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Anatoly is a Ukrainian athlete with extraordinary strength, known for his viral prank videos where he disguises himself as a maintenance worker and lifts heavy weights with ease, surprising gym-goers. His physique may not be intimidating, but he demonstrates specialized training in athletic strength rather than bodybuilding, showing that muscular volume does not always equate to strength. It is important to understand the difference between developing muscle mass and developing strength for optimal performance in either sport.
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Anatoly surprises everyone by effortlessly lifting a 200 kg bar with one arm, shocking the onlookers.
The guys are initially worried and caution Anatoly about the weight.
Anatoly lifts the bar without any difficulty, even though it is a weight that most people struggle to lift.
One of the guys checks the weight to make sure it was the correct load.
Anatoly's incredible strength gains attention and he later collaborates with the renowned athlete Lary Wheels.
Anatoly, a Ukrainian athletic strength champion and YouTuber, gained popularity for his unique pranks and fitness content, despite his less imposing physique compared to other weightlifters.
Anatoly started creating fitness videos in 2014 with limited resources in his Ukrainian village.
He transitioned to powerlifting in 2016 and vlogged his first competition in 2017.
In 2020, Anatoly switched to pranks, which led to the creation of his popular YouTube channel.
Developing strength is different from developing muscle volume, and Anatoly, despite his small physique, is able to lift impressive loads due to his specialized training in athletic strength.
Developing strength is a specialized job, different from developing muscle volume in bodybuilding.
Anatoly's small physique allows him to move loads that people twice his weight struggle with.
The strongest people may not have the largest physiques, as strength and muscle volume develop differently.
Anatoly's example challenges the stereotype that the strongest individuals must have a certain appearance.
The video discusses the importance of specialization in either strength or muscle mass development.
To reach the best possible level in either strength or muscle mass, specialization is necessary.
Training for strength and muscle mass simultaneously may limit reaching full potential in either area.
Strength training is a separate discipline and requires a different approach than muscle mass development.
Judging a person's strength based on appearance alone can be misleading.
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01:12in the comments ok the team
01:14today we meet to talk
01:15about the sensation which literally
01:17set the Internet on fire and the least we
01:19can say is that he did it 'a
01:21rather unusual way this guy
01:23is called Anatolie and his channel has
01:26more than a million and a half subscribers with
01:28millions of views per video all
01:30even though his channel has existed for less
01:32than a year so what does his channel look like?
01:34content so the type of video that he
01:36made known and that you
01:38probably came across involves
01:40disguising himself as a cleaner and
01:42going to gyms and what he
01:43does is he's going to head towards
01:45the biggest guys in the room and
01:47ask them if he can clean around
01:49them and the guy plays
01:51I would like his role already in
01:52the attitude but even physically he is
01:54quite thin anyway at no time do you
01:57I would say that this guy is not really
01:59a maintenance worker then comes the
02:01upheaval after a while he
02:03asks his guys if he can move
02:05their bar to clean so obviously
02:08the guys are worried they tell him no
02:10but be careful it's super heavy you're going to
02:12hurt yourself in fact we're talking about bars
02:14which can reach 200 kg except that here
02:16plot twist the guy lifts the bar without
02:19the slightest problem with only one arm I
02:22remind you that we're talking here about a load
02:24that guys weighing 140 kg can
02:26hardly lift of course there
02:29it's a shock the guy who was
02:30lifting the load doesn't understand what's
02:32happening you actually have a scene
02:34where one of the guys looks at the weight to
02:36check that 'he wasn't wrong and that
02:38it was the right load that had just
02:39lifted most people do
02:41n't come back good afterwards put yourself in their
02:43place you are doing your
02:44best deadlift you have your music
02:46on melts in your helmet you give everything you
02:48are happy you have just done 5
02:49repetitions for the first time subject
02:51there you have a maintenance agent who tells you
02:52wait I move this to clean and
02:55lifts it with one arm with his best
02:56smile I know people who
02:59grew beards and who
03:01changed countries for me than that so
03:02obviously Anatolie quickly started
03:05to make a lot of noise but the video
03:07that he revealed for good and made it
03:10explode in popularity was when 'he
03:12was invited to make a video with
03:14the athlete Lary Wheels so for those
03:16who don't know Lary Wheels we will
03:18say that this guy is known to be one
03:20of the strongest athletes in the world he
03:22has quite a few competitions to his assets and
03:24here we are not only talking about someone
03:26who is very strong we are talking about a guy who
03:28has extraordinary strength he has
03:30amazing performances on a lot of
03:32exercises and so Lary wheels released
03:35a video called this guy is
03:38half my size and he lifts
03:40as much as me video in which he
03:43and Anatolie do sets of
03:45deadlifts and where we actually see
03:47Anatolie standing up to one of the
03:49strongest athletes in the world which
03:51obviously has a lot already attracted attention
03:53simply by his strength a
03:56guy who stands up to Larry wheels will
03:58inevitably interest people and this regardless of
04:01his profile but in addition to that
04:03in relation to his size which is
04:04effectively the opposite of this that we
04:07could expect from someone who has this
04:08kind of performance for example a
04:10very striking scene in the video is
04:12the end scene where there is a mini
04:14interview and in fact we see Anatolie
04:16with his translator since his
04:18English is limited and we can
04:20see him next to his translator and she
04:22eclipses him, she seems much
04:24more imposing than him to such an extent because
04:27several times he stands on
04:28tiptoe to reach her
04:30height and after that there was inevitably
04:32a snowball effect where the biggest
04:34fitness YouTubers in the world
04:37snatched it up, notably Christmas of Wings which
04:39had itself exploded in popularity
04:42two years ago so after a while
04:43the people started to want to
04:46know more about him who is this guy who
04:48comes out of nowhere and above all who is
04:50much less impressive than
04:52most guys who lift this kind
04:53of load and in reality Anatolie and
04:56more than just a youtuber who
04:58disguises himself as a maintenance swimmer in fact
05:00his real name is Vladimir shmod and Co
05:02I probably botched his name as
05:05impossible he is Ukrainian and he is
05:07an athletic strength champion and it
05:09is not his first attempt with videos
05:11on the Internet in fact he started his
05:13content in 2014 his goal at that time
05:16was to make videos on
05:18bodybuilding except that he came from a
05:20village in the depths of Ukraine with 0
05:22rooms of sports he knows how to create a
05:25sports hall at home using
05:27tractor parts which date back to the
05:29Soviet era, bricks and
05:31pieces of wood at that time he was
05:33also called Vladimir MacGyver
05:35no I'm kidding but I found that it
05:36suited him well so he made
05:38fitness videos with the means at hand and in
05:402016 he launched into
05:41powerlifting by doing his first
05:43competition in 2017 and vlogged the
05:46competition but his fitness content
05:48was not of interest big world which
05:51had very few views then in 2020 he
05:53made a radical change to his
05:55content and launched into pranks,
05:58that is to say videos where he traps
06:00people until arriving in the summer of 2022 where he
06:02created his channel Anatolie and the rest of
06:05the story we know and so as
06:07I said beyond his personality
06:09which is super fun and his concept
06:11which is super original which
06:13particularly attracted attention
06:15it is his physique of course we
06:17often describe him as someone who does
06:19n't look like much and that's an abuse of
06:22language ok he's not a tank but he's
06:24muscular he has a super athletic physique
06:26we can see without any problem that 'we're dealing with
06:28someone who's training but it's true
06:30that if you put him side by side with this
06:32guy or this guy you
06:35immediately see a difference but then
06:36how can we can explain that
06:37how it is that this guy manages to
06:39move without problem a load that
06:42guys who are twice his weight have
06:44difficulty lifting and well then quite
06:45simply because there is one thing that
06:46few people know which is that
06:48developing strength is a specialized job
06:51basically you have a lot of people who will
06:52somewhat automatically make an
06:54association between volumes and strength
06:57while the two develop differently
06:58it is even two different sports the
07:01sport which consists of developing
07:03muscle volume is bodybuilding
07:05and the sport which consists of developing
07:07strength is athletic strength
07:08otherwise known as Power
07:10lifting and the two develop in
07:11different ways
07:13specific training to develop
07:15muscle volume is not not the same as
07:16specific training to develop
07:17strength and when you look into it
07:19you realize that in reality quite
07:21frequently the strongest people
07:23will not have the
07:25largest physiques, an example that I
07:26really find not bad. is the example of
07:27liapower lift who is champion of
07:29athletic strength if I put you this
07:31photo and I tell you here is the
07:33strongest girl in France it may
07:35surprise some people you
07:36surely imagined that the strongest girl
07:38strong from France looks like that
07:39yet despite appearances she is
07:42capable of lifting more
07:44impressive loads than women who have
07:46double her muscle mass and
07:47again in terms of AI
07:49seeing her she displays athletic physique
07:51but you have lots of strong champions
07:53that if you passed them in the street you would
07:55n't even suspect that they go to the
07:56gym either because they are super thin
07:58or conversely because they have
08:00stomachs so one thing important to
08:02ask yourself and always what sport do
08:04you want to do is your
08:06priority to develop your
08:07muscular volume or your strength of course
08:10both will go together to a
08:12certain extent develop your
08:14muscle mass will mean that you will gain
08:16strength and developing your strength will
08:18contribute to muscular development,
08:20especially if you are a beginner and therefore you are
08:22talking about a base where you had no
08:24muscular training, your muscles will
08:26necessarily adapt with the one and the other
08:28but the more you advance, the more you
08:31will reach a level or if you
08:33really want to reach the best
08:35possible level in one or the other you
08:37will have to specialize of course
08:39you may also want to develop
08:41both simultaneously but what
08:43I'm saying
08:44straight away is that if you want to go as far as
08:46possible basically if tomorrow you
08:49said to yourself I want to compete in
08:51bodybuilding and well you must be prepared
08:53not to reach your full potential in
08:55terms of strength and conversely if you
08:57said to yourself I want to do
08:58athletic strength you must be prepared not to
09:00reach your full potential in terms
09:02of muscle mass why not
09:03Many people who aim
09:05to develop their
09:07muscular volume find themselves stagnating and
09:09when you look at their training you
09:11realize that they train
09:12like someone who is very developed in their
09:13strength, namely very
09:15short and very heavy in short strength
09:17is a sport in its own right it is a
09:20discipline another reason why it
09:22is quite difficult to judge the strength
09:24of a person simply by
09:26looking at them you have a lot of athletes
09:27who don't look like much when you
09:29see them and yet can dance in a
09:32circle around any guy who
09:34is one and a half times their weight
09:35conclusion it is important to
09:37ask yourself what your goal is you can either
09:39want to be good at both or
09:41be excellent at one one or the other
09:43ah something else the goal of this video
09:45was not to be technical and to
09:47go into detail in terms of
09:49strength but if you are ever interested
09:51in a video where I go into detail on
09:53how to develop specifically its
09:55strength what type of training to put in
09:57place etc. you tell me and I
09:59am at your service in any case this
10:02video is finished thank you
10:03for having spent this little quiet moment
10:05in my company and for staying with me
10:07during the whole video anyway if
10:10you want stronger
10:11if you're still here comment
10:13MacGyver soon it's me who's going to
10:15build a gym using
10:16all the shakers that I lose you
10:18're not going to understand anything here team
10:19join -me on Instagram to get to
10:20know you better and on Twitter
10:22to offer me my next intro and
10:24I'll catch you on the next one in
10:26the meantime take care of yourself don't give up of
10:28course be sexy
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What makes Anatoly stand out as an athlete?

Anatoly is a Ukrainian athlete with extraordinary strength, known for his viral prank videos where he disguises himself as a maintenance worker and lifts heavy weights with ease, surprising gym-goers. His physique may not be intimidating, but he demonstrates specialized training in athletic strength rather than bodybuilding, showing that muscular volume does not always equate to strength.

2. What is Anatoly famous for in his viral prank videos?

Anatoly is known for disguising himself as a maintenance worker and lifting heavy weights with ease in his viral prank videos, surprising gym-goers.

3. What does Anatoly's physique reveal about him as an athlete?

Anatoly's physique, although not intimidating, showcases his extraordinary strength and specialized training in athletic strength rather than bodybuilding. This demonstrates that muscular volume does not always equate to strength.

4. How does Anatoly's training approach differ from bodybuilding?

Anatoly's training approach focuses on developing specialized athletic strength rather than bodybuilding. This showcases that muscular volume does not always equate to strength, and highlights the difference between developing muscle mass and developing strength for optimal performance in either sport.

5. What is the importance of understanding the difference between muscle mass and strength for athletes?

It is important to understand the difference between developing muscle mass and developing strength for optimal performance in either sport. Anatoly's training approach emphasizes this difference, showing that specialized athletic strength can be more effective than simply focusing on muscular volume.

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