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The video compares the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9, discussing factors like wrist size, band options, display size, and battery life. It also mentions the difference between the aluminum and stainless steel models. Ultimately, the viewer is encouraged to follow their gut and consider their preferences when choosing the right size and style.
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This section of the video discusses the Apple Watch Series 9 and the different sizes available.
The presenter has a six-inch wrist and is wearing the Apple Watch Ultra 2.
The 41mm Apple Watch is shown in the Starlight color.
The presenter mentions the Sport Loop band as one of their favorites and easy to adjust.
The video compares the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9.
The 41mm size is shown on the wrist and is described as a nice size.
The 45mm size is shown in silver aluminum and is described as larger with a premium vibe.
The stainless steel casing is mentioned as being more premium and having more weight.
The aluminum casing is described as more cost-effective and general.
The speaker recommends wearing the Apple Watch behind the wrist bone for comfort and fit, and showcases the 45mm and 41mm options.
The speaker advises wearing the watch behind the wrist bone for comfort and better fit.
They demonstrate the 45mm and 41mm Apple Watch options, highlighting that battery life is not compromised with the smaller size.
The speaker mentions the improvements and efficiency in battery life since the Series 8, and the latest S9 chip in the Apple Watch.
The Apple Watch Series 9 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes with the larger size having a bigger OLED panel and battery.
The 41mm watch has a 1.69 inch OLED display with a 2000 nit peak brightness and 326 PPI density.
The 45mm watch has a 1.9 inch OLED display and a 308 milliamp hour battery compared to the 282 milliamp hour battery in the 41mm watch.
Both sizes have the same storage capacity of 64 gigabytes.
The video provides a comparison between the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch sizes, suggesting considering personal preferences and budget when making a decision.
Suggests following personal preference for watch size based on wrist size and style preference.
Mentions the price jump for the stainless steel option, but highlights its premium quality build.
Recommends considering the Apple Watch Ultra for more features if in a similar price range.
Suggests the aluminum option for those seeking a lighter, simpler design.
00:00hopefully this video helped reel you in
00:02closer to making your decision in
00:04between the 41 millimeter and the 45
00:06millimeter or if you're looking to go
00:08stainless steel
00:11you too today we are taking a look at
00:14the Apple Watch series 9 and both sizes
00:16to help you make the right decision I do
00:19this video every year and I help people
00:20pick the right Apple watch sizing for
00:23their wrist now I have an approximately
00:25six inch wrist and yes this is the Apple
00:27watch Ultra two on my wrist I'm the
00:29smart watch Guru I love smart watches
00:31and always get my opinion on every
00:32single Smart Watch so if you want to see
00:34opinions on this too that will be on the
00:36channel you already know what to do hit
00:37the Subscribe button and turn on the
00:38Bell but let's get into these both let's
00:40not make a mistake all right so what are
00:42we gonna open up first okay so we're
00:44gonna start with the 41 millimeter Apple
00:47watch presentation is always nice on
00:49their unboxings bam this lips outward
00:54and then you unfold to a nice
00:58so we got the Starlight in the 41
01:01millimeter I like the Starlight color
01:02I've grown to understand that it's the
01:05closest thing I'm gonna get to gold in
01:07that flavor like when they don't have
01:09gold a gold stainless steel is very very
01:11pricey we have the sport loot which is
01:13one of my favorite if not is my favorite
01:16Apple watch band what was one of them
01:18because it's just so comfortable and
01:20it's very easy to adjust to your wrist I
01:23like this Trail Loop it's very
01:24reminiscent these are like same similar
01:26and as you can see I got the trail loot
01:28for the Apple watch Ultra 2.
01:30when picking your Apple watch you also
01:32have to consider the bands I will make a
01:34video later and I'll I'll do a bunch of
01:36Apple watch bands because I have a lot
01:37that I've accumulated over the years so
01:39I can show you guys different
01:40um okay if I could get my watch band out
01:43they don't want to give me my band you
01:45know what I'm gonna just
01:46pull this out from here like this we
01:48have the sport loot now let's get into
01:50what matters most 41 millimeter now
01:54something to think about when you're
01:55picking your size is just you got to
01:57think about what works for you period
01:59like it's not about what you see other
02:00people have or their reasoning for
02:02picking it you got to really just like
02:03go with your gut as to what feels right
02:06to you so when I put these on my wrist
02:07and I show you on my smaller approximate
02:10six inch wrist if your wrist size is
02:12near mines and you feel like ah that one
02:15might be too big I would prefer the 41
02:17go with the 41 or if you'd be like you
02:18know I don't like how small the 41
02:20screen size is I want the bigger screen
02:22and bigger battery you know even though
02:24both of these batteries are rated at the
02:26same uh battery it's always up to such
02:29and such but typically Apple exceeds
02:31their battery ratings you know oh man
02:34it's coming on already hold up I didn't
02:36tell you I was ready okay who told you
02:38to come on I gotta figure out which
02:40iPhone I'm gonna uh connect this one to
02:42we got both of the titanium iPhone pro
02:44and pro Max just FYI boom 41 millimeter
02:50I'll show you guys in a second after I
02:52set them up what it looks like with the
02:53Apple watch faces on it and whatnot but
02:55this is the first try on first sizing
02:5941 millimeter looks good on my wrist
03:02size it's actually a nice size for this
03:05wrist but again there's a different
03:07reason as to why you would want the
03:08larger screen maybe you like things to
03:11be larger on the display you wear
03:13glasses like me and larger just suits
03:15you better in that sense and that's fair
03:17and that's okay let's get into the 45
03:18millimeter which I grabbed in the silver
03:21aluminum now if you guys want to know a
03:24video like of stainless steel versus
03:25aluminum I can do that as well because I
03:28have stainless steel models and
03:29stainless steel is
03:31um a really nice casing for the Apple
03:33watch it's very premium it has like this
03:35classy looking feel and that's what I
03:37like most about stainless steel but the
03:39aluminum is by far the most cost
03:41effective and I think the most General
03:43but yeah stainless steel just has a
03:47Vibe going with it and it has a little
03:49more weight to it
03:52but either way you go you're getting
03:53that Apple watch experience so we got
03:56the blue band on this silver one and
03:59let's unbox it by the end of today I'm
04:01gonna have like 60 of these tabs
04:05the perfect size that's what I'm used to
04:07especially on the other side so this is
04:09the silver and the larger 45 millimeter
04:11sizing all right I'm gonna put it on my
04:13right wrist just for now I'll switch it
04:15to the left in a second love these sport
04:16Loops especially if you're looking for a
04:18more active friendly Apple watch build
04:20combo like the aluminum casing is
04:23definitely for the more free-spirited
04:25chill lightweight user this is the 45
04:28baby yeah it's a little chunky and Hefty
04:31in comparison
04:33as you guys can see
04:35but it's a larger
04:39you know I mean when you're looking at
04:41different information and notifications
04:42I get smart home notifications camera
04:44notifications seeing those camera video
04:47snapshots and playbacks in larger forms
04:51are a pleasant you know thing to do on
04:53the 45 millimeter versus the 41 but the
04:5641 you still see it you're seeing the
04:57same information just a little bit
04:58smaller that's not necessarily A
05:00deciding factor for you to like accept
05:02compromise if that makes sense like if
05:05the larger 45 millimeters of compromise
05:09to you for everyday use and comfort then
05:12I would most definitely go down to the
05:1441 but if the 41 is not like doing it
05:17for you and you would prefer the 45 I'm
05:20gonna show you guys on my left first
05:21this is the wrist that I wear the watch
05:23also another tip for you guys out there
05:25you're supposed to wear your watch
05:26behind your wrist bone trust me it'll be
05:29a lot more comfortable and a lot more
05:31fitting to your wrists and you'll
05:33actually see how it actually fits
05:35wearing your watch up to here causes
05:37other issues and uncomfortable use cases
05:40pushing your you know thing look at the
05:42clearance I got right here you feel me I
05:44can hit push-ups and all that put it
05:45behind your wristband you're welcome but
05:47as you guys can see on my left wrist 45
05:52I could do it I've been doing it for a
05:54long time I've done the 41 or the 40 in
05:57the past I've done the smaller watch
05:58sizes so that's not like I'm opposed to
06:01them shall I say I'm definitely about
06:03the smaller ones as well it's a nice
06:06user experience so boom I'm gonna give
06:08you guys a quick look in a hot second
06:09after I set these up with the Apple
06:11watch faces on and then you can make
06:13your decision as to whether or not you
06:15want the 45 or 41 millimeter and don't
06:18think just because you're getting the
06:19smaller one that your battery life is
06:21just going to suffer ever since the
06:23series 8 going here the battery
06:25improvements and efficiency and these
06:27have the latest S9 chip the Apple watch
06:29experience just gets better and better
06:31so I'll be right back with the Apple
06:32watch faces and then you guys can make
06:34your decision all right I'm back from
06:36setting up the 45 millimeter and the 41
06:39millimeter so let's start off with the
06:41smaller one and you might want to
06:43upgrade this man or use a different
06:45style band and that's the beauty of the
06:47Apple watch is their band system I think
06:49that's part of the reason why so many
06:51people love and enjoys because it's so
06:53easy and there's so many third-party
06:55bands available now case in point I like
06:58these as well these are really cool but
07:00the thing is after a while they stretch
07:01out so now we also have 316l stainless
07:05steel bands that you can do with the
07:06aluminum body as well but that adds a
07:09lot more weight I told you guys I was
07:10going to bring out the stainless steel
07:12for you guys all right let's break down
07:13weight distributions when you're
07:15choosing 41 45 millimeter Aluminum and
07:18Stainless Steel now if you go with
07:19stainless steel this is the 45
07:21millimeter sizing you're looking at
07:2451.5 grams so it's a hefty yet premium
07:27built Apple watch now if you jump down
07:30into the aluminum 45 millimeter you're
07:33taking a weight reduction all the way
07:34down to 38.7 grams now if you go into
07:38the 41 millimeter you're all the way
07:40down to 31.9 grams these are super light
07:43unobtrusive is the best way to uh
07:46describe the aluminum Apple watches
07:49especially if you put a sport Lube or
07:51like a solo braided Loop these are those
07:55lighter Style watch bands which is just
07:57gonna wear light now in between these
08:00two watches there's also something to
08:02consider and that's the display sizing
08:05the OLED panel what size panel do you
08:08want it's easier to see the larger panel
08:10versus the smaller but it also comes at
08:14the price of sizing again I have an
08:16approximately six inch wrist we have a
08:1945 millimeter and a 41 millimeter and
08:21we're going to go through that so with
08:22the 41 millimeter from a display
08:24perspective we're talking about a
08:271.69 inch ltpo OLED with a 2000 nit Peak
08:33brightness when I went outside and I was
08:35using this device it was easy to see
08:37even with the previous ones with the
08:392000 last year it's a great brightness
08:42especially for a base model aluminum uh
08:46Apple watch to have 2000 nits is super
08:48clutch now it's a 430 by 352 pixels 326
08:52PPI density always on display it's the
08:55worst like the Apple watch experience is
08:57the Apple watch experience and watch OS
08:5910 is so nice this year you guys that's
09:02the big part of the experience is watch
09:04OS 10. I'm gonna be talking a lot more
09:06about watch OS 10 especially when I'm
09:07talking about these Apple watches so
09:09that's the 41 millimeter for those who
09:11appreciate a larger OLED panel and want
09:15a bigger display to have larger size
09:17information as well as larger graphics
09:20and just overall more screen real estate
09:23when it comes to Apple watch than you go
09:25with the 45 millimeter with the 45
09:27millimeter you get a 1.9 inch OLED panel
09:31both have the same storage capacity as
09:3364 gigabytes now the difference is in
09:36battery sizing like with the smaller
09:39size 41 millimeter you're only getting a
09:41282 milliamp hour battery versus the 308
09:44milliamp hour battery in the 45
09:46millimeter but keep in mind it's a
09:48larger OLED panel which is what the
09:51larger battery is accounting for both
09:54are still rated for the same amount of
09:56usage per battery life and the battery
09:57life is good you guys the battery life
09:59was great on that series 8 and it's
10:02expected to get the same to similar even
10:04better even more optimized experience
10:06with the S9 I'm gonna put both on the
10:08wrist really quick bam as you guys can
10:10see so again I have an approximate six
10:13inch wrist this is what the 41
10:14millimeter looks like on my wrist size
10:16so if you have a similar wrist size to
10:18me this is what you can expect with a 41
10:20millimeter and if you were to opt in for
10:22the 45 millimeter on an approximate six
10:25inch wrist this is what you can expect
10:26hold on let me change this watch face
10:28there we go boom
10:33I think the best advice I could give you
10:36100 is to follow your gut if you like I
10:38don't like the look of the larger size
10:40you know panel and slender wrist and
10:44that's not really my thing it looks like
10:46this on you and blah blah blah go with
10:48the 41 millimeter but also consider oh I
10:51like the larger
10:52panel things like that this is it's just
10:54about like literally like weighing out
10:56the pros and cons the give and take in
10:59between the two sizes and making a
11:01decision hopefully this video helped
11:03reel you in closer to making your
11:05decision in between the 41 millimeter
11:07and the 45 millimeter or if you're
11:09looking to go stainless steel the main
11:11difference is you got a more premium
11:14quality build in the 316l stainless
11:17steel but it's a price jump It's a
11:20significant one so if this is not in the
11:22budget but if it is in the budget and
11:23you do appreciate your Apple watch
11:26looking premium and having that
11:28stainless steel fill that luxury style
11:31then this is what you go for it's just
11:33gonna carry a little bit of a weight
11:35trade-off in exchange but I love it I
11:38appreciate it and honestly if you're in
11:40this price range you might even want to
11:41consider the Apple watch Ultra yes it's
11:44a little bit more heftier and whatnot
11:46and it's not as shiny classy but the
11:50titanium is nice especially you put it
11:51on a band like this but but you're in
11:53that similar price range and you get so
11:55much more with the Apple watch Ultra 2
11:57versus the stainless steel but the
11:59stainless steel is still nice it's a
12:01great choice if you got it in budget go
12:03for it and then if you're more on the
12:05aluminum side and you want something
12:07light simple not too complex you can
12:10still put you know metal on the aluminum
12:13and kind of like upgrade the style and
12:14the feel of it if you choose for that
12:16but at the end of the day it's really
12:18ultimately up to you follow your gut
12:19this is the 41 this is the 45 my name is
12:22CJ your smart watch Guru and I hope this
12:24video helped you decide peace
12:29New West
12:32new Thomas yeah
12:36new wax no diamonds no watch good timing
12:39yeah ain't no middle man I'm the man of
12:42man send it in I like what I like me I
12:45know my rights is
12:48what it is
12:51for my twin I work through the night
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the main differences between the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9?

The main differences between the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9 include display size, battery life, and compatibility with different band options. The 45mm size offers a larger display and longer battery life, while the 41mm size is more compact and has compatibility with smaller band options.

2. How does wrist size impact the choice between the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9?

Wrist size plays a significant role in choosing between the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9. Individuals with smaller wrists may find the 41mm size more comfortable and proportional, while those with larger wrists might prefer the 45mm size for better visibility and usability.

3. What are the specific band options available for the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9?

The specific band options available for the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9 include various materials, colors, and styles. Both sizes offer a wide range of band options including sport bands, leather bands, and stainless steel bands, allowing users to customize the look and functionality of their Apple Watch according to their preferences.

4. What distinguishes the aluminum and stainless steel models of the Apple Watch Series 9?

The aluminum and stainless steel models of the Apple Watch Series 9 differ in terms of material, weight, and finish. The aluminum model is lightweight and has a matte finish, suitable for those looking for a sporty and casual aesthetic. On the other hand, the stainless steel model features a more premium, polished finish and added durability, making it an ideal choice for a more sophisticated look.

5. What factors should I consider when choosing the right size and style of the Apple Watch Series 9?

When choosing the right size and style of the Apple Watch Series 9, it's essential to consider factors such as wrist size, personal preferences, lifestyle, and intended use. Additionally, evaluating the display size, band options, material, and finish can help in making an informed decision that aligns with individual needs and style.

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