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This video discusses how to increase your IQ like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka by incorporating mental exercises, a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, and connecting with other geniuses into your daily routine. These practices help to improve cognitive abilities and enhance brain function.
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Ayanokoji Kiyotaka recommends mental exercises such as solving puzzles, playing chess, and reading and writing to improve cognitive abilities, and other practices such as exercise, a balanced diet, and enough sleep can also enhance cognitive function.
Mental exercises such as solving puzzles and playing chess can improve problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning.
Reading and writing can improve verbal comprehension and communication skills.
Exercise, a balanced diet, and enough sleep can enhance cognitive function.
To increase cognitive abilities, get 8 hours of sleep, connect with like-minded individuals, attend lectures and workshops, and have an urge to consume knowledge.
Getting 8 hours of sleep can improve testosterone, health, and energy levels.
Connecting with other geniuses can provide new insights and perspectives.
Attending lectures and workshops can provide new knowledge and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.
Having an urge to consume knowledge and being open-minded can lead to continuous learning and improvement.
00:00today in this video I will be talking
00:02about how to increase your IQ like
00:04ayanokoji kiotaka IQ or intelligence
00:07quotient is a measure of a person's
00:09cognitive abilities including
00:10problem-solving skills spatial reasoning
00:13and verbal comprehension
00:15in this video we'll be discussing how
00:17ayanokoji kiotaka a character known for
00:19his exceptional intelligence trains his
00:21brain to increase his IQ
00:23we'll also provide actionable steps that
00:25you can take to achieve similar results
00:28ayanokoji kiotaka believes that mental
00:30exercises are crucial for improving
00:32cognitive abilities
00:34some of the exercises he recommends
00:37solving puzzles and riddles solving
00:39puzzles and riddles requires you to use
00:41your brain to think creatively and
00:44this exercise can help improve your
00:46problem-solving skills and enhance your
00:48ability to think critically
00:49playing chess chess is a strategic game
00:52that requires you to plan ahead and
00:53anticipate your opponent's moves
00:56this game can help improve your spatial
00:58reasoning skills and enhance your
00:59ability to think logically
01:01many top chess players are known to be
01:03very smart to the point that it makes
01:04them naturally introverts like many
01:07reading and writing reading and writing
01:10are excellent exercises for improving
01:11verbal comprehension and communication
01:14they also help develop your vocabulary
01:16which can further enhance your cognitive
01:20other practices for increasing IQ
01:22in addition to mental exercises there
01:25are other practices that can help
01:26increase your IQ such as
01:28exercise exercise not only benefits your
01:31physical health but also your cognitive
01:34Studies have shown that exercise can
01:36increase blood flow to the brain which
01:38can enhance cognitive function
01:40eating a balanced diet eating a diet
01:42rich in nutrients such as Omega three
01:44fatty acids vitamins and antioxidants
01:47can help improve brain function and
01:49cognitive abilities
01:51sleep getting enough sleep is crucial
01:53for brain health and cognitive function
01:55lack of sleep can lead to impaired
01:57cognitive abilities including memory
01:59attention and concentration
02:01sleep can benefit your life in many ways
02:04if you need to take something out of
02:06this video work on getting eight hours
02:07of sleep
02:09not only will your testosterone health
02:11and energy levels go up but your days
02:13will be easier and more pleasant
02:15ayanokoji kiotaka is not the only genius
02:18out there
02:19are many other individuals who have
02:21achieved remarkable Feats in various
02:24connecting with these individuals can
02:26help stimulate your brain and provide
02:27new insights and perspectives
02:29join a group or Community joining a
02:32group or community that focuses on a
02:33particular topic can help you connect
02:35with like-minded individuals who share
02:37your interests
02:38this can lead to new ideas and insights
02:40that can help enhance your cognitive
02:43the sum of the five people you hang out
02:45the most with is who you are make sure
02:46you surround yourself with smart and
02:48manly people instead of stupid lazy
02:51attend lectures and workshops attending
02:53lectures and workshops by experts in
02:55various Fields can provide new knowledge
02:57and insights
02:58these events also provide an opportunity
03:00to connect with individuals who share
03:02your interests
03:03if you follow and look closely into
03:05these entrepreneurs a lot of these guys
03:07followed particular people and studied
03:09the way they made money and changed it
03:11people like Russell Brunson Alex hermosi
03:14Etc attended lectures which cost
03:15thousands of dollars when first starting
03:18lastly have an urge to consume and
03:20obtain an infinite amount of knowledge
03:22like ayanokoji be humble and know that
03:24you do not know everything
03:25in karate black belt is called shoden
03:28which means beginning of Journey so
03:30always remember that there's more to
03:31learn and be open-minded about
03:33in conclusion there are many ways to
03:35increase your IQ like a yanukoji kiotaka
03:38mental exercises a balanced diet
03:40exercise sleep and connecting with other
03:43Geniuses can all help improve cognitive
03:47by incorporating these practices into
03:48your daily routine you can enhance your
03:51brain power and Achieve remarkable feats
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I increase my IQ like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka?

You can increase your IQ like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka by incorporating mental exercises, a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, and connecting with other geniuses into your daily routine. These practices help to improve cognitive abilities and enhance brain function.

2. What are some mental exercises to improve IQ?

Mental exercises such as puzzles, brain teasers, strategic games, and memory challenges are great for improving IQ. These exercises stimulate the brain and enhance cognitive functions.

3. How does a balanced diet impact IQ?

A balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals supports brain health and cognitive function. Foods like fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are beneficial for IQ improvement.

4. What role does exercise play in increasing IQ?

Regular exercise improves blood flow to the brain, stimulates the growth of new brain cells, and enhances cognitive function. Both aerobic and strength training exercises contribute to increasing IQ.

5. How does sleep affect IQ?

Adequate sleep is essential for cognitive function, memory consolidation, and learning. Quality sleep enables the brain to process information and optimize cognitive performance, contributing to an increase in IQ.

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