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The video discusses the potential release date, price, and features of Apple Glasses, with speculation that they may launch in 2024 at a cost of around $1,000. It is suggested that the glasses will rely on the user's iPhone for processing power, and may resemble traditional glasses in design, incorporating Sony micro LED displays.
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Apple Glasses project has been suspended indefinitely, but it is likely to be brought back to life soon.
Apple is relying on the success of other companies' AR glasses to reenter the game.
Apple wants to release its own VR headset and become a successful player in that area.
Apple has a history of shelving projects and then bringing them back to life, as seen with the iPhone SE.
Apple Glasses will resemble traditional glasses, use Sony micro LED displays, and be dependent on the iPhone for computing power.
The frames will resemble traditional glasses and not VR headsets.
Sony micro LED displays will be used, featuring fast response rate, high contrast, and a wide color display palette.
The glasses will work in both dark and light environments.
The glasses will be dependent on the iPhone for computing power, at least for the first few generations.
00:00So we know that the Apple VR headset is around the  corner but what about the Apple glasses project  
00:06will we see the Apple glasses launching in 2024 oh  we have to wait a bit longer well today I want to  
00:15go over all the most recent details we know about  the Apple Glass Project including features and of  
00:21course the Apple glasses release date and price  now already in 2023 there are some companies out  
00:28there making AR glasses like enrail or xiaomi  smart classes that were shown back in February  
00:34time I plan to get my hands on some of these soon  too but we also know that Facebook with meta Sony  
00:41with their VR2 headset and other companies are  creating devices including Apple who are both  
00:48making the VR and also AR headset devices the  VR device at Apple at the moment are making is  
00:56reference to Apple VR but the other device is  is more to do with ar and at the moment it's  
01:02likely to be called the Apple glasses Apple been  pushing on a lot since the old iPhones came out  
01:10in 2015 with ar capability and since then we've  had enhancements like the low idar sensor being  
01:17introduced and also the fact that machine learning  is everywhere in Apple's chipset known as the new  
01:24engine and it's enhancing AR abilities we've seen  abilities with AI and machine learning and iOS for  
01:30example showing more abilities like AR street view  on your iPhone as you walk around the city or even  
01:37the new live text feature for example then there  is the new feature of visual lookup even this  
01:44machine learning and abilities we expect to see  inside the new Apple glasses the Apple VR headset  
01:51project is the first major step for us to get the  Apple glasses and apple accounting on the success  
01:56of this project first of all before releasing any  of the new Apple glasses so looking at reports  
02:04and leaks minchi Crow has even told us the Apple  VR headset is going to cost a fair bit in 2023  
02:11but it's also said that the second generation VR  headset is not that far away and will be released  
02:18in 2025 and it will be coming in at a far lower  price why this is relevant this could mean that  
02:25Apple are not going to plan on releasing any  Apple glasses in 2023 or even 2024 and it looks  
02:33like the earliest we could see some could be with  those cheaper VR headsets that come out in 2025.  
02:39as I mentioned before Apple needs to work out if  they're going to go full seam ahead on the Apple  
02:45glasses project and they're relying on people  and turning their heads excuse the pun to the  
02:50Apple VR Bloomberg recently also said that Apple  glasses project has been suspended indefinitely  
02:58what basically means they're not going to be  working on it anytime soon however I I do not  
03:03think this is the case especially with companies  like jamae and nrel and probably more companies  
03:09over the next couple of years they're going to be  releasing their own AR glasses and apple wants to  
03:14get back into the game there and also bring out  their own VR headset and become a great successful  
03:20player in that an area and I definitely think the  Apple glasses will definitely be coming back full  
03:27steam ahead especially also we saw recently  A partnership between Snapdragon Samsung and  
03:33also Android 2 looking to working on VR and  AR capabilities we've got to remember that for  
03:40example that we heard that the iPhone SE project  also got shelves some time ago and then a matter  
03:46of months later it was being worked on again it is  something what Apple like to do they like to say  
03:52they've shelved something and then bring it back  to life straight away and I think this is going to  
03:56be the same with the Apple glasses so just quickly  guys if you didn't know already this channel  
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06:13and with that out of the way guys let's return  back to the video so next of all let's get the  
06:19big item out of the way on the agenda and that  is the Apple glasses price so a store suggests  
06:26that the Apple glasses will actually cost around  499 US Dollars and of course that is not including  
06:33any prescription charges to alter the glass lenses  if needed however as we have seen in other leaks  
06:39around and about that we've been told that the  actual VR headset is actually going to be coming  
06:44in at three thousand dollars to begin with and  it's hard to believe that the prices of the Apple  
06:49glasses are going to be as low as 500 so it's  probably more likely they're going to be coming  
06:54in at over a thousand dollars at least for the  first generation and there again for anyone who's  
07:00also worried about prescriptions for your normal  glasses reports have already cooked declared that  
07:05prescription lenses and display technology will  work fine with your new frames so don't need to  
07:11worry about that apple is all about health and  accessibility so this is something I'm sure they  
07:16would not miss out on so next of all let's talk  about the design the Apple glasses are going to  
07:22be designed in the best way to resemble sort  of traditional glasses and not look like a  
07:27VR headset the frames will have the ability to  shine information onto the lenses and that you  
07:33can interact with this information with either  gestures or with your iPhone Apple is rumored to  
07:40be planning to use Sony micro LED displays that  features an ultra Fast Response rate ultra high  
07:47contrast and a huge color display palette the  lenses will also work in dark and very light  
07:53environments so you don't need to worry about that  either I've also been told that the Apple glasses  
07:58will also be dependent on your iPhone minchi quo  has confirmed this and said that first of all that  
08:06you will have to have your iPhone nearby because  most of the Computing and the Machine sort of  
08:10power is going to be happening inside the actual  iPhone and at least this will be the case for the  
08:16first few Generations if you do remember back to  the original iPhones we did actually depend on  
08:22iTunes quite a fair bit and it wasn't to around  about the fifth generation iPhone that you could  
08:27set up your iPhone completely independently and  apple completely cut the cord so it seems likely  
08:32that something like this is going to be happening  with the Apple glasses too there are also going  
08:38to be lots more leaks and reports coming out for  the Apple glasses in the future and probably over  
08:44the next year or so especially with the launch  of the Apple VR and how that completely unfolds  
08:51at the end of the day information right at the  moment it's not fully developed it's still very  
08:56very early days but let me know in the comments  below what features you would love to see on  
09:02the Apple glasses and maybe tell me how much  you think they should cost and also when you  
09:06think they'll probably also come available I  also plan to make more videos over the next  
09:11few weeks and months about the Apple glasses as  more information unfolds in those videos I will  
09:17to share more details on features and basically  how everything will work too so as I wrap up  
09:24this video make sure you hit the Subscribe button  and the notification Bell to keep on track with  
09:29the progress of the Apple glasses project also if  you want to hear more about other Alpha upcoming  
09:34Apple products too make sure you sub two for that  reason and on that note guys if you have enjoyed  
09:40watching this video please do press the like  button and I will see you really soon take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. When are Apple Glasses speculated to launch?

Apple Glasses are speculated to launch in 2024.

2. What is the potential price range for Apple Glasses?

The potential price range for Apple Glasses is around $1,000.

3. What is expected to be the design of Apple Glasses?

Apple Glasses are expected to resemble traditional glasses in design, incorporating Sony micro LED displays.

4. How will Apple Glasses rely on processing power?

Apple Glasses are expected to rely on the user's iPhone for processing power.

5. What are the key features of Apple Glasses?

The key features of Apple Glasses may include reliance on iPhone for processing power and a design resembling traditional glasses, incorporating Sony micro LED displays.

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