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In this video, the YouTuber uses hydrogen peroxide on her feet in a foot care routine and is amazed by the results, as the dry skin and dead skin fall off. Hydrogen peroxide is shown to be versatile in killing bacteria and fungus, and can help with athlete's foot, dead skin cells, and corns. The YouTuber recommends a pedicure foot spa for the best results.
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The video shows the YouTuber using hydrogen peroxide on her feet in a foot care routine.
She adds two pots of water and three percent hydrogen peroxide to her foot spa.
The YouTuber adds a little bit of Castile soap for bubbles.
She soaks her feet for 30 minutes in the foot spa.
Hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill bacteria and fungus on the foot, remove dead skin cells, and help with corns.
The pedicure foot spa maintained the temperature throughout.
The dry skin and dead skin fell off the bottom of the foot after soaking.
Hydrogen peroxide is versatile and can be used for various purposes.
The foot grater and pumice stone are used to remove dead skin and smooth the feet.
The person is using a pumice stone and a grater to smooth out the dry skin on their feet.
They purchased the pumice stone from Walmart for two dollars.
The person finds it easier to remove dry skin when their foot is wet.
They plan to work on the other foot using the grater and pumice stone as well.
The person in the video is happy with the results of using hydrogen peroxide on their feet.
The person's feet are now soft and smooth.
All the dead skin on their feet is gone.
00:00Hey guys!
00:00What's up? It's your girl, Sashie E.
00:02Welcome back to my channel.
00:03So, in today's video, I am going to be  doing another foot care video, you guys.
00:07As you guys know, I love to do  these on my channel because I'm
00:10always looking for new ways to  get my feet soft and smooth.
00:15So, today I will be using hydrogen  peroxide on my feet, you guys.
00:20I was super excited to do this video and  I was absolutely amazed with the results.
00:25So, if you guys want to see how everything  turned out, definitely stay tuned.
00:31Alright guys.
00:32So, first things first,  
00:33I'm going to get started by adding two  pots of water to my pedicure Foot Spa.
00:45So, now I'm adding the three  percent hydrogen peroxide, you guys.
00:48So, I got this from Walmart, it  was very inexpensive - 69 cents.
00:52So, I am winging it as far as  the measurements but you're
00:55supposed to generally use three parts  water to one part hydrogen peroxide.
01:00So, I did go ahead and add just a  little bit of my Castile soap, you
01:05guys, because I did want some bubbles.
01:07I wanted the full spot experience  so I added just a little bit as you
01:11guys can see and as you guys  can see I turned on the machine,
01:14I turned on the vibrations, and the  bubbles and I was good to go, y'all.
01:26So, I'm getting ready to soak my feet.
01:28I did soak my feet for 30 minutes, you guys.
01:31This was super relaxing and you guys  check out my pedicure Foot Spa, y'all.
01:36I love this thing.
01:37I had one previously but it did  not warm and because of that, I
01:43would have to warm the water on  the stove and then pour it in and
01:46then by the time I was done, it  was cold but this one, you guys, it
01:50warmed for me and it maintained  the temperature throughout.
01:53So, if you guys are looking for  a pedicure foot spot, I would
01:55definitely recommend this one.
01:57I'll leave the link down in my description  box so that you guys can check it out.
02:10So, this is my foot you guys fresh out of  the pedicure Foot Spa and look, you guys.
02:17Literally, the dry skin, the dead skin was  falling off the bottom of my foot, you guys.
02:26I've never experienced anything  like this as to where I soaked my
02:30foot or soaked my feet and the  calluses and the dry skin was just
02:35falling off like this, you guys.
02:37So, I was really, really impressed with this.
02:40So, I love the fact that hydrogen  peroxide is such a versatile liquid
02:45that can be used for so many different things.
02:47So, this can be used to really help to  kill bacteria and fungus on your foot.
02:53So, it's good for like athlete's  foot; it's good for helping with
02:57removing dead skin cells from the  bottom of your foot; and it's also
03:01helpful for corns as well, you guys.
03:04So, I'm using the foot grater just  to get as much of that dead skin
03:15off the bottom of my feet as  possible and then I am going to go in
03:19with the pumice stone right after.
03:21This just to smooth it out but  look you guys, look how much dead
03:25skins is in this thing, you guys?
03:28Like, look at all of that dryness.
03:32So, yeah, here's the pumice stone.
03:33I got this from Walmart as well.
03:35It was, I think two dollars and I'm using  that to just smooth out the bottom of my foot.
04:19So, I'm just putting back my feet  into the water and I'm just gonna
04:23get to work on the other foot,  you guys, with the grater and also
04:27with the pumice stone as well.
04:28I just find it to be a little bit  easier when my foot is wet compared to
04:33when it is dry.
04:34It's just a lot easier to get off all  that dry skin from the bottom of my feet.
04:42Alright guys.
06:21So, these are the final results of my feet.
06:23I am absolutely loving the results, you guys.
06:27My feet are super soft super,  smooth, and all of that dead skin is
06:33gone, you guys.
06:34So, I'm absolutely loving it.
06:36If you guys enjoyed this video,  please be sure to give me a thumbs up.
06:39If you guys have any questions,  leave those down below.
06:42Don't forget to subscribe and turn  on your notifications if you guys
06:46enjoy this type of content and I  will see you guys in the next video.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does hydrogen peroxide help with foot care?

Hydrogen peroxide is shown to be versatile in killing bacteria and fungus, and can help with athlete's foot, dead skin cells, and corns. It can be used in a foot care routine to remove dry skin and dead skin cells, resulting in improved foot health.

2. What are the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide in a foot care routine?

Using hydrogen peroxide in a foot care routine can help in killing bacteria and fungus, making it effective in treating conditions like athlete's foot. It also aids in removing dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and healthier feet. Additionally, it can help in managing corns for better foot health.

3. How can hydrogen peroxide be used for foot spa treatments?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in foot spa treatments to effectively remove dry and dead skin cells from the feet, resulting in improved foot health. It can also help in killing bacteria and fungus, making it a versatile solution for foot care, especially in pedicure foot spa routines.

4. What results can be achieved by using hydrogen peroxide on the feet?

Using hydrogen peroxide on the feet in a foot care routine can result in the removal of dry and dead skin cells, leading to smoother and healthier feet. It also helps in killing bacteria and fungus, making it beneficial for conditions like athlete's foot, ultimately improving overall foot health.

5. Why is hydrogen peroxide recommended for foot care?

Hydrogen peroxide is recommended for foot care due to its ability to kill bacteria and fungus, making it effective in addressing issues like athlete's foot. It also aids in removing dead skin cells and managing corns, leading to improved foot health, as recommended by the YouTuber in the video.

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