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The video provides a tutorial on making $100 a day trading cryptocurrency as a beginner, focusing on using platforms like Binance, Buybit, and Femex. It discusses techniques for identifying and charting potential trades using Coin Market Cap and Trading View, emphasizing the importance of indicators like Bollinger Bands and RSI. The strategy involves finding oversold conditions and targeting small profits within a day.
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When trading cryptocurrency, it is important to check the volume of the coin you want to trade, as higher volume makes it easier to enter and exit trades.
Look for coins with at least 30 to 50 million in volume.
Lower volume coins may be more difficult to trade and exit.
Use websites like Coin Market Cap and to analyze charts and identify potential trading opportunities.
The speaker explains how to find a potential trading opportunity on Binance using the example of Kusama (KSM).
The speaker suggests going to CoinMarketCap and sorting by 7 days to find the cryptocurrency with potential.
They mention that Kusama (KSM) has the highest volume on Binance in a USDT pairing.
The speaker instructs viewers to go to Binance, create an account, and click on the advanced option.
They explain how to find the identifier for Kusama (KSM) and search for the KSM/USDT pairing.
The speaker mentions that Kusama (KSM) appears bearish but suggests looking at the charts on TradingView for potential buying opportunities.
This section explains how to use Bollinger Bands and RSI to identify trading opportunities.
Bollinger Bands are a moving average where the price trades between them.
The yellow line in the middle represents the medium.
RSI (Relative Strength Index) is used to determine oversold conditions when it is below 30.
A trading opportunity arises when the price candlesticks touch the lower level of the Bollinger Band and RSI is below 30.
The video explains a method to make $100 a day trading cryptocurrency as a beginner.
You can sell when you touch the median or wait until the upper level of the Bollinger Band.
Taking 50-100% profit when you hit the median is a good strategy.
Touching the lower level of the Bollinger Band and 30 RSI can be a great entry point.
It is possible to make profits in short-term trades using this method.
00:00what's up guys and welcome back to
00:01another video so in this video i'm
00:03actually going to be talking about how
00:04to make 100 per day trading either
00:07bitcoin or all coins the previous video
00:09that i made on this topic actually got
00:11over 1.1 million views so i thought it's
00:14been a few years it's time to refresh
00:16and update that video with some new
00:17practices and also some better
00:19techniques there are so many more
00:20altcoins out there right now in the
00:22market and i think there is much better
00:24ways we can actually be going out there
00:25and making profit from trading them so
00:28in today's video i'm going to be going
00:29through some techniques on how you can
00:31find these coins to trade um on coin
00:33market cap and other websites how you
00:35can in fact trade them um using
00:37platforms like binance buybit femex and
00:39also how you can chart them as well on
00:41trading view i'm going to be telling you
00:43all that information completely for free
00:45all i ask for you in today's video is
00:46simply drop a like and that would be
00:48absolutely amazing so guys without any
00:50further ado let's jump into the chart so
00:52let's jump into the computer and get on
00:54with today's video all right guys so now
00:55we are in the computer if you haven't
00:57already definitely subscribe to the
00:58channel i'm going to be posting so many
01:00more tutorials like this and also almost
01:02daily bitcoin and all coin analysis so
01:04definitely subscribe you don't want to
01:06miss out on these future videos so right
01:08now we are on a website called coin
01:09market cap if you don't know what this
01:11is this basically aggregates all the
01:12different cryptocurrencies out there and
01:14it lets you see price action movements
01:16information about them and everything
01:18like that so coin market cap is pretty
01:19much where i start my day always i log
01:22on to coin market gap in the morning and
01:23check the prices check my portfolio as
01:25well you can track your portfolio on
01:27here and overall just have a look at the
01:29general health of the market one of the
01:31great things about coin market cap
01:32though is you can search by 24 hours or
01:35you can filter
01:36and sort by 24 hours and seven days for
01:39example here we can see uh ceelo has
01:41gained 24 percent that's the highest
01:43gainer today in the last 24 hours and we
01:45can also check on seven days as well and
01:48the highest gain in here again is celo
01:49we have die and quant as well um yeah
01:52basically that's what we can do there
01:54also we can select uh the the losers
01:56here for down 41 percent down 35 percent
01:59on seven days and on 24 hours down 7
02:02down 6.5 as well this is where it starts
02:05to get very interesting and this is
02:06usually how i go about finding the coins
02:09which i want to trade one of the things
02:11if we can select a coin on the seven day
02:13chart which is actually down by quite a
02:15lot this could potentially reveal a
02:17buying opportunity right here we can see
02:19uh kusama amp internet computer near
02:22portugal phantom um ravine horizon neo
02:26polkadot as well and some of these coins
02:28are even really good like polka dots
02:29ranked number nine we have neo uh we
02:31have amp here we have kosama all these
02:33coins are great coins to ontology nexo
02:36ave thought chain all these coins are
02:37great great coins it's not like we're
02:39trying to trade [ __ ] coins or anything
02:41like that these are all uh coins with a
02:43huge market cap which you can see right
02:46also we want to check out the volume as
02:48well volume i like to have a decent
02:50amount of volume at least around 50
02:52million or 30 to 50 million at least
02:55here we can see we have 180 million 45
02:57million um right here 165 million all of
03:00these have plenty
03:02plenty plenty of volume here we have
03:04around um just below four million which
03:07definitely is on the lower side of
03:08things probably i wouldn't want to go
03:10ahead and trade something like that
03:11depends really on how much you're
03:12trading with you can get in and out on
03:14trades but if the volume is lower it's
03:16going to be more difficult if you make a
03:17lot of profit to in fact get out of that
03:19trade so that's the first thing you want
03:20to do you want to go to corn market cap
03:22and identify the um old coin which you
03:24want to trade
03:26also there's another website which makes
03:27it a little bit more fun it's called and you can go over
03:32here and select for example the hour you
03:34can select the day
03:36and right here it makes it a little bit
03:37more full fun for example if we click on
03:40link right here we can see the chart
03:42overall here trending downwards
03:44we can see the volume the rank and
03:46everything like that so it's a really
03:48interesting chart to see here on the day
03:50also the week we can see as well for
03:51example if things are down in the week
03:53now in the markets as i'm filming this
03:55we've had a fairly rough week we can see
03:57many things down 20 and more percent for
04:00example um theta down 25 percent linked
04:03down 15
04:04a ksm down 42 so we can see a lot of
04:06opportunities here in the market if we
04:08go on the month we had a few different
04:10green ones but nothing really too crazy
04:12and on the year most likely we're going
04:14to be all green yeah we can see we've
04:15had a huge year look at doge here right
04:18here uh 10.5 000
04:20up which is absolutely crazy
04:23so then what we want to do is go ahead
04:26and find ourselves a coin to trade one
04:28thing i did want to point out though
04:29guys before we get any further in
04:30today's video if you want more knowledge
04:33about how to trade if you want more
04:34advice more strategies more techniques
04:36if you want the support that you need to
04:38in fact go ahead and make profitable
04:40trades link down below i have my bitcoin
04:42blueprint and this is pretty much your a
04:44to z guide on how to make money with
04:46cryptocurrency how to trade for long
04:48term and a day trade swing trade how to
04:50invest for the long term as well in
04:52cryptocurrency in here we've had already
04:54thousands of students and successful
04:56students as well and i would really um
04:58welcome you to go ahead and check out
04:59the link down below in today's video and
05:01you can even book a free strategy and
05:03assessment call with ben our student
05:05success manager or marty as well um and
05:07you can go ahead and talk about the
05:08blueprint for 20 minutes on a completely
05:11free call all that will be linked down
05:12below also guys all the exchanges
05:14featured in today's video we have
05:16binance we have femex as well where i
05:18have a trade open in around 66 000 us
05:21dollars in profit and we have buy bit as
05:23well all of these different platforms
05:25have bonuses for example buy bit right
05:27now around 1 600 femax is around 200
05:31bonus uh binance as well that will be
05:33updated and linked down below all these
05:35exchanges have bonuses and in order to
05:37get those bonuses all you have to do is
05:39join using my link down there i get a
05:41bonus you get a bonus everyone's happy
05:43and hopefully we can make some
05:44profitable trades so for example what
05:47you want to do is go over to call my
05:48call market cap here and sort by seven
05:50days right here we have kosama right
05:53here and if you want to click on that
05:55like that
05:56you want to see which exchange it's
05:58hosted on for example go down here and
06:00click market and then when that loads
06:02you can see okay the most the highest
06:04volume here is on binance and it's in a
06:06usdt pairing so then what you would want
06:08to do is you want to simply um go over
06:11to binance you'd want to go over and
06:13make yourself an account if you haven't
06:14already with the link down below click
06:16advanced like so
06:18this will bring up the um the exchange
06:21if you haven't already watched my
06:22tutorial on binance femix or by bit all
06:25those will be linked down below as well
06:27and available on my channel completely
06:30we then click up here and we want to
06:32find the identifier for
06:35kusama which is ksm so then we simply
06:38type in up here
06:41then ksm usdt that's the pairing we want
06:44and we can see here it's had a fairly we
06:46see lower highs right here we see lower
06:49lows as well so it's looking fairly
06:51bearish however when we pull up the
06:53charts in just a minute we could see or
06:55we might be able to see if there is an
06:57actual buying opportunity here so next
06:59we want to go over to trading view right
07:01now i've got the bitcoin price open as
07:03i'm filming this the price is 33 000
07:06however we want we want to focus on the
07:08asset of choice right here which is ksm
07:11what you want to do is if you haven't
07:12already got yourself a trading view
07:13account as well you can go ahead and get
07:16i believe i do have a link down below as
07:18well if you want to help out the channel
07:20but you can use it for free or if you
07:22wanted to use more indicators then you
07:23can go ahead and get yourself a pro
07:25account then we type in here ksmusdt
07:29like so
07:30ksmustt and it's on the binance exchange
07:33let's click that and take a look at the
07:34chart then the first thing that we're
07:36going to do once we open this chart is
07:38go to the four hour chart
07:40as that gives us a lot of information on
07:42our easy to manage time frame now this
07:45is where the interesting part comes in
07:46if you want to make a hundred dollars
07:48per day you have to be in and out of a
07:50trade within the time frame of one day
07:53of course it's a hundred dollars per day
07:55so the best way to do that i find is by
07:57using two different indicators the first
07:59one is the bollinger bands click on
08:01indicators and just simply type in bb
08:03click bulger bands like so and then
08:06close it this will bring up the bulger
08:07bands now maybe it's a little bit hard
08:09for you to see on the screen right now
08:11and so maybe i can edit this to make it
08:13a little bit more um
08:16easy to see like so
08:18like so i'll just make this the lines a
08:20little bit thicker so it's easier to see
08:22maybe i make them a little bit brighter
08:24as well so it's uh easier to in fact see
08:27if you're watching at home so first of
08:29all we have the bollinger bands that has
08:31now been brought up on screen and
08:32basically what these do it's a moving
08:34average and the price trades between
08:36them and this yellow line in the middle
08:38here is a medium and usually what people
08:40say is the price bounces from the lower
08:42to the higher and vice versa from the
08:43higher to the lower band and this is
08:45where a great trading opportunity can
08:48prevail itself however we don't want to
08:50use just one indicator we want to also
08:52bring up the rsi
08:54again click on indicators type in rsi
08:57relative strength index and that will
08:59bring this up usually the values on this
09:01um are between around 70 up here and 30
09:04down here this is what they are preset
09:06to i'm going to change the rsi colors
09:09just so you can see them a lot easier at
09:11like so
09:13okay now basically the the way that we
09:16can go ahead and trade something like
09:18this or look for potential trade
09:19opportunities is when the rsi is in fact
09:22below 30 so we are oversold which is
09:25down here below this white dotted line
09:27here and when the bullet the price the
09:30price candlesticks are touching the
09:31lower level of the bollinger band let's
09:33see for example um examples in the past
09:36we have right here first of all a the
09:39price is touching the lower level of the
09:40bollinger band b the rsi is outside of
09:44this lower level 30 so it's oversold
09:46this would indicate a great time to buy
09:48and we can see from looking back in
09:50history if we would have bought on this
09:52maybe we couldn't get an exact entry
09:54point down there
09:55and we were sold when we hit the top
09:57bulger band we would have a profit of
09:59around 72 percent in just one day four
10:02hours now yes this is a completely um
10:05extraordinary example it's not going to
10:06happen like this usually you'd be
10:08looking for around two to five percent
10:10profit um maybe a little bit more if you
10:12wanted to be a bit more greedy per day
10:14to make of course not every day you're
10:16going to make this some days you may
10:17make 20 some days you may lose three or
10:19four percent but overall on an average
10:21that can turn out to 100 per day if you
10:24are trading with enough capital
10:26again let's look again right here we
10:28touch the lower level of the bollinger
10:29band however
10:31we weren't here on the rsi so i wouldn't
10:33have entered that point of course you
10:34could have entered and made a profit
10:36selling on the upper level of the
10:37bollinger band so we could have entered
10:39right here sold right here however
10:42that's only using one indicator of
10:43course you can still do it it's still
10:45profitable however using two indicators
10:47is a lot safer
10:49let's take a look at another example
10:51we can see right here this is a good
10:54right here on the four hourly chart we
10:56touched the lower level of the bulger
10:57band right here
10:59and we and also we were outside so we
11:02can see right there and also right there
11:04this is an example a more realistic
11:07example and we can see we came up here
11:09and we touched the median also you can
11:11sell when you touch the median as well
11:13you don't have to wait until the upper
11:15level of the bollinger band because when
11:16they are stretched spread quite far
11:18apart like so it's going to be a little
11:20bit more difficult for them to actually
11:22go ahead and do that so you can either
11:24take 50 100 profit when you hit the
11:26median or you can take 50 and wait until
11:28we get to the other side
11:30in this example we would have seen
11:32around about a 15 profit which is
11:35definitely something really really nice
11:37just in the space of around
11:39eight hours so it's definitely within a
11:41day time frame so now let's talk and
11:43take a look at an example um in the
11:45current live market price right here we
11:47can see we touch the the lower level of
11:50the bollinger band and again right here
11:52we in fact touch the 30 rsi which will
11:54signal it's a great time to go ahead and
11:56enter if we would have entered um we
11:59would currently be up around eight
12:00percent in the space of around 16 hours
12:03so this is just another way which we can
12:05actually go ahead and make some nice
12:06profits while day trading if you wanted
12:09to take a look more on the swing trading
12:11side of things which means a trade um
12:14kind of in a longer term you can also do
12:17this on a longer term profile as well
12:19for example touching the lower level of
12:20the bollinger band here um and almost
12:23out or out which we can say right here
12:25however this um coin on the on the
12:28longer scale is going completely crazy
12:30since it's had such a large pump up
12:32recently uh it is dumping quite a bit so
12:35i'd recommend doing it on something a
12:36little more stable but definitely for
12:38short-term trades it's definitely
12:40interesting so um yeah that's basically
12:42that on the daily chart however back to
12:44the four-hourly chart the ways we can go
12:46ahead and make these 100 is simply by
12:49finding these different coins on coin
12:50market cap going ahead and executing
12:52small trades um aiming to be in and out
12:55within within the day this is definitely
12:57a viable method which we can go ahead
12:59and do all right guys thanks for
13:00watching today's video i really do
13:01appreciate it if you did get some value
13:03from it definitely drop a like on
13:04today's video and also don't forget to
13:06check out the bitcoin blueprint which is
13:08linked down below there it is a guide on
13:10how you can make money and grow your
13:12wealth with cryptocurrency also don't
13:14forget to check out the exchanges i've
13:15got femax here which currently i'm up 66
13:17000 us dollars in my trade and also buy
13:20bit as well where you can get over 1 600
13:22in bonuses thanks for watching today's
13:24video guys and i'll catch you in the
13:25next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can beginners make $100 a day trading cryptocurrency?

Beginners can make $100 a day trading cryptocurrency by focusing on using platforms like Binance, Buybit, and Femex. They can learn techniques for identifying and charting potential trades using Coin Market Cap and Trading View, and emphasize the importance of indicators like Bollinger Bands and RSI. The strategy involves finding oversold conditions and targeting small profits within a day.

2. What are the recommended platforms for trading cryptocurrency as a beginner?

As a beginner, it is recommended to use platforms like Binance, Buybit, and Femex for trading cryptocurrency. These platforms provide user-friendly interfaces and essential tools for beginners to start trading effectively.

3. How can Coin Market Cap and Trading View be used in cryptocurrency trading?

Coin Market Cap and Trading View can be used in cryptocurrency trading to identify and chart potential trades. They provide valuable insights into market trends, price movements, and trading volume, which are essential for making informed trading decisions.

4. What are the key indicators for identifying potential trades in cryptocurrency trading?

The key indicators for identifying potential trades in cryptocurrency trading include Bollinger Bands and RSI. These indicators help traders identify oversold conditions and make informed decisions when targeting small profits within a day.

5. What is the trading strategy for making $100 a day as a beginner in cryptocurrency trading?

The trading strategy for making $100 a day as a beginner in cryptocurrency trading involves finding oversold conditions and targeting small profits within a day. Beginners should focus on using platforms like Binance, Buybit, and Femex, and utilize techniques for identifying and charting potential trades using Coin Market Cap and Trading View.

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