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This video discusses the best Z690 and Z790 motherboards for 13th gen Intel Raptor Lake processors, covering their features, compatibility, and product recommendations for different budgets. It also highlights the differences in memory compatibility and PCIe Gen 5 support between the two motherboard series. Overall, it provides valuable information for individuals looking to build a PC with these processors.
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This section introduces the best Z690 and Z790 motherboards for 13th gen Intel Raptor Lake processors and explains the difference between them.
The CPUs focused on are the 13600k, 13700k, and 13900k for 13th gen Raptor Lake, and the 12600k, 12700k, and 12900k for 12th gen.
The K in the CPU name indicates it can be overclocked on a compatible z-series motherboard.
The F version of the CPU does not have integrated graphics and is typically cheaper.
Both CPU generations use the LGA 1700 socket motherboards, either the z690 or z790 series.
The Z790 motherboard has a stronger memory controller than the Z690 motherboard, resulting in a 10% difference in compatibility speeds for DDR5 memory.
The MSI Tomahawk Z690 DDR5 motherboard supports a two-stick configuration at a maximum speed of 6000 Mega transfers.
The Z790 DDR5 Tomahawk motherboard is rated compatible for the same configuration up to speeds of 6600 Mega transfers, indicating a 10% difference.
DDR4 versions of both the Z690 and Z790 Tomahawk motherboards do not show any other differences, which is expected given the maturity of DDR4 technology.
Most Z790 motherboards do not support PCIe Gen 5 devices, but PCIe Gen 5 support is unlikely to matter in the realistic lifespan of these motherboards.
PCIe Gen 5 support is only available on higher-end and more expensive motherboards.
Updating the motherboard BIOS is necessary for Z690 motherboard buyers using a 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake processor.
Most Z790 motherboards have the same or improved VRM configuration as their Z690 models.
The VRMs on Z690 motherboards are already overbuilt, even for the 12900K processor.
This section discusses the importance of onboard audio and digital connections on motherboards, as well as provides recommendations for budget Z690 motherboards.
Onboard audio is only relevant when using analog audio devices, while digital connections like USB or HDMI bypass the motherboard audio.
The recommendations focus on budget Z690 motherboards with entry-level audio codecs and fewer M.2 connections.
The ASRock Z690 Phantom Gaming 4 is highlighted as a budget option with features like BIOS flashback and multiple high-speed ports.
The ASRock Z690 Extreme is a feature-rich motherboard with good audio, two M.2 slots, and dual LAN, but it lacks BIOS flashback.
The ASRock Z690 Extreme is a DDR4 version motherboard with similar features to the Z790.
It has ALC 1220 audio codec and a 13-phase VRM with a heatsink.
The motherboard has two M.2 SSD slots and an M.2 Wi-Fi key.
It offers high-speed USB ports and dual LAN, making it suitable for gaming and content creation.
The video discusses options for Z790 and Z690 motherboards, including Asus and Gigabyte boards.
Asus offers the Z790 Plus Dash Plus motherboard with DDR4 support and good features, priced at $289.
Asus also has the Z690-A Strix board with a feature set, including bios flashback, priced at $300.
The pricing of Asus Strix boards is considered high compared to other manufacturers.
For creators needing Thunderbolt 4 support, the Gigabyte Z690 Aero motherboard is an option priced at $339.
00:00hi welcome back to PC Builder I'm Jason
00:02today we're looking at the best z790
00:05motherboard and best c690 motherboard
00:07for 13th gen Intel Raptor like
00:10processors and 12th gen Intel older
00:12light processors despite the fact that
00:13both 12th and 13th gen are compatible
00:16with both z690 and z790 motherboards
00:19it's actually pretty complicated to know
00:21which one you should buy so we'll cover
00:22the best z690 motherboard and best z790
00:25motherboard features including
00:27explaining z690 versus z790 for Intel
00:3013th gen Raptor like processors and will
00:33make specific product recommendations
00:34for every budget level for the best
00:36motherboard for you if you get value out
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00:45we release cool content with that let's
00:48jump into it so which CPUs are we
00:50focused on today well for 13 gen Intel
00:52Raptor Lake we have the 13600k with six
00:55performance cores and eight efficiency
00:57cores the 13 700k with eight perform
00:59course and eight efficiency cores and
01:02the 13900k with eight performance cores
01:05and 16 efficiency cores the K in the
01:07name of the CPU just means it can be
01:09overclocked on a compatible z-series
01:11motherboard something Intel calls
01:13unlocked now note that each processor
01:15has an F version like the 13600 KF which
01:19just means that it does not have
01:20integrated graphics and typically it's a
01:23little cheaper Pro tip for video editors
01:25avoid the fcpus as the integrated GPU
01:28does help out when exporting video from
01:31programs like Adobe Premiere Pro we also
01:33have the 12600k 12700k and 12900k which
01:37have the same number of performance
01:39cores but only half as many efficiency
01:41cores as the 13th gen models and of
01:44course they're also overclockable now
01:46both of these CPU Generations share the
01:48LGA 1700 socket motherboards which are
01:50the 600 and 700 series so why do you
01:53want a z690 motherboard or z790
01:55motherboard if you have an unlocked
01:57Intel 12 or 13 gen CPU will well the
02:00first reason is of course overclocking
02:02which can only be done properly on Z
02:04series motherboards now while it is
02:05possible to run these CPUs on Cut Down
02:07motherboards like b660 h670 or h610 and
02:11their equivalent 700 series boards once
02:14they launch you'll lose a lot of
02:15features and could get lower performance
02:17from these weaker boards so I advise
02:19anyone buying an unlocked case-q 12th or
02:2213 gen Intel CPU to pair it with a z690
02:26or z790 motherboard to get the most out
02:28of it let's talk about z690 versus z790
02:31motherboards while both 13 gen Intel
02:34raptor-like processors and 12th gen
02:36Intel ultralight processors will work
02:38with either z690 or z790 motherboards
02:41there are some key differences now while
02:43this seems complicated it basically
02:45comes down to whether or not you want to
02:47run Ultra fast ddr5 memory and how much
02:50connectivity you really need let's
02:52address the memory differences between
02:54z690 and z790 motherboards while you
02:57still need to buy board specific for d
02:59dr5 or ddr4 memory with each model
03:03typically offering both a ddr4 and
03:05separate ddr5 version there have been
03:07improvements to ddr5 memory controllers
03:09on the z790 motherboards which generally
03:12list compatibility with ddr5 kits
03:14running about 10 percent faster than
03:16their z690 counterparts for instance the
03:19MSI Tomahawk z690 ddr5 motherboard is
03:22ready to run a two-stick configuration
03:24called one dim per Channel or one DPC
03:27using dual rank note it is 2R at a
03:30maximum speed of 6000 Mega transfers
03:32note that of course MSI incorrectly
03:34lists this is megahertz but that's
03:36pretty common and we go over all this in
03:38our best RAM for gaming 2022 video so
03:41check that out if you're confused this
03:43configuration is typical of a 2 by 16
03:45gigabyte dr5 kit for 32 gigabytes total
03:48looking at the z790 ddr5 tomahawk we see
03:51it is rated compatible for that same
03:53configuration up to speeds of 6600 Mega
03:57transfers for about a 10 difference now
03:59note that what we're we're looking at
04:00here is rated compatibility not absolute
04:03speeds so it's entirely possible that
04:06you could get the kit of ddr5 6600 speed
04:09memory to actually run on the z690 but
04:12it's clear that the z790 has a stronger
04:14memory controller as we would expect is
04:17ddr5 technology matures remember that if
04:19you want to guarantee Ram compatibility
04:21you can always consult the motherboard
04:23manufacturer's qualified vendor list or
04:26qvl for short which lists specific kits
04:29of memory that the board has been tested
04:31with and of course remember to enable
04:33XMP on your memory in the Bios in order
04:36to get the full rated speed note that
04:38the memory compatibility speed increase
04:39in z790 versus z690 is specific to ddr5
04:44memory looking at ddr4 versions of both
04:46the z690 and z790 Tomahawk and a number
04:49of other ddr4 motherboards I don't see
04:52any other differences that's not
04:53surprising given how mature ddr4
04:56technology is versus ddr5 whether you
04:58should buy a ddr4 motherboard versus
05:00ddr5 motherboard is really going to come
05:02down to Ram pricing ddr5 memory is no
05:05longer as stupidly expensive as it once
05:07was at least in the US market but at the
05:09time of filming the higher speed ddr5
05:12memory that you see in many of The
05:13Benchmark videos is still many times
05:15more expensive than fast ddr4 so while
05:18that remains the case many users might
05:21be better off buying a ddr4 motherboard
05:22and cheaper but fast ddr4 RAM and
05:26spending the extra money on getting a
05:27faster graphics card or higher core
05:29count CPU especially if you're just
05:32gaming at some point in the future I do
05:34expect that ddr5 prices will likely come
05:36down to a reasonable point so the only
05:39Evergreen advice we can offer is
05:41consider your budget and current ddr5
05:43pricing which you can check using the
05:45links in the video description the other
05:47major difference in z690 versus z790
05:50it's the amount of connectivity now
05:52while both chipsets have 28 total pcie
05:55Lanes the z690 has 12 running at pcie
05:58Gen 4 speeds and 6 16 running a PCI gen
06:013 speed the z790 boards take eight of
06:04those pcie 3 speed lanes and increase
06:06them to pcie Gen 4 speed so a total of
06:0920 Gen 4 lanes and 8 gen 3 Lanes now
06:12this yields a modest increase in the
06:14total amount of connectivity in terms of
06:16pcie slot speeds the number and speed of
06:19USB ports and the like just how big a
06:21difference is for you depends on your
06:24needs as in reality z690 already
06:27contained more than enough connectivity
06:28for most users so I suspect for most
06:31buyers this should not influence their
06:33decision except for more production
06:35oriented power users but what about pcie
06:38Gen 5 speed devices like future graphics
06:41cards and ssds now most z790
06:45motherboards they've entirely avoided
06:47supporting the brand new pcie Gen 5 m.2
06:50ssds something that we called a total
06:53waste of money in our best ryzen 7000
06:55motherboard guide and you're only going
06:57to find them on the higher end and more
06:59expensive motherboards as we said in our
07:01ryzen 7000 motherboard guide except for
07:03very Niche use cases and you folks out
07:05there know who you are pcie Gen 5 device
07:08support is unlikely to matter in the
07:11realistic lifespan of these motherboards
07:13that being said most z690 and z790
07:16motherboards sold and all the ones that
07:19we recommend do already include a pcie
07:22gen 5-speed main GPU slot let's talk
07:25about Motherboard BIOS because this is a
07:27quick but important note for z690
07:30motherboard buyers using a 13 gen Intel
07:33Raptor like processor it's very likely
07:35you will need to update the Motherboard
07:36BIOS in order to get the system to post
07:38for the very first time now I see folks
07:41all the time who are terrified of
07:43updating their bios so let me assure you
07:45this is not only completely normal to do
07:47but I recommend you update your
07:49Motherboard BIOS to the latest version
07:51even if it posts without an update I
07:54especially recommend doing that bios
07:56update before you change any settings in
07:58the Bios itself or try to install
08:00Windows we have a whole video on how to
08:03use bios flashback something gigabyte
08:05calls Q flash plus just to be different
08:07all the z690 motherboards that we
08:10recommend have bios flashback and it's
08:12fairly prevalent on most c690
08:14motherboards motherboard vrms now most
08:17of the z790 motherboards have either
08:19kept the same vrm configuration as their
08:21z690 models or improved it with
08:23additional phases or beefed up the
08:25heatsinks since the z690 vrms were
08:27already incredibly over built even for
08:30the 12900k the only concern will be
08:32running ridiculous pairings like a 3900k
08:35heavily overclocked on the cheapest z690
08:38or z790 motherboards something nobody
08:40should do anyway any of the motherboards
08:42that we recommend will be absolutely
08:44fine for a 13 600k or 13700k and 3900k
08:49owners should simply skip the most
08:51budget boards just to be safe let's talk
08:53about motherboard audio because one
08:56unfortunate casualty of the z690 versus
08:58z790 Square which seems to be the
09:01quality of motherboard audio codecs on
09:03some of the z790 motherboards versus
09:05their z690 models with several
09:08downgrading their audio codecs to entry
09:10level ones like the alc 897 remember
09:13when evaluating motherboard audio there
09:15are multiple factors but the audio codec
09:18it's one way to help to determine the
09:19quality entry-level audio codecs like
09:21the alc 897 they're fine but mid-range
09:25ALC 1200 audio codec brings improved
09:28signal to noise and special support for
09:30headphones plugged into the front cased
09:32audio jacks the highest end audio codecs
09:34are the alc 1220 as well as the newer
09:37but similar ALC 4080 that include
09:40additional audio encoding and decoding
09:42support as well support for high
09:44impedance headphones plugged into the
09:46front case Jacks remember that onboard
09:48audio only matters if plugging in an
09:50analog audio device using a connection
09:52like this and if you're using a digital
09:54connection like USB or HDMI then you're
09:57bypassing the motherboard audio in favor
09:59the processor on the digital device
10:01let's jump into our product
10:02recommendations which will all be linked
10:04in the video description below if you
10:06want to check current pricing now these
10:08recommendations are based heavily on
10:10price to Performance and I do expect the
10:12z790 motherboards to fall in price over
10:15time the same way that z690 motherboards
10:18have so check the links for current
10:20pricing in your region which might
10:21differ from the US let's start off with
10:23the best budget boards here now we're
10:25going to focus almost exclusively here
10:26on z690 for obvious reasons the pricing
10:29on many of those boards is completely
10:30slid since they were introduced last
10:32year now remember if you've got 13 gen
10:34Intel you want and need bios flashback
10:37in order to really guarantee that you're
10:39going to be able to get this thing to
10:40post the first board I'm going to take a
10:42look at is the ASRock z690 Phantom
10:44gaming 4. now remember we're talking
10:46about budget motherboards here so we're
10:47talking about entry-level audio codecs
10:49like the alc 897 that's what this has
10:51fewer m.2 connections this has two plus
10:54it also has a hyper M2 for a Wi-Fi card
10:59on it so you can get this with Wi-Fi for
11:01a couple bucks more you can always add
11:03that in later has the BIOS flashback but
11:05you're not going to get features like
11:06the built-in you know rear i o Shield
11:08that being said honestly it's got six
11:10high speed ports including a type c two
11:13type A ports honestly if you're just
11:15gaming probably don't need much more
11:16than that especially if you end up with
11:17like a 12 600k 13 600k on Black Friday
11:20getting a super discount you're just
11:22trying to put together a cheaper system
11:23this is when I would take a look at for
11:25139 dollars going up in terms of overall
11:28quality of boards the gigabyte z690 UD
11:31is definitely a very very good
11:33motherboard we got a 19 phase vrm the
11:36previous ASRock board only had nine
11:38phases now we're at 19. honestly the
11:40vrms on this thing are so incredibly
11:43over built you don't need to worry about
11:45any of the CPUs put a 3900k overclock at
11:48all day long you'll do just fine with
11:50this entry level audio codec on it you
11:52get a little bit more m.2 connectivity
11:54so we've got 3m.2s on the sport instead
11:57of two all these m.2s by the way are at
11:59pcie Gen4 speed again you're not going
12:01to see pcie Gen 5 speed which I don't
12:04think anybody needs and nobody will need
12:06in the lifetime of these motherboards
12:08but you're not going to see that until
12:09we get considerably higher up now
12:11gigabyte always does a good job on the
12:13rear panel so here we've got absolutely
12:15tons and tons of connectivity including
12:18more type A ports 169 now this is a
12:21board that is right on the edge of some
12:24higher end motherboards so you can
12:26decide in your Market if this makes
12:28sense or you just need to spend about 20
12:29or 30 bucks more jumping over very
12:31quickly to the best budget ddr5
12:33motherboards we're still in z690 land
12:36however we've added a couple more so we
12:39already talked about the z690 Phantom
12:40gaming the ddr5 version of the board
12:43very very similar you know in fact
12:45pretty much the exact same board except
12:46it's ddr5 this is one I would take a
12:49look at about 155 you'll notice a slight
12:52price bump around the ddr5 versions of
12:54most of these boards another one to take
12:56a look at is the ASRock z690m now if
12:58you're looking for microage TX
12:59motherboard for ddr5 160 dollars not a
13:03bad board has a pretty good vrm on it
13:05the only thing I will say only one m.2
13:08drive connector does have an m.2 Wi-Fi
13:11add-in card slot as well but only one
13:14and not two storage drive that might be
13:16a deal breaker for some but actually has
13:19really really good rear panel USB
13:21connectivity even better than the other
13:23budget boards that we looked at for
13:25about the same price you can also take a
13:27look at the MSI pro
13:29z690-a-ddr5 model now the difference
13:31between the
13:33z690-a and z690-p I'm not recommending
13:36the P because it does not have bios
13:38flashback the dash a model has bios
13:40flashback so just make sure if you have
13:4213 gen Intel you're getting that bios
13:44flashback again cut down features and
13:46honestly right now selling for about a
13:48hundred and eighty dollars the problem
13:50is this board is starting to compete
13:52with boards that have way more in terms
13:54of their feature set now let's jump over
13:56to the best price to Performance boards
13:59honestly we're still mostly dealing with
14:01z690 because we're in about the 180 to
14:04about 200 range and there's a couple of
14:07boards here that when they came out
14:09initially I told you that these boards
14:11were honestly they were too good in
14:13terms of their feature set for the price
14:14that continues to be the case to the
14:16point where these boards have actually
14:18been nerfed the Z6 790 versions of these
14:20boards have been nerfed because they
14:22were the z690s were too good so let's go
14:25over what boards they are gigabyte
14:26gaming X to me one of the best price to
14:30Performance motherboard now if you don't
14:31like gigabyte that's fine I have some
14:32alternatives for you but let's go
14:34through why I think this board is really
14:35great it's basically the ud version of
14:37the board so it's still got that rock
14:39solid like 19 phase vrm on it
14:42ridiculously over built but what we're
14:44adding to this is we're adding upgraded
14:46ALC 1220 audio and you can see the audio
14:49section down there looks really really
14:50nice it also adds an additional m.2 slot
14:53so I believe we get four with this
14:54that's really phenomenal now those n.2s
14:57are still all gen 4. again we don't need
15:00Gen 5 if you feel like you need Gen 5 I
15:02will have some other boards I can
15:04recommend to you in terms of the rear
15:05panel on this one not bad you got two
15:07super high speed USB ports we've got
15:10four other high-speed USB ports
15:12including a type c two and a half
15:14gigabit real Tech Lan and then you got
15:16your four type A's that's for your mouse
15:17your keyboards your other kind of slower
15:19devices that you don't need super fast
15:21connection this is a great board
15:22built-in rear i o shield on it obviously
15:25bios flashback gigabyte calls it Q flash
15:28plus just to be difficult you have to
15:29know that the Q flash plus button on
15:31this is down here at the bottom of the
15:33motherboard so don't look for it on the
15:34back of the panel you will get lost same
15:37with the gigabyte UD board they're down
15:38here at the bottom honestly this is the
15:40board when it was 230 dollars I was
15:43telling you this was the board to get I
15:44know it had some initial ddr4
15:46compatibility issues those have largely
15:49been straightened out remember you can
15:51always buy memory off the qvl list
15:53directly if you want to make sure that
15:55you're definitely getting memory that
15:56will be compatible with it fantastic
15:58motherboard and and the ddr5 version of
16:00this board right here only ten dollars
16:02more if you are looking for a version of
16:04the giveaway gaming X actually has Wi-Fi
16:06and Bluetooth on it then you got to jump
16:08up to the gigabyte z690 aorus Elite ax a
16:11little bit more expensive 199 that's
16:13both for the ddr5 and dr4 version vrms
16:16on these boards are actually upgraded
16:18slightly not that it really needs it
16:19audio stays the same everything else is
16:21pretty much the same on the sport
16:22another board to take a look at is the
16:24ASRock z690 extreme now my understanding
16:28is that the only the ddr4 versions of
16:30these were ever released or sold at
16:32least in the United States and there is
16:34no z790 version of it I think either
16:36they're going to release it later or
16:38maybe they're just going to cancel all
16:39together because it's another one of
16:40these too good to be true boards because
16:43it's pretty much got all the features
16:44that you would need especially if you're
16:45just gaming maybe doing content creation
16:47you want more m.2s this does only have
16:49two m.2 SSD slots on it has an m.2 Wi-Fi
16:53key on it as well but again ALC 1220
16:57audio codec vrm's a little bit weaker
16:59than the gigabyte board but again 13
17:01phase vrm and the vrm heatsink so it's
17:04plenty for anything that you're going to
17:05throw at it especially if you're looking
17:07like a 13600k build maybe you just want
17:09to go for the kind of that cool blue and
17:11black RGB styling on it has a bevy of
17:14high-speed USB ports this one does
17:17actually have dual land maybe that's
17:18attractive for some folks but overall if
17:21you're looking for a board that has kind
17:23of all the features and is priced really
17:25appropriately this is another one to
17:27take a look at if you're wondering well
17:28the Asus and MSI boards are well the
17:31problem with the S2 Sports is they don't
17:32include bios flashback on a lot of their
17:34boards under a certain price point
17:36boards like the z690-a are actually
17:38quite phenomenal boards but no bio slash
17:41back means no bueno for the 13th gen so
17:44I simply can't recommend them similarly
17:46we've got like the z690 tomahawk good
17:49board terrible price 260 dollars I just
17:52can't see spending like another 80 extra
17:54dollars if you're somebody who
17:55absolutely has to have MSI this is the
17:58board I would recommend though I would
17:59say if you want the ddr5 version of it I
18:02would take a look at the
18:04z790-a the pro z790-a very much almost
18:08an identical board just has the pro
18:10which is typically a tier lower than the
18:12tomahawk designation but has that
18:14stronger ddr5 memory control that we
18:17were talking about earlier in the video
18:19so if you're somebody who wants to run
18:20like these super super super fast ddr56
18:23and you have to have MSI I would take a
18:25look at the MSI Pro z790-a jumping into
18:28some great color themed motherboards in
18:31the mid-range NZXT N7 now pay close
18:34attention to this the z790 version of
18:37this board that's coming out 299
18:39currently I'm filming this before launch
18:41hasn't yet released this is going to be
18:43the ddr5 version and the z690 version of
18:48this board that was released a year ago
18:49this is ddr4 that's the big difference
18:52between the two typically with these
18:54NZXT boards what you're buying is you're
18:56buying the cool styling because the
18:58feature set honestly I don't want to say
19:00mediocre because it's it's definitely
19:02more premium at ALC 1220 audio it's got
19:05all five audio outs it's got Wi-Fi and
19:08Bluetooth it's got a decent amount of
19:10USB connectivity in the back but for 299
19:13dollars which is what these boards sell
19:15for you would expect a lot more features
19:17which you get with NZXT is you get the
19:20cool clean awesome looking aesthetic and
19:22you can get either the all white or you
19:24can get the Black Version and they do
19:25sell an N5 version of this without all
19:28the metal plates on it it's just a very
19:30bare looking motherboard I don't know
19:32why anyone would buy that version of it
19:34to be quite honest you can get a lot
19:36better motherboards if that's all you
19:37want but if you're looking for all white
19:39all black theme builds or black and
19:41white themes build these are always
19:42great now if you're one of those people
19:44who absolutely has to have an Asus board
19:46and I know you folks exist out there
19:48because I get your messages all the time
19:49let me give you a couple of options none
19:51of them are priced very well that's just
19:53Asus again has completely overshot the
19:55mark unfortunately no bios flashback
19:58like I said on their z690s below the
20:01strix version I will show you some
20:02strict boards that are z690 but I think
20:05if you want to get into Asus boards ddr4
20:08then this use tough gaming z790 plus
20:12Dash plus again ddr4 only board I don't
20:15see any ddr5 board on their website or
20:19that they've announced now it's possible
20:20that they'll come with one later they
20:22did I believe in the last generation
20:24that being said this is a good board 289
20:27dollars definitely a good board and if
20:29you don't mind spending the price
20:30premium which is about a hundred dollars
20:31more in the boards I was just showing
20:33you you do get the same ALC 1220 audio
20:35codec you get decent rear connectivity
20:38not a bad board other potential options
20:40are like 300 for the
20:43z690-a that's a strix board that's the
20:45old white one again great uh feature set
20:48on it has bios flashback so you can use
20:51this with 13 gen Intel or if you're
20:53looking to get that same board as z79
20:55you're talking
20:57379 dollars the price pricing on these
20:59strix boards to me totally out of line
21:02with the other three board manufacturers
21:04you really really have to be dedicated
21:06to getting into Sue sport in order to
21:07buy one of these let's go through a
21:09couple of boards for creators especially
21:11if you need Thunderbolt 4 support let's
21:14start off 339 dollars to gigabyte z690
21:17aerod this is a ddr5 only motherboard it
21:20got a number of great features it has a
21:22postcode on it it's got it this is an
21:23eatx board by the way it's slightly
21:26larger make sure it's going to fit into
21:27your case but you can see there it's got
21:29the two Thunderbolts got tons of rear
21:31panels super high speed USB connectivity
21:34it's got dual Lan on it pretty much
21:36everything you need to be a Creator is
21:38on this board especially if you're in
21:40that Thunderbolt environment it is
21:42backwarded right now this is a very very
21:44popular motherboard so let me give you
21:46some Alternatives other boards I would
21:48look at if you need that Thunderbolt
21:50z690 Tai Chi also has bios flashback in
21:54the ring great motherboard this is a
21:56ddr5 motherboard as well 439 dollars you
21:59can look at the z790 version of it it's
22:01fortnite I think it's 479 it's not that
22:04much more so maybe you just decide to go
22:06for z790 instead if it's not that big a
22:09price discount for you the other one of
22:11course on the Asus side is the Asus Pro
22:12art z690 Creator now this motherboard is
22:16also ddr5 has a couple of Thunderbolt
22:19ports in the back very very popular but
22:21of course 450 quite a bit more expensive
22:24than the gigabyte board remember if you
22:26got value out of the video give it a
22:27like it makes a huge difference to the
22:29channel and of course subscribe and
22:30click that Bell icon that way you get
22:32notified when we release cool content
22:34let me know down in the comments what
22:35kind of motherboard features are you
22:36looking for in z690 and z790
22:39motherboards and check out those links
22:41in the video description all the models
22:43are there check out pricing and
22:44availability in your region and we'll
22:46catch you on the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best Z690 and Z790 motherboards for 13th gen Intel Raptor Lake processors?

The best Z690 and Z790 motherboards for 13th gen Intel Raptor Lake processors are the ones with robust power delivery, good overclocking capability, PCIe Gen 5 support, and memory compatibility. These include high-end models from reputable brands that offer a balance of features, performance, and reliability.

2. What are the key features to consider when choosing Z690 and Z790 motherboards for Raptor Lake processors?

When choosing Z690 and Z790 motherboards for Raptor Lake processors, it's important to consider features such as power delivery, VRM quality, memory compatibility, PCIe Gen 5 support, M.2 slots, connectivity options, and overall build quality. These features contribute to the performance, stability, and future-proofing of the system.

3. How do Z690 and Z790 motherboards differ in terms of memory compatibility and PCIe Gen 5 support?

Z690 and Z790 motherboards differ in memory compatibility and PCIe Gen 5 support due to differences in their architecture and specifications. Z690 motherboards typically offer better memory overclocking support and have native support for PCIe Gen 5, while Z790 motherboards may have slightly different memory configurations and PCIe Gen 5 implementation.

4. What are the product recommendations for Z690 and Z790 motherboards at different budgets?

For Z690 and Z790 motherboards, there are various product recommendations available at different budgets. Entry-level builds can consider budget-friendly options with essential features, while mid-range and high-end builds can explore premium models with advanced power delivery, robust cooling, and extensive connectivity options.

5. What valuable information does this video provide for individuals looking to build a PC with 13th gen Intel Raptor Lake processors?

This video provides valuable information for individuals looking to build a PC with 13th gen Intel Raptor Lake processors by covering the best Z690 and Z790 motherboards, their features, compatibility, and product recommendations for different budgets. It also highlights the differences in memory compatibility and PCIe Gen 5 support, offering comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

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