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The video provides a tutorial on how hackers acquire bank logs and credit card information through methods like email and SMS spamming, using tools such as scam pages, cPanel, and letters. It also demonstrates the hosting process of scam pages and the use of mailers for sending spam content to victims. This content is strictly for educational purposes.
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Hackers acquire bank and credit card information through methods such as email and SMS spamming, using tools like scam pages and cPanel.
Hackers use spamming methods like email and SMS spamming to acquire account information.
Tools like scam pages and cPanel are used in the process.
Scam pages are designed to send login input to desired locations.
cPanel is a web hosting control panel used to upload scam pages.
This section of the video explains how to obtain scam pages and cPanel for hosting web pages.
Scam pages like Cash App and Huntington are used for this purpose.
CPanel is needed to host the scam pages.
The video suggests using a website called to purchase cPanel at cheap prices.
It is important to choose a cPanel with an HTTPS SSL certificate installed.
This section explains how to upload and extract a scan page for spamming purposes.
Click on "File Manager" and wait for it to load.
Upload the scan page file and extract it.
Delete the zip file after extraction.
Access the scan page through the provided link.
Make necessary tweaks to the scan page settings.
This section explains how to edit a letter for sending spam content to victims.
You need to find the link in the letter and replace it with your scan page link.
Use a notepad or notepad plus to edit the letter.
Make sure not to remove the quotation marks in the link.
Save the edited letter and close out of it.
This section explains how to set up a mailer and import email addresses for spamming.
The video suggests finding a mailer and importing victim's email addresses.
It mentions the importance of using a name and subject that makes victims believe it is from the original campaign.
It shows how to input the letter into the mailer and provides a tip on fixing an issue with the setup.
This section explains how to send spam emails and collect information from victims, as well as how to perform SMS bombing using a gateway.
Remove unnecessary parts and keep only the required information.
Send the email to the victim, hoping they click on the link and enter their information.
Set up the email address to receive the information entered by the victim.
To perform SMS bombing, use a gateway connected to a device with a SIM card.
Enter the leads and content to be sent through the gateway.
00:01how bank logs and credit cards
00:03information are acquired by hackers
00:07hello guys welcome back on to smart lazy
00:09hustler and today we will take a deep
00:11look into how hackers also known as
00:13spammers acquired bank and credit card
00:16information so without any further ado
00:19let's get straight into the video but
00:21before don't forget to hit the
00:23subscription button the likes and the
00:25notification bell to get notified every
00:27time we post interesting videos like
00:29this and let's just jump right into it
00:32just to let you know that this video was
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00:52right so all you have to do is just
00:54click on your just compute click on
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01:14you'll get one of the highest rates so
01:16let's get started hackers use a method
01:18known as spamming to get the account
01:20information they need and the most used
01:23ones are email and sms spamming these
01:26are similar methods but one requires
01:28sending spam letters to email addresses
01:31and the order requires sending spam
01:33contents to phone numbers using sms
01:38there are some tools needed to be able
01:40to spam and they are number one scam
01:47scam pages sufficient pages that looked
01:49exact as the original webpage of a
01:51company such as paypal they are designed
01:55to send any login input such as username
01:57and password to their desired location
02:00such as webmails or local mail providers
02:02like gmail and yahoomail
02:05number two see panels
02:08cpanel is a web hosting control panel
02:11software designed to simplify the
02:13process of hosting a website this is
02:16where spammers upload their scan pages
02:18to be live on the internet number three
02:22letters in spamming is simply the
02:24content sent to email addresses or phone
02:28they contain fake notifications that get
02:31victims to hop onto their website and
02:33input their login information
02:36and number four mailer or sms sender
02:40these are medium troop which spammers
02:42send out letters or content to email
02:45addresses or phone numbers
02:47email spammers use blackmail senders
02:49with smtps to send out letters
02:52and sms partnerships either api or
02:55banner gateways to send content back
02:58phone numbers so having gone through all
03:00that we are gonna jump onto our computer
03:03screen and see how all these are
03:05combined in spamming
03:08yes so guys welcome back onto the
03:11computer screen
03:13and uh we're just gonna get straight
03:15into things so the first thing we need
03:16is scam pages so we went ahead and got a
03:20few scan pages actually two
03:23right here we have cash up and
03:26huntington so we for the sake of this
03:28video we're gonna be using
03:30cash out so the next thing we need is
03:33cpanel to host our cashier page on so
03:36i'm going to go ahead and teach you what
03:38you can get
03:39cpanel for cheap prices
03:42so yes go on to your web browser and
03:45search for
03:47alex dot co just like this
03:50all the links will be in the description
03:52so just go ahead and enter you need to
03:55create an account so i've already
03:57created an account go ahead and create
03:59an account yourself
04:02and find your account with bitcoin once
04:04you're done with that we have
04:07so many
04:08things actually here you can buy you can
04:10buy leads email leads
04:12for spammy you can buy php meters or
04:15smtps for sendouts and you can buy rbps
04:20vps cpanels and shelves
04:23cpanels and shelves are used for hosting
04:26web pages but we're gonna just go for
04:31and once that is done
04:34we're gonna get back yeah so guys
04:37this is the page you're looking for so
04:39just go ahead and look for the united
04:41states cpanel that has https
04:45ssl certificate installed
04:48so you can get it for 7.4 dollars you
04:51can get for five dollars you can go
04:54as low as three dollars but just make
04:56sure you have an https ssl certificate
04:59installed so you gotta go ahead and
05:02check if it's still up
05:06and um
05:07it's bad so we're just gonna go ahead
05:09and look for another one just go to
05:15and it's working so just go ahead and
05:17buy it and they'll provide you with all
05:19the efforts you need so once you buy
05:22we just go
05:23ahead and go on to the
05:26homepage of the cpanel so let's just go
05:29and jump right into it
05:31so this is the home page of the cpanel i
05:33got so depending on your provider is
05:36gonna be a little different from my own
05:38but you're gonna get all these things
05:40right here that you need so
05:43the next thing we gotta do is host our
05:45scan page so just go ahead and click on
05:48file manager
05:50wait for it to load
05:54and um just click on
05:56h cmr this one public html sorry
06:01and um now just hit upload right here
06:07now just drop the files here or you can
06:10click to
06:12so you're just gonna go
06:15select the cache upstand page and drop
06:17it on here it's gonna load and it says
06:20complete just hit this link to go back
06:24and now we get our scan page uploaded
06:26but we need to actually extract it so
06:29just go ahead left click and right click
06:32select extract
06:35and hit on extract files
06:38now it is done just close this
06:40and go ahead and delete
06:43this zip file right here
06:46skip this
06:48and yeah so guys just like that we got
06:50our scan page uploaded so let's go back
06:53to our home page
06:54and click on the primary domain
07:00so you're gonna see this
07:03deceptive site ahead notification thing
07:06here just because our cpanel doesn't
07:08have an https that is why i should go
07:12ahead and get one so this is actually
07:14not anything just go ahead and click
07:16details and
07:18visit this on safe site
07:21so now click on this cache app
07:24link here and it will direct you to your
07:26cache app just go ahead and click this
07:33and then just like this we got a catch
07:35up scan page uploaded so you can see it
07:38looks almost the same as the cache of
07:41original scan original page sorry so yes
07:45just like that our scan page is uploaded
07:49we gotta do a few tweakings for this
07:51thing so just go back
07:54just go back to
07:56the home page go to
07:59file manager
08:00and go to open the cache up folder
08:03first of all go to public html
08:07go to
08:08cache up
08:11and um depending on the settings of the
08:14scan page
08:16you need to
08:17change where you need the result
08:20sent to so i'm just going to go here
08:30and so just like this
08:32you need to put in where you need your
08:35result sent to so i'm just going to say
08:50just like this so just say go ahead and
08:53save it so you need to actually find
08:56or else you're not gonna get results
08:59it's gonna send it somewhere else so
09:01just close this
09:02and just like that we are done hosting
09:05and everything
09:06so what we're gonna do next is um
09:10we need letter
09:12so now we're jumping onto
09:15sending out spam content to victims yeah
09:19so you need letters so we go went ahead
09:23and got
09:25a catch-up letter here let's just click
09:27in and you see what on top
09:31this is basically a letter that looks
09:36something like this so depending on the
09:39pages spamming you need each letter
09:42so you can still go ahead and hit us up
09:44we'll find your letter for instance page
09:46so yeah this is how it looks we're gonna
09:49go ahead and edit this
09:52so how to edit this
09:54you need
09:57you need
09:58a notepad glass blocks or just a notepad
10:02so i'm going to go ahead and edit this
10:04with notepad
10:07and be sure to take note of this just go
10:10ahead and click
10:11and press
10:14console this and go ahead and
10:16console this and go ahead and press ctrl
10:22just like that
10:23cancel and search for hr ef
10:28click it
10:30let me move this out of the way
10:32click it again click it again
10:35click it again
10:36and yeah
10:37so here
10:38you're gonna find this link so you get
10:42copy this thing and replace it with your
10:44scan page link just like this
10:47this is our scan page link so just copy
10:53and go to notepad plus and
10:56make sure
10:57you don't
10:58cancel or remove these
11:01quotation marks right here just
11:04copy this
11:08and paste it in just like that don't do
11:11anything else and just go to control
11:14file and just go to save
11:17yeah so
11:19just close out of this
11:21and basically we're done
11:23so right now what we need to do is we
11:25need a mailer so just go ahead
11:30and look for mela you can still hit us
11:32up we'll find your mailer so right now i
11:35got a mailer right here
11:37so yeah this is my mailer and
11:41first of all what we need is um
11:44a recipient
11:46to what we need
11:48okay so this is where
11:51this is where he placed in victims email
11:54addresses so i'm going to go ahead and
11:58import few
12:00email addresses let's just go with my
12:06call just like that and name you notes
12:10you gotta put in something that
12:14will make victims believe is from the
12:18campaign so just go ahead and i'm just
12:21gonna name this
12:24cache app
12:27and then from
12:29i'm just gonna use these
12:31so once you buy
12:33your php mail they're gonna provide you
12:37from email address so i'm just gonna go
12:39and copy this
12:43paste it in here
12:44just leave this blank and just go to
12:50just just name it like this or else
12:52depending on your subject
12:54you can get it into spam box we don't
12:56need that so just name it our account
12:59just like that and um
13:01we are going to go ahead and
13:03input our
13:05letter right in here so
13:07what i'm gonna do is
13:09open this again
13:12right click and go to view source page
13:17and now i'm just gonna ctrl a highlight
13:20everything and control c to copy
13:23and we're going back here actually it is
13:28oh sorry
13:31yeah so it is actually here you're gonna
13:35paste it in just like this
13:38and uh
13:39first of all you're gonna get some
13:41arrows so
13:42we're gonna do is just
13:46copy this whole thing right here and
13:49place the end
13:55so yeah this is
13:57something you need to fix and make sure
14:00it is up and running before actually
14:02testing so
14:03i'm gonna play around today
14:10still it is actually not working
14:16okay so guys i finally got it working
14:19just go ahead and
14:21um sorry
14:22go ahead and
14:28oh sorry my bad
14:35not all this
14:37you're just gonna
14:38want this
14:48just like this we are done so
14:51just make sure you got everything set up
14:53and just hit send
14:56now just like that everything is done
15:01depending on where you sent it you can
15:03it is gonna send this this to
15:09the email address so once the victim
15:11gets it hopefully they click on the link
15:14and it gets them to
15:17your scan page now they're gonna hit in
15:20info just like this
15:28so once they hit just like that
15:31it is going to send you the information
15:33they actually inputted on your
15:37on your page so yeah just go ahead and
15:39make sure where you
15:41actually placed your
15:44your email in the file manager here
15:53so it is gonna send the
15:56results to this email address so just
16:00make sure you don't make any mistakes
16:02here so just like that we are done with
16:06emo spam so now to sms bombing you're
16:10actually gonna need a gateway so i'm
16:13gonna go ahead and
16:16show you
16:22so yes so
16:24spammers use gateways like this actually
16:27you need a device connected with a sim
16:30card in it so they're just gonna go to
16:34sender right here
16:36and uh
16:37they're gonna drop in their leads that
16:40they actually want to use and they're
16:42just gonna use
16:43put in the
16:45content they wanna send and just like
16:48that they hit enter and they are done
16:52and that is it for today's video if you
16:53find this content very interesting just
16:55make sure to hit the subscription button
16:57and note this content is only for
17:00educational purposes only and until then
17:03see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do hackers acquire bank logs and credit card information?

Hackers use methods like email and SMS spamming to acquire bank logs and credit card information. They create scam pages and use tools like cPanel and letters to gather sensitive data.

2. What are the tools used by hackers to acquire bank logs and credit card information?

Hackers use tools such as scam pages, cPanel, and letters to acquire bank logs and credit card information. These tools enable them to carry out spamming and phishing activities effectively.

3. How do hackers host scam pages for acquiring sensitive information?

Hackers host scam pages by utilizing various hosting services and platforms. They employ methods to make the scam pages appear legitimate and then use them to acquire sensitive information from unsuspecting victims.

4. What is the use of mailers in sending spam content to victims?

Mailers are used by hackers to send spam content to victims as part of their illegal activities. They use mailers to distribute phishing emails and spam messages to a wide audience in order to acquire sensitive information.

5. Is the content of the video suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, the content of the video is strictly for educational purposes. It provides a tutorial on the methods used by hackers to acquire bank logs and credit card information, aiming to raise awareness and prevent potential victims from falling into cyber scams.

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