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Michael "Venom" Page and Mike Perry go head-to-head in a bare-knuckle fight that ends in a split draw, leading to an overtime round where the winner is decided by majority decision. Both fighters show resilience and aggression throughout the intense six-round match.
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In the first round of the match, Michael "Venom" Page gets knocked down by Mike Perry.
Michael Page's striking style involves keeping his hands low.
Mike Perry lands a right hand that catches Michael Page's attention.
Perry attempts to snatch double unders in the clinch.
Michael "Venom" Page and Mike Perry engage in a striking battle with Perry throwing and landing more strikes.
Page utilizes a unique striking style influenced by karate.
Perry maintains forward pressure and lands right hands on Page.
Perry needs to push Page backwards and continue unloading on him.
Michael "Venom" Page and Mike Perry exchange punches and attempt to close the distance in round three and four.
Page lands right hands and uppercuts on Perry.
Perry continues to walk forward and throws left hooks.
Page demonstrates lateral movement and looks for opportunities to strike.
In the fifth and final round of the BKFC 27 main event, Michael "Venom" Page and Mike Perry exchange punches with Perry showing tenacity.
Perry walks through Page's jabs.
Page lands a counter left hook.
Perry tries to clinch and throws jabs to the body.
Page attempts rear right uppercuts and bolo punches.
Perry shows determination and snatches Page.
The fight between Michael "Venom" Page and Mike Perry ends in a split draw, leading to an overtime round.
The fight ends in a split draw after five rounds.
In the event of a draw, a bare knuckle fight can continue with one overtime round.
The winner of the sixth round will win the fight.
Both fighters continue to exchange punches and fight at range.
In this section, Michael Page and Mike Perry go all out in an intense six-round fight.
Both fighters land short rights to the body.
Michael Page delivers a good cut from the halftime Club.
Michael Page lands a jab.
The last minute of the fight is crucial, as the winner is likely to be determined by their performance in this period.
Both fighters show signs of exhaustion.
Michael Page wins the fight by majority decision.
00:08chance already of MVP
00:11from bratton's rules to the London prize
00:14ring rules to the modern bare knuckle
00:16fighting rules both Fighters up to
00:19round number one
00:24black trucks for Michael Venom page
00:27white gold and platinum trucks
00:34this is the first time that you're
00:35watching Michael page fight this is his
00:38striking Style on the outside right hand
00:42hands low
00:56Michael page
00:58and you can see right now like almost a
01:03and last rule the knockdown down goes
01:06Michael page in round one
01:17did look like it hurted much but it
01:19definitely caught his attention
01:21Eric coming forward another naked right
01:23hand that lands from Paige into the
01:28great great call from Andrew Glenn 50
01:32seconds remaining round number one
01:36punch with the right hand from the left
01:40are he coming forward entry left hand
01:43misses with that there's the right hand
01:45Lancer page
01:5230 seconds to go in the opening round of
01:54our main event
01:59s to the body in the clinch from Perry
02:01he's trying to snatch double unders
02:06from everybody
02:11it's on the outside the mark front
02:14shoulder very misses with the entry left
02:16into the clinch again
02:28round two
02:30thank you
02:31very stepping four come with the right
02:33hand both hands down not ruled the knock
02:35down by Andrew Glenn into the clinch
02:38both of Perry's hands definitely touched
02:41but rule doesn't slip by Glenn underhook
02:43from Michael Venom page right hand to
02:45the body
02:48that's alive
02:53right hand there's the left hook
02:58you just don't see maybe Raymond Daniels
03:01but really in Combat Sports you just
03:04don't see the Striking style outside of
03:06one fight karate which is exactly where
03:07Michael page came from as he used
03:11typically it hasn't had much success but
03:13this guy really utilizes the well it
03:15doesn't BP Russell don't wrestle maybe
03:17it will release Stephen Wonderboy
03:18Thompson but not now this is a unique
03:21style the Michael page has written a
03:24tremendous success
03:29strikes Perry throwing and Landing to
03:32more than MVP at this point one two see
03:35those punches coming from below the
03:37waist from Paige Perry's staying
03:39undaunted hands high and tight walking
03:42forward slip under for Mike Perry into
03:45the clinch once more 40 seconds
03:47remaining round two
04:0025 seconds to go round two
04:06right to the body on the hook from Perry
04:11side and stepping in with that right
04:13hand without the jab set up
04:16amazing stages
04:22there's the jab page hands low chin out
04:25by Design and by full design overhead
04:28right misses for Perry we move turn
04:30three so here we go we are set for round
04:34number three
04:36let's look
04:38forward pressure from Perry page misses
04:41with that rear right bolo punch
04:44at Hanford page
04:46starting to land that Perry continues
04:49with his forward pressure and that's
04:51exactly what Perry needs to do he needs
04:53to push his opponent backwards and
04:54unload on him right uppercut again from
04:57Michael Venom page Perry undaunting
05:02Harry with the right hand on the entry
05:05that lands
05:09single-mindedly focused cutting off the
05:12distance closing distance cutting off
05:17you still head hunting right there like
05:20to see him turn those under the body
05:21right there
05:24you never know what that can do
05:30right hand on the exit this is from
05:34in that naked right handsome page
05:37we're right uppercut once more in our
05:41final meeting Michael page said by jab
05:43is key is not throwing a lot of Jabs but
05:45he has thrown and landed a lot of right
05:46hands just like they're on the field
05:5145 seconds remaining round three
05:57all right
06:15tucked under from page
06:18here with the right hand couldn't land
06:20it to the place with that right hand
06:23like he's gonna turn back underneath the
06:24uppercut right there he's gonna hit him
06:26in the head and hit him in the body but
06:28he can't continue to move away from that
06:31age exploding in Harry in the mid-range
06:35rear right uppercut again from Michael
06:37page that is the end of round three
06:44fast start up the scratch line on the
06:46jab for Pages we open around four
06:49right hand doesn't get through
06:52check left hook from Paige Perry
06:55continuing to walk forward
06:58that's what he does he just continues to
07:00walk through punches there's a good last
07:02talk from Perry
07:05went from Paige
07:11if he wants more
07:16lateral movement from Paige I'm just
07:19waiting for his last opportunity to get
07:20in so step in chap
07:23rear right uppercut again from Michael
07:33Lowe sticking at his chin
07:37minus the kicks of course this is
07:40exactly how he fights in MMA
08:03Perry again to his credit walking
08:05through it there's a big jab for Michael
08:22Perry lands on the counter check left
08:58so it's a few times
09:00fifth and Final Round our main event
09:03bkfc 27. here in London Michael page
09:07versus Mike Perry Perry Perry coming
09:09forward off the Right End step in left
09:11hand from Paige MVP's really starting to
09:13open up right now
09:19hard front shoulder the duck under the
09:21short right hand very feigning misses
09:24with the rear right hook
09:26jab to the body for Mike Perry to the
09:28clinch step back step back step back
09:31here we go referee Andrew Glenn
09:3480 seconds remaining in this fight
09:36Paige keeps trying to time that rear
09:39right uppercut and rear right bolo punch
09:46cancel the page Perry again to the
09:50inside with tenacity
09:53the type of snatched by Mike Perry
09:58now grabbed by my good page
10:02stretch Drive of our main event 50
10:05seconds remaining Fifth and Final Round
10:07hands high and tight for Mike Perry chat
10:09for Michael page
10:17from Michael page
10:20traditional straight Jack for Michael
10:25they're resetting again coming forward
10:40Perry has got to start throwing some
10:42purchases he wants any chance you gotta
10:44land something significant in my opinion
10:45hurry up
10:47left hand from page on the entry
10:52in the clinch it back
10:56the end of the fight
11:01ladies and gentlemen
11:05ladies and gentlemen
11:07after completing the scheduled five
11:10are Judges at ringside
11:14and declared this fight
11:17to be a split draw
11:28in the event of a draw decision
11:32a bare knuckle fight may continue with
11:36one overtime brown ladies and gentlemen
11:42this fight
11:44will continue
11:51so to be correct December 2020 Jake
11:55Bostwick versus Tyler Vogel that was the
11:57first overtime running vkfc history this
12:00now is this second
12:02the winner of this round wins the fight
12:05it's as simple as that
12:07the sixth and final round two minutes
12:11left hand from Paige into the clinch
12:19incentive MVP
12:22right hand on the exit from Paige that
12:25was clever
12:26Harry on the overhand right
12:35Perry's face it looks three cuts on his
12:38face undaunted Harry fights on continues
12:42to push forward push the pacing page
12:45continues to fight at range showing his
12:48creativity his world-class timing
12:57this way
12:58short rights to the body from Paige a
13:02good cut from the halftime Club from
13:04Perry jab from Michael page
13:0755 seconds remaining in this overtime
13:10round you've got to love this on whoever
13:12does the best in this last minute is
13:14probably going to win this fight
13:18Eric coming forward again as he's done
13:20throughout the previous five rounds
13:23he's to the outside
13:26to the clinch
13:36nostrils of Michael page
13:39until the clinch wants more underhook
13:41snatched by Paige on his separation 20
13:44seconds remaining in this overtime round
13:47will Fighters played
13:52Jack left hook not much on that from
13:55page left hand
14:09both guys were exhausted there Sean
14:12ladies and gentlemen
14:14after completing
14:16the sixth round for the second time in
14:20bkfc history
14:22are Judges at ringside have declared
14:26your winner by majority decision
14:47all right Mike Perry
14:49I'm standing by with the winner I hear
14:52what you just said to him you said
14:53you're going to see him again Mike talk
14:55about this fight you had to go six
14:56rounds or you got it done that's [ __ ] I
14:59said I was gonna do six rounds and he
15:01said you don't go to draw with me they
15:03were gonna give it to me at the end of
15:05five but I walked out and told the line
15:07because I wanted more blood baby
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What was the outcome of the bare-knuckle fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry?

The bare-knuckle fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry ended in a split draw, leading to an overtime round where the winner was decided by majority decision.

2. How many rounds did the intense fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry last?

The intense fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry lasted for six rounds, showcasing resilience and aggression from both fighters.

3. What was the deciding factor in the overtime round of the bare-knuckle fight?

The winner in the overtime round of the bare-knuckle fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry was decided by majority decision.

4. How did Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry display resilience in the intense fight?

Both Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry displayed resilience and aggression throughout the intense six-round match, showcasing their determination and fighting spirit.

5. What were the key highlights of the six-round bare-knuckle fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry?

The six-round bare-knuckle fight between Michael 'Venom' Page and Mike Perry was filled with intense moments of resilience, aggression, and determination from both fighters, culminating in a split draw and an overtime round.

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