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The video compares the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches, highlighting the differences in display size, weight, and battery life. It also mentions the various exercise modes and health tracking features of both watches, as well as their connectivity options. The conclusion is that the choice between the two depends on individual preferences and needs.
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The Amazfit T-Rex Pro has a longer battery life compared to the T-Rex 2 and uses dual band positioning for better GPS accuracy.
T-Rex Pro has a battery life of 18 days in smartwatch mode, while T-Rex 2 lasts for 9 hours.
T-Rex Pro uses dual band positioning for more accurate GPS tracking.
Both models provide detailed workout information, including distance, calories, and heart rate.
T-Rex 2 offers 158 exercise modes, while T-Rex Pro has around 100 modes, including cycling and swimming.
The video discusses the differences between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and T-Rex Pro, including new features and sensor updates.
The T-Rex 2 has a new functionality available on some devices like the GA.MA Fênix and Forner 945.
The T-Rex Pro offers sensor updates related to health, including blood oxygen levels.
Depending on individual needs and preferences, it may be worth upgrading to the new equipment.
00:00You're watching this video because
00:01you're looking for a very complete, robust watch at
00:04a very affordable price,
00:06so at half-sulfite t-rex pro And also
00:10the t-rex two are great options, I'm going to
00:13make a small comparison here, they also
00:15highlighted the points that are more
00:17relevant and to Furthermore, at the end
00:19to give my opinion, either of the two
00:21makes more sense, before that I want to
00:23say that I will not go into much
00:25detail about this equipment,
00:26so I invite you to visit the link
00:28that has detailed information, everything is there
00:31here in the description but I want to say
00:32that every week there are new videos
00:35about technology on this channel, which is very
00:37focused on running, if you want to follow along,
00:39don't forget to subscribe and to
00:40find out a little earlier that I'm
00:42adjusting, go to Instagram, that's where I
00:44missed it this information to facilitate
00:45this comparison I will put four
00:48categories which are the
00:49characteristics navigation
00:51functionalities and health without a doubt that
00:54Mind Fit has presented great
00:56equipment and in this case we are
00:57talking about something very robust and both
01:00have passed 15 military tests inside,
01:04ok here is a guarantee of safety and
01:06also of robustness, although they have
01:08more aggressive lines, they can
01:10maintain an Amoled display and with a
01:12touchscreen, already in size there is
01:14a small difference here in this case your
01:17ex 2D 1.39 compared to the t-rex
01:20pro of a point 3 In terms of
01:24resolution, Uncle F2 ends up being
01:26superior and also when we are
01:28exercising outside, at least in the test I
01:30did, I believe it would appear a
01:32little more visible when the sun is
01:34fully on the clock compared
01:36to weight for what they offer they even
01:38end up being quite light we are
01:39talking about a difference of
01:40approximately 6 grams in which the t-rex
01:43two has 66.5 and in this case the t-rex pro
01:48has 59 grams and now let's go through the
01:51autonomy where there yes there are big
01:53differences we are talking about the t-rex two
01:55we get about 24 days in
01:58smartwatch mode with everything we use it more
02:01intensively it is about 10 days and if
02:05we use the GPS mode
02:08continuously we get approximately 58
02:11hours that have passed in the direct pro
02:13there are some differences we are
02:15talking about a smartwatch mode 18 days
02:18a more intense use is just a
02:20moment one hour compared to the
02:22most recent model that is 9 hours
02:24and then 40 hours with the use of
02:27GPS attention I always like to fight for
02:30this point which, depending on your type of
02:32use, will have a direct impact on
02:34autonomy, so it can have
02:36very different values ​​since I just shared it.
02:43This is superior
02:45because it uses dual band positioning. In
02:47other words, it makes a connection here like
02:50satellites, in this case the t-rex pro also
02:53ends up having a
02:55very interesting component here, a combination of
02:57several satellites. At
03:02this point, I recommend that you
03:04request even the most detailed videos
03:06about each piece of equipment, then I'll share
03:08some maps and it might make perfect sense
03:10for you to understand what I mean
03:12in this case with better precision,
03:14so take that into consideration and now let
03:17's talk about exercise put the
03:19pudding to be these equipment in various
03:22workouts and I can say that they share
03:23all the information we need in
03:25this case the distance pass
03:28information about calories
03:30heart rate even after
03:32exercising much more details and both
03:35actually use the same the application
03:36of this The way you are going to do the analysis is
03:39very similar. Where are
03:41the big differences here? They are related
03:42to the number of modalities that we can
03:44do, because in TRF-2 we can get around
03:47one hundred and fifty-eight,
03:50compared to T-Rex Pro. They are
03:54around 100 modalities, of course,
03:56cycling and swimming are completely
03:58covered. This
04:12means that whatever
04:14exercise you are doing, it will
04:15always collect information
04:17regarding your health, or if you
04:19lose the renewed sensors, we are
04:21talking about the Be Tracker 3.0
04:24compared to the T-Rex Pro, which has
04:26the 2.0. they both record sleep and
04:32again, here it is worth highlighting that they are
04:34strong in their most recent version, in this new
04:36version, also oxygen in the blood and has
04:39the health assessment system, the father
04:41allows you to collect and calibrate all this
04:44data and then it will give you giving a level and
04:46access is related to your
04:48Fitness status in the new version you have an
04:50algorithm that allows you to give information
04:52about your training status, in fact it
04:54will help you prepare more whether for
04:57a test or for training in order to
04:58achieve faster o objective in
05:01terms of charging they are
05:02exactly the same and the connectivity is
05:04done via Bluetooth 5.0 if one of the
05:07colored dots is also the Life Style mode
05:09or receive notifications do
05:12here an integration with the
05:14Smartphone itself to In addition control
05:17the music then both devices There is
05:19this possibility, I want to point out that you
05:21could be running and at this moment
05:22move forward or backward the song
05:24you are listening to, but also make
05:27a connection from here with your WhatsApp email,
05:28these data, obviously, you should not
05:30expect such an interaction here. large
05:33as equipment more focused on this
05:36Optic, therefore, make an answer here,
05:38for example, answering calls that
05:41you won't be able to, however, it ends up being
05:43very complete in this component where
05:45you can obtain notifications and this can
05:47be information, although simple, but
05:48sufficient that you want to have, continue your
05:50pulse two features that Both do not have to
05:53be interesting to have a
05:55number of it in the future is related to
05:56wi-fi and it is also NFC which would be excellent
06:00wireless payment to a
06:01feature that you will only be able to use
06:03on the trf-2 which is related to
06:06navigation, in other words, it will be the
06:08possibility of placing maps and then
06:10saying a car from point a to point b with the
06:13detailed information everything you need
06:15in Real Time, something that at the moment
06:17since I recorded this video is not yet
06:20available but as soon as I have it I
06:23I also want to do a more thorough test
06:25with everything, it's a very important point
06:27only available on top watches like
06:30the 955 Fênix 6 or Fênix ERP, attention,
06:34we're talking here about a
06:35functionality only
06:37available on some devices like the
06:39GA.MA Fênix and in this in the case of the Forner 945
06:431955 among other equipment and now
06:46that I have just highlighted the main
06:48differences let's understand who it is that
06:50gave one makes more sense but
06:52before that I want to talk about those who have
06:55the previous version I am currently
06:57thinking whether it makes sense to make a switch
07:00we don't even have autonomy anymore, we also have
07:03this new functionality that will be
07:05available that
07:06really makes a difference
07:09here, a renewal of the sensors, in this
07:12case also related to health, it's a
07:15point that will completely transform here, it
07:18always depends on the type of use, whether you
07:20're going to continue doing it the exercise that
07:21you do without being too Furious on the Trail or
07:25you want to obtain information related
07:28to the map of the place where you are
07:30exercising if the precision you are
07:32obtaining is enough for you then very
07:34honestly continue with equipment that is
07:36very up to date and that will serve you
07:39here your needs however if
07:41you are going to favor this new function for
07:43me I think it is a really
07:45differentiating point then yes maybe it is worth
07:48making this sale to have these new
07:51features and this update now
07:53you are reaching this market that wants to
07:57look for a new equipment we are
07:59here Talking about a piece, I wouldn't say
08:02fifty percent, but it's
08:05close depending on the discount
08:07you can get, so that could
08:09really have a lot of impact.
08:11The T-Rex Pro continues to make sense in this case. For me, I
08:15still think that It's great
08:30everything it
08:33offers and only available in
08:35other equipment we are talking about, it
08:40even goes into detail about blood oxygen, so many are really
08:42relevant points, if on the other hand you are looking for
08:45something as up to date as possible for
08:48longer, don't try thinking about an
08:50update, then yours ex 2 is an
08:54excellent machine, I really enjoyed
08:56doing this test and I hope to soon be able to power the
08:58state of the soul and this opportunity for
09:01maps, which I think will be very
09:04influential if it works like this, I
09:05think so, yes, the other brands
09:08take care. especially those
09:10more focused on outdoor activities
09:14where having this option is a very
09:17interesting point for the value because it
09:18is This is my opinion, obviously, you
09:21can ask any
09:23questions in the comments that you have to answer
09:25whenever possible and more importantly too If
09:27you want to keep up with the content I
09:28'm always releasing, don't forget
09:29to subscribe to the channel to
09:31always have the data and if you want to know, a
09:33week will be what
09:36I'm sure of.
09:38Now thank me
09:40for having followed me and for following
09:42this channel, I'm already going to strangers, good
09:45luck because of this and see you in the next
09:51and you still receive for two topics that I
09:53talk about with you, the first one, thank you for
09:56really following me until the
09:58end of the videos, all of this content that
10:00I usually share, so
10:02thank you very much and then I want your opinion on
10:04the following I'm thinking about
10:06doing a marathon again this year and what do you
10:11think about me being able to share
10:13this whole process, that is, making a
10:15video here, even much more focused on some
10:17more focused videos on all the work that
10:19needs to be done, we are talking about
10:21training, nutrition and then going
10:24through all the moments that are
10:26necessary until, in this case, the completion
10:29of this hour-long project, which is a
10:31marathon, so tell me if that it makes
10:34sense to share at a more
10:36detailed level than simply a video,
10:38I would say it's almost a series just
10:41so I can understand whether or not it makes sense
10:43to create something more complete to
10:46share with you, so here's
10:48my question, put it in the comments,
10:51hugs and now until the next
10:53video and good training Go train PA
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key differences between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches?

The key differences between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches include display size, weight, and battery life. The T-Rex 2 features a larger display, lighter weight, and longer battery life compared to the T-Rex Pro.

2. What are the exercise modes available in the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches?

Both the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches offer various exercise modes, including running, cycling, swimming, and more. Users can track their workouts and performance with these versatile exercise modes.

3. How do the health tracking features differ between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches?

The health tracking features in the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches provide comprehensive monitoring of heart rate, sleep quality, and stress levels. The T-Rex Pro offers additional health tracking features compared to the T-Rex 2, such as SpO2 measurement and built-in GPS.

4. Are there any differences in connectivity options between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches?

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches offer similar connectivity options, including Bluetooth 5.0 and support for notifications from a paired smartphone. Both watches are compatible with the Amazfit app, allowing users to synchronize and analyze their health and fitness data.

5. How can users decide between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches based on their preferences?

The choice between the Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatches depends on individual preferences and needs. Users seeking a larger display, lighter weight, and longer battery life may prefer the T-Rex 2, while those looking for additional health tracking features and built-in GPS may opt for the T-Rex Pro.

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