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The video discusses the differences between living in Bangkok and Pattaya, focusing on factors such as cost of living, beach access, entertainment, and convenience of transportation. The creator shares personal experiences and opinions about choosing Pattaya over Bangkok, but also highlights that it's easy to visit both cities if desired.
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Pattaya is a better choice for those who want sandy beaches and beach activities, while Bangkok is more expensive and has a mix of cool neighborhoods.
Main deciding factor for choosing Pattaya over Bangkok was cost of living.
Bangkok has cheaper options in certain areas, but living in cool neighborhoods is more expensive.
Pattaya is generally cheaper for day-to-day expenses like rent and food.
Pattaya is more catered towards nightlife and entertainment, similar to Las Vegas.
If you choose Bangkok, you're not limited to staying there as it's easy to travel to Pattaya; Pattaya has most of what you need but some things may be easier to access in Bangkok.
Bangkok is only two hours north of Pattaya, with easy transportation options like taxis, buses, and possibly a train.
You can still visit Pattaya for a weekend or longer even if you choose to stay in Bangkok.
Pattaya has most of the necessary amenities, but some things may be more readily available in Bangkok, such as shopping and cell phones.
Bangkok offers more convenience in terms of access to transportation and international flights compared to Pattaya.
Bangkok has easier access to airports, allowing travelers to easily explore different parts of Thailand.
There are more transportation options in Bangkok, including buses, trains, and flights.
Bangkok is a hub for international flights, making it convenient for quick trips to other countries.
00:02So Bangkok or Pattaya probably not the
00:06best idea to do what I did
00:23ah welcome back to the office I'm
00:25feeling quite a bit better today still
00:27not 100 I know my voice sounds super
00:29crazy right now I'm all squinty because
00:31the sun hurts my eyes I've been hiding
00:33in my house for like four days trying to
00:35get better but today I've got a pretty
00:37good point I was thinking about it
00:38earlier so you've decided to come to
00:39Thailand and you're trying to pick where
00:40you want to be today's video is going to
00:42be between Bangkok or Pattaya I
00:44definitely recommend going about it the
00:46way that I suggest and we'll see if you
00:50get all set up while I'm distracted
00:51immigration guys my fault I got a little
00:53distracted there there was a bunch of
00:55guys from immigration here on the
00:56sidewalk I don't have my passport
00:58currently because it's with my Visa
01:00agent getting all set up for my
01:01education Visa so I think it would be
01:03okay but it's one of those things it's
01:05always good to at least have a photo of
01:07that on you just in case you ever do get
01:09stopped they want to check your Visa
01:10things like that but back to the point
01:12Pattaya versus Bangkok I went about it a
01:14certain way I made certain decisions
01:15based on certain things and maybe I'll
01:18shed some light on it for you today that
01:20way you can make a more educated
01:21decision and I wouldn't say I made a
01:23mistake but if I had a second chance I
01:26would go about it a little bit different
01:49what's up
01:53okay so obviously the first major
01:56difference between a Pattaya and Bangkok
01:58if this is a deciding factor for you
02:01it's the beach the Thai is a Beach Town
02:03Bangkok is not even though I think
02:05technically Bangkok has a beach like
02:08there's water but definitely not actual
02:10sandy beaches where you can come hang
02:12out so if you like to kick it on the
02:13beach maybe get some swimming a little
02:15jet ski action anything like that let's
02:16see if I can't get hit by a car
02:18obviously Pattaya is probably going to
02:20be a better choice for you so what were
02:22some reasons why I chose Pattaya over
02:24Bangkok well to be honest the main
02:26deciding factor was cost of living
02:29really there's certain places in Bangkok
02:31where yes you can find stuff for super
02:32cheap and it's a be about the same price
02:34as living in Pattaya but if you want to
02:36be in the mix you want to be in like one
02:38of the cool neighborhoods in Bangkok
02:39it's definitely much more expensive now
02:41you do have some more options and you
02:43can shop around and find cheaper spots
02:44in the public transportation there is
02:46super good so it's super easy to find a
02:49spot where you can bounce around but
02:51just for me a little bit of research
02:53that I did I found that Pattaya
02:55generally is going to be a little bit
02:56cheaper now there's plenty of things you
02:58can do that are going to change that and
03:00make it much more expensive if you're
03:01not careful but day-to-day rent food
03:04stuff like that generally Thai is a
03:06little bit cheaper man of course I chose
03:08like the hottest two weeks in Thailand
03:11to get sick miserable I'm dying once
03:13again Grinders baby always Grinders now
03:15another major difference between the two
03:17is going to be well like life
03:19entertainment right so of course there's
03:21plenty of stuff to do in Bangkok but if
03:23you're from the states I could
03:24definitely compare it say LA to Las
03:27Vegas now there's plenty of nightclubs
03:29in La there's plenty of stuff to do but
03:31the entirety of Vegas I'm sure you know
03:33is centered around that center around
03:34nightlife 24 hours a day and Pattaya is
03:37definitely much more catered to that
03:39crowd so if that's something that you're
03:41looking to do you want to come out have
03:43some drinks maybe meet a nice lady super
03:45easy definitely much more accessible
03:48here in Pattaya granted Bangkok is huge
03:51so you get an opportunity to meet more
03:53people and people that necessarily just
03:55there to party but if that's your whole
03:57Focus the ties probably respond
04:10you might be thinking damn Ian nice
04:12quick cut change clothes did all that
04:15I hope not because unfortunately it is
04:18the following day I really meant to get
04:20this video up for you yesterday but it
04:22was super hot and I think I pushed it a
04:24little too early with me being sick
04:26being at home in the air con drinking
04:28water you're like oh I feel good
04:30way to go I have that shout out CB media
04:33um but as I say oh like oh I'm ready to
04:36go blah blah blah walked out got in the
04:38heat I was not ready to go but we're
04:39gonna power through it today gonna get
04:41this up for you one thing to definitely
04:43keep in mind if you do decide to pick
04:45Bangkok maybe after you watch this video
04:47or decide for some other reasons it's
04:50not like your door to tie is completely
04:52shut Bangkok is only about two hours
04:54North from here it's super easy to hop a
04:57taxi there's a bunch of buses that come
04:58down here I believe there's a train as
05:00well so if you do choose Bangkok don't
05:02worry about it and Shout out the
05:04Grinders man always the Grinders no
05:06matter where you go as soon as I start
05:07talking the Grinders turn on but you're
05:10not super committed to only stay in
05:12Bangkok obviously you can still shoot
05:14down here for a weekend week whatever
05:16you want to do so don't be afraid that
05:18you're only going to be committed to
05:19Bangkok and you won't be able to
05:20experience but die at all now albeit
05:22Pattaya is technically a city I guess
05:26you would say or a large town in our
05:28reality but there's pretty much
05:30everything here that you need but there
05:33are a few little caveats and a few
05:35little details that might be a little
05:36bit easier to access if you're in
05:38Bangkok full-time but if you're here in
05:40Pattaya it's not really that big of a
05:42deal I know a lot of people want to be
05:44in Bangkok because they're like oh well
05:45the infrastructure and there's just more
05:47there and like that's not necessarily
05:49wrong but there's not really much that
05:52you can only find in Bangkok that you're
05:53not going to be able to find here when
05:55it comes to shopping cell phones
05:57internet all that stuff is all available
05:59on Pattaya essentially just as easy as
06:02it is to find in Bangkok the one thing
06:03in Bangkok that is a little bit
06:05different and we kind of touched on it
06:06earlier but that's kind of like the
06:08day-to-day activities just with Bangkok
06:10being so much bigger obviously it's the
06:12capital of Thailand there's just a
06:14little more
06:15normal things going on I guess you could
06:18say here in Pattaya there's a lot of
06:20stuff that does go on there's like
06:21sporting events and all kinds of stuff
06:23that happens here on the beach pretty
06:24frequently but a lot of the things are
06:27going to be catered to more like
06:28festivals and like party type stuff but
06:30in Bangkok there's just going to be a
06:32little bit more access to kind of like
06:34normal day-to-day normal life stuff one
06:37super convenient thing about Bangkok
06:39compared to Pattaya is the airports so
06:41you just have access to all of Thailand
06:43a little bit easier every single Bus and
06:46Train and flight that flies or goes
06:49anywhere all over Thailand definitely
06:51has a stop in Bangkok it can be a little
06:54bit harder here at the tie up from what
06:55I understand there is an airport here
06:57even though I never see planes or
06:59anything like that but there's not
07:01really any international flights if you
07:02want to go hop to a different country
07:03real quick or if you're in Bangkok and
07:06you want to go say you want to go hop to
07:08Samui or you want to go to Phuket it's
07:10super easy you can just hop on the BTS
07:11train take the train to the airport hop
07:14a flight for like a hundred dollars and
07:15then you're on your way hour long flight
07:17to Chiang Mai or you know Phuket
07:20anywhere you want so that is a little
07:22bit more accessible it is kind of a
07:24bummer here in Pattaya because you got a
07:25two-hour trip to get to the airport
07:27sometimes which not that big a deal but
07:29it can definitely add another step to
07:31your trip so the convenience factor does
07:34dip a little bit so if I had the
07:35opportunity flashback a year would I
07:38still choose to move to Pattaya I don't
07:40regret it I met some cool people here
07:42I've gotten the whole experience I feel
07:43like I know the town pretty well now so
07:45I don't think I would change my mind but
07:48saying that I think it is probably about
07:51time for a little change or location
07:53especially for you guys I want to be
07:55able to offer you some more be able to
07:57have some more insight for people that
07:58are going to Bangkok or maybe go spend
07:59some time in Phuket Chiang Mai that way
08:01I can have a broader Spectrum on all of
08:04Thailand so I can give you guys a better
08:05idea of what the deal is and what the
08:07real differences are everywhere as
08:09always thank you guys so much for tuning
08:10in I'm sorry I'm super sorry that I've
08:12been on a bit of a Hiatus I'm really
08:14trying to get over this sickness and try
08:15not to push it too much to prolong it
08:18but I think I'm back on it now so if
08:20you'd like to see more from Thailand
08:21make sure you go down drop subscribe
08:22like on the video that way next time you
08:24log into YouTube they know what you want
08:26to watch and as always I hope you guys
08:27have a great day catch you in the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key differences between living in Bangkok and Pattaya?

Living in Bangkok and Pattaya differs in terms of cost of living, beach access, entertainment options, and transportation convenience. Bangkok offers a more urban and bustling lifestyle, while Pattaya provides a beachside living experience with a more relaxed vibe.

2. Which city, Bangkok or Pattaya, offers a more affordable cost of living?

Pattaya generally offers a more affordable cost of living compared to Bangkok. Housing, food, and entertainment are often priced lower in Pattaya, making it an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly lifestyle in Thailand.

3. How does beach access differ between Bangkok and Pattaya?

Pattaya stands out for its direct beach access, offering residents the opportunity to live close to the beach and enjoy a beach-centric lifestyle. In contrast, Bangkok is an urban city without direct beach access, requiring a longer commute to reach the nearest beaches.

4. What entertainment options are available in Pattaya that differ from Bangkok?

Pattaya boasts a vibrant nightlife scene along with a wide range of beachside entertainment options, including water sports, beach clubs, and seaside dining. These options provide a unique and appealing entertainment experience that sets Pattaya apart from Bangkok.

5. How easy is it to travel between Bangkok and Pattaya for those who want to experience both cities?

Traveling between Bangkok and Pattaya is convenient and straightforward. Both cities are well-connected by bus, van, and taxi services, making it easy for residents and visitors to experience the distinct offerings of each city without much hassle.

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