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Amouranth is a popular streamer who earns $2 million per month, and also owns businesses outside of streaming. She started by running a character company for children's parties and used her social media marketing skills to transition into full-time streaming. She discusses her growth on Twitch, her business mindset, and her thoughts on various topics.
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Amouranth is not only a popular streamer but also a business-savvy entrepreneur with multiple gas stations and Texas real estate.
She used to run a character company for children's birthday parties.
Amouranth has a dream of opening up an animal sanctuary.
The video includes a sponsorship segment for Unbound Merino clothing brand.
Amouranth started out earning $60 an hour for dressing up as a princess, but her pay increased to $75-$80 an hour.
Amouranth got into social media marketing through Facebook and Google advertising.
She realized that social media was the future and decided to go into it full time.
She got the idea to dress up as a princess for parties from seeing other cosplayers in California and Florida.
The business aspect of it came from the fact that it was cheaper for parents to hire a princess for a party than to take their family to Disney.
Amouranth explains the strategies she used to grow on Twitch.
Streaming for as long as possible helps accumulate watch time and get recommended to more people.
The algorithm rewards consistent streaming and accumulating watch time.
The recommendation section and top 10 on category pages are the main ways to get discovered on Twitch.
The streamer discusses the idea of streaming herself sleeping and brainstorming ways to make it more interesting.
The streamer suggests inviting girls over for sleepovers and streaming their activities.
The suggestion of streaming herself sleeping is seen as an untapped opportunity.
Different girls coming over to sleep and hiring people to do random stuff during the night are proposed to make the stream more engaging.
The idea of having special events triggered by donations, like a mariachi band coming in, is mentioned.
The speaker discusses how the availability of porn and platforms like OnlyFans has reduced the need for people to engage in prostitution for money.
Porn and platforms like OnlyFans allow people to make money without having sex with others in person.
The speaker believes that as long as it doesn't interfere with one's job, everything is fine in moderation.
They mention that porn can potentially keep a relationship together by satisfying sexual needs without seeking outside partners.
The speaker doesn't think that porn is the sole reason for infidelity or home-wrecking behavior.
They also discuss addiction and mention that people who are prone to addiction can get addicted to various things like drugs or gambling.
The speaker expresses that they would be comfortable if their daughter chose to pursue the same occupation.
Amouranth is invited to cover a professional football game in Spain and she sees it as an opportunity to expand her brand internationally.
The Spanish streamers are considered celebrities and they get invited to cover professional football games.
Amouranth is the only American invited to cover the game, which she considers a huge honor.
She is training for two hours per session in preparation for the event.
Amouranth used to watch Netflix or shows while streaming, especially during ASMR sessions, sometimes without explicitly telling the chat.
It was done on the side monitor when feeling sleepy.
ASMR doesn't require full focus, allowing multitasking.
She demonstrated ASMR techniques like scratching and whispering.
Female streamers face misogyny from viewers who don't see them as friends or entertainers
Viewers may only see female streamers as an accessory or a source of sexual fantasy
Social media encourages drama, conflict, and disagreements among people
Negative media coverage can glorify violent acts and inspire others to commit them
00:00today we're speaking with one of the
00:01most popular streamers in the world
00:02amaranth even though you might know her
00:04from her hot tub streams or a vice
00:06documentary where she shares her one and
00:08a half million dollar monthly income
00:09behind the scenes she's a business
00:11Savant who owns multiple gas stations
00:13Texas real estate and one day has a
00:15dream of opening up an animal sanctuary
00:17I was running a character company for
00:19children's birthday parties did you own
00:20the company yeah that you did wow I
00:23didn't expect to learn so much about
00:25marketing and business from this but I
00:27did and you will too although before we
00:29go into that Jack I have to say you've
00:30been wearing that shirt non-stop every
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01:43ton thank you so much Unbound Mourinho
01:45and back to the podcast thank you for
01:47having us over you have a beautiful
01:48house thank you you gave us these
01:51chalices yeah these are actually the
01:52prop maker from Game of Thrones these
01:55are the Queen's goblets from King's
01:57Landing beautiful where do you get these
01:59Etsy really yeah they're on Etsy even
02:01this is like so fancy I saw these for
02:03sale at Fred Siegel and they're like 200
02:05each that was Amazon uh a pack of eight
02:09for sixty dollars there we go yeah no
02:11way better very fancy well thank you so
02:13much for having us we've had an amazing
02:15day so far we went to a ranch we saw
02:17horses that was the first time I've ever
02:19pet a horse I think congratulations so
02:22yeah it's really nice you live streamed
02:25which is crazy yeah that was scary that
02:27was horrifying grandma and I were so
02:29nervous about that yeah if you get
02:31killed by the horse it's live that's
02:32true that's true yeah you had a really
02:35nice uh chat though on the stream yeah
02:37they're pretty friendly yeah I wasn't I
02:39wasn't expecting that I was expecting a
02:40whole bunch of just like just angry
02:42comments and like mean remarks but like
02:45I went on there everyone was super nice
02:46and then Alex goes on and I'm reading
02:48the comments everyone was like W Alex go
02:52Alex hi Alex it was really friendly I
02:55wasn't expecting that yeah yeah yeah no
02:57but I had the animal streams that's when
02:58the wholesome people come out really the
03:00degenerates don't care about those
03:01streets they'll come trash talk my game
03:04player okay my bikini or something but
03:06when it comes to animals everyone one's
03:08pretty nice is there like a time of day
03:10thing where in the afternoon like you
03:12get more of like the friendly people
03:13whereas at night you get like the d-gens
03:15morning is way more friendly okay
03:18because Europeans they they're they're a
03:20nicer culture yeah they're a finer breed
03:22of chat do you know yeah so tell us a
03:25bit of your background how did you get
03:26started doing all this well I started in
03:292016. I started doing twitch back then
03:34um because at the time it was already
03:35cosplaying a lot I had like a little bit
03:37of an Instagram following a little bit
03:38of like Facebook deviantART used to be a
03:41like art photography platform I don't
03:43know if you remember that I do back in
03:45the day now no one cares about it but I
03:47had a tiny following there but back then
03:51it wasn't really saturated like it is
03:52now so a small following was still like
03:54whoa you have a thousand followers wow
03:57right now it is though too many people
04:00so twitch was trying to expand their
04:02creative program uh now you might people
04:05watching this now be like wait that was
04:07a thing exactly they stopped hearing
04:08about it pretty fast but they invited
04:10cosplayers to it and they wanted us to
04:13make costumes on live stream in their
04:16creative category and the incentive was
04:19that if you come on and you create
04:21costumes we will lower the amount
04:23required to hit partnership a few counts
04:25because it used to be 500 viewers
04:27concurrent gaming to get partner okay
04:29but with creative it was only 100
04:31concurrent viewers so what's a
04:33partnership do it gives you sub benefits
04:36you get like more of the revenue split
04:38you get emotes and stuff um so basically
04:41you can monetize your Channel at that
04:42point but until then could you could you
04:45monetize it all or it just wasn't as
04:47good only donations got it okay so you
04:49didn't get any sub money no it's not for
04:52a partner yeah really wouldn't that
04:54unincentivize people from like subbing
04:56though well they couldn't subscribe
04:57unless you're oh you couldn't subscribe
04:59right oh wow and now they have an
05:01affiliate program but before there was
05:03no affiliate it was just
05:05partnership or bust basically
05:07interesting yeah okay so that got you
05:09onto twitch yeah and then after they
05:12stopped doing the creative program push
05:14um IRL category started surging up so I
05:17kind of just like switched into that
05:19with my uh partnership already that I
05:22had gotten kind of like on easy street
05:23or whatever because I kind of got in
05:25there before most people could and so
05:27that kind of propelled me forward and
05:29then IRL was just going off which is in
05:31real life people who don't know twitch
05:33and that was when you started having
05:35people doing non-game play activities
05:36like going out kind of like live
05:38vlogging yeah at conventions or
05:40traveling or just talking to people too
05:42to the chat without playing a game was
05:44considered IRL yeah was that common
05:46Before ice Poseidon because he was the
05:49one that kind of introduced me to that
05:50whole like IRL streaming him and was it
05:53Andy Milonakis yeah I think yeah a lot
05:56yeah and we would see him because I used
05:58to work in Sunset Boulevard and I would
06:00see him with the self Museum yeah yeah
06:02because he was walking on Sunset Plaza
06:04and he had this selfie stick with like
06:05like three cameras and like lights
06:07shining on them and he was always like
06:09walking up and down the street and then
06:10you go to like a restaurant and just sit
06:12there and place it down on the table and
06:13it was usually like just him and he'd be
06:15talking to it while ordering Foods wild
06:17yeah but I was but I was always too
06:20afraid to go up and say hi Oh yeah yeah
06:22but you knew who he was I knew yeah oh
06:23yeah he's hard to not recognize right
06:26because people are just like who is this
06:2712 year old out here yeah who was this
06:3040 year old lady yeah I remembered it
06:32from MTV yeah yeah the MTV show so what
06:35were you doing at the time to sustain
06:36yourself or was twitch enough well white
06:38roof for twitch I was running a
06:40character company for children's
06:41birthday parties so like it would be
06:43Disney without saying Disney right the
06:45copyright free terms for Cinderella like
06:48Snow White
06:50else and Anna like frozen you know so
06:53you would dress up like I would dress up
06:55and then I had girls too who would work
06:57for me and that we would all go to
06:59parties and do events and we would Make
07:00A Wish Foundation stuff we would do like
07:02festivals around Houston
07:04um I got to be on like a TLC show The
07:07Little Couple they had a birthday party
07:08and they hired me to be there as the
07:11Snow Queen Elsa
07:12um it was really cool because I got to
07:14throw the first pitch in the Astros game
07:15as Elsa because they had like a mommy
07:17and me day sure so it was really cool
07:19opportunities like that and did that
07:21make good money it was pretty good money
07:23for like a non-social media now we all
07:25of our expectations of what's good money
07:27is completely skewed but back then it
07:28was like 200 for an hour are you sure
07:31that's fantastic
07:32even with social media money I mean
07:34that's still decent right but only on
07:37weekends right but still but like an
07:39actual like you do that like two hours
07:40like 400 a weekend is fantastic yeah it
07:43was crazy good margins too because then
07:45you would get the costume and you could
07:46wear that for like a year two years yeah
07:49right so it was actually incredibly
07:52profitable for the time but the
07:54unfortunate thing is well fortunate for
07:56me not fortunate people who stayed in
07:58the industry things like covid are a big
08:00killer of that industry because then
08:03people just stop having parties for a
08:04year two years three years so that
08:06really sucked but fortunately I made the
08:08switch before covet hits yeah yeah but
08:11it was super fun because I would get to
08:12go to these extravagant parties it would
08:14be like big homes like this sometimes
08:16like in nice neighborhoods and they
08:17would have a carriage waiting for
08:19Cinderella to come in so it's like you
08:20got to be worshiped and get paid
08:22basically what were the kids like when
08:24they hired this out like most of the
08:26kids were nice like respectful oh yeah
08:28most of the kids would listen to you
08:29more than they listen to their parents
08:30they respected the royalty I believe it
08:34wow so how much would the parents spend
08:37on one of those parties like I'd imagine
08:38this is like a 3 000 kids birthday party
08:41oh probably more than that when you get
08:42into like the like the River Oaks
08:44neighborhoods like the really nice
08:45neighborhoods for Houston area like
08:47Jesus this house is alone are probably
08:49like five to ten million dollar range
08:51you can imagine is how much they throw
08:52to kid party I think some of them
08:54honestly cost at least ten thousand
08:56dollars for like a four-year-old's
08:57birthday party that's correct I don't
08:59even remember being four yeah because
09:01they would have multiple princesses they
09:02would have the horse-drawn carriage they
09:04would have a face painter they would
09:05have the bouncy houses they would have
09:06the catering the decorations sometimes
09:09they would bring in a petting zoo oh
09:11it's just like a birthday party a
09:12standard birthday party for the rich
09:14person yes the rich people houses yeah
09:17okay so you were doing that work and
09:19then you switched over to twitch when
09:20did you make that switch what was like
09:21the twitch income versus that income
09:23that you can justify going all in on
09:25Twitch well I was doing both for a bit
09:27um and then I guess I was doing twitch
09:29for about six months so uh beginning of
09:312017 is when I kind of decided that I'm
09:34going to switch from going to the
09:35parties myself to doing the streaming
09:38thing and I'll just send my girls out
09:40so I was still managing it but
09:42um I was training full-time instead did
09:45you own the company yeah that you did
09:47yeah wow yeah and so what would you pay
09:50the other princesses like they would
09:54just pay you a package deal and you'd
09:55pay the people underneath you less yeah
09:57like starting out was like probably 60
10:00an hour and then I'm still pretty good
10:02if you're just like dressing up and then
10:03it would go up to like 75 or 80 an hour
10:06too if that has been with me for
10:07business yeah how did people find you
10:09did you market like that's the thing I
10:12got into it via Facebook advertising a
10:14little bit of Google advertising too
10:16that's actually how I got the idea to
10:18just go full time into social media
10:19because I was already using the skills
10:22of social media marketing with my
10:24business and I was thinking like this is
10:27the future is everything's gonna be
10:29online moving that way if I have this
10:31skill I should just go into social media
10:32full time go straight to the source
10:34rather than just using it to Market a
10:36limited business that can't really grow
10:37Beyond Houston without a bunch of Hassle
10:39and headache thinking about licensing
10:41and where do you get that mindset though
10:43because not everyone thinks like that
10:44like where did that start you have
10:45parents that thought that way it's like
10:47something you saw someone else do that
10:49and you're like that's a good idea I
10:50think I saw it mostly because um I would
10:52be in a lot of these cosplay groups and
10:54a lot of the cosplayers were doing this
10:55kind of thing too but in other states
10:58like California and it would be really
11:01um California was a big one I think
11:02Florida was a big one where the parks
11:04are right but so they would know they
11:06would be able to go to the park frequent
11:07enough to know what the characters look
11:09like know how to model the costumes know
11:10how to act and everything but then be
11:12able to bring that into like a party
11:14atmosphere and it was a very hot Market
11:16because it's so much cheaper for some
11:18parents to hire the princess for 200 an
11:21hour than it is to take their whole
11:22family to Disney for the day you know
11:24and yeah for all their friends but like
11:25the business aspect of it like where do
11:28you get that from
11:29I think were you like that growing up as
11:31a kid no no no no no I I was not at all
11:34I think it was just from watching
11:35observing like seeing how they were
11:37expanding their businesses and like how
11:39they were advertising so I would get
11:40their Facebook advertisements like
11:42suggested I would be like in their
11:44groups actually have groups for it so I
11:46was just watching and observing the
11:47different princess company groups and
11:49seeing how they were advertising and
11:50stuff and then I I tried it myself and I
11:53found it very effective I don't think
11:54it's nearly as effective now Facebook
11:55advertising because they've raised
11:57prices a lot but before I could put like
11:5910 to 50 dollars into a Facebook
12:01advertisement and make like a thousand
12:03dollars in party bookings although
12:05before we go into that guys sorry for
12:07the interruption I do have to say that
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13:37enjoy and now that it's said let's get
13:39back to the podcast have you always been
13:41interested in business
13:42not really no I think it just happened
13:44when I was like going to school for
13:46costuming was looking for money on the
13:48side because eventually my my dream was
13:50to do like Hollywood like costumes you
13:54know for Marvel or for like Lord of the
13:56Rings type stuff so I was kind of just
13:57trying to figure out how do I take my
14:00costuming skills right now and start
14:01making money because I'm not at that
14:03stage in my life and it kind of just
14:05rabbit holed me down into like the
14:08business side of costumes like with
14:10princess stuff and cosplay and then that
14:12led to social media so kind of just all
14:14like piled together unintentionally for
14:16me and I was just watching and observing
14:18and then trying it I was like oh but it
14:20seems to have a normal job
14:22um the most normal was working at the
14:24Opera in ballet making costumes I guess
14:27and then I worked for some other
14:29companies before doing my own princess
14:30company like I was I was just like a
14:33contractor not really an employee but I
14:35would be the performer without owning
14:37the business or owning the costumes and
14:39then I was just like I could run this
14:40this I can make better costumes than
14:42these and they just kind of did it were
14:45you a good student like throughout
14:46middle school high school yeah pretty
14:48good student I would say
14:50um yeah I think High School I was like
14:51all in all the AP classes and then
14:55um for a while I was number one in my
14:57class and then I and then I got lazy and
14:59I dropped a number 20 when I graduated
15:01but it was there was eight there was
15:02like eight to nine hundred kids in the
15:03class so I guess it's still pretty good
15:05why do you get lazy it's very good yeah
15:06yeah what happened there why did you get
15:08lazy a senior yeah really yeah I got
15:10tired of that yeah but there's
15:13operations in high school were to become
15:14a costume maker yeah so it was like this
15:16I realized like none of this matters
15:21just like in One Direction you're like
15:24heading true north and you're like okay
15:25just stop here stop here stop here but
15:27for the most part you kind of like just
15:29like slowly progressed yeah because I
15:32got involved in theater in high school
15:33because first I was like do I want to be
15:35an actress and I was like maybe but I
15:37kind of like the aspect of dressing up
15:39and like the creation behind it so then
15:41I was kind of leaning more towards into
15:42a costume inside of theater did your
15:44parents have any expectations of you of
15:46like you know we want you to be a doctor
15:48or a lawyer or like anything like or
15:49were they like very free that you could
15:51pursue what you felt was best they're
15:53pretty free they just wanted me to
15:55figure it out so at some point I could
15:56stop living under their roof okay they
15:59were not really picky though what I did
16:01um and I think that's
16:03standard for parents who also were not
16:05like particularly High achieving so know
16:07if your parent was like a lawyer or a
16:09doctor had a very successful business
16:10they like have expectations for you but
16:13for my parents my mom was a preschool
16:15teacher for like her whole career and my
16:19worked with computers in I.T but not
16:22like coding or anything crazy like that
16:23just like software testing so it wasn't
16:26like either them were super
16:27entrepreneurial or like super um I guess
16:30educated on like an advanced level with
16:33like doctorates and things like that so
16:35did they ever teach you about money no
16:38not really how did you learn about money
16:40I had to have like a good education even
16:42going through and running your own
16:43business yeah a lot of it was um I had
16:46an uncle who was actually running his
16:49own small businesses not like anything
16:50super big scale but that's kind of how I
16:52got started like learning about the
16:55business side and social media marketing
16:57because he had to do it he was actually
16:58a dog walker but it's like how do you
17:00let people know about that you have to
17:01start it with social media so I would
17:04like listen to him talk about money and
17:05stuff and then I would kind of like do
17:06when I started doing my own business
17:08with the princess stuff I'd have to look
17:10around like on Google and like figure
17:12out things like how to do taxes and
17:14things like that so just like I learned
17:17as I went I didn't have like a formal
17:19education if I just need if I needed to
17:20figure something out I would just Google
17:22it we always uh self-reliant when it
17:25came to that sort of stuff yeah it was
17:27pretty self-reliant I guess because you
17:29know none of my family is particularly
17:31successful yeah so I don't have anyone
17:32to turn to I was just like well let me
17:36just go to Google and YouTube and things
17:37like that and just try to have things
17:39explain to me because for me it's like I
17:41went to school for costume design which
17:43is not also not particularly a good
17:46Avenue for learning anything with
17:48Finance or business related at all so
17:50what do they teach you in costume design
17:52just like what materials to use I feel
17:54like that
17:55maybe this is insensitive maybe I don't
17:58know how much here we go Jack I feel
18:00like look I take one semester right what
18:03materials for what colors for what like
18:06volume like how voluminous you want
18:08something to be that's kind of like
18:10right it wasn't that basic it was more
18:11like it's actually really interesting
18:13because it went through fashion history
18:14so you learn different periods of like
18:18historical fashion like Georgian you
18:20learn like like the Regency period of
18:22Victorian age it's like super
18:24interesting to see how the the fashion
18:27tastes evolved and then it went from
18:29like being very basic like togas and
18:31stuff like with Greece and then it
18:34evolved into let's put a bunch of layers
18:35on and cinch it all up and then it got
18:37very relaxed again in like the 1900s
18:39where do you think we're headed towards
18:41I think honestly I think I think we're
18:43gonna get in like it's not gonna be
18:45wetsuit material like neoprene but I
18:47think it's gonna be like a one suit you
18:49just step in and then you're inside it's
18:50like a it's like a morph morph suit or
18:52whatever I'm like more comfortable like
18:54Nanobots you know where it conforms yeah
18:57and whatever you want it to look like
18:58exactly Perfect Fit yeah and then you
19:00can like yeah it's like super aerated
19:01and breathable and stuff like that yes
19:03yeah I think we're going towards that
19:05honestly I think we're going straight
19:06utility and then people are gonna think
19:07it's cool I was about to say I think
19:09we're going back to the 90s fashion
19:11that's what I was about to say what does
19:12that look like
19:13yeah like in the media future yeah it's
19:16so weird like The Tick Tock kids they
19:18all look like my 90s it's like big wash
19:21jeans yeah the tie dye and like yeah
19:27yeah yeah you know one day we're gonna
19:29go back to the Ed Hardy days where it's
19:31like the shirt designs you know that's
19:32gonna come back
19:34yeah the you know Jewels it's gonna come
19:38back okay
19:41I had the shirts the t-shirts that had
19:43like the design prints on the one side
19:44looking back it's awful yeah what was I
19:47thinking with the baggy jeans yeah
19:48that's a great look man so so let's talk
19:51about the twitch success was your was
19:53your growth linear was it exponential
19:55what methods did you use to grow on
19:57Twitch because I heard we've had a
19:59couple twitch people in here right I
20:01think one of them said like what you
20:03have to do is just stream for as long as
20:05possible because like then people they
20:07like open up the stream and then they
20:09leave or they walk to the you know the
20:10nearby McDonald's or something but their
20:12stream is running like on the computer
20:13what strategies did you use to grow on
20:16Twitch it's a bit complicated because
20:18while that in theory is the best way if
20:20you already have a following
20:22um that was what the algorithm will
20:23reward is you stream you stream you
20:25stream you stream and that will
20:27recommend you to more and more people
20:28because it's you're watched your
20:30accumulating watch time even if you're
20:32not the most watched out of say like two
20:34people together uh so you both stream
20:36five hours just because somebody watches
20:39that person more and the five hours does
20:42not mean they'll get recommended more
20:43because what happens they log off if you
20:44keep going you'll eventually surpass
20:46them so even if you're not as popular
20:48you know with like view count or things
20:50like that as long as you accumulate that
20:52those minutes of watch time it'll build
20:54up in the algorithm will recommend you
20:56more at least that's how it's been
20:57working when I was like really popping
20:58off this year I've been kind of sporadic
21:00I've been moving and boxing and all
21:01these things
21:03um but it's tough because there's no
21:05really discovery on Twitch other than
21:07the recommendation section or like if
21:09you're on a category page people don't
21:11tend to scroll down the category it's
21:13like the top 10 what they can see within
21:15the browser window without scrolling
21:16that's what they pick on because people
21:17are lazy so you actually have to grow on
21:21other platforms more where there is
21:23discoverability like Tick Tock is a
21:24great way now like Twitter Instagram
21:26that's how I agree with Twitter
21:27Instagram and then a little bit of
21:30YouTube but YouTube doesn't isn't like
21:32as easy for me because it's always
21:34changing the algorithm and it'll stop
21:36recommending if you're like too sexy so
21:38so what would you do would you just post
21:39like cosplay stuff stuff and and then
21:42people just found you organically
21:43through those platforms then routed you
21:45towards the the twitch yeah and also my
21:47Facebook cosplay page but eventually I
21:49stopped doing cosplay as much because it
21:51just wasn't as profitable it's actually
21:53it was actually really sad but that's
21:55just the way humans are you would make
21:57this amazing armor piece super accurate
21:59you address about this character and
22:01you'd get maybe like 5 000 likes and
22:04then you dress up in a misty cosplay
22:05which is a tank top and booty shorts
22:07from Walmart that took you five minutes
22:09to put on and it's like 30 000 likes
22:15is most of the appreciation of
22:17cosplaying is that like coming from a
22:19male audience or is it a female audience
22:21is it like the intricacy of the costume
22:24itself or is it just the way it looks
22:26like what is the appeal because I've
22:27personally never been super interested
22:29in cosplaying but I'm trying to
22:30understand like what why people like it
22:32well I think the people that appreciate
22:34the art the most are probably women more
22:37than men because that seems to be like
22:39the type of people who go into it
22:41because it's like wow I'm making this
22:42thing it's so cool it's so crafty look
22:44haha it's so fun but they tend to do it
22:47more because they can monetize it
22:48whereas it's harder for guys to monetize
22:50cosplay so you end up getting just a
22:51bunch of women who are into it mostly
22:52and then
22:54um the audience though who looks at
22:56Women's pictures and likes them and
22:58engages with them typically are men and
23:00the men are going to respond more to the
23:02the sexy character than they are like
23:04the armored up authentic looking World
23:07of Warcraft build right right it just is
23:10you know that is the nature of
23:12sexuality you know so it's tough for
23:15sure have you noticed that
23:18um costumes for Halloween if you look at
23:20Women's costumes it's like sexy uh
23:24and then you look at Men's costumes
23:27banana you know what I mean
23:31yeah yeah funny or scary do you think
23:33that that's kind of
23:35going down the wrong direction because
23:37cosplay is more than about just being
23:40sexy right yeah I think the crafting
23:43part of Cosplay definitely is more about
23:44being making it for the art of it like
23:46if you compete you do like competitions
23:49at conventions it's definitely for the
23:51art of it or if a if you can monetize
23:53like if a gaming company hires you to to
23:55cosplay a new character and like promo
23:58at ad events or on social media then you
24:01can kind of get paid for the art of it
24:02but for the most part you know the best
24:04monetization is always just going to be
24:06the sexy route and so people would start
24:08doing this thing like bikini versions of
24:10characters like they'll just like make
24:12it more sexy character yeah
24:16to me it's like I think I approach it
24:18from a very logical standpoint if your
24:21goal is viewership how do you gain the
24:22most viewership if that's the way to do
24:24it that's the way to do it right it's
24:26like I just look at what works you have
24:27to look at your motives right are you
24:29trying to make the most amount of money
24:30that you can while you're young and then
24:32do whatever you want to enjoy or are you
24:34trying to share your love of the art and
24:36that's all you care about is sharing
24:37that love and finding people who also
24:39resonate if you have other things going
24:40on in your life you don't need it for
24:41money whatever yeah or if you want to
24:43just go the the harder route and
24:45monetize the actual character part
24:47because people will do that they'll just
24:48have a different type of patreon or
24:51whatever or Etsy if they do commissions
24:53themselves or if they do tutorials for
24:55making stuff like it can't be done it's
24:57just typically not as much money as
24:59quickly yeah yeah so it's very it's
25:02perfectly reasonable like to if they
25:03want to do it they can make a lot of
25:05money doing it compared to like a nine
25:06to five yeah but we're not talking about
25:08like Millions a month only fans low
25:11profit margins low times spent like just
25:13like super profitable in that direction
25:16so it just depends what you want yeah so
25:18how long did you think it took for you
25:20to make like six figures like a
25:22six-figure salary on a monthly basis on
25:24Twitch was it like six months a year oh
25:26on Twitch it's harder because on Twitch
25:28it didn't really start getting that to
25:29the six figure mark from twitch alone
25:31until hot to meta that was I think 20 20
25:35one I believe yeah and that kind of
25:39exploded so I think after I crossed like
25:436 000 concurrent viewers or whatever at
25:46the time is when you started getting
25:47into the six figures six thousand
25:49concurrent viewers yeah that's a lot
25:51yeah and I was only hitting the six
25:55um monetarily too because I was
25:57streaming for so long so what was your
25:59schedule like like when did you begin to
26:01realize that like streaming more is
26:03better I started realizing that around I
26:06guess late 2017 2018 because I I've been
26:09streaming like really long since then
26:11because when I first started streaming I
26:13was doing maybe three to five hours at a
26:14time just trying it out playing some
26:16games cosplaying making costumes and
26:19then I Rose it to like eight hours ten
26:22hours 12 hours sometimes I would do like
26:2414 18 hours sometimes I would be on even
26:26longer if I did a sleep stream things
26:28like that could you explain a sleep
26:30stream where you literally sleep on
26:33stream so you're streaming you keep the
26:35camera on while you're sleeping but
26:37it's like a virtual Slumber was it we
26:40should sleep stream tonight I would be
26:42down to sleep stream tonight um we don't
26:44have an audience to stream to yeah we
26:47just post on Instagrams like hey check
26:48out our songs no I want the donations
26:51like I want that we'll stream on YouTube
26:53well they can we just do it on Twitch
26:57I don't want one dude just one dude just
26:59watching us the whole night yeah waiting
27:02for Alex to like hold on to his side
27:04with the same viewer so what's the okay
27:06what's the appeal of sleep streams like
27:07why do people tune into that
27:10um different models because for guys
27:12they typically get more money doing it
27:15because their chat's trying to mess with
27:16them and so their chat will be like
27:18playing react content like they'll be
27:20doing Media Share to try to wake the guy
27:22up or just make each other laugh but
27:24girls chats environments aren't quite as
27:25like haha bumping elbows buddy buddy
27:29they're more like
27:30I don't know what the word is uh sexual
27:32I guess so they'll be like like what if
27:36she starts taking over top right now I
27:38forget she's streaming oh my God if she
27:39forgets she's yeah she could forget
27:41she's like but people are commenting
27:42this yeah stuff like that or like what I
27:44would do to her right now like while
27:46she's sleeping some people are really
27:47creepy and others are like why are you
27:49guys watching this y'all are weird
27:50they're like criticizing each other for
27:52watching it while they're watching it
27:53it's kind of funny so do you get a good
27:55night of sleep when you're sleep
27:56streaming because I feel like I could
27:58just not sleep I do I have this
28:01incredible talent to fall asleep
28:02anywhere regardless of how much light
28:04how much noise how whatever's happening
28:06so I I can get a pretty good night's
28:08sleep I actually used to get more sleep
28:10doing that than why because I would have
28:13chat hit sub goals to let me sleep
28:14longer to justify not being productive
28:17for those hours okay so I would get like
28:2019 hours of sleep and how much would you
28:22make in a sleep stream I don't know it's
28:24hard to quantify that because I never
28:26broke a down like that because it'd just
28:27be one continuous like 24 hour 48 if you
28:30were to just guess I would say probably
28:33uh if you count just on Twitch
28:38I don't know like a couple thousand
28:39dollars but if you count like the
28:41conversions potentially to only fans
28:43yeah while I'm sleeping because they're
28:45clicking on links and whatever
28:47um then maybe like
28:49ten to fifteen thousand that's wild yeah
28:52so why not just do that every night I
28:54would see like 10 grand a night and say
28:56I may as well do this now like I'm not
29:00gonna do it forever but like hey every
29:02single night the scheduling gets
29:05complicated and then also um because I
29:07have photo shoots and stuff I have to do
29:08like the next morning sometimes or if
29:10I'll have sponsorship but couldn't you
29:11just end it when you wake up like wake
29:13up be like all right stream thanks so
29:14much I'm up now
29:16see ya there's an angle potentially
29:20maybe that's a good idea but maybe maybe
29:22I just switched to I only stream my
29:24sleeping and then I enjoy rest of my day
29:26yeah working while you're sleeping has
29:29there been a time though where you've
29:30woken up and forgot that you were
29:32streaming or does that not happen no
29:34it's never happened okay so far
29:36um I don't do it as much I don't know I
29:38feel like if you do it too much it would
29:39become no longer novelty okay but maybe
29:42what I would should do instead is I
29:44should just invite girls over for
29:46sleepovers and we only stream us doing
29:48like getting ready for bed activities
29:50sleepover stuff and then we stop
29:52streaming we wake up then you can call
29:54it sleeping with whoever in the title
29:56yeah genius that's genius
29:58I think if you were to stream yourself
30:00sleeping that's a untapped opportunity
30:02that I think so many people could get on
30:04because you're not doing anything anyway
30:06so you may as well be working while you
30:08sleep I think that's the most useful
30:15over and over sleep stream only like you
30:18started an hour before bed and then you
30:20end it like you know 30 minutes after
30:22you wake up
30:23who's gonna tune into that after like
30:25four times okay so Ram has this idea in
30:28his in his brain he's always been this
30:30way where he's just like do more post
30:32more content it's about the the work and
30:34the volume it works because it's like
30:36it's a treat right it's once in a while
30:38people right like I think that there's
30:40when the doors open you walk through the
30:42that's what I think
30:45but you can leave the door open right
30:49what could work to change it up while
30:52we're sleeping different girls coming
30:53over we're sleeping maybe a higher
30:55people to come in and do random stuff
30:57you know the night yeah so people don't
30:58know yeah like if you get like up to x
31:00amount and donate donations or whatever
31:02like something happens or whatever yeah
31:04like the top donations like a mariachi
31:06band comes through the door yeah yeah
31:07but you have to but you have to have
31:08them on standby I mean that's something
31:10yeah but you're making that kind of car
31:12you're making it
31:16don't think that like people would watch
31:18her every single night if she's just
31:20doing that yeah do you agree yeah I do
31:23okay all right
31:24I think
31:26all right okay if it was with other
31:28people maybe what other kind of like
31:30variety streams would you do
31:34because you you jumped on the the what
31:36was it the hot tub yeah did you come up
31:39with that
31:40no I already been doing like pool
31:43streams but
31:45um one of the girls decided to do like
31:47inflatable hot tub and they were doing
31:49it outside and I then the thing I did
31:52pioneer was moving it inside where you
31:55can control the lighting control the
31:57Wi-Fi control everything you don't have
32:00to can like move ring lights outside and
32:03just like just put it in my room look at
32:05the hot stuff on the ground and then
32:07that's what everybody started copying
32:08that because it is just so much easier
32:10you don't depend on the weather your
32:12ring light's already right there you're
32:13right next to your setup the Wi-Fi is
32:14better how long could you be in the
32:16jacuzzi for
32:19how would you not turn into a prune uh I
32:22would you would I just didn't care was
32:24it painful at all like you because I
32:26would get out like Graham would be
32:28completely devastated I'm just saying
32:31when you're in water for that long your
32:33hands and feet shrivel up to a point
32:35where it's like it could be painful
32:37okay what temperature was the water
32:41was it like a 95. I would start at like
32:43104 when she heated up all the way yeah
32:46then throughout the day it would if okay
32:48you don't want to have it on because
32:49it's really noisy yeah it's like like
32:52the whole time so I would turn it off
32:53when I start the stream and then
32:55throughout the day it would get down to
32:56like 70 degrees oh wow eventually yeah
32:59how much did your numbers go up when you
33:01started doing that I went from like
33:03maybe like anywhere from like four to
33:06five thousand viewers concurrently
33:08before the hot tub to then uh at one
33:11point it was hitting like 20 22k yeah
33:17yes wow yeah it was pretty crazy and so
33:21but how do you one-up that because is
33:24there that pressure where it's like
33:25you're doing that well and you're like
33:27what's next how could I like keep on
33:29this this same path yeah well at the
33:31time the drama aspect was kind of doing
33:36the job for us we didn't really have to
33:37innovate much because people were acting
33:40like it was such a controversial topic
33:42like hot tubs while in the same category
33:45as me that looks so bad to sponsors but
33:47they were like really angry about it
33:49um and so that drama of trying to get
33:51the hot tubs banned people complaining
33:53about it so much online kind of kept the
33:56interest alive for the hot tip sector
33:57because they get viewers coming in be
33:59like what is this thing they're doing
34:00what is this stuff then they would like
34:01just start arguing in the chat whether
34:04the hot tub should even be allowed on
34:05Twitch or not
34:06um and then when they finally when
34:08twitch decided to make the hot tip
34:09category and shove us all in there is
34:13when people really stop doing it because
34:15the discovery went down and
34:16unfortunately yeah what was the reason
34:18for the hot tub in the first place I
34:21think it's just a way to kind of subtly
34:23convert people to your only fans I did
34:26not find out about you through the hot
34:28tub drama that was going on how off I
34:31found out about you was this um this
34:34bath water thing oh yeah now when did
34:37this come into play uh because that like
34:39made headlines I was like oh this
34:42person's selling bath water when did
34:44this come into play in terms of like was
34:46it uh when you first started twitch was
34:48it in the middle of it and also did you
34:52that you make sales yeah I made a lot of
34:54sales um that actually was more recent
34:57compared to the rest of my career I
34:58think that was last year maybe like
35:00early 2022
35:02or maybe maybe late 21 somewhere like
35:05that it was kind of Blends in for me but
35:08um there was a woman who was doing
35:11fart jar cells
35:13um and she is it Belle that was that was
35:17original bath water one okay but there
35:18was a woman doing fart jar sales at the
35:21and she was supposedly making a pretty
35:24good amount of money like like on a
35:27couple hundred thousand dollars from it
35:28but then she stopped one day and she
35:32claimed that her diet to make her
35:34make so many fart jars hospitalized her
35:38I think she actually got covered and
35:39changed the reason why she was in the
35:41hospital personally but then she decided
35:43to switch to nft fart jars which were
35:45not as successful and I don't know how
35:47that would work anyways
35:49um and so I kind of took over the vacant
35:52spot available for fart jar selling I
35:55was like well no with her out of the
35:56market your competition the demand is
36:00incredibly High
36:01and um I I joined that and then I was
36:04like well I'm at it since I have all
36:05these jars and I sit in a hot tub I
36:07might as well sell my hot tub water
36:09all right
36:12first of all
36:14how's the audio sound is she close
36:15enough I was gonna ask her if she could
36:17just come in a little closer oh
36:25about that nice catch see if I did that
36:28Graham would be he'd be like sure how
36:31could you how could you just it slipped
36:33like this and then I went to save it and
36:34I over corrected sorry about that
36:37it'll make for a great clip
36:39what do you think about the ethics of
36:41porn is it ethical is it unethical
36:42because when we shot with Brett Cooper
36:44she was sharing her opinion on why porn
36:47is unethical oh what were her thoughts
36:49on that she thought basically it kind of
36:51like promoted the objectification of
36:53women and that it's not good for the
36:55young male mind to see women especially
36:58like on your phone you know the high
37:00availability of porn just like on your
37:02mobile ease of it exactly wherever you
37:04want to watch it you can watch it and I
37:05think that she thinks it's also like
37:07corrupting a family unit because like
37:09then guys can just like instead of
37:10finding a girlfriend or feeling an urge
37:12to find a romantic partner
37:14um just going on their phone and getting
37:15that instant gratification and moving in
37:17the next day yeah I don't know it's
37:23decide though where though where it's
37:25better for guys to be able to have that
37:28kind of sexual release because then if
37:31say they're really bad at socializing
37:33and they're not quite all there they get
37:36that frustration those urges out in
37:38private instead of bothering women in
37:40real life and potentially doing
37:42something crazy because they're so
37:43frustrated you know
37:46um so I don't know I can see both sides
37:47I guess as far as the ethics of it I
37:50don't think it's unethical if both
37:51people are consenting and they're happy
37:53about like what they're putting out
37:54there and the amount of money they're
37:55getting paid or whoever's involved it
37:57had to be two people to be an orgy I
37:59don't know or solo whatever
38:02um I think nowadays it's actually even
38:04more ethical because instead of these
38:05big companies making porn and
38:07controlling like the financial aspects
38:09of it people getting ripped off who are
38:10at the performers now they can just make
38:12their only fans and set their own prices
38:14to whatever they're happy with and do
38:16whatever they want on their own terms so
38:17I think it's actually getting more
38:19as like it's the sexy platforms where
38:22the individual is able to monetize by
38:25themselves keep coming up so you argue
38:27that it could be a benefit for people
38:29watching porn specifically dudes because
38:32then maybe it like kind of it's that
38:34sexual release rather than right
38:36releasing it at a time where it'd be
38:37highly inappropriate yeah maybe they do
38:39have a date planned but they they do
38:42their beforehand so then when they go at
38:44the date they're not just thinking about
38:45how to get in your pants only right
38:46maybe that's like that release is done
38:48and they can actually focus on the
38:49interaction if they do want a genuine
38:51connection rather than just being you
38:53know horn dogs the whole time because
38:55they're so frustrated I don't know I
38:57feel like it can only be beneficial
38:59because if it was if porn didn't exist
39:02they would find something to fap to
39:04still I'd feel like the answer is not to
39:07remove faffable content I'm sure even
39:09back in the caveman days it's like
39:11scriptures on the cave and like they
39:14found like a rock caveman erotica with
39:16like stick figures on a wall of like
39:18doggy style
39:21Commerce just with sex in general
39:24because yeah it's been around yeah no
39:27definitely I feel like it's actually
39:29um the creation of porn and allowing
39:30people to just make it freely like only
39:33fans and stuff has actually reducing the
39:35need for people to feel like they have
39:37to be prostitutes to give money because
39:38instead of actually having sex with
39:40people on the street now they can just
39:42upload a video and make money you know I
39:45think just everything in moderation yeah
39:47everything as long as it's not getting
39:49in the way of your job right but that's
39:51also up to them the individual's
39:53discretion right right so like to
39:55determine when it's an issue versus just
39:57self-control self-control
40:00me too just like let people do what they
40:02want in their place also who can see how
40:03like porn could actually keep a
40:05relationship together because say like
40:06the couple's very busy or they just the
40:09magic of like the intimacy is gone but
40:11they still get along as a couple instead
40:14of him leaving to go find a mistress
40:16maybe he just faps to porn and then they
40:18say together hmm so I don't know I see
40:21both sides I don't see it doesn't have
40:22to be homeworking I feel like people who
40:24are going to be home Wreckers are
40:25probably going to be cheaters or
40:27whatever regardless whether if there's
40:29porn out there or not so yeah I tend to
40:31agree with that I don't think that would
40:33be the sole reason yeah unless of course
40:35you just get carried away with it right
40:38with anything yeah
40:41interesting yeah people who are going to
40:44be addicted to something could be like
40:45any addicted to drugs or gambling or
40:48whatever it is okay this might be an
40:49uncomfortable question but like I said
40:51you're welcome to not answer it if you
40:52want to okay yeah I just figured they
40:55were kind of an intriguing question to
40:56ask let's say you have a daughter would
40:58you be comfortable with your daughter
40:59doing the same thing that you do for an
41:02occupation oh I would definitely be
41:03comfortable with that you'd be totally
41:04fine yeah I would be totally fine with
41:06that because she's she's able to do it
41:08from the comfort of her own home she's
41:10not having to go out and put herself in
41:13like weird situations to try to make
41:15money because it's like sometimes you
41:17know in like the the business World
41:19we've seen women who feel like pressure
41:21to sleep with the boss or whatever to
41:22climb their way up socially it's like
41:24with online stuff she can make however
41:26much money she wants doing whatever she
41:28wants because there's lots of people who
41:29make their money and they don't even
41:31have to like go all the way maybe they
41:32just post sexy pictures you know just
41:34whatever she's comfortable with you know
41:36in the comfort of her own home with
41:37whoever is consenting and she gets to
41:39decide that I think that's awesome it
41:40gives her the power to do it anywhere
41:42she wants without having to feel like
41:43she's a slave to the nine to five grind
41:47that you know the rest of society often
41:49gets sucked into I think it's cool if
41:51she was down for her to be like okay
41:52I'll just give her some advice on how to
41:55put her identity out there in a way that
41:58doesn't give away like her address and
41:59her full name like give her like a
42:01Internet safety guidance it's like okay
42:04here you go you've had some interesting
42:06run-ins with that because yeah didn't
42:08you have like a fan set a trash can on
42:10fire or something like that it was yeah
42:12to arson
42:14arson incident yeah okay so that's not a
42:17common thing Graham has never
42:18experiencing an arson instant what was
42:20what was that like uh it was very
42:22strange because I heard a loud bang I
42:25was playing video games I think I was
42:27playing Diablo 3 when it came out and I
42:30was in my room but I heard like a Bang
42:32from this like outside somewhere and so
42:33I went to go look I couldn't figure out
42:35what it was as I got closer to the
42:38kitchen like the driveway is I started
42:40to smell burning and I'm like I leave an
42:42oven on to leave the stove on or like is
42:43there a heater that's left on somewhere
42:45like what is happening and I couldn't
42:47figure it out because like nothing was
42:48on nothing was in the Attic didn't smell
42:50like a heater going crazy and then I
42:52looked out my kitchen window said like
42:54the blinds on it I had to pull back the
42:55blinds and my trash can was on fire
42:58and unfortunately it was in the one spot
43:01where I didn't have a camera the one
43:03spot did they know that possibly yeah I
43:06feel like they were probably trying to
43:07find something to do yeah
43:10um because my trash can I wasn't at the
43:11street they had to come up like to the
43:13in the driveway in the bang was because
43:16it exploded against the garage door and
43:18like the metal reverberating no way yeah
43:22and so like I exploded in the trash can
43:24uh I think there was like uh some
43:27alcohol bottles okay so if they drop
43:28like a match in there type of thing or
43:30something okay or like maybe they had
43:32something also like that would burn like
43:35at some if they dropped a bottle in or
43:37something I'm not sure
43:39um because there was already bottles in
43:40there right so like all the things that
43:41could have blown up for like already in
43:43the trash can anyways but yeah that's
43:45what the police suspected because it
43:46happened like in the mid like in the
43:48middle of the night and it wasn't in a
43:50place where it would overheat because it
43:51was covered like under the garage awning
43:53so it wasn't like the sun beating down
43:56so it was very scary though because it
43:58was literally like five inches away from
44:00my Jeep tire and then also two inches
44:02away from grass oh man yeah it was just
44:06like a perfect like meltdown not
44:08touching anything jeez that's freaky and
44:10like the trash can melted to the point
44:12where then it became like a flat piece
44:14of like melted together plastic with all
44:16the contents inside like like on top of
44:18it like a work of like modern art almost
44:20because it was just about this big how
44:23long is it on fire for
44:25uh I think about 30 minutes and was
44:27really unfortunate is that because I get
44:29swatted so much when I called in about
44:31this the police didn't take it seriously
44:33at first this is before I made the safe
44:35word yeah
44:36and so they thought that I was a
44:37prankster on myself whoa yeah that was
44:40an issue so they the the police were
44:42like five minutes away right and it took
44:44them like 20 minutes to come out and put
44:47the fire out yeah did you not want to go
44:49out there with like a hose and just like
44:51spray it down no because I didn't know
44:52if the person did it was still lurking
44:53around sure yeah because it was the
44:55night time it was dark oh wow okay yeah
44:58hmm yeah tricky what are some other
45:01experiences you've had or some like
45:03let's say
45:05unexpected uh let's unexpected things
45:09that would happen that come with like
45:10this level of fame
45:11um I guess more expected but another
45:14thing that I had to deal with is
45:16stalkers showing up at the house
45:18that has been super scary because there
45:20was a I don't know if you read about it
45:21the guy from Estonia
45:23there was a guy from Estonia who I had
45:26convinced himself that he was going to
45:28marry me and he had sold all of his
45:33back in Estonia even his house even sold
45:35his cat or did something this cat got
45:37rid of it and he brought just like
45:40himself I guess some clothes and
45:43um like a saxophone case because he
45:45played saxophone to America and was just
45:47streaming himself trying to find me
45:49trying to get me to come find him he'd
45:51put where he was in his titles of a
45:53stream and it was like
45:55um like Alec plus Caitlyn forever it was
45:59amaranth forever the title would change
46:01sometimes but like at this Starbucks
46:02waiting for you was he getting viewers
46:05he's got like four or five but that's
46:07enough of viewers to like uh to attract
46:10haters to egamon and try to dox me and
46:13stuff and they did they they gave him my
46:15address because they might you know I've
46:17swatted so it's already doxed and then
46:20he showed up trying to break into my
46:22house essentially like to him I'm sure
46:24he felt like you know he wasn't trying
46:26to cause harm but it's like when
46:28someone's that crazy they can't be
46:30harmful yeah and so he was trying to
46:32like get into the house he would try to
46:33open the doors try to like go around to
46:35the Windows like tap on the Windows
46:37trying to find a way to get in because
46:39he felt like he was there and that I was
46:41gonna be his wife was was he like I mean
46:43obviously he's not mentally right sound
46:46what happened to the guy
46:48I called police on him and they detained
46:51him the first time they took him
46:53somewhere I guess and then they dropped
46:55him off I guess somewhere like away from
46:58my house and he was issued at like a
47:01um but like order I don't know what it
47:03is warrant or something like that yeah
47:05and so then he disappeared for like a
47:08year and then he came back same thing
47:10again tried to come to my house and
47:12everything called the police on him and
47:14this time they like they arrested him
47:16actually and they threw him in a jail
47:19so he's still in jail I don't think so
47:22he has been released wouldn't he be like
47:23deported you would think that but
47:25apparently they don't do that unless
47:27it's like a felony and apparently
47:28stalking and trying to break in your
47:30house is not a felony how long can you
47:31get like a travel visa to the United
47:32States I have no idea like there's got
47:34to be a limit where he's got to go back
47:36you would think so I don't know what
47:37that was yeah but it's not the it's not
47:39the responsibility of the local police
47:41to check your Visa status
47:44unless there's something that triggers
47:46it like a like a felony interesting yeah
47:48because that's not their job they don't
47:49have a database of your legal status
47:51here got it when was the last time he
47:53tried like tried to do anything
47:55was that March wait like recent recent I
48:00also have the big guard dog too that
48:02guard dog was scared that was a freaky
48:05he is so attuned to knowing when
48:07something is wrong because the first
48:09time that the guy showed up at my house
48:11that he hadn't even come up to the door
48:13yet he was walking up the driveway
48:15quietly because we saw on those camera
48:18footage after what he was doing and my
48:20dog the second he set foot on the
48:22driveway part when it starts going up
48:24the ramp my dog started freaking out
48:26barking and he couldn't even see him no
48:28window no nothing like just in clothes
48:30in a room he just heard it and knew wow
48:34yeah I would not want to come face to
48:36face with that dog yeah I know that was
48:38horrifying face to face to face that was
48:40horrifying so I see you're gonna be
48:42boxing in August right no July 1st July
48:45is it July 1st I have one month that's
48:47coming up I know so how did so what led
48:50up to that why why say I said boxing
48:52well it was a really cool invite from
48:56the Spanish streamers like actual Spain
48:57and they invited me to participate in
49:01their version of creative Clash kind of
49:03it's called La villada it's the third
49:05time we're doing it third year and the
49:08before like their boxing events you
49:10think career Clash is big no no no it's
49:12love a lot it gets like two to three
49:15million concurrent viewers oh just for
49:18the online portion and this year they're
49:20having it at the biggest stadium in
49:21Madrid it's like a brand new football
49:23stadium soccer whatever you're gonna
49:24call it 60 000 seats sold out within an
49:29who else is fighting like how big of a
49:31thing is this
49:33um it's mostly Spanish humor so most
49:35Americans won't really know them isn't
49:37streaming huge in Spain though oh yeah
49:38it's big that's what I thought yeah
49:41Spanish streamers yeah yeah it buys the
49:45one hosting it he's got so many viewers
49:48all the time he's huge he he's Spanish
49:51streamers are so big to where they get
49:53invited to just like cover the the
49:56professional football games
49:59over there like so they go on the field
50:02they interact with the players they get
50:03their own VIP room to stream reacting to
50:06the games business yeah no they're huge
50:08they're like celebrities over there wow
50:10like actual like celebrities like people
50:12think like oh streamer YouTuber
50:13celebrities no no it's not the same
50:15so how much of this for you boxing is
50:18like a business move to get your brand
50:21out there and get your name out there
50:22versus like this is a personal thing
50:24that I want to do to tell me about okay
50:27it's probably about like 40 opportunity
50:30and sixty percent I want to do it
50:32the thing that I said yes to was when I
50:34saw that they used the the helmet
50:36because I know that it can still be like
50:37impact concussions but at least less
50:39chance of a broken nose sure so like
50:42faster physically recover time
50:45um and I just think it's such a cool
50:47experience to be like invited by people
50:49from a foreign country and to go to
50:50Europe yeah and I get to experience all
50:52that and I'm the only American invited
50:55so that's cool I felt like it was a huge
50:58honor right so it's like oh okay so
51:00what's it like for you training right
51:01now uh right now I'm training each of my
51:03sessions are two hours and I'm training
51:05like three to four times a week
51:08so it's it's hard to balance it all
51:10because I'm in a mixture of going to the
51:12gym and then my coach coming to my house
51:14yeah are you sparring at all I'm about
51:16to be I'm yeah if we're working on that
51:18this week get as much sparring done as
51:20possible so I'll say I under trained
51:23I should have been doing like five to
51:25six days a week
51:27uh and I was doing one hours but like
51:29five to six and sparring way more I
51:32sparred three times before the fight and
51:34that did not prepare me at all like I
51:36should have like Michael Reeves sparred
51:37like 12 times and Michelle
51:40sparred like 30 times it was like a few
51:43dozen times and she was sparring like
51:45really like good people yeah I'm lucky
51:48though because uh Spain does not have
51:50great boxing coaches or really any
51:52boxing champions so her experience and
51:56her her like available resources are way
51:58less than ours are in America
52:01um so her technique does not look very
52:02good and she's like physically condition
52:04wise I'm like much more athletic so it
52:07looks like I had the advantage right now
52:09luckily who's your opponent meiichi
52:11she's a Spanish dreamer how old is she
52:13same age as me 29. okay we're the same
52:16height same age same weight technically
52:18but very different uh physical condition
52:21sure yeah
52:23so what's a part of your training that
52:25you're doing right now are you doing
52:25like cardio and then the pads it's some
52:28cardio it's mostly technique and pads
52:31and footwork and things like that
52:33um yeah just practicing the technique is
52:36the most important so that way like you
52:38can put more power into each punch and
52:40like work on your stability so you don't
52:42just like tumble over and stuff
52:43yeah for me I think the cardio is the
52:45big one because you get winded so fast
52:47like doing the sparring one minute feels
52:50like 10 minutes yeah no it's crazy it's
52:52like the mental aspect too just really
52:54gets you when you're there it's like
52:57everything you learn kind of goes out
52:58the window yeah it's wild yeah I think a
53:01lot of it's going to come down to just
53:03instinct which is why I'm focusing more
53:05on learning good technique rather than
53:08sparring with bad technique so I'm
53:09hoping like to train muscle memory it'll
53:12just kick in when I'm like on autopilot
53:14you know yeah
53:16so it's tough though to juggle that with
53:18the streaming because as we talked about
53:20the time is worth so much money yeah
53:21because even though like they're they're
53:23they do pay for your trip and stuff they
53:26try to compensate with your time it's
53:27not the same yeah amount of money is how
53:30much my time is actually worth yeah so
53:33it's difficult it seems as though at
53:34least right now you're kind of not
53:36slowing down a bit but like taking it
53:39things like that to people oh it does it
53:43does seem like that because they don't
53:44see how much like I'm doing on the back
53:46end so for me I feel like I don't have
53:48much more free time than I ever did
53:51before because now I'm just doing a
53:52bunch of different stuff yeah so yeah
53:55the boxing takes up so much time
53:57yeah for me it was the time leading up
53:59like an hour leading up to it I couldn't
54:01work because right in my mind I'm
54:03thinking okay I gotta finish up this and
54:04like I can't fully Focus right and then
54:06so that's an hour at you know before and
54:08then an hour after I get back I have to
54:10shower and then it takes me time to like
54:11get back yeah it cuts in even though
54:14training's two hours it cuts into like
54:15four or five hours it's a day oh yeah
54:17it's crazy and then you do that however
54:20many times a week it's like it's
54:21productivity cut in half even though
54:22you're not having more free time yeah
54:24are you nervous going into it not really
54:26nervous I guess more of excited to get
54:29it over with so that I don't feel like I
54:31have to juggle as many things
54:33I get that that's how I felt afterwards
54:36I was so happy that it was over yeah
54:38yeah I was so happy but I thought if I
54:40could do that I could do it anyway yeah
54:41so yeah because originally when I agreed
54:43to it I thought I could be able to
54:45stream all of it but it's it's hard to
54:47be able to stream all of it because you
54:49don't want your opponent to know
54:50everything yes yeah so then you realize
54:53like oh actually I don't want to teach
54:55them how to how to box by watching me
54:58because that's the advantage I have an
54:59American is better coaching you know
55:00what Michelle did and her did he watch
55:02for a boxing video you gotta watch it
55:04watch your boxing videos like watching a
55:06movie so just like yeah just for the
55:09storyline you gotta watch it but she
55:10said she hired a team of people to
55:13full-time watch uh Andrea botez all of
55:16her streams just to see if she revealed
55:20anything about her boxing training so
55:21that they could use that study against
55:23it and she said like months into it she
55:27released one teaser video on her stream
55:29and the other team or Michelle's people
55:33caught that analyzed it and then they
55:36adjusted her training based on that on
55:38like a quick 20 seconds at a month
55:41it was wild so yeah I mean you're right
55:44on in terms of streaming but uh
55:47yeah I can't believe it I saw when
55:50Michael Reeves posted he did like a
55:52quick thing on like Instagram or
55:54something like that and went around and
55:55I showed it to my boxing coach and he
55:56was looking at he's like okay we could
55:58do this I see what he's doing we could
55:59do this and that's why I never posted
56:01anything on myself
56:02yeah it didn't work it didn't work
56:04anyway but
56:06but like I can just show you personally
56:07I would love to yeah my opponent
56:10now while you're pulling that up have
56:12you thought about monetizing your boxing
56:14by like taking like photos and oh that
56:18would be good sets like because I feel
56:19like you know nothing like I'm not
56:22saying anything too explicit but like
56:23you know
56:25you could be doubling up the work you
56:28yeah this is an idea I guess for me it's
56:31like I need someone
56:32to help facilitate that and then they
56:34could be making more money at home yeah
56:43the wraps yeah with uh she sold out she
56:47sold them out yeah wow and those weren't
56:49even used no it's a good idea okay those
56:52were new and those were brand new ones
56:53they look cool though good job Michelle
56:55I did I thought it was it too niche of a
56:57product but the fact that she sold out
56:59was amazing pretty crazy like how many
57:02people are gonna buy hand wraps for
57:03boxing but people feel inspired because
57:05she also released the the boxing program
57:08so if you sell that with the boxing
57:10program people are going to buy it so
57:12that they can go train you know what you
57:13should buy your boxing program
57:15oh that's not enough ideas my coach is
57:18does not want to release any of his
57:20teachings otherwise he would do it
57:22himself have you changed up your diet
57:24um not really I I've cut down on like
57:28sugary stuff that I can't analyze you
57:31know like if it's like a smoothie or
57:32whatever then I I don't know the
57:34mattress of it but I won't do it but um
57:37for the most part I've already eat
57:38pretty healthy so I'm just like
57:39increasing protein really okay yeah so
57:43that's about normal for me we're trying
57:44to find if anyone clipped any boxing but
57:46most of the clips are just bikini stuff
57:48uh how many people do you have working
57:49with you right now
57:51to handle the whole business oh at the
57:54office like the the one my immediate
57:56assistance there's like
57:58four or five full-time but then like if
58:00you do like the extended Universe of
58:02real work right it's like 17 employees
58:04roughly and what is that what do they do
58:08um they help manage accounts of other
58:09creators they're the only fans like
58:12they'll help send out content and stuff
58:15um make sure it's uploaded get sent to
58:17fans things like that so yeah they help
58:20manage like just other creators
58:22social media or like their paid
58:24platforms fans the only fans
58:27Etc and how do they find creators to
58:30help out
58:32um right now we have like girls who
58:33approach us really for looking for
58:36management but uh we'll also just like
58:39send out messages to people if we if
58:42it's someone like who I'm friendly with
58:43or whatever to ask if they need help
58:45with anything because we'll like offer
58:46like dmca Services too or sometimes
58:48girls will have an issue where for some
58:50reason they've been locked out of their
58:51only fans account like there's like a
58:53ban or something suspended to put on
58:55their account by the algorithm because
58:57it detected something was against TOs
58:59and so we'll help them get back into it
59:01because we know the people add only fans
59:03who can unban them I think those girls
59:05that you reach out to for management a
59:07huge perk would be they could join you
59:08in a sleep Stream So it keeps it back
59:10for you and it's also like you know
59:12mutually beneficial relationship they
59:14get the exposure of being no definitely
59:15it's better for everybody yeah they do
59:17get priorities for like collabs and
59:19things yeah I heard a rumor actually I
59:22don't know if it's so much of a rumor
59:23but that you watch Netflix while you're
59:25Twitch streaming or you watch shows like
59:27you're not fully present while you're
59:28doing it uh I used to do that more
59:30during ASMR not only do as much ASMR
59:33these days but uh yeah that has happened
59:35before yes on my side monitor if I was
59:38feeling too sleepy I'd put on like a
59:40movie or a show and you wouldn't
59:41explicitly tell chat like hey guys I'm
59:43watching like not necessarily sometimes
59:45I would but a lot of times I'm just like
59:49watching it while I'm like doing my
59:51little here's some more stuff how could
59:53you how could you focus on doing two
59:54things at once well if you've done it
59:56ASMR for a long time you realize a lot
59:58of it it doesn't require focusing so
59:59explain what can you do ASMR on one of
01:00:02these microphones yeah I'd be like
01:00:03scratching like oh let me turn it up oh
01:00:05oh I got it I feel like Whispering like
01:00:08this or like switching the microphone
01:00:17that is so satisfying honestly was it
01:00:20really yeah
01:00:53your turn for ASMR I want to see what
01:00:55you got I don't get it I don't yeah do
01:00:57it hey guys
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01:01:13behind the scenes I think
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01:01:23now okay let me give it a shot Alex all
01:01:26right before you do that I gotta say
01:01:27yeah hers is way more like
01:01:30like some I've never listened to ASMR on
01:01:32headphones it's Game Changer I feel like
01:01:34you need more seconds in your mouth
01:01:35Graham I could tell like hers was better
01:01:39okay Jack go ahead go ahead okay
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01:02:08wow dude anyway you like that yeah but
01:02:13you laughed in the mic in my I'm sorry
01:02:15ear anyway that was really good
01:02:16especially though you liked it oh that
01:02:19was good that was good yeah yeah I feel
01:02:21like that's the part people like in
01:02:22asmrs when your mouth starts clicking
01:02:23you know yeah yeah they love the mouth
01:02:26clicks yeah I heard a story about you
01:02:28trying to get a monopoly on like of
01:02:32content or hot tub live streams because
01:02:34you had this back and forth with this
01:02:35other girl and it was competitive back
01:02:38and forth between you and her then
01:02:39something happened with pickle Ricks I
01:02:42mean lots of things have happened with
01:02:43pickle Ricks yeah something about all of
01:02:46them I know okay so so what happened
01:02:48here what was the story so
01:02:51um the hot tub meta after I brought the
01:02:53hot tub inside people started doing that
01:02:56so then I started buying floaties for
01:02:57the hot tub people started doing that
01:02:58and I noticed every time I bought a new
01:03:00floatie suddenly everyone would buy that
01:03:02floaty uh because it was just like
01:03:05Amazon Prime or whatever I got a banana
01:03:07floaty suddenly people would have the
01:03:09same banana floating and be doing the
01:03:10same thing I would get like a unicorn or
01:03:12something they would get the Unicorn I
01:03:14do the same thing so I was like I want
01:03:16to get
01:03:16something funny but I don't want
01:03:19everyone to just copy right away because
01:03:20it's not funny very long so I got pickle
01:03:22Rick and what I did was I saw their only
01:03:25like 20 available
01:03:26and left in stock and I bought all of
01:03:28them because I knew that they'd have to
01:03:31wait for a while for the vendor to
01:03:33restock because it was the only pickle
01:03:34Rick floaty
01:03:37see that's pretty smart yeah I bought I
01:03:40bought 20 of them because what were they
01:03:41like 20 a piece you know what you should
01:03:42have done is create your own floaty I
01:03:45thought it was sold them everyone else
01:03:47who wants to buy them I should have done
01:03:48that yeah or floaty with your face on
01:03:50them didn't you have everyone else I
01:03:53read something about a pool floaty
01:03:55company or something
01:03:57uh yeah yeah that was part of the
01:03:58private Equity they had like oh okay
01:04:01yeah a deal with them you know yeah I I
01:04:04should have I guess I was just too busy
01:04:07like on the grind because of how much my
01:04:09time was worth I didn't want to put that
01:04:11much mental energy into it but yeah that
01:04:12would have been hilarious
01:04:14um so yeah I bought all the pickle Ricks
01:04:17and it worked because for like like
01:04:19three weeks maybe maybe a month no one
01:04:21else had a pickle rate and then did
01:04:23people get Pickle Ricks yes no way when
01:04:25they got restocked they actually bought
01:04:27them so you did the right thing speaking
01:04:29like it proved you right yeah to do that
01:04:31yeah because it'll look like they were
01:04:33all copying me after it became
01:04:34established and I'm the one with the
01:04:35pickle Ricks wow yeah because it all
01:04:37happened during the same time no one
01:04:39really knows who started it they just
01:04:41see a bunch of girls like why is
01:04:42everyone bananas yeah yeah so what are
01:04:43you doing today to remain like that
01:04:47um today I don't I only have
01:04:50as much like I don't have like a meta
01:04:52right now I guess because I've been like
01:04:54so distracted between moving and boxing
01:04:57and all these other platforms too now
01:05:00um yeah right now I guess I'm I'm still
01:05:02trying to get there I want to become the
01:05:03party house because I have like this
01:05:05huge space yeah and you see there's like
01:05:07contractors here still because they're
01:05:09still doing some construction but then
01:05:10after they're done I want to be able to
01:05:11like host events here and fly everyone
01:05:13in and do like big slumber parties with
01:05:16girls wow you know if you're looking for
01:05:18attendees you know you're looking to
01:05:20fill some space just hey just go ahead
01:05:22and let us know
01:05:26okay whatever
01:05:28seems like you're kind of trying to
01:05:29downplay a lot of your accomplishments
01:05:31up until this moment because like you're
01:05:34walking us through your story and
01:05:35there's no chance that you were that
01:05:37lucky that many times in a row where
01:05:39like just like the natural flow of I
01:05:42don't know the current you were in just
01:05:44kind of took you to success after
01:05:45success after success
01:05:46I feel you need it yeah well I think
01:05:48it's also just hard work too because
01:05:49it's it's the willingness to be on and
01:05:53do things people aren't willing to do
01:05:54because a lot of girls like who use
01:05:56their body for money you know there's
01:05:58like a reason they they do that is
01:06:00because it seems like a shortcut right
01:06:01and there are a lot of girls who will
01:06:03spend time doing that but in the
01:06:05streaming space Also there's not that
01:06:07many who are like super hard grinding
01:06:10um and we'll just be on as long as it
01:06:12to I mean like get that efficiency out
01:06:15of their works a lot of them still want
01:06:16to enjoy their time they want to like
01:06:18travel they want to have free time and
01:06:19that's nice but I'm like paranoid you
01:06:21know I don't know how long it'll last
01:06:22you're very much goal driven towards
01:06:25having a sanctuary and like building up
01:06:26enough income yeah it's like I still
01:06:28want to go and I want to de-stress on
01:06:30certain mornings but like I don't you
01:06:32know I'll go to the bar and I'll come
01:06:33back right and then I'll work it's not
01:06:35like I'm traveling everywhere so you
01:06:37think one of the main things that sets
01:06:38you apart from the competition is the is
01:06:40the the work ethic yeah no definitely
01:06:42because it's like you have to be online
01:06:44in order for the algorithm to go in your
01:06:46favor because for twitch they they
01:06:47reward time streamed and nowadays like
01:06:50you can you can kind of piggyback if you
01:06:52get like a an org like otk or or someone
01:06:55or offline TV they kind of like they
01:06:57feed off of each other because they're
01:06:59using the same fan group essentially so
01:07:00that fan group who's like a fan of the
01:07:03cons and I also go to like every stream
01:07:04and so your streams don't have to be
01:07:06long to get viewership or stuff because
01:07:08you're all just sharing one big audience
01:07:11essentially but if you're kind of by
01:07:12your yourself you don't have that like
01:07:15feedback loop from like this character
01:07:17Arc of like stories all intermingling
01:07:19and you kind of just have to grind out
01:07:21the algorithm hours if you're a solo
01:07:23person what's your biggest insecurity I
01:07:25would say maybe
01:07:27my inherent entertaining level because
01:07:30by myself it feels like it's hard to
01:07:32keep up with what currently people find
01:07:34entertaining because they do find like
01:07:36drama drama drama entertaining and it's
01:07:38hard to kind of farm that when you don't
01:07:40have a Content house or like other
01:07:43streamers that you're constantly
01:07:44collabing with to kind of feed that into
01:07:46so you think that you need to chase the
01:07:48trends in order to be entertaining you
01:07:49think that you don't have that innate
01:07:51just like ability to no I don't think
01:07:52and it also is harder too for women
01:07:55because we aren't as seen as like
01:07:57relatable by the majority of twitch
01:08:00audience which is male you know people
01:08:02typically will watch if she's attractive
01:08:04but they don't really watch because they
01:08:05feel like that they relate to her per se
01:08:08that some of the females might but
01:08:10that's not the majority of twitch
01:08:12audience still it's still mostly males
01:08:13so it's kind of hard to feel like you're
01:08:16entertaining truly because part of it is
01:08:17like yeah they are there for your
01:08:19appearance you know that's like the
01:08:20value that a lot of them found you
01:08:21through and some will stay for your
01:08:23personality but there's also some weird
01:08:25stigma behind like why watching women
01:08:27still so like she's not gonna any
01:08:30of you you know people say that in the
01:08:31chat at each other being like why are
01:08:33you guys watching just donate And
01:08:35subscribe she's not gonna you like
01:08:38as if like that's the only reason why
01:08:39they would associate with women is to to
01:08:41be able to them they're still very
01:08:43much like that that dominating um
01:08:46societal stigma I guess now what do you
01:08:49feel like the reason is that they're
01:08:50there watching for such a long time I
01:08:52think some have just like from a kind of
01:08:55uh Community feeling because they talk
01:08:58each other in chat right and they'll
01:09:00like support the stream they enjoy the
01:09:01streamer's personality they just feel
01:09:03it's kind of like a a virtual hangout
01:09:05session you know
01:09:07um it's kind of some it's similar to why
01:09:08some people support guy streamers but
01:09:10there's just less who feel like they can
01:09:13enjoy a female streamer if she's not
01:09:16 them worth that fantasy isn't
01:09:17there that she might one day maybe
01:09:20so some are just like very naysayers
01:09:22when you watch a female she's not gonna
01:09:24sex you because they don't see females
01:09:27as like friends or entertainers right
01:09:30they see females is like an accessory
01:09:32so what do you think is the biggest
01:09:34threat to humanity
01:09:36biggest threat to humanity oh god
01:09:39um I think ourselves destroying the
01:09:42not having environmental changes I think
01:09:45it's not only the environment changing I
01:09:46think it's just humans like destroying
01:09:48ourselves either like both the
01:09:51environment but then also each other I
01:09:54think we like the social media aspect
01:09:56encourages drama and conflict and
01:09:58disagreements and you see people doing
01:09:59crazier and crazier things AI as well
01:10:02which is human generation AI is the
01:10:04least of my concern to be honest I think
01:10:05it's more of what people choose to do
01:10:07because you see the news covering only
01:10:09negative things people are more likely
01:10:12to to go on crazy violent rampants if
01:10:15they feel like that's what's getting
01:10:16that's what we'll get them attention
01:10:17because it's like the media while making
01:10:20people aware of it is also kind of
01:10:21glorifying like shootings and things
01:10:23like that Stories the names of the the
01:10:26people that do that which I think is
01:10:27kind of nice yeah
01:10:29that's true but I don't know if that
01:10:30really helps as much if you're already
01:10:32insane yeah you're just like I want
01:10:35people to talk about me whether I think
01:10:36that was actually a really good answer
01:10:37yeah yeah I agree with that completely
01:10:39yeah how would you fix the economic
01:10:47no but I feel like if you just
01:10:49eradicated humans like the world would
01:10:51probably Thrive like environmentally I
01:10:53would I would actually 100 agree with
01:10:54you probably yeah yeah I don't want it
01:10:56to happen right but that I know that it
01:10:58would be yeah I have to be better for
01:11:00virtually every other species people are
01:11:02like oh no the world is dying we should
01:11:03leave and go to Mars I'm like you know
01:11:05what we probably should and the world
01:11:06Wouldn't Die you know yeah it's like
01:11:08let's go to before it dies maybe the
01:11:10world will come bounce back there was
01:11:12like some kind of limitation for a bit
01:11:13in Beijing you know how the pollution is
01:11:15really bad there where like I don't
01:11:17remember a few years ago now maybe
01:11:18several years ago where they had a
01:11:19mandate where like the driving was
01:11:21restricted and within two weeks of
01:11:24cutting down on the amount of people
01:11:26driving like the skies cleared up and it
01:11:29was beautiful and there was no more fog
01:11:30yeah interesting yeah so I feel like
01:11:32it's just humans like we're the biggest
01:11:34threat to ourselves all right also I got
01:11:36a question because I asked you earlier
01:11:37if you're a vegetarian you said no but
01:11:39also you have this like crazy intense
01:11:42Passage yeah for Animals yeah it's weird
01:11:44I know why uh why because I'm the exact
01:11:48same like I love animals I'm the same as
01:11:50same as grandma you know a little spider
01:11:51gets inside I'm gonna catch it and you
01:11:54know release it outside I'm not gonna
01:11:55kill it squish it or anything like that
01:11:57very passionate towards animals I love
01:11:59all kinds of them but I still eat meat
01:12:00like what's your justification for that
01:12:02I don't know I don't know if I really
01:12:03have a justification other than like I'm
01:12:04a product in my environment and I grew
01:12:06up eating meat so like I don't know it's
01:12:09kind of just like I'm used to it now and
01:12:11and in the back of my mind like it does
01:12:13bother me but uh currently I guess I'm
01:12:17just not in a position where it's like
01:12:19there's enough of a replacement that I'm
01:12:22like oh like available all the time
01:12:24where it's like if I'm if I crave
01:12:26something because I've grown up with a
01:12:27Janine I don't feel good about it but
01:12:30it's also like
01:12:31if I if it's a hopeless feeling too
01:12:34where it's like if I don't eat meat will
01:12:36they stop killing animals will they stop
01:12:38doing the factory farms no right so then
01:12:41it's just like it sounds like an
01:12:43thing to say though so it's like I don't
01:12:45like saying it yeah but I also like if
01:12:48everyone collectively says all right we
01:12:50can all shake hands and agree we're not
01:12:51gonna do this I'll be a part of it right
01:12:53it's just me and it'll continue
01:12:57yeah it is right it is and I totally get
01:13:00people being like well I do it just for
01:13:02me so I feel better about myself and
01:13:03like what I'm supporting when I'm not
01:13:04sporting I'm totally for that I think
01:13:06that's awesome one day I would like to
01:13:08switch to words like if I know my meat's
01:13:10coming from an ethical Source I think
01:13:12that's really cool like if they have
01:13:14like a hunter he goes out and he kills a
01:13:17deer and you buy meat from that Hunter
01:13:19who killed a deer because there was too
01:13:21many honored reservation or somewhere
01:13:23like I would love to switch to where
01:13:25it's like I'm only helping the
01:13:27environment and nothing is going to
01:13:28waste and all that I don't know if I
01:13:30could ever get to that point or what
01:13:31service you would even use for that but
01:13:33I think that kind of thing could be like
01:13:34a much better solution yeah it's just
01:13:37like yeah just 30 day chickens like
01:13:39that's so sad they just grow up to just
01:13:41be like yeah
01:13:42it was it the male chickens get killed
01:13:45instantly it's so sad yeah yeah yeah but
01:13:48that's also what we say but if let's say
01:13:51we went to the grocery store and those
01:13:54eggs were double the price or that meat
01:13:57was double the price how many people are
01:13:59actually going to choose that with their
01:14:00wallet as well true but also at the same
01:14:02point it's the same argument as
01:14:04everything else it's like me choosing to
01:14:06buy the more expensive ones not gonna
01:14:08stop that because the other option is
01:14:09still there yeah yeah and it's also a
01:14:11tough situation because it's like if we
01:14:13all collectively just stopped eating
01:14:15meat that would put so many people who
01:14:17have ranches and land out of business
01:14:19and you might think like well good but
01:14:21they're also the people that often grow
01:14:23the crops and it's like well you're not
01:14:25going to eat meat what are you going to
01:14:26eat the plants but if they can't if they
01:14:28can no longer afford to maintain the
01:14:30land that the plants all also grow on
01:14:32because the animals are probably some
01:14:34more lucrative to sell cattle and stuff
01:14:36then you also don't have a place to grow
01:14:37plants so I think what really needs to
01:14:39happen is that the government needs to
01:14:41step in and have more regulations on
01:14:43like Humane the production of like the
01:14:47the meat where it's coming from the the
01:14:49facility to make sure the animals are
01:14:50taken care of not over production like I
01:14:53just think there needs to be more
01:14:53government regulation I don't think that
01:14:55pressure should fall on the individual
01:14:57consumer but it's hard to like I agree
01:15:00to find any movement on that because you
01:15:01can't just say let's not eat meat
01:15:02because right now is currently like the
01:15:04the whole farming industry that's the
01:15:06more profitable market and you don't
01:15:08have places to grow plants if that's the
01:15:10alternative so it's like yeah have you
01:15:11guys heard about the Monopoly on crops
01:15:13no so there's an entire YouTube video I
01:15:16watch and basically these companies that
01:15:19make the seeds for crops they have like
01:15:21a IP on the seed so they sell the seed
01:15:25to a farmer the farmer plants it they
01:15:27grow a crop but the farmer cannot
01:15:29replant that seed or replant seeds from
01:15:33that crop because that company had
01:15:35genetically modified that seed to be
01:15:37able to whatever grow faster better you
01:15:39know more more yield they have to re-buy
01:15:42the ability to be able to plant it
01:15:44that's crazy yeah so
01:15:48I didn't know you could have
01:15:49intellectual property on genetics so
01:15:51that was crazy yeah so wow I don't know
01:15:54just another there ever they always try
01:15:57to control something I've also read that
01:15:58like um with the plans that are
01:16:01genetically modified to grow faster is
01:16:04that they're not as nutrient dense
01:16:05because they didn't have time to mature
01:16:07and get all the nutrients out of it so
01:16:08they're actually not as healthy as like
01:16:10the original plant
01:16:11for you
01:16:13so that's like another weird thing right
01:16:15yeah to think about it's like do you
01:16:17want it fast or do you want the health
01:16:18benefits like the full nutrient value
01:16:21that's kind of the point right yeah
01:16:23that's the point of the organic non-GMO
01:16:25whatever food yeah yeah
01:16:27that's what people say like I don't see
01:16:29a difference I don't taste a difference
01:16:30like it's not in the taste
01:16:32I said what it's like doing to your body
01:16:34it's not like it's harming your body
01:16:36you're just not getting as much
01:16:37nutrients out of it yeah so I gotta say
01:16:41you're very well spoken and yeah you're
01:16:43an incredibly smart business yeah you
01:16:45should be doing more podcasts see the
01:16:47problem is it doesn't make money for me
01:16:56I think if you go on podcasts with
01:16:59different audiences yes I mean the
01:17:00amount of exposure plus if they do Clips
01:17:02they do shorts
01:17:04absolutely but having my own business
01:17:06yeah having your own I don't know but
01:17:08after we had our first so after we had
01:17:10Stella Berry on our podcast
01:17:13um I'll say like probably since then
01:17:14probably 50 only fans like models and
01:17:17stuff have like reached out like some
01:17:19pretty big ones too of like DM desk like
01:17:21hey can I get on the iced coffee or can
01:17:22I do this can I do that yeah no
01:17:24definitely like I love doing podcasts
01:17:25and other people's but like throwing my
01:17:27own it's kind of hard because if you
01:17:29already have a community of like guys
01:17:32guys don't necessarily want to hear
01:17:34women talk about serious subjects it has
01:17:36to be more of like the what's that
01:17:38really successful girl podcast so they
01:17:39just talk about their things yes that
01:17:42type of thing typically for like if you
01:17:44have a Coomer audience right no caller
01:17:46Dad I've listened to it it's really good
01:17:48yeah some really good people on there
01:17:50yeah yeah well recently as of late like
01:17:53in the beginning the podcast oh yeah I
01:17:55don't know about the beginning yeah I
01:17:58really enjoyed it yeah I haven't
01:18:00listened to it recently yeah but no I
01:18:02definitely love doing podcasts for sure
01:18:03I find them a refreshing Pace yeah cool
01:18:06refreshing change of pace thank you so
01:18:08much thank you for your hospitality guys
01:18:10by the way she bought a sushi okay she
01:18:13also like ubered us and showed us her
01:18:15her horses okay so she's been which is
01:18:18on the Vlog gracious yeah
01:18:20she's been absolutely incredible very
01:18:22very kind person so thank you really
01:18:25appreciate it anytime you come to Vegas
01:18:27let us know um
01:18:30feel free to say whatever you want to
01:18:31the cameras if you want to shout
01:18:32something out yeah if you guys want to
01:18:33follow me anywhere the most reliable
01:18:35place is going to be my linktree is a URL because who knows
01:18:40by the time you watch this maybe my
01:18:42usernames will be completely different I
01:18:44don't know but easy to
01:18:47remember cool thank you so much and
01:18:50until next time
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Several factors contributed to Amouranth's growth on Twitch, including her engaging content, consistent streaming schedule, interactive communication with her audience, and effective use of social media marketing. These elements helped her attract and retain a large and dedicated fan base on the platform.

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