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The video provides tips on making easy money by reselling products or services to existing customers, emphasizes the importance of focusing on making money before worrying about legal matters, and encourages using existing resources to start a business. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of effective staff management by ensuring they either make money or save time.
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The easiest money can be made by reselling to previous customers and upselling additional packages.
Survived by selling 18-19 grand deals and upselling bonus airtime packages.
Made profit by upselling additional 100 spots on TV for an extra five grand.
Selling to people who have already bought from you before is the easiest way to make money.
Best customers are the ones who have already bought from you.
Two important points for a new product launch: resell to existing customers for easy money, and don't get legal before getting rich.
Reselling to existing customers is the easiest way to make money.
Don't waste time and money on legal procedures before proving the viability of your company and making money.
The importance of using what you have to start a business.
Example of using a 15-year-old cousin's skills to start a website or lawn mowing business.
Use personal assets, such as a car or physical strength, to generate income.
Mention of making money through webcam girls but realizing the high costs and risks of setting up a strip club.
Hustlers can start a business for a couple of grand by jotting down their ideas and sticking to the principles taught; using what they have and finding a way to get the money.
Write down everything and stick to the principles taught to find a business idea that can be started for a couple of grand.
Use what you have, and find a way to get the money.
Uber can be an option to earn money by renting a car and training a 17-year-old cousin or someone who just learned to drive to do 10 hours of Uber a day.
Set up the person, pay for gas, and earn money by giving them half and keeping half for yourself.
If your idea is good and talented, you don't need much money, and staff should either make you money or save you time.
A good idea will attract money, and if it doesn't, the idea might not work.
Use what you have and be resourceful, as you may already have what you need.
Staff should have a clear objective and should either make you money or save you time.
As a hustler, it's crucial to assess whether your staff make you money or save you time, and if not, they have to go.
Big companies are inefficient due to laziness and lack of productivity.
The key to managing staff is to evaluate if they make money or save time.
Teaching staff your business ethics is important for efficient workflow.
It's essential to be ruthless in letting go of staff who don't meet the criteria.
Andrew Tate shares his experience of working as a fishmonger and the lessons he learned.
Work hard and hustle for money, even if it means doing a difficult job like carrying boxes of ice at 6 am in the morning.
Always strive to finish tasks quickly and efficiently, and find additional work to do if you finish early.
Don't waste any time, always look for ways to be productive and improve yourself.
00:00point six
00:02resell the people
00:04you've already sold to
00:06it's the easiest money you'll ever make
00:08so in t2 television
00:11when we because obviously we knew we
00:13weren't making money when [ __ ] was
00:14getting hard what we do is we were
00:16selling these 18 19 grand deals and one
00:18of the reasons we survived so long is we
00:20get people to sign up
00:22pay 18 19 grand
00:24make their advert
00:25show them their advert hope they loved
00:27it and if they love their advert then we
00:29try and sell a bonus airtime package we
00:31come at them and say by the way we've
00:34got a really big purchase coming up from
00:35mcdonald's some [ __ ] and we're
00:37getting airtime extremely cheap and for
00:40only an extra five grand we can do an
00:42extra 100 spots on tv some garbage some
00:44[ __ ] and try and sell them this
00:46extra package and this package had some
00:48profit in it for us
00:49the spots we'd given would be in the
00:51middle of the night cheap [ __ ] and
00:53this was our only chance to make any
00:54profit so they said no to this we did
00:56all the work for effectively nothing
00:58they said yes we'd make
01:00we'd sell it for five and it was like
01:02four grand profit that's how we were
01:04so if we tried to put that in at the
01:06front end and sell 24 25 grand packages
01:08we couldn't sell it but if we sold them
01:10at 19 and then tried to upsell them
01:12later we had about 60 70 upsell rate if
01:14people like their advert
01:16so the easiest money you'll ever make is
01:18selling to people who have already
01:19bought from you before as long as you
01:21relatively fulfilled your deal so we we
01:23did it after the advert we didn't we
01:25never tried to sell it to them before
01:27they saw the advert because then it was
01:28much harder to sell so if you do a good
01:31job or a half good job
01:32the best customers you're going to have
01:34have are people who've already bought
01:36from you before you should already know
01:37this about business this is a very easy
01:39one but it's so much easier to sell to
01:41someone who's already bought from you
01:42that is to sell to someone new a lot of
01:44you watching this may have already
01:45bought something from me before
01:46congratulations you must know a lot of
01:48[ __ ] but it's very very important it's
01:50very very true
01:52i get a lot i know a lot of people with
01:54a lot of different businesses and they
01:55all call me up for advice and one of the
01:56first things i had a guy called me up
01:58about two months ago and he was saying
01:59he's struggling for cash he asked me to
02:00borrow money
02:03and i said i won't say who he is or what
02:05his business is because you'll know some
02:06of you will know
02:09so to protect him i was like well okay
02:10how much you need he's like 200 grand so
02:12how many customers do you have because
02:14all in all we all know how many
02:15customers are on your database you guys
02:17are about
02:1810 000. like bro there's your 200 grand
02:21put together a [ __ ] email campaign do
02:23a huge discount don't let you don't have
02:25to let it leak out into the public let
02:26them pay full price these people have
02:28bought from you before put it all
02:29together pow and blast it out there's
02:31your 200 grand what do you need me for
02:33these people have bought from you before
02:35and you delivered
02:36there's your money your money's sitting
02:38right there go get it
02:41so easy to sell to people who have
02:43already bought from you before you did a
02:44half good job
02:45in business you don't need to sell to
02:48tons of people if you can sell to the
02:50same people over and over again and it's
02:52much easier to sell to the same people
02:53over and over again than it is to keep
02:54finding new people keep that in mind
02:56especially during times when you need
02:59cash or you're trying to raise cash or
03:01you want to increase cash flow the first
03:03thing you should do if you have a
03:04company and you're making a bit of money
03:06making a little bit money and you go you
03:07know i want to make some more what can i
03:09don't look at advertising more don't
03:11look at getting new customers don't look
03:13at a new product launch the first thing
03:15you should do is go is there anything
03:17i've already got that i can resell to
03:18people who have already bought from me
03:20and that is the easiest money you're
03:21ever going to make don't forget that
03:23because you'll need that at certain
03:24points in your business career you're
03:25going to need to be able to pull that
03:26ace at your sleeve and generate money
03:29from thin air
03:30keep in mind that's point six right
03:32point seven
03:34this is another one that goes back to
03:36point two and point three but this is
03:37really important
03:39don't get legal before you get rich
03:42this is super important
03:45we're talking about hustling here i'm
03:47telling you the hacks to becoming rich
03:50do not get legal before you are rich you
03:52can fix your legal [ __ ] when you've
03:55already made money
03:57it's a shame i've deleted my or erased
03:59my beautiful makeup
04:01diagram but it's very sim similar to
04:04what we were saying earlier i know so
04:05many people who have registered a
04:07company registered for vat
04:09registered with the tax man already have
04:12an accountant and haven't made any money
04:14i in most of my companies will make a
04:17million dollars before i'll even
04:18consider [ __ ] around with a tax form
04:21talking to an accountant or registering
04:23any [ __ ] companies
04:25all that [ __ ] is on the later base until
04:28you have proved the viability of your
04:30company and you have money coming in
04:33when you're rich and you have money in
04:34the bank then worry about that stuff
04:37do not waste your time energy and money
04:39doing all that legal crap before you
04:41know anything about whether your
04:42business is going to work or not don't
04:44do that
04:45it's the it's it's counterproductive and
04:47it's expensive and it's a time sink
04:50if every time i had to start a company
04:51or an idea i had to go register a
04:53company get an accountant do tax forms
04:54do vat forms what a waste of time
04:58i've started maybe 100 companies in my
05:0020 of them made money you tell me 80
05:03times i would have to [ __ ] around
05:05don't do that i know so many people who
05:07have a company legally but don't have a
05:10company in reality because it exists as
05:12a legal entity but it does not provide
05:14cash a company provides cash if you're a
05:17street drug dealer you own a company
05:19much more than the guy with all the
05:20legal entities which ain't making money
05:23do not we're hustlers here it's the
05:24hustlers university do not confuse this
05:27money in what's the lessons i've been
05:28teaching you money in where's the money
05:31in legal [ __ ] is a cost we're not
05:33interested in costs until we've seen the
05:35money in
05:37do not get legal before you get rich you
05:39do not need any legal [ __ ] you need
05:41a website a domain name and you that's
05:43it you do not need any legal [ __ ]
05:45before you get rich don't make that
05:47[ __ ] mistake the reason people do
05:49that is because it makes them feel
05:51it makes them feel better because then
05:52they feel like they have a company so
05:54people go i want to start a company
05:56they don't know what to do and they
05:57don't know how to make money so they
05:58think well if i spend money and set it
06:00all up legally then it's then i've got a
06:03then they feel better inside like
06:06they've achieved something when really
06:07they've achieved nothing because they're
06:09still not making money
06:11don't fall into these traps so you can
06:13walk around telling everyone you have a
06:14company because you spent money anyone
06:16can spend money making money is hard
06:18spending money is [ __ ] easy do not do
06:20that vanity i own a company on paper
06:23garbage [ __ ] all that off until money's
06:26coming in the bank do not get legal
06:27before you get rich extremely important
06:30point nine
06:32use what you got
06:35this comes down to one of the ideas for
06:38how what idea of a business to run
06:42so i just gave you the example of the 15
06:44year old cousin who can make websites
06:45now you're on a website company or your
06:4715 year old cousin who can do i don't
06:49know [ __ ] who knows what he can do
06:51he can mow lawns every 15 year old could
06:53mow lawns now you have a lawn mowing
06:57tell his stupid ass to go deliver some
06:59flyers drive him around your car play
07:01some two-pack chill out in your car text
07:03some [ __ ] drive it five miles an hour
07:05let him drop off all the leaflets and
07:06then let him know all the lawns you
07:08collect all the money and just pay him a
07:09percentage bang you now own a lawnmower
07:12lawn moaning company congratulations
07:14use what you got
07:16i made a lot of money with webcam girls
07:19if you're watching this you don't know
07:20that webcam girls you can go to you see girls on there on
07:23webcam getting naked talking to dudes
07:26taking money that made me millions and
07:27millions of dollars i came up with that
07:30idea by sticking to this principle use
07:32what you've got so right now if you're
07:34sitting there make a list of everything
07:35you have and i mean everything you have
07:38a house you say it's rented you have a
07:39car it's on lease you have uh physical
07:42strength let's say you're a strong guy
07:43when i was making my list i was writing
07:45everything i was like well i've got six
07:47six girlfriends so okay strip how can
07:50girls make me money strip club but that
07:51takes money to set up remember
07:55money in
07:57strip club i cannot i cannot get money
07:59in in a strip club without a club so i
08:01looked at all the costs for a strip club
08:02and realized it's too expensive before i
08:04could get money in it's too big a risk
08:07remember it's too much risk i can lose 3
08:09400 grand can't risk that how can i get
08:12money in
08:13how can i get money in
08:15for having hot girls
08:17without spending money out so my first
08:19idea was strip club but i looked at all
08:21the costs
08:23okay so how why do men
08:25send why do men spend money on girls in
08:27strip club because girls are beautiful
08:28they get to look at the girls see some
08:29titties that are how can i do that
08:31without the club well the internet if i
08:34put them on the internet it's cheap
08:36this is literally how i thought i stuck
08:38to my business principles okay it's
08:40cheap start looking up bound discovered
08:42the webcam websites
08:44all right so i've already got the girls
08:45i've already got a laptop i've already
08:46got the internet
08:48the day i had the webcam idea the same
08:50day i was making money
08:52i didn't spend any money
08:55but i was making new money
08:58because i refused to allow myself to
09:02then i started making new money in with
09:04the webcam because i knew i had the
09:05internet i knew i had laptops i knew i
09:07had girls use what you've got
09:09look around you what people do you have
09:12does your old mother need a new job
09:14maybe she's at home and she's bored and
09:15she wants to
09:16maybe she'll mail things for you
09:19i don't [ __ ] know do you have cousins
09:21nieces nephews do you have a girlfriend
09:22who has nothing to do use what you have
09:26things you have make a [ __ ] long ass
09:29list and you'll start thinking of ideas
09:31business ideas and they're gonna come to
09:33you like the strip club came to me but
09:35then you're gonna sit there and go okay
09:36this is a good idea but i can't afford
09:37that but then you're gonna go back to
09:39the other lessons i've taught you okay
09:41this is how much it would cost to set up
09:42that way but how can i get the money in
09:45that this would generate without all the
09:48and if you do that and you sit there
09:49with a piece of paper and you write
09:50everything down and you stick to the
09:51principles i've taught you so far about
09:53how to start businesses you may find a
09:55business you can start for a couple
09:57you've already got your staff a couple
09:58grand you've got an idea you try it
10:00doesn't work lost a couple grand does
10:02work bang you're rich
10:04that simple if it starts to work speed
10:06speed speed speed more more more
10:09less than one
10:10it's really not that complicated this is
10:12how hustlers get rich
10:14it's really really simple
10:17use what you got a lot of you already
10:19have things you can use you just don't
10:20use them
10:22uber is another one man uber is a
10:24[ __ ] perfect one
10:26i know uber doesn't pay very much at all
10:28i know that
10:32you know everyone loves to do when they
10:34first get their driving license
10:37maybe you have a 17 year old cousin or
10:39some [ __ ] he's just learnt to drive
10:41get his ass on uber
10:43rent a car
10:44find a way to rent a car with unlimited
10:46mileage per month tell him he's gonna do
10:4810 hours of uber a day to train how to
10:51lie to his ass and say that you in the
10:53uber app you can track and make sure he
10:54ain't breaking the speed limit so he
10:55drives safe
10:57put his ass on uber pay for his gas and
10:59keep and give him half the money and
11:00keep half of yourself
11:02bang done
11:04set him up get him ready
11:05this this is [ __ ] i didn't plan i'm just
11:08telling you things off the top of my
11:09head because this is how i think as a
11:10hustler i don't i don't need to sit and
11:12think i just know there's money and i
11:15find a way to get the money
11:17that's how i am
11:18so right now you've got cousins out
11:20there who aren't driving uber if you can
11:22convince them to drive uber well then
11:24why don't they do it without you easy
11:25you can talk some [ __ ] make some [ __ ] up
11:28hey have you got an uber account no i'll
11:29set it all up for you because it's
11:30complicated and there's some tax i'll
11:32handle the tax don't pay no tax just lie
11:35blah blah blah get them an uber get them
11:36in cars bang bang bang take the money
11:40what are you waiting for
11:42use what you got you've already got
11:44people there's cars there's things
11:46you're just not doing anything
11:48look around make a full list of what you
11:50have stick to the business principles
11:51and find a way to get money in without
11:53spending money out and you won't lose
11:55that's what i did with the webcam
11:56company and it made me millions of
12:00i ended up with huge numbers of girls
12:03all because one girl i started with one
12:05girl made money bought another laptop
12:08got another girl two girls made money
12:10bought a bigger apartment three girls
12:12four girls five girls bang bang bang
12:15bang before you know i had a [ __ ]
12:16empire of women
12:18because i stuck to my business
12:21i never i never spent money i didn't
12:23make first
12:24i never for my webcam company which
12:26ended up generating over seven million
12:28dollars i never once ever spent money
12:31that i hadn't made
12:33i didn't spend a dollar out of my pocket
12:35that i hadn't already made first from
12:37the webcam company i started that from
12:39xero just like i started my advertising
12:41agency zero and this is why when people
12:43come to me and go i want to start a
12:44business i need an investment i sit
12:46there and think you don't know about
12:47business because if you knew about
12:48business and your idea was really good
12:50you wouldn't need my money you'd pull it
12:52off for zero
12:54if you're talented and your id is good
12:56you don't need money
12:59so if you can't make it work for zero or
13:01for very little then it probably
13:02wouldn't work anyway and you just lose a
13:04whole bunch of money because if it would
13:07if it's a good idea and it will work
13:08then money will start coming in fast and
13:10you'll have the money you need
13:13if no one's sending you money in to give
13:15you the money you need then the idea
13:17doesn't work anyway
13:19so if i put these hoes on like
13:21hose i take that back
13:23it's horrible
13:25if i put these chicks
13:26on cam and no one was paying them
13:29then they weren't hot enough to be in a
13:30strip club were they
13:32luckily they were i know my girls are
13:33hot that's just an example this way i
13:35get to find out if they're good enough
13:36for free this way i get to find out if
13:39they're good enough for 2 300 grand
13:42think about it use what you've got
13:45you've already got shout there you're
13:46just lazy point 10
13:51i know a lot of people who are starting
13:53companies or they want to start business
13:55the first thing they say is i need an
13:56assistant or i need this or i need that
13:59member of staff
14:01staff need a clear objective
14:03so here is the very simple magic rule
14:05for staff
14:07staff either make you money
14:11or save you time
14:14that's a clog in case you're wondering
14:17or you don't need them
14:20a salesman a sales staff
14:23will sell things and bring money in
14:26you'll be able to sit there and see
14:28exactly each week
14:29how much money that member of staff made
14:31you and you'll be able to make sure that
14:33he made you more than he cost you
14:37other members of staff are going to save
14:38you time even if it's a general
14:40assistant or pa
14:41you'll be able to see the time saved
14:43with the tasks they've given
14:45and you need to be able to sit down with
14:47a piece of paper
14:49once a month once every couple weeks
14:50whatever and audit your staff
14:54staff member how much money do they make
14:56how much do they cost positive or
14:59staff member
15:00what tasks did they complete how much
15:03longer from my life would it take in me
15:05to do those tasks is it worth the money
15:07because if you could have done those
15:09tasks in your free time where you spent
15:10watching tv then you don't need that
15:12[ __ ] member of staff fire them and
15:14save the cash
15:15you have to audit your staff very
15:17specifically by this method they either
15:19save you time or they make you money or
15:22you don't need them now anyone who's
15:23worked any kind of job knows if you go
15:25into any kind of company most people are
15:27doing nothing
15:28i've worked so many jobs and everyone
15:31did nothing in fact i had a job at a
15:33company selling advertising after i left
15:35the after t2 failed i got a job at
15:37another company selling
15:40websites and all this kind of
15:41advertising and i spent three of my five
15:44days a week reading wikipedia
15:46because i didn't care because i had a
15:48basic and it was enough and i was and by
15:50then i was training to be a world
15:51champion i was tired all the time so i
15:52didn't give a [ __ ] and no one called me
15:55up on it no one noticed
15:57three days a week i did nothing but read
15:58wikipedia pages
16:00because i couldn't access facebook it
16:02was interesting
16:03that is literally the level of laziness
16:05most people experience if you take out
16:07coffee breaks cigarette breaks chit
16:09chatting in the office most people do
16:11[ __ ] nothing i'm very sure you could
16:13fire 50 of the people in nearly any
16:16company and the company would be just
16:17fine if the other 50 did some real work
16:20everyone's lazy big companies are
16:22inefficient because they haven't got
16:24time to do this but you're not gonna
16:24have a big company you're a hustler
16:26you're gonna have a few members of staff
16:27you're gonna make millions of dollars
16:28and you're gonna make sure that you're
16:30either making you money or they're
16:31saving you time
16:32now the amount of time they're saving
16:34you isn't enough or they're not making
16:36enough money to cover their wages they
16:37gotta go
16:39there is you gotta be ruthless in this
16:41but this is how staff this is the magic
16:43formula of staff so when people say to
16:45me i wanna start a company i need a
16:47assistant i see an assistant to do what
16:48oh just to help me with things what
16:50things what things will they help with
16:52how long do those things take how much
16:54time is that going to save you and why
16:56do you not have the time to do them
16:58because you want to watch tv because you
17:00need to relax because you're afraid
17:01you'll burn out
17:03shut up it's garbage it's all garbage
17:05you want to feel important and tell
17:06someone what to do that's not how you
17:08get rich
17:09this is the magic staff formula
17:12do they make me money do they save me
17:14time write it all [ __ ] down work it
17:16out and if it ain't good enough they
17:18gotta go simple that is how you manage
17:20staff because i get asked so many
17:22questions about staff
17:23making money save me time done another
17:26thing that's important with staff is you
17:28have to teach staff your business ethics
17:30so whenever i have a member of staff
17:32i've argued with staff plenty of times
17:34because everything must be done quickly
17:36but that is how i work
17:38that is how i want them to work
17:40now i am a hundred percent certain
17:44even if it's only by one percent
17:47the fact that i am uncompromising in the
17:48fact i want things quickly things get
17:50done quickly or quicker
17:52if i didn't say anything it may take 10
17:54seconds if i complain it may take nine
17:56seconds it may only be a tiny saving but
17:58that is how i
18:01work that is how the people i work with
18:03i want them to work speed is everything
18:06so when you get new members of staff on
18:07board as well make sure they understand
18:09your business principles especially
18:10number one because that is your business
18:12speed so if you have a salesman
18:15and he's selling and he's doing
18:16fantastic that's good you can sit him
18:19down and say you know what you're doing
18:20a fantastic job you're making lots of
18:21money i'm very very proud of you look
18:22you're making this this this this you've
18:23done really well though you're making
18:24targets only one thing i want to talk
18:26about how quickly you work i'm like what
18:28do you mean i'm hitting target yeah you
18:29are hitting target but when you're
18:30inputting information to the system i
18:32think we can get that done quicker there
18:33must be a faster way we can get that
18:34done free up his time if he does things
18:36quicker he has more free time to sell
18:38more products he'll make more money
18:39speed no one ever works fast enough
18:42when i was fighting jab cross the basics
18:44is never quick enough it has to be
18:46quicker has to be quicker in fighting
18:48there's no such thing as too quick
18:50everything must be faster all of the
18:51time it's the same in your business all
18:53of the time faster
18:55all of it all the time if your assistant
18:57is saving you time if they work faster
18:59they save you more time because they
19:00have more time to do more things to save
19:01you time
19:03faster all the time
19:05so even if they're both performing
19:08you still have to re-incentivize and
19:13point one point one is super super
19:17if you do that you're gonna get more out
19:18of your staff more money's gonna be made
19:20more works can get done it's better for
19:21everyone as a whole
19:23i learned this
19:24business i learned this we're gonna come
19:26i'm probably some of these points will
19:28overlapped but
19:30before television
19:32i worked as a fishmonger when i was 15
19:35was my first job and i used to carry
19:37boxes of ice
19:39and uh fish at six o'clock in the
19:40morning on the market [ __ ] job in the
19:43middle of winter carrying ice six in the
19:45morning is minus five it's horrible your
19:47hands are shaking it's a horrible job
19:49and i got paid no money but i did it
19:51because i wanted money so if i'll do
19:53that at 15 your 15 year old nephew will
19:55make a [ __ ] website
19:57so i used to get up at five
19:59run from where i lived in luton to the
20:02town center market run because i didn't
20:04have a [ __ ] car
20:05work 10 hours and then run home
20:08that's how much energy you have when
20:09you're young that's what i did
20:12and the person i worked for was my uncle
20:13my uncle worked there his name was keith
20:15and he always used to tell me faster
20:17faster faster faster
20:18and i was always trying to move these
20:20blocks of fish as quickly as possible
20:21and one when i was moving all the boxes
20:23i'd say yeah but
20:24if i finish it all what's the rush i'm
20:27here till five o'clock he goes no no
20:28faster faster faster he'd always push me
20:30to finish and then if i finished
20:31everything i'd have maybe three hours
20:33left if i did if i walked it would take
20:34me to ten hours if i ran like crazy it
20:36would take me seven hours so i'd have
20:38three hours spare i say now what do i do
20:40he goes there's always work to do find
20:42work to do
20:44what do you mean find work to do let's
20:45find work to do fine work if i see you
20:46standing around i'm gonna get angry find
20:48work that's what you used to say i'd end
20:50up sweeping the floor or wiping the
20:51walls cleaning the walls some dumb [ __ ]
20:54but he was right i'm gonna come to this
20:56point later on
20:57if you do things quickly you have more
20:59time to find work to do
21:01and finding work to do adds up i swept
21:03the floor i wiped the walls maybe
21:05someone came in saw the nice clean
21:06pristine walls and bought some fish they
21:07wouldn't have otherwise bought if
21:08there's a tiny mark on the walls who
21:10the point is the work got done quicker
21:13because i was being pushed to be fast it
21:15got done and then more work happened
21:17even if it was menial work more work
21:19happened in the same time frame more
21:20work got done
21:22that made me more valuable as a staff
21:24member that's how he valued me
21:28you've got to be the same
21:32that's the first 10 lessons
21:34we have 90 more
21:37the first 10 lessons of the hustlers
21:38university i bet you're sitting there
21:39already and your mind's blown you're
21:40sitting there like whoa i've learned so
21:42much i didn't think of it that way tate
21:44you're a genius i know
21:47i know we have 90 more we've just begun
21:51if you've watched this video once i
21:52recommend watching it two or three times
21:54these things need to sink in like second
21:56nature to you you need to be able to
21:58recite them
21:59one by one we've talked about how you
22:01start companies what you're prioritizing
22:03a company how you make sure everything's
22:05done quickly and why that's so important
22:07how you manage staff
22:09how you find ideas to relaunch companies
22:11what members of staff you can get we've
22:13covered all this in the first 10 points
22:15this alone is enough this alone is worth
22:17the value what i've taught you and we've
22:19just begun
22:20the first 10 points of the hustle's
22:23if you watch this video i recommend you
22:25watch it two or three more times before
22:26you even move on to number two if you
22:27want to move on to number two do it
22:31you need to pay attention to these
22:32because they are the basis of everything
22:34i'm going to teach you here on after
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key tips for making easy money by reselling products or services to existing customers?

The key tips for making easy money by reselling products or services to existing customers include identifying high-demand products or services, offering discounts for bulk purchases, and creating referral programs to incentivize existing customers to bring in new business.

2. Why is it important to focus on making money before worrying about legal matters?

Focusing on making money before worrying about legal matters is important because the primary goal of a business is to generate revenue. Legal matters can be addressed once the business is profitable and stable. By focusing on making money first, the business can ensure its sustainability and growth.

3. How can existing resources be utilized to start a business?

Existing resources can be utilized to start a business by repurposing underutilized assets, leveraging relationships with suppliers and customers, and maximizing the use of technology and tools already available. By creatively utilizing existing resources, entrepreneurs can minimize startup costs and accelerate the launch of their business.

4. What is the importance of effective staff management in a business?

Effective staff management is crucial in a business as it ensures that employees are either making money or saving time. By optimizing the productivity and efficiency of the workforce, a business can maximize its profitability and competitive advantage. Staff management also plays a key role in maintaining a positive work culture and customer service quality.

5. How can businesses encourage staff to contribute to making money or saving time?

Businesses can encourage staff to contribute to making money or saving time by implementing performance-based incentives, providing ongoing training and development to enhance skills, and fostering a collaborative and goal-oriented work environment. Empowering employees to directly contribute to the business's financial success and operational efficiency can lead to a more motivated and productive workforce.

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