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The video discusses the concept of the "great wealth transfer" and the role of money in controlling humanity, as well as the potential crash of the US dollar and the upcoming events in September as a foreshadowing of significant changes. It also mentions the cycles and predictions surrounding Bitcoin's price movement.
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Bo Polny is introduced as a guest on the show, and they engage in some lighthearted banter about their appearances and backgrounds.
Noah comments on Bo's white hair.
Noah uses a face-tracking app that makes him look like Johann Sebastian Bach.
Bo is joining the show from a location that looks like the mountains.
There is a photograph of trees behind Bo.
The speaker discusses the concept of the love of money as the root of all evil and how it relates to the global control of humanity.
The Bible refers to the love of money as the root of all evil.
The speaker describes mystery Babylon as an evil system that controls humanity.
In the past, control was exerted through violence, but now it is done through making people believe they are free while they work to accumulate money to pay off fictional debts.
Money is created out of thin air, yet people believe it has value.
The speaker discusses the limited supply of gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies, and dismisses claims that cryptocurrencies are used for child trafficking.
Gold and silver have a limited supply in the ground and require energy to mine.
The speaker finds it amusing that people believe cryptocurrencies are used for child trafficking.
Cryptocurrencies can be traced on the blockchain, making them a poor choice for illegal activities.
The speaker believes that the world Reserve currency is about to change, and predicts a positive future for Bitcoin, gold, and silver.
This section discusses the Supreme Court's decisions on affirmative action and the First Amendment, as well as the release of a movie exposing worldwide child abuse. It also mentions the Rothschilds and the connection between money and children.
The Supreme Court ended affirmative action for higher education.
The Supreme Court stood up for the First Amendment in a case involving a gay couple and a cake.
A movie called "Sound of Freedom" exposed a worldwide syndicate of child abuse.
The Rothschilds are mentioned in relation to controlling the money supply.
According to the Year of Jubilee, we may see an act of God between now and September, as it is the 50th year since the Jubilee began.
The Year of Jubilee started on September 25th of last year.
In the 50th year, according to Leviticus, we are supposed to be released from bondage.
Between now and September, an act of God may occur.
The speaker predicts that there will be significant events happening between July and September, including the crash of the US dollar and potential bank failures.
The speaker mentions that the Jubilee should be over by the 25th of September.
There will be consequences for people who are exposed or finished, with their secrets revealed.
The speaker believes that the crash of the US dollar and potential bank failures are imminent.
The speaker discusses the upcoming battle between good and evil and emphasizes the importance of praying and thanking God.
The speaker believes that God will intervene and change the direction of the world.
The fall season is described as a time for reaping what one has sown, with consequences for those who have done evil.
The speaker mentions that the last two weeks of September and November are significant time points.
There is a mention of the potential return of Trump to office this year.
The speaker discusses how their cycle chart accurately predicted Bitcoin's price movements, including the breakout in June and the bottom in November.
The June 6th update mentioned a breakout in June, which happened on June 22nd.
The cycle chart accurately predicted the September drop, FTX crash, January rise, top in April, and sideways price action in April, May, and June.
The chart also correctly predicted the bottom for Bitcoin on November 22nd.
00:00live from America's Heartland this is
00:03the daily truth Report with your host
00:06Noah Christopher welcome back to the
00:09Daily truth report I'm your host Noah
00:12looking Dapper on the screen and my
00:16guest returning uh one of the favorites
00:18around here is Bo pull me Bo welcome
00:20back to the show
00:22thanks Noah thanks for having me I did
00:24not know that you have white hair so
00:26this is new to me well usually when we
00:28get together you have the better hair of
00:30the two of us but uh today I upped my
00:32game a little bit yes you did yeah we're
00:36just I'm having a little fun for anybody
00:37that's uh looking at this uh for the
00:39first time I it's just a fun little app
00:41that I got that I do believe I'm not
00:43entirely sure but I do believe this is
00:45uh Johann Sebastian Bach uh and I'm just
00:49playing around it kind of tracks your
00:50face and everything so who knows I'm
00:51sure I'm in some database now that is
00:54going to be terrible that they'll be
00:55knocking on my door soon but uh for now
00:57I'm Bach and and Bo you look like you're
00:59joining us from the mountains if you if
01:00you zoomed in and craft a bit you'd be
01:02directly in the mountains it looks like
01:05now is is that a Bob Ross behind you are
01:08those Happy Trees uh well it's it's a
01:10photograph okay yeah yeah but this to my
01:13right yes there's a lot of trees to my
01:17it's very nice uh all right well hey
01:19enough goofing around I know many of you
01:22probably most of you know Beau but for
01:24those that don't
01:25um he's been on CNBC he's all over
01:28YouTube and all over Rumble he's his
01:30videos have been viewed
01:31um the old stat that I used to say was
01:33five million times but I think it's
01:34probably much higher than that now 10 15
01:36million I would venture to guess uh he's
01:39the analyst of time he looks at the time
01:41Cycles in our world time cycles and
01:43crypt and uh Financial charts stock
01:45market charts gold and silver
01:47cryptocurrencies he looks at those time
01:49Cycles he looks at the time Cycles in
01:50the Bible he puts it all together and
01:52and what comes out the other end is
01:54absolutely incredible we're going to
01:55show you a lot of screens today a lot of
01:57beautiful slides Bo has put together and
01:58we usually get bow on about once a month
02:00to get an update on what is coming next
02:02and what happened in the last 30 days
02:04and there is a lot to show you so uh bo
02:08I'm gonna let me get your slides up here
02:10thanks yeah look at that yeah you know I
02:12think I think our best video that we've
02:14ever done uh or in terms of interview
02:16was the one from November of last year
02:18because remember we were talking in
02:20October saying um in our private court
02:22that Bitcoin was on a crash in November
02:26and the report actually had it as
02:28November 8th November 9th and it was
02:31supposed to break nineteen thousand and
02:34it did it to the exact day I think that
02:36yeah exactly and then we end up finding
02:38because remember the Cycles tell you the
02:40uh what the pattern is and what's going
02:42to happen or or you know when what day
02:44it could happen on or about uh but you
02:46don't know the events and then we end up
02:48finding out that uh you know a couple
02:50days later that the massive crashed
02:51through 19 000 down to 14 000 on bitcoin
02:54was because of the FDX Scandal yes you
02:57know and and then and then only to find
02:59out that they dropped half the charges
03:00against the guy free guy and you know
03:03the whole thing was a scam but but the
03:05interesting the point I'm trying to make
03:06was all of that uh of the events of
03:09November of last year we're all in the
03:10pattern that we were looking at and we
03:12predicted the entire thing from a cycle
03:13standpoint so I was pretty crazy you
03:14know how that all played out the exact
03:16day and I think that video's got just
03:17under a million views you know that we
03:19did that was that was pretty good one so
03:20wow a lot of fun yeah yeah that that's
03:22incredible that timing was incredible I
03:24certainly remember that and I still get
03:25emails about it from people and then our
03:27timing today is pretty incredible we
03:29scheduled this about a week ago and
03:31today is uh uh Friday July 14th but
03:34yesterday on on July 13th we had massive
03:37news in the crypto space the xrp lawsuit
03:40is over uh Ripple essentially won we're
03:43going to talk about that a little bit
03:44later I really want to get your opinion
03:46on that and what the what the charts are
03:48saying about xrp but xrp went up about
03:50100 yesterday in a matter of a couple
03:52hours it was wild to watch and that's
03:55been one you've been watching for a long
03:56time and so to have that happen
03:58yesterday we got a lot of things
03:59happening at a Bitcoin ETF is probably
04:02coming any minute now
04:04um xrp now has Clarity the institutional
04:06money is ready to come pouring in so I'm
04:09really excited the timing could not be
04:10better to have you on the next day after
04:13that massive ruling and to find out
04:15what's coming next in those Cycles so uh
04:17I love that and we'll do that in a
04:18little bit but first we got to talk kind
04:21of some general uh uh world world view
04:23politics and and what's happening with
04:25all that so let me uh let me turn it
04:27over to yubo well no exactly like I
04:30appreciate you all you know that intro
04:31it is true you know all the entire world
04:33we live in you know it's all uh events
04:36of the world cause the charts to move
04:40but what I look at when you get my
04:42report you know you get it we just said
04:43maybe two three a couple times a week we
04:44send out a report
04:46the reports show the candlesticks the
04:48chart patterns that are coming and so
04:50when you look at that chart pattern you
04:52have to understand that events have to
04:54happen to fulfill the chart pattern if
04:57that makes sense right so the chart says
04:59that you know in July middle of July we
05:02were expecting uh
05:04um cryptocurrencies to jump begin to
05:05begin to jump vertical well you know
05:07look what happened on the 13th yesterday
05:09xrp jumped vertical and that was not a
05:12random event because the point was that
05:13was already in the pattern
05:15we knew that you know we knew that we're
05:18going to see an upcycle in the month of
05:19July we've been writing about that in
05:21June that's right and and all that's
05:23happened and it's exciting to see
05:26um you know regardless of what happened
05:27to xrp it's it's not in and of itself
05:30see xrp is a coin that's a digital
05:34cryptocurrency coin it's called an
05:37alternate coin but the bottom line with
05:39xrp like any other coin when xrp goes up
05:42okay so it jumped up yesterday
05:46is it going to go higher well you know
05:48we know that in the reports right but
05:50what are the other coins going to do the
05:51exact same thing you know it just
05:53typically there's no there's one coin
05:54that usually starts the race Yeah well
05:56yeah I put it on the screen so people
05:58can see when you're talking about it
05:59jumping vertical uh there you go look at
06:02that oh Flat Line Flat Line flat line
06:05and then boom look at that yeah exactly
06:08you know and that's and I think it's
06:09like a 80 or 90 percent uh move in a
06:12single day right so if you had a
06:13thousand dollars worth two thousand by
06:15the end of the day right not just right
06:16you know using numbers right so it's
06:18it's exciting but you have to understand
06:19you know what is
06:21um regardless of xrp what is digital
06:24currency it's a means of transacting
06:28outside the bank current banking system
06:32peer-to-peer so you don't need a third
06:37so you don't need it yeah I'm intra a
06:40mediator an interlooper someone between
06:42the two of you so you know I'm talking
06:43to you Noah and the same thing I could
06:46just click a button and send you a a
06:48coin a fraction of a coin but that's
06:50what digital currency allows and that's
06:53why forever the banking institutions
06:55have hated Bitcoin and every other
06:57cryptocurrency they've called it you
06:58know uh you know they try to attach it
07:00to anything negative they possibly can
07:02why because they want you to continue
07:04using their money system yeah see but
07:06but their money system is a paperbacked
07:08money system well it used to be
07:10paperback now it's just digital right
07:11but their money system and this is
07:14actually something I wrote out just the
07:15other day and I want to read this to you
07:16because it's it's rather important to
07:18understand why the world and where we're
07:21at you know why are we uh why is there
07:23this big problem in the world because
07:25it's all really comes down to one thing
07:26you know you read the Bible
07:28there's this very important lie in the
07:31Bible it's called a root of all evil
07:35that's right think about that it's the
07:38root of all evil means if if you look at
07:41the whole gamut of you know of the bad
07:44things that are out there the root means
07:45the you know the core of it and what
07:48does it say it says the love of money is
07:51the root of all evil mm-hmm and so what
07:57are we looking at an evil empire that's
07:59worldwide that's it's a worldwide
08:01Syndicate it's global and so from a
08:04Biblical standpoint I it's it's in the
08:07Bible it's called mystery Babylon it's
08:09an evil satanic demonic system of
08:12controlling Humanity that's the
08:14definition of it anytime if you look at
08:16the entire gamut of thousands of years
08:18of Babylon it's all about controlling
08:21and so how would they do before they
08:24would you know use whips and chains and
08:25you know and so a lot of violence now
08:27with now they uh it's uh they don't use
08:29as much violence right very much very
08:32little violence now and now it's a
08:33matter of making you think you're free
08:35but all of your day you spend going to
08:37money going to work to make money to pay
08:39a debt that was it's made up it's out of
08:42thin the debt was created out of thin
08:44air but you believe it's money so you go
08:47to pay it and you work every day you
08:48spend all your time trying to accumulate
08:50money to pay a debt that's a fiction
08:53that's right they create money out of
08:54thin air they create money out of thin
08:57air and you believe it's money so
08:58therefore you go to work to accumulate
09:00money to pay money that's a fraud create
09:02Entertainer yeah so mystery Babylon
09:04exists only because they have the
09:06ability to create money from nothing
09:08so this evil regime this evil empire
09:10across the globe exists because they
09:11have the ability to create money from
09:14nothing they have convinced the world
09:15their money has value
09:17and this unlimited money supply
09:20has allowed them to buy anyone and
09:23to hide secrets and create war and Wars
09:27when you read Matthew 24 says there
09:30would be wars and rumors of wars but see
09:31to it that you were not deceived because
09:32the end is not yet see the other and so
09:35here's what you understand if their
09:37money supply were to suddenly crash if
09:39the if the dollar the US dollar will
09:41lose suddenly loses status of the world
09:42deserve currency
09:43their bribes would no longer work right
09:46their secrets would be revealed and Wars
09:49would suddenly come to an end
09:51a sudden crash of their money
09:53followed by Bank runs would reveal that
09:56their money was created out of thin air
09:57has no value and mystery Babylon could
10:00no longer exist and this would be the
10:02fall of Babylon so what's a bank run
10:05Bank runs very simple you have 20 30 50
10:09people run to the bank to get their cash
10:12okay well they got cash in the bank but
10:15the problem is the bank doesn't have the
10:16cash so let's say the bank's got uh you
10:20know in its stash of cash maybe a
10:22hundred thousand dollars you got one guy
10:24go in there grab 50 000 worth of cash if
10:26they would even give it to them the next
10:27guy grabs 50 the third guy in line
10:28there's nothing left
10:30and then they come to realize every
10:33single Bank in the United States doesn't
10:34have the cash to
10:37feel what people believe they have in
10:40terms of their deposits because they
10:42lend your dollar out nine times and they
10:44don't and then well that's a part of it
10:46yet that's true but the point is if you
10:48had a thousand bucks in the bank you
10:49should be able to go there and the bank
10:51should be able to give you your thousand
10:52dollars right all right let's say okay
10:54you have to wait a few days to get okay
10:55that's fine too but but if you have
10:56majority of the population run to the
10:58bank it's an impossibility because the
11:01amount of digits this is the point the
11:03amount of digits that have been created
11:04so let's explain the digits what's a
11:06digit a digit means you I just keep
11:08adding zeros okay so if you add a zero a
11:10one dollar becomes ten you add another
11:12one and one dollar becomes a hundred you
11:13add another one a one dollar becomes a
11:15thousand yet another zero but one dollar
11:16becomes ten thousand and so what they do
11:18is they add divots understand so how do
11:20you how do you control Humanity use
11:22create money out of thin air how do they
11:23do it they add zero so they keep adding
11:25digits get it so when Nixon um before
11:27Nixon took us off the gold standard The
11:29Total Money Supply in the world the
11:30United States or in the United States
11:31was around 500 million dollars it could
11:34be a little more but it was under a
11:36billion because billion in a word really
11:38okay Nixon takes us off the gold
11:40standard money goes from a million to
11:42billions to trillions okay well okay big
11:45deal no it's a huge deal because you
11:48need a hundred you need a thousand
11:50million to make a billion then you need
11:52a thousand billion to make a trillion
11:54then you need a thousand trillion to
11:57make a quad trillion so basically they
11:59were in the quadrillions now which means
12:01that you would potentially need to cut
12:02down every single tree in the united in
12:04the world
12:05to account for the amount of digits that
12:07have been created and you wouldn't you
12:09wouldn't have enough trees I I believe
12:11and so that's the problem with bank runs
12:14they expose the truth
12:15you know but that's what's coming Bo I
12:18heard something the other day
12:20um not sure who told me I don't think it
12:22was you but someone told me
12:24um just to put it into perspective you
12:26know you think you're talking about
12:27digits and you think oh you know
12:29thousands and then millions and billions
12:31and trillions they're all kind of close
12:32they're all related but if if you do you
12:36know how long ago one trillion seconds
12:39would have been
12:40you know a trillion seconds okay really
12:43quick so I read that summer basically if
12:45you wanted to count to a trillion it's
12:4638 000 years you well you're yeah
12:48exactly it's it's uh Google says one one
12:51trillion seconds ago would have been 31
12:53688 years ago yeah yeah
12:56to put into perspective exactly that's
12:59trillion and billion
13:02would only be 31 years ago yeah so the
13:05jump from billion to trillion is and now
13:09we're in quadrillions we're in Quad
13:11trillions crazy yeah so so that's what
13:13you have to understand so so the point
13:15I'm trying to make about the money is
13:17the money is you know it's the root of
13:19all evil because the the the the the
13:22banking system is a fraud
13:25they add digits they create they created
13:27out of thin air people believe it's
13:28money and so people run and they they
13:30can their whole life most in people's
13:33entire lives are based around these
13:35digits of you know trying to accumulate
13:36because they have deaths to pay and so
13:38basically this is a demonic satanic
13:40money system of enslavement and so why
13:42do they hate cryptocurrencies because
13:43you can't create them out of thin air
13:45that you have to mine them and there's
13:47only so many that there's going to be
13:49like Bitcoin only 21 million ever okay
13:51uh you uh you have I'm not sure about
13:53xrp but otherwise most most coins out
13:56there uh there's actually going to be so
13:58there's only so many of them period
14:00period and that would give them value it
14:02gives anything value is a limitation of
14:04them so there's only going to be and
14:05then and then the people agree that it's
14:07money so so there's only so much Bitcoin
14:10in the world ever going to be and people
14:12agree to use it as a transactional
14:13instrument period and so the banking
14:16institutions hate it because you don't
14:17need you don't need them it's
14:18peer-to-peer it's just me and you boom
14:20we're done we can we can transact and
14:22there's no cap on the dollar they just
14:24keep printing as many of those as they
14:25want which means we just talked about
14:26that right yeah you know wait for
14:27Millions to billions to trillions of
14:29quadrillions but we finally have real
14:31money now that's being that's capped
14:33Bitcoin is capped xrp is capped there's
14:35only 100 billion of those ever made
14:37which is which is a bigger number but
14:38it's capped and it goes down over time
14:41just like gold and silver there's only a
14:43certain amount of gold and silver in the
14:45ground yeah and it takes in there yes
14:46and you also it takes energy to mine it
14:48just like it takes energy to mine
14:50cryptocurrencies so you know so and and
14:52then you've got the the people on on the
14:54media going out there saying hey you
14:55know cryptos or currencies are bad used
14:56for child trafficking like you talk
14:58about this the silliest comment in the
15:00Batman okay that's fine for the media to
15:01say that but I find it's even funny as
15:04heck that people regurgitate that
15:06information and actually say oh you know
15:08um cryptocurrencies are used for child
15:10trafficking like wait a second so you're
15:12telling me child trafficking like
15:13started with Bitcoin like it's been
15:15going around for six thousand or for
15:17thousands of years right this is not you
15:19know none of this and the best way to
15:21Trend to do deal with any of that is
15:22paper you know yeah there's no there's
15:24no Trace okay you said you you deal with
15:27crypto on that units and you can trace
15:28that you can trace all you can trace the
15:30the numbers and you can you can you know
15:32go back so it's all it's all open Ledger
15:34you can see everything so if you're
15:36doing any kind of uh illegal activity
15:38yeah the stupidest place do this on the
15:40blockchain exactly yes yeah the duffel
15:45bag full of cash has been in every
15:46kidnapping movie I've ever seen pretty
15:48much that's right so you know so now
15:50we're at a world where you know that
15:52everything's about to change uh you know
15:53the world Reserve currency is about to
15:55lose a status as the world Reserve
15:56currency uh Bitcoin uh gold silver
15:59cryptocurrencies are going to have you
16:00know uh an incredible time ahead you
16:02know why because uh you know the banking
16:04institutions that have basically
16:05enslaved us uh when you look at it from
16:08a Biblical perspective you know there's
16:10there's a thing in the Bible called a
16:12jubilee now the important thing about
16:14understanding about a jubilee is it's
16:16every 50th year the 50th year you're
16:18supposed to forgive all deaths well
16:20here's the problem
16:22a jubilee hasn't happened in the United
16:24States or Israel or anywhere for
16:28right okay
16:30so God's just been sitting there waiting
16:33um are you ever going to do things
16:35according to how it's written you know
16:37it is written and obviously not because
16:39evil could care less about what's
16:41written and so then got some point got
16:44intervenes and we're we're gonna have
16:46the world's able to find out we're here
16:48this is going to be crazy what's about
16:51to go down no that's that's right it's
16:53it's time and speaking of time before I
16:55move off of this slide scan that QR code
16:57if you want to get both slides that were
16:58we've got up on the screen they're free
17:00as always about 100 pages of slides in
17:02here so grab that we'll also if you're
17:04either click a link we'll just put a
17:05link below the video as well so that'll
17:07be up there for you and then speaking of
17:09time Bo here we are we are in the you
17:12told us last month it was going to start
17:13it certainly has we're in the middle of
17:15it right now slide three yeah exactly so
17:18this is the point you know so our
17:19actually before you even go to slice you
17:21go to go to slide four just so you show
17:23this is the slide four this is a slide
17:24that we've shown you for probably the
17:25past maybe three months maybe at least
17:27past few months and we've shown you how
17:29uh you know this is a Daniel cycle of
17:31time and so it's a in a Daniel cycle of
17:34time which is biblical it's in the Bible
17:35it's 1260 days and so from when Corona
17:39came on scene in uh January of 2020 uh
17:42you're on 1260 days and that takes us to
17:45June 25. and so this is a Daniel pattern
17:48uh it's that pattern then completes with
17:5045 extra days so it's 1260 days then a
17:5430-day window then another 1260 days
17:57completing with a 45-day window and then
17:59it's over and then this and then the
18:01pattern of time starts over again okay
18:04so so again not this is so anyone says
18:07you know we're switching the no no
18:09there's no changing of dates this is
18:11what we've had for a few months now and
18:13you know that for a fact this slide what
18:15we've shown everybody okay and now we're
18:17in that window of time where June 25
18:20and if you go to the next slide actually
18:21go to page five it gives you a visual of
18:24good versus evil so so there you go so
18:25what Corona comes on scene and so this
18:28is an evil time
18:30it's an evil time and that time of evil
18:34ended or was supposed to end and we'll
18:36pop down a second but we're supposed to
18:37come to an end or a shift or a change
18:40but something was supposed to begin
18:43on or about the week of the 25th of June
18:46or meaning the end of June and then we
18:48have a transition window of time of 45
18:50days where other things are going to
18:51start to manifest and then that starts
18:53us off on the next full seven year cycle
18:56of time beginning August 9 onwards that
18:59makes sense okay so now if you go back
19:02to page three and let's talk about
19:03what's going on here in this 45-day
19:06window of time
19:08so did anything happen in the end of
19:11June well let's go a few on page three
19:13there's actually some rather interesting
19:15there's one huge event that started on
19:19on in June and you have to please go
19:23back to the uh interview that to 45 you
19:26know Trump had with Biden like in the
19:28debate back in in 2019 right they kept
19:31trying to say no Biden kept saying I
19:33have no attachment no interest uh and
19:36and there's I have nothing attached with
19:38regard to my son's business dealings
19:40yeah right right so three and a half
19:42years through almost four years this has
19:44been the statement he's been making and
19:47then guess what happened so we just so
19:48we talked June 25 and we said another
19:50important time point because God works
19:52on his times and his Seasons so what
19:55happened on June 21 into the 22nd summer
19:58began summer solstice so the first day
20:01of summer was I believe June 22nd
20:03so or June 21st so look what happened on
20:05June 22nd
20:06right there Joe Biden is finally linked
20:09to China the text message yes there it
20:11is Hunter Biden used his dad Joe as
20:13leverage in Chinese business dispute
20:15Texas text message stated I am sitting
20:18here waiting for your call with my
20:22Bingo there it is so that text message
20:26directly linked him to a Shakedown and a
20:29bribery scheme out of China
20:34how Wild
20:36then you got Matt Gates on July 12th two
20:39days ago
20:40talking to Christopher Ray the FBI
20:42director saying are you protecting the
20:45Biden crime family he read the entire
20:47text and he said to him doesn't that
20:49does that not sound like a Shakedown to
20:53and you know he didn't want to answer
20:54the question he's like well let me tell
20:55you Millie every millions of Americans
20:57that have read that are hearing this
20:58right now would tell you it sounds like
21:00a Shakedown to me
21:01yeah it was that was a great clip yep
21:04and so you know the links are there if
21:06you want to want to listen to it but you
21:07know that's biblical okay then so that
21:10starts so if you want to consider uh you
21:11know that time window kind of like a
21:13massive ship right you know we're
21:14talking a worldwide Enterprise okay so
21:16to think that it's going to be a one day
21:17event Everything Changes um yes there's
21:19one data that's coming where
21:20everything's going to be like massively
21:22shifted like somebody my goodness what
21:23just happened and that's going to the
21:25day God intervenes but right now we're
21:27at least at a turning point and so what
21:29happened on the 25th was what I just
21:31described but if you want to look at
21:33that as like his massive ship
21:34um God finally went in and this is maybe
21:36this is a two and a half thousand year
21:38prophecy going this is Daniel two
21:39prophecy going back to Nebuchadnezzar
21:41two and a half thousand years ago so
21:43this prophecies now God actually comes
21:45in and the steering wheel of the ship
21:46now is turning so finally the wheel's
21:49turning and it's turning away from evil
21:52too good that makes sense and so now
21:54with the the turn has begun and then
21:57just got about a few days later you got
21:58the Supreme Court uh ending affirmative
22:00action for higher education that was a
22:02massive blow uh to evil and the best one
22:05was they stood up for the first
22:06amendment when they're trying to you
22:07know a gay couple comes and says they
22:08want to make them a cake the guy's like
22:10no way and so the Supreme one of the
22:12Supreme Court Supreme Court uh stood up
22:14and and stood up for the First Amendment
22:16so yes a bunch of great cases came out
22:18that week yes exactly and I'll let it
22:21started in that transition window and
22:22then that and then that leads us into
22:24July right well look once you've seen
22:26the movie sound of Freedom okay you
22:28can't unsee it uh what's exposed in that
22:31movie is you know a worldwide Syndicate
22:33of of horrendous things being done to
22:36kids just leave it at that okay and they
22:38don't even accept it and that movie
22:39doesn't even go into all the details
22:41because you can't because it's so
22:42horrendous but basically that you know
22:44you can't unsee it and it's interesting
22:46that that came out again in the summer
22:48uh you know in this media in this right
22:50in this transition window of time and
22:52then the best part this one I love four
22:54days later okay what did I say earlier
22:57the love of money is a root of all evil
23:00okay well four days later on July 8th
23:04the Rothschilds
23:07will Rothschilds what did his father say
23:10in the 1800s grandfather say in the
23:121800s allow me to control the money
23:16supply and I could care less who writes
23:19its laws that's right
23:22interesting that Rothschild is on there
23:24I guess that was uh that that hit a uh
23:27nerve this video because all of this
23:31translates to money
23:33and children yeah right that's what it's
23:36all about
23:38yeah so we're we're at we're at this
23:40window of time uh I would I would
23:42probably the next thing I want to talk
23:44about would be on page 10. you know it
23:46really feels like Bo you know you've
23:48you've listed everything right there it
23:50all started June 25th it's it's
23:52unwinding right now but it it feels like
23:55even as all of these things are coming
23:57out and they're they're being just
23:58people are being hit in the face by all
24:00this stuff it's like there's still a lid
24:02on it and it's it's still it's it's
24:04boiling the lid is boiling but they're
24:06trying to push it down they're trying to
24:08make sure you look anywhere else other
24:09than any of this stuff yeah it just
24:11feels like at some point that Liz just
24:12gonna blow off
24:14yes and and I agree this is the thing I
24:16would agree with because
24:18um until
24:19until God intervenes until we have some
24:22biblical intervention if you go to page
24:2310 we got to come back to this one this
24:25one looks good all right come back come
24:27back to six okay so on page 10 what I
24:30want the point I want to make is
24:31unless there is a Biblical intervention
24:35no one I don't care what color hat
24:38you're wearing I don't care what letter
24:40you've got your you believe in you know
24:42what I'm talking about okay it doesn't
24:43matter there is no man on this Earth
24:48that is going to stop
24:52because evil is a god a smaller
24:55lowercase G
24:57Fallen Angels okay but they these fallen
25:01angels have been planning this for six
25:04thousand years ever since they got on
25:06the earth through Adam and Eve okay so
25:09for you to tell me that there's a uh
25:10this color hat or that color hat is
25:12working this plan to stop these people
25:16um good luck and that's why they keep
25:18saying it's it's coming trust trust the
25:20you know what it's coming it's coming
25:21but it never comes why because
25:24no man can stop these people this is not
25:29Man's Battle
25:30what do I mean by that well go read
25:32Exodus because at the Red Sea what did
25:35God say to tell Moses what did Moses
25:37what did God say through Moses
25:40stand still and watch the salvation of
25:44the Lord for he God will work for you
25:47you see there's only one that can come
25:50in and stop these people and it's God
25:52the Father it's a trinity God the father
25:54Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that's
25:56okay no one else is going to stop
26:00God's going to get the glory he has to
26:02because what's going to what he's about
26:04to do is gonna be so miraculous but
26:07that's where he operates in the
26:08miraculous so what's about to happen is
26:11biblical which is by definition
26:12something you can't explain
26:15you can't say oh I understand how that
26:17happened no no when a Biblical thing
26:18happened you're like I don't know how
26:19that happened it doesn't make sense how
26:22did that happen but it did and so the
26:24only way that that would have happened
26:25was an act of God you see so these
26:27globalists these people that run the
26:28world they work you know the other
26:29people they're globalists but they work
26:31for a fallen angel
26:33who's been plotting and planning for
26:35thousands of years and you're telling me
26:37some color hats are going to come in and
26:39think to this are you kidding me okay
26:40see so that's the point but but it's
26:42always deception oh you know we got a
26:44plan don't worry about it's all going to
26:45work out it's not gonna work out you
26:46know and and they keep saying all this
26:47stuff you know talking to work don't
26:48worry about it but it just nothing ever
26:52and nothing whatever will happen unless
26:53God intervenes that's good and so this
26:55is God's battle and and at some point
26:59God's going to intervene so now all we
27:00can do is read scriptures to calculate
27:01some of the time points because because
27:03God does nothing before first speaking
27:05through his service the prophets
27:07when Jesus is in the wilderness what
27:09he's how did he conquer be the evil it
27:11is written it is written you see so you
27:14always go back to the word yeah and so
27:16let's go let's go to the word so we're
27:17sitting right here you know today's the
27:1814th of July okay so let's read what the
27:23word says well you read Exodus 12 it
27:24says you know God is God was describing
27:26to Moses what you're supposed to do with
27:27Lambs so take the Lambs
27:29um take care of the Lambs until the 14th
27:32day of the month what days today Noah
27:36I don't know is it August 14th could be
27:40is it July 14th maybe all I'm saying you
27:43know 14th is an interesting date to God
27:45so take care of the Lambs until the 14th
27:47day when all the members of the
27:48community of Israel must slaughter them
27:50at midnight uh sorry at Twilight on that
27:53same night I will pass over Egypt and
27:54strike down every firstborn uh both
27:57people and animal and I will bring
27:58judgment on all the gods of Egypt I am
28:00the Lord when I said when I see the
28:02blood I will pass over you you are to
28:05eat bread without yeast so unleaded
28:07bread for the evening uh from the
28:10evening of the 14th until the evening of
28:12the 21st next week interesting uh at
28:16midnight the Lord struck down every
28:18firstborn of Egypt for there was not a
28:21household without someone dead so
28:24after that moment in time
28:26Pharaoh let Israel go there was nine
28:30plagues Pharaoh still refused like
28:32you're saying you know all these things
28:33that are happening but they're they're
28:34still trying to put a cap on it you see
28:36but after the after God intervened with
28:39the angel of death it was over meaning
28:41to a degree that that they Pharaoh had
28:44to concede and he let hundreds of
28:47thousands of Israel base all of Israel I
28:49think it's like 600 000 whatever it was
28:50but um it is um Israel left you see that
28:54was an angel of death moment of time
28:56where everything changed because you
28:58couldn't explain what happened and so
28:59that's the point I'm trying to make so I
29:01still believe because I know four
29:02prophetic voices on this earth right now
29:04have studied the angel of death is on
29:06the Earth
29:07he hasn't struck yet because we're
29:09supposed to see funeral homes full of
29:11dead bodies the angel passed over the
29:15angels have passed over Israel so he
29:17didn't strike Israel he struck pharaoh
29:20Egypt so we're supposed to see something
29:23this year when well all we can do is
29:27study the time because you can't put God
29:30in a box but the same time too we can
29:31read his time lines that he's given to
29:33us and so what have we talked about the
29:35Year of Jubilee began when September 25
29:38of last year
29:41okay so that was the start of the 50th
29:44year and it reads Leviticus thou shall
29:47consecrate the 50th year and Proclaim
29:48Liberty throughout the land and to all
29:50of its inhabitants so God's telling us
29:52in the 50th year if this is a 50th year
29:54Jubilee we're supposed to be released
29:56from bondage because God's going to
29:57release us because he's going to
29:59intervene regardless of what they want
30:00it doesn't matter what they want right
30:02God is what God wants right and so uh if
30:05you look at that time window so that
30:07would mean that between now and
30:08somewhere in September we're supposed to
30:09see an act of God because the year 51
30:12starts in late late September so 50
30:14years is over
30:15get it so let's look at the time Windows
30:18of how things are coming together well
30:20so we've talked about you know how the
30:2214th and the 21st so we're going to see
30:23something next week I don't know what
30:24we're going to wait and watch right and
30:26so some of the most recent information I
30:28give you is let's start at page seven
30:31and if you click on page seven you'll
30:33find that in 73 Roe v Wade became law in
30:3773 the Petro dollar with an agreement
30:39which is Saudis agreed to bomb sell all
30:43of their oil in U.S dollar denominations
30:45and they in return would get military
30:47protection from the United States
30:49and that was in July this is July isn't
30:52it July 73 at 50 years huh this July
30:55right here right now oh no interesting
30:57right and then so when you read when you
31:00read within the Bible it talks about
31:01what's called a shemitah okay well
31:03what's a shamita well it means every
31:04seven years you're supposed to have some
31:06kind of a a reset a restart something
31:09happens well look at what happened 1973
31:11it was seven years forward in 1980 hard
31:13recession began interesting all these
31:15events always happen on the Louisville
31:1629 which is usually in September okay
31:19this year a little 29 is it always the
31:21date changes but this year it's
31:23September 15th and then eight years and
31:25then from seven years later from 1980s
31:261987 stock market crash nine uh eight
31:30years later 1994 a bond market crash
31:32seven years later 2001 another crash
31:35based on 9 11 happened
31:37on a little 29. seven years later stock
31:40market crash housing crash seven years
31:42later 2015 the Black Monday crash of
31:45August 24th it's interesting that Kabula
31:48was abandoned on actually the Saudi the
31:50Russia contract was on exact same day
31:53824 uh in the year 2021 so yeah
31:56interesting and obviously important date
31:58and then you have seven years four from
32:002015 it was 2022 and nothing happened in
32:02terms of crashes
32:04um interesting right well you actually
32:07we did have uh in 22 we actually had the
32:09British pound collapse um on uh and that
32:13happened specifically on illu 29 so
32:15actually that did happen but more
32:17importantly is nothing massively
32:19happened within the world because on
32:21that year we overturned Roe v Wade and
32:23that was a 49th year so if you read page
32:25eight uh Jonah 310 it says when God saw
32:28that they had turned from their Wicked
32:30Ways when do we turn from our Wicked
32:33Ways in the year 2022 Noah yeah uh yeah
32:38so we turned from our Wicked way so what
32:40does Jonah say here
32:42um says God relented and did not bring
32:44them destruction he had threatened so
32:48because of Roe v Wade being overturned
32:49God did not bring destruction last year
32:52and so that was year 49 and now we're at
32:56year 50. so this is a super shemitah of
32:58shemitas because we haven't had a super
33:01shimita or basically which is a jubilee
33:03for centuries
33:06the cup is full because ever since we
33:09started you know a lot of the children
33:10that's been filling the blood that Cup's
33:12been filling for 50 years the cup is now
33:15overflowing with blood
33:17and it's interesting that you know the
33:19cup is full of blood and then just as
33:21July begins on the fourth of July you've
33:23got the Jim Caviezel movie come out you
33:25know of of what they're doing with the
33:26children so it's it's just it's just
33:28that the timing of everything is truly
33:29uh it's historic well and interesting
33:32timing too that movie was made years ago
33:34and then it sat on the Shelf yeah so for
33:36it to suddenly come out now is very
33:38interesting absolutely absolutely and
33:40then so so now we're talking so
33:41something is so so let's look at it this
33:43way the cycle calculations are telling
33:46us based on written word and you know it
33:49will be for time times and half a Time
33:50Daniel 12 or 7 indicating that
33:52potentially we're supposed to see a
33:54shift a Biblical event or something
33:59extraordinary happen between June 25 and
34:03August 9th
34:05I believe it's gonna be the collapse of
34:07the US dollar which is going to start to
34:08the great wealth transfer which means if
34:09that's a great wealth transfer that
34:11means that the angel of Deathstroke
34:12because the angel of death struck Egypt
34:16and the next day Israelites plundered
34:19Egypt with all the gold and silver and
34:21he left with the gold and silver you see
34:23what I'm saying so though so the wealth
34:25transfer you know when you see the
34:26dollar collapse gold and silver Spike
34:29vertical that is the wealth transfer
34:31which should directly be linked with the
34:33angel of death are you see what I'm
34:34saying because right they were they were
34:36tied historically at Passover because
34:39angel of death in the next morning you
34:41had the great wealth transfer begin
34:43because they plundered Egypt and they
34:44left Egypt with all the gold and silver
34:45so they're they're those two events were
34:47tied at the hip
34:49yep okay and so then that leads us into
34:51whatever happens to your potential if
34:53something happens here I believe it will
34:54uh this this summer that's and then that
34:56will fulfill Kim Kim Clement's word of
34:58strange July strange lie that then leads
35:00us into September so whatever happens in
35:03July is only a foreshadowing of what's
35:05coming in September that's written
35:07biblically because basically a little 29
35:09historically brought 911 at Louisville
35:1129 has brought all these Mark event you
35:13know Market crashes so a little 29 is
35:15September 15th and then if you scroll a
35:18couple Pages first Pages further from a
35:20little 29 what ends up happening is we
35:22end up getting here into the next time
35:23on page 17 which is specifically
35:26September 25 Yom Kippur so from
35:30Louisville 29 there is What's called the
35:3210 days of awe this is all biblical
35:35stuff but the 10 days of all so you add
35:3610 days and that goes to go Yom Kippur
35:38Yom Kippur is the holiest day of God's
35:42the holiest day so that'll be September
35:4525th what does it say it says sound the
35:47trumpet the shofar on Yom Kippur which
35:50this year is September 25 and pro here
35:52it is and Proclaim Liberty throughout
35:54the land and all of its inhabitants it
35:57shall be a jubilee for you so Proclaim
36:01Liberty throughout the land because what
36:03God just won
36:05yeah it's great so so that would in my
36:08opinion relate to what happened at the
36:09Red Sea because when that Red Sea opened
36:11Pharaoh walked right in he got suckered
36:14right in and so he walked right into
36:15God's plan God Closing on him and he was
36:17finished and the point of the Red Sea
36:19Miracle is that what there was no one
36:21chasing Israel after the sea closed
36:24meaning that it was over
36:27and so September 25
36:30starts year 51. yeah are you with me so
36:33that Jubilee should be over by the 25th
36:36and then that leads us into September uh
36:3825 it's over and then basically all the
36:40consequences after with you know these
36:42people are exposed or finished they
36:43can't hide anymore uh you know all their
36:45secrets are revealed and it's just
36:47horrible so as whatever happens in June
36:49I'm sorry July into August is going to
36:52be a foreshadowing of the immense events
36:55immense event that's coming the last two
36:57weeks of September
36:59so from now until September 25 there's a
37:02lot that's going to happen and that
37:03maybe takes me back to this one this is
37:05why this caught my eye but you you're
37:07talking about the crash of the US dollar
37:09you've been you've been telling us that
37:10since for for a long time probably a
37:12couple years and that's one that's one
37:14of those things that when you first
37:15started saying it people said Bo's crazy
37:17he doesn't know what he's talking about
37:18the dollar strong it's never gonna
37:19there's never gonna be a problem with it
37:21now all of a sudden you've got the brics
37:23Nations they're launching the
37:24gold-backed currency they it's it's
37:26gonna be a lot stronger than the dollar
37:28all of these things that two years ago
37:30sounded crazy are all happening before
37:31our very eyes but uh if we're gonna have
37:34a crash of a US dollar this number one
37:36here on the list I I keep telling uh
37:38people in in the articles that I'm
37:40publishing I I don't think the bank
37:41failures are over we had remember we had
37:44those those four banks that failed back
37:45in April and May I I think that was a
37:48little test run just a little blip and I
37:49think there's going to be a lot more
37:50coming but you've got that number one on
37:52your list here if you want to talk about
37:53that a little bit Yeah so basically the
37:55point I'm trying to make with this was
37:57um you know this friend of mine Nino who
37:58basically there's a lot of good
38:01information about people that contacts
38:02that he has but the point I'm trying to
38:04make with this is you know he's hearing
38:05through his sources there's going to be
38:06a lot of Bank runs and bank failures
38:07well again get ready they're going to
38:09pull the plug and a lot of banks are
38:10going to collapse and they're gonna go
38:12on them the bigger ones are going to
38:13keep buying up the smaller ones and and
38:15that is true but then ultimately what's
38:17going very quickly going to happen is
38:19the entire banking established
38:21establishment blows up and see so that's
38:23the problem so um if they have this is
38:26if they had their way they would buy up
38:28all the smaller Banks and then they
38:29would just basically maybe be three uh
38:31top Banks two to three top Banks left
38:33and they also they can control everybody
38:34and that's how that's what they're
38:36trying to do with the Central Bank
38:36digital currency they're trying to
38:38basically enslave and control Humanity
38:40because you keep uh you know keep wiping
38:41out the smaller guys and then eventually
38:43you just lift with the left with the top
38:44two or three and you have the and then
38:46you can bring on a central bank into a
38:48currency and you have one world
38:48government and that's what they're
38:50pushing for uh but the point I was
38:52trying to make with this uh with this
38:53slide was it's it's not yet it's too
38:55early and so when God intervenes the
38:57banking establishment blows up they're
38:58going to lose all their power they're
38:59going to go into hiding so these people
39:01that have this plans and try to scare
39:03people for you know um One World
39:05government's coming they want to control
39:06Humanity they're going to try to bring
39:08on a social credit score they're gonna
39:10control everything with AI and it's just
39:12months away uh see that it's that's the
39:14thing I want to basically have people
39:16understanding is you know when you read
39:17the point of it the whole slide is to
39:19read John 10 10 what does it say The
39:22Thief so evil comes to kill steal and
39:25destroy scare you
39:26be afraid so you can give all your power
39:29and control to government right but then
39:31Christ says I can but I come to give you
39:34life life more abundantly so the point
39:36I'm trying to make is don't be fearful
39:38God's got this and he's got a bigger
39:40plan so whatever the Evil's agenda is is
39:42going to fail the bank's going to lose
39:44control Central Bank digital currency is
39:45going to blow up in their face they're
39:46not going to have any uh any ability to
39:49control Humanity God's going to come
39:50back into control
39:52um tether which is nothing but no no
39:54different than digital Fiat money
39:56because they can create tether out of
39:58thin air and they basically create that
40:00they stick it in the blockchain and then
40:02they use that to buy up Bitcoin and then
40:04all at one uh time to call up all their
40:06buddies and they basically say something
40:07bad about Bitcoin and they crash it
40:09right and so this is what they've been
40:10how they've been trying to control the
40:11cryptocurrencies sphere
40:13um because they can create tether and
40:15these other
40:16um uh stable coins that are nothing but
40:18things created out of thin air
40:20and that's that's and so they can
40:23control to a degree though the price of
40:24Bitcoin they can't control the price
40:25movement but the the overall price
40:27movement because it's going up up over
40:29the years but they can control you know
40:30they've been trying to control so they
40:32they create tether and other digital uh
40:35currencies that are stable coins out of
40:36thin air to manipulate prices okay and
40:39so when the bankers fail and the banks
40:42fail the bankers got intervenes all
40:44their plans blow up Central Bank digital
40:46currency fails doesn't not going to work
40:48uh tether blows up uh and so when that's
40:51when their current when the dollar
40:53crashes it's all tied into one and
40:54that's going to cause a massive moonshot
40:57on Gold Silver
40:59and crypto currencies
41:02because if tethers found out to be a lie
41:06and so they so no one is it's not going
41:09to be useful anymore and when the truth
41:12comes out the opposite happens and you
41:14their control mechanisms blow up so I
41:17hope that makes sense and in relation to
41:19the point of the slide is fear not okay
41:21God's got this he's going to bring a
41:24before evil gets to unveil their plans
41:27if that makes sense that's great that's
41:30great that's good news
41:31the cell that's what I wanted to really
41:33have people understand that there's a
41:35hope hope and more hope because God's
41:37God's always in control God's got this
41:38yesterday's light and I just interesting
41:40today yesterday was uh a hundred year
41:42anniversary for the Hollywood sign is
41:45actually dedicated exactly on July 13th
41:47uh just uh I just wanted to point out
41:49through you know those that who love
41:50Hollywood and like to walk on the song
41:52on that little well Hollywood Walk of
41:54Fame Fame on all those stars please
41:56Google s-i-g-i-l Sigel of Baphomet the
41:59star is a signal of Baphomet is the
42:01official insignia for the Church of
42:02Satan so yeah so don't be so uh and then
42:05the blood red carpet represents the
42:06blood you know it's always about the
42:08blood the blood the blood and that's you
42:10know yeah you know Roe v Wade was about
42:12the blood back on page seven you know
42:14the cup is now full everything's about
42:16the blood you know it's it's and so this
42:18is the world we live in it's all say you
42:20know vampires and just all this stuff
42:21it's just it's disgusting because evil
42:23is disgusting yeah that that star is so
42:26interesting because if you so down here
42:28you got the star with the point at the
42:31top and people think oh isn't that great
42:32it's a star how cool is that Hollywood
42:34stars stars in the sky you're a star
42:37everybody's a star whatever and then and
42:40then if you just just rotate it slightly
42:43then it looks like this and that's what
42:44you're talking about that is the sign of
42:46the of the Church of Satan and so and I
42:49don't know where you live Bo but uh
42:50around around here people get these
42:52stars and they put them up on their
42:53houses or their front doors they got
42:55these stars all over the place they're
42:56on their doors and it's like you're
42:58putting just rotated about 10 degrees
43:00you're putting the star of Satan on your
43:02house and I just and they don't know any
43:04better and if you don't know any better
43:05then it's you know it's it's harmless
43:06but but I I just hate it seeing those
43:09things everywhere yeah yeah it's just
43:11people that's the Bible saying you know
43:13people will perish for lack of wisdom
43:14right yes well and this is interesting
43:17too I I think yesterday which would be
43:19July 13th I think that's when the actors
43:22uh joint the writers have been on strike
43:24but the actors went on strike yesterday
43:25so that's more interesting timing on the
43:27100 year mark they all went on strike
43:29yesterday so you know we're at a shift
43:33you know we're at a shift we've talked
43:34about it you know so I'm just saying I
43:37um at this point in time I think the
43:38next interview is going to be
43:39interesting because if we do it in a
43:41month from now that'll be after the
43:42ninth of August so let's I'm just
43:45waiting you know at this point in time
43:46there's I've done everything I can do to
43:48prepare I'm sure you have as well too
43:49and you know for Preparation as well you
43:51know precious metals uh yeah
43:54um water food you know we've got
43:55everything done so you know it's just at
43:57this point there's nothing to do you
43:59know and then and what's coming up you
44:00know this is this is God's battle this
44:03is a 6 000 year battle two and a half
44:04thousand year prophecy about to be
44:06fulfilled of God intervening and
44:09changing the direction of of the way the
44:11world is headed and so you know this is
44:14um our battle our job is to pray and to
44:16thank God for everything he's doing
44:17because this is uh uh this is going to
44:20be the Battle of all battles you know
44:22this is The Clash of the Titans and one
44:23of the greatest battles events in the
44:25human history it's about to go down here
44:28you know these these evil ones I just
44:30can't believe how foolish they are that
44:31they actually are you know have come
44:33against God and God gave them three and
44:35a half years to turn from the Wicked
44:36Ways and you know and it's and it's time
44:38now this this is this fall is going to
44:39be um for what a man soweth thus shall
44:42he reap and that basically means if
44:44you've sown evil
44:46you're going to immediately plant an
44:48evil seed you want it to hurt God's
44:51children but that seed you planted is
44:53going to grow into an evil tree and the
44:55fruit is going to yield is is an evil
44:57fruit that you're going to it's going to
44:59come on your own head for planting it
45:01yeah we're at this massive important
45:04time point where you know between now uh
45:07and so let's talk about you know the
45:09next time point so we've said so
45:10September the last two weeks of
45:11September are very very important okay
45:13and then that further leads us into uh
45:16time point which is as we're heading
45:18here into November so you had it earlier
45:20you have you know page 47 you had Trump
45:21up right so I I do still expect him
45:24potentially to come back to office this
45:28um I do want to show you on page 48
45:31um that the time went on page 48 what
45:33you're seeing is from when he gets
45:34elected 1260 days oil goes to uh
45:37negative uh I'm sorry April 20th of
45:402020. oil goes to negative 38 dollars a
45:42barrel okay please explain to me how
45:44that's even possible see it's not so
45:46there therefore it's a Biblical event
45:47like how does oil go to a negative 38
45:49dollars a barrel it's not a possibility
45:51but it did you see what I'm saying so
45:53I'm just showing you the importance of
45:55this 1260 calculation 10 days later the
45:58Edenville Dam breaks in Township of Hope
45:59Mitch Michigan that's 30 days and on the
46:0140th Day you have the George Floyd riots
46:03breakout and then worldwide riding uh
46:06starts across the world the next
46:081260-day Cycle takes us to this November
46:102nd and then we get that same thing that
46:1245-day window again are you with me yeah
46:15so that 45-day window between November
46:172nd and December 15th is interesting
46:19because we you know if we read the word
46:21of uh Zachariah 2 what does it say it
46:24says on the 24th day of the 11th month
46:27so that's if it's the 24th day of 11
46:29month which is November 24th so again go
46:30back to page 48. that's right in that 45
46:33day window
46:35okay so November 24th is right in that
46:3945-day window what does it say it says
46:41on the 24th day of the 11th month the
46:43word of the Lord came by the prophet
46:44Zechariah I have returned to Jerusalem
46:46with Mercy my city shall again overflow
46:50with prosperity
46:52and the Lord will again Comfort Zion
46:54what does prosperity mean means wealth
46:57transfer right so we're about to see
47:00historic Financial events this year
47:05yeah again the angel of death is the
47:08start of the wealth transfer right
47:10because that ties in with leaving Egypt
47:12with all the gold and silver plundering
47:14of Egypt that's the start of the great
47:15wealth transfer and then God confirms it
47:17again and and no for November so what's
47:20the price is going to be in November
47:22all I'm saying is that you know God's
47:24not going to be mocked November just
47:26happens to be what Thanksgiving which is
47:28what reaping season right
47:30yeah reaping season yes so so you know
47:33again you know so you're you're in the
47:35chart of the cryptocurrencies now so
47:36again cryptocurrencies are honest Ledger
47:38gold and silver honest money so yeah and
47:42what's evil money
47:44Fiat money created out of thin air to
47:48enslave and control Humanity echoed by
47:51the words of Rothschild I care not who
47:54writes I care not as long as I have
47:56control the money supply I care not who
47:59writes its laws why do you think the
48:01world's so corrupt right now
48:03the money the money the money everything
48:05has been captured and controlled by the
48:08money supply they create it and they buy
48:10off pay off anybody and everything and
48:13they they hide Secrets JFK talk about a
48:16secret society with an unlimited money
48:18supply those are his words
48:19yep that's right that was one of those
48:22last speeches yep exactly yeah look what
48:25happened so um so again if you think
48:27Noah and I talking foolishness then
48:29that's fine that's fine everyone see
48:31this is that point in time where you
48:32know chooses day whom you will serve
48:34right you also have the the you know the
48:36ten uh the ten virgins right you know
48:37with oil lamps five were prepared five
48:40five had oil five didn't have oil right
48:42and God said of the five didn't I don't
48:43know you because why you don't want to
48:45listen to the word you know you don't
48:46want to I mean how many how many
48:48Biblical scriptures and lines that I
48:49that we reference today while we're
48:51talking right virtually every slide had
48:53a Biblical reference so what I'm trying
48:55to explain is this none of this is
48:56random it's biblical and so uh God is
48:59telling us that he's going to for the
49:01scriptures through the word and the
49:02prophets that is that he's going to
49:05I don't know the exact day I don't know
49:06the exact hour all I know is everything
49:09I've stated today is from my heart
49:10because I believe in my heart to be the
49:12truth period
49:14yeah and I don't think you have a slide
49:16up for it Bo you've had slides and prior
49:18ones but
49:19um gold uh gold and silver mostly
49:21especially silver yesterday and earlier
49:23this week really starting to move
49:25starting to break out and you you've
49:27been telling us about gold and silver
49:28for a long time so you got
49:30cryptocurrency on the screen you got
49:31gold and silver God's money uh hard
49:34money hard assets all of them gold
49:36silver Bitcoin xrp there's all a limited
49:39amount there could never be more created
49:41there there is a a limited fixed Supply
49:44you know what doesn't have a fixed
49:46Supply is that Fiat money that you're
49:48talking about Fiat just means by decree
49:50so someone just decides it in Washington
49:52or at the at the Federal Reserve they
49:54just decide we need more money and they
49:56just print up more money that's that's
49:57called Fiat and it has no value because
50:00you can just create more you can never
50:02create more Bitcoin you can never create
50:03more xrp and in fact along the way some
50:06of it gets used some of it gets burned
50:08some of it gets lost it's actually a
50:10shrinking Supply and as as Supply
50:13shrinks price goes up as the dollar
50:16supply increases the value of those goes
50:19down that's just basic economics so uh
50:22Bo's bringing you some really solid
50:23information he's he's not a financial
50:24advisor he's an as we've said all along
50:27he's an analyst of time it's on every
50:28slide if you look at his logo right here
50:30look at this right here oh right right
50:32here can I zoom in maybe hang on right
50:36here Bo the analyst of time
50:38so yeah so but Bo looks at these cycles
50:41and he's been telling you about gold and
50:42silver for a long time and we just had
50:44some big movement this week in gold and
50:46silver and then here's here's your your
50:48most recent chart here Bo you had an
50:50update out to your subscribers yesterday
50:51I actually I I just apologize for a
50:53minute I have not uh updated my Bitcoin
50:56slide chart here I'm just looking at
50:57this chart this is from June uh six but
51:00it's interesting because actually this
51:01is from like last month but it's
51:02interesting because you you get my
51:03slides right and you know for a fact
51:05that I was saying at the end of June
51:08this is in the charts everybody knew we
51:10go back and go through our subscribers
51:11or if you want to subscribe and go back
51:12and look at the June updates uh you can
51:14check this June the June 6th update out
51:16of Base he said in June there's probably
51:18something I think I said near the end of
51:19June probably uh summary or the end of
51:22June about the 20th or something we're
51:23gonna see I forgot with my exact words
51:25were but all I know was that somewhere
51:26near the end of June we're going to see
51:28this handle breakout and Bitcoin is
51:31going to spike vertical
51:34it happened on June 22nd the same day
51:37those texts came out of June 21st
51:39whatever it was but it literally was
51:40right at uh the summer solstice we had
51:43the breakout of the handle straight
51:45verticals so Bitcoin went from like I
51:47think it was like 25 000 straight to 30
51:50000 and you know and that was uh right
51:52at the end of June and how perfect was
51:54that you know and we we knew it all in
51:56other words if you look at this cycle
51:57chart that you look at this is crazy but
51:59it basically predicted the September
52:00drop it predicted the FTX crash to the
52:03exact day it didn't predicted the
52:04January rise it then predicted the the
52:07top in April and the sideways price
52:09action for April May into June and in
52:12terms of the and then the breakout in
52:13June the cycles that we've been
52:15following Noah has predicted bitcoin's
52:19price movement Everest for the past
52:21pretty much year now all since last July
52:23this chart's been playing out to a T
52:25it's incredible and we've just been
52:28watching it happen yeah and just no
52:30stress everything just there's no stress
52:32when you know the chart pattern and it's
52:35playing out absolutely perfect so and I
52:37know you watch it you get the updates
52:38and tell me that none of this this is
52:41like it's all of this is crazy including
52:43the actual bottom on November 22nd to
52:45the exact day I said hey there there's
52:46your bottom for Bitcoin boom that didn't
52:48happen yeah and you can see you can see
52:49that in the chart going going rounded
52:51cup cut bottom going up and then and
52:54then you've got this in the top right I
52:55know this was from last month but which
52:57is perfect because you said price
52:58explosion when and and then I'm just
53:01gonna go back to this really quick
53:03because uh xrp is now leading the way so
53:06you said price explosion for many of
53:07these and if you want to see a price
53:09explosion uh here's what it looks like
53:11so that that happened yesterday so uh
53:15and I know you and I were chatting a bit
53:16before the the before we went live here
53:19um xrp seems to be leading the way so if
53:22you are interested in seeing you know
53:24what's coming next what Boces in his
53:26Cycles let me go back to this other one
53:29um you've got Bo just activated a new
53:31coupon code I know it had been it
53:34they're only up for a little bit and
53:35then he takes them down so if you were
53:36trying to get in that's been um
53:37deactivated for a while but it's back up
53:39now if you want to get his time cycles
53:41of his Bitcoin index you just go to I'll put that link
53:46down below the video too and uh he
53:49always gives a code here whenever he
53:50comes on with us wlt49 you stick that in
53:53there he's going to give you a 50 off
53:54and then you'll get access to the entire
53:56history the entire Archive of reports
53:58he's done and then the new ones going
54:00forward so you can see there's the X
54:01right there on the on this on the home
54:03screen there xrp it got a lot of other
54:05ones too though a lot of ones and I I
54:08won't I gotta be fair to his subscribers
54:11I can't give it all away for free here
54:13but got a lot of other names up there a
54:15lot of uh ones that are even smaller
54:17that could map some really big moves
54:19um I just I was just telling Bo I just
54:21bought one of them I bought some more
54:22yesterday I thought man this is this is
54:24too good I'm going to add to my to my
54:26Holdings here so I bought some more
54:27yesterday so if you you um
54:30if you if you like what you're seeing in
54:32crypto and you want to get involved
54:33that's how you do that and then if you I
54:35always do this at the end too because
54:37um otherwise I get tons of emails on
54:39this people saying hey what about me I
54:41I'm I'm older I don't really understand
54:42computers I'm not good at it I know I
54:45want to buy some
54:46um and if you don't want to buy crypto
54:48don't buy it I'm not here to tell you
54:49you have to and neither is Bo but if you
54:51do want to buy it and you're intimidated
54:53by how to do it or you don't know what
54:54to do or don't want to make a mistake
54:55Bo's got this easy crypto school he put
54:58together and that's just and then he's got
55:01the same code there if you want to get
55:02in he'll give you a 50 off using wlt49
55:05it'll tell you how to go from not
55:07knowing anything about crypto to buying
55:09setting up your account buying your
55:11first cryptos doing it safely not losing
55:13them figuring out how to transfer them
55:15there's there is a lot that goes into it
55:16but he can make that a lot easier for
55:18you so always love putting that up there
55:20and then
55:21um oops go back here
55:24um so anyway but I'll kick it back to
55:26you in fact let me um
55:28let me just do this
55:31there we go get the mountains back up
55:33here so
55:34um yeah it just feels to me yesterday
55:36was such a crazy day that was the xrp
55:39lawsuit coming to an end that was 934
55:41days in the making that that had been
55:43the SEC had had uh tried to penalize
55:46this company it was massive government
55:48overreach the good guys won and and by
55:51good guys I mean you know the government
55:53did not win they did not get to put more
55:55uh restraints on private companies look
55:59at the timing that it came out right it
56:00came out in the transition window as
56:03we're transitioning from Evil losing
56:05control right so even control losing
56:07control they lost control as of the 25th
56:09of June and now every day they're losing
56:11more control and thus
56:14xrp loss it was was one because it's one
56:18it's in the transition window as the
56:20ship is turning into August and then
56:22September forward you see you're right
56:24everything's turning and soon enough the
56:26financial system is going to be
56:27completely upside down meaning uh going
56:30in a different direction so the Fiat
56:31money assessor was going to be
56:33um people everyone's gonna be running
56:35from it and everyone's gonna be running
56:36to the new money system which is
56:38precious metals Gold Silver and
56:40cryptocurrencies as trans distance
56:42transactional instruments at distance
56:44and so we're going to be stepping into
56:46it the best way I can say is this we're
56:48going to be stepping by year end
56:50you know even sooner than that but the
56:53world financial system that we know will
56:55be completely changed the way we
56:57transact is going to completely
57:00completely be changed into year end
57:03every way we transact will completely
57:07flip and change the banking institutions
57:09are gonna are gonna have massive
57:11problems in a jubilee system means debts
57:14are forgiven means banks are mortgages
57:16and student loans are canceled means
57:18banks are finished for what they've done
57:21okay so the entire Financial system that
57:24we know today is about to
57:26completely changeable yeah that's so
57:29true Bo and it's funny you say that that
57:31the case came down right in this window
57:33the funny thing is it that case that
57:35ruling had been expected for months it
57:37was late it was everyone thought it was
57:38going to come in the spring and some
57:40some even some even thought maybe at the
57:41end of 2022 so it it just the delay just
57:44seemed to drop it in the exact right
57:46spot I guess exact rights Place wow
57:48interesting wow Our Guest today has been
57:50Beau Pony uh if you want to find Bo go
57:53to and he's the
57:56analyst of time he's always fascinating
57:58to bring on here it's so much fun I I
58:00just feel that we are in for a wild
58:03couple of weeks in the country and
58:06gold and silver in cryptocurrencies
58:08Everything feels like that lid that's
58:10boiling is about ready to blow off both
58:12says we're in the middle of that
58:13transition period now so we're going to
58:15watch it but we're going to have you
58:16back on next month or maybe sooner if
58:17things start start cracking so thank you
58:19so much for coming on and we'll see you
58:21on the next one thanks again Noah God
58:22bless you and your family
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1. What is the 'great wealth transfer' discussed in the video?

The 'great wealth transfer' refers to the massive transfer of wealth from one generation to another, which is expected to happen in the coming years as the baby boomer generation passes on their wealth to younger generations.

2. How does the video discuss the role of money in controlling humanity?

The video delves into the concept of money as a tool for controlling humanity by influencing behavior, shaping social structures, and creating power dynamics. It explores the narrative of how money can be used to manipulate and control people.

3. What are the potential implications of the crash of the US dollar mentioned in the video?

The potential crash of the US dollar could have far-reaching implications such as hyperinflation, economic instability, and a global financial crisis. It could also lead to a shift in the balance of power, affecting international trade and geopolitical dynamics.

4. How does the video characterize the upcoming events in September as a foreshadowing of significant changes?

The video characterizes the upcoming events in September as a foreshadowing of significant changes by pointing out historical patterns and cycles, political and economic indicators, and potential catalysts for transformative shifts in various aspects of society.

5. What are the cycles and predictions surrounding Bitcoin's price movement discussed in the video?

The video discusses the cycles and predictions surrounding Bitcoin's price movement, focusing on factors such as halving events, supply and demand dynamics, market sentiment, and potential scenarios for price fluctuations in the future.

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