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The video discusses the before and after results of using Anavar, highlighting its ability to promote lean muscle growth, increase muscle definition, and decrease body fat. It emphasizes the importance of proper training, nutrition, and recovery, and recommends consulting a doctor and getting blood work done before using Anavar due to potential health risks.
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Anavar can promote lean muscle growth, increase muscle definition, and enhance strength, but individual results may vary based on dosage, duration of use, exercise routine, and diet plan.
Results on Anavar can vary depending on dosage, duration of use, exercise routine, and diet plan.
Anavar is known for promoting lean muscle growth without significant water retention.
It can lead to increased muscle definition and enhanced strength.
Individual responses to Anavar may differ, and it can recomp the body by increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat.
Anavar is highly anabolic and safe for girls, but should not be taken alone.
Anavar increases metabolism to stop fat storage and promote muscle building.
It is safe because it is low on the androgenic scale and does not cause manly attributes.
Minimal to no side effects were reported when taken with test enanthae.
Proper training, nutrition, and recovery should be considered before taking Anavar.
The speaker shares his experience with using Anavar, emphasizing the importance of optimizing other areas of life for best results.
The speaker wakes up at 3:30 am and prepares all his meals.
He mentions the benefits of taking Anavar sublingually under the tongue for a reduced half-life.
Anavar is described as a powerful pre-workout supplement, especially for arms, shoulders, or chest workouts.
The speaker recommends taking five grams of taurine to manage the potential back pumps caused by Anavar.
Anavar is effective in preserving lean muscle mass during a calorie deficit, especially when used with a testosterone base and other supportive medications.
Anavar is effective for preserving lean gains during a calorie deficit.
It is recommended to use a testosterone base, AI, and HCG during the cycle, followed by post-cycle TRT dosage and maintenance.
The results and experiences with Anavar can vary among individuals, and it's important to consider the health risks and consult a doctor for blood work.
00:00if you're thinking about running anavar
00:01I've got them covered today before and
00:03after results that I experience are
00:05really going to open your eyes to what
00:07you can expect disclaimer I'm not a
00:09doctor I'm not your doctor and this
00:10video is for entertainment purposes only
00:15I spent over a decade using steroids
00:18what's your favorite James I hear you
00:19say anavar is one of the favorites
00:21recognize that your before and after
00:23results on anovar are going to vary
00:25depending on the dosage the duration of
00:29the use your exercise routine your diet
00:32plan and also your individual response
00:35to anavar because everyone responds
00:37differently to different steroids
00:38anavar's widely known for its ability to
00:42promote lean muscle growth without any
00:46or significant water retention I noticed
00:48a massive increase in muscle definition
00:51my appearance was ripped and I focused
00:54on my shoulders I hammered those for the
00:5712-week cycle they blew up comments blew
01:00up as well everyone in the gym was
01:02looking at me saying how do you look
01:03like that what are you doing outside the
01:06gym people calling me Superman the Hulk
01:08the fact is if you're natural you cannot
01:10get near anyone on anavar you could
01:12train for 10 months and the person or
01:15someone could train for two months on
01:17anavar they optimize everything and
01:19they're going to receive all the results
01:21that you would in 10 months potentially
01:24in those two months because anavar is
01:26going to recomp you you're not going to
01:29have to go through multiple phases like
01:31you would do if you were natural if
01:33you're natural you have to do a cutting
01:34phase maintenance maybe another cut
01:36maybe another maintenance then the bulk
01:38maintenance cut and all this stuff if
01:40you're natural a lifestyle where you're
01:42choosing to go on steroids namely anavar
01:45is going to have you recomp which means
01:48your muscle mass is going to go up and
01:51your fat body fat is going to go down I
01:53got enhanced strength on anavar now most
01:55people say that they don't but I did
01:58because I follow a training program that
02:00works I had significant PBS in the weeks
02:05that I chose to go from zero reps in
02:08reserve to one rep in reserve this is
02:10all proper training guys we can't just
02:12go in and run through the motions when
02:14we're on steroids I was lifting heavy
02:17getting stronger and stronger and just
02:18loving it I reduced my body fat overall
02:20anavar has a reputation for promoting
02:23fat loss some people think it's a fat
02:26burner but it's not it's going to Simply
02:28increase your metabolism which is then
02:31going to stop you from storing fat
02:32instead if you are training intensely
02:35you're going to be building lean muscle
02:37so when you're on anavar you're cutting
02:39so you're in a calorie deficit you're
02:41going to experience a decreased level of
02:43body fat and more muscle this is going
02:46to equal a more defined overall physique
02:48steroids are either anabolic or
02:50androgenic and anavar is highly anabolic
02:53which means it's very good at building
02:55muscle and with that because it's low on
02:57the androgenic scale it's safe it's user
03:00friendly you're not going to develop a
03:03deep voice or get very manly attributes
03:05that's why it's actually safe for girls
03:08to take it at a very very low dosage and
03:11they're going to get huge strength gains
03:13vascularity and massive pumps in the gym
03:15but that is only providing that they do
03:18one thing and you do one thing which is
03:20like this video let's go for it thank
03:23you very much let's proceed I had
03:25minimal to no side effects on my cycle
03:28bear in mind guys I was on test I was
03:30not on an anavar only cycle I was
03:33running 400 milligrams a week of test
03:36enanthae so I didn't have any side
03:38effects if I'd been running an only
03:40cycle then my test levels would have
03:42bottomed out the longer I went on it and
03:45I would have experienced lots of sides
03:46potentially don't do stupid amounts
03:49because you are impatient look at other
03:51factors you're training your nutrition
03:53your recovery your habits and then if
03:56you've tapped out on all those fronts
03:58then slowly increase the dosage and work
04:01your way up from there my vascularity
04:03and hardness went through the roof I was
04:05so chiseled and so sculpted another
04:08really cool thing is that you are going
04:10to get new veins I had new veins in my
04:13quads One new popped up one new vein
04:16popped up in my bicep across the back of
04:19my tricep another one in my shoulder it
04:21was awesome super fun being around as
04:24you can tell just from where I'm
04:25explaining to you A lot of people don't
04:26get these results because then optimize
04:28all the other areas of their life bear
04:30in mind I'm a man of rare habits I Wake
04:32Up 3 30 in the morning I prepare all my
04:35meals I don't respond and react to my
04:38emotions okay I can control my thoughts
04:41and my mind and this is very powerful
04:43adding to PDS adding to the right
04:46nutrition the right training program and
04:49you overall create a man who is
04:51Unstoppable which is pretty much what I
04:53did on this anovar cycle one of the best
04:55things that I found about anavar is it's
04:57an awesome Kick-Ass pre-workout probably
05:00the best on the planet nothing's going
05:03to compare to anavar if you take it
05:05sublingually under your tongue it's
05:07going to reduce the half-life from 50
05:09hours down to 10. you do this 45 minutes
05:12for a workout geez you are going to get
05:15so pumped up brother but be careful what
05:18body part you train because if you take
05:20it sublingually and then you go and
05:22train legs or back potentially you want
05:24to have massive back pumps which is
05:26going to make you not lift as much as
05:29you can lift it's best for taking it
05:31pre-workout on arms shoulders or chest
05:34you can never ever go through the
05:37motions if you've taken anavar
05:38pre-workout if you are doing it
05:40pre-workout make sure you get five grams
05:43of taurine in this is going to have the
05:45back pumps or whatever pumps you get
05:47more manageable sometimes the pumps can
05:49be so powerful it makes you stop a
05:52session when I was an antivir I actually
05:53took my two dosages 12 hours apart and I
05:56did two workouts the first workout was
05:59about an hour we're about 45 minutes
06:01intense four or five exercises heavy
06:04heavy lifts and then in the evening I
06:08would train my arms only three exercises
06:10heavy again but for about 15-20 minutes
06:13before my dinner this this was a
06:16brilliant idea it made me feel so good
06:18as well so I recommend you potentially
06:21divide some body parts up you can get
06:24some dumbbells at home it preserves your
06:26lean muscle mass while you're in a
06:28calorie deficit generally a protocol is
06:30when you're bulking you need less
06:32steroids because you've got the extra
06:34calories coming in and those calories
06:36can recover you but then when you're
06:38cutting you need more of those steroids
06:40High dosages because your calories are
06:42less and the calories can't give you the
06:44recovery that you want so anavar is a
06:47master at preserving those lean gains
06:50and you'll just look overall more
06:52muscular all these results come about
06:54from me being on anavar but having a
06:56test base very important to have a
06:58testosterone base and also I was on an
07:01AI and I did use HCG to keep my
07:04testicles functioning on cycle and then
07:07post cycle I went into a trt dosage and
07:10then from there I did a maintenance and
07:13now I'm on test and deca and obvious see
07:15an AI I'm doing everything right because
07:18I don't want to lose my gains I don't
07:20want any side effects and I just want
07:22maximum results so comment below what is
07:24your experience with anavar so far have
07:27you done an out of our only cycle when
07:29it's been Wicked have you done one
07:30that's been shocking have you stacked it
07:32with tests have you stacked with other
07:34compounds I've stacked it before with
07:36Primo I've stacked it before with Deca
07:38I've started before with EQ I've not
07:40done it with Tren have you strapped
07:42stacked anavar with Trend what have you
07:44done what's your dosage what's your
07:46cycle length and what has been your
07:48results it's important to realize that
07:50the results are not guaranteed to
07:52everyone it's going to vary you might
07:54get bare results than me but what does
07:57not vary is the fact that we are
07:59actually doing PDS here and it's so
08:01important to recognize there are health
08:04risks so go to your doctor if you are
08:07considering or are on anavar and get
08:10some blood work done so important we
08:13always want to manage our health and if
08:14you you're worried you're not sure what
08:16to do and you want me to coach you I've
08:19got an application form in the
08:20description box below and I will get
08:22back to you to see how I could help you
08:24so is anavar the gateway to you
08:27accelerating and enhancing your physique
08:30well only you know the answer to that
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the benefits of using Anavar for lean muscle growth?

Anavar promotes lean muscle growth by increasing protein synthesis, enhancing nitrogen retention, and reducing muscle fatigue, resulting in improved muscle endurance and recovery.

2. How does Anavar help in increasing muscle definition?

Anavar helps in increasing muscle definition by reducing water retention, enhancing vascularity, and promoting a harder, more defined look, especially when combined with a proper diet and workout regimen.

3. Does Anavar help in decreasing body fat?

Anavar aids in decreasing body fat by boosting metabolism, preserving lean tissue during calorie restriction, and promoting fat loss, making it an effective choice for cutting cycles and achieving a leaner physique.

4. What precautions should be taken before using Anavar?

Before using Anavar, it is important to consult a doctor, undergo blood work, and ensure a thorough understanding of the potential health risks, including liver toxicity, cardiovascular effects, and hormonal imbalances.

5. What other factors are important when using Anavar?

Proper training, nutrition, and recovery are essential factors when using Anavar to maximize its benefits and minimize potential side effects. It is crucial to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle while using Anavar for optimal results.

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