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This video compares the Pure Boost and Ultra Boost sneakers, discussing their appearance, comfort, and performance in running. The reviewer ultimately prefers the Ultra Boost for its energy return and hugging fit, but acknowledges that the Pure Boost is a more affordable option.
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The video compares Pure Boost and Ultra Boost sneakers, discussing their appearance, support, and energy return.
The speaker mentions that Pure Boost doesn't hug the foot as much as Ultra Boost.
Ultra Boost provides more support and has a little more space inside.
Ultra Boost gives a greater feeling of hugging the top of the foot and maintains its shape even after being taken off.
The video discusses the differences between the Pure Boost and Ultra Boost shoes.
The Ultra Boost has a slightly more modern appearance compared to the Pure Boost.
The Ultra Boost has a wider fit, while the Pure Boost is narrower.
Some people find the Pure Boost's tight fit uncomfortable for all-day wear.
The Ultra Boost has a different lacing system than the Pure Boost.
The speaker discusses the appearance and features of the sneaker, including the corrugation and curvature of the boost system.
The sneaker has a unique appearance with corrugation and curvature.
The boost system provides a top appearance.
The speaker mentions the milk system as a crucial detail when choosing to buy the sneaker.
The speaker compares the sneaker to a popular one without mentioning the specific name.
The Ultra Boost provides a fuller and more comfortable fit compared to the Pure Boost, making it the better sneaker despite the higher price.
The Ultra Boost forms the curve of the foot, providing a fuller and more comfortable fit.
Despite the higher price, it is considered the better sneaker between the two.
The Ultra Boost is described as one of the best sneakers on the market, better than several top-of-the-line models from other brands.
The price difference between the two sneakers is around 40 dollars, with the Ultra Boost being more expensive.
00:00and today I want to show you the
00:01difference between other bush and bus
00:05and then guys welcome to another video
00:08this is the hairstyles em lei channel
00:10and today I want to show you the
00:12difference between other bush and per bush
00:14and I want you to discover which one do you
00:16prefer and how are you going to buy it?
00:29looks, right, the appearance of the sneakers, the aspect
00:32of which is easier, more versatile to
00:34invest in and my personal opinion on which
00:37is a uterus or better sneakers is in all
00:40these aspects good
00:42the first thing where we are going to take away the
00:44running part of something that I don't understand
00:46from the front soon with greater work has been done
00:49to find better
00:50running shoes sadinos is the tribute comes later
00:53for me but I could bush for not being
00:55depressed and doesn't hug your foot so much
00:57at the top in the off while another
01:00busha bassa and I I see that the work has
01:02a little more support São Pedro keeps
01:04sliding a little inside, it has to happen
01:06that he has a little more space
01:07inside the sneaker and that I see a little
01:10more difference when running, this one
01:12for me gives more it's the
01:14energy return the work that gives more
01:16energy return than I could bush but
01:18both would be great they have to go through but
01:20when the help once a year I
01:22choose ultra boost so it's another
01:24point for another search 1 to 0
01:25I'm the fan in English so don't start
01:30talking about the details of the work, how it's
01:32done and its ultra bush qualities,
01:35it gives the much greater feeling of hugging
01:38your the top of your foot as it's
01:40being done in progress and how you can
01:41see the earth when you take it off your foot it
01:43still has a very beautiful shape it
01:45doesn't lose that shape it has
01:48no way it has a case here on the
01:49side dtp a plastic thing the cup
01:52to give support and it as diana says it
01:55is the best running shoe in the world
01:56right now I'm on the continental side that goes
01:59quite fast, right?
02:08a wash now but I'll
02:10wash it soon and the bush puree talking a
02:12little about the vulture
02:13now about the vulture the bus it has a
02:16slightly more modern appearance in my
02:17opinion while another would show a
02:18little narrower when you come from
02:20above this one if you look he is a
02:22little wider bush makes the
02:24equipousada tighten the bush so he doesn't
02:26have a family as you can see that
02:28for some people it can irritate a
02:29little it's the version to wear all day it gives
02:31a 11 hurts it's not always being
02:35years on the side Don't waste a lot of time with it
02:36because you feel it's both directly on your foot,
02:39so it's a little weird, sometimes it
02:40has this more modern appearance than, like
02:42I was saying, this system of
02:44laws in which you put it, it's a joke, right?
02:46Animal, this system, if you untie
02:48it, you can tie that you see pereita
02:50electro now contaminated time lapse
02:53he has this system of laws in here it's
02:55very different from serve he opened one for
02:57each side like this look if he ties it
02:59closed but this here is not a
03:01complete review the two teams if you I would like
03:03to see the review of this other bush and the
03:05shipping of cisterns here I will put a
03:07link in the description also on the card here
03:08explains nuno if you have a
03:10phone number for the clinic next door it will
03:12be there and at the end of the video you will also have to
03:14have it at your mobile phone will have the
03:16options for you to watch their videos
03:18to compare the work they have an
03:20ultra appearance looking for a better sneaker after
03:21a point by tribes as
03:23apparent a lot of people stone me that's
03:26why this one that has a more
03:27classic appearance this one that has a more
03:29modern appearance like I said there will be a little
03:30of my opinion in this review, I
03:32particularly think the appearance of the tribute would be
03:34more beautiful if it were made of
03:35prominent and even more beautiful I wanted to
03:37maintain the agreed shape of the building and not
03:39have these holes here as you
03:40can see the hole on the same side but I
03:42think its appearance
03:43is simply animal, it's a sneaker that I use a lot for
03:45work, it has 111 increased, this
03:48here for you to register if you
03:49want to go deeper, but I prefer to
03:51be left with nothing, I think here is a part of the
03:53animal sneaker, it has a corrugation, a
03:55curvature and in the boost that also gives a
03:57very top appearance, this
04:00milk system must have a detail that for me
04:02was crucial when choosing to buy
04:04it, these milks here that it even reminds me
04:06a little of the ise milks, it was
04:08claimed that it looks like a popular one without
04:10sheron tubular dodo and I added this
04:12secret here as you saw we are here
04:15you know I had excellent ambitions here
04:17to give it a cool appearance
04:20so when a
04:22bus stop appears there was this point system that
04:24I made a big boston now
04:26put both sneakers on your foot to really tell you
04:28which one is the best
04:30and which one you should buy
05:35well the feeling of a boost one of the two is
05:38very different this one looks like the
05:40bust it forms the curve of your foot so
05:42you have a feeling that you have a
05:43fuller bush, but this bush that ends up
05:46being more comfortable, don't
05:47ask me why it's difficult to describe
05:49in words what you feel, but this
05:51one, despite making the curvature,
05:52you feel if this part is here of the curve
05:54of the foot when you are at your destination, he is
05:56a very good technician, a test for you because he
05:58won't let you, you can't be sure
06:00if I had to choose a sneaker for
06:02myself, I had to choose one between the
06:04two, you can already imagine the answer
06:06I would choose another boost for me
06:09involving all these aspects it is the
06:11better sneaker even though it has a
06:12more classic appearance it is the
06:14best sneaker between the two and it is the top of the line
06:16from adidas as many know but
06:19its price doesn't help especially in Brazil
06:21here a difference in the increase of 40
06:23dollars between bush by bush generally the
06:25mash seeks 141 jobs 180 200 but in
06:30my opinion if you have a
06:31bigger budget if you have more money to
06:34spend buy another bush especially
06:36if you don't have any if you have
06:38combat a little tighter, which is
06:39totally common, normal, don't worry, it
06:41will fulfill your search for a beautiful sneaker,
06:44you won't disappoint, one of the best
06:45themes on the market, I can
06:47even say that it is better than several
06:50top-of-the-line themes from other brands
06:52and it is That's it, I'll put a link in the
06:54description, you can buy it if you want the
06:56work, if you want, you can search for it,
06:58click on the registration link, I'll
06:59try to get a discount code for
07:01you, but I can't promise because the dynamics
07:03of the ball are that, thank you
07:05very much, bid on your side of your
07:07comment tell me that if you bought
07:08either of the two which one do you have do you
07:10have one of the two and tell me your opinion
07:12which one is the best but that's it
07:14thank you very much and I'll see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are Pure Boost and Ultra Boost sneakers compared in this video?

The Pure Boost and Ultra Boost sneakers are compared in this video to provide a detailed analysis of their appearance, comfort, and performance in running.

2. What are the key features discussed in the comparison of Pure Boost and Ultra Boost sneakers?

The comparison discusses the appearance, comfort, and performance in running of Pure Boost and Ultra Boost sneakers. The focus is on evaluating their energy return and hugging fit, as well as the affordability of Pure Boost.

3. Why does the reviewer prefer the Ultra Boost over the Pure Boost?

The reviewer prefers the Ultra Boost over the Pure Boost due to its energy return and hugging fit, which are beneficial for running. The Ultra Boost offers superior performance in these aspects.

4. What is the main advantage of the Pure Boost over the Ultra Boost?

The main advantage of the Pure Boost over the Ultra Boost is its affordability. While the Ultra Boost offers superior energy return and hugging fit, the Pure Boost is a more budget-friendly option.

5. Which sneaker is recommended for those looking for a more affordable option?

For those looking for a more affordable option, the Pure Boost is recommended. It provides a budget-friendly choice while still offering good comfort and performance for running.

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