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Ashley wants to propose to Leon but he doesn't understand her hints, so she eventually has to show him what she means.
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Leon tries to suggest different activities to Ashley, but she rejects all of his suggestions.
Leon suggests they make a great team and lay down together, but Ashley says she'll keep working.
Leon suggests they sleep together, but Ashley says he'll sleep on the couch.
Leon suggests they have some "Hanky Panky," but Ashley doesn't understand.
Leon suggests they bake a potato, but Ashley says she's not hungry.
The person wants to show Leon something, but he doesn't understand, so the person decides to demonstrate it.
The person mentions making a mean sewer rat stew.
Leon doesn't understand what the person wants to do.
The person expresses frustration and decides to show Leon instead.
00:03um Leon
00:05yeah I was wondering we make a great
00:08team right sure so why don't we lay down
00:11tonight hmm sure you can sleep there
00:15I'll keep going
00:17actually I was hoping we could
00:22what you know
00:24Enoch boots but I'm wearing sneakers no
00:27I mean uh Hanky Panky hmm
00:32no I I don't follow uh uh bake the
00:37potato are you hungry no Leon I'm not
00:40hungry now I don't mean to brag but I
00:43make a mean sewer rat stew
00:46Leon listen to me I want to do it
00:51oh I see
00:55yes Leon
00:59nope I still don't get it oh for God's
01:02sake I guess I'll have to show you
01:22thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does Ashley plan to propose to Leon?

Ashley plans to propose to Leon but he doesn't understand her hints, so she eventually has to show him what she means. Find out how she does it in the video!

2. What are some creative ways to propose to someone?

Proposing to someone can be a romantic and memorable moment. Learn about some creative and unique ways to propose in the video, and get inspired for your own proposal!

3. Why are hints important in a relationship?

Hinting at something can be a way to express feelings or desires in a relationship. Discover the importance of hints and communication in a relationship in the video.

4. What are some signs that someone is about to propose?

There are often signs that someone is about to propose, whether it's through their behavior or actions. Learn about common signs and clues that may indicate someone is planning to propose in the video.

5. How can you make a proposal memorable and special?

A memorable and special proposal can create a lasting and cherished memory. Discover some tips and ideas for making a proposal unforgettable in the video, and create your own memorable moment!

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