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Ally Kostial, a student at the University of Mississippi, was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend after a tumultuous relationship. The investigation revealed that the suspect, Brandon Theesfeld, was the last person to see Ally alive and evidence from her phone confirmed his involvement in the crime. The motive behind the murder remains unclear, but the incident highlights the devastating consequences of a toxic relationship.
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Ally Kostial, a 21-year-old student at Mississippi State University, was tragically killed in Oxford, Mississippi.
Investigators were initially puzzled by the lack of evidence and the well-behaved nature of the victim.
The primary suspect in the case was another student with a hidden agenda.
Oxford, Mississippi is a small town with a population of about 25,000 and is mainly known for the University of Mississippi.
The university has a high acceptance rate and relatively low tuition, making it an attractive choice for students like Ally.
Ally was drawn to Brandon, despite warnings from friends, and their relationship started in Fort Worth, Texas before continuing at the University of Mississippi.
Ally dreamed of attending university and meeting her future husband there.
Ally fell for Brandon, but the feelings were not mutual.
Ally was warned about Brandon by friends, but she was blinded by his presence.
Brandon was popular among guys but had a reputation for being a terrible person among women.
Ally's relationship with Brandon was tumultuous, with him constantly flaking on plans and not showing up.
Ally believed she and Brandon were exclusive and dating, but her family later revealed she was mistaken.
Brandon never made an effort to meet Ally's friends and family.
The relationship reached a breaking point when Ally revealed she might be pregnant, causing tension between them.
Ally Kostial was found dead at a fishing camp after being shot multiple times, shortly after arriving with Brandon, who had shown up for their planned meeting.
Surveillance footage showed Ally at a bar before taking an Uber home alone.
Ally and Brandon drove to the fishing camp, drinking White Claws and eating junk food along the way.
Shots were heard around the same time they arrived at the fishing camp.
Ally was found lying face down on the ground with her purse, two cans of White Claw, and a bag of snacks nearby.
Police traced the suspect's movements using his cell phone data and found evidence linking him to the crime.
The suspect initially lied about his whereabouts and left the state without informing the police.
Police tracked the suspect down and arrested him after issuing a BOLO for his truck.
A weapon matching the one used in the crime was found in the suspect's truck.
The police obtained access to the victim's phone records and discovered evidence linking the suspect to the crime through her location data, fitness data, and text messages.
Ally's strange pregnancy test and her attendance at the bar on the night of the crime suggest that she may have known she wasn't pregnant, but was willing to do anything to be with Brandon.
Ally never took a follow-up pregnancy test to confirm if she was pregnant.
Her attendance at the bar and the presence of White Claws indicate that she knew she shouldn't be drinking if she was pregnant.
Brandon's refusal to have a talk with Ally and his handwritten note accepting responsibility for his actions suggest that he was unwilling to face the consequences of their relationship.
00:06Ally Kostial was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but had always dreamed of attending school
00:11at the University of Mississippi.
00:13When she was finally given this chance, in her eyes, life couldn’t have gotten much
00:18better… but then, things changed.
00:22Investigators say that there weren’t any clues or evidence that could’ve tipped off
00:26Ally’s friends before her life was tragically cut short on that warm July afternoon.
00:31Detectives who arrived at the scene of the crime couldn’t understand how anyone could
00:34have done such a thing to such a well-behaved, easy going student.
00:39But that’s when they honed in on their primary suspect - another student who had a secret
00:43agenda no one could’ve ever seen coming.
00:56Ally Kostial was 21-years-old in 2019, attending Mississippi State University in Oxford, Mississippi.
01:03Oxford, Mississippi is a relatively small town.
01:06There isn’t a whole lot going on there.
01:08I was there just a couple weeks ago and, best I could tell, it was a town that didn’t
01:12have much to offer outside of a few restaurants and outdoor stores like Tractor Supply.
01:17With a population of about 25,000, it's a quaint little town, very quiet, and certainly
01:23a great place for College Students to live, as there’s only so much trouble you can
01:27get into in such a small, lazy town.
01:30The University of Mississippi is really the main draw for the town, and I think it’s
01:34safe to assume that the college is likely where the town gets most of its money as well.
01:39The university has an acceptance rate of around 90%, but the reason most people go here is
01:44likely because its tuition is relatively low, compared to other, similar schools.
01:49And with a graduation rate of about 65%, it fits right in line with schools that may cost
01:5510 times as much, while offering what is essentially the exact same education.
02:00This is likely why Ally Kostial was so determined to attend the University of Mississippi - a
02:05great school, a great price, and - usually - great people.
02:09Ally was attending college with the plans of graduating with a degree in marketing.
02:13She was scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2020 - much sooner than many of her friends
02:18and peers, as she’d been attending summer school on top of her regular college courses.
02:23Ally had dreams of getting a job in the fashion industry in some capacity, though she never
02:27revealed specifically what type of fashion marketing job she’d been hoping for - at
02:32least not publicly.
02:34Ally didn’t just attend the University of Mississippi though - she wasn’t just a run
02:38of the mill student.
02:39She had a fierce passion that few people will ever match.
02:43Ally had helped found the Alpha Phi sorority and was even the president of the school’s
02:47golf club.
02:48If this weren’t enough, in her free time, she would also help teach fitness classes
02:52in the area as well.
02:53I don’t know how she managed to find time to do all these things, but with summer school
02:58stacked on top of all this, it’s pretty clear that Ally was a very busy person - but
03:03she always made sure to save time for her friends and family.
03:06Her mother recalled Ally’s dreams of attending the university and said that she didn’t
03:10only have plans of carving a great career for herself, but she also dreamed of meeting
03:15her future husband at the school.
03:17Ally felt confident that she’d be able to find a suitable partner and settle down with
03:21an honest man by the time she graduated.
03:23In the fall of 2016, Ally believed she’d finally met this man when she ran across Brandon
03:30Theesfeld, a student that she fell head over heels for… but unfortunately, these feelings
03:36weren’t mutual.
03:37Ally’s friends say that they did their best to warn her about Brandon, but she was blinded
03:42by his presence.
03:44For whatever reason, Ally was drawn to him with a magnetic intensity, she just couldn’t
03:48keep him off her mind.
03:49But unfortunately, these feelings were far from mutual, but Ally couldn’t let him go.
03:55Over the course of the next few years, Ally would learn a lot about herself, after realizing
03:59how low she’d be willing to go to keep Brandon around.
04:03An Unexpected Fling
04:08Oddly enough, Ally didn’t actually meet Brandon Theesfeld while the two were on campus.
04:13She actually met him in Fort Worth, Texas back in 2016, but quickly learned that he
04:18was a student at the University of MIssissippi.
04:21For Ally, this likely seemed like the stars were finally aligning and their relationship
04:25was meant to be.
04:26But tragically, this simply wasn’t true.
04:29Now, at the time, Ally certainly didn’t know this.
04:32But everyone around her knew exactly the type of person Brandon really was.
04:37Brandon was a part of the in-crowd.
04:39He was popular from the very beginning, at least with the other guys his age.
04:43As far as women, well, as soon as women got to know him, they’d often go running the
04:48other way - but that wasn’t true for Ally.
04:50She couldn’t get enough.
04:52According to various friends and acquaintances, Brandon was, well, a terrible person.
04:58Now, I don’t go around throwing insults like this very often, but I’m serious.
05:02Brandon was the very definition of a piece of human garbage.
05:06All of Ally’s friends recall him as being a total tool.
05:09All he ever talked about was his father’s money and how he could do whatever he wanted
05:13because his dad would always bail him out.
05:15It didn’t matter if what Brandon was doing was illegal or simply immoral, he’d do whatever
05:20he wanted, all the time, always, no matter who he hurt in the process.
05:24One of Ally’s friends spoke about Brandon and, while this friend wished to remain anonymous,
05:29she described Brandon as a “pig”.
05:31She said that he would use his family’s money to do whatever he wanted and that he’d
05:35have six different girls with him at one time, sitting back and laughing at them.
05:39She ended her remarks about Brandon by describing him as “super misogynistic”.
05:45Other friends recalled Brandon in a similar fashion.
05:47They said that he was raised as a “daddy’s boy” and that he had no regard for women
05:53He viewed them as little more than property to be played with.
05:56One friend recalled that he would constantly badger every female he came into contact with
06:00in the dorms.
06:01He’d hang out with them, get what he wanted out of them, and then move on to the next
06:06Unfortunately, this seems to have been the case with Ally as well.
06:10Ally was deeply infatuated by Brandon.
06:12In the early stages of their relationship, Ally was under the impression that the two
06:16were exclusive and that they had started dating.
06:19But according to Ally’s family, she couldn’t have been more wrong.
06:23Ally’s mother recalled Ally coming home from college one day and announcing that she’d
06:27met a boy, specifically, a boy from Texas.
06:30Her mother says that, for whatever reason, Ally was always interested in Texas and the
06:34people from Texas.
06:36So when she met a boy who came from one of her favorite places, she couldn’t have been
06:40Ally initially described Brandon as nothing more than a “crush”, but it soon became
06:44clear that the two were far more than that.
06:47Maddy Norris, one of Ally’s closest friends, says that she never even met Brandon.
06:52According to Maddy, Brandon always had better things to do than meet Ally’s friends and
06:57Maddy would later describe the relationship between Ally and Brandon as “on and off
07:01again”, but for Ally, Brandon was the only person she could think about.
07:06Ally’s friends say that she was repeatedly crushed by Brandon.
07:10She would constantly make plans with him, then he would never show up.
07:13She’d invite friends over to meet him, but he’d disappear just hours before the meet
07:18She’d schedule dates or phone calls, but he was never around.
07:21This all reached a breaking point in the summer of 2019.
07:24By this point, Ally and Brandon had been involved with one another on some level for about 3
07:30But then Ally dropped a bombshell on Brandon.
07:33She sent him a text message and announced that she may be pregnant.
07:37She also sent a photo, showing a pregnancy test result that came back as “inconclusive.”
07:41At this point, Ally was a senior in college, planning to graduate in just a few short months
07:47the following Spring.
07:49She revealed her possible pregnancy to Brandon on the 14th of June, at around 10:15 pm.
07:54While Brandon always did his best to dip and run whenever Ally reached out to him, this
07:59time was different.
08:00He responded almost immediately by saying that she should just take the Plan B pill
08:04and move on with her life.
08:06He added that he had no plans to keep a child, saying quote, “I do not want a kid at all.”
08:12Just two minutes later, this was followed by another text that read, “I am serious,
08:16no kid at all.
08:17It will ruin my life.
08:19I will not help at all.”
08:21Immediately after these texts, Ally set up a time to meet with Brandon about the supposed
08:26pregnancy, but he never showed up - go figure.
08:29She scheduled multiple follow up meetings as well, but he didn’t show up to a single
08:32one of them.
08:33He would always concoct some sort of excuse and claim he was busy or had other plans or
08:37simply forgot.
08:38It wouldn’t be until July of that year that Brandon would finally get around to meeting
08:43with Ally.
08:44But he didn’t plan on simply meeting up with her.
08:47He had much bigger plans, and a much darker secret.
08:52The Crime
08:56Ally and Brandon had once again made plans to meet up on the evening of July 19th, 2019.
09:02At this point, Ally was expected to have been about three months pregnant, but interestingly,
09:07police found surveillance footage from that night showing that she’d been at a bar.
09:11She got an Uber after leaving the bar and was driven home alone - suggesting she’d
09:15likely been drinking.
09:17This took place at 11:52 pm.
09:19Just a couple hours later, at 1:28am, believe it or not, Brandon actually showed up for
09:24their planned meeting.
09:26He picked up Ally and the two drove down to a fishing camp at Sardis Lake.
09:31According to photos that were taken at the scene of the crime, the two had been drinking
09:34White Claws and eating junk food throughout their drive to the fishing camp.
09:38Mind you - this was taking place while the two were operating under the assumption that
09:42Ally was pregnant - and for anyone who may not be aware, White Claws are alcoholic, and
09:47junk food isn’t great for a baby either.
09:49The two arrived at the fishing camp around 2:15am, and according to those who lived nearby,
09:54around this same time, a series of shots rang out in the night.
09:58A woman who was walking her dog reported hearing the shots between 2:15 and 2:30 am - pretty
10:04much the exact same time that Brandon and Ally would have arrived.
10:08By 10:30 am that same morning, a police officer was passing through the area while conducting
10:13his routine patrols of the camp… and that’s when he came across a crime scene.
10:19Based on the crime scene photos and the police officers testimony, when he arrived at the
10:23camp, he found Ally lying face down on the ground.
10:26Nearby, he found her purse, two cans of White Claw, and the aforementioned bag of snacks.
10:31There was also a jacket placed on a nearby picnic table.
10:35When he approached Ally, it became clear that she had lost her life after being hit by multiple
10:40rounds at a somewhat close range.
10:42The officer stated that, upon closer inspection, Ally had been hit a total of 9 times, though
10:4811 shell casings were found nearby, leaving two rounds unaccounted for.
10:52The investigator said that, in all his years in the service, he’d never seen someone
10:57be hit so many times before.
11:00As soon as police confirmed the identity of Ally, they immediately got to work on the
11:04case, interviewing her closest friends and family members.
11:07In particular, they were interested in the testimony of Ally’s friends.
11:11After speaking with multiple friends and acquaintances, detectives quickly noticed that there was
11:16one name that repeatedly came up in conversation - Brandon Theesfeld.
11:21Brandon was a difficult person to track down, but police were eventually able to get in
11:26touch with him and they asked him to come in for questioning - they didn’t reveal
11:30that he was a suspect as far as I can tell, they purely explained that they wanted to
11:34hear his testimony from the night of the crime.
11:36But Brandon treated the police in the same way that he treated all the women in his life
11:41- with blatant disrespect.
11:44He told the officers on at least three occasions that he would meet them at a specific location
11:48at a specific time, but he never showed up.
11:52Once he lied on this third occasion, police got much more serious and spoke with a judge
11:57and requested to obtain a warrant for his arrest, as well as gain access to his cell
12:01phone data.
12:02The judge granted this request, and police began to trace Brandon’s movements by using
12:06his cell phone.
12:08They quickly learned that he wasn’t even in the state of Mississippi any longer.
12:12He’d packed his bags and was heading toward Tennessee without ever notifying them.
12:16Needless to say, this wasn’t going to fly, so police tracked him down after issuing a
12:21BOLO for his truck - an $80,000 Ford F150 that he’d purchased, once again, with daddy’s
12:28About two hours after issuing the BOLO, Brandon was arrested in Memphis.
12:33As soon as police searched Brandon’s truck, things got so much worse for him.
12:37They found a 40 caliber weapon that he’d been hiding, a weapon that matched the one
12:42used at the scene of the crime.
12:44Brandon was immediately extradited back to Mississippi, but believe it or not, things
12:48would only get worse from here.
12:52The Investigation
12:55When police were doing their best to tie Brandon to the scene of the crime, they requested
13:01access to Ally’s phone records.
13:03While they had obviously found the weapon that was used in the crime, they didn’t
13:06have any sort of motive - and without a motive, it would be a bit more difficult for a jury
13:11to find Brandon guilty.
13:13Well, it wouldn’t take long for them to uncover a mountain of evidence that simply
13:17couldn’t be ignored.
13:18When they began looking through Ally’s Apple Watch and iPhone, they were able to use her
13:22location data, her fitness data, and her text messages to paint a remarkably clear picture
13:27of when the crime took place, how it played out, and what role Brandon had played in things.
13:33They were able to confirm via Apple iMessage that Brandon was the last person to have seen
13:38Ally on the night she disappeared.
13:40Not only this, but they were able to match their location data to the exact same location
13:45at the exact same time.
13:47But then came the most damning evidence of all.
13:50When looking at the contents of Ally’s text messages, they learned that, for three months,
13:54Ally had been leading Brandon to believe that she was pregnant and that the baby was his.
13:59Brandon, naturally terrified, refused to do the right thing and just meet up with Ally
14:04to talk it over and figure out what role she wanted him to play in all of this.
14:08Brandon, pretty clearly, didn’t want a child.
14:11But Ally continued to push him to talk about the possibilities.
14:15In the end, Brandon made a rash decision that would change the history of his community
14:20Police were able to prove that Brandon, terrified of quote “ruining his life”, decided to
14:25claim Ally’s life, and the life of her unborn baby… or did he?
14:30Well, yes, he did claim the life of Ally.
14:34But a shocking revelation was announced when an autopsy was conducted on Ally’s body
14:39- she wasn’t pregnant, nor was there any indication that she had been at any point
14:43in the recent past.
14:45So what was with the strange pregnancy test that she showed to Brandon?
14:49Well, who even knows.
14:51There are a million reasons why a pregnancy test could come back inconclusive, but it
14:55seems that Ally was riding this train for as long as she possibly could, just hoping
15:00for a meeting with Brandon.
15:02But here’s the thing - we have no way of knowing if Ally knew she wasn’t pregnant.
15:06We have no way of knowing if she really was just stringing him along.
15:10But what I find really odd is that, for the three months that she believed she *might*
15:14have been pregnant, she never bothered taking a follow-up pregnancy test to confirm one
15:19way or the other.
15:20But the most crucial piece of evidence, in my book, that proves that she knew she wasn’t
15:25pregnant, was her attendance at the bar that night and the White Claws found at the scene
15:29of the crime.
15:30Ally was a smart girl.
15:32She almost certainly knew that, if she was pregnant, she shouldn’t be drinking.
15:37To me, this seems to allude to the idea that Ally may have been so deeply in love with
15:41Brandon that she was willing to do almost anything just to get a few moments alone with
15:45him and try to hash things out, but Brandon was just too much of a coward to face the
15:50possible consequences of his actions and just sit down and have a talk with her.
15:55And the thing that bothers me most is that, if Brandon had half a brain, he could’ve
15:59pieced all this together as well.
16:01But instead, he decided to put an end, not only to their relationship, but to an entire
16:07Ally had been working so hard to get her degree so she could begin her dream career.
16:12She’d tried so hard to love someone and begin a life with someone…
16:16but unfortunately, it was someone who just couldn’t love her back.
16:20Ally had everything going for her, but this moronic monster stole all of that and more.
16:27After Brandon’s arrest, police came across a handwritten note in which Brandon accepted
16:31responsibility for his actions.
16:33The note was addressed to his parents, and he explained that he was sorry for what he
16:37had done, and sorry for the pain he had caused them.
16:40He explained that he had been having dark thoughts for quite some time - years leading
16:43up to the crime.
16:45He said that he couldn’t explain where these thoughts had come from, but that he had finally
16:49acted on them and deeply regretted these actions.
16:52At the end of it all, Brandon was sentenced to life in prison, with a possibility of parole
16:57once he turned 65 years old.
16:58It would seem that, at long last, Brandon had finally committed a crime that his dad
17:04couldn’t bail him out of.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What happened to Ally Kostial?

Ally Kostial, a student at the University of Mississippi, was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend after a tumultuous relationship.

2. Who was the suspect in Ally Kostial's case?

The suspect in Ally Kostial's case was Brandon Theesfeld, her ex-boyfriend who was the last person to see Ally alive.

3. What evidence confirmed Brandon Theesfeld's involvement in the crime?

Evidence from Ally Kostial's phone confirmed Brandon Theesfeld's involvement in the crime.

4. What was the motive behind Ally Kostial's murder?

The motive behind Ally Kostial's murder remains unclear, highlighting the devastating consequences of a toxic relationship.

5. What does the tragic incident involving Ally Kostial emphasize?

The tragic incident involving Ally Kostial emphasizes the devastating consequences of a toxic relationship.

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