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Steve Harvey's biological children accuse Marjorie, his wife, of favoring her own kids and turning their father against them, causing tension and jealousy within the blended family. Marjorie is seen as the "evil stepmother" who pushed her children into the spotlight at the expense of Steve's other children. Fans believe Marjorie married Steve for his money and question her motives.
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Marjorie is accused of prioritizing her own children over Steve Harvey's biological kids, causing tension in the family.
Marjorie has been accused of pressuring Steve to adopt her three children and give them his last name.
Steve's biological kids feel that Marjorie has turned their father against them and forced him to pay more attention to her own kids.
Lori, Marjorie's daughter, is favored by Steve, which has caused issues with his biological kids.
Marjorie is accused of pushing Steve's biological kids out of the way to make her own children succeed.
Marjorie is believed to have forced Steve to prioritize Lori over his own kids, leading to jealousy among the siblings.
Marjorie may have fueled Steve's anger towards Winton, Steve's son from a previous marriage, in hopes that Winton's mother would file for full custody.
Winton's mother claimed that Steve was physically abusive towards Winton, hitting him and even punching him in the chest.
Marjorie is accused of marrying Steve for his money and fans believe she is the evil stepmother.
Marjorie has a history of dating men who can provide for her and has been married to two known drug dealers.
She initially turned down Steve in the 80s because he wasn't wealthy enough, but accepted him after he became a millionaire.
Fans believe Marjorie manipulated Steve into adopting her children and changing their name for the inheritance.
00:00the drama and Steve Harvey's family is
00:03nowhere close to being over because his
00:05biological kids are still feuding with
00:08his wife Marjorie his oldest daughter
00:10Brandy especially seems to have a major
00:13problem with Marjorie and sources say
00:15she has never really trusted her so is
00:17it true that Marjorie made Steve
00:19prioritize his adopted children more
00:22than his biological kids and what really
00:24happened between Brandy and Marjorie so
00:26we all know that Steve's kids have never
00:28really liked Marjorie but her recent
00:30accusations revealed just how messed up
00:33the situation really is and it's not
00:35like these accusations are coming out of
00:37thin air because people have been giving
00:39Marjorie some major side eye ever since
00:42she got married to Steve there has been
00:44a lot of talk on social media about how
00:46Marjorie is only with Steve because of
00:49his money not because she really likes
00:51him but the drama in the Harvey family
00:52goes deeper than Marjorie being after
00:55Steve's money because Steve's biological
00:57kids believe that Marjorie has turned
00:59their father against them and forced him
01:01to pay more attention to her own kids so
01:04there has been this rumor going around
01:06for years that Marjorie put pressure on
01:08Steve to adopt her own three kids and
01:11give them his last name but even though
01:13Brandi and her siblings found it weird
01:15they didn't push more on it because they
01:17thought it would end there but they were
01:18wrong over the years since Marjorie and
01:21Steve have been married Marjorie has
01:23been steadily pushing her own kids to
01:25the front line especially Lori people
01:27have always found it weird how Lori is
01:29the most famous of Steve's kids when she
01:31isn't even his biological kid he
01:33obviously favors her above his other
01:36kids and this has been known to cause
01:38issues between Lori and Steve's
01:40biological kids because they feel a type
01:42of way about how he gives her
01:43preferential treatment above the rest of
01:46them according to a source he did the
01:48right thing adopting marjorie's kids and
01:50loves him like his own but there's a lot
01:51of dissension among the Blended Harvey
01:53Clan there has unfortunately been some
01:55jealousy lingering amongst the siblings
01:57over Laurie who's the most famous of all
01:59Steve's kids taking over the spotlight
02:02with her high profile love life The
02:04Insider also claims that Brandy and the
02:06other kids believe that Marjorie forced
02:08Steve to push Lori into the Limelight
02:10above Steve's own kids and that's why
02:12Lori is the most famous sibling and well
02:15the internet believes that Marjorie was
02:17determined to make her kids succeed even
02:19if it meant that she had to push Steve's
02:21own kids out of the way and ciao
02:23Marjorie tried her best to push his
02:25biological kids out of the way for
02:28example Steve's second wife married once
02:31exposed Steve for being towards her son
02:34Winton whenever he went to Steve's place
02:36for visitation Steve was already married
02:38to Marjorie at the time and Mary
02:40believes that Marjorie might have added
02:42more fuel to Steve's anger at Winton in
02:45hopes that winton's Mom would file for
02:47full custody of the boy and marjorie's
02:49own kids would have one less child to
02:51compete with for Steve's affection there
02:53was a lot of drama surrounding this case
02:55back then and winton's Mom Mary revealed
02:57that Winton told her some disturbing
02:59thing things about what went down when
03:01he was over SDS she claimed that Steve
03:04often got physical with Winton and hit
03:06him on several occasions she also
03:08claimed that there was a time when Steve
03:10got mad and punched the boy so hard in
03:12the chest that he had the wind knocked
03:14out of him and get this that was not the
03:16last time because she also claimed that
03:18there was a time Winton even came home
03:20one time looking all bruised after Steve
03:22had given him a whooping regarding his
03:25schoolwork it was so bad that Mary
03:27claimed that the boy couldn't pee for
03:28days if marjorie's plans were really to
03:31separate Stephen Winton the plans were
03:33not successful because Steve ended up
03:35filing for full custody of Winton and
03:37winning this probably has something to
03:38do with the fact that Mary couldn't
03:40afford to pay fancy lawyers to fight the
03:42custody case but that's a story for
03:44another day but Winton was not the only
03:46one that Marjorie allegedly tried to cut
03:49off from Steve because Marjorie also
03:51kind of succeeded in doing the same
03:53thing to Steve and his first son from
03:55his first marriage Roderick as we know
03:57all of Steve's children are finally
03:59grown now but a couple of years ago
04:01Ronald revealed that he and Steve
04:03basically had a non-existent
04:05relationship until he was 16 years old
04:07and really have my dad full time into my
04:09life until I was 16. sure Steve paid
04:12child support and fees and all that but
04:14he was basically absent in broderick's
04:16life for 16 years which is just wild to
04:19think about and before y'all think that
04:21Steve probably didn't know how to
04:23connect with his kids or how to be a
04:24present dad that was not the case
04:26because he was very present in the life
04:28of marjorie's kids in fact he was so
04:31present that they considered him to be
04:32their only father even though their
04:34biological fathers were still alive now
04:36I'm not trying to say that Steve was
04:38wrong for adopting marjorie's kids and
04:40treating them like his own but the
04:42problem is that he took marjorie's kids
04:44as his own while ignoring his own
04:46biological kids for example he made no
04:49effort to maintain a relationship with
04:51Broderick but he put a lot of effort
04:53into bonding with Lori and he even took
04:55her own frequent father-daughter date on
04:58one of our annual father-daughter date
04:59to my favorite Japanese restaurant and
05:02you just started talking to me about
05:03guys and you just told me that you you
05:05know always supported me and you'd
05:07always be there for me no matter what
05:08and you loved me and it's safe to say
05:10that Brandi and Carly must have felt
05:12hurt when she found out that Steve was
05:14taking Lori on dates because that's
05:16something that he never did with them
05:18even though they are all Grown Up Now
05:20sources claim that they still hold a
05:22tiny grudge against Steve for favor and
05:25Lori over his own daughters it's been
05:27years since this all happened but it's
05:29still very obvious that Lori is Steve's
05:31favorite and he has pretty much given up
05:33on trying to hide or deny this remember
05:36what I said about how fans have been
05:38giving Marjorie the side eye about
05:39marrying Steve for money well fans think
05:42Marjorie married Steve for his money and
05:45that Marjorie would have never even
05:46looked twice as Steve if he wasn't a
05:48millionaire and to be fair it does make
05:51sense because Marjorie has never been
05:53the type to date broke men she has been
05:55married to not one but two known drug
05:57dealers and when they got busted my
05:59Marjorie divorced him and kept it moving
06:01also she and Steve first met back in the
06:0480s and he had the hots for her however
06:06she turned him down and told him to get
06:09his coins up because she only dated men
06:11who would provide for her and when Steve
06:13finally came back after his second
06:14divorce he was already a millionaire and
06:16she was more than happy to say yes to
06:18him people genuinely believe that
06:20Marjorie is the textbook definition of
06:23the evil stepmother and while Brandi and
06:25Steve's other kids continue to tolerate
06:27Marjorie because their family they don't
06:29particularly like her very much all
06:31these Revelations have fans dropping
06:33their two cents saying stuff like darn
06:35shame she is wrong for that I had a
06:37feeling that's what she did made him
06:39adopt her kids and take care of them the
06:41way he treats Lori and his biological
06:43kids is unbelievable that's why I don't
06:45support anything any of them do when he
06:47gets older he's going to regret how he
06:49did his real kids I went to high school
06:50with the twins they were a few years
06:52ahead of me but people always talked and
06:54all eyes were on them because of who
06:55their father was he wasn't present at
06:57their graduation Marjorie knew exactly
06:59what she was doing by having Steve adopt
07:01her kids and change their name get that
07:03inheritance Steve and Marjorie are both
07:06Shady people that deserve each other so
07:08what do you guys think about this messy
07:10family drama do you think that this is
07:12all marjorie's fault or do you think
07:13that Brandy needs to suck it up and move
07:15on let me know what you think and I will
07:17see you in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Steve Harvey's wife Marjorie accused of favoring her own children?

Yes, Steve Harvey's biological children have accused Marjorie, his wife, of favoring her own kids and turning their father against them.

2. What is the cause of tension and jealousy within Steve Harvey's blended family?

The cause of tension and jealousy within Steve Harvey's blended family is that Marjorie is seen as the 'evil stepmother' who pushed her children into the spotlight at the expense of Steve's other children.

3. Why do fans question Marjorie's motives for marrying Steve Harvey?

Fans believe Marjorie married Steve for his money and question her motives.

4. What are the accusations against Marjorie, Steve Harvey's wife, by his other children?

Steve Harvey's other children have accused Marjorie of turning their father against them and causing tension and jealousy within the blended family.

5. How is Marjorie perceived by Steve Harvey's other children?

Marjorie is perceived as the 'evil stepmother' who favored her own children and pushed them into the spotlight at the expense of Steve's other children.

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