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The video discusses Andrew Tate's unique diet, which includes consuming 10 to 15 cups of coffee, 2 to 3 cigars, and eating one protein-packed meal a day. While this extreme diet works for him, it may not be suitable for everyone. It emphasizes the importance of finding a diet that works best for your body and lifestyle.
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Andrew Tate's diet includes drinking a lot of coffee, up to 15 cups a day.
He does not inject anything or take any pills.
The main concern about his coffee consumption is its impact on recovery and sleep.
A study suggests not drinking coffee six hours before bed.
Andrew Tate's diet includes intermittent fasting, avoiding calories from alcohol, and consuming a large protein-packed dinner.
Completely avoids calories from alcohol to stay lean and lose body fat.
Different drinks can have varying amounts of calories.
Combines 15 coffees with 2-3 cigars for an appetite suppressant effect.
Practices intermittent fasting, eating only one meal a day consisting of 2-3 steaks and possibly a small portion of fries or salad.
Andrew Tate follows an extreme diet of one meal a day, consisting of a large steak, which can have up to 700 calories and 62 grams of protein, but the total calorie intake can go up to 2000 calories and 200 grams of protein depending on the cut of meat, cooking method, and additional sources and flavors.
Andrew Tate's diet is extreme, consisting of one meal a day.
The meal includes a large steak, which can have up to 700 calories and 62 grams of protein.
Depending on the cut of meat, cooking method, and additional sources and flavors, the total calorie intake can reach up to 2000 calories and 200 grams of protein.
This extreme diet works for Andrew Tate because it fits his schedule, gives him the desired energy, and allows him to eat a large amount of food at dinner time.
Andrew Tate's diet consists of drinking sparkling water and coffee to suppress his appetite, eating only one meal a day, and avoiding sugary drinks.
He believes that sparkling water and coffee help him feel less hungry.
Andrew Tate drinks only water and tries to avoid drinking his calories.
He acknowledges that his diet may not work for everyone and encourages finding what works best for each individual.
Andrew Tate emphasizes the importance of regular exercise in his daily routine.
00:00What's your meal plan?
00:01I'm like, bro, I don't know if I if you wrote a book on Tate's diet, I've got books and
00:05everything to start with my life.
00:06I don't inject anything.
00:07I don't take any pills nothing.
00:08What was your diet and your regimen while in jail?
00:16If I could instantly transform your body to look ripped, and muscular, like Andrew Tate's
00:21as quick as clicking my fingers.
00:24Most men would say, hell yes, I want to have that kind of body.
00:28That's why I drink some sparkling water.
00:29And I drink so much, and I drink so much coffee, you know what would happen if I had one a
00:35So in this video, we're going to break down what's great about Andrew taste diet, but
00:38also why I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, whether you love him or hate him, there's
00:42no doubt that he does things in a very unique way.
00:45So when it comes to his diet and your training regime, you're going to see a few things that
00:50you probably have never tried before.
00:56I have about 10 to 15 cups of coffee a day to 15 cups of coffee.
01:02You drink 15 cups of coffee.
01:04I don't I don't know anyone who does apart from Andrew tape.
01:08So how much caffeine is in a standard cup of coffee.
01:11So both on this image, a regular cup to the left, there could be somewhere between 75
01:19to 150 milligrams of caffeine.
01:21So that kind of serving isn't really a big deal.
01:24However, my main concern is having 15 cups of coffee of what impact that might have on
01:30our ability to properly recover and sleep.
01:33And a study published in 2013.
01:36On caffeine effects on sleep, taking 03 or six hours before going to bed, concluded that
01:44don't drink any coffee six hours before bed.
01:46So put simply whether you have three coffees for coffee, six coffees a day, I highly doubt
01:50you're having 10 to 15 and you're having those coffees six to eight hours before your bedtime,
01:56then you likely won't significantly disrupt your sleep quite obvious that Andrew Taylor
02:02has been drinking coffee for a very long time.
02:04And he can tolerate a high amount of caffeine.
02:08But that's not the only thing nicotine and caffeine are what I run 100 100 All I run
02:13on the benefit of coffee it also has an appetite suppression effect with a very low amount
02:19of calories if you're not adding milk, sugar or cream to a coffee.
02:24And this is only one of two types of beverages that Andrew drinks.
02:29But you don't do drugs zero, you'll do you'll have a sip of alcohol every once in a while
02:33I used to I haven't had alcohol nine months.
02:35So completely avoiding calories from alcohol does make it a lot easier to stay lean and
02:40lose body fat.
02:41Because different drinks can have different amount of calories ranging from 80 calories
02:46all the way up to 200 to 300 calories in like cocktails and high processed sugary alcoholic
02:57It's funny because people look at my physique when I put pictures up and they're like, what's
02:59your meal plan on my coffee
03:03once a day, so I did a little bit of research to look into the impact that cigars have on
03:10our appetite two or three cigars a day and I only eat once a day two to three cigars
03:14a day sounds like quite a lot.
03:15So like cigarettes, cigars also contain nicotine.
03:18And this study on the appetite suppressant effect of nicotine is enhanced by caffeine.
03:25What they concluded was that caffeine added to nicotine appears to amplify its attenuating
03:32effects on appetite.
03:33So both on this study alone, we could assume that combining 15 coffees with two to three
03:39cigars is having a massive appetite suppressant effect.
03:43There's also one more thing he does, which I'll explain shortly that enhances the appetite
03:47suppression even more.
03:52Once a day, what time are you dinner, that's it only dinner and ate.
03:55So you do intermittent fasting for every 18 hours what Yep, and 80 to 90% of my calories
04:00on me, I'll just have like three steaks.
04:02So once tight finish to 15 coffees, and he's two to three cigars, he will then have a massive
04:09protein packed dinner, he will eat two to three steaks, and maybe a small portion of
04:14fries or salad or whatever is available.
04:15I like to think that 80% of my calories come from me if there's a meal or a few fries and
04:20as much meat as I can.
04:21This is what we call omad one meal a day.
04:25And I've made a separate video talking about the side effects of fasting which you can
04:30take a look at.
04:31After watching this one.
04:33My main concern is that for people who are busy, who do have children who are running
04:38a business, you're not going to be able to get enough protein in and then if you're not
04:42having the 10 to 15 coffees in the cigars, you're likely going to be hungry throughout
04:47the day.
04:48So I don't recommend one meal a day.
04:50So if you were to eat three steaks for dinner, not only would that be difficult to finish
04:55eating because it's a lot of food.
04:56Here's what the calories and protein actually looks like.
04:59So Assuming 250 grams steak, that would be up
05:03to 700 calories per steak, including 62 grams of protein.
05:09Now that can vary a lot depending on the cut of meat that you have.
05:12And the way that you cook it, of course, adding oil to it and sources and flavors will add
05:17more calories that could potentially be over 2000 calories and up to 200 grams of protein.
05:23Now, if you're only eating one meal a day, and you're working out every single day, like
05:28Andrew Tate, this actually works from a calorie and protein point of view.
05:33It actually works.
05:34But as you can see, this is quite an extreme diet.
05:36So the question is, why does Andrew tight, eat like this?
05:42Now, how much of that is genetics?
05:46How much is that, like, I'm not sure if it's genetics, but that's just how I feel best,
05:49I feel best when if I if I smoke and drink coffee all the time, I feel hungry, which
05:54motivates me, and I feel energetic.
05:56It's energetic hungry.
05:57But I like to have that tinge of irritable this, this is how I serve coffee, three cigars,
06:03and you eat once a day.
06:04And you train every day, I train every day.
06:06And it's working working for you is how I feel.
06:08So it's clear that this is what works best for tight.
06:12This is a diet that fits with his schedule gives him the energy that he wants, and allows
06:16him to eat the amount of food that he wants to eat at dinner time.
06:20But just because that's what works for him, that isn't guaranteed to work for you.
06:25And this is why I tell my clients that there is no set perfect way of doing things other
06:30than the way that's gonna work for you long term.
06:33Sometimes when you when you find a diet or a combination that that hits your body.
06:39Well, you'll know it you'll feel it and you have to know your body best correct.
06:43I think there's no perfect diet for everybody.
06:45I agree slightly, I agree also depends on the mental model, you want to operate under
06:49some if I want to operate under comfort, I certainly wouldn't eat the way I eat.
06:53I do it because I particularly want to operate under a degree of irritability, and high energy
06:57and hunger.
06:58I like feeling hungry.
06:59I don't like feeling full.
07:00I respect that he admits that there is no one perfect diet because there really isn't.
07:05And it's important to recognize that he likes the way being hungry makes him feel he performs
07:10better that way.
07:12And not everyone does.
07:13I have clients who like to eat every two or three hours.
07:16And that's completely fine because it fits their schedule, and then nutritional budget
07:21for the day.
07:22Whatever I'm doing, I'm sticking to what was your diet and your regimen while in jail.
07:26I spent my commissary money on coffee and sinker that coffee and cigarettes and one
07:29meal a day saying that there's one thing he didn't mention in this interview with Patrick
07:33but David that also adds to the appetite suppression along with his coffee, and cigars.
07:43Sparkling water and coffee helps me suppress my appetite appetite.
07:44I eat once a day.
07:46So that's why I drink some sparkling water.
07:48I don't drink sugary drinks.
07:49I don't try not to drink my calories.
07:50I only drink water.
07:51In general, people who drink a lot of mineral sparkling water do report that they feel less
07:58hungry before a meal or drinking mineral water with a mil fill fill them up more.
08:03So if we zoom out and just take a big picture view on Andrew tights diet, the question is,
08:09should you be doing this to a whole bunch of our health and lifting weights
08:16and stuff that I don't understand.
08:17I'm a fighter, right.
08:18I don't know about bodybuilding.
08:20I don't know about any of this shit, I don't pretend I know.
08:22All I know is what works for me.
08:23I don't understand why I do what I do.
08:25I just know it makes me feel best.
08:26So unlike many other gurus and influencers online, Tate doesn't pretend to be an expert
08:32and tell you what to do.
08:33He's just sharing what works for him.
08:36And that is the key takeaway here because what works for you could be completely different,
08:41just like it is for every CEO and entrepreneur that I've worked with over the years if you
08:46would like to have a ripped muscular body, like Andrew Tate's, you don't need to have
08:5215 coffees a day, you don't need to smoke three cigars a day, and you don't need to
08:56eat three steaks for dinner.
08:58Tate also said that he works out every single day.
09:02And that is something that you don't need to do, particularly if it doesn't fit your
09:07And the fact is you can achieve a ripped strong fit and healthy body just like my client here
09:12even eating three to five times a day and doing only three workouts a week, no matter
09:18if you're really busy or traveling and don't have time to go to the gym and still achieve
09:23a result like this.
09:24So even if you're overweight by 20 3040 pounds or kilos or you don't have enough muscle and
09:30you want to get stronger and fitter.
09:32There's only two things that you need to do to achieve this result.
09:35The first thing you need to do is very quickly tap the subscribe button and the second thing
09:38you need to do is go to the description below and download my secret fat loss mistakes report
09:43for business owners
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Andrew Tate's unique diet?

Andrew Tate's unique diet includes consuming 10 to 15 cups of coffee, 2 to 3 cigars, and eating one protein-packed meal a day.

2. Is Andrew Tate's extreme diet suitable for everyone?

No, Andrew Tate's extreme diet may not be suitable for everyone. It emphasizes the importance of finding a diet that works best for your body and lifestyle.

3. What are the components of Andrew Tate's extreme diet?

The components of Andrew Tate's extreme diet include coffee, cigars, and a protein-packed meal.

4. How does Andrew Tate's diet emphasize the importance of individual differences?

Andrew Tate's diet emphasizes the importance of individual differences by highlighting that what works for one person may not work for another. It stresses the need to find a diet that suits your body and lifestyle.

5. What should be considered when adopting Andrew Tate's diet?

When adopting Andrew Tate's diet, it's important to consider individual health conditions, lifestyle, and consult with a healthcare professional to ensure its suitability.

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