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The video explains biorezonance as a treatment method using the frequency of the human body to address allergies and diseases caused by substances in the body. It involves testing for various substances and treating them by giving opposite frequencies, with a holistic approach for restoring the patient's health and balance. The method is used for a wide range of conditions, including pain, cancer, and addiction, and is considered safe even for pregnant women.
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Biorezonans is a treatment that uses the frequencies of the human body to identify and treat allergies and substances causing them.
The treatment originated in Germany about 40 years ago.
It is based on the concept that every substance has its own specific frequency.
Our body's cells are formed with different combinations of elements, resulting in different frequencies for each organ.
Biorezonance is a complementary medicine branch that treats diseases caused by foreign substances disrupting the healthy frequency in the body.
Healthy physiology has a frequency range, and foreign substances disrupt it causing sickness.
Biorezonance uses frequency to clean and heal the body, and it's a treatment method used in all diseases.
It's a complementary medicine branch also known as the integrative medicine branch, and it uses a test with 6400 substances to identify pathogens causing diseases.
Biorezonance testing is used to identify genetic and environmental factors that contribute to diseases.
There are two main causes of pathology: genetic problems and environmental factors.
The testing includes checking for allergies, viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
The treatment involves removing substances one by one using frequencies to restore the patient's physiology.
The aim of the sessions is to restore the patient's balance and health, and it is done week by week, session by session.
The frequency given to the body is never information to the body.
The average duration of treatment for simple allergy treatment is 12-14 sessions.
A nutrition plan is prepared in addition to hormonal treatment for thyroid problems.
The treatment process is a serious effort and team work in which the patient also participates.
Biorezonans is an effective treatment for pain and urgent surgical cases, and can be used for addiction treatments like smoking and alcoholism, with the latter requiring five consecutive sessions, while the former can be solved in just one session, but the person must be determined to overcome the psychological reasons behind their addiction.
Biorezonans is painless and effective for urgent and surgical treatment.
It can be used for addiction treatments like smoking and alcoholism.
Smoking addiction treatment can be solved in one session while alcohol support treatment can be solved in five consecutive sessions.
Addiction is not only a desire for the substance but also psychologically paired with different emotional states.
The person must be determined to overcome the psychological reasons behind their addiction.
Biorezonans treatment is a successful and effective method for various diseases, including alcohol addiction, with over ninety percent success rate.
Alcohol support treatment consists of five consecutive sessions starting on Monday and ending on Friday.
The treatment includes nutritional support to address metabolic and liver problems caused by alcohol.
Biorezonans treatment is safe for all age groups, including pregnant women, and the devices used are certified and have no side effects.
The method originated in Germany and has been widely used for 50 years, with recent integration into mainstream treatment options.
00:07video is a resonance frequency treatment.
00:10Rezan Has never means vibration. It tells us the
00:14vibration of the atom and its frequency along with the vibration of the atom.
00:17A room
00:20means the human body. The word never a little means the
00:23vibration and frequency of the human body.
00:26This is what we call this treatment, the
00:32treatment performed with the frequency of the human body. In the
00:35basic sense of the word, it is actually like that,
00:38but the starting point of this
00:41goes back to Germany, forty years
00:43ago, while working with Doctor Eric and Morle in Germany, years ago, they
00:53found that they could treat allergies with frequencies, and then they
00:55developed a device and with these devices they discovered
00:58allergy-causing substances or dances.
01:03After testing and seeing that they could give their reverse frequency and treat them,
01:05they called this device a rosacea device. And
01:08this method later
01:12started to spread as a bard method about fifty
01:15years ago. The underlying logic is that there
01:25is an atom of every substance in nature, related to this frequency that atoms spread around them. And in this atom of every substance, there
01:27are electrons around it. These
01:36circulate at a certain speed and at a certain level while in orbit. This is different for all atoms in the world.
01:40Therefore, this is a specific
01:43information, that is, the substance's own
01:45information. Since they are different in all of them,
01:51can actually recognize the substances with the frequencies of these substances and
01:54naturally. He thinks that these atoms are also in our
01:57cells. 12 In our
02:01body, we
02:05have a body formed by about 7 elements.
02:13Isn't it like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, which you all know? It has a body made up of about seven elements.
02:18our body's cells are formed with different combinations of these.
02:21Therefore, its organs
02:25have different frequencies. This is how our whole body is formed.
02:29If we consider, there are biochemical events in our body,
02:31as well as
02:34biophysical, frequency-related
02:37events. What do we call this? We call it physiology, we call it
02:40healthy physiology.
02:46When we get sick, we disrupt this healthy physiology. This is
02:48how we get sick. This is how we get sick.
02:58We disrupt it with foreign substances, pathogens and microbes that come into our body from outside.
03:01It has a frequency and all people have this
03:04frequency within a certain range. For example,
03:08I am giving an example like 5. The actual numbers are
03:10a little different, but we
03:13live healthily in this December. By the way,
03:16if a pathogen enters from outside, if a
03:19microbe enters, a chemical substance, heavy
03:23metal, so this If other substances outside the frequency range
03:26enter, they not only make us physically
03:29sick, but also
03:32disrupt our healthy frequency in terms of frequency. That is,
03:34when our big weapon broke down, one
03:36of our offices broke down. Here is a resonance
03:39method, cleaning the diseases caused by substances in the body
03:43through frequency,
03:47healing through frequency,
03:51treating through frequency, progressing through
03:54treatment. It is a
03:58complementary medicine
04:01branch, we also call it the integrative medicine branch. It
04:04is a little bit like this, and
04:08a prolongation treatment is
04:11a treatment method that can be used easily in all diseases. I
04:17underline that it is a treatment method. Because sometimes the
04:20word "dance"
04:27can be used not only by patients but also by people under the name of Client. But
04:29as you know, there is no such thing as Client in medicine. The
04:31word Client is a commercial
04:34word. Medical doctors treat and
04:38a little bit, it is an important branch used in treatment, it is an
04:41important method. In a dirty
04:44reduction method, when
04:46our patient comes,
04:51we look for the pathogens that cause diseases in our patient. We just talked about it
04:54and our physiology is in this December.
04:56Other pathogens coming from outside this range.
05:00Here is a test we are looking for. It is
05:05a test that contains 6400 more substances. This includes allergies, viruses,
05:08bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, food additives, food
05:11intolerances, food additives, food intolerances, food
05:19environmental factors that you test. We start with this test.
05:22Actually, what is the examination of the patient?
05:25Because we know that
05:31there are two reasons that cause this pathology. In our body, you either
05:34have a genetic problem or there are environmental factors that cause the disease. If we
05:40compare it to a glass, sometimes
05:43there is an underlying genetic cause. As we get older,
05:46environmental factors fill the glass. Fill it up.
05:49Fill and Overflow We must never
05:52find a reason for a single factor. Because what
05:56you call diseases is a marriage consisting of a cumulative total.
05:59Because if you
06:02do not get sick directly with substance a. It has a difficult past.
06:16In fact, we test
06:18all allergies, viruses, bacteria,
06:21parasites, 14 different parasites that affect our body, we
06:27do a frequency test with a little test, and as a result of this test,
06:30we reveal the problems of our patient.
06:33If the genetic problem
06:36does not fill the glass completely, if it fills the glass completely, the
06:38genetic problem
06:40means there is a problem from birth.
06:43The basis of chronic diseases is always
06:46environmental factors. When we
06:52move on to the treatment part after testing the soaps,
06:57we examine the patient holistically and find these substances for the disease.
07:13Starting from this blood
07:16test, we
07:18clean the substances one by one. So how do we clean?
07:22As I just mentioned about the frequency, we proceed by
07:27giving the opposite of the frequencies of these substances, neutrally
07:30criticizing them one by one, that is, by deleting them from the body.
07:32Therefore, the ultimate goal is to
07:36empty this glass and
07:38restore the patient's physiology, which
07:41we call Home estas, meaning the patient will never heal. What
07:49we do here is to reveal the resources and restore the patient's old, balanced and healthy state. This is
07:52actually a poetic process, but of course we do it
07:55week by week, session by session.
07:58Because the
08:01frequency you give to the body is never information to the body,
08:03and the body receives the information and processes it, goes through an
08:06appropriate adaptation period and
08:09carries out biochemical processes. He says,
08:11besides the physical procedures, and
08:13after putting it into practice, the situation
08:17started to improve. This is also a process. For
08:19a simple allergy treatment, this process
08:22is approximately 12-14 sessions. So,
08:25think of it as a three-month period. Of course,
08:27in other diseases,
08:29this process can change a lot in diseases
08:32such as cancer. In diseases,
08:35depending on the condition of the cancer patient, this may take a very long
08:37time, or in some cancer
08:40diseases, it may take a short time, but
08:41in the end, for the diseases we have used, especially for
08:44these and coffee
08:47diseases, this process is a little longer, for
08:49allergic diseases, the average is 12-14
08:52weeks, for some diseases,
08:56this process is a little longer for pediatric diseases, depending on the age group.
08:58As I said, the aim
09:01here is to ensure the patient's coma, that is, his body
09:04balance and health, and
09:07we say we do this session by session.
09:09This is the sole purpose of what we do in the sessions. On the
09:28one hand, we clean the basic substances that I mentioned before, on the other
09:30hand, whatever problems are currently affecting the thyroid,
09:33such as T3 T4 imbalance
09:37or any other problem, hormonal
09:40treatment is given and a
09:43nutrition plan is prepared for this. In fact, we
09:45say that we are a friend of ours, it is
09:47a completely holistic approach. It does
09:52not mean that I have given the frequency and fixed everything and sent it away. There is a serious
09:55treatment process here, a serious effort and
09:58a team work in which the patient also participates.
10:05This is the basic approach and purpose of the treatment and it
10:08is effective in fight diseases. Frankly, it has been proven to be effective in more than 400
10:10known diseases,
10:13that is,
10:16allergy virus. The Uzas method is very effective in many diseases that you can think of, such as chronic diseases such as bacterial parasitic
10:21rheumatic diseases,
10:24pain diseases, cancer diseases such as Enes,
10:36I say this as follows: I use it as a painless and effective solution for cases that
10:39require urgent and surgical treatment.
10:45It can be used in any way. It is
10:48even used in related treatments.
10:55One of the treatments in which the reduction method is most effective is alcohol treatment
11:01and the other is smoking addiction treatment,
11:03and although other treatments are 12 to 14 weeks, smoking
11:06support treatment can be solved in one session
11:10or alcohol support treatment
11:13can be solved in five consecutive sessions.
11:16Of course There is an important point that I need to underline in addiction treatments, the
11:21person must be determined
11:25because the underlying addiction
11:29is not only a desire for the substance, but
11:31also psychologically there are
11:33many reasons why we are paired with that addiction. For example,
11:38think about cigarette addiction, your friend will pass it on, he may
11:40say burn it for my sake, you can say "burn it for my sake".
11:45Beyond this addiction, it is a situation related to flow
11:48or different emotional states such as anger, love, happiness and sadness, we
11:56can all be paired with cigarettes. You get
11:58angry, you smoke,
12:00this makes you happy, cigarette comes, tea comes,
12:02coffee comes,
12:04cigarette comes, so
12:06the basis of these is psychological. There
12:09may be situations, you are paired with
12:11them. Of course, it is
12:14not easy to destroy them with frequency. Here, we
12:18need to be a little determined, of course,
12:20support is given on the psychological side, but when
12:23you come as a channel, when you give the cigarette to the body in the first session
12:26and as a single session,
12:29completely opposite to the frequency of nicotine, the
12:34receptors of the cigarette are closed in the mind and the receptors in the brain.
12:39body becomes like the body of a person who smokes for the first time,
12:45you don't even notice it during the session when you quit, in fact, the
12:48withdrawal symptoms it creates either
12:52do not occur at all or are very minimal and
12:54this makes the process very relaxing. As I
12:59if you are determined, a single session is quite
13:03successful and successful. It gets results,
13:06our success is over ninety percent. This is the same with alcohol. Unlike
13:14we do five consecutive days of treatment. 5 sessions
13:16start on Monday and end on Friday. Why?
13:19Because there are metabolic problems in alcohol, it
13:25also creates nutritional problems, especially in your liver,
13:27so we have to support this for five days.
13:32While we are doing alcohol support treatment every day, on the 3rd day,
13:34our diet system gives you a nutrition
13:37program and in the treatment, you are
13:43given a plan for what you will do after alcohol and
13:45your body's health
13:47is supported with Vitamin and mineral support. We say alcohol treatment is only
13:49as you see it, dance is simple, no side
13:53effects, painless and painless. It is a good treatment method that
13:59can be used in many diseases and produces important and successful
14:10It can be used easily in all age groups, including pregnant women, from birth to advanced ages, and it is
14:13a harmless method. The devices we use in this method are
14:15both CE
14:18certified and have no side effects, which
14:20we call the classic 2A group, by the Ministry of Health. It is
14:23also in the harmless medical device
14:26category. Therefore, it
14:28does not pose any problem. We try not
14:31to take it in the first three months of pregnancy, just as a precaution.
14:34Of course,
14:37we can still take it in important cases, because it is the group where miscarriages are most
14:50we do not take the treatment as an extension of this,
14:52we call it to the emergency room in other months. It uses the As method effectively by changing
14:55the location of the electrodes according to the baby's position. It
14:59even says it for easy birth,
15:02and we know how to apply the treatment. As you can
15:05see, it is a personal method that
15:15has spread all over the world since 50 years ago, from Germany. In our country, in recent
15:18years, the method has become an integrative treatment with no side effects, which
15:24can be used together with the classical click or can be
15:27easily applied alone for all kinds of diseases.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is biorezonance treatment?

Biorezonance treatment involves using the frequency of the human body to address allergies and diseases caused by substances in the body. It tests for various substances and treats them by giving opposite frequencies, with a holistic approach for restoring the patient's health and balance.

2. What conditions can biorezonance treatment be used for?

Biorezonance treatment can be used for a wide range of conditions, including pain, cancer, addiction, and allergies. The method is also considered safe even for pregnant women, making it a versatile treatment option.

3. How does biorezonance treatment address allergies and diseases?

Biorezonance treatment addresses allergies and diseases by testing for various substances in the body and treating them with opposite frequencies. This approach aims to restore the balance and health of the patient using the frequency of the human body.

4. Is biorezonance treatment safe for pregnant women?

Yes, biorezonance treatment is considered safe for pregnant women, making it a viable treatment option for expectant mothers who may be seeking holistic and non-invasive treatment methods.

5. Can biorezonance treatment be used for cancer?

Yes, biorezonance treatment can be used for cancer. The method uses the frequency of the human body to address the condition, providing a holistic approach for patients seeking alternative or complementary treatment options.

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