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Blizzard Dev leak explains that Jeff Kaplan quit due to upper management's focus on profit margins over creative vision and integrity, leading to the cancellation of Overwatch 2's PvE content. The leak highlights internal turmoil and conflicting priorities within Blizzard, ultimately leading to Jeff Kaplan's departure from the company after 19 years. Asmongold reacts to the leaked information, discussing the impact on game development and the community's disappointment with the company's decisions.
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Jeff Kaplan quit Overwatch due to upper management's focus on profit margins over game development
Anonymous source from Blizzard Entertainment confirms the cancellation of Overwatch 2 PvE was due to profit margins
Upper management executives were looking at games like Diablo Immortal, which made $2 million a day, and saw Overwatch 2 as irrelevant
The addition of a battle pass and cosmetics to the live service multiplayer game turned on a new revenue stream, making higher executives question the need for a big, complicated, and expensive game like Overwatch 2.
The leaked information suggests that Bobby Caddick, the figurehead of Blizzard, would write the responses for his team in response to lawsuits.
Blizzard's PR speak is not their own, but rather Bobby Caddick's.
The leaked information raises questions about the treatment of part-time workers and commissioned artists at Blizzard.
Blizzard wants to maintain a massive and capable team, while also canceling big projects and focusing on lower production cost and higher return on investment.
Bobby Caddick prioritizes profit margins over bigger investments and big payoffs.
The leaked information also contradicts Jared Ness's public statements about the work from home policy at Blizzard.
The video discusses the challenges of balancing heroes and skill trees in the game, suggesting that it would have been easier to focus on individual missions for characters like Soldier 76.
Designing a brand new hero for PVP was easier than creating skill trees with multiple options for PVE.
Balancing all the different talents and abilities for each hero would be a daunting task.
Comparisons are made to other games like Diablo and Borderlands 3, which have a smaller number of characters.
The suggestion is made to have individual missions for specific characters, like Soldier 76, to provide players with something to work off of.
Jeff Kaplan left Overwatch due to his artistic vision not aligning with the direction of the game.
Jeff Kaplan did not want to continue with the game's current direction.
He had a unique route to arriving at a competitive multiplayer game that was unlike any other.
Kaplan looked to maximize fun first and worry about competitive viability later.
The weakness of other competitive titles is that characters are less defined and often not as imaginative or intuitive.
Jeff Kaplan quit due to the change of strategy imposed on him, the broken promises, and the bait-and-switch tactics of Blizzard.
Jeff Kaplan felt frustrated seeing his vision being reduced to rubble by top-down decisions.
He didn't want to apologize for promises that couldn't be fulfilled.
The bait-and-switch tactics, broken promises, and lies made him want to leave.
Players invested in the game with the expectation of improvements that were never delivered.
Leaks reveal that Blizzard cut resources and set unrealistic expectations for a project, leading to Jeff Kaplan's departure.
Leaks suggest that Bobby Codic's decision to switch gears entirely ruined progress.
Resources were cut, and unrealistic expectations were set, making the project doomed to fail.
Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard after 19 years, throwing shade at the suits who sabotaged his dream project.
00:00blizzard Dev leak explains why Jeff
00:02Kaplan quit OverWatch oh
00:08uh oh let's see it it's time this is why
00:12Jeff quit what's going on guys it's
00:15Frito here for your OverWatch for a
00:17second I thought that was Jeff talking
00:18like just for like [ __ ] a fraction I
00:20was like wait what the [ __ ] a YouTuber
00:22friend of mine sir swag released a video
00:24where he outlines quotes from an
00:27anonymous source that he has from
00:29Blizzard Entertainment a developer that
00:31knows the inner workings of what was
00:33going wrong on Team Four the dev team
00:36that was working on OverWatch 2 and the
00:38now canceled PVE I reached out to Sir
00:41swag as a precaution to say hey bro is
00:44this legit yes it sure is he has my
00:47confidence and Trust we'll break down
00:48the details of the leak and as well I
00:50think this illuminates a lot of the
00:52growing story arc of Jeff Kaplan leaving
00:55and the inner turmoil with the company
00:57the anonymous source says the
00:59cancellation was one thousand percent in
01:02upper management executive issue it was
01:04all about profit margins that they were
01:06looking at a game like Diablo Immortal
01:08which was making two million dollars a
01:11day and that changed the X
01:142 million two million dollars a day
01:18bro I think we need to make one of these
01:20games like we yeah we're in the wrong
01:23business guys
01:25we have been messing this up yeah I I
01:29could we could make a much better one
01:32expectations for this star Forge online
01:34he was looked at as increasingly
01:37irrelevant and not going to earn money
01:39in the long term keep in mind that just
01:41the live service multiplayer game that
01:43they already had all of a sudden turned
01:46on a new Revenue stream just by adding a
01:48battle pass and cosmetics I feel like
01:51it's hard for me to just automatically
01:53believe this because like it just seems
01:57like it's too based to be true
02:00like it just confirms so many biases
02:03that like oh I don't know
02:06you can see why higher Executives would
02:09look at that and say why do we want to
02:10invest in making this big complicated
02:13expensive game when we can make money in
02:15easier ways yeah these claims stand to
02:18reason to me but it gets worse during
02:19the pandemic there was slowed production
02:21and as progress got worse and they
02:24struggled to meet deadlines there began
02:27a vicious cycle that was doomed to fail
02:29the league talks about Talent leaving or
02:32getting reorganized to other projects
02:34but also keep in mind that there was the
02:36lawsuit which maybe some employees left
02:39due to protest but as the production due
02:41to other reasons they actually pulled
02:43resources from the team which was a
02:45doomed to fail strategy and a little bit
02:47at odds because the team is always
02:49publicly talking about how they've
02:52expanded the team doubled the size of
02:54the team but no offense when they bring
02:56up that's what they always say they said
02:57we doubled the size of the team and we
02:59cut the content in half boom problem
03:03some of the new developers they are
03:05often quite young and no offense to
03:07young people but a lot of the best devs
03:10and the seasoned veterans the ones that
03:12usually have enough experience or
03:13knowledge well those are beginning to
03:15get thin as many of them have left to
03:18other companies so the anonymous source
03:20speaks quite contrary to a lot of the
03:23public messaging that we're getting from
03:24blizzard home if you pay close attention
03:26multiple blizzard devs in the chats live
03:29streams BlizzCon line the blog posts say
03:32how they've doubled the size of the team
03:34increased way bigger than they've ever
03:36been before but at the same time they're
03:38admitting publicly as well that the
03:41workload they had was too much it really
03:43sucks that the developers have to I
03:46don't think that's necessarily double
03:47speak they were just trying to scale up
03:49and they couldn't do it be themselves
03:51the marketing mouthpiece for the game as
03:54well so they sort of have to tell the
03:56lies that Bobby caddick would want them
03:58to tell keep in mind this is the same
04:00guy that would reportedly write verbatim
04:03the responses that his figureheads would
04:06say in response to the lawsuits so you
04:08really have to be careful that was not
04:09reported that literally was proven to
04:13well absorbing any of the pr speak from
04:15anyone yet blizzard as if it's them
04:17speaking themselves no no they're
04:19speaking for Bobby so they talk about
04:20that that's right it's Bobby's World and
04:22we're just living in it guys keep that
04:24in mind
04:25banding but does that mean part-time
04:27work does that mean the commissioned
04:29artists that they have to churn out the
04:32Skins content for the game that you have
04:34to imagine they pay less than a
04:36full-time employee you're not really
04:37going to pin them down on any logically
04:39congruent storyline because somehow they
04:42both want us to believe that the team is
04:43massive big and capable but also they
04:46have to apologize for canceling the
04:48massive big project that they had and
04:50instead transferring all their energy to
04:52something that is lower on production
04:54cost and a higher return on investment
04:57banking a wonderful game that will build
05:00the franchise's IP strength overall no
05:03Bobby doesn't like that he likes profit
05:05margins small investment big payoff
05:07instead of a bigger investment and also
05:10a big payoff no no the amount of profit
05:12is all that matters another
05:14contradiction from I think we could have
05:16gotcha in OverWatch three
05:21you know like imagine if the Reinhardt
05:23suit with the ax would make him do more
05:26damage to armored characters
05:28or make him like if he had the axon he
05:32would ignore the armor and he would just
05:34hit their health pool instead like that
05:36would be pretty cool Anonymous leak they
05:39said a lot of the OverWatch 1.3 work
05:41from home policy was enacted meaning
05:43that employees had to actually live near
05:46the blizzard campus where it's very
05:48expensive this is directly in contrary
05:51to Jared Ness who says the opposite
05:54publicly but again I feel like this is a
05:56case where Blizzard's PR speak tries to
05:58have it both ways dated people quit
06:00because of the work from home I mean
06:02let's be real there's probably bad [ __ ]
06:05going on at the company and people are
06:06leaving because of it but they don't
06:08want to just go out public and be like
06:09yeah [ __ ] is all kinds of [ __ ] up guys
06:11like y'all have no idea like this place
06:14is a [ __ ] disaster this place is a
06:16zoo okay so yeah executives are [ __ ]
06:20Bobby's a dick uh the people that are
06:22running the company don't even know what
06:24the video games they're doing are uh you
06:27know some guy told me yesterday they
06:28thought OverWatch was Counter-Strike and
06:31he's the product manager so I don't know
06:33how that's gonna go but we're trying to
06:34figure things out one step at a time and
06:37uh oh yeah there's also like they they
06:39said now we have to pay for lunch yeah
06:41we don't get free lunch anymore like
06:43they're not really going to come out and
06:44say that right they're going to be like
06:46guys listen hey you know we've had some
06:48struggles but things are going well
06:53ultimately have a significant effect on
06:55your productivity no and if the team is
06:57big and capable well where's the product
06:59for it it really sucks to have to have
07:01these developers speak on the behalf of
07:04the company which is funny because with
07:06wow like blizzard said hey we're adding
07:09in like a hundred new employees for the
07:10wow team
07:12and we're getting more content for a
07:15that's crazy huh wow how does that
07:19give us these lies that just don't add
07:21up but ultimately we know who to blame
07:23it should have been no surprise to
07:24anyone the anonymous source goes on to
07:26say something that I think we all know
07:28is that the devs really just did the
07:30best with what they were given and as
07:31they've said publicly developing the
07:33talent trees for every single hero in
07:36the game was an insane proposition I
07:39feel stupid
07:40it was stupid to even try to do that
07:43they weren't designed with that in mind
07:46every single class has the same type of
07:49talent tree that's it's dumb
07:52wonder if they would have been better
07:54off just like taking eight heroes or so
07:56and making that game first just with
07:58them because from Reddit responses from
08:00the devs they've told us that it was
08:02easier to design a brand new hero for
08:05PVP than to do the skill trees which had
08:08all these different options for PVE even
08:11though it doesn't have to probably would
08:12believe that because having to balance
08:14all of those things remember blizzard
08:16did this in like shadowlands and BFA
08:18where like all they would do is run
08:20around putting out fires because some
08:22sort of like weird trinket interaction
08:24you know is overpowered for fire Mages
08:27on three different fights like it yeah
08:30it probably would be awful to try to
08:32balance all that [ __ ]
08:34be as balanced somewhere between 30 and
08:3750 talents for each hero in the game
08:40that's an insane amount of content
08:41especially when you think of like an
08:43action RPG I'm thinking Diablo
08:45Borderlands 3. there's only a handful of
08:48characters in the game and they span off
08:50into a few what they should have done is
08:52what they did with Warcraft 3. so like
08:54in Warcraft 3 there was like this
08:56separate rexar mission that you could do
08:59that was supposed to simulate what World
09:01of Warcraft was supposed to be
09:04and like you would play through that
09:06mission and level up rexar and get more
09:09powerful and like talk to different
09:10characters it's like really really cool
09:12and they should have just done that with
09:14like probably I think the best character
09:16to do it with probably would be like
09:18Soldier 76 because it's like the most
09:21traditional like RT or sorry not RTS FPS
09:24character and he has a heel so there's
09:26like a lot of different ways that you
09:27can like micromanage him like they
09:29should have just had to be Soldier 76 or
09:31something like that like playing through
09:33individual missions and then start there
09:35so at least people have something to
09:37work off of or go off of
09:39trees but it's not so much more than the
09:41amount that they're saying there if they
09:43did try to do that game it would have
09:45been the biggest action RPG type game of
09:48all time so it's really heartbreaking to
09:51see them not be given the resources to
09:53make that game of the decade that it
09:56could have been but it makes sense when
09:58you think to the way that Activision I
10:00don't know I mean maybe it would have
10:01maybe it wouldn't have like I'm not
10:03going to just be like oh yeah it
10:04definitely would have been so amazing
10:06like I mean
10:07like I mean Destiny Warframe like all
10:10these games are really good but they're
10:12not like transforming the game industry
10:14every single game is about them like
10:16they're not on the level of like
10:18valorant or anything like that so like
10:21I'm not going to just be like yeah this
10:23game would have been so [ __ ] great
10:25maybe maybe not
10:28blizzard King runs all of their IP Candy
10:31Crush Call of Duty they want OverWatch
10:33to be like that and it needs to be a
10:35different game if they wanted to make a
10:37real game instead of a cash flip with
10:39low investment requirement and high
10:41return on investment AKA milking out IPS
10:44and giving the least amount of product
10:46for the most amount of money it's a
10:48really unfortunate business strategy
10:50because if you look at a game like World
10:51of Warcraft which is just outrageously
10:53massive OverWatch 2 could have been the
10:55next thing it could have reached towards
10:57the MMO aspirations that Aaron Keller
11:00talked about in the day you want to know
11:02what my hot take on this was that uh I
11:04actually don't think that they should
11:06have gone about it with like the heroes
11:08I think they should have had it be like
11:09you're your own character rather than
11:12playing one of the heroes of OverWatch
11:15like you just can't like having a hero
11:18shooter that has like 50 different
11:20characters balancing all of that like
11:23why because number one like you can give
11:26people a way to experience the story
11:28second hand that way while also giving
11:30people ways to like play individual
11:32characters I think it would have been
11:34fine is it valorant like that with
11:36agents yeah I guess it kind of is I mean
11:41I I I I don't know like I think that was
11:44the mistake is trying to make it to
11:46where people were playing Heroes
11:50I have a Blog in my previous video it
11:52could have reached that size of game but
11:54at the moment the best thing we're going
11:56to get is like a full campaign in like
11:59years of time which I suppose is better
12:01than nothing but it's nowhere near the
12:03artistic vision of what these devs
12:05wanted to do and that's where I want to
12:07transition to talk about Jeff Kaplan
12:09where it's blatantly obvious now that he
12:12was not signing up for any more of this
12:15ATV IBS and while you guys know I had a
12:18lot of philosophical differences with
12:20Jeff over the years I'll be straight up
12:22the guy just did not like me at all I
12:24was a thorn in his side for years but I
12:27always respected the man's integrity and
12:29artistic vision and very unique route to
12:33arriving to a competitive multiplayer
12:35game that was unlike any other because
12:37Jeff worked on the wow team for so many
12:39years and as Aaron Keller said in his
12:41blog post the team wore wow devs they
12:44thought of things in more of the magical
12:46player immersion point of view whereas
12:49other competitive titles let's say
12:51valorant are all about the competition
12:53every step of the way which does have
12:55its benefits I will admit but you can
12:57see the weakness is clear as day the
12:59characters are less defined they often
13:01aren't as imaginative or intuitive so
13:05over the years I had to grow a level of
13:07respect for the alternate route that
13:10guys like Jeff Kaplan or the now former
13:12lead hero designer Jeff Goodman would
13:15take to design they look to maximize the
13:17fun first and worry about the
13:19competitive viability later it gave us
13:21the goats Meadow we were trapped in but
13:23it also gave us 2016's game of the year
13:25so I tend to take the good with the bad
13:27yeah I think it's more important for a
13:29game to be fun than for it to be
13:31balanced at high competitive levels but
13:33I do think that the problem is that if a
13:36game isn't balanced at all and there's
13:38like obvious outliers then it's not fun
13:41for anyone like I remember like sojourn
13:44is a good example for this right it's
13:46like at what level is sojourn op well it
13:50Grandmaster I'm pretty sure it was I saw
13:52a defran complaining about it all the
13:53time but like if you're playing in
13:56silver or gold sojourn's probably not OP
13:59and it's fine so it depends on the way
14:02the character is designed
14:04Bridget ruined OverWatch I don't know
14:06like people say that a lot I wasn't
14:08playing at the time now let's look back
14:11to quotes from the 2019 announcement of
14:13OverWatch 2. keep in mind that many of
14:15us believe that this was pushed out the
14:17door because Bobby katik wanted to
14:20change the news cycle surrounding
14:21BlizzCon with growing controversy over
14:24the blitz Chung incident so they had to
14:26come out with the big announcement then
14:28even though it's pretty clear in
14:30hindsight they weren't really ready to
14:32do so I would believe that right off the
14:34bat yep that's that sounds like a Bobby
14:36activity right there yep I believe it
14:39stage Jeff explained the endlessly
14:41replayable missions that they called
14:43hero missions and he said it's what
14:45Adventure Mode is to Diablo it was aimed
14:48to have a progression system with custom
14:49abilities and talents then he went on to
14:52explain that they wanted to redefine the
14:54sequel and this is where I always
14:55thought it was very tone deaf to speak
14:58this way because while Jeff was trapped
15:01at Activision Blizzard where they're
15:03used to sequel earned like Call of Duty
15:06coming out every year losing all of the
15:08progress cosmetics and everything to
15:10play a different game year on year the
15:13rest of the industry had already changed
15:15to free to play in 2019 fortnite was the
15:18biggest game in the world and at the
15:20start of that year Apex Legends launched
15:22so we had two games destroying OverWatch
15:25at the same time which were free to play
15:27and had all dude Apex on release was so
15:32I remember I would play Apex every
15:34single day
15:36it was so [ __ ] fun man
15:39like and then after you were done
15:41playing you would watch ninja and shroud
15:43play it remember how good that was oh
15:47oh dude it was so so good Apex is too
15:52sweaty now that's just the way games are
15:54they get too serious
15:57ly for that one time I streamed
15:59OverWatch and then I don't know if he's
16:01still in here but Josh balanced out it
16:03he's one of my mods [ __ ] almost
16:05clutched up a 20 kill game and soloed
16:10the entire team and got to the very end
16:12of the game and lost like a 2V1
16:15it was actually the most intense it was
16:17like the first game that we had ever
16:19played on stream
16:21so Jeff was talking about for the sequel
16:23already free in the game so Jeff wanted
16:26his sequel to bring all of the old
16:29players along with so you could keep all
16:31your cosmetics and you'd still be able
16:33to play with the new players in
16:35OverWatch 2. we never really got the
16:37full explanation of what that meant
16:39because it didn't make any sense but
16:41over the years we're able to stitch it
16:43together and what it was going to be is
16:45that the PVP would just get updated and
16:48the PVE would be an entirely separate
16:50Diablo game with its own campaign and
16:54end game and you would pay for that new
16:56experience but you could also just stick
16:58to PVP if you wanted they would be
17:00separate that was always a competitive
17:02disadvantage though because the
17:03Activision Blizzard they were a bit in a
17:05bubble with the Box product model being
17:08so profitable for them the writing was
17:10on the wall even at that point yeah box
17:12price games are just not the meta
17:14anymore The Meta now is free to play
17:17games that have microtransactions
17:20because box price games work here and
17:24box price games work here but free to
17:27play games work here
17:29free to play games work here and they
17:31work here and they work down here too
17:35if the rest of the industry was on the
17:37box product model then yeah that would
17:39have been revolutionary but with so many
17:41free-to-play games already robbing
17:43attention from OverWatch that was going
17:45to be doomed to fail and think about
17:46this from Jeff kaplan's point of view he
17:49gets to be the scapegoat that goes on
17:51stage to over promise this massive game
17:54that they're trying to make that Aaron
17:56Keller cleared up on how audacious the
17:59vision of this was that not only did
18:01Jeff want that each hero having 30 to 50
18:04talents in a PVE endlessly replayable
18:07Diablo game behind the scenes they
18:09wanted another higher bigger game a MMO
18:13game over that after they made OverWatch
18:152. that's what OverWatch three yeah
18:17that's what my expectation was going to
18:19be is that they were going to transition
18:21OverWatch into being a game like destiny
18:25I had heard that from people before I
18:27had hoped that was what was going to
18:28happen it was going to be so at some
18:31point in the company based on the links
18:33Bobby's World from Sir swag they're
18:35looking at the numbers of all of this
18:36and how Jeff wants to scale this up and
18:39I'm assuming a suit said No in fact I'll
18:42give you less resources good luck doing
18:44whatever you want it always felt odd to
18:46me because Jeff Kaplan was I think it's
18:48also like just trying to make something
18:50like that work might be really really
18:51hard to do like I mean you can blame it
18:54on the executives anyway but I bet doing
18:56it's probably really hard
18:57so it would make sense that they would
18:59struggle with it a lot
19:01I I don't know I don't think it's that
19:02big of a surprise I think that uh next
19:04uh April 1st blizzard should announce
19:06OverWatch 3 and tell everybody that the
19:10PVP is coming for sure this time
19:13all right guys it's gonna be for sure
19:16this time guys they're gonna have talent
19:18trees and they're gonna they're gonna
19:19have unique weapons too
19:21vice president of Blizzard Entertainment
19:24as the coverage of the lawsuit and
19:27everything has gone on we all know that
19:29there's really just one king at
19:30Activision Blizzard it's Bobby every
19:33other position of leadership just
19:35be a token and hey I mean vice president
19:38was already probably a token position
19:40but it felt strange that he couldn't
19:41have more pull to get what he wanted but
19:43adding everything up now in hindsight I
19:46think Jeff was looking down the barrel
19:47of the change of strategy that was being
19:50pushed onto him from top down seeing
19:52everything that he wanted to build be
19:54reduced to rubble and Jeff has to sit
19:56there and think does he want to have to
19:58come out again and give this massive
20:01apology that he shouldn't have to make I
20:04don't think Jeff was probably I mean
20:05like you really look at it from his
20:07perspective what this guy's saying
20:08really makes a lot of sense yeah I mean
20:11that this really does make a lot of
20:13[ __ ] sense
20:15have wanted to lie to us and say that
20:18PVE is coming and then months later down
20:20the line Prince claimed that it's in
20:22this diminished capacity after he had
20:24just years ago on stage promised the
20:27world I can see why he'd want to leave
20:29for that let someone else have to tell
20:31those lies he was not gonna walk the
20:33plank because while I have been on board
20:35for the free to play change expensive
20:38Cosmetics I don't mind paying a battle
20:40pass because I like the content I get in
20:42it I enjoy it more than loot boxes I
20:45like the seasonal model I like the
20:47update cycle we have I even will
20:49probably like the campaign so it's not
20:51even really necessarily any of these
20:53decisions that I hate because I never
20:54needed a Diablo game for OverWatch
20:57because Diablo 4 was coming anyway I
20:59like Diablo for a place the thing that I
21:02can't stand is the bait and switch is
21:04the lying is the thought that maybe I
21:06bought more skins thinking they were
21:08still making that big game that they did
21:10not tell us they have canceled when they
21:12knew they think that's the way a lot of
21:14people are is they thought they were
21:15gonna get uh you know they would buy
21:17skins in the game and invest a lot into
21:19the game like not not investors in money
21:22but like play the game a lot and you
21:24know get attached to it because they
21:26knew that it was going to get a lot
21:27better it's like people that like
21:29imagine like they have a pre-patch for
21:31an expansion and wow and everybody
21:33resubs to play the game to get ready for
21:36the new expansion and then blizzard
21:38comes out and it's like guys listen
21:41listen we don't really have listen
21:43there's making a video game is really
21:45hard okay
21:46it's the first thing I gotta say
21:48second thing is that the new one is just
21:51I mean you know it's I mean a lot I mean
21:53you know you're still gonna be able to
21:55level up it's just you I mean there's no
21:57you're not gonna be able to go to the
21:58new zone no there's no new dungeon so
22:00you can run the same Dungeons and get
22:01experience again though
22:04that before they even launch OverWatch
22:06too they flew creators out like myself
22:09to show us all the amazing things they
22:11were doing for PVP and when we kept
22:13nagging them especially me by the way
22:15the most annoying of any of the creators
22:17asking the hardest questions behind the
22:20scenes always with only a few other of
22:22my peers that even come close to how
22:24much I hold Blizzard's feet to the fire
22:26we kept nagging about PVE and we never
22:29got a response I don't think I've ever
22:31used a cuss word on this channel [ __ ]
22:33you blizzard didn't they get rid of this
22:37thank you for lying to my face into all
22:39of our other creators getting us on
22:41board with a strategy that you were not
22:43disclosing fully the changes and
22:46downgrades you were making I am never
22:47trusting another thing you say ever
22:49again because I will have to admit I was
22:52lure this guy is [ __ ] pissed dude I
22:54can't that went zero to sixty real quick
22:56God damn by the personality and Goodwill
23:00from the people who are working on the
23:02front lines but fooled into believing
23:04that they speak genuinely they often do
23:07but they also speak PR speak for Bobby
23:09codic like everyone else does at that
23:11company and you can't expect anything
23:13more from that I am beyond and that's
23:15not even really their fault you've got
23:17to remember that these are employees
23:20they are doing their job
23:26it sucks you can be mad at him
23:29but it's important to just like nah I
23:31wouldn't take it too personally okay
23:34they're just following or what are they
23:35gonna do yeah what are they gonna do
23:39to irate about how we as the entire
23:42Community have been treated by Bobby
23:44Connick it's been his fault the entire
23:46way through and the leaks just keep
23:48compounding if you remember leaks from a
23:50while ago from an associate producer
23:52that went to Riot games saying that
23:54Bobby codic would come down after
23:56telling the dev team to work on one big
23:58Direction and switch gears entirely
24:00ruining progress now on top of it we
24:03have leaks saying that they would cut
24:04resources and make the project doomed to
24:07fail by having ridiculous expectations
24:09funded by starvation remember how cool
24:11this cinematic was
24:13man I remember me and McConnell dude we
24:16saw this [ __ ] it was like oh man this is
24:19gonna be awesome guys
24:23in resource tactics I'll end this rant
24:25today by reminding you Jeff kaplan's
24:28final response before leaving the
24:30company written almost as if it was on a
24:32napkin in lower case Jeff somebody had a
24:35personal note he says I'm leaving
24:37Blizzard Entertainment after 19 amazing
24:40years it was truly the honor of a
24:42lifetime to have the opportunity to
24:44create worlds and heroes so people put
24:46more effort into leaving an Esports team
24:48than this he was just like all right
24:51yeah I'm out
24:54such a passionate audience I want to
24:57express my deep appreciation people put
24:58more how many of y'all ever had a girl
25:00where somebody would write a longer
25:02message of why they're leaving the guild
25:05patient to everyone at blizzard who
25:07supported our games our game teams and
25:10our players but I want to say a special
25:12thanks to the wonderful game developers
25:14that shared in the Journey of Creation
25:16with me never accept the world as it
25:19appears to be always dare to see it for
25:21what it could be I hope you do the same
25:23Gigi Jeffrey Kaplan and of course a
25:26notable exemption here the silence on
25:30certain aspects of the company is
25:32deafening supporting his developers as
25:34he always did and very clearly throwing
25:37shade at the suits that sabotaged his
25:40dream project so much so that he was
25:42willing to leave it after being one of
25:44the longest running developers at the
25:46company who helped build back in the day
25:48Jeff Jeff Kaplan used to be the main
25:50dude in WoW
25:52back in vanilla wow and BC and wrath and
25:56you know what he played he played a
25:58those were some good days
26:00oh man those were some great days
26:04Sky rocketing World of Warcraft and
26:06transitioned into another team to work
26:09on Project Titan which eventually
26:10transformed into OverWatch and I can't
26:13help but imagine if Bobby Katic was
26:15willing to pay himself less and the
26:18talented people making the things that
26:20make him all that money more if we could
26:22have just had more wonderful things
26:24probably watch one was a Beacon of Hope
26:27in the game industry when there was a
26:29lot of also Rand type shooter games out
26:32OverWatch 2 was supposed to be the walk
26:35as Aaron Keller describes it instead as
26:38we know that Vision will never be
26:40realized at this pace at the level of
26:42commitment that Bobby caddock is willing
26:44to give this Dev team let me know what
26:46you think about all this in the comment
26:47section down below if you enjoyed this
26:48video please be sure to leave it a like
26:50and don't forget to subscribe and click
26:51the Bell icon to actually get notified
26:53when our videos
26:55come out that's been it for me I've been
26:57freedo if you're OverWatch I'll see you
26:58guys next time dude this guy went so
27:02where he was like you know what blizzard
27:04[ __ ] you [ __ ] you for lying to me [ __ ]
27:09you for everything man I [ __ ] hate
27:12you guys
27:13oh my God my expectation of OverWatch
27:18and like my excitement for the game
27:21is pretty much at zero
27:25like I I have no enthusiasm for
27:27OverWatch anymore
27:29because I know what it's never going to
27:31be and maybe one day I will be I will be
27:34proven wrong and I look forward to that
27:38but it certainly seems like that day's
27:40not going to come any [ __ ] time soon
27:41you know
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why did Jeff Kaplan quit Blizzard?

Jeff Kaplan quit Blizzard due to upper management's focus on profit margins over creative vision and integrity, as well as the cancellation of Overwatch 2's PvE content. The leaked information highlighted internal turmoil and conflicting priorities within Blizzard, ultimately leading to Jeff Kaplan's departure from the company after 19 years.

2. What was the impact of Jeff Kaplan's departure on game development?

Jeff Kaplan's departure had a significant impact on game development, as he was a key figure in the creative vision and direction of Overwatch. His absence raises concerns about the future direction of Overwatch 2 and the impact on the game's development progress and quality.

3. How did Asmongold react to the leaked information?

Asmongold reacted to the leaked information by discussing the impact on game development and the community's disappointment with the company's decisions. His reaction reflected the broader sentiment of the gaming community and highlighted the significance of Jeff Kaplan's departure.

4. What were the internal conflicts highlighted in the leaked information?

The leaked information highlighted internal turmoil and conflicting priorities within Blizzard, showcasing the tension between creative vision and profit margins. It shed light on the challenges and struggles faced by the development team in balancing these conflicting priorities, ultimately leading to Jeff Kaplan's departure.

5. Why was the community disappointed with Blizzard's decisions?

The community was disappointed with Blizzard's decisions due to the cancellation of Overwatch 2's PvE content and the focus on profit margins over creative vision and integrity. The leaked information revealed the internal turmoil and conflicting priorities within Blizzard, amplifying the disappointment and raising concerns about the company's direction.

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