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This video discusses the importance of choosing the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023, taking into account bottlenecking and budget considerations. It provides specific recommendations for different budget levels and includes insights on RAM, cooling, and motherboard choices.
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Understanding bottlenecking is crucial for finding the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023
Bottlenecking occurs when one component limits system performance
CPU is more likely to bottleneck when pushing high FPS, GPU when increasing resolution or lacking VRAM
Every system will have a bottleneck, so understanding how to balance components is key to optimizing performance
Upgrading the GPU to address performance bottlenecks is more effective than upgrading the CPU in a gaming PC build.
Upgrading the CPU may only result in a slight increase in FPS if the GPU is the bottleneck.
Spending extra money on a better GPU can lead to a significant 25% increase in FPS.
Increasing VRAM on the GPU ensures smooth performance in running latest AAA titles.
Upgrading the GPU is more beneficial than the CPU when considering bottlenecks.
Future-proofing strategy may cost FPS right now, but for professional users, understanding their suite of software programs and recommended system requirements is important to figure out the right CPU and GPU balance for their application.
Sacrificing an entire GPU tier's worth and performance for future-proofing strategy may cost FPS right now.
Understanding the suite of software programs and recommended system requirements is important for professional users to figure out the right CPU and GPU balance for their application.
For video editing in Adobe Premiere, going overkill on CPU at the expense of GPU might actually set performance back.
At the budget level, the cheapest CPU platform that won't bottleneck the GPU is recommended.
For a good CPU and GPU combo, consider getting a recent GPU with more than 8GB of VRAM, along with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600 or Intel i5 12400F CPU.
Prioritize getting a recent GPU with more than 8GB of VRAM for playing latest triple-A titles at ultra settings.
Viable GPU options include the RX 6700 (10GB), RX 6700 XT (12GB), RTX 3060 (12GB), or the Arc A770 (16GB).
Consider the AMD Ryzen 5 5600 or Intel i5 12400F CPUs for a 10-12 FPS increase over the previous tier of CPUs when paired with an RX 6700 XT.
Some cheaper B660 motherboards may not run the i5 12400F at the full rated frequency, so it's important to choose the right motherboard.
For the GPU combo, consider a minimum of an RX 6600, RTX 3050, or Arc A750 for a good performance.
Best CPU and GPU combo for 2023 with Ryzen 7600 for gaming and Ryzen 7700 for multi-threaded production work
Ryzen 7600 is the faster gaming CPU compared to i5 13600k
Ryzen 7700 is recommended for multi-threaded production work
Minimum requirement is RX 6700 XT or RTX 3060 TI for GPU
Upgrade cost over previous tier between $191 and $266 for GPU combo
DDR5 7200 CL34 RAM can provide up to 20% lift in CPU intensive titles for high-end GPUs like RTX 4090 and Ryzen 7800X 3D is about 8-10% faster than i7 13700K.
Ryzen 7800X 3D is 8-10% faster than i7 13700K, even with very fast DDR5 RAM.
DDR5 7200 CL34 RAM currently costs $170 for a 2x16GB kit.
Upgrading to Ryzen 7800X 3D costs $230 more than the previous CPU tier.
Recommended minimum GPU combos include Radeon RX 7900 XT and RTX 4070 TI, with prices continuing to drop in 2023.
00:00stop buying bad CPU and GPU combos let's
00:03get you the best CPU and GPU combo in
00:062023. hi welcome back to PC Builder I'm
00:09Jason 2023 is a great time to build a PC
00:13as PC ports prices have absolutely
00:15crashed especially Ram ssds CPUs and yes
00:19even gpus but I still see so many people
00:23missing out on the best CPU and GPU
00:25combo for gaming and productivity now
00:27the reason simple it's hard enough to
00:29understand the best CPU for gaming and
00:31the best GPU for gaming by themselves
00:33combining them together it's even harder
00:35so today we'll cover everything that you
00:38need to know and we'll give you specific
00:40recommendations at every budget level to
00:43get you the best CPU and GPU combo for
00:45gaming 2023. remember if you get value
00:48out of the video please give it a like
00:49because it really helps out the channel
00:51and of course subscribe and click that
00:53Bell icon that way you get notified when
00:55we release cool content with that let's
00:58jump into it the first thing to
00:59understand is bottlenecking now
01:01bottlenecking just means that one of our
01:03components is limiting our performance
01:05and if we could upgrade that component
01:07to make it faster than our overall
01:09system performance would increase now
01:11the bottleneck that occurs most often
01:13for PC builds is the CPU versus the GPU
01:16so if our CPU is too slow to keep up
01:19with our GPU then increasing the speed
01:21of the CPU would give us more FPS if our
01:24GPU is our bottleneck then getting a
01:27faster GPU instead would increase our
01:29performance note that the CPU is more
01:31likely to bottleneck when we're pushing
01:32huge amounts of frames and our GPU is
01:35likely to be the bottleneck when we turn
01:36up the resolution from 1080p to 1440p to
01:404K including if the GPU does not have
01:43enough vram to run the latest AAA titles
01:46on release at higher ultra settings as
01:48we've seen from recent games like The
01:50Last of Us Part 1 Hogwarts Legacy for
01:52spoken and others but here's the thing
01:55that even experienced PC builders get
01:57wrong no matter what our system will
01:59always have a bottleneck it's our job as
02:02PC Builders to understand how to
02:04maximize our system performance whether
02:06that's in gaming streaming video editing
02:08or heavy multi-threaded workloads once
02:11we figure that out we want to spend most
02:13of our budget on the component that's
02:14bottlenecking our performance for gaming
02:17we want to maximize our FPS or frames
02:19per second that means getting the
02:21fastest GPU we can afford while only
02:23spending enough on a CPU that will not
02:26bottleneck the graphics card this
02:27depends on your budget and the less you
02:29have to spend the more important it is
02:31to get the balance right obviously if
02:34you have an unlimited budget you'll just
02:35get the best of everything and spend
02:37around four thousand dollars for the
02:39ultimate gaming system but most of you
02:41out there have a set amount of money
02:42that you can spend so choosing the best
02:45CPU and GPU combo will heavily impact
02:48your gaming performance remember that as
02:50we go up in CPU core count we also need
02:52to add more Cooling and especially for
02:55Intel CPUs we need to buy a better
02:57motherboard which also costs more money
02:59along with the price differences between
03:01ddr4 and ddr5 RAM so we'll take all of
03:04this into consideration for example say
03:06we want to build a gaming PC with a
03:08ryzen 5600 CPU and a Radeon RX 6600 XT 8
03:13gigabyte GPU and we decided to increase
03:15our budget another 100 where should we
03:18spend it now we could upgrade the CPU to
03:20ryzen 7600 which overall is quite a bit
03:23faster than the ryzen 5600 but at this
03:25GPU performance level it's only going to
03:27give us slightly more FPS because our
03:29GPU is the bottleneck not the CPU so we
03:32just spent our extra 100 on the ryzen
03:347600 not to mention more on the ddr5 ram
03:37as well for about a five percent
03:39increase in fps not great instead if we
03:42spent that extra 100 to jump up to an RX
03:456700 XT 12 gigabyte GPU and we keep
03:49Horizon 5600 CPU we'll pick up about 25
03:52percent more FPS because we're spending
03:54our money smartly by upgrading the part
03:56that's bottlenecking our performance
03:58we'll also jump up from 8GB gigabytes of
04:00vram on our GPU to 12 gigabytes of vram
04:03which ensures we can run all the latest
04:05AAA titles on release with ultra
04:08settings and not run into any vram
04:10issues and remember that as we go up in
04:12resolution from 1080p to 1440p to 4K
04:15that increases the load on the GPU and
04:18it decreases load on the CPU so it makes
04:21more sense to upgrade the GPU when
04:23considering bottlenecks there are two
04:25important areas to consider the first is
04:27vram the amount of video RAM on your GPU
04:30as we've already discussed and we go
04:32over in much more detail in our best GPU
04:35for gaming 2023 video which we'll leave
04:38linked down in the video description now
04:39while budget GPU Shoppers you're likely
04:42going to have to contend with eight
04:43gigabytes of vram I recommend moving up
04:45to at least 10 or 12 gigabyte gpus if
04:49your budget will stretch that far and I
04:51would prioritize this over a slightly
04:53faster GPU with only 8 gigabytes of vram
04:56and I'm looking at you RTX 4060 and 4060
04:59TI this second thing to consider is GPU
05:01driver overhead we've seen repeated
05:03testing that AMD gpus require less CPU
05:07resources than Nvidia gpus it seems to
05:10just come down to driver overhead while
05:12the difference is they're not huge they
05:15are noticeable with lesser CPUs so we've
05:18taken that into account in our
05:19recommendations let's talk briefly about
05:21future proofing because this is an area
05:23I often see so many CPU and GPU combo
05:26mistakes some people still think that
05:29you should future proof your CPU by
05:30buying a faster one than you need right
05:32now so that in two to five years time
05:35when you do upgrade your GPU you get
05:37slightly more FPS out of it in my
05:39opinion while there are some decisions
05:41like this to be made at the ultra budget
05:43level and the very high end for most
05:45systems in between this strategy would
05:48mean sacrificing an entire GPU tier's
05:51worth and performance right now so for
05:53instance getting an RX 6600 XT instead
05:55of a much faster
05:57rx6700xt so the future proofing strategy
05:59cost you FPS right now to maybe get
06:02slightly more FPS in two to five years
06:04time in the end this is your call
06:06because after all it's your money but if
06:08you want to maximize FPS for your money
06:10spent then focus on maximizing current
06:12performance but what about production or
06:15creator workloads that need more CPU
06:17power well for those use cases we want
06:20more balance but it depends heavily on
06:22the types of programs that we're using
06:24take video editing in Adobe Premiere for
06:26example well going up from four cores is
06:28nice Premiere still tends to max out on
06:31how many CPU cores and threads it will
06:33use it once so going overkill on your
06:35CPU at the expense of your GPU which is
06:38still very much needed for video editing
06:40might actually set your performance back
06:42meanwhile other programs can use all the
06:44CPU resource you can throw at them and
06:46they don't really use the GPU very much
06:48at all that is why it's so important for
06:50professional users to understand their
06:52Suite of software programs and the
06:54recommended system requirements so that
06:56you can figure out the right CPU and GPU
06:58balance for your application let's jump
07:00into our recommendations for best CPU
07:03and GPU combo for gaming in 2023 and
07:06we'll go through both AMD ryzen as well
07:08as Intel CPU offerings note that we are
07:10expecting 14 gen Intel CPUs to begin
07:13launching sometime in early fall of this
07:14year we do a monthly update video for
07:16both CPU and GPU pricing so I'll leave
07:19those linked down in the video
07:20description and of course all the CPU
07:23and gpus that I'm going to talk about
07:24are linked there as well so you can
07:26check current pricing starting off at
07:28the budget level you can build a gaming
07:30PC right now for just under 500 U.S now
07:33at this level we really want the
07:35cheapest CPU platform that just won't
07:37bottleneck our GPU right now Intel's I3
07:401200f and the ryzen 5500 they're both
07:43excellent options paired with the
07:44inexpensive motherboards a 100 b660 for
07:48the I3 1200f and an 80 b450 with bios
07:52flashback for the ryzen 5500 they both
07:54come with very good included CPU coolers
07:56and we're using both with a 50 kit of
07:592x8 gigabyte ddr4 3600 cl16 Ram though
08:03you can get a 30 kit of 3200 CL 16 if it
08:07helps you improve your GPU the total
08:09cost of these platforms is between 220
08:11and 239 dollars for our GPU we could go
08:15all the way down to a used RX 570 for
08:17about 55 or on the new market a Radeon
08:20RX 6600 for 179 an RTX 3050 for 220 or
08:24an Intel Arc a750 GPU for about 220
08:27dollars note the RTX 3050 is
08:29considerably slower than those other
08:30gpus and my advice is to avoid any GPU
08:33with less than 8 gigabytes of vram both
08:35the I3 1200f and ryzen 5500 they're very
08:39capable gaming CPUs and you can push
08:41them all the way to an RX 6700 XT or RTX
08:453060 TI performance possibly a little
08:47higher if you can get a good deal on a
08:49GPU but don't have the money to upgrade
08:51the CPU here I would prioritize getting
08:53to a recent GPU with more than eight
08:55gigabytes of vram if you can and if you
08:58want to play the latest triple lay
09:00titles on release at ultra settings so
09:02the RX 6700 10 gigabyte non-xt version
09:05the 6700 XD 12 gigabyte RTX 3060 12
09:09gigabyte or the arc a770 16 gigabyte
09:12they're all viable options the next CPU
09:14tier up I would look at is either the
09:16AMD ryzen 5600 for 130 or the Intel i5
09:2012400f currently selling for 149. now
09:24these CPUs have nearly identical
09:25performance and with a GPU like the RX
09:286700 XT we'll see about a 10 to 12 FPS
09:31increase over the previous tier of CPUs
09:34I'll leave links to our build guides for
09:36both down in the video description and
09:38in particular the I5 12400 it can be a
09:41little tricky as some of the cheaper
09:43b660 motherboards they don't run it at
09:45the full rated frequency so we do go
09:48through which ones to get currently a
09:49board like the MSI Pro
09:51b660m-a or b660m aorus Pro ax silver
09:55right around 120 dollars for the ryzen
09:585600 virtually any beef 550 motherboard
10:00with a vrm heatsink is absolutely fine
10:03so something like the b550m ds3hac
10:06ASRock b550m Riptide or the b550m Pro 4
10:10with upgraded audio is great for about a
10:12hundred dollars we're using the same
10:13ddr4 3600 cl16 Ram kit for 50 and both
10:18CPUs come with a great included box
10:20cooler this gives us an upgrade cost of
10:22between 59 and 99 over our previous tier
10:25of gpus for our GPU combo I'd look at a
10:28minimum of an RX 6600 RTX 3050 or Arc
10:32a750 new gpus these CPUs scale pretty
10:35well but they do hit a wall right around
10:37the RX 6950 XT or RTX 4070 and at that
10:42point you'll definitely want to jump up
10:44to the next tier of CPU performance note
10:46that if you do need more cores for
10:48productivity you can consider the ryzen
10:495700x or Intel i5 13400 possibly even
10:53the 13500 but they don't give much more
10:56gaming performance and there's much
10:58better options as we'll go over next
10:59jumping up to our mid-range to high-end
11:02gaming CPU and GPU combos we actually
11:04have quite a few options here with
11:06current pricing I feel that our best
11:08options are either the ryzen 7600 and
11:107600x for about 215 or a ddr4 ram
11:14equipped Intel i5 13600k or 13600 KF for
11:19about 290 we have build guides for both
11:21the ryzen 7600 and I5 13600k which cover
11:25things like the difference between the
11:277600 and 7600x as well as the 13600k
11:30versus the 13600 KF so check them out
11:33for more details these CPUs will give us
11:35about 25 percent more FPS using an RX
11:396950xt or RTX 4070 over the previous
11:43tier of CPUs the ryzen 7600 is the
11:46faster gaming CPU with the I5 13600k
11:49with ddr4 the stronger and multi-core
11:52production work for the ryzen 7600 we're
11:55using a budget Tower air cooler like the
11:57Deep cool ak-400 for about 30 dollars a
12:00budget b650 motherboard for about 140
12:02and an 85 kit of 2 by 16 gigabyte so 32
12:06gigabytes total of ddr5 5600 cl32 RAM
12:10for the I5 13600k we're using a ddr4
12:14z690 motherboard with bios flashback for
12:17about 160 dollars z790 is fine as well
12:20but they tend to be more expensive a 2x8
12:22gigabyte kit of ddr4 3600 cl16 for 50
12:26and a mid-range air cooler like the
12:28thermal right Peerless assassin 120se
12:30for 45 dollars that makes our upgrade
12:33cost over the previous tier between 191
12:35and 266 dollars for a GPU combo given
12:39how much we're spending on the CPU
12:40platform now we want a minimum of an RX
12:436700 XT or RTX 3060 TI both right around
12:47the 300 us Mark at the time of filming
12:50we can take either of these CPUs all the
12:52way up to the RX 7900 XTX or the RTX
12:564090 and at that point if we still have
12:59money left over in our budget our only
13:01option for more performance will be to
13:03upgrade the CPU because those are the
13:05fastest gpus that are currently
13:06available given the fact that amd's am5
13:09ryzen 7000 platform will have future
13:11drop-in CPU upgrades it's a lot harder
13:14to recommend the I5 13600k at current
13:17pricing right now for about the same
13:18price as the I5 13600k platform you can
13:21get a ryzen 7700 instead if you need the
13:24extra CPU power for multi-threaded
13:26production work while still retaining
13:28that future upgrade ability I want to
13:30give a quick honorable mention to the
13:31ryzen 5800 X 3D at the time of filming
13:34the CPU it's down to 290 U.S and it's
13:37likely that price will keep on falling
13:39so if you're currently on the am4
13:41platform with like a ryzen 1000 2000 or
13:433000 Series CPU heck even arrives in
13:465600 5800x the ryzen 5800x 3D will
13:51deliver similar performance to the ryzen
13:537600 in gaming often even beating it in
13:56really CPU intensive titles so if I had
13:58one of those older Rising and CPUs even
14:01if I had to upgrade my Ram kit to the
14:033600 cl16 one for fifty dollars so 340
14:06in total that's potentially a very
14:09compelling upgrade now let's look at the
14:11current top tier of gaming CPUs in 2023.
14:14there are of course many options here
14:16but I think the most compelling option
14:17from AMD it's the ryzen 7800x 3D
14:21currently selling for 430 dollars check
14:24out our build guide for it linked in the
14:25video description and for Intel right
14:28now at least it's the i7 13700k running
14:31extremely fast and still very expensive
14:33ddr5 7200 cl34 Ram at the ultra high end
14:38of gpus like the RTX 4090 the ryzen 7800
14:41X 3D and i7 13700k can sometimes bring
14:45enough lift of up to 20 percent in some
14:48very CPU intensive titles though at
14:501440p and 4K in many games were entirely
14:54GPU bound and we don't see much of an
14:56FPS increase at all overall the ryzen
14:597800x 3D is about eight to ten percent
15:01faster than the i7 13700k even when the
15:04i7 uses very fast ddr5 RAM for the ryzen
15:077800x 3D build we're using a mid-range
15:10to higher end air cooler like the
15:11thermal ride assassin 120 for 45 the
15:14same 140 b650 motherboard like the
15:17ASRock b650m Pro 4 Wi-Fi and the 85 kit
15:21of 2 by 16 gigabyte ddr5 5600 cl32 Ram
15:25though in our testing we found that due
15:27to the huge amount of V cash on the CPU
15:29that Ram speed just didn't matter very
15:31much and we got similar results with
15:33even cheaper ddr5 5200 cl40 RAM for the
15:37i7 13700k unfortunately ddr5 z690 and
15:41z790 motherboards run at least about 200
15:44U.S and the 2 by 16 gigabyte dr5 7200
15:48cl34 Kit currently runs for 170 dollars
15:51though ddr5 RAM prices they continue to
15:54drop that brings our upgrade cost for
15:56the 7800 x3d to 230 dollars over the
15:59previous C view tier and for the i7
16:0113700k the upgrade cost is 340 more than
16:05the previous tier for our GPU combos for
16:08a minimum I'd recommend the Radeon RX
16:117900 XT currently selling for around 760
16:14dollars or the RTX 4070 TI selling for
16:17about the same price ideally we'd want
16:19the fastest GPU possible so RX 7900 XTX
16:23for AMD currently selling for 950 and
16:26the currently 1600 RTX 4090 both CPU and
16:31GPU prices as well as RAM and other
16:33component prices they just continue to
16:35get cheaper in 2023 so remember to check
16:38out those links down in the video
16:39description for updated pricing and
16:41remember that while we exclusively
16:43focused on fpf performance today it's
16:46absolutely okay to spend money on other
16:49aspects of your PC build that bring you
16:51enjoyment if you got value out of the
16:53video please take a moment give it a
16:54like because it makes a huge difference
16:55to the channel and of course subscribe
16:57and click that Bell icon that way you
16:58get notified when we release cool
17:00content if you're looking for a deep
17:02dive into picking the best GPU for
17:04gaming 2023 then check out this video
17:06right here where we go through all the
17:08differences between AMD Nvidia and Intel
17:11gpus including features like FSR versus
17:14dlss versus xcss as well as questions
17:16like does it matter if you buy from
17:18gigabyte Asus MSI or someone else and
17:21everything else that you need to know to
17:23get the best GPU for gaming in 2023 and
17:26we'll catch you on the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key considerations for choosing the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023?

When choosing the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023, it is important to consider bottlenecking and budget considerations. Additionally, specific recommendations for different budget levels, insights on RAM, cooling, and motherboard choices should also be taken into account.

2. How does bottlenecking affect the choice of CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023?

Bottlenecking is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023. It occurs when one component, either the CPU or GPU, is unable to keep up with the other, leading to a reduction in overall performance. Understanding and addressing bottlenecking is essential for optimizing gaming performance.

3. What are the specific recommendations for different budget levels when choosing a CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023?

For different budget levels, specific recommendations for CPU and GPU combos in 2023 can vary. It is important to explore options that provide the best performance within the given budget, considering factors such as value for money and future upgrade potential.

4. How does the choice of RAM impact the selection of CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023?

The choice of RAM plays a crucial role in the selection of the best CPU and GPU combo for gaming in 2023. Optimal RAM capacity and speed are essential for ensuring smooth and efficient performance, especially in modern gaming environments with demanding graphics and processing requirements.

5. What are the key factors to consider when selecting a motherboard for the CPU and GPU combo in 2023?

When selecting a motherboard for the CPU and GPU combo in 2023, key factors to consider include compatibility with the chosen CPU and GPU, expansion options for future upgrades, connectivity features, and overall build quality. A well-suited motherboard can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of the gaming system.

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