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The video discusses the controversial theory of Project Bluebeam, a plan to manipulate the masses through staged events such as fake UFO invasions and mind control technology, leading to the establishment of a New World Order. It explores the background and feasibility of such a complex, large-scale operation and raises doubts about its potential success in today's connected world. Despite the intriguing speculation, it offers a skeptical view of the practicality and plausibility of Project Bluebeam's implementation.
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Project Bluebeam is a program aimed at manipulating the minds of the masses to bring about a new world order.
The program involves dissolving borders between nations, dismantling religions, and turning technology against us.
False flag operations like global pandemics, strange weather events, and UFO sightings are used to distract the population.
Project Bluebeam was outlined in a book released by a journalist named Serge Monast in 1994.
Project Blue Beam aims to discredit religious doctrines by causing a crisis of faith and merging all world religions into one.
New discoveries at strategically placed locations will challenge religious interpretations.
Artificially created earthquakes through mining, fracking, and induced seismicity are part of the plan.
Phase two involves projecting 3D holographic images and sounds from satellites to seduce people into believing in a new God.
The ultimate goal is to merge all deities from different religions into one and reveal explanations of mysteries and revelations.
Project Blue Beam is described as a plan to control people's thoughts using electromagnetic radiation, with steps including using ELF, VLF, and LF waves to make individuals believe their own God is speaking to them, and creating a fake disaster or crisis to unite the world in fear and accept a One World Government.
5G, garage door openers, Bluetooth devices, and even microwave ovens all use radio waves.
Project Blue Beam aims to control thoughts through electronically augmented two-way communication.
The fourth step of Project Blue Beam involves staging a fake UFO invasion to terrify the world.
Project Blue Beam plans to stage a fake alien invasion using advanced technology and special effects to induce fear and convince people to comply with the New World Order.
The plan involves using movies and TV shows to get the public used to the idea of an alien invasion.
Military jets have already fired missiles at UFOs, and the next step is for the UFOs to start firing back.
The staged alien attack will be blamed on extraterrestrial beings and used as a pretext for countries to disarm and accept the New World Order.
Project Blue Beam will also use other programs to terrify the world's population into compliance, including convincing Christians that the Rapture is happening.
The theory of Project Blue Beam suggests that NASA is planning a fake Alien Invasion using holographic technology to create a new world order, but this theory is unlikely to be true.
Project Blue Beam suggests a fake Alien Invasion using holographic technology to create a new world order.
The theory includes the setup of earthquakes at precise locations to explain the wrong meaning of major religions.
This theory is unlikely to be true as earthquakes cannot be created discreetly and eliminating religion has been tried throughout history but has never worked.
Mind control technology, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and brain computer interfaces (BCIs), exists and continues to evolve.
TMS uses magnetic fields to stimulate activity in specific areas of the brain.
BCIs allow people to control computers using their thoughts.
Electroconvulsive stimulation (ECS) is used to treat chronic depression and is also used on fighter pilots to enhance their performance.
Project Bluebeam could potentially use ECS on the entire world's population to control behavior, but it would require a tremendous amount of electricity.
Faking an alien attack for Project Bluebeam would only require a story and a compliant media to spread it.
Project Blue Beam is unlikely to work due to the technical expertise and global connectedness of people today.
The plot of a 1991 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called "Devil's Due" involved an alien using technology to convince a planet that she is God.
Project Blue Beam, which is often associated with a worldwide conspiracy, is likely based on this science fiction episode.
The success of Project Blue Beam would require an army of regular people with technical expertise to create an illusion and deceive billions of people.
The elites may have power and money, but they cannot achieve their goals without the support of the general population.
00:01your world is not as it seems everything
00:04you know to be true is a lie hidden
00:07behind the facade of our everyday lives
00:08is a secret and Powerful organization
00:11with a dangerous agenda to manipulate
00:13the minds of the masses and Usher in a
00:16new world order they call this program
00:18project bluebeam if the program is
00:20successful we won't see it coming
00:22borders between nations will be
00:24dissolved all religions will be
00:26dismantled and Technology will be turned
00:28against us the architects of project
00:30bluebeam will distract us with false
00:32flag operations like Global pandemics
00:35strange weather events and news reports
00:37of UFOs being shot down all over the
00:40world what's frightening is the general
00:42population will go along with Project
00:44Blue beam willingly without resistance
00:46even more frightening it's already begun
00:55was a mysterious and controversial
00:57figure born in Quebec in 1945 he was an
01:00investigative journalist who became
01:02weary of the direction in which society
01:04was headed he believed that there was a
01:06secret cabal of powerful Elites who were
01:08controlling the World Behind the Scenes
01:10in other words the Illuminati oh really
01:13did he also believe what is wet disguise
01:16blue and nfts are a scam of course you
01:18believe in the Illuminati is this a
01:20tinfoil hat in my head or am I just
01:22happy to see you I don't think that's
01:24how that saying goes how many of these
01:27stupid shows have we done well a little
01:28over a hundred but I don't think they're
01:29stupid you know all this time you think
01:31some of my knowledge
01:33now Rubble off on you well now you're
01:34being let me speak slowly so even a
01:36human can understand the Illuminati uh
01:41surgeman asked was determined to expose
01:43these Elites even when his life was in
01:45danger in 1994 he released his book
01:48project bluebeam which outlines the plan
01:51to create a one world government and a
01:53new world order project bluebeam was
01:55conceived during the Cold War the United
01:57States and the Soviet Union were
01:59spending vast amounts of money and
02:00resources on technology to gain the
02:03upper hand no idea was off the table now
02:05publicly the superpowers were building
02:07tanks and planes and nuclear weapons but
02:10privately they were experimenting with
02:12mind control and psychic Warfare
02:14obviously Research into mind control
02:15wasn't new the most well-known research
02:18is probably the cia's MK Ultra program
02:20which began in 1953 but Project Blue
02:23beam is a dramatic step forward while
02:25programs like MK Ultra use drugs for
02:28mind control project bluebeam uses
02:30technology so instead of being run by
02:32the CIA bluebeam is controlled by NASA
02:35under the direction of the United
02:36Nations project bluebeam is a four-step
02:39plan that uses a combination of advanced
02:41techno technology and psychological
02:43manipulation to create an illusion so
02:45convincing that no one can distinguish
02:47reality from the illusion
02:50we must remember that the New Age
02:52religion is the very foundation for the
02:54new world government without which the
02:56dictatorship is completely impossible
02:58that is why the bluebeam project is so
03:01important to them but has been so well
03:03hidden until now replacing every
03:06religion on Earth with a new single
03:08religion would not be an easy task in
03:10order to succeed project bluebeam would
03:12have to create weather events and
03:14man-made earthquakes it would need to
03:16replace all the world's currencies with
03:18a single electronic currency it would
03:20need to use Holograms augmented reality
03:22and artificial intelligence it would
03:25need a way to plant fake news stories
03:26and propaganda and distribute those to
03:29the masses directly circumventing all
03:31news media and elected officials when
03:34Serge manast exposed project bluebeam
03:36these Technologies just didn't exist yet
03:38but now they do
03:45was convinced that NASA and the United
03:48Nations were behind project bluebeam a
03:50Sinister four-step program to establish
03:52a new world order this would be
03:54implemented through advanced mind
03:56control and top secret technology in the
03:58first stage of the project we'll see a
04:00breakdown of all archaeological
04:02knowledge this is done by creating
04:04artificial earthquakes these earthquakes
04:06would be at strategically placed
04:08locations around the globe at these
04:10locations new discoveries will be made
04:12that will show that religions have been
04:14misunderstood and misinterpreted for
04:16centuries this would allow science to
04:19discredit all religious doctrines look
04:21at the Dead Sea Scrolls for hundreds of
04:23years the Bible was thought to be
04:25complete then in 1947 a Shepherd finds
04:28some clay jars in a cave suddenly there
04:30are new religious texts like the book of
04:32jubilees the wisdom of Solomon and the
04:34Book of Tobit this discovery didn't
04:36fundamentally change religion but it did
04:38cause Scholars to think what else are we
04:40missing project bluebeam capitalizes on
04:43that kind of doubt it's designed to
04:45cause a crisis of faith for every Jew
04:47Christian Muslim and Buddhist people in
04:50crisis will be more likely to accept the
04:53New Age religion as for earthquakes
04:54these can be artificially created by
04:57mining or fracking in the right location
04:59there's also research being done on
05:01creating earthquakes with sound waves
05:03this is called induced seismicity and
05:06the frequency and severity of
05:07earthquakes has been increasing over the
05:09past 20 years phase two of project
05:11bluebeam is what Manassas called the
05:13space show 3D holographic images and
05:16sounds will be projected from a network
05:18of satellites these satellites will use
05:20lasers to project images down to earth
05:22these images will be designed to seduce
05:25people into believing in a new God
05:26Holograms and augmented reality is
05:29getting better and better every year
05:31this video surfaced out of China and it
05:34looks like their city is floating in the
05:36Clouds of course we can't verify if the
05:39video is real or not but we have seen
05:41things like this before the image scene
05:44and language heard will be different in
05:46different parts of the world according
05:47to what religion is most dominant in the
05:49area then all the different deities from
05:52all the world's religions will merge
05:54into one
05:55then the projections of Jesus Muhammad
05:57Buddha and Krishna will merge into one
06:00and explanations of mysteries and
06:02Revelations will be disclosed this one
06:05God will in fact be the Antichrist who
06:08will explain that the various scriptures
06:10had been misunderstood and
06:12misinterpreted and that the religions of
06:14old are responsible for turning brother
06:16against brother a nation against Nation
06:18therefore old religions must be
06:21abolished to make way for the new age
06:23new world religion representing the one
06:26God Antichrist they see before them
06:29now earthquakes and religious artifacts
06:31will be enough to convert some people to
06:33this new religion giant deities
06:35appearing and then converging into one
06:37Antichrist will convert a lot more
06:38people but these Technologies won't work
06:41on everybody non-religious people will
06:43be terrified sure but they won't
06:45suddenly believe in God based on a
06:46hologram no matter how real it looks to
06:49get the entire planet to adopt a new
06:51religion and a one world government
06:52people need to come to this decision
06:54themselves if seeing a hologram of the
06:57message isn't enough project bluebeam
06:59will broadcast the message directly into
07:01our brains and that technology is
07:04available everywhere in the world right
07:09now we can see a new world coming into
07:13a world in which there is the very real
07:16Prospect of a new world order we have
07:19before us the opportunity to forge for
07:22ourselves and for future Generations a
07:25new world order
07:27the goal of project bluebeam is to get
07:29the entire planet to adopt a single
07:31religion and then a single government
07:32and this will happen in four steps step
07:35one is to use artificial earthquakes and
07:37archaeological discoveries to discredit
07:39existing religions step two is through
07:41Holograms augmented reality and AI to
07:44make people believe that a new God has
07:46arrived to replace all existing Gods
07:48step three is mind control using
07:51microwaves so they put secret messages
07:54in popcorn and Frozen Guinness no not
07:56microwave ovens microwaves are small
07:58radio waves oh these electromagnetic
08:01waves are all around us all the time
08:03they're in the air they move through our
08:04homes through our bodies through
08:06everything all cell phones use
08:08microwaves the frequencies are typically
08:10between 800 and 2200 megahertz 5G
08:13operates between 28 and 39 gigahertz
08:16don't have a cell phone doesn't matter
08:18baby monitors garage door openers
08:20Bluetooth devices the Wi-Fi in your home
08:23all use radio waves RFID tags wireless
08:26earbuds remote control toys MRI machines
08:29and yes even microwave ovens we are
08:32constantly swimming in electromagnetic
08:34radiation there's no way to escape it
08:36you'll have much protection from a tin
08:37foil hit not nearly enough two team foil
08:40hits Please can I
08:42step three of Project Blue beam seizes
08:45control of the full EM spectrum and uses
08:47it to control our very thoughts
08:49the third step in the bluebeam project
08:51uses electronically augmented two-way
08:55communication where elf vlf and LF waves
08:59will reach each person from within his
09:01or her own mind convincing each of them
09:03that their own God is speaking to them
09:06from the very depths of their own soul
09:08such Rays from satellites are fed from
09:11the memories of computers that have
09:13stored massive data about every human on
09:16earth and their languages the Rays will
09:18then interlace with their natural
09:20thinking to form what we call the fuse
09:22artificial thought that kind of
09:24Technology goes into the 1970s 1980s and
09:281990s research where the human brain has
09:31been compared to a computer information
09:33is set in processed integrated and then
09:36a response is formulated and acted upon
09:40we already have technology like
09:41neurolink where the mind can control a
09:44machine project bluebeam lets a machine
09:46control the Mind step four is the most
09:49Insidious of all it describes how
09:51project bluebeam will create a fake
09:53disaster or crisis that will bring the
09:55world together but not through hope or
09:57through peace the world will come
09:59together for fear this event will be so
10:02frightening that people will no longer
10:03care about their religion or their
10:05National or cultural identity they'll be
10:07so scared that they won't resist the One
10:09World Government they'll Beg For It
10:10manasse gave a specific example of what
10:13project bluebeam would use to terrify
10:15the world and it may already be
10:16happening project bluebeam would stage a
10:19fake invasion of UFOs
10:24this morning questions after more
10:26unidentified objects are discovered over
10:29U.S and Canadian airspace for dramatic
10:31new details about the unidentified
10:33objects shot down by fighter jets they
10:35didn't have propulsion they weren't
10:37being maneuvered it was basically
10:38they've been being driven uh by the by
10:41the wind unidentified objects shot down
10:44by U.S fighter jets over the weekend
10:46three objects over three days can't work
10:49out exactly how they fly and they won't
10:51rule out the fact that they might even
10:53be extraterrestrial for the third time
10:55in as many days the U.S had spotted and
10:59shot down an unidentified object what is
11:02going on here with what seemed like a
11:04deluge of potential incursions what are
11:07these objects where are they coming from
11:09what is their purpose
11:12Serge benass said the fourth step in
11:14project bluebeam would be what he called
11:16a universal Supernatural manifestation
11:18with electronic means in other words a
11:21false flag attack one is to make mankind
11:24believe that an alien invasion is about
11:27to occur at every major city on earth in
11:30order to provoke each major Nation to
11:31use its nuclear weapons in order to
11:33strike badak the United Nations Court
11:36will require that all nations which
11:38launched nuclear weapons disarm when the
11:41invasion is shown to be false and how
11:43will the United Nations know that the
11:45invasion was false it will have
11:47stationed of course
11:48now it's hard not to notice what's been
11:50happening with UFOs or uaps over the
11:53last few years for my entire life UFOs
11:56were considered a fringe idea then
11:58whistleblowers like Bob Lazar started to
12:00emerge who claimed to have worked on
12:02UFOs at area 51. then we got reports
12:04from Navy pilots who claimed to see UFOs
12:06then we saw a video then the government
12:09acknowledged that not only do UFOs exist
12:11but they don't have any idea what they
12:13are since then their reports and images
12:16and video of objects in the skies all
12:18over the world as I record this the
12:21United States has shot down four
12:22unidentified objects in the span of
12:24About a Week according to project
12:26bluebeam this quickening of events is
12:28all intentional it started with movies
12:30like 2001 A Space Odyssey and
12:33Independence Day and television shows
12:35like Star Trek these were to get the
12:36public use to the idea that it was just
12:39a matter of time before science fiction
12:40became science fact a few decades later
12:43military jets are firing missiles at
12:45UFOs and the news is reporting on it it
12:48would seem that the next logical step is
12:50for the UFOs to start firing back now
12:53obviously there's no military on Earth
12:54that can defeat such advanced technology
12:56so they'll deploy the most destructive
12:58weapons they have nuclear weapons in the
13:01aftermath The Architects of project
13:03bluebeam will reveal that the alien
13:05attack was staged then after watching
13:08their cities burn the people of Earth
13:10will be outraged and demand that all
13:12countries disarm all according to plan
13:14again when project bluebeam is
13:16implemented the world's population won't
13:19resist the New World Order they'll
13:21demand it for their own protection and
13:23by the time they realize what they've
13:24done it'll be too late
13:31this is what needs to be done in order
13:33to actuate this false flag operation
13:36that will involve the Abduction of
13:38citizens so as to Foster an illusion
13:41that this Earth is facing an
13:43extraterrestrial Invasion use of
13:46experimental drugs holographic
13:48projection capabilities directed Energy
13:52Technologies I'll get into that in a
13:53moment induced auditory input
13:56experimental aircraft or that's just a
13:59euphemism for man-made UFOs and special
14:02effects costuming and stagecraft
14:07in addition to staging a fake Alien
14:10Invasion project bluebeam will Implement
14:12other programs to terrify the world's
14:14population into compliance one of these
14:17is a plot to convince Christians that
14:19the Rapture is happening and for those
14:20who don't know the Rapture is pretty
14:22strong by Blondie no and out comes a man
14:25from us and you try to run but he's got
14:28a gun and he shoots you dead and it eats
14:30your head ninja in a man from as you go
14:33out at night eating cause you eat cattle
14:36eggs Lincoln stew Mercury's and Subarus
14:39and you don't stop stop and you don't
14:41stop stop okay okay sheesh what a grouch
14:44the Rapture is a term used by some
14:46Christians to describe an event that
14:48happens at the end of the world where
14:50Jesus returns to Earth to take all of
14:52his followers to heaven now project
14:54bluebeam will stage a divine
14:55intervention from Jesus to help save
14:58Humanity from the Alien Invasion also
15:00during this time electronic waves will
15:03be transmitted over every wire on Earth
15:05and these waves will induce psychosis in
15:07large number of people this will cause a
15:09wave of violence so severe that the
15:11population will be ready to re-establish
15:13peace at any cost even at the expense of
15:16personal freedom Serge benass said The
15:18Architects will phase out cash and
15:20National currencies replacing them with
15:22a single electronic currency this sounds
15:25a lot like Bitcoin a Bitcoin was created
15:27by Satoshi Nakamoto but nobody knows who
15:30that is it could be one person or a
15:32group of people or it could be the
15:34Illuminati right nobody knows project
15:37bluebeam has four specific goals abolish
15:40religion abolish pride in one's country
15:43dissolve the family in favor of the
15:45state and Destroy individual creativity
15:48if you don't see these things happening
15:50now you're not paying attention as you
15:52would expect surgeman asked ruffled a
15:54lot of feathers when he revealed project
15:56bluebeam to the world he claimed he was
15:58being watched and followed in fact in
16:01September 1996 his two homeschooled
16:03children were taken from him and made
16:05Wards of the state so they could receive
16:07a public education run by the government
16:10yep he never saw them again on December
16:134th 1996 Serge menast was arrested for
16:16spreading misinformation he was
16:18questioned and spent the night in jail
16:20the next day he was found dead in his
16:22apartment even though he was in perfect
16:24health the official report is he died of
16:27a heart attack at the age of 51. and so
16:29sergeman asked the man who refused to be
16:31silenced was finally silenced after all
16:38the idea of project bluebeam suggests
16:40that NASA is planning to create a fake
16:42Alien Invasion using holographic
16:44technology the theory suggests that the
16:46purpose of this event is to frighten the
16:48world's population to make it easier to
16:50create a new world order under a One
16:52World Government
16:54but is it true well there's no way to
16:56fully debunk a theory like this because
16:58anything happening behind the scenes is
17:00presumably still behind the scenes but
17:02let me give you the complete picture so
17:04you can make up your own mind according
17:06to manast Step One is in his words the
17:09setup of earthquakes at certain precise
17:10locations of the planet were supposedly
17:13new discoveries will suddenly explain
17:15the wrong meaning of all major religions
17:17basic doctrines and yes earthquakes can
17:20be created but they can't be created
17:22discreetly you need large teams of
17:24people and huge equipment there's no way
17:26to do this and go unnoticed so let's
17:28discount that as for convincing people
17:31to give up their faith good luck with
17:33that trying to eliminate religion has
17:35been tried over and over again
17:37throughout history and it's never worked
17:38ancient Rome tried to eliminate
17:40Christianity by persecuting Christians
17:42instead of destroying it it became the
17:44largest religion on the planet the
17:46Soviet Union tried to eliminate religion
17:48which the government saw as an obstacle
17:50to the Socialist Utopia socialist Utopia
17:54isn't actually [ __ ] communist China
17:56tried the same thing in the 1960s and
17:5870s these governments closed places of
18:01worship and destroyed religious
18:02artifacts they arrested and sometimes
18:05executed religious leaders from all
18:07faiths these governments believed that
18:09religion was a relic of the past that
18:11needed to be destroyed in order to
18:13create a modern rational Society now if
18:15you pay attention you can even see this
18:17type of thinking creeping into modern
18:19media past died
18:23kill it if you have to
18:25the past is dead
18:28we either move forward or we die with it
18:31but none of this worked people simply
18:33worshiped in secret project bluebeam
18:36wanted to break down the traditional
18:37family and make all people loyal to the
18:39state first this too can be seen in
18:41modern media but there is no person no
18:44government and no movie studio powerful
18:46enough to overcome the strength of Faith
18:48and family it fails every time now step
18:51two is using Holograms to project the
18:53image of a new God and convince people
18:55to worship a new Antichrist the
18:58technology to make that kind of hologram
18:59convincing enough just doesn't exist now
19:02for a few years there have been videos
19:04floating around the internet showing
19:06very realistic Holograms as a way to
19:08support the existence of project
19:09bluebeam none of these are real these
19:12are nothing more than CGI and augmented
19:14reality now AR allows users to see 3D
19:18objects in the physical world but only
19:20through a device like a smartphone or a
19:22television so when you see videos like
19:24this we see the animals in the shot
19:27through the camera the people in the
19:28shot don't see them but those aren't
19:30Holograms a hologram is an object that
19:33can be seen floating in space by an
19:35observer without a camera but Holograms
19:37need a substrate or a medium meaning the
19:40light has to be projected into something
19:42usually this is done using layered glass
19:44or plastic and even good Holograms don't
19:47look very good a fun 3D technique that
19:50always fascinated to me has been around
19:52for 200 years it's called Pepper's ghost
19:55after John Henry pepper who popularized
19:57it the effect is created using a sheet
19:59of glass placed at an angle between the
20:01viewer and the object the object is
20:04projected onto the glass using a hidden
20:06projector this effect has been used very
20:08effectively to simulate live
20:09performances of dead musicians Tupac
20:12wrapped on stage with Snoop Dogg at
20:14Coachella Michael Jackson performed at
20:16the Billboard Music Awards Roy Orbison
20:18Buddy Holly and Whitney Houston all went
20:21on tour and played the sold out crowds
20:23but view these projections at the wrong
20:25angle or in a bright room the illusion
20:27is broken you're not going to fool
20:29billions of people using any of these
20:31techniques but that's where step three
20:33comes in mind control using advanced
20:35technology project bluebeam will
20:37convince us that what we're seeing is
20:39real now it's terrifying to say but this
20:42technology actually exists
20:48after World War II at the start of the
20:50Cold War the Us and other countries
20:52researched mind control Technologies for
20:54military and intelligence purposes the
20:57most notorious is the cia's MK Ultra
20:59program which used drugs and hypnosis on
21:01people many against their will that
21:04program was eventually shut down amid
21:06public outrage allegedly shut down right
21:09now mind control technology has
21:11continued to evolve transcranial
21:13magnetic stimulation or TMS uses
21:16magnetic fields to stimulate activity in
21:19specific areas of the brain and TMS has
21:21been used to treat mental health
21:22conditions such as depression and
21:24anxiety brain computer interfaces or
21:27bcis allow people to control computers
21:29using their thoughts you might be
21:31familiar with Elon musk's company
21:33neurolink neurolink uses bcis with the
21:36goal of enhancing people's cognitive
21:37abilities all you have to do is have a
21:39microchip surgically implanted into your
21:42brain oh yeah great idea what could
21:44possibly go wrong
21:46electroconvulsive stimulation or east TS
21:48is a medical treatment that involves
21:50sending electrical impulses into the
21:52brain to induce a brief seizure this
21:54kind of reboots the brain and is used to
21:56treat chronic depression and other
21:58mental illnesses the military uses ECS
22:01on fighter pilots to increase their
22:02performance you can even buy these
22:04devices online or build them yourself
22:06but I don't recommend that because
22:08scientists don't really know how it
22:10works yet they just know that it does so
22:13in theory project bluebeam could use ECS
22:16on the entire world's population to
22:18control our Behavior but that would need
22:20a tremendous amount of electricity and
22:22wouldn't be very discreet finally step
22:24four of project bluebeam is faking an
22:26alien attack this actually wouldn't be
22:28hard to do all you really need is a
22:30story and a compliant media to tell it
22:32well we have that we do news agencies no
22:36longer challenge politicians that they
22:37agree with now that's dangerous because
22:40boss flag operations do happen in 1962
22:43the United States Department of Defense
22:45proposed operation Northwoods the plan
22:48and called for the shooting down of the
22:50U.S civilian aircraft attacks on U.S
22:52bases and the staging of attacks on U.S
22:55cities all to create the illusion that
22:57America was being attacked by Cuba
22:59President Kennedy rejected the idea but
23:01if it went forward the U.S would have
23:03secretly attacked its own citizens in
23:061964 the United States Destroyer USS
23:09Maddox was attacked twice in the Gulf of
23:11Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam the U.S
23:13immediately escalated its involvement in
23:16the Vietnam War but the second attack on
23:18the Maddox it never happened the United
23:20States would see 50 000 soldiers killed
23:23and over 300 000 wounded in a losing War
23:27based partially on lies told by the
23:29United States government now all
23:31governments have carried out false flag
23:32operations throughout history faking a
23:35UFO attack wouldn't be that difficult at
23:37least not on a small scale let me ask
23:39you those UFOs that were shot down by
23:41the U.S has anyone seen the wreckage
23:43maybe by the time you're watching this
23:45there will be a logical explanation for
23:47what happened and but as of now nobody
23:50really knows and if the US government
23:52knows it isn't talking as the surgeman
23:54asked death he did die the very next day
23:57after being detained by authorities now
23:59that could be a coincidence but it's a
24:01story we hear all too often with
24:03whistleblowers now that's disturbing
24:05because often the only thing standing
24:07between a conspiracy theory and the
24:09truth is one Brave whistleblower and
24:12that's why even though I believe there
24:13are many elements of project bluebeam
24:15that are true the entire story probably
24:18isn't surgeman asked often referred to
24:20Star Trek as a way of getting people
24:22ready to accept project bluebeam now
24:24this is interesting because a few months
24:26before he released his book a biography
24:28on Gene rodberry was released the guy
24:31who created Star Trek yep that guy and
24:34in the book was the plot of an
24:36unreleased Star Trek movie that
24:37Roddenberry wrote the movie was called
24:39the God thing the plot of the movie was
24:41how an alien convinces everyone on Earth
24:43that it's a god using technology in 1991
24:47an episode of stars Trek the Next
24:48Generation was released called Devil's
24:50Due the plot was about an alien using
24:53technology to convince a planet that
24:55she's God so she can enslave the
24:57population she uses mind control and
24:59Holograms to do this oh so when did this
25:02cat release his blue book about 18
25:05months after the episode aired oh right
25:07project bluebeam sounds like science
25:09fiction because it was probably based on
25:11science fiction but even if it wasn't I
25:14don't think project bluebeam could work
25:15on us not today when we're also
25:17connected and information moves so
25:19quickly around the world you couldn't
25:21pull off a worldwide conspiracy like
25:23this without an army of people
25:24supporting it an army of Regular People
25:27Like Us just think of the technical
25:29expertise required the number of
25:31computer Engineers Carpenters
25:33electricians here's what I want you to
25:35do go to Bilderberg or Davos or Bohemian
25:38Grove and ask any of those super wealthy
25:40Elites what the IP and TCP stands for
25:43Internet Protocol ask them how far apart
25:46you should space your studs when framing
25:47wall 16 on Santa ask them what wires are
25:51hot in Romex Electrical cable red and
25:53black the elites may run the world but
25:55they can't do anything not without us so
25:58they're going to convince an army of
26:00people to create an illusion to fool
26:02billions into accepting a new world
26:03order the elites are going to turn
26:05entire armies of soldiers against their
26:08neighbors against their children it
26:10can't be done and the elites they know
26:13it they know they can push us but only
26:15so far they know they can control us but
26:18not all of us not at once because like I
26:21said no matter how much money you have
26:22or how much power you'll never have more
26:25power than family and faith and Faith
26:27doesn't just mean religion I'm not a
26:29religious person but I still have faith
26:31I have faith in my friends and my
26:33neighbors I have faith in you I have
26:35faith that when tyranny arrives you'll
26:38resist and I'll join you we'll resist
26:40tyranny with words and if words aren't
26:42enough we'll use violence just like our
26:45grandfathers did when they stormed the
26:46beach at Normandy and just like a
26:48million Farmers did 250 years ago to
26:51liberate their country from a tyrannical
26:53King the elites know this and that's why
26:56they fear us they have money and they
26:58have power but we have something they
27:00don't have
27:01we have each other
27:06thank you so much for hanging out with
27:07us today my name is AJ that's Echo fish
27:10this has been the Y files if you had fun
27:12or learned anything do me a favor and
27:13like subscribe comment and share yeah
27:15stuff really helps us out it does and
27:18like most topics we cover on this
27:19channel today's topic was recommended by
27:21you so if there's a story you'd like to
27:23see or learn more about go to the tips and huge thanks to our
27:27patrons who keep this channel going I'm
27:29grateful for your kindness and for your
27:31support and if you want to be part of
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27:41convince people to buy Heckle fish mugs
27:43and t-shirts well I hope they buy the
27:45stuff because they want to yeah make
27:46them think they want to okay you're
27:48scaring me now that's gonna do it until
27:51next time be safe be kind know that you
27:54are appreciated
28:06thank you
28:34thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Project Bluebeam and how does it manipulate the masses?

Project Bluebeam is a controversial theory about a plan to manipulate the masses through staged events such as fake UFO invasions and mind control technology. It seeks to establish a New World Order by creating a global crisis and offering a solution that serves the interests of those in power.

2. What is the background of Project Bluebeam?

The background of Project Bluebeam involves speculation about government involvement, advanced technology, and the potential use of psychological tactics to control public perception. It raises questions about the feasibility and ethical implications of such a large-scale operation.

3. How practical and feasible is the implementation of Project Bluebeam in today's world?

The practicality and feasibility of implementing Project Bluebeam in today's connected world are doubtful. With advanced communication technologies and widespread access to information, it raises skepticism about the success of such a manipulation plan on a global scale.

4. What are the doubts and skepticism surrounding Project Bluebeam?

There are doubts and skepticism regarding the potential success of Project Bluebeam due to the awareness and interconnectedness of today's society. The plan's ability to manipulate the masses and control public perception is questionable, considering the diverse sources of information and the ability of individuals to critically analyze events.

5. What is the viewpoint on the plausibility of Project Bluebeam's implementation?

Despite the intriguing speculation, a skeptical view exists regarding the plausibility of Project Bluebeam's implementation. The complexity and ethical considerations, coupled with the connectedness of today's world, raise doubts about the practicality of such a large-scale manipulation plan.

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