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This video discusses the top 5 peptides that can boost muscle gains, including CJC1295, BPC-157, GHRP-6, Testolone, and Ipamorelin; it emphasizes the importance of combining peptides for synergistic effects; and provides tips for maximizing muscle building effects through timing, dosage, diet, exercise, and sleep.
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This section discusses the criteria for selecting peptides and introduces the first peptide, cjc1295.
The video emphasizes the importance of focusing on good lifestyle factors for overall health.
The selection of peptides is based on considering both safety and effectiveness.
The first peptide mentioned is cjc1295, which is a growth hormone releasing hormone.
BPC is a peptide that helps with recovery and indirectly helps build muscle by aiding in muscle recovery.
BPC helps with joint pain, back pain, and overall recovery.
It upregulates growth hormone receptors, potentially improving growth hormone utilization.
GHRP6 is a strong growth hormone releasing peptide that temporarily increases cortisol and hunger.
Testament Relent is a GHRH peptide.
The speaker recommends a combination of peptides, including cjc25, apriorillin, testament, and bpc157, to boost muscle gains and aid in recovery.
Cjc25 and apriorillin can create growth hormone, while testament can release it.
Bpc157 not only helps in recovery but also aids in the uptake of growth hormone.
The speaker personally suggests using ipmarella, tesmarilla, and bpc157 together, but for long-term use, apriorillon is recommended.
Timing and frequency are important for maximizing the effects of peptides, with the speaker suggesting taking them before and after workouts.
Ways to boost muscle gains include dosing peptides, using herbal test boosters, following an animal-based diet, working out regularly, and prioritizing sleep and stress management.
Dosing peptides can be done up to three injections per day, but two injections per day is sufficient.
Herbal test boosters can enhance workouts, recovery, and testosterone levels.
An animal-based diet can contribute to muscle building.
Regular workouts, including functional and resistance training, can maximize muscle function and growth.
Good sleep and stress management are important for muscle gains.
00:00hello everyone hope you're having a
00:01wonderful day today's video is a peptide
00:03video where i'll be going over my top
00:06five peptides to help build some muscle
00:08so if you're new to this channel make
00:09sure that like and subscribe button if
00:11you're returning make sure hit that like
00:13button but let's get straight into this
00:15video so i first want to say a little
00:16disclaimer and that is this video is
00:19purely educational and that i'm not a
00:21doctor and the second thing is when
00:23going about health it's so important to
00:25focus on good lifestyle factors because
00:27that is going to give you the biggest
00:28bang on your return where peptides
00:30biohacks and all those other things are
00:32the icing on the cake you can get so
00:34much done just by working out eating
00:35well sleeping well so don't forget that
00:37now let's talk on how i actually picked
00:39these peptides because the thing is
00:41there are so many different peptides out
00:43on the market and there are new ones
00:44being released every single day and when
00:46i look at anything not just peptides
00:48always look at what is going to be the
00:50long-term effect is this going to
00:51actually enhance my vitality because
00:53something can give me a temporarily
00:55boost but in two years is that going to
00:57over the whole reduce my vitality so i
01:00always look at the safeness of the
01:01peptide versus the effectiveness because
01:04i don't want a peptide that's super safe
01:05and has no results vice versa i don't
01:08want a peptide that is super effective
01:10but has a horrible safety profile so i
01:12try to find the best of both worlds and
01:14when ranking these peptides i'll be
01:15starting off with the lowest or the
01:18weakest choice to i believe to be the
01:20best choice so let's start with the
01:22first peptide and that is going to be
01:24cjc1295 so cjc125
01:27is a ghrh growth hormone releasing
01:30hormone so what that means is that this
01:32peptide goes up to pituitary gland and
01:34tells your body to create growth hormone
01:37so this peptide is great you know it's
01:38been used for a long time it has a great
01:40safety profile and the thing is it will
01:43have some effect on your body at
01:45creating more growth hormone which
01:46that's going to help build muscle burn
01:48fat you know sleep better but the thing
01:50is why i ranked it at the lowest one is
01:52that just because your body creates more
01:54growth hormone does not mean it's going
01:55to release it so this is often time why
01:57this peptide is paired with apiorellin
02:00which is a ghrp which that helps
02:02actually release growth hormone into
02:03your body the second peptide is
02:06bpc157 which stands for body protective
02:09complex and this peptide does wonders
02:11for your body it plays a huge role in
02:13recovery and upright literally in your
02:15growth hormone receptors and helping
02:17with your joints your stomach your brain
02:19and you're probably asking matthew how
02:20does this help build your muscle well
02:22the thing is
02:23so many people are injured some people
02:25want to work out harder they want to go
02:26to the gym more but they can't because
02:28they have joint pain they have back pain
02:30or they're not recovered so
02:32i believe bpc indirectly will help you
02:34build more muscle just because you
02:36actually build muscle when you're
02:37recovering you don't build muscle when
02:38you're at the gym you're actually
02:39breaking down your tissue so i think bpc
02:42is such an amazing peptide and also too
02:45it does up regulate growth hormone
02:46receptors so there is a chance that
02:48growth hormone will be used better in
02:50your body but i think the main benefit
02:52of this peptide is that it just can help
02:53with recovery and recovery is so
02:56critical for building muscle the third
02:57peptide on the list is
02:59ghrp6 and this is a strong ghrp which is
03:04growth hormone releasing peptide which
03:06that means it goes up to your pituitary
03:08gland and tells your body to release
03:09growth hormone so one great thing about
03:11this peptide is that it does have a
03:13strong releasing growth hormone and at
03:15the same time for the most part it is
03:17pretty safe the only reason why i put in
03:18the third slot is because it does
03:21temporarily increase your cortisol and
03:23it does temporarily increase your hunger
03:26which the cortisol i don't like just
03:28because high levels of cortisol can lead
03:30to stress can lead to messing up your
03:31hormones all these different effects and
03:34also too if you're somebody who's really
03:36trying to stay on the leaner side having
03:38higher hunger is not your best friend
03:40you know but however if you're trying to
03:41bulk then this could be a great peptide
03:43but i did place it as the third choice
03:45just because it does raise your cortisol
03:47and it does raise your hunger the fourth
03:49peptide on the list is testament relent
03:52and testimony is a ghrh
03:54and one reason why this made the fourth
03:57peptide or the second best one is that
03:59it has a very strong release of growth
04:01hormone and it maintains your negative
04:04feedback loop which you're asking what
04:05does that mean pretty much your body is
04:07able to regulate different hormones and
04:09systems in your body so if your body has
04:11too much of something or too little of
04:13something your body will respond by
04:15turning on and off things which is
04:16really important when playing with
04:17hormones because there are some things
04:19in our body that will go against a
04:21negative feedback loop or just ignore it
04:23so that's why i love testosterone
04:24because it's very strong but at the same
04:25time it won't disrupt your natural
04:27hormone system however the reason i put
04:30it on not the top one because this is
04:32very potent it's very powerful it's used
04:33quite often the one thing i do not like
04:35about it is that over time it will
04:38increase your igf-1 levels and the
04:40reason why that could be a bad thing is
04:42that it has been shown that higher
04:44levels of igf-1 is linked to early
04:47mortality and attracting some deadly
04:49diseases but as a whole this peptide
04:52does wonders for increasing growth
04:54hormone helping build muscle burn fat
04:56and overall it seems to be one of the
04:59safer peptides especially when comparing
05:01how effective it is at increasing your
05:03growth hormone levels now let's get into
05:05my top peptide for building muscle and
05:08that is apiorellin so epirelin is a ghrp
05:13growth hormone releasing peptide meaning
05:14that it goes up to pituitary gland and
05:16it helps the body release growth
05:18hormones the reason why i picked this as
05:20my number one peptide for building
05:22muscle is that because i think it shines
05:24so much when it balance out the
05:25effectiveness with this safetyness so
05:27first this peptide maintains your
05:29negative feedback loop so it's not going
05:30to mess up your hormone system second it
05:32does not increase your igf-1 levels
05:35meaning that you're not going to
05:36increase your risk of early mortality or
05:38attracting you know other diseases that
05:40happens with potentially happens with
05:42testament relin as well it does not
05:44raise your cortisol or hunger levels so
05:46i think this peptide
05:47shines when it does the balance of being
05:49effective with you know preventing any
05:51unwanted side effects and the last
05:53reason why i love this peptide so much
05:55is that it's been shown that higher
05:57levels of this peptide creates a
05:59stronger release of growth hormone so
06:01you have more flexibility with your
06:02dosing and two it does not desensitize
06:06your receptors so that is so critical
06:08now let's talk a little bit about
06:09combinations just because
06:11combining peptides can have a
06:13synergistic effect especially combining
06:15some of the peptides i laid out in this
06:17video so let's start just with the
06:18beginner version i think a great
06:20beginner version just for anyone getting
06:22into peptides especially with trying to
06:24build muscle is cjc 25 iphone because
06:27cjc25 will create growth hormone if
06:30you're lying will release it so they
06:31have a really beautiful effect now if
06:33you want to up it one more the more
06:35moderate level you can do apriorillin
06:38with testament realm because
06:39testamereline is a stronger peptide to
06:41create growth hormone and if around will
06:43allow your body to release it so that is
06:45probably the gold standard when it comes
06:47to really the optimal peptide
06:50combination for growth hormone now if
06:51you want to make it a little bit more
06:53potent then i would recommend adding in
06:56bpc157 so the combination would be
06:58epirelin testament and bpc157 together
07:01because epirel intestinal have a
07:03beautiful synergistic effect but then
07:05bpc it not only helps in recovery but
07:07also helps with the uptake of growth
07:09hormone so it has all three of them
07:11working together to really help aid the
07:12body in building muscle we could be
07:14having more recovery burning fat all the
07:16wonderful things that bpc does and
07:18growth hormone does so now let's talk
07:20about what i personally would do so i
07:22gave a lot of options in this video a
07:23lot of information over peptides and
07:25what i personally would do is i would
07:27experiment using ipmarella and
07:29tesmarilla and bpc157 all together i'd
07:32probably run a few cycles just to see
07:34how my body responded but however
07:36long-term use i would only use
07:38apriorillon just because april will not
07:41increase my igf-1 levels which i don't
07:43want to have early mortality or attract
07:45any unwanted diseases but i do think it
07:47could potentially be beneficial and fun
07:49to play around with tests and rely on
07:50just because test relevant is pretty
07:52potent and is powerful but again
07:54long-term use i would probably stick to
07:56iphone at the time of making this video
07:58now let's get into how to maximize
08:01peptides really get the most muscle gain
08:03and the first thing is timing and
08:05frequency so pretty much think of
08:07peptides as a magical potion so if you
08:10take this peptide you're gonna have a
08:11transient gain and growth hormone so how
08:14we wanna best use that and i think i
08:16believe the best way is to do before
08:18workout on after workout because before
08:19a workout it's gonna help prevent muscle
08:21breakdown and help enhance the fat
08:23burning effects then after the workouts
08:24and help the muscle building effects but
08:26it's important that when taking this
08:28that you must do in a fasted state
08:30fats and carbs will disrupt the release
08:32of growth hormone so for me i work out
08:34in a fasted state so it works out
08:36perfectly and then i would do it right
08:38after my workout but again i haven't
08:40taken a protein shake or done anything
08:41like that wait 30 minutes and then do my
08:44post workout meal another way to
08:46increase the response or the gains is
08:49just do more dosing so when i did my
08:50first cycle of peptides i was doing up
08:53to three injections per day in the days
08:55i worked out really just to maximize my
08:57growth hormone response however though
08:58that is not really necessary and now
09:00that i've been reflected i've done many
09:02experiments i probably would not do more
09:04than two injections per day and right
09:06now currently i only do one injection
09:08per day when i am doing a peptide cycle
09:10just because i think that is plenty
09:11because i do many other biohacks to
09:13complement my muscle building stack
09:15another bonus is to look into herbal
09:18test boosters especially if you're a man
09:20i think herbal test boosters are so
09:22underrated it can do wonders at not only
09:24helping have better workouts recover
09:26faster but really help increase your
09:27testosterone which is critical for
09:29helping really burn more fat and build
09:31more muscle and especially when
09:33combining with these peptides because
09:34these peptides really focus on growth
09:36hormone and a good analogy i like to
09:37think of is growth hormone will help
09:39create new cells testosterone will help
09:41build them or make them bigger so by
09:43combining growth hormone with
09:45testosterone it's a beautiful
09:46combination another way to really
09:48maximize your muscle building effects is
09:50to focus on an animal-based diet i've
09:51talked many times about why i love a
09:54animal-based diet but if you want some
09:55meat you got to eat some meat and then
09:57on top of that of course doing some good
09:59workouts i think working out three to
10:01six times a week with a combination of
10:03functional training to resistance
10:04training just to really maximize your
10:06function prevent injuries by the same
10:08time making sure you build muscle and
10:09the last thing is focusing on good sleep
10:11and making sure you're not too stressed
10:13out and focused on a mindfulness but i
10:14feel if you combine all those bonuses
10:17with some of these peptides you'll see
10:19some wonderful gains or a nice little
10:21bonus or a nice more increase in muscle
10:23mass and just overall better workouts
10:25well anyways guys that is my video
10:26discussing in the top five peptides to
10:29help increase your muscle mass i hope
10:31you enjoyed have an amazing day and
10:32stick around for future videos
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 5 peptides for boosting muscle gains?

The top 5 peptides for boosting muscle gains are CJC1295, BPC-157, GHRP-6, Testolone, and Ipamorelin. These peptides have been shown to have positive effects on muscle growth and development.

2. How can combining peptides lead to synergistic effects for muscle building?

Combining peptides can lead to synergistic effects for muscle building by enhancing each other's effects and providing comprehensive support for muscle growth. This combination can lead to amplified results and improved overall performance.

3. What are the tips for maximizing muscle building effects when using peptides?

To maximize muscle building effects when using peptides, it's important to consider timing, dosage, diet, exercise, and sleep. Proper timing of peptide use, appropriate dosage, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep can all contribute to maximizing muscle building effects.

4. How do CJC1295, BPC-157, GHRP-6, Testolone, and Ipamorelin contribute to muscle gains?

CJC1295, BPC-157, GHRP-6, Testolone, and Ipamorelin contribute to muscle gains by promoting protein synthesis, increasing growth hormone levels, enhancing recovery, and supporting muscle repair. These peptides play a crucial role in enhancing muscle gains.

5. What are the important factors to consider for maximizing the effects of peptides on muscle building?

The important factors to consider for maximizing the effects of peptides on muscle building include proper dosage, timing, diet, exercise, and sleep. These factors play a crucial role in optimizing the benefits of peptides for muscle growth and development.

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