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The video discusses the speaker's personal experience with low testosterone levels and highlights seven signs of low testosterone, including social anxiety, lack of energy, and droopy face. The speaker also emphasizes the impact of testosterone on confidence, physical appearance, and aggression, while sharing insights on the relationship between testosterone levels and voice pitch.
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The speaker shares his personal experience of feeling low in energy and confidence, and later discovers that it was due to low testosterone levels.
He used to be energetic and active but around the age of 23, he started feeling depleted and lacking motivation.
He gained some weight and received comments about being "skinny fat".
After doing research, he realized that these were signs of low testosterone.
He went to the doctor and got his blood tested, which confirmed his low testosterone levels.
Touching receipts that contain BPA can lower testosterone, and here are 7 signs of low testosterone.
Pollution, food, and touching receipts containing BPA can lower testosterone levels.
Social anxiety can be a sign of low testosterone.
The speaker experienced low motivation and enthusiasm after stopping testosterone medication.
Cold turkey stopping of testosterone medication can cause a significant drop in testosterone levels.
Low testosterone can lead to a lack of energy, motivation, and confidence.
Low testosterone can result in a lack of vigor and drive.
It can make it difficult to be confident, aggressive, and social.
Boosting testosterone levels can lead to increased energy and a willingness to take risks.
It can also result in a "Don't Give A F" mindset, which can be used in both harmful and beneficial ways.
Low testosterone can cause muscle loss in the face and lead to a droopy double chin.
Low testosterone can cause muscle loss in the face, including the jawline muscles.
Facial fat can accumulate due to low testosterone, leading to a droopy double chin.
Losing muscle mass in the face can be a sign of low testosterone.
Trying to build up facial muscles through exercises may not work if the root cause is low testosterone.
Low testosterone can lead to decreased aggression and energy levels.
High testosterone levels make working out satisfying and energizing.
Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about the satisfying feeling of the "pump" during workouts.
Lack of aggression can be a sign of low testosterone.
The speaker gives an example of slow driving by older people as a sign of low testosterone.
00:00imagine this there was a period in my
00:01life around three to four years where I
00:04was sleeping in every single morning I
00:06would go throughout my day just barely
00:07skimming by I remember I just couldn't
00:09seem to find the energy to get focused
00:12to feel empowered I was just always
00:13feeling mentally and physically drained
00:16and therefore as a result it actually
00:18started messing with my head my level of
00:19confidence and maybe you felt this
00:21before maybe you feel like this right
00:22now you're having a hard time being
00:24social you don't have that oomph to go
00:26up and talk to that girl you're just not
00:28feeling like the man that you ought to
00:30be this right here this was me 100 and
00:32it's weird because growing up I was
00:33always real energetic to always playing
00:35outside always doing something I was
00:37active always involved in sports and
00:39then around 23 there was a shift you
00:41know that's when things started to take
00:42a left turn and around this time I would
00:44spend most of my days just feeling
00:46depleted trying to just find that
00:48motivation type of thing I then started
00:50putting on a little bit of weight and
00:51then it was weird because I was kind of
00:53like skinny at the same time and then
00:54people online all the time were
00:56commenting me telling me I'm skinny fat
00:58and it was pissing me off bro Pro and
01:00then as a few years went by I finally
01:02went online did some research and the
01:04more I searched about why am I feeling
01:06so low why am I feeling so tired so weak
01:09why am I looking skinny but fat at the
01:11same at the same time and then all the
01:13dots started connecting these right here
01:15were all signs of low testosterone so
01:17long story short I went to the doctor to
01:19get my blood ran and then when the labs
01:21came back my doctor looked at it and
01:23he's like oh well there's your problem
01:24right there and I was actually I was
01:26extremely low I was at like 300 and I
01:28think 20 nanograms per deciliter which
01:31is like equivalent to a 60 year old and
01:33I know a lot of men come on this channel
01:35and they're super against this and
01:36they're like Dre why are you encouraging
01:38young men to get on trt to get on drugs
01:41and they're like kind of Shame me for it
01:42hey look I'm not encouraging anybody to
01:44do anything I'm just saying this is
01:45something this is a choice I made and
01:47I've personally seen nothing but
01:49benefits for me on a personal note the
01:51second I started taking it within like
01:53those first three or four days things
01:54drastically improved for me and I
01:56personally don't regret getting on trt
01:58whatsoever zero percent so the doctor
02:00prescribed me just a very low dose just
02:01to boost me up to the equivalence of
02:04another man my age and then of course I
02:06did that in conjunction with actually
02:08building better lifestyle habits because
02:10that's my job here on YouTube right I'm
02:12constantly researching this stuff and
02:13therefore I don't just teach it I also
02:15practice it myself I implement it in my
02:17own life my dad actually went ahead and
02:18did the same thing as well we both got
02:19on trt and that's another point I'm
02:21trying to make here as well is
02:22especially if you're getting older you
02:23may want to consider getting on trt
02:25because you have such a decline at that
02:27age but hey check it out bro my dad just
02:29turned 60 and this is the best he's ever
02:30looked hands down it's actually kind of
02:32funny because we were at the gym the
02:33other day working out together and there
02:35was this like Zumba class going on right
02:37next to us and the class is full of old
02:39people actually not even like that old
02:41they were just like in their 60s maybe
02:43early 70s the same age as my dad and so
02:45I filmed them I actually posted this up
02:47on my Instagram and I said most people
02:49at 60 versus my dad at 60. and my dad of
02:53course making those Lifestyle Changes
02:55building better habits in conjunction
02:56with being on trt you can just see the
02:59difference bro when my dad still got
03:00that Vigor he's got that aggression
03:02While most people his age their bodies
03:04are breaking down and now the sad
03:06reality of this is not just the older
03:08people but now our generation the
03:10younger guys even guys in their early
03:1220s are now starting to deal with low
03:14testosterone which has never happened
03:16before and it's because of I mean many
03:18things there's there's so many things
03:19this world is against us men right now
03:21pretty much there's a war on masculinity
03:23there's a war on testosterone and
03:25everything in the air the pollution the
03:27things that we eat the things that we
03:29touch like just the other day I found
03:31out that even touching receipts this
03:33stuff right here is so toxic and the BPA
03:35is just so off the charts that when you
03:38touch it and then you say you eat some
03:40like chicken or scratch your nuts or
03:43something like that your testosterone is
03:45literally declining right there on the
03:47spot which is scary so what I'm gonna do
03:49right now is go ahead and go through
03:51seven signs that you may have low
03:53testosterone and make sure you stay
03:55tuned towards the end because that
03:56seventh one is probably the most major
03:58one of them all number one so social
04:00anxiety now just another quick story I
04:01kind of want to tie in right here so
04:03last month about a month and a half ago
04:04actually I decided to take a full entire
04:07month off of my prescription my
04:08testosterone and at first it wasn't like
04:11intentional at all I just had ran out
04:13and I hadn't booked an appointment yet
04:14and so I Remember by like week three
04:17week four ish I Remember by the end of
04:19that week I was feeling so low I was
04:21feeling so unmotivated trying to make
04:23these videos here on YouTube was just
04:25like it was not working it was not
04:26happening I had no enthusiasm I had no
04:28motivation no nothing and so yeah by the
04:31end of that month I realized I looked
04:33back and I was like oh you know what
04:35it's probably because I'm low in
04:36testosterone right now I haven't been on
04:38so I went to the doctor we got my blood
04:39ran and my results came back I was
04:42actually at 100 nanograms per deciliter
04:45how hold on
04:47how the reason why I was so low more
04:50than you know when I was in the very
04:52beginning was simply because I had
04:53gotten off cold turkey and it didn't
04:54give my body enough time to naturally
04:57come back up boost itself up just at
04:59least a little bit so anyways that right
05:00there was actually proof of why I was
05:02just feeling so down and out that last
05:04week and I remember during that last
05:06week as a result of me feeling so low
05:08and uninspired it actually started
05:10messing with my mentality my brain and I
05:13remember even just going to the gym I
05:14was having a hard time talking to people
05:16conversing and then therefore that was
05:18making me feel kind of like insecure it
05:20was making all my social anxiety just
05:22come back out again just percolate
05:24through you know because a lot of you
05:25know my history my story when I was
05:27younger about dealing with social
05:28anxiety and how else you know over time
05:31I was able to push through that barrier
05:32but during that last week bro all that
05:34started coming back out again I was
05:36feeling super shy super insecure and it
05:38was simply because I was super low in T
05:40and then once I got back on about three
05:43days later I just went back to being my
05:45normal self and so that's just kind of
05:47like my point I'm trying to make theirs
05:49when you don't have that Vigor when you
05:51don't have that aggression that
05:52testosterone gives a man it's like how
05:55do you go on about your life how do you
05:56attack life how do you attack your
05:58dreams how do you attack your goals how
05:59do you attack women not not like attack
06:01win not like go up to him and like knock
06:03them out I mean like how do you attack
06:05the mission of pursuing a woman yeah
06:08they had us the first half I'm not gonna
06:09lie it's hard to be social when you
06:12don't have that um when you don't have
06:14that bigger and then the more you
06:16seclude yourself and you become
06:17anti-social the more you immerse
06:19yourself into that dark uh Dark World of
06:22isolation and that's scary because then
06:24that can end up in this Loop where you
06:26just become all the more insecure
06:28resulting in which is number two low
06:31status now I don't mean to sound so
06:33demeaning but how are you going to rise
06:35and rank as a man in that whole
06:37hierarchy of society if you're low in
06:39testosterone it's going to be very
06:41difficult having Low T it's a huge
06:43problem because in most cases you're
06:44gonna lack that Vigor you're gonna lack
06:46that drive to become your most powerful
06:48most masculine self I mean of course you
06:50know there's plenty of men out there in
06:52the world that the reason why they don't
06:53have high status is just simply because
06:54of the fact that they're lazy that they
06:56aren't putting in the work that they
06:57aren't building themselves building up
06:59an Empire but if you are about that life
07:01like you know you are I mean that's why
07:03you're here watching this video right
07:04now it's going to be very difficult for
07:05you just being honest to be confident to
07:08be aggressive to be social to grab your
07:12nut sack and go up and talk to that girl
07:14to take a little bit of risk to set up
07:16those business meetings and just to
07:18overall build up your status as a man
07:19when you're low in testosterone going
07:21back to when I used to have low
07:22testosterone it was like all I wanted to
07:24do was stay inside of my room my little
07:26comfort zone there was no way in hell I
07:27didn't even want to go to the gym bro
07:29like that's just sad but as soon as I
07:30boosted up my testosterone I had this
07:32newfound vibrant energy ready to take
07:35risk and then as a result which I've
07:36noticed this in a lot of guys as well
07:38you get this like new kind of I Don't
07:40Give A F type of mindset which can be
07:43used in a very harmful way or a very
07:45good way so you got to be aware of this
07:46you got to be kind of cautious with this
07:48you know this new type of mindset for me
07:50I used it in a good way it was just like
07:51I don't give an f anymore of what people
07:53think about me if they put me down if
07:55they throw shade at my name if they top
07:57down on me like I'm gonna stay Mission
07:58focused I'm going to stay on my path
08:00that God has for me type of thing you
08:02know for me it was more of like a I'm
08:03against Minds type of thing fellas
08:06building status for myself and not just
08:07here online on YouTube but then that
08:09status started to bleed into my real
08:12physical life like just yesterday I was
08:14with my best friend Joel and my wife
08:16Bree and we were out at Dutch Bros it
08:18was my cheat day so I was getting myself
08:19like a big old giant Frappuccino and
08:20then this guy came up to us he's like
08:22hey aren't you that YouTuber kid so now
08:24my status is not just building online
08:25but also a little bit in real life as
08:27well just naturally as a result and I
08:29know it sounds kind of funny but it all
08:31stems when you like retrace everything
08:33back to its resource it all stems back
08:35from me boosting up my testosterone and
08:37just getting aggressive about life the
08:39third sign that you're low in
08:41testosterone is your skinny fat just
08:43like I was saying earlier with me during
08:44those few years I started to lose muscle
08:47mass and gain body fat which resulted in
08:50me looking skinny fat and that's why
08:51everybody were you know was riding on
08:53these kind of mean hurtful comments at
08:55me and then at that time too bro like I
08:57had never stopped working out I was
08:58always consistent in that area no matter
09:00what but during that time especially I
09:02was working out twice a day because I
09:04started noticing my body I started
09:05noticing everything on me just kind of
09:07looking a little weird so I got into the
09:09gym I started working out even harder
09:11and then on top of that bro it hurt me
09:13bro I'm gonna be real with you but I was
09:14I remember I was posting these videos
09:16online and people were literally telling
09:18me hey Dre great video but dude you
09:20would look so much better if you
09:21actually started working out and it's
09:23like bro that hurt because I was like
09:25putting in hour after hour at the gym
09:27and people saying this saying that you
09:29don't even look like you work out oh
09:31that yeah that was kind of rough on me
09:32and then on top of that dude like I'm
09:34sitting here I'm making sure I'm
09:36calculating on my macros making sure
09:38that I'm getting in enough protein every
09:40day I think I got up to like a 200 grams
09:42per day which is far more than I even
09:44needed and it just seemed like
09:45everything was working against me I just
09:47kept looking worse and worse Meanwhile
09:49my best friend David at the time this
09:51guy you could just look at him and tell
09:52his testosterone is just off the charts
09:55he has amazing genetics his body's a
09:57mint condition he rarely ever works out
09:58I've never seen him count as macros not
10:00even one time yet I'm seeing all these
10:02little girlies giggling pointing looking
10:04at them thinking he's all cute
10:07I'm built differently not paying any
10:09attention whatsoever to me the guy who's
10:11actually working his butt off in the gym
10:13who's exhausting himself meal prep in
10:16every single day counting all his macros
10:18and so bro I just I remember getting so
10:20bitter so jealous but at the same time I
10:22like I knew something was wrong
10:24something was off and of course it was
10:26just the simple fact that I was low in
10:27testosterone the fourth one is a droopy
10:30face now this goes hand in hand with the
10:32whole skinny fat concept not only do you
10:34get skinny fat on your body but your
10:36face also gets that skinny fat look
10:38right because you got all these you
10:40don't realize it but you got all these
10:41little muscles in your face bro
10:43especially like the jawline you got
10:45those jawline muscles and so if you're
10:46low in testosterone bro you're gonna
10:48actually lose muscle mass not only in
10:50your body but in your face as well and
10:52then you're gonna put on facial fat just
10:54as you would on your body right makes
10:56sense I know this kind of sounds like
10:57Bro Science but it is not this is real
11:00road trip Pro tip bro fat this right
11:05here was the exact thing that was
11:06happening with me bro I remember looking
11:07in the mirror at one point in my life at
11:09like around yeah 23. I was just like
11:11something's wrong bro like something's
11:13off what's going on dude and I remember
11:15I was getting like this double because I
11:17have like a small chin as well but I
11:19remember uh I was losing muscle mass
11:21really bad right here in the chin
11:23jawline area and then I was starting to
11:25get like this double droopy chin thing
11:27going on and it was because I was
11:29starting to build up like fat in this
11:31area and I remember at that time I was
11:33trying to do all these like jaw mouth
11:34facial exercises and stuff trying to
11:36build up like muscles again and none of
11:38it was working and it was just because
11:39the simple fact I was low in
11:41testosterone and just like how my body
11:42couldn't put on muscle my face couldn't
11:44put on muscle so that's a great Point
11:46too bro like for all you guys that are
11:47trying to do your you guys buy that
11:49little like Jaws or size thing when you
11:51like bite down on it which that's cool
11:53it's a fine concept but if you're low
11:55and testosterone it's not gonna result
11:56in building up muscle in your face and
11:58then on top of that you're gonna have
11:59face fat as well so even if you did
12:01build up facial muscles they're not
12:03going to really show because you got
12:04face fat covering it so I'm not trying
12:06to say all this to make you feel like
12:08hopeless but it's just something to keep
12:09in consideration number five not having
12:11morning wood now at first I was going to
12:14say having like a low sex drive is a
12:16sign but I remember even me at my lowest
12:18when I was at like 300. even last month
12:21when I was at 100 nanograms per
12:23deciliter so I can't really say that I
12:25had no sex drive whatsoever like I was
12:26still ready to go my wife and I were
12:28still having sex every single day but
12:31one thing I was noticing was that I was
12:32having yeah no morning wood whatsoever
12:35never once did I have any low libido
12:37never once did I have like erectile
12:39dysfunction the only time I've ever kind
12:41of like dealt with that in the past was
12:42when I was just watching too much prawn
12:44but anyways the reason why you even get
12:47morning wood in the first place is
12:48simply because of the fact that during
12:50the night while you're sleeping this is
12:52actually the time where you're producing
12:53the most testosterone and it's so
12:56embarrassing for me to talk about bro
12:57but back when I was like yeah in my
12:59mid-20s and I was very low in
13:02um I wasn't doing for like years it
13:04would be very rare that I woke up with
13:06an erection very rare and I remember for
13:08a while there I was getting scared it
13:10was kind of like freaking me out maybe
13:11because it was also in conjunction with
13:13the amounts of prawn I was watching at
13:15that time as well and I was constantly
13:17just spilling my seed over and over and
13:19over again where I had like nothing left
13:20I was just like depleted of all
13:22testosterone of all like semen you know
13:25but now it's a whole different ball game
13:26me changing those bad habits not
13:27watching prawn anymore not fapping it's
13:29all these images and videos and stuff
13:31and then also raising my testosterone
13:33those two things together it's a whole
13:35different ball game right now I mean now
13:38I'm getting erections all throughout the
13:40night and it's like literally waking me
13:41up uh just last is a little bit too much
13:43information but
13:45uh whatever last night me and my wife
13:47were both sleeping and she moved over in
13:49her hand like laying it on top of my
13:52Johnson and I was hard right and then it
13:56both got us kind of going and then at
13:57two o'clock am in the morning bro we go
14:00to town
14:09congratulations just being honest so I
14:13mean hey that right there that's another
14:14uh great benefit to getting that morning
14:17wood or you know that those erections
14:18throughout the night number six a high
14:21pitch a high-pitched voice I didn't want
14:24to say this too and then like my me kind
14:27of say it like in a high-pitched way but
14:29not hey check it out I was reading this
14:30article it was actually an article on and it was written
14:34back in 1999 but I think it's still
14:37relevant but um it says that they did
14:39this study uh in a with these with 61
14:42different men and amongst all these men
14:44um they said that higher levels of
14:46testosterone were significantly
14:48associated with lower pitched voices
14:51watch your tone boy and this kind of
14:56made sense to me because comparing you
14:58could even go back to yourself and look
14:59at my old videos from like 2014 to 2015.
15:02compare it to now and you can see the
15:04difference from my voice you can see the
15:06progression like as I you started
15:08raising up my testosterone bit more my
15:10voice started to deepen a little bit and
15:11it's not like a huge drastic difference
15:13but you can tell like did turn down a
15:15few notches and the last one number
15:17seven probably the most major sign hands
15:19down is the simple fact that you hate
15:21discipline in other words you're lazy
15:23and you don't mind it you don't even
15:24care that you're lazy see what happens
15:25is and I've noticed this myself bro this
15:28is one of the biggest key indicators for
15:29me in my own life and this is one of the
15:31things that I drastically saw a
15:32difference in and uh when you are high
15:35in testosterone you just naturally
15:36desire to work hard versus when you're
15:39not see when you're low in testosterone
15:40you just you can't wait to get a day off
15:42you can't wait to have a three-day
15:43weekend you can't wait to just chill on
15:45your couch and eat potato chips and then
15:47when you do that you don't even care
15:48like you don't even feel bad about it
15:50but when you're high in testosterone if
15:52you do have some time off if you are
15:54kind of sitting around and you know
15:55you're being lazy it just it doesn't sit
15:57right with you you need to get up off
15:59your lazy ass and you need to get to
16:00work and on top of that you need to make
16:02up for your lost time and I noticed for
16:04me bro like that's my goal right there
16:06every day when I my head hits that
16:08pillow it's like I reflect back on my
16:10day and if I know I put in that work if
16:12I know I gave it my off I know that I
16:14just man if I know I just attacked my
16:16mission then I can go to bed peacefully
16:18I can have a little smile on my face but
16:21like the days where I know in my head
16:22that I could have gave it a little more
16:23it's almost like it keeps me up at night
16:25like ah it pisses me off and it's kind
16:28of funny because it makes me think of I
16:29had you know I had this friend I used to
16:30always work out with and whenever we had
16:32worked out this was like three or four
16:33years ago all he would do was just he
16:35would just complain the whole time he
16:36would do a set of like bicep curls and
16:38just be like oh that sucks man I hate
16:40like the whole time bro and I stopped
16:42working out with them because it's just
16:43annoying I don't want to keep hearing
16:44that bro but for those of us that are
16:45high and testosterone you work out bro
16:47and it's almost like you can't get
16:48enough like I remember Arnold was saying
16:50he's talking about the pump right I have
16:52a horrible Arnold impersonation so I
16:54won't do it but you'd always talk about
16:55how the Pump It Feels Like Coming I
16:57think he said like that's how much he
16:59loves it it's a satisfying to me as the
17:01coming is you know as having sex with a
17:03woman and coming and that's how it kind
17:05of should be when you go to the gym like
17:07yeah it's exhausting takes a lot out of
17:08you but the same time like oh as a man
17:11with high testosterone you can't get
17:13enough of it bro like it feels good to
17:15just give it your all and that right
17:17there this is kind of like if I had to
17:18make a bonus sign or like sign number
17:21eight I guess you could say is that
17:22you're not aggressive if you are a man
17:24and you're not aggressive that is a sign
17:26that you're low in testosterone I drive
17:28around town bro this is a perfect
17:30example like I always say you know I
17:31live in this town of like old people
17:33every you know everybody's freaking
17:34holding this down and I have these cars
17:37driving in front of me bro going like 25
17:39miles per hour and I'd fly past them and
17:41I'm like they're just like old farts and
17:43I'm just like yeah whatever but I'm like
17:44bro that's that's proof right there you
17:46got all these like old people that are
17:48have are just completely depleted in
17:50their testosterone and they don't even
17:51mind it dude they're just kurus and row
17:53and me it's like I'm kind of like an
17:55aggressive driver now I used to not even
17:57now I am and I'm I kind of I always like
17:59drive way too fast I'm surprised I've
18:01never gotten a ticket in my life and
18:02then this also makes me think about guys
18:04like one of my favorite dudes my
18:05favorite actors is Sylvester Stallone
18:07the guy who uh did all the Rocky movies
18:09he he's like almost 80 me bro and you
18:12look at him compared to most 80 year
18:13olds and he's still making movies bro
18:15he's still making action films kicking
18:17ass this guy's in great shape still he's
18:19been on testosterone since he was since
18:21the second Rocky movie which I think he
18:23was like early 30s and even with him
18:25dude a guy like that like you can still
18:27see him kind of like towards the end of
18:29his life he's still pumping out content
18:31he's still Mission focused aggressive he
18:34has that bigger the same if not more
18:35than he had when he was at 20 30 years
18:37old you know the older I get the more
18:38things I gotta leave behind that's life
18:40and so that's why right there that's why
18:42it is so important that we do get our
18:43levels checked in my opinion and just
18:45make sure that our testosterone levels
18:46are in check now just real quick note
18:48before I go ahead and end this video
18:49don't think that just by going to a
18:51doctor and getting on trt that this is
18:52going to be your Saving Grace and
18:54everything's going to change from here
18:55on out you have to also combine that
18:57with good healthy lifestyle habits as
18:59well make good choices that actually
19:01benefit your life your health your
19:03spiritual mentality everything every
19:05single aspect in fact I'd also say to
19:07make sure to do that first see if you
19:09can boost your testosterone naturally
19:11and then if you feel like you need to
19:13get another boost on top of that then go
19:14to the doctor and see if there's an
19:16actual problem see if you're actually
19:18deficient like I was because bro you can
19:19inject yourself with testosterone every
19:21single week as much as you want and I
19:23mean yeah initially like if your goal is
19:25to put on some size put on some muscle
19:26yeah within those first month or two
19:28you'll put on like a good five pounds
19:30maybe six or seven but then you do get
19:31capped off you don't just keep growing
19:33and growing growing keep on losing
19:34weight losing weight like you actually
19:35have to be on a good diet you know you
19:37actually have to go to the gym have a
19:38good routine that all has to come into
19:40play as well like you can't just think
19:42that you can sit back and become this
19:43amazing high level top tier Giga Chad
19:46you do have to put in the work as well
19:48so hey appreciate you guys if you do
19:50today's video please give it a nice big
19:51thumbs up hit the notifications button
19:53to be informed when I drop a new one and
19:55check out this vid right here it's a
19:56powerful powerful one and I'll catch you
19:58on the next one peace always
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs of low testosterone?

The signs of low testosterone include social anxiety, lack of energy, droopy face, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, reduced libido, and depression.

2. How does low testosterone affect confidence?

Low testosterone levels can lead to decreased confidence, as testosterone plays a critical role in regulating confidence, assertiveness, and risk-taking behavior.

3. What is the impact of testosterone on physical appearance?

Testosterone has a significant impact on physical appearance, contributing to the development of facial hair, muscle mass, bone density, and overall body shape.

4. How does testosterone affect voice pitch?

Testosterone affects voice pitch by deepening the voice, as higher testosterone levels during puberty lead to the development of a deeper voice in males.

5. What role does testosterone play in aggression?

Testosterone influences aggression, as higher levels of testosterone are associated with increased assertiveness and competitiveness, while lower levels may result in reduced aggression.

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