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The video is about a person trying BTS Jungkook's workout and diet for three days and seeing a difference in their body. They follow the workout routine from BTS's Run BTS episode 70 and incorporate healthy eating habits. By the end of the three days, they notice improved stamina, muscle definition, and reduced bloating.
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The video is about the YouTuber trying BTS Jungkook's workout and diet for three days to see if there would be any difference in her body.
The YouTuber mentions that she used to say she was the most non-Korean Korean, but now she is a fan of BTS.
She noticed that many people were not doing Jungkook's workout correctly and wanted to try his real workout routine from a BTS episode.
Jungkook's workout includes dancing, lifting weights, and following a healthy diet.
The BTS members have a regular healthy eating lifestyle, but during training, they had intense diets, such as eating two packs of chicken breast every day for a year.
The video section shows the start of a workout routine with jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups.
The person is using a keychain designed by Jungkook from BT21.
They mention having to finish the workout in 20 minutes to not run out of music.
The warm-up involves shaking it out and moving around.
The first exercise is 20 squats with the weight on the back of the heels.
This section of the video shows a workout routine with pike push-ups, shoulder planks, and mountain climbers.
The pike push-ups involve going into a downward dog position and doing a push-up with the head barely touching the ground.
The shoulder planks require dropping the shoulders down and back up from a forearm plank position.
The mountain climbers involve tapping opposite knees to opposite elbows.
This section shows a workout routine including burpees and crunches.
The workout includes jumping up and down, going into a plank, doing push-ups, and repeating the sequence.
The mentality is emphasized, with encouragement to stay motivated and remember why you're doing the workout.
The next exercise after burpees is crunches, where the BTS members place their hands on their thighs and move up and down.
This section demonstrates a workout routine consisting of crunches, superman lifts, and open-close exercises.
The workout includes crunches, superman lifts, and open-close exercises.
The instructor provides guidance on the proper form for each exercise.
The workout lasts for about 15 minutes and can burn approximately 200 calories.
The narrator tries Jungkook's workout for three days and shares her experience.
Day 2: The workout was still tiring, but her body got used to the movements.
Day 3: Not as sore as the previous day, noticed more defined abs and reduced bloating.
Breakfast: Smaller sweet potato and a bigger apple.
Lunch: Boiled chicken breasts with no salt, not enjoyable.
Dinner: Tenjan jjigae (soy bean paste soup) with added pork.
00:00hello everyone we're doing something a
00:02little different today i decided to try
00:05bts chongguk's workout for three days
00:08while eating his favorite food to see if
00:10i'd see a difference in my body and i
00:13did see a difference
00:19hi everyone in middle school and high
00:21school i used to always say i am the
00:23most non-korean korean you will ever
00:25meet and now i am very much a korean
00:28type of korean you would meet so i am
00:30loving bts and my boyfriend likes to
00:32joke that i am newly enlisted but if you
00:36don't know who they are just google
00:38dynamite by bts and you're going to see
00:41how big they really are of course they
00:43were big before that song but wow things
00:45are getting really hype right now so on
00:48youtube i noticed a lot of people
00:49talking about chonguk's workout but i
00:51also noticed a lot of people weren't
00:54doing it correctly not that i think i
00:56could do it any better but i wanted to
00:58try chongguk's real workout routine from
01:00run bts episode 70. so for the next
01:03three days i will be doing chongguk's
01:05workout the workout is very clear of
01:07course he does the workout he also
01:09dances all day he lifts weights but diet
01:12is also another part of his physique in
01:14terms of diet chongguk avoids sweets but
01:17all of the bts members seem to have a
01:19regular healthy eating lifestyle i know
01:21when korean idols go through training
01:23it's intense and v even mentioned that
01:26he got in trouble for putting salt on
01:28chicken breast and jin also mentioned
01:30that he would eat two packs of chicken
01:32breast every single day for a year so
01:34that's really intense they don't eat
01:36that way anymore thank goodness so i'm
01:37just going to be mindful of my portion
01:39sizes because the sizes in korea are
01:41definitely smaller than america i know
01:44weight can be a really negative trigger
01:45for people so i'm going to block out my
01:47weight but this is just for me to see do
01:50i see progress with doing jungkook's
01:52workout and also being mindful of
01:54portion sizes for one of the days i am
01:56going to try to eat the chicken breast
01:58without any seasoning i already know i'm
02:00going to hate it his favorite food is
02:02bread pizza pork soup sashimi and sea
02:06eel which i'll have olive and some
02:12day one here is my before so you don't
02:15need any equipment for this workout i am
02:17going to use a yoga mat but totally up
02:19to you okay get your workout clothes on
02:22and let's work out together unless you
02:24just want to watch me which is fine too
02:26so i made this spotify playlist called
02:28korean tune fitness it's only 20 minutes
02:30long and i added all of the most hyped
02:32bts songs so i hope i finish this
02:34workout in 20 minutes because if we
02:36don't i'm gonna run out of music also i
02:38just got this keychain from bt21 that
02:41jungle designed and it has a little
02:43weight attached to the keychain we're
02:46going to start off with some jumping
02:47jacks ready begin ten
02:59go ahead and shake it out to warm up
03:02your body move a little bit dance around
03:04make this time yours okay 20 squats make
03:08sure all the weight is in the back of
03:09your heels
03:25twelve come on
03:29ten you're almost done
03:42four so close
03:51okay 20 push-ups you have the option to
03:53drop down to your knees but keep your
03:55legs up
03:56down 20
04:0715 come on
04:11we've got this ready
04:18eleven halfway there
04:26eight we're almost done
04:30come on come on
04:40down three
04:43down two one more one more let's go
04:46and one
04:48whew that was tough but the more you do
04:50it the easier it gets
04:52jump squats ready up
05:11eight here's some inspiration
05:22complete let's take a quick water break
05:27i can see why
05:28he created a bunny
05:31because that's a lot of jumping okay
05:34smooth sailing from here
05:36okay we're going to do 20 pike push-ups
05:38basically you go into a downward dog
05:41position and then do a push-up from
05:43there your head should barely touch the
05:46ground as you do a push-up this should
05:48work your shoulders more than your chest
05:5017 16
06:00a little stretch downward dog
06:0412. eleven
06:13nine really feeling it eight
06:18almost done
06:20come on come on five
06:24almost there
06:33next are shoulder planks which look a
06:35little funny but they do make you feel
06:37the burn do a forearm plank and then
06:39you're going to drop your shoulders down
06:42and back up if this is too much you can
06:44just hold a forearm plank as well drop
06:48oh i am feeling it drop seven
06:52drop six
06:55come on drop five
06:58drop four
07:06and then recline into child's pose or
07:08take a water break you are doing
07:10something amazing for yourself so you
07:12should feel good heart rate
07:16next is mountain climbers opposite knee
07:18to opposite elbow ready go tap tap tap
07:22tap tap tap tap tap 12 11 10 9 8 7 6
07:29four three two one done
07:32fifteen burpees
07:36so let's prepare for those burpees with
07:38a water break or you can stretch up
07:40against the wall like chiming does in
07:42his workout we stretch really slowly
07:45just moving our arms up and down okay we
07:48need to attack these burpees it needs to
07:50be fire jump up
07:52out into a plank
07:54and then you're gonna do a push-up bring
07:56your toes back in and jump up and do it
07:59all over again we've got this let's go
08:01it's all about your mentality yes you
08:03can yes you will 15 you're getting
08:07stronger jump up out 14
08:10bring it bring it up
08:12out option to drop the push-up and keep
08:15moving ready out
08:20up keep it moving remember why you're
08:22here this is temporary you've got this
08:25you are growing stronger better
08:28faster let's go
08:34five more
08:37five more
08:38five more okay we're finishing it ready
08:48oh yeah
08:49ready two
08:51come on
08:52and one we did it
08:56next are crunches and the bts members
08:58like to put their hands on their thighs
09:00and just move it up and down up twenty
09:20i'm listening to idol by bts super hype
09:23ready 13
09:32up 11
09:34down up ten
09:40up nine we're so close
09:43up eight
09:48up seven
09:52up six
09:56up five
10:00up four
10:04up three
10:09up two
10:12down finish strong
10:13up one and we are done with the crunches
10:1720 superman's lift your arms and your
10:19legs and your chin but make sure your
10:21eyes are looking forward you can just
10:23put your arms forward or pull them back
10:4412 up up
10:4910 feel it
10:52come on nine
11:04you might feel it in your butt
11:13one and we're gonna hold it hold it hold
11:15it hold it hold it five four three two
11:16one and drop we are moving on to our
11:19very last exercise you can take a quick
11:21little break
11:23one of them used water bottles
11:25or you could use nothing i'm going to
11:27use some weight and we're going to do 10
11:29of these open closes make sure you bend
11:32your knees so you don't lock them
12:1017 18
12:16good job day one done
12:20with breaks that was only about 15
12:25so if we did that twice that would be
12:27about 30 minutes and 200 calories all
12:29right today i'm going to have a sweet
12:31potato and an apple for breakfast it is
12:35an organic apple so it looks a little
12:38beat up but it's okay
12:39so that's breakfast
12:42for lunch i had some sea eel some
12:44bulgogi with rice cakes and some more
12:46rice cakes with my parents and then for
12:48dinner i had some tuna sashimi as well
12:51as some assorted sushi it was delicious
12:57good morning so it is day two of
12:58chonguk's workout and i am so sore from
13:02yesterday here we go
13:04some muscle development just a little
13:08the second day of doing chongguk's
13:10workout definitely was not as bad as the
13:13first day it was still tiring but my
13:15body definitely got used to the
13:17movements and i was able to keep up a
13:19little bit better i definitely recommend
13:21doing it over and over again so that
13:23your body gets used to all of the
13:25movements and it doesn't become as hard
13:27i do work out regularly though but i can
13:29see how this work out if you were to do
13:31it consistently it actually can really
13:33improve your stamina build some strength
13:36so i highly recommend this workout if
13:38you don't know what to do and then you
13:40can just repeat it if you want a longer
13:42workout all right today we have a
13:44smaller sweet potato but a bigger
13:47apple for breakfast
13:49bake these pumpkin spice cookies for my
13:54so for lunch i had some boiled chicken
13:57breasts with no salt and it was not good
14:00not good and then for dinner i had some
14:02tenjan jjigae which is soy bean paste
14:04soup but then i also added pork because
14:06chongook's favorite is pork soup
14:11it's the third day and i'm not as sore
14:13today as i was yesterday which is good
14:16all right everybody day three almost
14:19done doing this three days in a row this
14:22time i definitely was not as sore which
14:24was great so i could move a lot faster
14:26and i even memorized some of the
14:28movements and the order so i noticed
14:31that my abs were a little more defined
14:33and i had lost a lot of bloating
14:40today i chopped up my apple because i
14:42had to take it with me to work so i put
14:44it in a silicone ziploc bag and then for
14:47lunch i had a chicken salad but it was
14:49way too much so i split it into two and
14:52i had a piece of bread i forgot to take
14:54a video of my dinner but it was this
14:56cauliflower vegan pizza so i did lose a
14:58little bit of weight but that's not
15:00important because i like to eat a lot
15:03all done if you like what you see please
15:05like and subscribe and i'll see you
15:07later bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the BTS Jungkook's workout and diet routine?

The BTS Jungkook's workout routine involves following the exercises from BTS's Run BTS episode 70, which includes a combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. His diet includes healthy eating habits with a focus on balanced meals, lean proteins, vegetables, and adequate hydration.

2. What are the benefits of following BTS Jungkook's workout and diet?

By following BTS Jungkook's workout and diet, one can experience improved stamina, muscle definition, and reduced bloating. It also helps in building strength, increasing flexibility, and promoting overall wellbeing.

3. How long does it take to see the results of BTS Jungkook's workout and diet?

The results of BTS Jungkook's workout and diet can vary from person to person, but some individuals may start noticing changes in their body within a few days to a week. Consistency and dedication are key for achieving noticeable results.

4. What are some key tips for incorporating BTS Jungkook's workout and diet into daily routine?

To incorporate BTS Jungkook's workout and diet into daily routine, it's important to set specific workout times, plan balanced meals in advance, stay hydrated, and gradually increase the intensity of exercises. It's also beneficial to seek guidance from a fitness professional.

5. How can BTS Jungkook's workout and diet impact overall fitness goals?

BTS Jungkook's workout and diet can positively impact overall fitness goals by enhancing physical strength, endurance, and muscle tone. It can also contribute to a healthier body composition and encourage the adoption of sustainable wellness habits.

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