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This video compares the economy class experiences on Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways, focusing on the Airbus A380 aircraft. The review covers aspects like legroom, food and beverages, service, and amenities. Overall, Emirates comes out as the winner among the three, but all airlines provide a solid economy class experience.
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This section of the video shows the inside of the aircraft and highlights the comfort and spaciousness of the economy class.
The flight takes off 20 minutes late.
The inside of the aircraft is comfortable with plenty of legroom.
The economy class seats are wide and spacious.
The reviewer was disappointed with the Wi-Fi, food, and beverage options on the flight.
The Wi-Fi was not working on the flight.
The reviewer found the blankets to be great.
The reviewer had a mango juice and coffee for breakfast.
The reviewer was disappointed with the food and beverage options.
The reviewer found the economy class meal on Emirates to be good, but the food on Qatar was not impressive.
The reviewer was impressed with the food on Emirates, but found it not very good on Qatar.
Emirates seemed to use high-quality ingredients for economy class meals.
There were two toilets near the reviewer's seat on Emirates, and they were clean and had normal amenities.
There was a socket for charging devices on Emirates, which was a nice touch.
The crew on the flight provided excellent service and were quick to respond to requests.
The crew member noticed that the passenger didn't like the food and gave them additional snacks.
The crew responded quickly to the call bell in economy class.
The crew members were friendly and enthusiastic about their jobs.
Emirates is the winner in terms of overall experience, with Qatar Airways and Etihad coming in close second.
The reviewer was disappointed with the food on Qatar Airways.
Etihad received a solid score and was praised for its good food and service.
Emirates is considered the winner due to its overall experience.
00:01this video is a flight review comparing
00:03the three best economy classes all on
00:06the biggest passenger aircraft to the
00:07Airbus a380 on Emirates Etihad and Qatar
00:26in every pocket
00:570:03 taking off 20 minutes late
01:00at around five flight time yes
01:08screaming medic take up
01:20I love the inside coven of this aircraft
01:31I found the secret comfortable plenty of
01:34legroom nice and wide because I really
01:36not here on the collar
02:14but they were like
02:40but there's a good blanket good pillow
02:43so many films and the times watch them
02:46what really let me hug down was the
02:48Wi-Fi which on this flight I couldn't
02:50get working blankets were great genetic
03:17it's not fair to hungry their eggs
03:24a mango juice and some coffee too
03:29no thanks just black
03:33so much
03:59chickens please Thanks thank you
04:39and read some thread line
04:48cutter you really let me down
04:51on the food and beverage front pretty
04:52inedible that the eggs were just like
04:55rubber most special Nettie have front 21
04:57out of 25 for an economy meal it was
04:59pretty good was plenty of food there it
05:02was all very tasty really impressed with
05:04the food drinks and other hand it wasn't
05:06very good
05:06I think the use very high quality for
05:09economy and keep all the good stuff for
05:11firm business so there are two toilets
05:17in the very close vicinity of my seat
05:20this is one of them there's another one
05:21directly opposite there are more toilets
05:23at the back and warm front
05:25and the toilets pretty normal nothing
05:28too special to say about it no special
05:32amenities there's just normal so and
05:35water which is work by a sensor nicely
05:40clean easy one of the 14
05:46remain that it's clean and it smells my
05:51quite nice little toilet spray to keep
05:54you fresh
05:58no cups these
06:01oh there's nothing
06:05nothing really special about the so
06:08shave a socket there's a very change
06:14really nice touch
06:20I do first and this isn't close
06:34I guess
06:35it's just like a surprise
06:45but it is
06:52Oh fancy and what else look
07:10okay service all importer
07:55thank you
08:35first thing a person is relevant she was
08:38find out what else
09:08the woman who served me she saw that I
09:11didn't like the food that I was eating
09:12and she actually gave me three of the
09:16crew rest snap biscuit ooh like nutrient
09:19or something like that because she knew
09:20on where I was
09:21they answered the call bell incredibly
09:22quickly for economy I had some nice
09:24chats with the crew during the fly one
09:26the ice that I met was making um little
09:29kits for the kids and she was very
09:31enthusiastic with passion about her jobs
09:32I was very impressed how fast they came
09:34after the call button as well and very
09:36harshly kind of friendly yeah rest so
09:40the Americans are gonna be Verizon to me
09:43and I mean it seems that everybody gave
09:45pretty high scores I mean it was just
09:47the cast-off food that we let people
09:48tell us it Duns you want to reveal your
09:49overall score $79 hundreds I give Casa
09:55and I really don't think that actually
09:57is representative of flying an economy
10:00on the FE with Qatar Airways I feel like
10:02my situation with the food really really
10:04let me down and would have probably
10:05scored a lot higher had the food being
10:07better so probably would take under
10:10consideration the ship he were
10:12forgetting let's try it again and Etsy
10:14hard is an 80 out of 100 solid school it
10:20was a great flight I think it was I
10:22think it was a really good solid product
10:24and a great way to fly across the world
10:26the moment of truth pick yours up just
10:29so we can really like build up
10:37I had a great flight food was good eat
10:39I'm working in our service when you have
10:42a little lamination yeah it's just like
10:44very easy to win so yeah
10:46so there you have it it's based on one
10:48experience of ours but I think apart
10:51from the food that seemed like it was
10:52the kind of service you again and kind
10:54of flight you would get across the board
10:56immerses the winner but the other two
10:58come in a very close second and the
11:00thing to note here is that all the
11:01scores across the board are particularly
11:03high so I think all are solid maybe
11:07you're going to be price led often that
11:08these three airlines throw back throw up
11:12similar prices across the board on
11:14certain routes but maybe you'll be price
11:16led and time led and how long you might
11:19have to wait in the airport but we would
11:20support any of these but Emirates is the
11:23one that has the edge if you want to
11:25read our full written reviews you can do
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11:30to subscribe to our channel so you can
11:32see more videos like this and you should
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11:53ladies and gentlemen welcome to Metro
11:54Airport levels my economy with Emirates
11:58on Main Street and that was it like you
12:00are from London
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which airlines are compared in the video for their economy class experiences?

The video compares the economy class experiences on Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways.

2. What is the focus of the comparison in the video?

The focus of the comparison in the video is on the Airbus A380 aircraft for the economy class experiences.

3. What aspects are covered in the review?

The review covers aspects such as legroom, food and beverages, service, and amenities for the economy class experiences.

4. Which airline comes out as the winner in the comparison?

Overall, Emirates comes out as the winner among the three airlines for the economy class experience.

5. How would you describe the overall economy class experience provided by the airlines?

All airlines provide a solid economy class experience, with Emirates being the winner, but each airline has its own strengths and offerings.

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