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Brett Cooper discusses the negative aspects of the porn industry, including its association with criminal activity and the detrimental effects on mental health, relationships, and society as a whole. He argues that the culture around porn and its commercialization of intimate experiences go against biological truths and are morally problematic.
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The speaker discusses the negative aspects of the porn industry, including criminal activity, sex trafficking, and exploitation of women.
The porn industry is fueled by criminal activity, including sex trafficking.
PornHub is facing multiple lawsuits and has been criticized for allowing children to be exploited on their site.
Women are often misled into thinking that selling their bodies will lead to a happy and fulfilling life, but the reality is that it negatively impacts mental health.
While there may be a small percentage of individuals who have a positive experience in the industry, for the majority, it is a terrible industry.
The speaker discusses concerns about OnlyFans and its impact on relationships, mental health, and the normalization of pornography.
Sex-positive culture on platforms like OnlyFans may not be healthy for women or promote real relationships.
The normalization of porn has led to an increase in domestic abuse and violence in marriages.
A Reddit post argued that OnlyFans is better than PornHub because it allows subscribers to create a parasocial relationship with individual creators.
Overuse of porn and masturbation can have negative impacts on mental health and hormones.
The speaker discusses the normalization of porn and the accessibility issues surrounding it.
Women are encouraged to go into the porn industry.
Porn has become normalized and easily accessible for men.
The speaker believes that the accessibility to porn is the real issue, rather than the act itself.
There is a problem with sex trafficking, but the speaker is specifically discussing the theory of porn itself.
OnlyFans lacks regulations and safety measures, making it potentially dangerous for sex workers and consumers.
OnlyFans is not an adult site, resulting in the absence of regulations and reporting mechanisms.
Age verification on OnlyFans is not reliable, allowing minors to create accounts.
Lack of protections on OnlyFans can lead to exploitation and endangerment of sex workers.
The culture surrounding porn and the industry itself are both seen as problematic.
Brett Cooper expresses concerns about OnlyFans and believes it is not healthy for individuals in the long run.
Brett Cooper believes that OnlyFans is a negative force in society.
He thinks that selling intimate content on OnlyFans can be emotionally and mentally damaging.
He argues that commercializing and selling the most intimate act goes against biology and privacy.
Brett Cooper believes that biological truths are morally correct.
The speaker believes that as long as two consenting adults are not hurting anyone, there is a place and market for platforms like OnlyFans, but acknowledges that changes in culture and consumer behavior could impact the market.
The speaker mentions the rise of mocktail bars as an example of how cultural changes can impact markets.
They see the small subset of people involved in the adult entertainment industry as potentially having conversations and changing minds in their community.
The speaker puts some fault on consumers for creating a market for adult content due to the consumption of porn.
There is a discussion about whether the adult entertainment industry is similar to prostitution and whether it should also be legal.
00:00I want to hear more about your anti-porn
00:01stuff oh God all right all right here we
00:05um I also think that porn is one of the
00:08things that is destroying my generation
00:10why is it so bad
00:12um okay so for first of all with the
00:16porn industry we know that like it is
00:18fueled by criminal activity I mean the
00:20sex trafficking industry is like
00:23funneled through porn PornHub is dealing
00:25with I mean at this rate 10 plus 15
00:29um children being molested put on the
00:31site it's just it is a breeding ground
00:33for terrible behavior
00:34um for women I think we are fed this lie
00:37um that you can as women I think we are
00:40fed this lie that you can have the super
00:42happy and productive and like fulfilling
00:44life by just selling your body
00:46um it will not be that way you look at
00:48the mental health of sex workers you
00:50look at the mental health of you know
00:51porn stars it's not good there's like
00:53the one percent like on only fans who
00:55makes you know they make millions of
00:57dollars and they're great and that you
00:59know will sustain them whenever they
01:00stop doing this kind of work but for the
01:02majority of them it is a terrible
01:04terrible terrible industry I'm gonna
01:06play Devil's Advocate yes and very much
01:09Devils out okay okay
01:10yeah Graham's laughing yeah uh okay so I
01:14think a lot of people they fall into the
01:15porn industry because it's just like Oh
01:18you mean by happenstance I may as well
01:19do this I can make a good Buck here 100
01:21uh so I could see why that would
01:23probably not work very well mentally for
01:25people it's like falling into something
01:26where like you said selling your body
01:27but those that do intentionally move
01:29into the industry uh and they know that
01:31that's something that they enjoy don't
01:32you think and that's I guess you did
01:34allude to the one percent of people yeah
01:35if it works for you then that's fine and
01:37I I will never say to your face like you
01:39are lying to yourself about it because
01:41I'm sure that there's some people that
01:42just like genuinely don't care and they
01:44have a good experience with it but I
01:45think on a whole and looking at like
01:48the entire gender like women are not
01:52you know and I maybe this goes back to
01:54like coca-culture and that kind of thing
01:55but when you look at men and women men
01:57are biologically designed to go so the
01:59seeds there's a reason why you do not
02:01carry a child for nine months for women
02:03it's like I need to find this one
02:04specific partner I can only be pregnant
02:05for nine months like I can only carry
02:07basically you know I can only have one
02:08pregnancy at once I have to protect
02:10these eggs I only have you know a set
02:11amount of eggs that I'm you know created
02:14um and so we are very very protective
02:16over that with men you are literally
02:17designed to go repopulate the Earth
02:19literally and so with women there's a
02:21reason why like biologically hook up
02:23culture and just living with a bunch of
02:25people and leaning into that and I guess
02:26you know porn is a little bit different
02:27but still this like sex positive culture
02:30for women I don't think it's healthy
02:31because it's going against how I believe
02:33we are literally biologically designed
02:36um and I think for young men it is
02:38allowing them to be complacent with just
02:40living online and not having real
02:42relationships like
02:44the violence in marriages has like Sky
02:48also I mean I'll finish that thought and
02:50go into it um but I mean like violence
02:52in relationships domestic abuse has like
02:54skyrocketed with the normalization of
02:56porn often in domestic abuse like often
02:58in domestic abuse situations the man is
03:01like addicted to porn or has a history
03:03with it
03:04um 52 of divorces in this country cite
03:07porn as an issue which is just an insane
03:10um but it makes sense because if you're
03:12unhappy and you're trying to find
03:13fulfillment or pleasure somewhere else
03:15you're going to go that way
03:17um but I was reading this Reddit post
03:19from this person they were arguing the
03:21benefits uh and the drawbacks between
03:23only fans and PornHub and they were
03:25arguing that only fans was better and
03:27one of the arguments for only fans being
03:29better was because they were subscribing
03:31to an individual girl and they could
03:33create this like parasocial relationship
03:34with her and it's like it feels better
03:36because I'm not really objectifying her
03:37we have a relationship we can chat and I
03:39can feel better it's like then go out
03:41into the real world and ask a girl on a
03:43date like poor is allowing young men to
03:46stay in front of their computers and not
03:48strive for anything else like overuse of
03:50porn over the masturbation it [ __ ] with
03:52your hormones like biologically it has
03:55impacts mentally uh men who are porn
03:57addicted uh who even just are not even
03:59important addicted but watch copious
04:00amounts of porn are mentally very very
04:03unhealthy like it is not natural
04:06um and it's just like
04:07and then on top of it with the industry
04:09being so dangerous it's like why is this
04:11something that we have just become you
04:12know so accustomed to and it's happened
04:14really fast like my mom and I were
04:16talking about it my producer
04:18um Matt scheller never uh but my former
04:21producer doesn't work here anymore he
04:23was in his 40s we were talking about
04:24like with he and my mom where if he
04:27wanted to watch adult content
04:3040 years ago 30 years ago you had to go
04:32to a theater and you had to watch you
04:35know you know with a lot of people like
04:36there was a reason why I'm forgetting um
04:38who the actor was it was like arrested
04:40for masturbating in a theater like in an
04:42adult film or then later on with like
04:45Blockbuster and that sort of thing you
04:46had to go into like the adult section
04:47and you you know we're in public renting
04:49it out and that sort of thing but it has
04:51become more and more private where now
04:53it is literally on your phones you can
04:54do a quick Google search it is so at
04:56people's fingertips that there is now
04:58not really a stigma around it women are
05:00almost like encouraged to go into it in
05:03a lot of ways you look at you know
05:04things online you see girls that you're
05:05never making millions you know basically
05:07objectifying themselves and you know
05:09selling their bodies is almost appealing
05:11with men it's become so commonplace you
05:13know boys start seeing form they're like
05:1413 years old I saw porn for the first
05:16time when I was I think probably 14 or
05:19um it's just it's become so normalized
05:22so quickly and that is like the most
05:24shocking thing to me
05:26um and I also think in a similar way as
05:28we were talking about like the culture
05:29around smoking weed I do think that
05:31there's like a culture around young men
05:32who just sit in their homes and they
05:33just watch porn I do agree I think the
05:36accessibility to porn is the real issue
05:38porn itself I don't know if that's like
05:41a huge issue of guys know exactly what
05:43they're doing and they're very
05:44intentional about it and the girls that
05:45go into the business are very
05:46intentional about going to the business
05:47they feel Pride with what they do I feel
05:49like there's probably no problem with
05:51that uh well I would say there is a
05:54problem with with sex trafficking for
05:55sure yeah well yeah yeah I think now
05:58PornHub don't they verify IDs you can
06:01still get around that's still like I
06:03mean Netflix is about to drop a whole
06:04documentary I think next month literally
06:06just about the sex trafficking I mean
06:07trafficking objectively yeah of course
06:09that's a bad part I'm just talking about
06:11the theory of porn itself yep but
06:12something that's crazy to me is that
06:14laws are just now being put in place
06:15where you have to verify your age to get
06:17on PornHub like before it was like you
06:19could just put in any birthday and get
06:21on and watch it states are just now
06:22rolling out you need to verify like if I
06:24was verifying my student discount on
06:26Spotify putting in a student ID whatever
06:28imagine a data breach like if we can't
06:30trust Equifax yeah I'm just I'm just
06:32saying yeah there's there's lists you
06:34you don't want it I'm actually going
06:37through the list yeah just like you know
06:39yeah control F and like how are they
06:40going to check IDs and everything like
06:42you submit you scan it wow and so and
06:45then there's the debate that a lot of
06:46people will agree that PornHub and sites
06:48like PornHub is objectively bad because
06:50they do not protect their creators
06:53um it's dangerous it's just slipped up
06:55one too many times so people say like
06:56only fans is better only fans was not
06:58created as a like adult content site it
07:02was created as like patreon without any
07:04kind of like content regulations they
07:06are not a sex site and they're very very
07:08clear about that so they do not have any
07:10Protections in place for their creators
07:11well I thought that would the way around
07:13that was for their banking by saying
07:15like hey we don't just focus on this we
07:17allow anything and that's one of the
07:19ways around and how they can get like
07:20lines of credit and a bank account and
07:22stuff like that exactly but also they
07:24were started initially it was during
07:25covid that it blew up as like a sex site
07:28because sex workers
07:30like escorts didn't have jobs during
07:32covet so they created only fans and
07:35people think that it is safer because of
07:37that or that it's like feminist porn
07:39because women are producing it
07:40themselves but it is often more
07:42dangerous because there are no
07:43regulations on the site because it is
07:45not an adult site so only fans has no
07:48way to report if like there's some guy
07:50that's trying to pimp you out they do
07:52not have many verification things
07:53there's all of these studies mainly in
07:55the UK of looking at kids who have
07:57gotten on to only fans as creators or as
07:59consumers because their age verification
08:01you can submit an ID that is not yours
08:03and still get an account so if you could
08:06like wonder what this like story of a
08:07girl who used her aunt's ID made it only
08:09fans and it's 17 or 16 years old was
08:12doing only fans content and then got
08:14exploited like some crazy guy like found
08:16her and like a bunch of stuff so they
08:17just do not have those protections so
08:19like if the industry itself is not even
08:21safe like I understand like you have a
08:23right to do whatever work you want to do
08:25yeah exactly yeah but I don't think that
08:28one I don't think it's healthy for
08:30society as a whole I don't think that's
08:31doing anything good for any of us but
08:34it's like I get it if you know you want
08:37to that's your problem let's say what
08:39about what about prostitution because
08:41don't they say that's the okay all right
08:43all right let's go back again
08:45is it the culture of porn itself or is
08:49it porn in general
08:51I think it's both so like I agree I
08:54think culture around porn yes is
08:55extremely toxic and it's very bad
08:57probably an objective bat right yeah
08:59let's take porn itself okay with two
09:02very intentional no no two very
09:03intentional people consenting into this
09:05whatever transactional relationship yeah
09:07how is that bad
09:09um if they are doing that then I guess
09:10that's fine like if you want to make
09:13videos in your own haul I guess maybe
09:16it's the selling of it
09:17what is it exactly about the selling of
09:20it because people sell their bodies in
09:22other ways that's very true
09:24um I guess I I think in my mind that
09:26goes back to the industry like will
09:27there ever be
09:29a safe way to present that pornography
09:33but if they're white then it would
09:35probably be okay in the mind of Brett
09:37Cooper I think on a moral level I would
09:39still say no but I think I think you
09:41value intimacy and having something
09:44that's like you feel is protected and is
09:46yours and it's sacred I do too I 100 I
09:49value intimacy I value all that stuff
09:51too but at the same time I'm very much
09:53the type where I don't want to be
09:54telling people that know what they're
09:56going into what they should and
09:58shouldn't be doing and that's where I
09:59think I think in a perfect world where
10:02it was totally safe
10:05maybe I can't give a solid answer
10:07because I still do not believe that it
10:09is a a good for society I think people
10:11are on a whole negative it is a bad
10:13forces I would probably agree with that
10:14yeah just because the culture is becomes
10:16all and I think it's for the viewers but
10:19I would look at the people who even if
10:20they are you know consenting individuals
10:22I would still look at that and be like
10:23you know as Brad Cooper I don't think
10:25you're making the right decision yeah
10:26like if I had control over your life I
10:28would say do not do that it is not going
10:29to be healthy for you in the long run
10:30like you are literally blowing up your
10:32reputation what's what's unhealthy about
10:34it because you're from the actresses or
10:37actors perspective yeah
10:39um I guess I keep going back to number
10:41one the industry is like very dangerous
10:43but also on an emotional level if you
10:45are just selling them yes yeah like
10:48mental mentally emotionally you are
10:50selling like the most biologically
10:52intimate thing that you can do and
10:54you're putting like a price tag on like
10:56after that what else do you have to give
10:58it's like you are literally breaking
11:00through every barrier like you have no
11:02privacy like this is the most intimate
11:04thing that you can do I like I will
11:06never say that that is objectively
11:07healthy it goes against bile biology yes
11:09is what you're saying yeah okay like
11:11this is the most objectively private
11:13intimate thing that we are now like
11:15commercializing and selling I will never
11:17say that that could ever be healthy so
11:19you would say biological truths are
11:22axiomatically correct
11:25morally yes what did you just say I'm
11:28sorry okay that's something I would
11:31actually kind of agree with to a certain
11:32extent okay so just so everyone knows
11:34yeah okay because I feel like people are
11:36gonna it's gonna start thinking like oh
11:37Jack he's like it's crazy porn guy
11:39whatever okay because uh we've had two
11:41porn stars on the show before okay and
11:43people said that it looked like I fell
11:44in love with the porn stars which is not
11:47the case okay but that's like what the
11:49viewers got basically out of that I have
11:51a very intense stare yeah um yeah I'm
11:53listening intently yeah yeah I do but
11:55like I I um I agree porn culture is
11:58extremely dangerous and I think porn
12:00itself you're just taking two consenting
12:02people I think that's probably fine I'm
12:03not this crazy porn person in case of
12:05you guys watching or wondering okay I
12:07don't even watch porn I I will say
12:09openly I used to watch porn and you know
12:11this Graham I don't watch porn anymore
12:13no and I found myself incredibly
12:15admirable thank you it's very very hard
12:16to do it's also very very rare to find
12:19men that will openly say that that you
12:21used to watch porno that you quit porn
12:22yeah both okay yeah that you like used
12:24to and that you quit or the you like
12:26actively don't it's very rare and I'm
12:27somebody that like brings it up I'm like
12:29so let's talk about that and it's like
12:31so I feel neutral like I just don't care
12:33either way I I think I think if two
12:36people are consenting and they're not
12:37hurting anybody I'm all for it right I
12:39think there's a place for it I think
12:40there's a Marketplace I think there's a
12:42market for it but if we go back to yeah
12:43on the side of the consumer some people
12:45you get rid of the market if you get rid
12:48of like the audience then but then it's
12:49going to go underground then there's
12:51going to be something else like making
12:53it legal or whatever but if like the
12:54culture changes and we start to kind of
12:56like you know in a similar way to how
12:57like sobriety is very very cool now like
12:59there's all of these like mocktail bars
13:01that are opening up and that sort of
13:02thing it's like if the culture starts
13:03changing around it around it the market
13:05starts changing I still think that's
13:07such a small subset yeah like the
13:08mocktail industry I think that's so cool
13:10uh Macy was even she ordered a mocktail
13:13for the five I had no idea those things
13:14existed and I tried it it was actually
13:16really cool but I like it but I see
13:19these these changes but I think it's
13:20such a small part of the market yeah
13:22yeah five percent hope for that because
13:24I still see it as like a productive
13:26change I shall see those people as
13:28people that are going going out and
13:29having conversations in their community
13:31and maybe changing minds or you know
13:32opening people up to a new thing I think
13:34that that's exciting but I do put a lot
13:37of fault on the consumers because if
13:39there was not such a porn culture and
13:41consumption of porn there would not be a
13:43market for it people would not go into
13:44it thinking that it was some kind of
13:45everything you said because isn't that
13:47the oldest profession don't they call
13:49that I think so yeah I would say I don't
13:52I don't know but isn't it prostitution
13:53but I know but isn't that similar on a
13:56similar way but just because it's
13:57existed for a long time to make it but I
13:59feel like that that should also be legal
14:00I mean if two okay presenting adults are
14:03are wanted enter into a business
14:04arrangement I actually I probably agree
14:07prostitution should be legal yeah and
14:09this you probably disagree with this but
14:10I just think people you know give them
14:11the right to do whatever they want for
14:13the most part yeah I think again I
14:16always go back to the industry around it
14:17of like and maybe maybe the argument
14:19that it's like that you know it's legal
14:21and there's more you know protections
14:22and all of that stuff maybe it could be
14:24a different thing but I just because
14:26something has been around for a long
14:27time or has been done in my mind does
14:30not make it yeah right or morally right
14:32so I look at that and I still think that
14:33I don't think that people you know
14:35should be doing I don't think that
14:36that's the healthy thing to do would I
14:38legislate that I don't know that's why I
14:40would never be a politician because I
14:41like to be able to have nuanced
14:42conversations I think I'd be a terrible
14:44position but I I do believe that it is
14:46unhealthy for people I believe that you
14:48know selling your body
14:50is unhealthy uh I believe that paying
14:53for sex is unhealthy and so I wouldn't
14:54like never Advocate yeah
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the negative aspects of the porn industry?

The negative aspects of the porn industry include its association with criminal activity, detrimental effects on mental health, relationships, and society as a whole.

2. How does the porn industry affect mental health?

The porn industry has detrimental effects on mental health, leading to issues such as addiction, desensitization, and distorted perceptions of intimacy.

3. What is the argument against the culture around porn?

The culture around porn and its commercialization of intimate experiences go against biological truths and are morally problematic.

4. What is the association of the porn industry with criminal activity?

The porn industry has been associated with criminal activity such as human trafficking, exploitation, and illegal distribution of explicit content.

5. How does the porn industry impact relationships?

The porn industry has a negative impact on relationships, contributing to unrealistic expectations, objectification, and breakdown of trust and intimacy.

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