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Rhett and Link taste and rate all 31 flavors of Bang Energy Drink, giving them scores based on their gut reactions. They try flavors ranging from fruity to candy and dessert vibes to wildcards. None of their personal favorites make it to the top four.
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In this section, the hosts introduce the challenge of tasting and scoring every flavor of Bang energy drink.
The hosts mention that they have tasted every Monster energy drink flavor and drank as much Red Bull and Monster as possible.
They express their unique style and lifestyle in trying different energy drinks.
The Mythical crew acquired all 31 flavors of Bang energy drink for the tasting challenge.
The reviewers are tasting different flavors of Bang Energy Drinks and giving their ratings.
Most of the flavors are clear, except for one brown one.
The Bangster Berry flavor is tart and tastes like boysenberry.
The Blue Razz flavor is not a berry flavor.
The Citrus Twist flavor is refreshing and citrusy.
The Delish Strawberry Kiss flavor is described as creamy.
The video section is about trying different flavors of Bang Energy Drink in the fruity category and candy/dessert vibes category.
The strawberry flavor is not well done, according to one person.
The candy flavors, like Candy Apple Crisp, work well with the unnatural vibe of an energy drink.
The Cotton Candy flavor is accurate but not appealing to drink.
The Whole Lotta Chocolate flavor is clear, which is unexpected.
The crew members taste and rate different flavors of Bang Energy drinks.
One crew member finds the idea of a birthday cake flavored drink questionable.
Another crew member enjoys the taste of the Black Cherry Vanilla flavor.
The Root Beer Blaze flavor receives mixed reviews, with one crew member liking it and another disliking it.
In this section, the hosts taste and rate two flavors from the "candy and dessert vibes" category and one flavor from the "wildcard" category.
They try the Miami Cola flavor and rate it 72 and 67.
They taste the Whole Lotta Pina Colada flavor and rate it 70 and 24.
They also try the Radical Skadattle flavor and rate it 77.
The hosts taste and rate two flavors of Bang Energy Drink, giving Star Blast a score of 70 and Purple Kiddles a score of 15.
Star Blast is liked by the hosts and given a score of 70.
Purple Kiddles is disliked by the hosts and given a score of 15.
The hosts comment that Purple Kiddles tastes like Skittles without the S.
The hosts taste different flavors of Bang Energy drinks and discuss their favorites.
Rhett's favorite flavor was Root Beer blaze and Link's was Frose Rose.
Neither of their favorites makes it to the top four.
They taste the drinks and comment on the flavors.
They accidentally break one of the drinks.
00:01- Which Bang energy flavor is the most bangin'?
00:03- Let's talk about that.
00:04(bright music)
00:13Good mythical morning.
00:15- Sure, we've tasted every Monster energy drink flavor.
00:19- And, sure, we've drunk as much Red Bull
00:22as humanly possible.
00:24- And as much Monster as humanly possible.
00:27- Big deal.
00:28- I mean, yeah, big deal,
00:30who else can say they've done that?
00:32- Probably some on you, probably the Try Guys,
00:34I don't know. (crew laughs)
00:35You know, there's people doing similar things,
00:37but I like to believe that we have
00:39our own unique style. - Yeah.
00:42- A unique lifestyle.
00:43(both laugh)
00:45And you know what? We are not done.
00:47We're thirsty for more carbonated caffeine bombs
00:49available in dozens of flavors.
00:51- And we've got a whole lot of errands
00:52to run right after this show,
00:54so this seems like the perfect day
00:55to get our Bang on.
00:57- It's time for Gut Check, Bang Energy Drink Edition.
01:03- [Stevie] You know the drill, gentlemen.
01:05The Mythical crew acquired every available
01:07straightforward Bang energy drink flavor
01:09for today's tasting, a total of 31 flavors.
01:12- What's gonna happen? - Whoo!
01:15- To our bodies? - Ridin' high!
01:17- [Stevie] After you try each flavor,
01:18you'll give it a score of 1 to 100 based
01:20on your gut reactions,
01:22then you'll taste the top four to determine
01:23which Bang energy drink deserves the top title
01:26of the ultimate banger.
01:29- And how am I going to contribute?
01:31By referring to my scoring aid.
01:34- No, that's a cool scoring aid.
01:36"Score With a Bang."
01:37I question, usually you have facial expressions
01:39associated with the scoring, so that's how you know.
01:42This is basically someone counting to 100
01:45and you on a rocket. - Right.
01:47- Yeah, I guess it's not gonna work.
01:50- Well, let's see if my scoring chart
01:53is gonna be any help to me.
01:54It's on the back of a Doritos box.
01:56(crew laughs)
02:00Oh, you know what? - It's pretty simple.
02:02- It's actually basically the same as yours.
02:04- [Link] It is? Yeah, it is.
02:05- [Rhett] Mine says fly like an eagle.
02:08- Score with a bang, fly like an eagle.
02:10- For you, passion is the most important thing.
02:12Forget about winning, focus on being.
02:14I'm so proud, even when you fail.
02:17- Oh, I think you really needed to hear those things.
02:19- Yeah, but this is not, like we're not competing,
02:22we're just trying to score bangs.
02:23- Just in life, though.
02:25- [Stevie] It's like a fortune cookie meets
02:27like that, you know, the little sticky notes
02:29that you tape to your mirror in the morning
02:30to make yourself feel good.
02:32- Yeah, this is the first one I'm gonna keep with me.
02:35- Keep with me.
02:36- Okay, if you're palates need a refresh
02:37at any point, we have some caffeine chamomile tea
02:41in our Fabulous Floras Lava travel mugs
02:43from and we're kicking things off
02:46with the fruity category. - Hey.
02:50- [Stevie] Starting with cherry blade lemonade.
02:54- Oh, sharp. - Cherry blade.
03:00- A little fakey.
03:02I think that's gonna be the case for a lot of these, 49.
03:04- Are you tasting the blade?
03:08Yeah, don't love it.
03:09I'm down here with 30.
03:11- [Stevie] Wyldin Watermelon.
03:12- Okay, all right. - Okay, watermelon.
03:17- They're all clear.
03:18Oh, I kinda, I kinda like that.
03:20- Yeah, I'm looking over there.
03:22Every single one- - Except one.
03:24- Is totally clear.
03:25- There's a brown one.
03:27- So, they don't, and they don't add
03:28any coloring, coloration.
03:30- That's not bad, 68, better than the last one.
03:33- You know, it hasn't moved me off 30.
03:35- Okay, you're stuck on 30.
03:38- [Stevie] Bangster Berry.
03:40- What berry is it?
03:45- Wow, that's tart, it's boysenberry.
03:49- It's got that-
03:50- It's gets in the Red Bull territory.
03:52- Like a chemist came up with an idea
03:54of what a berry should be. - 50.
03:56- I'm lower than you, 45.
03:59- You can do that.
04:00- It just makes me feel weird.
04:02- [Stevie] Blue Razz.
04:04- Berry?
04:05- Mm-mm, nope, don't you say it.
04:07(crew laughs)
04:1255, I'm creeping up.
04:16- 60.
04:17- [Stevie] Citrus Twist.
04:19- Okay, now let's get into some citrus.
04:22- Their names are cool, you know, blades and twists.
04:29- The first part was pretty nice.
04:30- That refreshing citrus. - It was a 68.
04:32- I can't get off 55.
04:35- [Stevie] Delish Strawberry Kiss.
04:38- That's almost too many words to describe it.
04:44- Oh.
04:45- It's creamy in a weird way.
04:48- I don't like that.
04:49- Is that what the kiss is?
04:51- 38. - Kiss makes it creamy?
04:54- I'm still at 50. I'm right here.
04:57- So, it's interesting-
04:57- I'm right here in the middle.
04:58- You never talked about your scores
05:00in this way that you get moved to a place
05:02and then you stay there based
05:04on the next subsequent drink.
05:05I don't really know how to think about that.
05:06- Me neither. I've never though about it.
05:08- As a viewer, hey, listen-
05:10- And I'm gonna go backwards.
05:11- For you-
05:12- It's kind of like the game of Life.
05:13- Passion is the most important thing.
05:15- It is. For you, it's not.
05:16- [Stevie] Nectarine Blueberry.
05:24- Now that's fun. - Nectarine Blueberry?
05:26- That's fun.
05:28I think I've rounded the corner to 63.
05:33- I feel like I could give all these the same score,
05:36but I'm gonna give that one a 58.
05:39- [Stevie] Peach Mango.
05:41- Okay, they do go together well.
05:46- Okay, you know what?
05:47Something about mango, something about mango keeps
05:51that weird taste from coming-
05:52- I know what it is. - In at the end.
05:53- Because mango has an aftertaste already.
05:56- Whoa.
05:57- So, you're just starting to forgive it.
05:58- 75, mango. - 74.
06:00- Whoo!
06:03- [Stevie] Raging Raspberry Hibiscus.
06:06- Hibiscus, you can't put that in a drink.
06:08- And put it with rage?
06:10You're gonna make a hibiscus rage?
06:14- It's a 50, I'm sorry, a 50.
06:16- I'm not tasting any rage.
06:17- Did you taste the hibiscus?
06:18- And I'm glad.
06:20- Would you know it if you tasted hibiscus?
06:21- No, no, which is why I like it, 62.
06:24- Would you know it if you tasted high biscuits?
06:26- Oh, yeah.
06:27(crew laughs)
06:30- [Stevie] Purple guava pear.
06:32- But it's not purple, it's clear.
06:35So, a purple guava is a thing?
06:39- Ooh, okay.
06:41As you know, I like purple.
06:44That was good, 72, I liked it.
06:49- [Stevie] Strawberry blast.
06:50- Okay.
06:57- This one taste like a soft drink.
06:59- Strawberry's hard to do
07:00and they did not do it right, 18.
07:03- No, I disagree.
07:04It tastes like it's more carbonated, 59.
07:10- So enthusiastic.
07:11- I mean, I don't any of them- - For a 59.
07:12- But I'm surprised by it.
07:13- [Stevie] And that concludes the fruity category.
07:16Let's move on to the candy and dessert vibes category.
07:20- Oh, really, candy and dessert.
07:27It's so hot.
07:28- It is hot, it's real hot.
07:31- [Stevie] And let's start with Candy Apple Crisp.
07:34- Okay.
07:40- Yeah, that's accurate.
07:42- This is a total readjustment.
07:42- Total readjustment, which actually I think
07:44that candy flavors, because they already taste
07:47like something unnatural really work well
07:49with the unnatural vibe of an energy drink.
07:53- I know, it's punching me in the face
07:55and turning me into a child. - 73, 73.
07:56- 73 for me, too. - Okay.
08:00(crew laughs)
08:01- [Stevie] Cotton candy.
08:02- Oh, you don't like cotton candy, do you?
08:05(crew laughs)
08:08Accurate, but not something I wanna drink.
08:10- Yeah, it's very accurate, 19.
08:12- 50.
08:14- [Stevie] Swirly Pop.
08:16- Okay, that's interesting.
08:17- Swirly Pop.
08:20- That sounds like a wrestling move.
08:23- There's BO in it.
08:25- Oh, now you got me tasting BO.
08:26- BO. - BO.
08:27- 10. - 20.
08:28(crew laughs)
08:29- 20.
08:31- [Stevie] Whole Lotta Chocolate.
08:34- But it's clear.
08:36- How'd y'all get chocolate in there?
08:39(crew laughs)
08:44- (coughs) Oh, God, why Bang?
08:51- It's not great, but I think it's a 57.
08:53- Four. Why do you think it's a 57.
08:56- Because a chocolate, a clear energy drink.
08:59- It tasted like Yoo-hoo with a little buzz in it.
09:02- Ugh.
09:04- [Stevie] Power Punch.
09:05- Power Punch.
09:07Sounds like a wrestling move, mm.
09:11- Boof. That's-
09:14- It kind of tastes like nothing.
09:16- It's like if Bang was just a flavor.
09:20- 49.
09:22- Yeah, 50.
09:24- [Stevie] Blue and Yellow Limoncello.
09:26- Oh.
09:29- But it's clear.
09:32- That tastes very much like limoncello LeCroix,
09:36which is not one of my favorite flavors, I'm sorry.
09:38I give it 30.
09:40- It has a little Mountain Dew to it.
09:42- Yeah, you don't like that.
09:44- Like if you forget that Mountain Dew exists,
09:46but you want Mountain Dew,
09:48then this is for you.
09:51I'll give it a 56 for that.
09:53- [Stevie] If you forget that Mountain Dew exists,
09:56but you want Mountain Dew. - You heard me.
09:57- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
09:59- [Stevie] Birthday Cake Bash.
10:00- Okay. - How?
10:02- You're gonna be drinking a drink
10:03that tastes like birthday cake?
10:05You gonna do that?
10:07(crew laughs)
10:10- I'm just gonna say
10:11if you've gotten to a place
10:13where you're drinking something
10:14that tastes like birthday cake,
10:16you should reevaluate your life choices.
10:19- I don't think you're headed down the right path.
10:21You're not headed towards the firework of life.
10:25- You're not gonna fly like an eagle.
10:26- No, I'm a give that a five.
10:29- And you can forget about winning
10:30and just focus on being (laughs) 18.
10:34- [Stevie] Black Cherry Vanilla.
10:36- Mm.
10:44- It tastes a little bit like medicine, which I like.
10:45- Mm, 30. - 61.
10:49- [Stevie] Sour Heads.
10:51- Now, I feel like this might work
10:53because the sourness.
10:56(crew laughs)
11:00- Yeah.
11:01I'm a give that a 71.
11:03I'm started to feel feelings.
11:07- I think it might be psychosomatic.
11:0972, 'cause can caffeine really be metabolized that quickly?
11:12- Mm-hmm. (crew laughs)
11:17- [Stevie] Root Beer Blaze.
11:19- I'm gonna love this.
11:24- If you like root beer or if you have amnesia-
11:29(crew laughs)
11:30And you've forgotten that root beer exists,
11:34I like root beer, so I'm giving this one a 78.
11:42- I'm gonna, I have, it sucks.
11:44It tastes like a Necco wafer.
11:46- It tastes like root beer.
11:47You don't like root beer, I get it.
11:49- I'm a give it an 11.
11:53- [Stevie] This is a good point
11:54to remind everyone watching that at
11:56the end we will know what Rhett's favorite
11:58and what Link's favorite were.
12:00- We're doing that as a service.
12:01- [Stevie] So, keep watching, please.
12:02- As a service to the people.
12:04- [Stevie] Krazy Key Lime Pie with a K.
12:07The Krazy's with a K.
12:08- Krazy. - Wow, that's cool.
12:09(crew laughs)
12:12- I like key lime pie.
12:14I don't like this.
12:15- I feel like this part of my head is separating
12:18from this part, like- - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
12:19- It's like my eyebrows are like-
12:22- I can tell.
12:22- A thought line.
12:23- I can tell by looking at you, it's like (mumbles).
12:25- 17.
12:26- It's kind of like opening up.
12:28- I once had key lime pie- - I can tolerate it.
12:29- On a stick in Key West, dipped in chocolate.
12:35(crew laughs)
12:37- 59.
12:38- I also saw a lot of old ladies' boobies hanging out
12:41because it was,
12:42it was, every year down there,
12:45they get naked and walk around.
12:52- [Stevie] Lemon drop.
12:53- Lemon drop.
12:55♪ Let me see your lemon drop ♪
12:57(crew laughs)
13:02- Hey, hey, lemon drop.
13:04- 52.
13:05- I gotta give, I gotta give that a nice 63.
13:10I didn't think it was bad.
13:12- Artie you scored it, right? - Mm-hmm.
13:13- Yeah, you did. You didn't like it.
13:16- [Stevie] Miami Cola.
13:17- Oh, here we go, here's the brown one.
13:20- The only brown one we got.
13:24- Miami Cola? - Miami Cola.
13:28- I like that name.
13:30I wanna like that 'cause it's brown.
13:31- I've been lured into a place where this tastes good to me.
13:34I'm on the final stretch of my rocket journey
13:37and I'm gonna give that a 72.
13:41- 67, I kind of like it.
13:43- [Stevie] Whole Lotta Pina Colada.
13:45- Mm.
13:47Is this gonna work?
13:51- It tastes exactly like pina colada.
13:55- And that's when I always say sunscreen.
13:58- 70. I quite like this one.
14:01- 24.
14:03- [Stevie] And that concludes
14:04the candy and dessert vibes category.
14:07- We interrupt this episode
14:09of "Good Mythical Morning,"
14:10well, I interrupt this episode,
14:11I have no clue where Rhett is right now,
14:13but I'm gonna find him and heads up,
14:15we're releasing a new video
14:17no the Rhett & Link channel this weekend.
14:18- You should check it out.
14:20It features Rhett and Link acting like
14:23it's the year 1984.
14:24- We want you to watch it, so subscribe.
14:27(camera clicks)
14:31You have to wait a little bit for this.
14:32- [Stevie] Finally, we have the wildcard category,
14:36a category that includes several flavors
14:38with uniquely vague names.
14:40- Oh, like we haven't already had that,
14:43beginning with Radical Skadattle.
14:48- Mm-hmm.
14:52- Own it, Bang, this is your lane right here.
14:57Dumb named sour liquids.
15:01I'm gonna have to give it a 77.
15:04- Oh, you liked it. - That was a 77.
15:07- It's like feeding something to a newborn.
15:09You know what I'm saying?
15:10Like it's not a flavor.
15:13Like it's not like this is supposed to taste like that,
15:14so I feel like it's just a baby who's drinking things.
15:17- It's wildcard, it's wildcard.
15:18It's wild for the baby, it makes the babies wild.
15:20- 66. - Babies are wild for it.
15:21- 66. - 66, he says.
15:24- [Stevie] Rainbow Unicorn.
15:26- Okay, all right.
15:27I think its time has passed.
15:32Ooh, I really do hate that. And then I like it a little bit,
15:35then I like it a lot and then I hate it again.
15:38- It's actually better than- - That means a 50.
15:39- A lot of the fruits that I just had.
15:42- Yeah, I know, it's weird, it was weird.
15:43- 63. - It was weird.
15:44- It was weird, what happened?
15:47- [Stevie] Purple Haze.
15:49- Purple Haze.
15:50This is what Jimi Hendrix drank.
15:55Not bad at all.
15:56For my purple boy over here,
15:58I'm gonna give this one a nice solid 75.
16:02- Wow. - Yeah.
16:03- You've really come alive with these-
16:05- Wildcards. - Sort of ambiguous things.
16:06- Yep.
16:07- I didn't think it was that good,
16:08but I thought it was a 61.
16:09- I don't, I like it when they're not trying
16:12to imitate anything.
16:13They're doing their own thing,
16:15they're banging away.
16:17- [Stevie] Frose Rose.
16:19Or it could also be Frose Rose.
16:20- Is it alcoholic?
16:25- Tastes like a Sweetart.
16:26It tastes like one we've already had.
16:27- That one's milder, which I like.
16:30I couldn't imagine more than three sips of this one.
16:33- 57.
16:34- So, I think I gotta go to 79.
16:38- Well, that's the highest you've given anything.
16:40- I know. - Wow.
16:41- I like it.
16:43- [Stevie] Star Blast.
16:46- Okay, I like the name. - Why?
16:50- 'Cause it feels like day one of naming energy drinks.
16:55It's in the first three things that people said.
16:57- Star Blast.
16:58- Star Blast, let's start simple.
17:00- This isn't bad, 70.
17:05- It's interesting that you're liking,
17:06'cause this tastes a lot like what we just tasted.
17:09- [Link] Mm-hmm.
17:09- Like they're not changing a whole lot
17:12and, for me, they're not,
17:14there's not doing a whole lot.
17:15I don't dislike it, so I'm in the 60s, again, 63.
17:19- Maybe I've just been lured
17:20into a spot of thinking that I could drink Bang
17:22and work for them.
17:24- [Stevie] Purple Kiddles.
17:26- Another purple? - Purple Kiddles?
17:28- [Stevie] Yeah.
17:29- Can y'all start calling me that.
17:31(crew laughs)
17:34- I gotta break to do you, don't like this purple.
17:37- [Rhett] Oh, this is bad.
17:38- This one's not good at all.
17:39This is the teens, I'm sorry, 15.
17:40- I think it, it's Skittles without the S.
17:44It tastes like a Skittle.
17:45- Yeah, they're trying to make it taste like Skittles.
17:46- Without almost telling you.
17:49I don't approve of it, 29.
17:52- [Stevie] And that concludes the wildcard round.
17:54You have now tasted every flavor of Bang energy drink
17:58and your scores will now be tabulated,
17:59so we can better determine the top four flavors.
18:03- I'm just gonna sit here and tingle.
18:04(upbeat music)
18:07Can we tell you about our grooming collection?
18:09I feel like the Bangs are banging me.
18:12We got some, all this stuff.
18:15You go to,
18:17you can get all this stuff to make your face
18:20and your hair and your hands.
18:21- Original pomade, clay pomade.
18:22- And look good.
18:23- Beard balm, a musical comb.
18:27- [Link] This is what I use on my hair if you're wondering.
18:30Every freaking morning,
18:31I sit here and I work this stuff through my hair
18:34and I'm just grateful that we've developed it
18:37because it's perfect. - Lotion.
18:40- It's great. - Candy melt.
18:43- Peanut butter peppermint.
18:44- Peculiarly perfect, let me get
18:45the lid back on this thing.
18:47- And this made out of wood.
18:48- These are high quality products
18:50and everybody, everybody will be happy
18:54to be getting these things,
18:56so, you might wanna do it as a gift.
18:59- Everybody will be happy to be getting the things.
19:01- And if you get amnesia
19:03and then you're like, you know what,
19:05I want to treat myself.
19:06- I love the way you put lotion on.
19:08- This is the way I do it.
19:09I don't like-
19:10- Like a praying mantis trying to mate. (crew laughs)
19:13- I do not put lotion on the inside of my hands.
19:16That's the last place you want lotion.
19:17- The praying mantis, the female-
19:19- This is where you want lotion.
19:20- After copulation will often consume the male.
19:24Pretty sexy.
19:25(crew laughs)
19:28- Not from my perspective.
19:29- Stevie, what are our finalists?
19:31- [Stevie] Yeah, I didn't know where
19:32the landing was, like what that CTA was,
19:34but it was about the female praying mantis,
19:37so I should've known, that's on me.
19:39According to you, the top four flavors
19:41in no particular order- - Hold on, real quick, though.
19:43- Too late. - Stevie-
19:44- It's too late, it's too late.
19:45- [Stevie] Radical Skadattle, which I think
19:48should be Radical Skadatical
19:51'cause that rhymes more, Candy Apple Crisp,
19:54Peach Mango, Sour Heads.
19:59And before you go through those,
20:01Rhett, your favorite flavor was Root Beer blaze
20:05and, Link, yours was Frose Rose.
20:07- Yeah, girl, let's get our rose.
20:10- Hey, this is why we do this.
20:13This is why we decided that whoever,
20:14our individual flavors would be highlighted
20:16because every once in a while,
20:18it might be the case, this is the first time ever
20:20I think that neither one of our favorites makes
20:21it to the top four.
20:22- All right, let's start tasting these.
20:24- Let's start tasting these.
20:26Here's some of this.
20:28Here's some of that.
20:31I'm definitely, I'm definitely a little wired.
20:35- Yeah, it's starting to accumulate for me, as well.
20:39- Starting to tingle.
20:44I do like the fact that they're all mixed up.
20:45- Now, listen, we might get these mixed up.
20:46We might get these mixed up,
20:47so you gotta be careful.
20:48- So, let's just stay together.
20:50(Link slurps)
20:57That one's better.
20:58- Better 'cause it's got some flavor
20:59that kind of like hits you a little bit, you know.
21:03- Hmm, not as good as that one to me.
21:05- But better than the first one.
21:06- And I think we need another- - What?
21:08- Here, just sip out of that.
21:10- No, no, no.
21:13Just catch one, okay.
21:15Hold on, you broke it, you broke it, it'll leak.
21:18You broke that one, tool, it'll leak.
21:20(crew laughs)
21:22There you go, nice and soft.
21:24- Okay, there you go.
21:24- Nice and soft, okay. - Nice and soft.
21:28- Sweet and smooth.
21:31- Tastes like cotton.
21:34- It does taste like linen scent.
21:35- It tastes like cotton. - I don't know what happened.
21:37- Hold on, it tastes like detergent.
21:38- Yes, this one's gone. I don't know what we were thinking.
21:42- Throw it out.
21:43- Sour Heads tastes like linen air freshener.
21:46- To me, there's a very clear winner
21:47and there's a very clear last place of these three.
21:53(Link slurps)
21:58Boy, I'd hate to go to Santa Barbara with you.
22:00- Okay. Yep, yep, yep.
22:02- So this. - Get it?
22:04- Is it that? - Yeah.
22:06- This?
22:07Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased
22:10to crown the bangingest of bangs.
22:13- The ultimate banger.
22:15(crackers pop)
22:17- Candy Apple Crisp. - Candy Apple Crisp.
22:19- Candy Apple Crisp.
22:21It's so nice to you.
22:24(crew laughs)
22:26- It is, it's the best Bang drink
22:27because it's got something that makes you forget
22:30for a moment that you're drinking an energy drink.
22:34- Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell.
22:35- You know what time it is. (cracker pops)
22:39- I'm Sam from Iowa.
22:40- And I'm Sam from Missouri
22:41and we're doing an energy drink taste test.
22:44- [Together] It's time to spin
22:45the Wheel of Mythicality.
22:47- Where Iowa and Missouri meet.
22:49- So they taste energy drinks.
22:51- Yeah.
22:52- Click the top link to watch us discover
22:54the craziest Red Bull publicity stunts
22:56in "Good Mythical More." - And to find out where
22:58the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land.
23:00Unleash your legendary style
23:02with our line of mythical grooming
23:03and personal care products,
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 31 flavors of Bang Energy Drink taste-tested by Rhett and Link?

The 31 flavors of Bang Energy Drink taste-tested by Rhett and Link range from fruity to candy and dessert vibes to wildcards. None of their personal favorites make it to the top four.

2. How do Rhett and Link rate the flavors of Bang Energy Drink?

Rhett and Link rate the flavors of Bang Energy Drink based on their gut reactions. They give scores to each flavor and none of their personal favorites make it to the top four.

3. Which flavors of Bang Energy Drink are considered as wildcards by Rhett and Link?

Rhett and Link consider flavors of Bang Energy Drink such as wildcards, which include unique and surprising flavors that don't fit into traditional categories. They evaluate and rate these flavors based on their gut reactions.

4. What were the top four flavors of Bang Energy Drink according to Rhett and Link's taste test?

According to Rhett and Link's taste test, the top four flavors of Bang Energy Drink were determined based on their gut reactions and none of their personal favorites made it to the top four. The exact flavors are revealed during the taste test video.

5. What is the overall review of Rhett and Link's taste test for all 31 flavors of Bang Energy Drink?

The overall review of Rhett and Link's taste test for all 31 flavors of Bang Energy Drink includes their gut reactions and scoring of each flavor. They try flavors ranging from fruity to candy and dessert vibes to wildcards, and provide an entertaining review in their signature style.

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