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Andrew Tate got rich by starting a webcam studio, utilizing his connections with beautiful women and managing the tech side of the business, ultimately building a successful empire that included multiple locations with 75 girls working for him. His approach as a "pimp" involved displaying competence and motivating the girls to work for him, resulting in significant earnings.
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Andrew Tate first made his millions of dollars by running a webcam studio.
He was a kickboxing world champion, but kickboxing didn't make him rich.
He retired from kickboxing because he believed he could become a multi-millionaire by putting his focus and energy into something else.
He considered transitioning to MMA, but at the time, it didn't pay as much as kickboxing.
Starting a new career in MMA at the age of 28 seemed daunting to him, so he decided against it.
The speaker researched about money and got mad when he realized the flaws of fractional reserve banking and that money is not linked to gold.
The speaker thought money was linked to gold and didn't know about fractional reserve banking.
He started writing down his assets and skills, including having multiple girlfriends.
He mentioned winning world titles and being able to choose a ring girl as a perk.
Andrew Tate stumbled upon a webcam website where girls talk to guys for money, so he decided to start his own webcam empire with his girlfriends.
Andrew discovered a webcam website by coincidence and realized girls talk to guys for money.
He messaged all five of his girlfriends and explained his plan to start a webcam empire.
Four of his girlfriends agreed to join, and two stayed to be a part of his webcam empire.
Andrew took care of the technical side of things and considered himself a "pimp" in a positive and inspirational way.
Andrew Tate explains how he built his empire of webcam girls.
Andrew Tate emphasizes that he is not a pimp, but rather someone who uses sex as a reward to make women love him.
He recruited waitresses by offering them the opportunity to make a lot of money working for him as webcam girls.
Andrew rented houses and set up technology for the girls to live in and perform on webcams, with clients paying by the minute or hour.
He had multiple locations with 75 girls working for him, and the girls could book rooms and choose their own hours for work.
00:00i first made my millions of dollars the
00:01first time i ever became a millionaire
00:02was with webcam studio oh really
00:05yeah this is how i first ever made money
00:07i mean i was a kickboxing world champion
00:08but kickboxing's not boxing right yeah
00:10so i'd make like a hundred thousand
00:12dollars a fight you fight two or three
00:13times a year you pay 20 to your manager
00:15you pay taxes but you're not rich rich
00:17you get like 30 to 40 of the money yeah
00:20and and i didn't consider myself rich
00:21like 30 40 grand chunks twice a year
00:23maybe three times a year living in
00:25london london rents need a car
00:27you're trying you know like you're not
00:28rich in any way and that's actually the
00:30reason i retired because i woke up one
00:33and i thought i'm giving six hours a day
00:35of absolute focus and energy to this
00:38and i believe i'm smart enough that if i
00:40put that much tenacity into something
00:42else i can be a multi-millionaire i
00:44truly believed that i was like i've
00:45realized now i've reached the pinnacle
00:46of kickboxing my choice is either to
00:48change over to mma
00:49which i was offered to do earlier in my
00:51career but at the time the kickboxing
00:53contract paid more money i had to pay
00:54the bills so i want kickboxing turns
00:56over to mma learn to wrestle change over
00:58to ufc blah blah but this is also like
01:00seven eight years ago where even the ufc
01:01didn't pay the money it pays now
01:03but the ufc still doesn't pay that much
01:05money from what i understand no if
01:06you're like top five or champion yeah
01:08but most of the dudes you're going to
01:09see there on the prelims they're getting
01:1010 grand to fight nine grand to fight
01:12it's not it's nothing right
01:14so it'd be like starting my career all
01:15over again and at the age of 28 i
01:17thought i don't have the gumption to
01:18start again i i've done i've been
01:20through hell for this i've broken my
01:21hand eight times my ribs have been
01:24you know i don't want to do this all
01:25over again so so what do you do when you
01:27realize that hey maybe i don't want to
01:28keep fighting
01:29i really i decide to get rich rich
01:33what does that mean to you when you say
01:34when you're sitting there you're getting
01:35you know 30 40 000 kind of net on a per
01:38flight basis is rich to you like hey i
01:40want a couple hundred thousand dollars a
01:42million bucks 20 million dollars a
01:44billion dollars i want 30 or 40 000
01:46every month 30 or 40 000 every month
01:49about half a million bucks a year give
01:50or take okay if i had that much money i
01:52could do whatever i wanted okay that's
01:53what i decided so what's step one that
01:55you do so step one is maybe that's how
01:57we ended up here together my friend step
01:58one is i decided to be very logical
02:01about it chess player right so i was
02:02like i want money
02:04what is money
02:07how do banks work how does credit work
02:10what's fractional reserve banking all
02:12these things we now know to be the
02:14biggest columns of the century right so
02:16i'm sitting there
02:17researching money for days and days and
02:20days and then i get more mad because i'm
02:23like whoa whoa money's trash and i don't
02:25have any no i'm really now i'm really
02:27annoyed right i thought i thought like
02:29everyone else did that you know everyone
02:31puts their money in the bank and the
02:32money the bank takes some of other
02:34people's money and lends it out i didn't
02:35know they invented it from the sky i
02:37still i still at that point thought
02:38money was linked to gold i didn't know
02:40so i'm learning all this stuff and i'm
02:42getting really angry i'm like now this
02:43is really annoying me
02:45so um anyway i had a piece of paper
02:47there and i'm in my research phase and
02:49it started to start writing down
02:51some dude on youtube i don't know who he
02:53was some dork he was a pro gold guy this
02:55is before i made bitcoin was probably
02:56around then but like early he was a pro
02:58gold guy saying buy gold buy gold buy
03:00gold and uh he was saying the difference
03:02between an asset a liability et cetera
03:04et cetera so i started trying to write
03:06down what i had it's like i have an
03:07apartment i have a bmw i can i'm in good
03:09shape but i already use that for
03:11fighting uh you know what can i do i can
03:14play chess i'm just writing down the
03:15things i have and what i'm good at and
03:16then i kind of realized i was like i've
03:18got like eight girlfriends
03:21but because because i was traveling the
03:22world and if you win you get ring girl
03:24it's kind of like just she's banging the
03:26winner right you win a world title you
03:27get to choose the ring girl you want
03:28it's pretty easy right so i had a
03:30girlfriend in slovakia i had a
03:31girlfriend in france i had a girlfriend
03:32in england girlfriend all these
03:33girlfriends do they know about each
03:34other no okay but they find out pretty
03:37so um
03:38i had all these girlfriends so i'm like
03:40maybe i could open a strip club and like
03:42be a pimp you know be a gangster about
03:45and then that opening strip club that's
03:46absolutely the first thing you thought
03:47about was
03:49well i thought i have these beautiful
03:50girls how can i this is before like
03:52twitch existed so i was like what can i
03:54do with these hot girls it's like it's
03:55just an asset right there's these girls
03:57and a lot of them were messaging me they
03:59thought i was this millionaire world
04:00champion they all wanted to come london
04:01live with me and thought i was a big boy
04:03millionaire and all this stuff so it's
04:05like they they do social media well
04:07partially because that and also because
04:08they met me i turn up i fight i win i
04:10win the world title i leave we're
04:12texting each other they don't they
04:13assume i'm this big boy right
04:15so i'm kind of like what am i going to
04:17do what am i going to do
04:18i thought man i investigated strip clubs
04:20way too much money but this this asset
04:23class of beautiful women was kind of on
04:24my mind for a few days and then by
04:26absolute coincidence i stumbled upon
04:29somewhere on the internet i was on some
04:32one of those websites we used to
04:33download like free games and
04:35from and in the corner somewhere it said
04:37hot girls want to talk to you now or
04:38something i said hot girls i clicked on
04:41that not because i was interested but
04:42because i thought i have hot girls and
04:44it was one of those webcam websites and
04:46i was like ah
04:48so these girls sit here and talk to
04:49dudes for money so i'm gonna get my
04:51girls and they're uh naked they're just
04:54talking how does it work it's 50 50. i
04:56mean it depends on the girl depends what
04:58she wants to do but the the the majority
05:00of the job is not based around being
05:02naked the majority of the job is based
05:03on being entertaining and being uh easy
05:05to talk to and the guys who are talking
05:07to you need to find you uh that you need
05:09to remember their name remember their
05:10dog's name you have to be smart you
05:12can't just be a girl and be a bimbo
05:13naked and make money you have to be
05:14really smart charming interesting happy
05:16all the time positive
05:18and i thought i'm going to try this so i
05:20messaged all five of my girlfriends told
05:21them i had a job for them explained them
05:23what i was going to do i was going to
05:24launch this company four of them agreed
05:26all four flew in sat them around the
05:27same table they were all like who's she
05:29who she who's she i'm like well you're
05:30all my girlfriends two more left
05:33and then uh two stayed and that was the
05:35beginning of my little uh attempt at a
05:36webcam empire and i put the girls there
05:39and my role in it all
05:41was i did all the tech side of stuff
05:43which is the first thing of course and
05:44then also
05:46and i get called a pimple law but i and
05:48the reason i use the term is because i
05:49don't see it as a negative term i see it
05:51as positively inspirational and
05:53motivating person i was i'd motivate the
05:55girls i'd make sure they did their job
05:56properly if they had a bad day online
05:58i'd come up with a good excuse for them
05:59oh it's been a football game it's been
06:01really busy don't worry you're so
06:02beautiful don't be upset you did better
06:03than her she did the best today did i
06:06keep everything organized put the
06:07schedules together all that kind of
06:09and uh is it hard
06:12it's hard because women have to want to
06:13work for you
06:14women have to want to obey you that's
06:17hard and you don't do that this is one
06:19of the biggest misconceptions i really
06:20want to clear this up people in the
06:22movies and stuff pimps are like
06:24aggressive mean men complete opposite
06:26pimps are more like james bond james
06:28bond's a pimp he sleeps with a girl to
06:30get information he doesn't care about
06:32her he is absolutely not really a pimp
06:34he doesn't hit her he makes her love him
06:36she does what he wants he uses sex as a
06:38weapon to reward her and then he
06:39disappears that james bond is absolutely
06:41not really a pimp so i say pimp because
06:44everyone calls me a pimp online trust us
06:45go ha ha you're a pimple they're gonna
06:46get offended it's like no beautiful
06:48women wanted to work for me and they
06:49wanted to work for me because i
06:50displayed supreme supreme competence and
06:52they knew they worked for me they'd make
06:53a lot of money so whenever i was out i'd
06:55meet a waitress and say well you're look
06:57you're working 10 hours a day for
06:58pennies you can work 10 hours a day for
06:59me make 10 grand a month 20 grand a
07:00month and over time i'd just build up
07:02this big this big little
07:04empire of webcam girls and one one point
07:06i had four locations 75 girls working
07:08for me and also when we say locations
07:11explain what goes into a location i just
07:13rent houses all right so you rent a
07:14house and in the house you just
07:16literally hey go live here there's like
07:18technology set up and then you can
07:20basically uh just sit in front of the
07:22computer and literally be on the other
07:24end of one of these webcams and guys are
07:26paying by the minute by the hour or
07:27whatever yeah to talk to you uh it's
07:31their choice whether they are doing it
07:32fully clothed just talking getting naked
07:34whatever and then you're taking some cut
07:36of it yeah basically so i had girls who
07:38would live in the house and that was
07:39pretty impressive i just broke down the
07:40web campus you don't know you nailed it
07:42no background information yeah you
07:43nailed it you nailed it you nailed it so
07:45they the girls who lived in the house
07:46would have set them out of hours they
07:48want to do and then we'd have rooms that
07:49they could book in and do x amount of
07:50hours a girl could come and do one a
07:52week or whatever we'd have rooms they
07:53could share
07:54and then um yeah very much exactly like
07:55you said they'd go online they'd do
07:57their hours they'd have their regular
07:58customers they'd get their money and
08:00then i'd take around half of the money
08:02around 50 50 around 50 okay is that high
08:05or low compared to the rest of these
08:06well i'll tell you why it's very low
08:07it's low because
08:09every time a girl would quit and try and
08:11do it by herself she'd make a fraction
08:14of the money overall because she hasn't
08:15got the instruction she hasn't got the
08:16motivation she's just lazy with it right
08:19and women have a very different
08:20mentality to money than men if you show
08:22a woman how to make a thousand dollars
08:24in an hour she'll think i only have to i
08:26only have to work an hour a week whereas
08:28if you show a man how to make a thousand
08:29dollars an hour he thinks i can make 18
08:31000 votes a day
08:32that's the difference between us so if i
08:34had a girl working for me making 20 000
08:36she got 10 i got 10. if she quit she'd
08:38make three for herself if that
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Andrew Tate get rich?

Andrew Tate got rich by starting a webcam studio, utilizing his connections with beautiful women and managing the tech side of the business, ultimately building a successful empire that included multiple locations with 75 girls working for him.

2. What was Andrew Tate's approach in managing the webcam studio?

Andrew Tate's approach in managing the webcam studio involved displaying competence and motivating the girls to work for him, resulting in significant earnings.

3. How did Andrew Tate build a successful empire in the webcam industry?

Andrew Tate built a successful empire in the webcam industry by leveraging his connections with beautiful women, managing the tech side of the business, and motivating the girls to work for him, resulting in significant earnings.

4. What were the key factors in Andrew Tate's success in the webcam industry?

The key factors in Andrew Tate's success in the webcam industry were his connections with beautiful women, his competence in managing the tech side of the business, and his ability to motivate the girls to work, ultimately building a successful empire with multiple locations and 75 girls working for him.

5. What was the size of Andrew Tate's empire in the webcam industry?

Andrew Tate's empire in the webcam industry included multiple locations with 75 girls working for him, showcasing his success and significant earnings in the industry.

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