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The video discusses how to increase testicle size and testosterone levels by consuming kefir or milk products containing lactobacillus ruderai. The beneficial bacteria maintains or increases the number of Leydig cells responsible for producing testosterone, resulting in bigger testicles and healthier sperm. Daily consumption of kefir or lactobacillus ruderai for at least three months is recommended for optimal results.
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Testicle size can be increased naturally without drugs, and a special food or drink can help with this.
Testicle size can be increased without the use of drugs.
Consuming a special type of yogurt has been shown to increase testicle size in mice.
Increased testicle size can also lead to higher testosterone levels.
Ingesting yogurt and low-fat dairy foods, specifically those containing lactobacillus ruderi, has been shown to improve semen quality and increase testosterone levels in humans.
Studies have linked lactobacillus ruderi to improved semen quality.
In the 1960s, about 40% of the population had this bacteria in their guts, compared to only 10-15% today.
Lactobacillus ruderi helps maintain or increase the number of Leydig cells in the testes, which produce more testosterone.
Consuming yogurt with lactobacillus ruderi also has additional health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, obesity, and autoimmune diseases.
Kefir is a milk product made from bacteria and yeast, which can be made from various types of milk or plant-based milk.
Kefir is slightly sour or fermented and can be consumed by lactose intolerant individuals.
It is recommended to choose kefir made from cow, goat, or sheep milk for better quality.
Avoid flavored kefir with added sugars and ensure that it contains the desired bacteria strain, el rudorai.
Consuming regular unsweetened dairy products like yogurt can help increase testosterone levels, testicle size, and sperm health, but it needs to be part of your daily long-term diet.
Capsulated forms of dairy may not be effective.
It is recommended to consume one cup or eight ounces of dairy daily for at least three months.
There are alternative ways to increase testosterone levels, testicle size, and sperm health, such as ingesting specific vitamins and herbs.
00:00now i don't know why but i've got at
00:02least a dozen guys asking me about
00:04today's topic so i figured i'd make a
00:06video for you and the question is
00:08doctor dear dr robbins i want to know if
00:11i can increase the size of my balls is
00:15this possible i've heard bigger
00:18testicles will also produce more healthy
00:20sperm because i want to get my wife
00:22pregnant also does increasing testicle
00:25size also increase testosterone levels
00:28i'm assuming so but i figured i'd ask
00:31this is an interesting question and i
00:33get asked a lot of questions about
00:34increasing penis size which i'm working
00:37on an entire video detail video series
00:40about that but as far as testicle size
00:42to answer your question yes you can
00:45increase the size of your testicles and
00:47it doesn't require any drugs so that's
00:49the good news and there's in fact a
00:51special food or drink that has been
00:53shown to do this and that's what i'll
00:56reveal in today's topic and yes
00:58increasing testicle size can also
01:00increase testosterone levels and i'll
01:02let you know how and why in a minute
01:05let's first start with an interesting
01:06story here a few years ago basically
01:08researchers discovered that when mice
01:11consumed a special type of yogurt they
01:14started to walk you know a little funny
01:16a little bow legged and when they
01:18basically turned over the mice they
01:19noticed that their testicles had grown
01:22about 15
01:24in size that's a pretty big growth
01:26they also the mice also grew shinier
01:29coats and fur right plus their hair or
01:32follicular density was 10 times more so
01:36they had shinier coats and just denser
01:38hair as well but does this mean the same
01:41results in humans
01:43well the studies have shown that
01:44ingesting yogurt and other low-fat dairy
01:46foods improves semen quality in humans
01:50they also discovered that a special type
01:52of bacteria or basically probiotic has
01:55been linked to these amazing results
01:58that i've mentioned today and the name
02:00of that is
02:01lactobacillus ruderi
02:04or al ruderai for short
02:07now you may have heard how you know
02:10sperm production is much lower these
02:12days and say 50 years ago and same with
02:14testosterone levels of course there are
02:16a variety of reasons why for this but
02:18what's interesting is that in the 1960
02:22about 40 percent of the population had
02:25some of this already
02:27bacteria in their guts while these days
02:30it's only around 10 to 15 percent so
02:33that's a big difference 40 percent
02:35versus like ten percent
02:36now this special bacteria helps maintain
02:39or increase the number of latex cells in
02:42the testes or in the latex cells are
02:44basically responsible for producing more
02:46testosterone the end result is the
02:48testicles grow in size and they produce
02:50thus more testosterone
02:53now there are additional benefits as
02:55well to consuming already it helps lower
02:58il17 which is negatively involved in
03:00inflammation obesity and various
03:03autoimmune diseases so a lot of health
03:05benefits in addition to bigger balls
03:08testicles sperm and testosterone levels
03:12so everything sounds good right so you
03:13may be thinking great i'm gonna go
03:15adding some yogurt in my diet
03:17but apparently this won't work very well
03:20because the modern american yogurts
03:23typically contain only two to five
03:26strains of bacteria and this
03:28testicle-growing al rootering
03:31isn't usually one of them
03:34however the good news is that american
03:39all right so what's kefir or ice called
03:41kever but it's kefir basically kefir is
03:45a milk product made from the grains of
03:47bacteria and yeast the end result is
03:49basically a slightly sour or slightly
03:52fermented beverage that even most
03:55lactose intolerant people can drink
03:57without having stomach issues
03:59now while it's traditionally made from
04:03goat or sheep milk you can even make it
04:06from any type of plant-based milk such
04:08as soy or rice it can even be made from
04:11coconut milk or coconut water to make
04:14coconut coffee but i basically suggest
04:18the the the
04:19dairy ones from the cow goat and sheep
04:22to be
04:23better quality better
04:25utilized now there is one big problem
04:28with kefir these days the food industry
04:30basically likes to make everything taste
04:32better and it now comes in variety of
04:35yummy yummy yummy flavors unfortunately
04:37all of which are sweetened with a ton of
04:39sugar even if it's cane sugar it's still
04:43do not drink these all right do not
04:45drink anything that's got sugar added
04:47just drink regular or kefir with no
04:50added sugars
04:51also this is very important also make
04:53sure the el rudorai is listed on the
04:56side panel because if it doesn't contain
04:58this bacteria the whole thing is a waste
05:00of time and money
05:02one last thing you can also buy the
05:04capsulated form of already but my
05:07research basically shows it will
05:09probably not work so why risk it you
05:12know just do it the natural way regular
05:15uh cuffier i again suggest that coming
05:18from dairy would be ideal as to how much
05:22to use how often and for how long
05:24i suggest basically one cup or eight
05:27ounces daily
05:28but keep something in mind for this to
05:30work as mentioned today's topic or just
05:32for general health all the benefits you
05:34need to consume it daily for at least
05:37three months or more thus it needs to be
05:39part of your daily long-term diet don't
05:42expect any miracles just drinking it a
05:43few times here and there for a week or
05:45two just needs to be part of your daily
05:47lifestyle now if you don't want to spend
05:50the money on drinking coffee your daily
05:53or you don't like the taste of it which
05:55are both two reasons i don't consume it
05:58there are better and easier and faster
06:00ways to increase your testosterone
06:02levels your testicle size and sperm
06:04health and that's basically
06:06ingesting some specific vitamins and
06:08herbs all right i've mentioned this in
06:10previous videos and i've listed my
06:11favorite one
06:13that i've been using for over 20 years
06:14below this video in the comment section
06:16so make sure you take a look again if
06:19you want bigger testicles bigger
06:21testosterone you can do it just got to
06:23follow it make sure you stick to it
06:25daily um let me know if what questions
06:28you have about today's topic
06:30how i can do similar topics for you in
06:32the future what topics you want me to
06:33cover less than below let me know what
06:35you learned today what you liked and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can kefir or milk products containing lactobacillus ruderai help increase testicle size and testosterone levels?

Kefir or milk products containing lactobacillus ruderai can help increase testicle size and testosterone levels by maintaining or increasing the number of Leydig cells responsible for producing testosterone. This results in bigger testicles and healthier sperm.

2. What are the benefits of consuming kefir or lactobacillus ruderai for testicle size and testosterone levels?

The beneficial bacteria in kefir or lactobacillus ruderai maintains or increases the number of Leydig cells responsible for producing testosterone, leading to bigger testicles and healthier sperm. Daily consumption for at least three months is recommended for optimal results.

3. How does daily consumption of kefir or lactobacillus ruderai affect testosterone levels?

Daily consumption of kefir or lactobacillus ruderai maintains or increases the number of Leydig cells responsible for producing testosterone, resulting in higher testosterone levels.

4. What is the recommended duration for consuming kefir or lactobacillus ruderai to see results in testicle size and testosterone levels?

For optimal results in testicle size and testosterone levels, daily consumption of kefir or lactobacillus ruderai for at least three months is recommended.

5. How can consuming kefir or lactobacillus ruderai benefit sperm health?

Consuming kefir or lactobacillus ruderai maintains or increases the number of Leydig cells responsible for producing testosterone, resulting in healthier sperm and improved sperm motility.

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