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This video discusses the mysteries surrounding the ancient weapons in One Piece, including Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus, and explores theories about their creation, inheritance, and powers. It also delves into the potential connections between these weapons and dragons, as well as how they may be controlled by certain individuals.
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The video discusses the mysteries behind the ancient weapons in One Piece, including Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus, as well as the question of how these powers are passed down through generations.
The origin and power acquisition of Poseidon, the ancient weapon, is unknown, as well as why it skipped generations before appearing with Shirahoshi.
Momo, who can control Zunisha, may not be an ancient weapon, but is meant to free Pluton by knocking down the borders of Wano.
Theories about Uranus involve Roger's egg, suggesting it could be a living thing like the other ancient weapons.
The video suggests exploring other powers in the story that grant control over creatures, such as the Kibi Kibi no Mi used by Tama.
The speaker discusses the theories about the ancient weapons Pluton and Uranus in the One Piece world.
Pluton is believed to be a God that is directly beneath the castle in the flower Capital.
There may be a mechanical component to Pluton, possibly a modified mole or a cyborg mole.
Uranus, the ancient weapon, is speculated to have the power to control the weather.
The speaker suggests that Uranus could be an egg that will eventually hatch and have abilities similar to the Mother Flame.
The control of ancient weapons is likely passed down through lineage, ensuring they are in the right hands and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.
Shiroshi and Momo's powers come from their lineage.
Luffy needed to eat his devil fruit to awaken his powers.
Lineage is important in inheriting someone's will and personality.
Controlling ancient weapons through lineage ensures they are controlled by people likely to be on their side.
Uranus, unlike Poseidon and Mos, does not remember its original leader and may eventually be controlled by someone without knowing why.
Uranus is the lineage of Poseidon and Mos, flipping the concept of lineage powers.
The idea that Uranus is from Nola and the gods worshiped by the Shandians were actually gods in a way.
The question of who controls Pluton and Uranus is still uncertain, with Vivi and the moles from Alabasta being potential options.
00:00one of the biggest mysteries in one
00:01piece is the truth behind the three
00:04ancient weapons pluton Poseidon and
00:06Uranus I'll get into what those weapons
00:09are but the bigger questions for me are
00:11why and how these were created in the
00:13first place and also how those Powers
00:15get past down to Future Generations
00:17Poseidon is our best example of this
00:19where that ancient weapon was
00:21reincarnated into shiroshi who can now
00:23control the sea Kings but we still don't
00:25know how the first Poseidon got this
00:27power originally and even the sea Kings
00:29did didn't know why it skipped this many
00:31generations until it reappeared with
00:33shirahoshi it's a similar situation with
00:36MOS who is the only one who can control
00:38zunisha who may not be an ancient weapon
00:41exactly but they are meant to knock down
00:43the borders of wano one day to free the
00:45ancient weapon pluton and while we've
00:47heard that pluton was a ship created by
00:49the ancient ship Rites of water 7 we
00:51still need to ask why they would even
00:53build such a thing although since
00:55Sukiyaki said that it's sleeping under
00:57wano it may also be a living thing like
00:59deidon one that somebody may need to
01:02control and while we know next to
01:03nothing about Uranus so far Ivanov has
01:06compared the mother flame to an ancient
01:08weapon and a lot of theories about
01:10Uranus involve Roger's egg since Shiki
01:12said that Roger knew where an ancient
01:14weapon was and you know an egg could
01:16hint that Uranus is a living thing as
01:18well so let's assume for just a moment
01:20that all three ancient weapons are
01:22living things which I will prove more
01:24thoroughly later in the video and if we
01:26want to figure out how anyone could
01:27control them maybe we should start by
01:30looking for any other powers in the
01:31story that Grant control over different
01:34creatures like maybe the k k know me
01:37from none other than kurosumi Tama she
01:40was famously able to use those Millet
01:41Millet powers to create K dongos from
01:44her cheek which let her control any
01:46animal or smile fruit user who ate them
01:48she was even able to pass on this
01:50control to other people like the straw
01:52hat crew but the catch is that the power
01:55only lasts for one full moon cycle and
01:58that's important because the Moon is
02:00also closely tied to the minks an animal
02:02adjacent species at least because of
02:04their suong form and we also know the
02:06moon ties to the ancient Kingdom because
02:08of ael's cover story where we learned
02:10that three races came down to the Earth
02:13with one being the shorians who of
02:15course protected that poneglyph and the
02:17Golden Bell during the void Century I
02:19mean the KB dongos on their own almost
02:21look like miniature moons which ties to
02:23this sukimi Festival in Japan where they
02:25watch the moon and eat sukimi dongos and
02:28we can't forget that the ancient weap
02:30themselves are named after the last
02:31three planets in our solar system or at
02:33least they were when one piece started
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03:55honky star rail but let's get back to
03:57the video and before we dive too deep
03:58into what Thomas powers in the moon have
04:00to do with everything I want to quickly
04:02cover kind of the power structure of the
04:04ancient weapons as well as what pluton
04:06and Uranus exactly are since if they
04:08aren't living creatures then none of
04:09this really matters right and if we use
04:11Poseidon as an example that ancient
04:13weapon kind of came as a three-part
04:15system shirahoshi is of course the
04:18Poseidon but she controls the sea Kings
04:20who are kind of the main force and they
04:22can also pull the Noah there are kind of
04:24three important elements here a
04:25commander a main force or massive
04:28creature of some kind being the SE Kings
04:29in this case and a ship and without all
04:32three working together Poseidon wouldn't
04:34fulfill its purpose of leading the
04:35fishmen back to the surface on the NOA
04:38while every ancient weapon doesn't have
04:39to follow the same exact kind of
04:41three-part structure it does at least
04:43give us a good Baseline for pluton and
04:46Uranus but there are also important
04:48differences Poseidon is a God who was
04:50reincarnated into shiroshi relatively
04:53recently while pluton has been stuck
04:55under wano sleeping for the last 800
04:57years and if Roger's egg really really
04:59was Uranus then that maybe doesn't even
05:02appear until it finally hatches so if
05:04each ancient weapon does have some kind
05:06of three-part structure like Poseidon I
05:08think what Oda is aiming for is to have
05:11each of the actual named ancient weapons
05:13represent a different part of their own
05:15set of three so for example the actual
05:18Poseidon was the commander of their set
05:20of three so maybe pluton will represent
05:23the ship portion of their set of three
05:25kind of being the Noah of the pluton
05:27line except obviously in this case the
05:30ship is the scariest part and then
05:32Uranus would maybe represent the main
05:34force or massive creature of their set
05:36of three which if its powers are
05:38anything like the mother flame then that
05:40would probably make sense and there's a
05:42reason why Oda would set it up this way
05:44kind of like how piden is meant to have
05:46all three of their different parts work
05:48together to take the fishmen to the
05:49surface I think Luffy or Joy boy you
05:52could say is meant to have the three
05:54actual ancient weapons work together to
05:56bring a new dawn the sea Kings even
05:58mentioned how their Sovereign would be
06:00born soon and then another in a distant
06:02sea and even that the whales would be
06:04delighted in anticipation the first
06:06Sovereign is most definitely shirahoshi
06:08I think since she was born soon after
06:10that and the Sea kings were the ones to
06:12say this but I think the other one is
06:14probably Luffy Poseidon may lead the sea
06:16Kings but joy boy will eventually lead
06:19Poseidon and probably the other ancient
06:21weapons as well so now that we have that
06:23covered let's quickly run through my
06:25theories on what pluton and Uranus
06:27actually are before we tie it all back
06:29back to the Moon in th's Beast taming
06:31abilities I'm going to speedrun these
06:33since I do have longer videos on these
06:35already and if you're a veteran of the
06:36channel and you're already familiar with
06:38those then go ahead and Skip to this
06:39timestamp to hear all the new stuff so
06:41let's start with pluton which honestly
06:43has been one of the biggest theories on
06:44my channel since I got started on
06:46YouTube because while we have heard
06:47pluton is a crazy Battleship not all
06:50ships have to be inanimated I mean just
06:52ask San Juan wolf who is known as the
06:54Colossal Battleship as long as something
06:57can take you Island to Island it can be
06:59considered a ship at least that's what
07:01Frankie said and I think he would know
07:03especially since he saw those Blueprints
07:05and like I mentioned at the beginning
07:07Sukiyaki even said pluton was sleeping
07:10underneath wano which is a thing that
07:12living beings tend to do so what
07:14creature would be fitting for the title
07:16of god of the underworld yet be able to
07:18travel Island to Island on their own
07:20well maybe something like a giant mole
07:23maybe a bigger version of the boss of
07:25the earth which was a mole that gatu
07:27found during his cover story one that
07:29dug him and his friend a tunnel under
07:31the sea all the way to Alabaster this
07:34mole even had Mount Fuji on his helmet
07:37which looks almost identical to the
07:38Mount Fuji we saw in wano and it even
07:41had a traditional Japanese Sun from the
07:43Rising Sun flag behind it which might be
07:45indicative of wano's traditional
07:47Japanese aesthetic speaking of which
07:49pluton is underneath wano right now
07:52basically underneath that very same
07:54Mount Fuji and also below a port that
07:57wano happened to name mogura port and
07:59you guessed it mogura in Japanese means
08:02mole but it can also mean Earth Dragon
08:05which we will get back to later mura
08:07Port is the one that's at the same level
08:08as old wano which allows easier access
08:11up to new wano at the top and based off
08:14what we know about the walls and how
08:16wano flooded over time I think that Port
08:18almost had to be made first so that they
08:20could take supplies and building
08:22materials and things like that up to the
08:24top easier and it was probably made
08:26closer to the time that pluton was first
08:28put down down there and the walls were
08:30put up so that may be why they named it
08:32mole port in the first place because the
08:35port wasn't even needed until pluton was
08:38put down there and the walls were put up
08:40also Usopp lied during syrup Village
08:42about seeing a legendary mole Burrow
08:45under the mansion and no disrespect to
08:47miss Merry Christmas but I'm not sure if
08:49she meets the legendary threshold for me
08:51nor was she burrowing under a mansion
08:53but pluton on the other hand is known as
08:56a God and is directly beneath the castle
08:58in the flower Capital but since it was
09:00also said that pluton was built at Water
09:027 there must be some kind of mechanical
09:05component here as well so maybe it's a
09:07modified mole kind of like laboon was
09:09modified maybe it's a cyborg mole kind
09:11of like the seab Beast that we've seen
09:12at Egghead or maybe the mole just pulls
09:15something behind it for passengers or
09:17maybe that's what gives it the ability
09:19to destroy entire Islands but now let's
09:21move on to Uranus which as I mentioned
09:23earlier we have only heard of directly
09:25one single time so far but it seems
09:27pretty likely that the ancient weapon
09:29Shiki was referring to in the Strong
09:31World chapter has to be Uranus this is
09:34because Roger had not met Odin or been
09:36to wano yet so we couldn't read any
09:38poneglyphs to even learn about them like
09:40we saw him do once he got Odin and then
09:43right after this the weather took a turn
09:45for the worst and let Roger escape and
09:47when you think of the god of the sky
09:49controlling the weather seems like a
09:50reasonable power for it to have and eggs
09:53have already been tied to controlling
09:55the weather in one piece with both
09:56nami's weather eggs as well as eggh had
09:59Island which features an airon that
10:01controls the weather as well as a sky
10:02island Cloud maker which again just
10:04reinforces this Sky theme so is it as
10:07simple as Uranus is that egg well yes
10:10but it will also hatch eventually I
10:12assume and when it does it might be able
10:14to do things like the mother flame is
10:16doing which could explain why there's a
10:18hole just like it at any's Lobby which
10:20we know came from a long time ago but
10:22you probably all saw this thing on the
10:23thumbnail already and the reason I think
10:25Uranus could look at least a little
10:27something like this is because of the
10:29Gods of shandora as I mentioned earlier
10:31the shorians are descendants of one of
10:33the races who lived on the moon and they
10:35had a close connection to the ancient
10:37Kingdom back then because they had a
10:39poneglyph one that they fought to
10:41protect during the void century and if
10:43they worshiped this blue snake thing to
10:44be a God for several centuries then
10:46maybe there is more to it than some kind
10:48of superstition the youngest snake that
10:51we actually met during skypia is known
10:53as Nola and I think that's where Roger's
10:55egg came from but instead of it being as
10:57simple as a blue sea snake like its
10:59parents I think Uranus would probably
11:01have powers more akin to kaido maybe who
11:04we have to remember is also a fish
11:06technically you got to admit it's
11:08strange that the descendants of the Moon
11:10thought a blue sea snake was a god while
11:12King who's a lunarian thought kaido
11:15whose powers are technically that of a
11:17blue sea snake variant could be Joy boy
11:19who had the powers of the sun god of
11:21course so long story short I think
11:23Uranus will be a dragon that once
11:25hatched from the egg will be able to
11:27control the weather and probably do
11:29damage like we saw at en's Lobby in lcia
11:32so again if you want more info on either
11:33of these theories I have several videos
11:35that you can find down below for later
11:37but now I want to show a fun connection
11:39between these two that I haven't
11:40mentioned before and that's the cover
11:42page from chapter 574 where we see Nami
11:45playing a game of whack-a-mole obviously
11:47the moles here could potentially
11:49represent pluton and these holes could
11:51potentially represent the aftermath of
11:53places like luscia and who is the one
11:55who's holding the hammer Nami the one
11:58who is known known to already have a
12:00hand in using the weather to her
12:01advantage and even casting giant
12:03lightning strikes which could maybe
12:05Loosely be considered like mini mother
12:07flame attacks maybe so I guess you could
12:09say she's a potential standin for emu or
12:11the mother flame in terms of this rough
12:13parallel that we're making here and this
12:14cover page is also the same chapter that
12:16Ace died which is pretty Savage on odo's
12:19part considering the donut Factor so
12:21that might reinforce the fact that this
12:23cover page is incredibly important and
12:24you see that Samurai theme mold the one
12:26that's closest to Luffy and it looks
12:28like he's worried a little bit well
12:29remember we know pluton is underneath
12:32wano right now could this mole be
12:33sweating cuz IU is going to play whacka
12:35mole with the mother flame and try to
12:37take out pluton if this was somehow the
12:39case then that builds on to my theory
12:41that the mother flame is like a redo of
12:43the pluton blueprint situation because
12:45those blueprints were for the counter to
12:48pluton so maybe wano is next on the list
12:50in this game of whack-a-mole and they'll
12:52either have to move the ancient weapon
12:53or somehow block the attack I mean Luffy
12:56is the one who got hit in this cover
12:58story image so maybe he's somehow
12:59responsible for taking care of that
13:01attack so after all that we have pluton
13:03as a mole Uranus is a dragon and
13:05Poseidon is a fish sounds about right
13:08for Oda honestly and now that we've
13:09established that let's finally wrap this
13:11all back to Thomas's Powers the moon and
13:13even the celestial dragons because while
13:16the ancient weapons are definitely all
13:17different creatures ones that kind of
13:19represent the Mastery of land sea and
13:21air in a way I also drop some hints
13:23throughout the video on why they should
13:25also have a strange connection to
13:27dragons Uranus is kind of obvious at
13:29this point but mogura means both mole
13:31and Earth Dragon and shiroshi may be a
13:34mermaid but we just said dragons are
13:36kind of fish and there's even this
13:38massive dragon on top of ryugu Palace
13:41but each of them are also named after
13:43planets the last three in our solar
13:45system at least back when Pluto got the
13:47respect it deserved and all the
13:49remaining planets were actually used to
13:50help name the Gores who are the top
13:53ranking Celestial dragons and we saw the
13:55Silhouettes for the gor Transformations
13:58which seemed to show they may have Zone
14:00Powers meaning that everything or
14:02everyone we know of that's named after a
14:04planet has ties to some kind of creature
14:07which makes me wonder if the goray are
14:09also insanely powerful creatures like
14:11the ancient weapons and they ate human
14:13fruits to take the form that we see now
14:15instead of being humans with Zone fruits
14:17and with each ancient weapon having a
14:19tie to a planet and a dragon in some way
14:22then maybe they too would be Celestial
14:24dragons but just in a different way it's
14:26almost like the ancient Kingdom tamed
14:28the last three ancient weapons while emu
14:30may have tamed five of six or all six if
14:33you count the Earth which makes sense
14:34since emu is the king of the world and
14:37this is why th's power is key that is
14:40probably how the ancient Kingdom not
14:41only gained control of their three
14:43ancient weapons to begin with as well as
14:45zunisha but also pass down these powers
14:48to the Future even with them all
14:49reappearing at the perfect time for some
14:52sort of Prophecy that we've been hearing
14:54about since Thomas Powers wear off after
14:56one moon cycle though we have to think
14:58about how this control could extend
15:00beyond that because at least for the
15:01case of the sea Kings and zunisha so far
15:04they only listen to one specific person
15:07and it seems as if they've all been
15:08around since their original leader was
15:10around so it's almost as if they're
15:12recognizing their leader in this new
15:14person so I think there's two ways that
15:16I could see this working first T
15:18mentioned how after that one month is
15:20over the animals can actually choose to
15:23stay under their control if they want to
15:24so while I doubt Odo would make it this
15:26simple he technically could maybe
15:28someone who had the k k know me like 900
15:31years ago could have given the sea Kings
15:32and other ancient weapons KB Dongo after
15:35the month was up they all chose to stay
15:36with whoever that was and then that
15:38person could have maybe appointed three
15:40separate people who could then control
15:42each of them which remember that's
15:43something Tama did during the raid with
15:45the straw hats and the scabbards maybe
15:47this person appointed a mermaid to work
15:49with the sea Kings a sky Islander to
15:51control Uranus and then maybe someone
15:53from the same place as the moles to
15:55control pluton like maybe someone from
15:57wano since that's where pluton is is and
15:59the helmet had Mount Fuji on it or maybe
16:01even Alabaster because the boss of the
16:03Earth was found near there and the
16:04pluton poneglyph was there I'll cover
16:06who those people may be later on but
16:08since it seems that a lot of these
16:10creatures have been alive this entire
16:12time except for potentially Uranus they
16:14might still all be waiting to listen to
16:16their original leaders whose Wills have
16:18been inherited by people like shiroshi
16:20MOS and whoever controls pluton and
16:23Uranus when Luffy first started playing
16:24the drums of Liberation zunisha even
16:27went as far to say that it's as if
16:28you're right there but zisha was also
16:30smart enough to know that that wasn't
16:32actually Joy boy kind of like the sea
16:34Kings also knew that their King was not
16:36the same exact one as before but rather
16:38they reincarnated into somebody new who
16:41they still had to listen to and if
16:42you're thinking that maybe the powers
16:44would wear off or just not work in
16:46general cuz the sea kings are always in
16:47the ocean obviously Tama had control of
16:49tons of gifters throughout onigashima
16:51and then Riso flooded the whole thing
16:53and there was no indication that she
16:54lost control of anyone so I think the
16:56sea kings are good to be controlled as
16:57well or probably any ocean creature for
16:59that matter and you know what this oddly
17:01kind of reminds me of Brook and laboon
17:03because Brooke has a huge creature
17:05waiting for his return and Brooke had to
17:07die and come back to life to have a
17:09chance of returning to him a little like
17:10how the first Poseidon died and somehow
17:13returned within shiroshi laboon will
17:15recognize Brooke because of his afro so
17:17what is the thing that allows the sea
17:19Kings to recognize Poseidon within
17:21shiroshi zunisha didn't recognize Luffy
17:23as Joy boy until he awakened his fruit
17:26but somehow zunisha always knew MOS
17:29could give it commands is there maybe
17:31someone who accepts commands from Joy
17:32boy perhaps well check out these videos
17:34if you want to hear more about that but
17:36pluton and Uranus will likely have some
17:38person who can control them as well so
17:40what is this special something that lets
17:42this happen almost automatically
17:44inherited will might seem like an
17:46obvious answer here but I think it goes
17:48deeper than that because at least for
17:49shiroshi and Momo it seems like their
17:52powers come from their lineage and even
17:54Luffy needed to eat his devil fruit in
17:56order to awaken and play the drums of
17:57Liberation and and that fruit was said
17:59to have its own will and we've been
18:01learning a lot more recently about how
18:03important lineage factor is especially
18:05when it comes to inheriting someone's
18:07will but even their personality like we
18:09saw in Egghead where s snake was kind of
18:11captivated by Luffy somewhat like how
18:14boa is and she even disobeyed orders
18:16using lineage to pass on control of the
18:18ancient weapons would also be a good way
18:20of ensuring that the ancient weapons
18:22don't fall into the wrong hands if the
18:24Sea King zunisha and other ancient
18:26weapons are only controlled by people
18:28that are likely to be on their side then
18:30they're more likely to be good to go
18:32this is actually why I think the ancient
18:34robot attacked marijua 200 years ago if
18:36the fishmen had joined the Ry back then
18:38Poseidon would be on the wrong side
18:40today I mean when shiroshi did go there
18:42in the last Ry she almost got captured
18:45twice the ancient Kingdom had to ensure
18:47that the ancient weapons didn't fall
18:49into the wrong hands or Be Tamed I guess
18:51by the wrong people so this leads into
18:53the other way that this could kind of
18:55all work which is the k k no me
18:57Awakening I don't think Oda would dare
18:59miss the chance to show off this power
19:01if we're talking about controlling the
19:03ancient weapons but how would this work
19:05exactly well usually parami Awakenings
19:08affect their surroundings or in some
19:10cases also the enemy so I suppose the KB
19:13K user could turn anything around them
19:16into KB dongos we saw that Tama got
19:18pretty exhausted pinching her cheek over
19:20and over on the way to onigashima so I
19:22guess this would be a way to
19:23mass-produce KB dongos a bit easier or
19:26maybe you could turn someone's food into
19:28a KB Dongo without it looking like one
19:31so that way you can still take control
19:32without them knowing they're eating a k
19:34Dongo exactly which would let you kind
19:36of catch them by surprise but I think
19:38there's a lot more to the Awakening than
19:40that I think it might have something to
19:42do with that moon cycle and I want to
19:43give a big shout out to innocent
19:45cauliflower from the Discord for
19:47inspiring me to start this Theory almost
19:48a year ago because it all ties back to
19:51what I said earlier about the sukimi
19:53festival and the sukimi Dongo sukimi is
19:55a mid Autumn Festival in Japan where
19:57they watch watch the Moon while eating a
19:59dumpling called the sukimi Dongo meant
20:01to resemble the moon overlooking
20:03everything this is likely the
20:04inspiration behind tying Thomas powers
20:06to the Moon to begin with but it also
20:08ties to another character in one piece
20:10named Dr sukimi this is the guy who
20:13built some of the automata that enel met
20:15while on the moon and he built them
20:17while on Cara Curry Island which is
20:19where Vega Punk is from and sukim lived
20:21up to his name by always looking at the
20:24moon however one night there was an
20:26explosion on the moon and he ch choked
20:28on one of these sukimi dumplings and
20:30died to build onto suim's connection to
20:32Vega Punk even further there were space
20:34pirates up on the moon who had a Jolly
20:36Roger in the shape of Vega Punk's head
20:38and we obviously know Vega Punk has been
20:40deeply tied to devil fruit in ancient
20:42Kingdom research who again tie to the
20:44moon and one specific thing that Vega
20:46Punk has been searching for is the
20:48ancient power source that powers the
20:50ancient giant one that just woke back up
20:52in chapter 1092 and up on the moon enel
20:55basically became the power source to
20:57recharge the the ancient city up there
20:59in all those old automata there is
21:01absolutely some connection between the
21:03Moon and Vega Punk and if you look back
21:05at Dr sukimi one more time it may have
21:07said that he built the aomata on carak
21:09Curry Island but when we saw him eating
21:11the Dongo later on it sure didn't look
21:14like the snowy Tundra that Frankie
21:15visited in the time skip fixing the
21:17weather on kakuri was Vega Punk's goal
21:20but he wasn't able to do it I mean he
21:21can now but he just never did it while
21:23he was there so wherever sukimi was
21:25later on I doubt it could have been
21:27kakuri Island and it honestly looks a
21:29lot more like wano based off the
21:31traditional Japan looking building and
21:33walls plus the moon has a million
21:35connections to wano because most of the
21:37Dao family names have Moon connected to
21:39them the song that he already played a
21:40bunch of times was called Moon Princess
21:43obviously Luffy did the naikap POS here
21:44when he went into gear 5ifth which is
21:46Iconic but I think the most important
21:48thing is that this is also where th's
21:50fruit was it can't be a coincidence that
21:52her fruit was kept safely inside the
21:54confines of wano the place with so many
21:57moon connections as it is we also saw
21:59other important fruit Powers here before
22:01like semi maru's barrier fruit and
22:03hiashi's clone fruit which we know now
22:06belong to bomo and Bon clay respectively
22:09people who I would argue are two of the
22:11biggest fans of Luffy who aren't
22:13actually on the crew bomio is pretty
22:15obvious and Bon clay sacrificed himself
22:17multiple times to help Luffy even back
22:20when he barely knew him once higashi and
22:22semimaru died within wano their fruits
22:24were likely reincarnated within wano
22:26somewhere yet they made it to two people
22:29who are definitely on Joy boy side and
22:31then if you're telling me that Thomas
22:32fruit is also here there has to be some
22:34important history going on with this
22:36fruit as well and like I said I think
22:38it's tied to how we're controlling the
22:40ancient weapons if this power were to
22:42ever be awakened I bet that instead of
22:44the control ending after just a month it
22:46could last forever or at least on a
22:48bigger Galactic cycle of some kind that
22:50lasts much longer than a month maybe
22:52they upgrade to Simi dongos or something
22:55and as long as the Moon is still up
22:56there the control would stay in effect
22:59or maybe if there's an eclipse or
23:00something it would all wear off cuz they
23:02can't see the moon at all and maybe that
23:04eclipse happens every oh I don't know
23:06800 years or something and that's why
23:08there's this prophesized time coming
23:10soon and maybe even why Roger said he
23:12was too early I mean he was also before
23:14the birth of the ancient weapons but
23:15apparently also before this prophesized
23:17day this could mean that the Sea King
23:19zunisha and other ancient weapons are
23:22essentially slaves right now to the
23:24people that the KB KB user may have
23:26passed control on to which kind of makes
23:28sense because if you go back and look at
23:30Jack attacking zunisha zunisha basically
23:33couldn't do anything about it unless
23:35Momo said something zunisha was pretty
23:37much locked in on fulfilling whatever
23:39its last order was and Momo had to break
23:41that so just imagine like a p Kazuki
23:44member or something or even Joy boy
23:45honestly ordering zunisha to just keep
23:47wandering in this circle until so and so
23:50comes along now maybe they knew that
23:51person would come along just because of
23:53inherited will or lineage Factor like I
23:55mentioned earlier or it could tie to the
23:57fact that laugh tale seems to hold
23:58information about the future I mean Odin
24:00knew that someone would come to save
24:02wano in the future and Neptune even
24:04talked about an appointed day coming for
24:05his people and the Noah in the future
24:07Momo also mentioned how he absolutely
24:09cannot die once he read Odin's Journal
24:11so maybe whoever controlled these
24:13weapons 900 years ago somehow saw into
24:15the future and simply told all of their
24:17respective creatures something like hey
24:19this individual will be born at this
24:21time and you need to listen to them and
24:23them only and it would just be as easy
24:24as that if the Awakening removes that
24:26Moon time limit then all of this would
24:28work and if this was the case I bet you
24:31that Luffy won't like it if he hears
24:33that the ancient weapons have been
24:34obeying other people's commands for all
24:36this time and maybe poor old pluton the
24:38mole has been locked up under wano for
24:40this long he'll probably be pretty angry
24:42that they aren't free maybe he will
24:44somehow break the spell that they're
24:46under but in the process the creatures
24:48May then decide to join the good side
24:50willingly I'm a big animal lover myself
24:52I've got two dogs and two cats and if
24:54there's one thing we tend to love about
24:56our pets it's the uncond conditional
24:58love and loyalty that they tend to bring
25:00and this is something that Oda has shown
25:02us time and time again starting all the
25:04way back with shushu in Orangetown to
25:06laboon who's been waiting 50 years for
25:09the rumar Pirates to return this is a
25:11big reason why Brooke is my favorite
25:13character in the whole series Brooke
25:14even said that death doesn't count as an
25:17apology potentially connecting to the
25:19apology that Joy boy left to Poseidon
25:21especially since you know Joy boy died
25:23and came back to life somewhat like
25:25Brooke did except of course Joy boy came
25:27back as Luffy even recently in the wano
25:29raid we saw chuji the mouse get
25:31highlighted during sanji's fight with
25:33queen as a way to show how caring he is
25:35since he also fed a mouse back in his
25:37rough childhood Karu also had some great
25:39moments with Viv Ranos is another aler
25:42and yes he definitely counts and we saw
25:44during Fishman Island how surume was
25:46being threatened by hodi but conversely
25:49he was being offered protection by Luffy
25:51which that alone could just be a
25:53microcosm of the battle for control of
25:55the ancient weapons themselves maybe
25:56they're currently forced to listen but
25:58Luffy will free them and let them choose
26:01to listen oda's clearly shown how
26:03important animals are not only to him
26:05but to the story of one piece and I have
26:07no doubt that he's going to take this
26:09tenfold with the ancient weapons I think
26:11they are essentially meant to show what
26:12you can do when Nature humans and
26:15science kind of work together and go as
26:17far as they can it's like the furthest
26:19evolution of that relationship I guess
26:21back 900 years ago creatures the size of
26:23zunisha the sea Kings and maybe even
26:25Ancient Giants like ores were probably
26:28more commonplace than they are now and
26:29humans probably found a way to work with
26:32them to make the world a better place to
26:34make the world less risky and
26:36potentially easier to travel around so
26:38that people were more free if we were to
26:41use Poseidon as an example we've seen a
26:43small Recreation of the sea Kings
26:45already in the mechanized seab beasts
26:47which are controlled by the Vega punks
26:48it's almost like a mini version of
26:50Poseidon since the Vega punks can
26:52command them but by virtue of using
26:54technology a myriad of issues could come
26:56up there could be a malfunction like
26:58Lilith mentioned for the Sharks
27:00programming or like Lilith said
27:02overriding Primal desires may just be
27:04impossible which could definitely be
27:06another connection to the S snake thing
27:08because she still listened to Luffy even
27:10when it went against her orders the
27:12ancient Kingdom may have known about
27:14this very well and it's almost like they
27:16designed a way to leverage those Primal
27:18desires so that they could work with
27:19that creature and let it do what it
27:21evolved to do we've already heard that
27:23zone fruits have a will of their own and
27:25it seems like to awaken them
27:26successfully your will and the fruits
27:28will have to match to some degree by
27:30commanding the ancient weapons using
27:32thas fruit it's kind of a similar thing
27:34because without the right will or
27:36lineage or bloodline whatever you want
27:37to call it you wouldn't be able to
27:39command that ancient weapon and that
27:41would make sure that it doesn't fall
27:42into the wrong hands kind of like I
27:44talked a little bit about earlier this
27:45is a way safer way than just using
27:48technology kind of like Vega Punk does
27:50with a lot of his Creations if the
27:51programming gets messed up or somebody
27:53gets a hold of an authority chip like we
27:55saw with kizaru in the Mark II pacifista
27:57does then someone would get a hold of
27:59them who shouldn't plus if we were to
28:00compare these to the Sea Kings even more
28:02I think the sea kings are just better at
28:04doing what the sea beasts are trying to
28:05do the sea kings are kind of Nature's
28:07magnum opus when it comes to traveling
28:09in the sea and the ancient Kingdom
28:11basically developed a way to work with
28:13them and pass that control down and then
28:15I think there's a similar idea going on
28:17with pluton however this one's
28:19interesting because I ironically do
28:20think there's technology involved
28:22however I don't think it's technology
28:24like the seab beasts have where it's a
28:26mechanism of control or whatever ever
28:27but like I mentioned earlier it could be
28:29modified kind of like laboon was it
28:31could have some kind of armor or drills
28:33to help it dig in the ground or maybe it
28:34just pulls something with it for
28:36passengers or that lets it blow up
28:38Islands in a single blast when I said
28:40earlier that there are three components
28:42to each ancient weapon a leader a
28:43creature of some kind and then a ship
28:45I'm thinking the creature and the ship
28:47were combined into one thing for pluton
28:50by taking the mole and then whatever was
28:52built by the ancient ships of water 7
28:54but the reason why a mole is so crucial
28:56in this case is that it's naturally
28:58built to dig underground similar to what
29:00I said about the sea Kings digging far
29:02underground is also hard as hell but a
29:05mole is built to handle this perfectly
29:07and better than a machine probably all
29:09things considered I mean digging down
29:11there is hard enough as it is but if
29:12you're digging low enough to go under
29:14the sea like the boss of the Earth was
29:16doing there's going to be some extreme
29:18heat and other risks involved there too
29:20Nami mentioned how there are more
29:22volcanoes Under the Sea than there are
29:23on land and that these volcanic vents
29:26are what create new Islands so if pluton
29:28digs underneath the ocean then it might
29:31be digging like right next to or even
29:33inside of lava and that could make a lot
29:35of sense since we saw kaido and big mom
29:37in a pool of lava when they were sent
29:39deep beneath wano and if pluton is even
29:41lower than that then maybe pluton is in
29:44some lava too which would honestly be
29:46kind of sad we were told that the Pags
29:48were also made in wano and the one image
29:50that we've kind of gotten of that shows
29:52them in a dark and fiery type
29:53environment so that may all have some
29:55kind of connection but the point Point
29:57here is that a massive mole like pluton
29:59would be the perfect thing to handle
30:01these harsh temperatures and dig through
30:03the ground and then as for Uranus I
30:05think this might be the most interesting
30:07one in this regard because as I said
30:09before the weapon itself may have been
30:11reincarnating from the past Uranus so
30:14it's not the same exact weapon as before
30:16meaning it doesn't remember the original
30:18leader it had like zunisha the sea Kings
30:20and probably pluton do since they've
30:22been around this whole time but what I
30:24love about what Oda did here is that the
30:26weapon itself self is the lineage if
30:28Poseidon and Mos got their powers
30:31through lineage then Oda flipped that on
30:32its head here with Uranus who was being
30:34born from a long lineage of other kind
30:36of blue snake things and this could also
30:38mean that Uranus left to follow orders
30:40eventually without really understanding
30:42what's going on kind of like how
30:44shiroshi shouted out when she was a
30:45child and brought the sea Kings and Momo
30:47shouted out to zunisha without really
30:49understanding what was going on Urus may
30:51eventually be controlled by someone
30:53without knowing why since it was all
30:55passed on through lineage Factor and
30:57this strengthens the idea that this egg
30:59is from Nola in my opinion and that the
31:01gods who were worshiped by the shandians
31:03were actually gods in a way just a few
31:05Generations too early from the real
31:07thing so that leads to the final
31:09question for this video which is who
31:11controls pluton in Uranus I'll be honest
31:14I'm torn on quite a few different
31:15options here because vivv is an obvious
31:18choice especially for Uranus which I
31:19think is a pretty well-known Theory at
31:21this point and that makes sense because
31:23of the moment where she shouted out at
31:24the end of alabasta and then it started
31:26raining and also because emu just
31:29requested to capture Viv after using the
31:31mother flame but pluton also kind of
31:33makes sense because she's from alabasta
31:36where the pluton poneglyph is and where
31:38the boss of the earth dug to in gatu
31:40cover story potentially hinting that the
31:42moles are originally from the area I'm a
31:44little torn here because I think Uranus
31:46overall makes more sense for Viv but the
31:48only other option for pluton that I can
31:50think of is just Momo he already
31:52controls zunisha who was meant to
31:54release pluton so at least from the
31:55ancient Kingdom's perspective it would
31:57kind of make sense to have all that
31:59happen with just one individual like why
32:01would you want to have the guy who can
32:02free the weapon without having the
32:04person who can control it if you just
32:05make it the same person then there's no
32:07worry about the weapon getting loose and
32:09wreaking havoc and I mentioned before
32:11how each ancient weapon may be Loosely
32:12tied to dragons right well Momo has
32:15Dragon Powers Viv has blood of the
32:17original 20 Celestial dragons although
32:19her family obviously decided not to live
32:21up there and I already mentioned earlier
32:23how shiroshi is kind of dragony because
32:25dragons are fish and is's a huge dragon
32:28on ryugu Palace so it would be Dragon
32:30leading dragons in this case so I think
32:32vivv for Uranus and Momo for pluton
32:35probably makes the most sense to me we
32:37also know their families were very close
32:38with the Declan in the ancient Kingdom
32:40so that all just kind of lines up but if
32:42I had to throw out another guess for
32:44Uranus though I want to mention Isa from
32:46skypia she had observation hockey that
32:49was able to cover the whole island kind
32:50of like anels was able to but it didn't
32:52work inside of Nola and neither did
32:54enel's actually and we have to remember
32:56that Nola may be Uranus's parent and
32:59that alone really makes ISIS stand out
33:01she's also from a sky race obviously so
33:03she kind of fits in there as well so I
33:05might see a scenario where Viv might be
33:07able to control all three I mean nefari
33:09d ly was obviously incredibly crucial to
33:11the plans of the ancient Kingdom and
33:13I've heard a ton of theories about how
33:14Lily had Kuma's powers and that's how
33:16the poneglyphs got spread around the
33:17world and that maybe Viv will get that
33:19fruit eventually which while I love that
33:21theory maybe Lily is the one who just
33:24had the K KB no me actually maybe Lily
33:27is the one who originally tamed all the
33:29ancient weapons and also passed on the
33:32ability to control them to three
33:33different races so maybe Viv is kind of
33:35the master key in this regard and can
33:37control any of them but there's also one
33:40individual from each of the appropriate
33:41races that could control each of their
33:43respective ancient weapons as well I
33:45mean if there's anybody who'd be able to
33:47control all the ancient weapons it would
33:49definitely make sense to be either Luffy
33:50or Viv I think I mean Luffy could
33:52already hear zunisha and the Sea Kings
33:54but not command them but now Luffy's
33:56made it clear that he's Joy boy because
33:57of the drums of Liberation which zunisha
33:59clearly knows about perhaps that was a
34:01necessary step of some sort so that he
34:03can eventually control the ancient
34:05weapons too or if not like I mentioned
34:07earlier Luffy will definitely lead each
34:09of those who control the weapons so
34:11it'll all kind of work out the same
34:13anyway but that's it for this video guys
34:15and if you want to hear more about
34:16pluton or Uranus then make sure you
34:18check out one of these two videos on the
34:19screen right here but until next time
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