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The video discusses the different aspects of the smartphone experience and compares Android and iPhone in terms of display, battery life, camera, software updates, and value for money. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, ultimately concluding that Android offers more customization and better value, while iPhone provides a more stable and reliable experience with a focus on user experience.
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Android offers split-screen multitasking, but many users, including the speaker, don't use it extensively.
The speaker personally doesn't use split-screen multitasking and prefers picture-in-picture.
Gestures like copying and pasting are commonly used for multitasking.
The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro have excellent battery life, while the iPhone 13 Mini's battery life is not as great compared to other small phones.
Charging speed is important to the speaker, as it changes how they use the phone.
The speaker prefers a phone that doesn't die quickly and trusts the iPhone's battery capacity.
The discussion compares the camera experience between Android and iPhone, with the iPhone being more stable and reliable, while Android offers more fun and unique features.
The Vivo X80 Pro has a feature called Zeiss Natural Color that provides a more accurate representation of what the eyes see.
The iPhone camera is more stable and reliable, with photos being saved consistently.
The Samsung S22 Ultra and Pixel also have their strengths in certain shots, but overall, the iPhone offers a better camera experience.
Android cameras often have fun and unique features, like super long zoom or incredible night mode, that can be exciting to use in different situations.
Both Android and iPhone have their own software issues, such as screen brightness reduction when the phone gets hot, occasional crashes of the settings app, and apps disappearing when they crash.
iPhone stops wireless charging when it gets warm for safety reasons.
Android gives error messages when apps crash, while iPhone apps just disappear.
Currently, iOS is more stable compared to Android.
The Samsung S21 Ultra is a stable phone, but has a weak vibration motor.
The decision to stick with last year's phone is due to it working better overall.
The iPhone camera is praised for being reliable and quick to shoot.
Android used to have an advantage in customization, but Apple is catching up with iOS 16.
Android has a wide range of features that tilt it in its favor.
Apple has a small number of compelling features that make a strong case for the iPhone.
Google Assistant is considered better than Siri.
Google Assistant is faster, more intelligent, and can do more.
The speaker uses the assistant for taking notes, setting timers, and checking the weather and news.
Android offers better community support through custom ROMs and modding forums.
Android has a strong custom ROM community and modding forums.
The ability to hack and overclock Android phones was more relevant in the past but is now less important.
Android provides more options and better value for the money compared to iPhones.
00:00all right so i'm in california with
00:02marquez from mkbhd apple has just
00:04announced the latest features coming to
00:05ios google a couple of weeks ago
00:06announced the latest features coming to
00:08android so we're just sat here thinking
00:10there's never been a better time to
00:12decide who's doing it better we're going
00:13to go through the 10 different aspects
00:15of the smartphone experience and see who
00:18wins more it could be a tie
00:20oh my god yeah we should have done 11.
00:22yeah of course you're saying okay so
00:24let's start with the display do you
00:25think the iphone's display has anything
00:28special about it or do you just think
00:29it's like a pretty average android phone
00:31screen with a thicker border and a kind
00:33of weird looking notch it's funny the
00:35phone has so many things that are
00:37best in class and then weirdly below
00:39average like as far as screen to body
00:43decent but then it has the biggest notch
00:45you would ever see if it was an android
00:46phone it's pretty much the only phone in
00:48today's market with a notch exactly it's
00:50probably the smoothest 120 hertz display
00:54that i use in a phone that's interesting
00:56because of the responsiveness and the
00:58touch sample refresh rate so do you put
01:00this on the same level as a samsung
01:02screen like the s22 ultra very close i
01:05think the s22 ultra barely beats it in
01:07some things like brightness yeah and
01:09sharpness yeah but if you're just going
01:11like is it a great a plus screen yes for
01:14me the s22 ultra screen like i'm holding
01:16them side by side that feels like a
01:18different class it is when i'm in a
01:20bright scenario like the sun is beaming
01:21down on it this is actually so bright
01:23that it feels bright yeah whereas this
01:25is like okay it's visible right there
01:27are some edge cases where you notice the
01:29difference and speaking of edge the
01:30little bit of a curve around the edge
01:32you talked about the way it feels that's
01:34something i kind of prefer the flat of
01:35the iphone to be honest so i give it a
01:37little bit of extra credit there but
01:38it's sharp it's like your hand is curved
01:41the phone i hear that a lot but i
01:43weirdly kind of like that okay i
01:45understand it from an aesthetic thing
01:46but i
01:48but it leaves a dent in my hand
01:50i'm holding an s21 ultra which is
01:52somewhere in between the two and i think
01:54that was a nice happy medium if we just
01:56go all of android
01:58iphone gets an a plus but if we're just
02:00going against samsung it's trailing by a
02:02little bit
02:03okay so it's up to you i'll leave it up
02:05to you okay we'll call it a draw that
02:06sounds like a draw to me yeah so number
02:08nine is performance and on paper
02:11it kind of seems like a really easy one
02:13because if you just run like geekbench
02:14multi-core benchmark the iphone scores
02:16higher and draws less power even if
02:18you're a gamer and you don't care about
02:20those numbers you get games earlier and
02:22those games seem to run smoother in your
02:24mind is there any nuance to this at all
02:26or is the iphone just better performance
02:29if you're counting performance as
02:32smooth feel
02:33frames per second that type of thing and
02:35overall power efficiency yeah the iphone
02:38is is a clear winner in my mind do you
02:40think the iphone even beats out
02:41potentially like gaming oriented android
02:45well it depends on if the game you play
02:46on that platform if the performance is
02:49great but you can't play the game you
02:50like is it actually a good performer i
02:53guess the one saving grace for androids
02:54is they do come with a lot more ram like
02:56this is the top end iphone 13 pro max
02:58six gigs of ram this comes with up to
03:0012. in your experience does that
03:02contribute anything to like the
03:04multi-tasking experience
03:06or does it not matter three gigs of ram
03:07on an iphone feels like eight gigs of
03:10ram on an android phone sometimes
03:11because of the way they just fill up
03:13memory and aren't as efficient so yeah
03:15you can multitask more on a samsung
03:18phone because of the xram but also just
03:19because there's features that let you do
03:20more do you find you do that like i know
03:22android has split screen multitasking
03:24technically yeah you do use it no i
03:26don't oh yeah i don't personally use it
03:28i don't use it either i would consider
03:29myself like a fairly hardcore user and
03:31even then just having picture in picture
03:34is about as far as my multitasking goes
03:36i gesture back and forth all the time
03:37copying and pasting i know i can
03:39multi-window i just never do it
03:41okay moving on to battery and so this is
03:44my experience right so iphone 13 pro max
03:46has got the best battery life of all the
03:48big phones and iphone 13 pro has the
03:50best battery life of all the compact
03:53does that mirror your experience there's
03:55two phones right now with 6000 milliamp
03:57batteries and if i put the rog phone
03:59at 60 hertz yeah it is a better battery
04:03technically than the iphone at 60 hertz
04:05but yeah generally i found that this is
04:07world-class battery
04:0913 pro also world-class battery
04:12mini is in the equation two
04:15not as great but then you're comparing
04:17it to other phones that are small you're
04:18comparing it to miniature fans at that
04:20point yeah which doesn't have great
04:21batteries anyway so yeah top of the
04:23class as far as battery for sure so
04:25there's another side to battery which is
04:26the charging how much do you think that
04:28factors in to the the battery experience
04:31does it matter to you to me it matters a
04:33lot it changes the way i use a phone if
04:35it charges quickly and i know i can
04:37charge quickly i don't mind it dying
04:39quicker because i know i can plug in for
04:41five minutes and be fine
04:42okay it's a different type of peace of
04:45it's interesting because for me i would
04:47much rather my phone doesn't die in the
04:48first place oh yeah and this is a phone
04:50where i can actually trust that like on
04:52the way here like i took a flight from
04:53uk to us so i was moving back eight
04:56hours which meant that i effectively had
04:58a 24-hour day and this still had 20 left
05:01at the end of that and so at that point
05:03like isn't fast charging just making up
05:05for a lack of capacity in the first
05:06place so if i could only pick
05:09fast charging and mediocre battery or
05:12great battery mediocre charging i would
05:14pick great battery mediocre charging
05:16right but if you don't have a great
05:19you better have good charging and a lot
05:21of android phones have incredible
05:23charging the iphone can charge
05:25decently quickly not like super fast
05:28but i still put it as the winner in the
05:30category just because
05:32the baseline battery life is so good
05:34okay so the battery ward goes to the
05:36iphone okay this is where it gets kind
05:38of juicy so
05:40we want to talk about the cameras and
05:42we'll start with photography and then
05:43videography can be the next section okay
05:46so i guess a good way of kind of getting
05:48to the meter is if you had to pick one
05:50phone for the rest of your life to take
05:52photos with would it be an iphone would
05:54it be an android yeah it would be the
05:57to take photos yeah and it's only
05:59because there's a couple small
06:02nuances within that question which is
06:04you take photos from the camera app you
06:06also take photos sometimes inside of
06:08another app instagram stories tick tocks
06:11video shooter snapchat whatever you're
06:15and all those things typically behave
06:17really well on the iphone
06:19now if i knew i was going to go to a
06:22national park and i was going to take a
06:24lot of bird photos believe me i'd take
06:26one with more zoom than the iphone's got
06:28but if you just want to like blanket
06:29everything for the rest of your life you
06:31can only take one for photos it still
06:34would be the iphone
06:35that actually surprises me uh because in
06:38my mind i would pick a vivo a samsung or
06:41a pixel i know they kind of over process
06:43photos but in my mind to actually
06:45achieve what we think is a natural look
06:47you almost need that over processing and
06:49so like if you've used vivo's x80 pro i
06:51don't know if you have um that has this
06:53this option called zeiss natural color
06:55and these things are often like just
06:56marketing gimmicks but when i used it i
06:57genuinely thought wow that is what my
06:59eyes are seeing for one of the first
07:00times ever yeah let me throw a couple
07:03extra variables at you for camera
07:05the shooting experience
07:08you know what there's something i want
07:09to take a picture of let me just get the
07:10photo right now
07:12do you trust that camera i've had some
07:14issues with pixels where i take a photo
07:16and i put the phone back in my pocket
07:17and when i check it the next day that
07:19photo was never safe like that just
07:21doesn't happen on the iphone and there's
07:23a couple you know little things like
07:24that that make me go yeah one thing for
07:26the rest of my life
07:28i'm gonna take the most stable reliable
07:30one too do you think the iphone takes
07:32the best end results no uh i think it's
07:34very close
07:36but i think you could argue for
07:37samsung's s22 ultra i think you could
07:39argue for
07:40pixel in some shots especially in darker
07:43environments and i think you'd have
07:44argued for iphone in some shots too with
07:46the ultrawide too so in that case it'd
07:48be more of a tie but factoring in the
07:49camera experience the whole camera
07:51experience goes to the iphone
07:53interesting so for me the fun side of
07:55android cameras is actually a factor i
07:57used to love the days where huawei would
07:59unveil a new phone and it always had
08:01this crazy cool gimmick like a super
08:02long zoom camera or incredible night
08:04mode and for me that would be like a
08:06it'd be like a toy that every time an
08:08opportunity presented itself i would
08:10take out my phone and be excited to see
08:12what it could do in that situation you
08:13get a hammer everything looks like a
08:14nail yeah yeah i feel you you don't
08:16really get that with the iphone camera
08:18does it matter it kind of reminds me of
08:20sports where the most boring team to
08:24is often the best one okay so then
08:26moving on to videography i feel like the
08:28answer is probably even easier than for
08:30the iphone is uncontested videos yeah
08:32you know i do occasionally slip in shots
08:34from other cameras into my videos the
08:36most often i get away with it is the
08:38iphone i've shot entire videos on the
08:40iphone no problem my phone takes that
08:43one too it's actually not looking good
08:44for android right now yeah scoreboard
08:46scoreboard is pretty lopsided
08:48it's been a bit of a hot topic recently
08:49um eco consciousness so i guess in your
08:52opinion if a user is eco-conscious about
08:54the planet
08:55which phone is a better option iphone or
08:58android on average
09:00well there's a whole android spectrum
09:03let's say you go all the way to the fair
09:04phone right which is also an android
09:06land it's not even close i guess the
09:09fair comparison would be iphone flagship
09:11versus average android flagship okay so
09:13we take like a rounded average of the
09:15sony's the uh xiaomi's the samsungs yeah
09:18so i know this for sure so apple's
09:20devices right now on average use about
09:2120 recycled materials so that is that is
09:24the most in the industry right now
09:27and they also have the most forward goal
09:29of being carbon neutral so they want to
09:30be carbon neutral by 2030 i think most
09:33other companies are more like 20 40 20
09:3550. so from what i've seen apple is
09:38ahead in that except for those fringe
09:40cases like nokia does a lot and then
09:43fairphone does a lot if you're genuinely
09:44concerned about the planet buy a used
09:46phone yeah yeah or a refurbished one
09:49but this one goes to the iphone
09:51all right so just before we get to
09:52pricing which i think is probably the
09:54big one we've got three categories about
09:56the software itself so i want to start
09:58with software reliability so in my
10:02experience this is not like a magic
10:04phone that just works all the time like
10:06some people say like there's no such
10:07thing yeah i've had bugs i've had
10:09glitches i've had you know the the
10:10screen dials down its brightness quite a
10:12lot when it gets hot uh i have bugs with
10:14all kinds of phones so yeah if we're
10:16talking just the iphone um
10:18i know specifically it likes to
10:21to stop wireless charging when it gets
10:23kind of warm
10:24and that's just kind of annoying i guess
10:26it has to do that for safety reasons but
10:28there's a bunch of little things in the
10:33the settings app will just crash i'll
10:34open it and it'll just disappear i guess
10:36when when apps crash they just disappear
10:38yeah and you're just like oh that's too
10:40bad like android will tell you like give
10:42you an error message or something
10:44but no phone is perfect so i guess
10:46that's that's sort of the baseline
10:47you're working with would you say the
10:48iphone is like equivalently reliable
10:50versus android or would you side with
10:52one over the other it kind of goes in
10:54waves i think right now ios is pretty
10:56stable and that compares to android yeah
10:58so let's go samsung for example have
11:01been using an s21 ultra for like a year
11:03and a half
11:06very stable phone i feel like this is
11:07slightly off topic but why not the s22
11:11a couple tiny things the vibration motor
11:13is so weak on that phone i was missing
11:15calls and notifications do you not have
11:16that problem no yeah i miss the way like
11:19this phone sits on a desk and like
11:21vibrates and i hear it on the desk to
11:23pick it up that one i just miss things
11:26all the time little thing yeah but
11:28basically the same experience everywhere
11:30else on the phone and i was like let me
11:32just stick with the one that works
11:33slightly less screen curve on the side
11:35so bizarre you choose to use last year's
11:37phone because it works better for you
11:38it's a whole year old it's crazy yeah no
11:41that's that's just my choice no it's
11:43good it's really good not black
11:44everything by the way
11:46you talk a lot though actually about the
11:48camera being more reliable on the iphone
11:50it's quick to shoot so there's some
11:52where they're a little less consistent
11:54i'll open the camera app the first time
11:55and it'll open up right away takes the
11:57shot yeah and then a week later i go to
11:59open up the camera and it goes let me
12:01think about that for a second and then
12:03it opens up yeah it's just those little
12:04things that i noticed but just in
12:06regular apps
12:07you've done a lot of the side by sides
12:09you can see the way that yeah they're
12:10very similar so
12:12yeah okay so so we'll give we'll give
12:13reliability a draw okay so then software
12:16features this is kind of a broad
12:18category so obviously both os's do
12:20pretty much everything you'd want to
12:22but the question here is does one os do
12:25something that the other one just cannot
12:27match what things does ios do that
12:29android is just not there right now with
12:31not a lot i mean there's there's a
12:32couple things where you'll just dig into
12:34the settings and find stuff in android
12:36world that does not exist in iphone
12:38world and across the board there are all
12:40kinds of features in specialty phones
12:43gaming phones all sorts of stuff that
12:45you will just never find in an iphone so
12:47that's the way i look at it right are
12:49there things in iphones that don't i
12:51guess yeah like i'm thinking more like
12:53airdrop right people see that as a
12:54necessary feature sure facetime a lot of
12:57people see is irreplaceable oh
12:58interesting you've got share play you
13:00know a lot of people love the fact that
13:02you can especially now with ios 16 you
13:04can send a message to someone and they
13:05can jump into a share play with you yeah
13:08that's pretty convenient but i guess the
13:10caveat with a lot of iphone's cool
13:11features is that they're further locking
13:13you in to more apple products there are
13:15lots and lots and lots of features in
13:17the android world
13:18that are very important to a small
13:20number of people and then there are
13:22imessage facetime
13:25airdrop things like that in iphone world
13:27that are pretty important to a lot of
13:30people a smaller number of features
13:32but like does samsung decks matter to
13:35yeah no does does pass-through charging
13:38matter to you no right but like there's
13:40a an endless list of those things that
13:42you can find on certain android phones
13:44that would tilt it in android's favor
13:45for sure but there's these massive
13:48pillars on the iphone a small number of
13:51that make a compelling case
13:53so it's a new way of thinking about it
13:56so i guess yeah you probably can't call
13:58a winner in this category one of the key
14:00advantages android used to have is
14:01customization but you know you could
14:03argue that apple is catching up with
14:05that you know especially now with ios 16
14:06all that lock screen stuff you know like
14:08a lot of people think that smartphones
14:09are kind of coming to a plateau right
14:12if apple is in this kind of mindset of
14:14we'll wait for other companies to do
14:15stuff we'll do it later but we'll do it
14:17better does that mean that when both
14:19os's reach their final kind of mature
14:21stages the apple will actually be ahead
14:24because with each feature they've
14:25integrated they've really taken their
14:26time and done it properly it feels like
14:28there's always going to be a bleeding
14:30edge that apple's not going to really
14:32dabble in
14:33you know between the the two assistants
14:34so you've got siri on iphone you've got
14:36google assistant on android yeah i think
14:38unanimously most people would say google
14:40assistant is better between the two like
14:41it's faster it can do more it's more
14:43intelligent but how much do you use it
14:44the assistant
14:46i use it all the time for a couple key
14:47things taking notes setting timers
14:49shopping lists i ask it in the morning
14:52every day what the weather and news is
14:53going to be stuff like that
14:55not that siri can't do that but there's
14:56a good amount of stuff i use it for
14:58um but are we taking averages because
15:01we've got let me see cortana is
15:04alexa is available bixby is available
15:08but i guess all this one's a google
15:09assistant too so yeah i guess yeah i
15:11give that that edge so you never
15:13actually use siri
15:14no i
15:15i very rarely use siri oh i accidentally
15:18trigger siri more than i use
15:21that's so funny
15:23yeah sorry siri you know sometimes i
15:25find when i'm cussing out siri he
15:26actually goes
15:28yeah they just perk up like what did you
15:32do you have any kind of hot takes on the
15:34new features that google announced for
15:35android 13 versus the new features that
15:38apple announced for ios 16. so the the
15:40one thing about customization that we're
15:41arguing like the iphone is catching up
15:44yeah the lock screen widgets
15:46it's better than android okay it's
15:48better that's a pretty hard take it
15:50might be a high tech you know android
15:51has had widgets forever yeah and so
15:53there's endless customization with
15:57this like late approach we've talked
15:59about with apple where they come in late
16:01but do things really well
16:02suddenly lock screen widgets if you're
16:04into that
16:05looks better on the iphone okay so
16:07you're thinking it's better from a a
16:09visual perspective it's not that there's
16:10more options or anything like that yeah
16:11it's consistency it's it's visual it's
16:14aesthetics it's the way you customize it
16:16it's simple and easy to understand yeah
16:18if i tried to hand this phone to my mom
16:20and said add a lock screen widget yeah
16:23go like that would
16:24that's very different
16:26so that sort of thing i sort of maybe
16:28that's a hot tick but i give the uh the
16:29iphone the edge there
16:31yeah overall a lot of good features
16:34coming out of both camps cool so we'll
16:36call that category a draw
16:38so then the final one about software is
16:40about software support and this is
16:42another one of those where on paper
16:44apple just kind of takes it away because
16:46you get five years of updates you know
16:48the closest competitor is samsung which
16:49is four and then after that it kind of
16:51falls to three and two and then
16:52sometimes one in those kind of ugly
16:55so what's your take
16:57i think that's that's kind of it there
16:58isn't really any other nuance to it like
17:01how you like your software updates you
17:02like to be advanced hopefully they
17:05download quickly like no i just want to
17:06have the latest update i don't really
17:10that one's pretty straightforward to me
17:11okay so that one goes to iphone i guess
17:13there's one potential saving grace for
17:15android which is
17:17even though they have less first party
17:19support they do have better community
17:20support right you've got the
17:22custom rom community modding
17:25forums all that kind of stuff
17:27this is the thing right yes so when i
17:28started my youtube channel it actually
17:30started because the phone i got first
17:33was not as good as i wanted it to be and
17:35so i basically devoted my entire life to
17:37trying to understand how to hack it to
17:39make it better to overclock it and all
17:41these sorts of things but as smartphones
17:42have gotten better they kind of don't
17:44need it the fact that you still can is
17:47cool for some but it's some yeah yeah
17:50probably a shrinking minority okay so
17:52the last thing is pricing and
17:55it's obviously a bit of a tough one to
17:57kind of blanket because android's
17:59iphones there's lots of different price
18:00ranges but i guess we could boil it down
18:03to value right which one do you think if
18:06any is better value for the money i
18:09think some of these you want to just
18:11average things out but in price it
18:13really is just about choice
18:15and in the android world there is simply
18:17more choice if you care about value
18:20i can name three or four android phones
18:21with spectacular value
18:23if you care about well if you don't care
18:25about value we can give you the highest
18:27android phones in the world that cost
18:30or get a caviar phone with 55 diamonds
18:32on the back right yeah to answer the
18:34question of like which one can give you
18:36the best value if you search for it it
18:38would be android yeah because at the
18:40budget end like a poco phone for example
18:42like 250 dollars yeah you can go way
18:44down yeah or you can go like you can
18:46just settle you can go pixel 5 or 6a
18:50or you can go like 700 800 bucks we can
18:52go fan edition s21 you can go anywhere
18:55in there just out of curiosity like how
18:56good value do you think the latest
18:58iphone se is that's their kind of lowest
19:00end phone right now yeah
19:02the lowest end phone for them is their
19:03best value definitely it's competitive
19:06for like one of the best values
19:09value is very much up to what you care
19:12about in a phone so if i care about
19:14facetime imessage camera that's a great
19:17value phone if i care about here's a
19:19couple games i want to play i need 120
19:21hertz and i need a big battery sc is a
19:24terrible value for you for that same
19:26price yeah so
19:29options okay yeah pricing's a tough one
19:31so call that a draw oh wait no no we're
19:34calling that an android hold on yeah
19:39what time is it now 11 20. okay the
19:42iphone does significantly win more
19:44categories than the android but
19:46obviously that's not the full story yeah
19:48it's very much a personal decision that
19:50decision ultimately comes down to what
19:53the person who's gonna go get the phone
19:55actually cares about there are objective
19:57winners in some of these and then there
19:58are very subjective winners in some of
20:00these too like photography you are
20:01outright iphone i'm actually outright
20:03android it is but yeah um no thanks for
20:06this this was a this is really fun yeah
20:09so i'm just here from the editing desk
20:11yeah basically we really really really
20:13wanted to not waste this opportunity
20:15like we wanted this video to happen
20:16that's why it's kind of so late that's
20:18why the lighting kind of sucks but you
20:20know i hope you enjoyed it subscribe if
20:22you did
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key aspects discussed in the video about smartphone experience?

The video discusses the different aspects of the smartphone experience, including display, battery life, camera, software updates, and value for money.

2. Which smartphone platforms are compared in the video and for what features?

The video compares Android and iPhone in terms of display, battery life, camera, software updates, and value for money.

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses highlighted for the Android platform?

The video highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the Android platform, emphasizing more customization and better value as strengths.

4. What are the strengths and weaknesses highlighted for the iPhone platform?

The video highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone platform, highlighting a more stable and reliable experience with a focus on user experience as strengths.

5. Which platform offers more customization and better value, according to the video?

The video concludes that Android offers more customization and better value compared to iPhone.

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