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This video tells the chilling story of Randy State, a YouTuber who descended into madness and committed a horrifying act of violence against his co-workers, capturing his transformation on camera. Randy's obsession with a cartoon character named Ver McClain played a significant role in his descent into darkness. He meticulously planned the attack, uploaded videos detailing his intentions, and ultimately took the lives of three colleagues before ending his own.
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This section introduces Randy Robert Stein, a YouTuber who filmed his descent into madness and committed a horrific crime.
Randy was born in 1992 in Pennsylvania, USA, and had a relatively normal childhood.
He was introverted, eccentric, and loved cartoons, often spending hours watching them in his room.
Randy had very few physical friends and mostly interacted with people online, which played a significant role in his life.
From a young age, he was obsessed with creating videos on YouTube and saw it as a platform to express himself and overcome his shyness.
Andrew Blaze became obsessed with a cartoon series called Danny Phantom and a character named Ember McLain, leading to a brutal self-depersonalization.
Andrew Blaze became compulsively obsessed with the character Ember McLain from the cartoon series Danny Phantom.
His room was filled with posters of Ember McLain and he couldn't stop drawing her.
Andrew even created an animated series where the protagonists resembled Ember McLain, and the stories always ended with someone being killed.
Andrew Blaze planned to kill his co-workers and himself, and documented his descent into madness through a series of videos.
He decided to take action based on a coin toss, where heads meant he would kill himself.
He prepared weapons and disappeared from social media before returning to upload the "side tapes" on Twitter, explaining his intentions in detail.
The videos show the evolution of Andrew Blaze's descent into darkness, leading up to his final actions.
The video discusses a YouTuber named Andrew Blaze who created disturbing animations, including one where the protagonist shoots himself in the head.
Andrew Blaze had a community of followers who enjoyed his content.
Some of his videos ended with a shot in the head, although not gory.
People started questioning his mental state and if he was depressed, but he denied having any issues.
This section of the video discusses the increasingly strange behavior of Andrew Blaze and his last videos before his disturbing actions.
The video is described as gloomy and features music.
Andrew Blaze is shown wearing dark glasses in his last videos.
The danger lies in what Andrew Blaze says, rather than what is shown in the videos.
Andrew Blaze made an hour and a half long video where he says goodbye, apologizes, and jokes around.
There are a couple of creepy videos where Andrew Blaze discusses his plans to harm his companions.
This section of the video describes the chilling account of Andrew Blaze's descent into madness and murder.
Andrew Blaze prepares two shotguns, one as a backup.
He kills his three companions and encounters a terrifying room.
He spares one person for unknown reasons.
His colleague locks herself in a room, calls the police, and he eventually takes his own life.
00:00go back to traditional videos here
00:02in giorgio's corner today we will
00:04all see together one of those stories that
00:07make your hair go crazy,
00:09the protagonist is nothing more and nothing less
00:11than a youtuber who in 2017
00:14very recently committed an atrocious crime in
00:18his workplace this is a story of
00:20a descent into the most absolute madness of
00:23the degeneration of the psyche of how a
00:25person in principle normal can end up
00:28committing any absolute atrocity
00:31without further ado let's learn about the case of
00:34randy state and how a youtuber filmed
00:37little by little his transformation into a
00:45randy robert stein was born in 1992
00:48in pennsylvania usa born into a
00:51relatively normal family a
00:54relatively normal childhood again he was a
00:57creative introverted boy a little eccentric
01:00a little strange he loved
01:02cartoons he could
01:04literally spend his time dozens of
01:06consecutive hours locked in his room
01:08watching cartoon after cartoon until now
01:11we would have the profile of an
01:13introverted person with certain attitudes or
01:15even artistic aptitudes like so many
01:18others and more so in recent years where
01:20more and more young people spend many
01:22hours at home and where ordinary street social life is
01:25little by little being
01:27lost or if not being reduced
01:30a lot, but for this same reason,
01:32due to this withdrawn character,
01:34Randy had very few physical
01:37friends and most of his close friends
01:39were online. And the
01:42online part would be very important in his life,
01:44not only because of the issue of friendships
01:46but also as a fundamental part of the
01:48development of his personality. From a very
01:50young age, he was obsessed with creating
01:53videos on YouTube. Grande was
01:55literally one of the first
01:58YouTubers. Already in 2008 and as a child he
02:02uploaded his first videos,
02:08dozens of hundreds of videos,
02:11most of which are lost but already there he uploaded
02:14content, he saw YouTube as a kind
02:17of window where he could project himself where
02:20that shyness that he had, that difficulty
02:22in understanding others face cara
02:24disappeared began at that time to
02:26become a youtuber who made videos of
02:29both the blog and also gameplays of
02:32more or less normal content. Yes, it is
02:35true that in his first videos they are
02:37very old videos from the year 2011 2012, you
02:40can find strange traces, certain
02:43ideation fixation with death with
02:45violence with gunshots
02:50but all in a very diffuse way and that
02:53you can also find in other
02:54characters who have not committed any type
02:56of crime and who have not gone crazy
02:59certainly was not the case of randy one One
03:02of the things that terrifies me the most or
03:04leaves me in shock about this case is how
03:07you can really see in its videos in a
03:10totally palpable way in a
03:12recorded way and this is the sadly magical thing
03:15not only about this case but also about
03:17life in the We currently live
03:18where everything is constantly being
03:20recorded, you can see perfectly how his
03:23head goes further and further away, you can
03:26see and we will see arranged together
03:28in a series of videos that select
03:29a fall into hell, the deepest abyss
03:33of the human mind that It led to
03:35a theoretically shy, withdrawn person who was
03:38not given to violence to
03:41kill three of his co-
03:43workers with shotgun fire.
03:47We have to talk about a key element
03:49in this story at an
03:52indeterminate moment in his adolescence. It is not
03:54known exactly when it begins. to
03:57become obsessed with a cartoon series
04:00that I didn't really know about,
04:02called Dany Fantom, a
04:05Nickelodeon series created by Bach Hartmann, who
04:07was also the creator of a
04:09wonderful series called Johnny Bravo, one of
04:11my favorite cartoons from
04:14many years ago, this one really is. I know him in
04:16theory, Randy was a fan of several of
04:18Bach's creations, but with Tam and
04:20Phantom he became compulsively obsessed,
04:23especially with a character who was not
04:25even the protagonist, a villain called
04:29Ver McClain, a chulilla rocker ghost girl
04:31who went against the rules, she
04:34stayed. Absolutely
04:36dumbfounded, obsessed, crazy, I don't know if it was
04:41some kind of love for a stranger or
04:43psychopathic edification. Something happened when he
04:46discovered this character that he
04:49couldn't get out of his head. His room
04:52was full of posters of her. He couldn't
04:55stop drawing her. He even created a
04:58series. animated and the boy
05:01within everything bad that he could do
05:04was a person with a
05:06fairly great creative talent who communicated well because he
05:09alone created a series called g s whose
05:13protagonist, well, almost all of the
05:15protagonists were this same girl is in
05:18see in different ways in which
05:21animation, although at first it could
05:24seem like for children at all, the
05:25stories always ended with someone
05:27killed with a shot to the head in the
05:29introduction, you will see what
05:31happens with a character that he created at that
05:34time His name was Andrew Place, which
05:36would also be the beginning of a
05:38brutal self-depersonalization. He
05:40came to believe that he was this
05:42really good character. Then I'll explain a
05:44little more about this
05:46boy's psyche, which is when things get very complicated. He
05:47started making videos. More and
05:49more strangers, people did not understand anything, we
05:52were watching the descent by egg to
05:54repeat the madness of a person in
05:57strict live. I told you that he
05:59created a character and an alter ego that was
06:01Andrew Place, well, Andrew Place, I think it
06:04started. a bit of his idea of
06:07depersonalization and that it is something very
06:09strange if you have not felt it and I
06:11could explain it to you myself but really if you do
06:12not live it or feel exactly what it
06:14is but it is like your own body is not
06:16part of your being It is something very
06:19strange, he began to have the belief
06:21that in reality he was not him but that
06:23inside he had the ghost of a girl
06:27who would surely be enver or something very
06:29similar that lived inside himself so
06:32he was not really a boy
06:33She was a girl, she was the spirit
06:36of a girl and she began to look for ways
06:38to really become that
06:41ghost herself, a personal friend of
06:43Randy's, declared after what happened, what I
06:45will tell you about here, very little that
06:47Randy had confessed to him, well, this is not
06:49what in In reality, she was a ghost girl and
06:52the only way that would end
06:54well for him was either by killing himself or by killing
06:59the people who worked with him because
07:01somehow this would fulfill a
07:03kind of soul pact that was
07:05inside and could pass into the future. The next level does
07:08not have any logic but you do not have to
07:10look for logic in it. He was sick,
07:12deeply ill. Yes, Randy
07:15decided to take action.
07:16According to his friend, one day he picked up a
07:19coin and decided to throw it. That toss of the
07:21coin would mark his destiny. Heads, he
07:24would kill himself. In the near future, Cruz
07:27would kill his co-workers before he
07:29was working in a
07:30fairly large supermarket called Ways, which is in
07:33Pennsylvania. He would go there one day and
07:35kill them all and then
07:38kill himself and somehow
07:40fulfill that soul bargain. the
07:43coin and in the end it came out tails so
07:45he had to kill his co-
07:49this was not something immediate he thought about it well he
07:52bought the weapons he prepared it he disappeared
07:55a little from the YouTube and
07:58Twitter networks to return a few days before and on
08:01his Twitter which of course no longer exists
08:02in his account, don't look for it because all the
08:04ones there are are falsified accounts or
08:06accounts of people who want to
08:08impersonate him for fame, etc. He uploaded via
08:11mediafire a series of videos called the
08:13side tapes, the suicide tapes where He
08:16said goodbye to his parents, he explained what he
08:20was going to do in great
08:22detail and even showed the weapons.
08:24You know what I'm saying is that we're going to watch
08:26some videos of Andrew Blaze and Randy
08:29State because I managed to find
08:31these videos. I didn't like it
08:34very much. I'm not going. to show nothing out of
08:38place but I would like us to
08:40all see together the evolution of
08:42this boy's descent into hell and
08:45in the end, I will tell you what he did at the
08:48end. This is a video from 2008. I'll
08:52tell you, it was of the first
08:53youtubers and we see a kid of
08:55approximately 15 years old
08:56fooling around with a colleague, there is not
09:00much more to tell, the quality is a
09:034.3 p is what it was at that time of
09:07YouTube and we see a teenager
09:09doing more stupid things Without too much
09:11mystery, let's move forward for a while and go to
09:14the year 2010. Here he would be about 17 or 18 years old
09:18and it
09:22is a video that, if you look closely, of a
09:25boy who talks about
09:31I think that the channel at this moment, this
09:34topic is going to be something like this
09:39and he is like interacting with people
09:42because we continue seeing something normal and
09:46ordinary we spend a while we do not advance
09:48a few years and here we reach the
09:51point of the gs which is that cartoon that he
09:54created and here we see no well the same
09:57character with different colors this
10:00girl It's the ghost in see in see
10:03mcclain and here, well, he already made some
10:06stories, there are many episodes, I'll
10:09tell you, all of them with a very macabre, very
10:11strange ending, I'm going to put an
10:13introductory fragment, maybe I'll turn off the music
10:15because I don't know if it has copyright. author
10:17or he did it himself but you will see that what
10:20he would be
10:22the animation for being a single person
10:24who has done it is not bad and that the
10:27boy had a certain talent I will put it a
10:30little from here
10:34a song like that bang cheek and so
10:39everything is the same character
10:45being part of this group
10:50here you are already seeing things he did not address his
10:53autopsy this is Andrew Blaze okay this is
10:56how he sees himself
11:00in the introduction of this
11:04animation that you could say it is
11:06for children it comes out shooting himself in the
11:08head, yes, in terms of shapes and cartoons, it's not something that's
11:11unpleasant to see, but
11:13in an animation like this, the
11:17creator appears to have the protagonist shooting himself
11:20in the head. I don't know if anyone
11:23saw it with any certainty.
11:25importance or someone famous but I think
11:28this is a warning to know characters,
11:30one of them with the gun,
11:32I think this is a warning of what the hell
11:34is happening here, not
11:38here in a very cartoon way, because it
11:40ended as valuing
11:43that this is not as shocking as about
11:45the intro but there are many episodes I
11:47'm not going to put them in that end
11:50with a shot in the head that is not
11:52very gory but of course it looks like
11:54the head and is left with the
11:56blood hole and everything Due to the fact that in some
11:58of the videos of these Gs the same one appeared
12:04because everything was very macabre shooting,
12:06a lot of ideas about death because
12:08people began to say, I remind you that that
12:10boy had his fans, that is, we are not
12:11talking about a YouTuber with 14
12:13followers I'm not saying that he was a
12:14viral person, but a person who had a
12:16community of people who followed him and who
12:19liked what he did and they started
12:21asking him, hey, Randy, are you or Andrew? I don't know what he
12:23wanted me to call him at that
12:24moment. You're depressed. What are you saying? It happens
12:27because he hears
12:32the creation of reality that he
12:35is not depressed at all that he does not have any
12:38mental problem and that no one this is
12:40[ __ ] that people are making a
12:42movie and I am going to be Howard Mr. Mouth in
12:45view of the people words
12:49from Santander
12:54curious choice In words, it's not something
12:56that bothers me as we'll see here
13:05is worried about him, it's not something
13:09private messages you're fine
13:12entertainment says this is
13:15entertainment this is all fiction
13:17from the scripts inc there's a script
13:20okay well here it is Trying
13:22to explain that all this is simply
13:24a lie and something to
13:27entertain people, it is clear that
13:29reality was not like this, and here we
13:31are beginning to see the descent into
13:34strange behaviors. I
13:37don't know if I'm going to start playing the music
13:40because I think it is so it has to
13:43be copyrighted but well you can see him
13:46doing a lip sing
13:48in a slightly strange way
13:52of a song that I don't know how to place but I would
13:55n't be surprised if
13:57it's by Dany Fantom outside of the series let's see that the
13:59increasingly strange behavior this
14:00is another video we are already in the final that
14:03already looks older we are not already
14:04in the last period this must be
14:13this is a video of about two minutes or
14:16so in length with very very music
14:20and in which he says things of
14:24course with instead of behind
14:58and this is one of the last videos
15:01he made on the avatar channel
15:21this is one of the last videos
15:25on his normal channel then they had
15:31there the dark glasses let's say but we're going to
15:35give appointments we're going to say
15:36forbidden have you found we don't have any
15:38left either I'm telling you it's cost me my life I wo
15:39n't show anything strange because don't
15:41think that the tapes are very
15:43explicit graphically at all it
15:46's just him talking sometimes
15:49For hours, the danger is more than
15:52what you see, it's what he says. I'm not going to
15:54select very short fragments. This
15:57is the last video he made where he appeared
16:02It's a video that lasts an hour and a half.
16:09Well, he makes it as a joke, well. the
16:12faces he made, in addition to being a kid,
16:13a little bit of laughter
16:17and it's an hour and a half of
16:20saying goodbye to saying sorry to say that since
16:24what has happened here hasn't
16:26killed anyone yet but there are literally
16:28three days left for it to happen. I made this
16:31last video talking but then he made a
16:34couple of videos that are very creepy that I'm going
16:37to put on because it's not like they contribute
16:38a lot visually where he made a route
16:40with I understand that with his cell phone or with
16:42a video camera from the place where
16:44he worked it's because The market, which was
16:46quite large and without showing any
16:49shots or anything, did show what he
16:51was going to do when he killed his
16:54companions. Without a doubt, the most
16:56disturbing video of all is this one
16:58called the plan, where it details in
17:01all the luxury of details what he would do
17:04when he got to the supermarket this is
17:08a video from a week or so two
17:13and do what he did and he explains that he
17:20has directly calculated everything he is going to do and Ximo explains it with
17:22an amazing coldness and these are The
17:25weapons that I really use the most
17:28is a video of more than half an hour because
17:31that is where, due to extreme coldness, he
17:33explains what he is going to do and what he
17:36did was well, because one night he sometimes worked the
17:39night shift at one in
17:42the morning. He presents himself with two
17:45shotguns, one which is the one he would use and
17:47the other in case he had any problem with
17:49the first one, it jams, etcetera, he
17:51introduces himself as always, he carries them
17:52hidden in a bag, he talks politely
17:55with his supervisor and everything, when the
17:57supervisor moves away, he blocks the guns. There are two
17:59doors that are all locked, he
18:01takes out the shotgun and kills his three
18:04companions, there was a room left that you are going to
18:06see is amazing, what happens with
18:07that terrifying room is an understatement, there was
18:09another person and he was
18:11working as we were in the
18:13night area, no. There was almost no one, they almost never
18:15had their headphones on with the
18:19so loud that she didn't hear a single gunshot.
18:22All of this was recorded on the
18:24surveillance cameras. Randy approached her from behind,
18:27who was at that moment placing
18:29labels without realizing that her
18:32life was running. a great extreme danger
18:35stood behind her right now for
18:37about five or ten seconds she
18:38got up she went to another room and for whatever
18:41reason he decided not to kill her
18:44we will never know what the reason was maybe
18:45he liked her It is better
18:47not to theorize, it could be 30,000
18:50things. Randy started shooting at
18:54different utensils in the store. At
18:56that moment, his colleague realized it.
18:58She locked herself in a room. She called the
19:00police. He continued
19:02shooting. He fired 57 times and finally he stopped.
19:06a corner pointed the shotgun at him and,
19:10as he had predicted, he also killed himself. It
19:13was a case. You can imagine that it
19:15had all the elements of the most
19:18absolute, most authentic drama, a
19:21young boy with no criminal record on top of it, a
19:24youtuber, a person with fans, a
19:28creative person who had done this
19:31absolute atrocity, this same friend who
19:33was the one who related several
19:35more or less intimate things about Randy
19:38also explained a terrible thing and that is that Randy,
19:41two days before the murder, sent
19:44an email to this friend where he told him what a
19:47shame he didn't. You live near me because if
19:50not I would have killed you too because for
19:52anti-killing at that moment it was not a
19:54bad thing, something that I had to do and it
19:56was not any kind of drama, this boy
19:59could not read the email until a few days
20:01later when he looked at the folder spam
20:03because by containing the word kill the
20:05mail system itself had
20:07determined that it was an illegal email
20:08and hid it when he
20:10simply checked the spam folder he saw the
20:12message from Andrew Place that's what he
20:14called himself in the emails where he said that
20:16I wish he had uploaded it close because it
20:19would have killed you too you
20:21never know when someone may have
20:24a problem like that because unfortunately humans
20:27have many good things but they
20:29also have many flaws and when the
20:31physical flaw is something very obvious but
20:33when the task is mental it can
20:35cause things like that It has been a real
20:38pleasure to be in these types of
20:39videos again, friends, subscribe if you
20:41liked it, give it a like, share this
20:43video with your friends, family, with
20:45whomever, any show of support is
20:48very good for me and helps me motivate myself
20:50to continue doing things See you here
20:53in the next video, a
20:55big hug, always rock out, see you later
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Randy State and what happened to him?

Randy State is a YouTuber who descended into madness and committed a horrifying act of violence against his co-workers, capturing his transformation on camera. He meticulously planned the attack, uploaded videos detailing his intentions, and ultimately took the lives of three colleagues before ending his own.

2. What role did the cartoon character Ver McClain play in Randy State's descent into darkness?

Randy's obsession with a cartoon character named Ver McClain played a significant role in his descent into darkness. He was deeply fixated on the character, and this obsession contributed to his downward spiral into madness.

3. How did Randy State capture his transformation on camera?

Randy State captured his descent into madness and horrifying act of violence against his co-workers by meticulously planning and recording videos detailing his intentions. His camera documented the chilling story of his transformation.

4. What motivated Randy State to commit the horrifying act of violence against his co-workers?

Randy State's obsession with the cartoon character Ver McClain, combined with his descent into madness, led him to meticulously plan the attack, upload videos detailing his intentions, and ultimately take the lives of three colleagues before ending his own. His deep fixation with the character played a significant role in his actions.

5. How did Randy State's downfall unfold and what were the consequences?

Randy State's downfall unfolded as his obsession with the cartoon character Ver McClain led to a descent into madness, culminating in a horrifying act of violence against his co-workers. The consequences were devastating, with Randy fatally harming three colleagues before ending his own life, capturing his transformation on camera in the process.

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