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This video provides five tips and tricks to improve your gameplay in FIFA 23, including L1 dribbling, L1 R1 passing, L2 shots, double triangle goalkeeping, and defending with the six. These strategies aim to help players score more goals, defend effectively, and become better overall in the game.
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The video provides tips and tricks to improve your gameplay in FIFA 23.
Tip 1: Use L1 dribbling to keep the ball close to your body, especially in tight spaces.
Tip 2: Utilize DL1 R13 (unspecified) for improved gameplay.
Tips and tricks for better gameplay in FIFA 23.
The player suggests using a specific passing technique to send the ball over defenders.
Playing direct passes without hesitation can result in more accurate passes and surprise the opponent.
Utilizing the L1X pass causes the player who made the pass to automatically run forward.
The video also mentions the L2 shot as another tip.
Tips for executing outside crack protection shots in FIFA 23.
Move the player into the middle and stand at an angle with the right foot towards the goal.
Hold down L2 and press the shot button firmly to charge over three bars for long-distance shots.
Combine dribbling with a pass to create space for the shot.
Position the player at an angle towards the long corner of the goal for successful outside crack protection shots.
The video section explains how to use the "double triangle" technique to position the goalkeeper automatically in FIFA 23.
Moving the goalkeeper manually with the left stick is a common technique.
Using the "double triangle" technique automatically positions the goalkeeper.
The technique is demonstrated in two examples, showing how the goalkeeper can make crucial saves.
Practicing this technique can result in fewer goals conceded.
The video explains the importance of using midfielders instead of central defenders for defending in FIFA 23.
It is advised to avoid using central defenders and instead defend with midfielders.
Holding down R1 allows another defender to approach the opposing striker, making it difficult for them to make a play.
The goal is to limit the options of the opposing striker and regain possession.
In counter-attack situations, it is better to stick with midfielders rather than pulling out a central defender.
00:00You've just started playing FIFA, you ca
00:01n't qualify, you ca
00:03n't get any further in Division Rebels, then
00:04this video is just right for you.
00:06Today I'm going to give you five tips to help
00:08you get better at Fifa 23. I've got
00:10three offensive tips for you
00:12you will score more goals
00:14and two defensive tips with which you
00:16will score fewer goals with this in
00:18mind friends have fun with the video
00:19we start with the L1 dribbling
00:23you may have already noticed
00:24that in FIFA 23 the players
00:26move incredibly poorly
00:28are pure dribbling It's really
00:29become incredibly difficult, but with
00:31a certain trick you can, like
00:33Stirling here, incredibly quickly
00:34inside. How can we do this by
00:38keeping L1 pressed while dribbling? By holding L1 pressed here,
00:40your player moves the ball very, very
00:42close to the body. This dribbling
00:43is suitable especially good if you
00:45are in a tight space and don't
00:46have a pass station then use the L1
00:48dribbling then goes
00:50past one defender the opponent pulls
00:51out another defender so
00:53you then have a new pass station
00:54either you match this
00:56address station or you keep going
00:57in front and in this case,
00:59for example, let's get a penalty out of the second
01:01scene. You'll see straight away that we
01:02have the ball with Stirling and we
01:04have almost no passing station where
01:06should we go here Play the pass to
01:08Bensemer probably won't work
01:09because it fits one comes out of the rotation
01:10when the passes come out of the rotation
01:12they always arrive much more
01:13inaccurately the other customer could
01:15intercept the pass all other players
01:17are covered that means we try to
01:18somehow dribble our way free with the L1 dribbling
01:21and that's what we have here In
01:22this case, we did it very, very well and
01:24were definitely able to finish
01:25and you don't actually see this tight and fast
01:28anymore in Fifa 23, but with the L1
01:31dribbling the whole thing is still
01:33possible. Tip number two dl1 R13
01:38you probably know better the situations where
01:39you send your striker with an L13
01:42and the striker is almost always
01:44caught up by the defender and then
01:46pushed away. What we do, on the one hand,
01:48is that we do L1 R13,
01:51so you hold down L10 R1 at the same time and
01:54now press the three cups completely
01:56pulls through with the left stick in that
01:58direction and the difference to a
02:00normal L13 pass is that the ball
02:02doesn't fly high like an arc lamp
02:04but rather it flies a little steeper over the
02:06central defenders above you can now see
02:07Walker's pass that was an L1 R13
02:10what and you see that he doesn't come too high
02:12but also not too low so that
02:13he still flies over the defenders,
02:14we now combine the whole thing
02:16with a direct what you see
02:18Benzema runs freely, we
02:20now play on the full-back and
02:21play the pass directly If you
02:24accept them without it, don't ask me
02:25why friends, but the passes come when
02:27you play them directly, much more precisely, and
02:30the opponent
02:31can't prepare for it at all. You
02:33see, we send them when they come with an
02:34l1x pass, so we play one l1x if
02:39you play an l1x pass then
02:40the player who played the L1 pass
02:42automatically runs forwards,
02:44you see Benzema runs forwards,
02:46what does the central defender do? you
02:48see RTC offer and now runs
02:51backwards because he knows we are playing
02:52straight away the long pass to Benzema
02:54but now if we play one more stop
02:55you think that we are going to
02:57try a different game and it
02:59definitely goes away from the central defender
03:00and then Benzema has the free
03:02run we play to the full-back
03:03and you see he becomes direct
03:05another player to Benzema can
03:07pass through freely we play the long pass and
03:09he is completely free another example
03:11you can of course modify the whole thing a
03:12little you can see we have
03:14free here now we have Benzema relatively
03:16free and you can see at the top right money is
03:18also relatively free a lot of space we play the
03:19pass now now play the direct
03:21L1 passes to Stirling that means now
03:24she runs freely forward
03:25now we have passed back to Manie
03:26the opponent can't
03:28prepare for the fact that we play a long almost
03:29and you can see now it's
03:31incredibly free again we're
03:33now playing the L1 R13 passes Benzema is
03:36completely free now he's still running
03:37freely we pass the
03:39ball to a second and can score the goal
03:41Tip number three the L2 shot
03:45I guarantee you with this tip I'm
03:49going to score a lot more goals here, I would say that I
03:51actually only score half of my goals with L2.
03:54We'll look at the scene
03:55when it's running on the outside, what
03:57options do we have now? You can
03:59see it below now it's running
04:00slowly frees up so we could
04:02cross, but in my eyes crosses are
04:04actually always a fifty-fifty thing,
04:05so we're looking for a different solution.
04:07We move Benzema into the middle and
04:09stand at about the right corner of the
04:1316, which means we stand at an
04:15angle with our right foot to the goal now
04:18we hold down L2 and at the same time press
04:20the shot button relatively firmly. You can
04:22see below we have charged over three
04:24bars because we are
04:26relatively far away from the goal and
04:28now your player will put an
04:29outside crack protection into the far corner
04:30Performance and I can
04:31Guarantee you friends, these shots are
04:33unbelievable OP when are such
04:35shots very suitable if you don't
04:37have a pass-on station and are standing at an angle to the goal,
04:40we'll look at a
04:41second game scene and you'll see right away that
04:43we're combining dribbling
04:45with Benzema and a to create a bit of space
04:47to clear the passing station
04:49now we have definitely
04:50created space and we have
04:52the ball on the outside with Benzema what do we do we
04:53play on sadio mané
04:55who is incredibly free Benzema
04:57runs freely that means the defender
04:59he has just dialed will immediately
05:01run to Benzema because he would think that
05:03we would send Benzema because
05:04of course we sent them with L1 and he is
05:06just running free instead
05:07we are simply looking for the finish because
05:09we are standing step to the goal perform the
05:11whole thing with a green time me
05:13together and the ball is already in
05:14again important rule for the
05:16external crack protection the position of your
05:18player in relation to the goal is crucial whether the
05:20ball goes in or not you can see that
05:21you are not looking straight at the goal
05:23but rather looking at a bit of an angle towards the goal
05:26towards the long corner secondly we
05:27You need a right foot from the right and
05:29a left foot from the left, that means
05:31right of the goal, so here in this
05:33area in this area you have to
05:35shoot with the right. Legal protection because if
05:37you do the outside crack protection you will
05:39basically fly into the far corner if
05:41you are standing to the left of the goal That means to the left
05:43of the penalty spot you always have to
05:44document yourself then
05:46of course you need a left footer so that the ball
05:47flies into the far corner.
05:49Always orient yourself towards the penalty spot if you
05:51stand here in the middle and
05:52make an outside crack protection which
05:54probably won't go in. You should open
05:55up In any case, it should be a little further away from the
05:57penalty point, like here, for example. No,
05:59if I've been able to help you up to this point,
06:00friends, please give me a
06:01thumbs up. If you'd like to
06:03see more videos like this, please let me
06:04know in the comments and
06:05subscribe the channel for free so you do
06:07n't miss the next videos
06:08and now we'll continue with double
06:11you're probably wondering what is meant by double
06:143 and now we'll
06:15just look at an attack from the opponent,
06:18he's through here with Harland, that's
06:20actually it The goal is already guaranteed once
06:21Holland is through, but you will
06:23see that newer holds it and he did
06:26n't just hold the ball by chance.
06:27Most of you probably know
06:29that you can move the goalkeeper
06:30to the left or to the right with the left stick
06:33simply put the left stick in and then
06:35turn it to the left or to the right, but what
06:36many people don't know is double
06:38triangle with double triangle, you save
06:40yourself the different ones with the left
06:41stick because with double three
06:43your goalkeeper positions himself automatically. Now it's
06:45really just about the positioning from
06:47new you can see Harland is through what am
06:49I doing I press double triangle and
06:51have you seen new one takes a
06:53small step in the right
06:54direction and with this small
06:56step he was able to hold the ball let's
06:57look at the whole thing again in
06:59slow motion you see Harland is through
07:01that is actually a guaranteed goal
07:03we press double triangle newer takes
07:04a few tap steps to the left to the
07:06right and can hold the ball another
07:08example you see the opponent has
07:10an incredibly good protective position here a
07:12finess protection into the far corner and the thing
07:14is in Because the new one is currently in
07:16position: it is to the left of the
07:18penalty spot, which means the right
07:20side is completely free. I know that
07:22I can no longer defend the ball,
07:23which means it just depends on the new one whether he is
07:25the hero or not, what do
07:27I do? press double triangle and
07:29now really just pay attention to the feet
07:31of new one, he will take this small tip
07:32step and this will help you hold so
07:34many more balls
07:40trying the whole thing and guarantee
07:42you will 100% get fewer
07:43goals conceded the last thing I love
07:45today is defending the six let's
07:47just look at the
07:50opponent's attack you can see he has
07:52a lot of space up front here and we
07:54had it with ours both six one
07:55he comes over and has now basically
07:58passed in our two sixties
07:59what does our opponent do he now plays
08:01the direct pass to the striker what
08:03would most people do now they
08:05would probably now
08:07select kulibali try
08:08to attack the striker but what would that be as a
08:10consequence have kolibali is
08:12pulled out his other striker is
08:14completely free he just has to
08:15play the triangle pass and is free
08:17from the goal and that's exactly what we want to
08:18avoid so we don't use
08:20our defender but stay with
08:22our sixes you are
08:23of course not allowed to give the opposing striker
08:24complete freedom That's why
08:26we hold down R1 and then this
08:28green arrow comes over another
08:30defender who is very close to the ball
08:32and he then slowly walks towards the
08:33striker, so the
08:35opposing striker is basically besieged from two sides
08:37and doesn't have many
08:39options to do anything He tries
08:41to turn and then play the pass to the
08:42other striker but Goretzka is there
08:44and can take the ball from him.
08:46So your goal should be
08:50to hardly use your central defenders at all but to
08:52defend mostly with your 6s
08:54Of course, press one to put some
08:55pressure on the opposing striker,
08:57but you should definitely
08:59always stay on the six because if
09:01you pull out the central defender then
09:02it will be disgusting. Second situation, the
09:04opponent counters directly forward, we
09:06lost the ball in the attack Let
09:08's do it, we'll stay on our 6N SV
09:11Bayern our six, but why
09:13should we choose a central defender in this situation
09:15when he does
09:17n't have any passing stations? Take a look
09:19at this, why should we now
09:20pull out a central defender to
09:23aggressively take the ball from him where can
09:25he play he can play to his
09:26full-back then the
09:28game slows down a bit again he can
09:29play to his striker but
09:31our kolibali is there and will probably
09:32drive the ball away and that's why we stay
09:34on our 6s you can see he's
09:35delayed because he sees he does
09:37n't have a response station and then
09:38our Goretzka comes behind and is
09:40now in the right position now
09:42he plays outwards but our chain
09:44is already programmed again he
09:45now plays the pass outwards we
09:47briefly select our full-back
09:48but don't attack him directly
09:50but rather try to block the passing paths
09:52Go back to Touré,
09:55have the ball out of the ball straight away again and can go straight into the
09:57counterattack and yes, my friend,
09:58those were definitely five tips
10:00that will help you get better at Fifa.
10:02Definitely try the whole thing out and write
10:04me your feedback in the comments
10:05if you want to see something like this more often, let
10:07me know in the comments
10:08and friends, thank you for
10:10watching, we'll see you in the next
10:11video or tonight in the stream,
10:13take care guys, get in and ciao
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can L1 dribbling improve my gameplay in FIFA 23?

L1 dribbling can improve your gameplay in FIFA 23 by allowing you to perform close control dribbling, enabling quick changes of direction, and tight turns to evade defenders. It helps in creating space and opportunities for goal-scoring chances.

2. What are the benefits of using L1 R1 passing in FIFA 23?

Using L1 R1 passing in FIFA 23 provides the benefit of executing a quick and driven pass, allowing for precise ball distribution and build-up play. It helps in maintaining possession and creating fast-paced attacking opportunities.

3. How can L2 shots enhance my gameplay in FIFA 23?

L2 shots enhance your gameplay in FIFA 23 by enabling you to take powerful and driven shots that have increased accuracy and curve. They are particularly effective for long-range shots and finesse finishing around the goal area.

4. What is double triangle goalkeeping in FIFA 23 and how does it improve goalkeeping skills?

Double triangle goalkeeping in FIFA 23 involves positioning the goalkeeper to cover the near post and far post by using the triangle button twice. It enhances goalkeeping skills by allowing the goalkeeper to cover a wider area and react quickly to shots from different angles.

5. How does defending with the six impact overall gameplay in FIFA 23?

Defending with the six in FIFA 23 involves utilizing a structured defensive setup to maintain defensive stability and cover key areas, preventing opponents from creating scoring opportunities. It helps in organizing the defense and reducing the chances of conceding goals.

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