fan asked, right? Why did the blood
01:51have an eyebrow like that? That's another question,
01:52enigmatically replied Who's to say
01:55it's not a name? Damn,
02:00so I think it's directly linked
02:02to the lineage factor. his thing about making
02:04fire is so much so that his fire is affected
02:07by his feelings the angrier he is, the more he
02:09intensifies the flames, right,
02:13wonderful bro and the guy doesn't fight with his
02:16hands because he has to cook exactly and
02:18I said no in a
02:21praising way right, but it was meant to be praised, that's
02:25why he's awesome, man, you don't need to
02:26use your hands to be able to fight, just your legs,
02:34man How's that? And how do you think? What do you suppose, bro, what makes an
02:37object like a command? bro, the
02:39object eats a column,
02:43what happens old man, oh I don't know if you
02:46take this can
02:49if you go and see it's just jokes and the
02:52vegan who can remove the
02:53animal's lineage factor
02:55can see that there is no paramecia fused
02:58with the object so in the jokes it has the DNA
03:01that earns the animal's life and he
03:03does this mix with the two and then it earns its
03:06life Hey old man, now there's a question, what if someone
03:08picked up a fruit and someone
03:10else ate half of it,
03:12I had already thought about that myself, I do
03:15n't know, there's no way It's possible there's a
03:17thousandth of a thousandth second it happened
03:19with this one
03:21It's true
03:27they share this one first And then he
03:30catches the guy, he only feels the taste of [ __ ] in
03:31his mouth, wow, whoever was the one
03:34who drew it wrote this new one?
03:36famous author, right, I don't remember
03:38the name of the author, I think he's from
03:39some great work, man, I'm
03:42trying to remember, don't say it, I'll look it up.
03:48from the official's it's
03:52official and then he also said on SBS that
03:55eating first is because that's what I had
03:58thought about that I arrived at this theory
03:59without reading it but I thought bro
04:01exactly what he thought I bite
04:04you bite He bites then I thought Ah
04:05It must be the first one and that's it, I just
04:07concluded and if I decided I wanted to accept that it was
04:09like that, bro because it wouldn't make sense, right
04:11old man, really how does the fruit go
04:13further in the first episode when
04:16Luff eats everything and we discover
04:18powers and everything? I was thinking
04:19Damn, this wouldn't make a bite,
04:22everyone would bite a piece, everyone
04:24would bite a piece, it's because the power
04:27comes along with a nice deal, which is
04:28what we've been talking about all the time,
04:30the power isn't included in the fruit. in itself
04:34but it is included in the transmission stop
04:37that is coming from the theory of the proposal having
04:39given But the fruit he chose he
04:42came close to him the fruit was like
04:44close to him you know what
04:47influences are like it is the psychological influence of the
04:49subconscious the chance accidentally took it he
04:52sat down With it there, without realizing it,
04:54he picked it up and placed it almost
04:56like a hypnosis, bro, so the fruit didn't
04:58come close to him, it floated
04:59closer to him, causing influences
05:02around him, and out of nowhere, he's in front of the
05:04butterfly, bro, basically, right, there's one, there's one,
05:07there's one. It was boiti who is the
05:11designer of Doctor Stone And then he
05:14did the art
05:17he wrote he did the art on the new one that
05:21his guy Doctor Stone was JK Rowling it
05:23was a touch like that Oh she wanted to be
05:26part of a work bigger than Harry Potter,
05:27right bro,
05:28because everyone was silent, I did
05:30n't understand.
05:31[Music] I
05:34made for myself surpasses anything. Of course, let's
05:37talk about the technical level, let's not talk
05:38about the technical level, then we'll have to
05:40talk about the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter,
05:41here for the rest of our lives, right, bro? Now let's
05:42talk about what I want the
05:46script to be, it's as good as it is old, in real terms,
05:48for real. Of course, the year PIS has
05:51that issue that we'll have to see
05:52how it will close, bro, everything will depend on
05:53how it will be closed, because if it appears,
05:56I'll kill myself You can. Being old, okay, you're
05:58kidding, it won't be, but in
06:00retrospect, right, all the majority of
06:03Animes and Mangas always end badly, right? And
06:06the longer it goes on, the more difficult it is
06:08to find an ending that convinces a whole
06:09rift, a giant like this, that everyone already
06:11has their own conception of. what One Piece is about,
06:13I think the difference every time is
06:14that he knows how to at least romanticize
06:15some endings. It's true, he does it very
06:18well. He works well, that's different
06:20from some other authors who have that
06:22abrupt ending or who end up messing up
06:24at the end like that, man. They looked at the
06:27dove M old man
06:29they laughed
06:32maybe that was what was there man
06:37straight talk I opened the treasure Then he
06:41says this Roger Rio then so and so reads
06:45Rio then everyone laughed
06:47this laughing thing
06:50but he cries the xax didn't go there, right There's
06:54a theory I found it interesting I
06:56find it difficult but there is a theory about the
06:58metafixion in the One Piece treasure and when Roger
07:02got there he found a comic It
07:08looks like a cartoon character
07:10Because there is the comic that tells the
07:13story of Nica and how the fruits
07:14were born of people's desire Maybe
07:17people wanted a Savior so much
07:18in that period that imagine the area
07:20they wished it would never be real and then where
07:22the fruit appeared and the other person has a Bunker
07:24he can do that then he just has a
07:26Bank in his house and it stays locked 10
07:28years is complicated, I don't know, having
07:29plastic surgery on your face is complicated,
07:32old people who go after it, well, buy it,
07:40the manga, let me tell you and this is where
07:42Pokémon was canonized in the
07:45universe by playing Piece Pokémon, how
07:48was it
07:50better than the rest? she was a little
07:52lost and said, what is this, you can
07:53capture the kings of the sea, explain it to the
07:55people, what was the other person's comment
07:57and what was the real meaning
08:03? there's a Monkey
08:06Ball Hmm, that's good
08:14at the end of Naruto, right? He did it like
08:16that pretty cover, really cool, man,
08:18it was really cool and Man, I'm seeing
08:21things here that we have to
08:22ask him, right, bro, let's
08:24work on reality Do you think that Does the
08:26Dragon have a password for the
08:29wind That's what you think it's not
08:31confirmed It's not confirmed but for
08:32me it's normal
08:34because the only fruit that's missing is
08:36an element
08:41there's a storm there's wind rolling it could
08:44be some mythical mockery of a
08:46deity it could be but it's missing look like the fruit
08:48of the wind and nothing better than delivering
08:50an element to a character so icon
08:53literally the guy's ship flame wind
08:55grass wind grass
08:57What do you think Dragon was
08:59doing there to save luff do you
09:00think he was kind of freaking out
09:01Following along begins the journey that
09:03happened there and that's the beginning, right, what
09:07happened that he was passing through
09:08there when his son was going to lose his
09:10head I think he was visiting
09:12because of Roger's execution
09:15But he was also visiting the
09:17surroundings, right, so much so that he saved the
09:19frog there, he has a connection with
09:21Cunha's father because he stayed in Vila da
09:24Coelha too, I think it was the house he
09:27got there, I
09:29understand and bro,
09:31when the luff, they're going to cut off the frog's head.
09:34Luffy and there's all that drama from the
09:35Manga Anime to connect gold
09:38Roger as if luff gold Roger
09:40thought it was me knocking something over
09:42and there's this whole issue there Luffy is About
09:45to Die, lightning comes and save the light it
09:48wasn't the enel obviously man
09:54or destiny itself
09:57I like to believe that it is
09:59destiny itself because luck is also on the side
10:03that intervened there, bro, the strength of
10:06luff's dream is so great that
10:08nature saved it, Dino's name, Dino's
10:11name bro said don't wait, this is a
10:14type of di he has a connection or is it the
10:19dream that doesn't die and Lu was chosen
10:23to make the dream come true do you think
10:25Dragon's reward is Where do
10:27I like it more I think the biggest biggest
10:30in Series 5 and a half for luff to be
10:35like you said, right,
10:38Dragon himself, he's not a pirate. So
10:41I think luff still has a reward,
10:43Roger's brand, it would be, but it would still be quite
10:45emblematic, but Dragon might have
10:47a reward, I don't know. 10 billion would be
10:51because it would go very quickly, right?
10:54With the biggest reward in the world of One
10:56Piece, it's double that given to Luffy and Lau and
10:59Kid, right? Because if you go and see
11:02Whitebeard who died two years ago, he
11:05's kind of here with no reward. he
11:07stood still now the Dragon he's been attacking for 25 years
11:09The world government has been constantly
11:13commenting on this, right
11:24? having a bad reward, right bro, it would be
11:26interesting, I think he looks less
11:28than Xax, man, he's the most mysterious,
11:31even older, I just don't think he's
11:33more mysterious than Xanx, because the
11:35shakes instigate curiosity, so it's a
11:39mystery. It seems like it gets bigger, but the
11:41We already know the fruit, no, he doesn't,
11:43their appearances are very casual, right,
11:46so in the newspaper, he never leaves any secrets
11:49of mystery when he appears,
11:52right, he trained, you know, so he appeared there
11:55fighting, so he's there in the newspaper, it
11:56seems like a wind to say something about
11:58Luffy, now the Xan, if the checks don't
12:01show up, you know, he's always going to visit
12:03Grossei in some mysterious place. It also
12:06has a simply
12:08destroying impact on Whitebeard's life.
12:21right, like
12:24absurd nonsense and he turns around and says are you, are
12:28you going to get on my ship like this
12:30and says I can't be unprotected
12:32he takes a big booty, it
12:35's an American glass, an American glass from
12:39Boteco, right, a cocktail like that because the
12:42whitebeard, our truth, right? The
12:45Nurses the size of his biceps
12:46here and the boy there he is the son
12:49of Whitebeard or he is a clone of
12:51Whitebeard and I think he is a
12:53bad clone, he doesn't have the power of
12:55Whitebeard at his peak, right? that would swing
12:57can have physical strength physical strength
13:06can be crazy that you are
13:08crazy it's because I like doing
13:09anime battles and I like trying to
13:12equalize the powers I have to
13:14transform here chakra farmhouse in which and
13:16the One Piece fans bro, they're a little
13:22because here are advantages Ok, chakra is
13:25Vital energy, but we have to
13:28create some concept to be able to create
13:29a battle between, you know, between the
13:31characters there, but fan of One clue, bro,
13:33the guys are there that I don't like very much.
13:35others because I'm waiting
13:38but I don't like it I have
13:40n't seen people saying that Luffy
13:43in this form here is stronger than Goku, man
13:44we passed by the guys stamping their feet
13:47saying that he's stronger than
13:49crazy, that's because he has Oh I'll ask this
13:51question so do you think Luke guide
13:53five his power is the same cartoon
13:59Force I think it was a homage
14:01self-face is a homage his power is
14:04the power of Imagination
14:06how much he imagines he can do
14:08he can become it's the power of
14:10Freedom that uses I wanted to put it but Tom
14:14Force, I think it was a surreal tribute
14:16that the other guy ended up putting here because
14:17he took
14:19an animation style from the 20s,
14:21early 1900s called Rubber Rose,
14:24those little Mickey animations from the
14:26beginning with the articulating character, you know,
14:28the little arm, he picked this up and brought
14:32things that people like that to the present day,
14:35he wanted to pay homage to the beginning of animation
14:38and it was really cool, man, I have
14:40a theory for myself that when this
14:42is animated, it won't be a big deal here,
14:45everyone I wish he would turn into
14:47Tonhonho there will be a sound effect there will be
14:50this and man we as fans of One Piece
14:52we will defend this until
14:54his death I already hope this
14:59too much man I hope this too much in terms of morals do
15:03you think this won't happen
15:04? I doubt it, old man, it's going to happen,
15:06don't you think so, but Luffy's power, he
15:09ended up saying that he is practically
15:11limited because the more he laughs, the
15:13stronger he gets, wow, it's bizarre, so the
15:15more the more Freedom
15:17he has, the more crazy things he does and
15:19the more the more he does it the more he laughs so
15:22you see how his power is
15:24limited because of how much he looks like
15:26every anime the more pissed off the
15:28protagonist is the more nervous the more power
15:30the other turned around and said no mine is the
15:32more he is having more fun
15:34this is wonderful man this is
15:37awesome That's it
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1. What are the theories and speculation about Monkey D. Dragon's powers and connections?

The video discusses various theories and speculation about Monkey D. Dragon's powers and connections, exploring the potential abilities and affiliations of the enigmatic character.

2. How are Luffy and Dragon potentially rewarded?

The video delves into the potential rewards for both Luffy and Dragon, examining the possible benefits and gains for the characters in the future storyline.

3. What role does imagination and freedom play in relation to Luffy's abilities?

The video highlights the power of imagination and freedom in relation to Luffy's abilities, showcasing the significance of these elements in shaping Luffy's powers and character development.

4. What are the key discussions regarding Monkey D. Dragon's powers and influence?

The video provides insights into the key discussions surrounding Monkey D. Dragon's powers and influence, shedding light on the speculated impact of his abilities on the One Piece storyline.

5. How does the video explore the potential connections between Luffy and Monkey D. Dragon?

The video delves into the potential connections between Luffy and Monkey D. Dragon, unraveling the speculated ties and implications of their relationship within the One Piece narrative.

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